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A Dream Deferred @otherealmwriter
Chapter 7

I don't own Hetalia okay? I'm glad at the response I am getting to this fic so I will work on updating more often. Don't have much else to say here but enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Alfred got up and headed to clock out for the day. He didn't know if Ivan was free to see him, but he at least wanted to tell him goodbye in person. Heading up to Ivan's hotel room, he knocked on the door. "Who is it?" he asked.

"It's me Vanya." Alfred said. "Just wanted to check in before I headed home."

"Come in!" Ivan smiled as he pulled Alfred in with a large smile. "So how was your day?"

"Well, it was okay. Really liked lunch hour." Alfred smiled.

"Well despite the faire being fast food, I can say I had good company myself." Ivan smiled. Alfred saw the smile and his heart fluttered at it.

"Glad I could be of service then." Alfred laughed. He looked around awkwardly. He didn't know just what to say to Ivan right now. He liked him. Liked him a lot. Possibly was in love with him too, he didn't know for certain but he wanted to see him more and more often. But he'll have to go back to Russia eventually. And even if we tried long distance, that's an 8-hour time difference. We would hardly get to talk to each other…. "Well my brother is going back to Canada tomorrow and my Papa wants to take the whole family somewhere special as a kind of going away thing. He wanted to do it as soon as I got home from work, so I shouldn't keep them waiting."

"Nyet, you should not." Ivan nodded, thankful for an excuse to break the tension.

"Well I do have to go. I want to ask you, I get off at like 10 tomorrow, working the evening shift, figured I would stay at the bar till new years and such. You want to hang with me there until then?" Alfred asked quickly.

"Sure." Ivan smiled.

"If I don't run across you at the pool tomorrow." Alfred winked. "Lifeguard duty again."

"I don't know if I would, I did not pack a swimsuit for a business trip." Ivan laughed.

"Well, that stinks. Meh I'll see you then anyway. Now I have to go or else my Papa will get furious. See ya later Vanya!" Alfred waved as he headed out the door. Heading to his car to make the drive home, he turned the key and backed out of the spot in the employee's lot. He felt much better than he did just 5 days earlier when he had come to the only bar he knew would be open on Christmas knowing that there was something for him after his dream had failed. And not just something, but someone. He was falling hard and fast for Ivan, but it didn't matter. It wasn't like any other relationship he had. It wasn't some Frank Sinatra impersonator who thought you looked good and wanted you just in bed, and when you wouldn't drive 5 hours to meet him on his beck and call, dumped you. Wasn't some groupie who clung onto up and coming musicians to say they were there from the beginning and then acted like you were a worthless piece of scum when your contract falls through and then tells all her friends in front of you how small your dick was when you didn't even want to take it that far just yet anyway. Ivan seemed to genuinely care about him. And his accent is kind of sexy…no…. be careful Alfred…. while he doesn't seem like any of your past relationships, he is going to have to go back to Russia. You cannot dump everything, follow him and then have it not work. That wouldn't be like driving cross country from Los Angeles. No, you'd have to find some way to travel all across the fucking globe if you did that. You're gambling heavily on so much if you chase him and remember that weekend with your ex back at his place? You have baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad luck on gambling and relationships. Alfred paused as he pulled in the driveway at his parent's house and opened the door to his car. "Fuck it, I'm going to have to ask Papa about this. Mattie won't give me any help." He sighed as he headed into the house.

"Ah mon fils!" Francis said as Alfred came through the door. "You are home from work now finally! Did they keep you after you were supposed to be done for the day?"

"Kind of, something did keep me…." Alfred said as Matthew smirked. He then cast a look as if to say 'shut up or I'll kill you' to his brother. He was barely at terms with the feelings himself. Feelings he knew he couldn't pursue.

"Well 'urry up and get into something better than that." Francis said.

"Why?" Alfred moaned. He was wearing a plain black t-shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers. All of it was clean, so he didn't see a real need to wear anything better. If Matthew had picked what he wanted for a going away dinner, he probably would have just said a pancake house. But it was his Papa that had planned this, and getting him into a pancake house willingly was a horrible ordeal even when he had promised when they were kids to let them pick and he would not complain. Alas, he did complain. Matthew and Alfred would pick pancake houses, burger joints, pizza places with an arcade and playground and when they were teenagers, places with a similar concept but had a bar instead. Often Alfred had challenged Matthew at the games and then got disappointed when he wasn't a match and lost to him all the time. He had a friend and fling senior year with their Japanese classmate named Kiku who made it tough on him at the arcade games, but going to different colleges, they fell apart. Still remained friends but hardly ever talked to each other outside of an occasional Facebook message. He had made it well in the business department of a game development company and tried to get Alfred's band to do some songs for one of their games, but the bosses wouldn't allow it. Said they weren't known yet and this was a big game and they wanted known bands. He couldn't blame Kiku, he did try.

"Sacre bleu!" Francis moaned. "I have selected La Fourchette Dorée for us to take Matthew to before he has to go back up to Canada again. I know the owner well and he said he would give us a discount today to satisfy Scrooge over there." He pointed to Arthur.

"Oh bugger off." Arthur moaned.

"Anyway," Francis said rolling his eyes. "It's fancy so you need to dress somewhat better than that. Button up shirt and dress slacks and your oxfords will work fine." Alfred looked at his father confused. "The black leather shoes with the soles you slip in when you run too fast on linoleum…. And be quick! Dépêche toi voyou!"

"I know what you called me Papa! I am not a hoodlum!" Alfred said as he quickly pulled out the pieces of clothing mentioned, quickly run a comb through his hair and sprayed some of the body spray he had in his bag on him and headed back out only to hear a click from Matthew's phone when he stood in front of them. "Hey! What was that for?"

"Oh I have my reasons." Matthew said.

"You two are grown adults. Can you please act like it?" Arthur said rolling his eyes.

"Oui. Now let us go. You clean up quite nicely too Alfred, I don't know why don't do it more often." Francis said as they got into the car and drove to the restaurant. He looked over at Matthew who was quickly texting someone on his phone. Alfred laid back and sighed, assuming it was his girlfriend Emma. It was going to be a bit of a drive to the restaurant his Papa picked so he laid back and looked out the window. At least all the windows roll up on this one. He thought as he heard a buzz in his pocket. Knowing that his dad hated when a phone rang during a family meal, he had set it for that beforehand. Pulling it out of his pocket, he saw it was from Ivan.

Alfred then unlocked his phone and opened the text. 'You really look nice for dinner with your family Fredka. Maybe wear that outfit tomorrow evening? ;)' Alfred then looked at his phone, to see if somehow he had taken a picture and then butt texted it to him, but then he looked over at Matthew who was smirking at him. A million questions flew through Alfred's mind, but first was, how did he get Ivan's number? "Dude, Matt, how did you get Ivan's number?"

"I spied on your phone. I know your password. Well I guessed correctly." Matthew smirked. "I figure after all my 'wittle brwther' has gone through lately, I should make sure this man he is starting to chase treats him well. I text him who I was and what I wanted to talk about and he seemed understanding. Said it was the same thing he'd do with his sisters, but he could get the person's contact information in less obvious ways."

"Well duh, it's his job." Alfred said. "And you are only 3 days older. Hardly anything to pull that kind of stunt on."

"I am still older because July first comes 3 days before July fourth." Matthew teased.

"You just feel like such a big man now don't you?" Alfred said sticking his tongue out at him.

"Yes." Matthew smirked. "Although Ivan did say he hacked into the webcam of a guy that was trying to date his little sister. And that was how he found out how far those two were going and some stuff he did not ever want to know about her. Says that he learned better from that point. And told them both to tape the webcams over with something solid."

"I will know to do that now, and that it isn't just something people made up…" Alfred said.

"Hey, it's the field you are heading into now, might want to bone up." Matthew said.

"I have been. "Alfred said.

"Well boys, we have arrived! Feel free to eat whatever you like. We have to send Mathieu back to the cold Canadian wilderness tomorrow, so he must have a taste of something decadent with his family, no?" Francis said getting out of the car.

"So, what did this discount cost you?" Arthur asked.

"I have to hand out coupons to his place with mine. This is more formal dining, mine is where you go for a light lunch. Similar cuisine, but different intentions, atmosphere, stuff you wouldn't understand mon amor." Francis said.

"Well I guess it could have been worse." Arthur shrugged as the hostess took their names and took them right back to the table closest to the kitchen.

Ivan laid back in his room, and turned on the television. Despite how much did work with computers; he knew that he couldn't stare at them all day. One needed to relax as with any other job. He flipped through the channels on the television the hotel had, sometimes finding the local news to be of some interest, if only to get an idea of how the area was. This is Fredka's home town, and this is what is considered news worthy. He sighed after a few reports of car crashes holding up traffic, local construction plans on the roads getting delayed, and a section hosted by the local animal shelter about a golden furred cat that was up for adoption. Why does that cat remind me of Fredka so much? He asked himself as he took another look at the large, fluffy cat. Must be the markings around the eyes…. They do remind me of a pair of his glasses…. After quickly looking up the animal shelter and seeing they would be open tomorrow, a brilliant idea came into his mind. This would keep him company when I am gone and when his family isn't for the task…. After seeing the weather report and seeing that while cold, there would be no rain on New Year's Eve, Ivan changed the channel to one that played background music and pulled out a novel he had been working on reading for some time.

He knew that Alfred would be out with his family at a fancy restaurant that Matthew said translated to 'The Gilded Fork' in French and he would likely be out late at night. Besides, they were his family and despite the fact that his dad had been a complete and utter asshole to him when they met, from what he was told, the man had at least seen the error of his ways and knew if he wanted his son's forgiveness, he'd have to earn it by acting like a dad should. Turning the page in the well-worn Dostoyevsky novel, he sighed as he began to relax from the day. However, as he turned the pages, the words became more and more blurred. His mind kept going back to Alfred and just how much he had wanted him. This is just too much. He thought as he placed the novel down and picked up his phone. There was one person he had trusted, but he doubted they would even be up. It's 3:30 in the morning back in Moscow, if big sister is still up I will be amazed…..Pulling her contact up, he typed a message, "Sorry for disturbing you big sis, but I have to ask your advice on something." He set down the phone, thinking he wouldn't get a response until later in the evening, but was surprised when he heard a ding back.

"Do you want to just talk via this chat, or want to call me little brother?" Katyusha had sent back.

"It's 3:30 in the morning where you are! What are you doing awake?" Ivan sent back.

"Oh your cat was meowing horribly not too long ago so I fed him and gave him some milk." Katyusha said, causing Ivan to roll his eyes. Good thing you are cleaning his litter box….. "I could not get to sleep so I had just been watching some television, hoping I could."

"Whatever you say sister…." Ivan sighed. "But you are the only one I can trust with something like this."

"What is bothering you so bad little brother?" Katyusha said.

"Well I met someone I really like. I think I am starting to fall for him." Ivan began but heard a scream of delight on the other end.

"I knew you would find someone eventually." Katyusha smiled.

"Yes but I am scared of breaking his heart. You know I will have to go back to Russia at some time. I am worried about just what will happen with a long distance relationship if I try to pursue it." Ivan admitted to her, kind of embarrassed he was feeling that way.

"Does he feel the same?" Katyusha asked.

"I think so. I mean some of the things he said and have done lead me to think that way. His brother talked to me and he thinks that the guy I like feels the same." Ivan said. "He did want to meet up with me after work for New Year's Eve while I am here. Also he insisted on taking me to lunch and said I had an as he put it, 'hot accent'." and this caused Katyusha to giggle.

"Hmmmmmm" She pondered. "Maybe have a good honest talk with him. See if he feels the same and is willing to put up with the stress a long distance relationship can cause. I know it's scary to do so Vanya, but you have to give people a chance. He sounds like he's not like the others you have tried to date. He sounds like he cares. If he truly loves you, he will do anything and everything he can to make this work. Like soulmates from the stories you know. Two halves of the same soul now fitting together because they found each other."

"You've read too many romance novels big sister." Ivan sighed.

"Just talk to him. Better to find out how he feels now rather than ask yourself what if. If he says no, I will be here for you little brother."

"Thanks big sis." Ivan smiled. He hung up and laid back on the bed. I know what I have to do…. He thought as he looked back at his novel, the words actually sticking with him.

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. Once again I am glad at the response that has been given so far to this and I hope you will like this still. Anyway, remember to read (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now,




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