Brown Eyed Girl @halfofmysoul
Chapter 5

AN: This takes place during the episode Dead Man's Blood. As you all must know by now that the show is over, and I've been hesitant about this story considering…you know. (Some people haven't caught up) I will continue it anyway, and I personally don't know where I want this to end, I could honestly keep this going huh? Anyway, for those of you that don't know, I am following the episodes as they take place, skipping a few here and there. Some of the dialogue actually comes from the show itself. I find it easier and more entertaining to write when it's the actual cases you know?

Anyway, here I am, and back at it.

I hope everyone is safe and staying healthy.

Chapter 5: Vampires, Angels, and Fatherly Love

Bella smiles as Dean mentions one of Sam's love interests, Sarah, shooting him a smirk of her own. "She was pretty badass," She agreed. Dean wiggled his eyebrows, making Sam chuckle. "I don't know. Maybe. Not today. We've got a lot of work to do guys,"

Bella sighed, pushing her ice cream to the side. "You're right. So, find anything?" Sam nodded. "A few actually, but this one really stuck out. A man in Colorado, local man Daniel Elkins was found mauled in his home,"

Dean furrowed his brow, digging through his jacket. "What is it?" Bella asked. "I just uh, I feel like I know that name," As Dean searched for whatever he was looking for, Bella's phone vibrated in her pocket. She pulled it out, looking down at the name. "Holy…." She muttered, mentally slapping herself. It's been close to a month since she has been with Sam and Dean, and not once did she call Renee. "Hello?" She answered, scooting out of the booth.

She waved the boys on, walking outside of the café they were in. "Mom? God mom, I should have called you," She sighed, clutching the phone tightly. "Where have you been?! You just vanished after Charlie died and….where are you?" Bella closed her eyes at Renee's screeching.

"I'm with some friends…after Dad...I had to get away. I'm sorry I didn't call you," She apologized, and she could hear Renee calming down a bit. Renee sighed, and Bella realized she was upset. "I'm just happy you're all right. Phil…left the other day," Bella frowned, feeling sorry for Renee. "Jesus mom, I'm sorry," Renee sniffed on the other end. "Are you near Florida? I could…I haven't seen you in a while,"

There was no secret between them that Bella was like the mother in their mother/daughter relationship, and as much as Bella felt for Renee, she couldn't drop everything and see her, one of those reasons being this new world, and the other, Bella wasn't going to be Renee's keeper.

"I'm not mom, no, and I can't come to see you, not right now. Knowing that there won't be anything of Charlie…and I need some time. So do you. I'll check in every few weeks okay? I love you," Bella was met with a sigh, and a quiet 'I love you' before Renee hung up.

She sighed, hanging up the phone. She looked around outside for a moment, her brows furrowing at the man standing across the street. It was the Angel from a few weeks ago. He just nodded at her, and a bus passed by. He was gone.

She made her way back inside to see Dean flipping in John's journal. "Here, D Elkins. 970-555-0158 gotta be the same Elkins, Colorado area code," They looked up as Bella came back to the table. "What did I miss?" She asked, moving back a bit to let the boys stand. "A case. You ready?" Dean asked. She nodded, grabbing her water cup. After leaving some cash to which the boys groaned at, she followed them out to the Impala, looking around once more to see if the Angel was around.

"Hey…are you alright?" Sam captured her attention, and she blinked, blushing a bit to find their eyes on her. "Fine. Thanks," She made her way into the back, putting on her seatbelt. Dean pulled off and towards the road that led out of town. "So who is Daniel Elkins?" She asked curiously. Sam shrugged, pulling out his computer. "Not sure. I think he's another hunter," Bella's brow furrowed. "If he's a hunter, isn't it normal for them to go off the grid?" Dean nodded, humming in agreement. "True. He might be retired, we're just checking it out," Bella nodded.

"Hey…" Dean caught her attention again, and she raised a brow. "How's your head?" Bella swallowed, shaking her hand. "So so…I uh…it hasn't been too bad," They held eyes for a moment longer, and Bella was just seconds from squirming under his gaze. "We're here for you, I'm here for you," Bella smiled, nodding in response. "I know,"

She turned to look out the window again, just listening to the music Dean put on. Everyone was silent, and Sam tapped away on his keyboard. She closed her eyes as the car zoomed along the empty road. Her nightmares with Yellow Eyes had since calmed down, but they were plagued by other things. The need to fulfill this mission.

Dean glanced at her off and on, glancing over at Sam. "Think she's hiding something?" Sam glanced back over his shoulder, and he shrugged. "If she is, I think she'd tell us when she's ready, how far are we?" Dean had just passed an exit sign, and he responded, "A few hours at best,"

Dean cruised down the winding roads, light snow falling from the sky. After 3 hours, a rest stop in between, Dean was pulling into the driveway of a cabin. Bella had since woken up and was helping Sam with research. As Dean put the car into Park, Sam took a look around. "Ready?" Sam's question was met with a nod and a grunt of affirmation. They opened the doors, and Sam opened Bella's door, helping her out.

"Thanks," She murmured, trailing along next to him. Dean pulled a flashlight out of his pocket, and Sam pulled out his lock pick. "Do you guys ever try and see if the door is unlocked?" She questioned, turning the knob of the cabin door, and looked at Dean, a smirk on her face, as she pushed the door open.

Sam just chuckled. "Bella saved us 30 seconds," He patted her shoulder, scooting around her and into the cabin. Bella followed behind, ignoring Dean's grumble. "Doesn't look like anybody cleaned up…." Bella looked around, seeing almost about everything on the floor. "I've got salt over here," Sam called, heading over towards a door. Dean picks up a journal, flipping through it. "I bet you it isn't 'I spilled the popcorn' salt. This guy is definitely a hunter,"

He shows Sam the journal, and Sam frowns. "Looks a lot like Dad's," Dean nodded. "Yep, dates back to the 60s," Bella moved about the cabin, looking at the debris. She looked up, feeling a draft from above. "Whatever was here, had to be more than…" Bella's sentence was cut off as she bent over, pressing her fingers against her temple. Sam rushed over, laying a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Hey," He bent down a bit, looking in her eyes.

"What is it?" He asked. Bella shook her head. "Just…just a migraine…" She breathed heavily. Dean watched from a few ways away, pursing his lips. "I'm okay," She whispered, leaning back up, patting Sam's hands. "As I was saying, whatever was here, had to be more than one. The roof," Dean flashed the flashlight over the hole. He shined the flashlight over the rest of the cabin. "Looks like he put up a hell of a fight," Dean crouched towards the floor, and Sam glanced over. "Got something?" He asked, coming to stand next to him. "I don't know, scratches on the floor maybe,"

Dean tilted his head, frowning. He handed Sam the flashlight, and tears a page from Daniel's notebook, and takes a pencil, rubbing over the marks. "What is that?" Bella questioned, her face scrunching up at the blood on the back of the paper. Sam chuckled, shaking his head. "Three letters, and six numbers. It's the location and combination of a post office box. A mail drop," Dean stood back up and nodded. "Just like Dad,"

"Is it like code or something? A message?" Sam gave a one-armed shrug. "More like there's something to find. Let's not waste any more time," Dead pocketed the paper and turned to Bella. "Now things really get interesting," She followed behind him, and got into the back seat, looking out of the window. She narrowed her eyes at what she thought was a figure. She shook her head to clear it, and before she knew it, Dean was pulling off into the night. They arrived at the local post office and they all headed inside.

Opening up the post office box that Daniel left, Dean pulled out a letter, brows furrowing in confusion. Bella peered over their shoulders, catching their gazes of confusion. "J.W.?" She questioned, thinking of John. They steered her back out to the car, and she got into the back seat. "John Winchester?" Sam questioned. Dean shrugged, "I don't know, maybe. Should we…open it?" He asked.

Bella was so engrossed in wondering what the letter was, that the knock on Dean's window made her shriek. Dean raised his fist, ready to knock through his window if need be when he met eyes with John. John smiled, happy he scared the shit out of them. "Jesus dad," John slid into the back seat, and Bella scooted over to give him room. "Set of lungs on you girl," He chuckled, looking over to Sam who held a shocked expression. "Dad, what, what are you doing here? Is everything alright?"

John nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay. Saw the news about Daniel and made my way over as fast as I could. Saw you two at his place," Bella brows rose. "That was you outside," She stated. "Why didn't you come in?" Dean asked, turning his body to get a look at him. "You boys know why. I had to make sure you guys weren't followed. Nice job covering your tracks,"

Dean cleared his throat, sitting up straight. "We learned from the best," Bella softly smiled at that, finding that just being with John put them at ease. She sat back then, letting the pros converse. She was always more of a watcher anyhow.

She listened as John explained his falling out with Daniel and how he learned a lot of what he knew from the man. "Son of a bitch, he had it the whole time," She leaned over a bit, to get a look at the letter. "When you searched the place, did you find an antique, a Colt revolver?" "Uh, there was this old case, but it was empty,"

John cursed again and stepped out of the car. "We need to pick up the trail and find that gun," Sam got out of the car, laying his hand on top of the Impala. "Wait, what-what gun? We don't even know what killed him," John wrinkled his nose. "It's what Elkin's hunted best, vampires. Not the one's ol' girl here escaped from. Real vampires. You know what I'm talking about. They aren't just some myth, and I thought they had since been wiped out of existence. I was wrong,"

John sat in the dark at the table, the police scanner in front of him. He furrowed his brows at his son, finding it peculiar that he seemed comfortable laying next to Bella. He frowned, leaning back in his seat. He glanced up again, seeing Bella sit up. They caught eyes and John turned down the volume a bit. "Sorry kid," He gruffly stated. Bella shook her head, pushing her hair out of her face.

She got out of the bed and grabbed the long sweater she had on the desk stand, putting it on. "Couldn't really sleep," She murmured softly. She quietly walked towards the table and gestured towards the empty seat. "May I?" She asked, and at his nod, she pulled out the chair.

"You don't get a lot of sleep, do you?" John asked.

Bella shook her head, chuckling softly. "That obvious?" She asked. "Yeah, you've got bags under your eyes. This job isn't easy but…looks like you have a lot on your mind," Bella shrugged a hand down her face. "A lot isn't the word," She whispered. "I just know my purpose in this life now, and my mind is just trying to process it,"

"What's your purpose?" He asked curiously. She turned back towards the boys, and then back to him. "I can't tell you. Um, I'm going to put some clothes on and go grab some coffee. Is that alright?" John nodded. "Want anything?" She asked. "Black, and a few packs of sugar if you don't mind," Bella smiled, and nodded. She was gone within ten minutes, and John resumed his listening to the police scanner.

A voice suddenly comes on, and John narrows his eyes. He listened to the two dispatchers communicate before standing. Slipping on his shoes, and walked towards the beds, shaking Dean and Sam's feet as he passed. "Sam, Dean, get up, got something on the police scanner," Dean mumbled something in his sleep. Sam sat up, rubbing his eyes. "What'd you hear?" John started gathering up the little things around the room, grabbing Bella's duffle bag.

"A couple called 911, there was a body in the street. When the cops got there, everyone was missing. Come on, get up. It's the vampires," Sam stretched out, blinking to clear the blurriness from his eyes. "How do you know?" John gave him a look, and he sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Just trust me, alright?" Sam nodded, getting out of bed. "It gets funnier every time I hear it," Dean chuckled, sleep heavy in his voice. He finally opened his eyes, realizing Bella wasn't next to him.

He leaned up in bed, glancing at the open bathroom door. John, noticing his curious gaze, sat Bella's duffle on the bed. "Don't get distracted Dean. Women can be one of the biggest out there. She'll be back," Dean just raised his brows, wondering if he really was getting distracted.

"Speaking of Bella, dad you know anything about her specifically? She's obviously a special child and yellow eyes is planning to use her to kill me, but there's something more isn't there?" John pursed his lips, watching Dean get out of bed. "All I know is that some demons and other creatures have been talking about her. She's special for some reason, and she should be roaming the world with us rather than someone else or alone,"

"Is she evil?" Dean piped up, putting on a shirt. John shook his head. "I don't believe so. She's harmless for the most part," Both boys seem to share some relief when he said that, and John raised a brow. "Why?"


Bella stopped, leaning her ear against the door, hearing the muffled voices of John and the boys. "When you called us about going home, we wondered if you wanted us to kill her. We even thought about it, that if she was evil, would we have to," Bella frowned, biting the inside of her cheek.

"No. I truly believe she's here for a good reason, despite everything going on. I think if she were evil, you two would've figured it out. But if it does turn out that we are wrong…you know what you must do,"

Silence greeted her for a moment, and her heart started to race in her chest.

"I don't think we could dad. There's just no way that she could be evil. I think Yellow Eyes forcing his way into her head…he wouldn't need to if she was. I'd try to save her before having to kill her,"

"I agree with Sammy. You should see her sometimes. The way she got roped into this mess….Killing her would be the last resort,"

Bella chose that moment to open the motel door, surprised to find them dressed. She closed the door behind her, looking at all of their faces. She could never, no matter what, see herself taking their lives, or anyone's for that matter.

You say that now.

She ignored the voice, smiling kindly at John. "Black and a few sugars. Like you said," John took it from her, giving her an easy smile, calming her nerves just a bit. He took a sip, surprise coloring his features. "Damn this sure is better than when I usually get it," Bella chuckled, sipping on her own cup. "None for us?" Dean asked, looking truly offended.

Seeing her deer caught in the headlight expression, he chuckled. "Just messing with you sweetheart," Bella rolled her eyes, going to her duffle. As Dean went into the bathroom, John glanced at Bella. "Sweetheart huh?" She shrugged, a blush spreading across her cheeks.

A Day Later

Bella couldn't help but notice the way Sam's demeanor changed as John was talking to an officer. Dean noticed it as well when Sam grumbled about not being able to talk with the police too. "Don't tell me this is starting already," Bella tilted her head, but otherwise didn't comment as she noticed John walking towards them. "What do you mean by that?" Sam asked, but was ignored as Dean turned his attention to John. "Anything?" He questioned.

"Yeah, it's them alright. Heading west, but with the heavy police presence, we'll need to double back," Bella glanced over at Sam as he asked, "How can you be so sure?" Bella internally sighed as Dean sighed his name.

Don't you just get tired of this? I know I do. Sam is always whining….about John and all that crap. Can't the boy just trust his daddy?

Bella clenched her teeth, focusing on the conversation at hand. John handed something to Dean, and Dean's eyes widened. "It's a…vampire fang," John shook his head. "Not fang. Tooth. They release a second set when they attack. Any more questions?" Sam looks away and John nods. "Alright then, let's go. We're losing daylight,"

John started to head towards his truck, and then stops, glancing at Dean. "Dean, why don't you touch the car up before it rusts. I didn't give you the damn thing to ruin it," Bella's brows crinkled, and she hid her smile behind her sleeve.

Sam takes the keys, and Bella slides on into the back.

Wow, you found that funny?

Bella glowered at the window.

Shut up!

Ow, don't be so loud. Jeez.

Fuck off. I won't do it!

Dean suddenly started reading about vampires, and Bella shivered at the sinister act of it all. "I wonder if the 911 couple, if they were taken to the nest," Sam shifted in the seat, as he followed behind John. "That's probably what dad is thinking, but of course he can just tell us what he's thinking so we don't have to guess,"

Oh boy…

Got any popcorn?

"So, it is starting. Sam, we've been looking for Dad all year long, and now we're only with him for a couple of hours and you're already going at him," Sam sighs. "No, I'm happy he's okay and I like that we're working together again, but it's the way he treats us like we're children,"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Oh god," Sam glanced over momentarily, then back at the road. "He barks orders at us Dean and expects us to follow them without question. He keeps us only on some need-to-know crap," Bella sat back into the seat, closing her eyes.

Don't they just give you a headache?

She tuned them out as they briefly argued. She winced, tilting her head to release some of the pain. "If that's what it takes then yeah," The car descended into silence, and after a while, Dean's phone rang. He hung it up after a second and told Sam to pull off at the next exit. Bella sat up a bit straighter aching to stretch her legs.

"Why?" He asks angrily. Bella rears back at the sudden change in his voice, looking over at Dean. Den gave her a quick 'I don't know' look. "Dad thinks we've got the vampire's trail," Again, Sam answered just as angrily, gripping the steering wheel. "How?" Dean glared. "I don't know. He didn't say,"

Sam suddenly speeds up, and Bella quietly gasps, holding onto the back of the seat. "Sam…." She called out as he passed John's truck. She closed her eyes as he suddenly stopped, causing the Impala to swerve in front of the truck. She braces herself, her heart pounding in her chest as John pulls to a stop.

Sam angrily gets out of the Impala, and Dean follows. "Oh crap…Sam!" Bella watches the three of them have a standoff, Dean somewhat in the middle. She takes off her seatbelt, stepping out of the Impala. She fought off the need to throw up, warily watching them.

She watched the tension rise between them, her eyes going back and forth between John and Sam. She felt bad as Dean had to step in between them. Even then, they barely calmed down. As Sam came back to the car, and John headed towards the truck, she patted Dean's shoulder. "Um, Mr. Winchester? Sorry, John? Mind if I ride with you?" John turned to glance at her confused but looked to Dean, then her again. Dean was staring down at her confused.

She squeezed his arm, waiting for John's answer. "Sure kid," He responded. Dean grabbed her arm before she could walk off, his eyes searching hers. "Everything okay? Sorry if that whole arguing thing…" He trailed off. "No, it's…Just need some quiet…and you two seem like you need to talk, right behind you guys," Dean held her eyes for a moment longer, before letting her go.

John waited for her, and Bella jogged the short distance to the door, hopping inside. Casting one more glance at Bella and John, he got back into the Impala, and they waited as John pulled back in front of them.

"Why'd she ride with him?" Sam asked, following along. Dean shrugged. "I think she was getting tired of all of the back and forth. I forget sometimes you know? That she's sitting front row during all of this," He rubbed the back of her neck, turning to look out of the window.

"I do too. I wasn't doing her any favors by stopping the car like that," Dean shook his head in agreement. "Yeah,"

In John's truck, Bella sighed heavily. "Alright there?" He asked. She nodded. "Yeah. I like your boys and all, but they can give me a headache. That whole spinning car thing was not fun either. You seem like the quiet type," John chuckled.

"Yeah, we can…butt heads sometimes. Sorry about that," Bella leaned back into the seat, enjoying the soft music playing. You're being picky, aren't you?

But I couldn't stand it either. If I had to hear another 'Dad's right' again…I could just blow my brains out.

Shut up will you?

Bella shifted in the seat. "I think while the boys and I scope this out, you should stay in the truck for now. No offense, but I don't think you're ready for this," Bella glanced over at him, nodding. "Just stay in here, and don't come out, no matter what you hear. Got it?" Bella nodded. "Understood," Soon John was pulling up under a slope of a hill, and he left the keys in the ignition. "In case you're in danger, you hightail it out of here," Bella opened her mouth to protest and John shook his head. "The boys will be fine,"

The Impala pulled up right beside them, and as John got out, pulling out a machete, Bella scooted over to the driver's side. He closed the door. The three traveled towards the Impala trunk where Dean and Sam both equipped themselves with the appropriate gear.

Dean made his way back over towards the truck, tapping on the window. Bella rolled it down, looking up at him. "What's with him and her?" John asked quietly. Sam glanced over, shrugging. "He cares about her," John furrowed his brow. "There's no room in this life for that," Sam frowned. "We know. I think he finds some type of comfort in her. He holds her at night sometimes when she has a bad nightmare. I think if it were possible for him to settle down, she'd be…..everything," "I didn't know Dean was the settling type," Sam dryly chuckled. "Yeah…me neither until she came along,"

"If anything goes wrong…" Bella laid a hand on his arm. "Your dad told me to haul ass. I know," Dean nodded sharply and headed off into the woods with John and Sam. She watched them disappear, taking in a deep breath.

"You shouldn't converse with Azazel," Bella's eyes widened, and a hand covered her mouth, muffling her started scream. Brown eyes met and icy blue, and she pushed the hand away. "What the hell man?! You almost gave me a heart attack!" She snapped, raising her hand over her heart. "I assure you, you were nowhere near death," She swallowed, tilting her head at him.

He mimicked her expression, looking just as confused as she did. "I'm sorry, who now?" She asked, looking back out towards the window. "Azazel. The demon in which you and the Winchesters are hunting. The one in your head. You shouldn't speak back to him. You are creating a connection which will only become stronger and you will do exactly as he says," The man warned. "It's not like I'm trying to. He's just there….you aren't making it easier you know?"

Catching on to what she was saying, the angel nodded. "I know it is not easy to process but you must save Sam," Bella blinked a few times, looking back at him. "I'm not just saving Sam. I'm dying in his place," The angel nodded, looking outside as well. "It is for a great cause. If Sam dies, Dean will sell his soul to bring him back, except Sam won't be Sam. Sam will bring the rise of Lucifer,"

Bella reared her head in surprise. "You mean…God's son? The one who God himself sent to hell?" The angel nodded. "Exactly. It will literally be hell on Earth," She frowned. "If…When I die, what will happen to me?" The angel looked down at her, an almost pitying look in his emotionless eyes. "You'll be rewarded as a warrior and your soul will be sent to Heaven," She swallowed. "Will my dad be there?"

"Of course," The angel answered immediately. "Why me?" She whispered. "Why couldn't I have a normal life? Normal friends, boyfriends. Why did Azazel choose me?" She asked, blinking away her tears. "The truth is, this was always meant to be your life. From the moment you were born, this was your purpose,"

Bella looked down at her hands, then back to the angel. "Can I know your name?" She asked. "Castiel," He replied. "Well, Castiel, can I ask you of something?" She asked, meeting his eyes again. "Anything," "When I die, will you escort me to the gates of Heaven?" Castiel tilted his head, eyeing the tear that slipped down her cheek.

He ran his thumb across her cheek, curiously looking at the moisture. "If that is what you wish," Bella sniffled, nodding. "Goodbye, Isabella. We will meet again," He was gone before her very eyes, and she furiously wiped her eyes.

After blinking away her tears, she eyed Dean and Sam coming back from the woods. She pursed her lips as she didn't see John. The boys stopped for a moment, and she breathed a sigh of relief as John emerged from over the hill, meeting back up with them.

They quickly talked to one another before Bella scooted back over. John got back into the truck with the boys following behind. "Did you get it?" She asked, gripping the dash as he sped off. "Not yet. The Colt is a special gun, it can kill anything," Bella put the dots together, and she nodded. "Well, what do we need to do now?"

Dean hands Bella the paper bag, and she scrunches up her nose. "This….is disgusting," She murmured. "Perks of the job," He smiled. Bella's heart lurched, and she realized that she'd miss that. "You've been acting kind of weird lately," He whispered to her, both of them sneaking out of the funeral home.

Bella didn't answer him until they got back into the Impala. Dean sat there for a moment, glancing at her. "What do you mean?" She questioned. "Ever since we saw Dad the first time. You…haven't been the same. You know something Bella, I know you do. A lot more than you let on,"

Bella looked away from him, wanting to tell him all she knew. "If it concerns us, Sam, dad, I have to know," She sighed, looking back at him. "It stays between us," She murmured. Dean nodded.

"An angel came to me that night you guys went to the apartment. I know, it doesn't make sense, but they are real. His name is Castiel. He's the one who helped Azazel quiet down in my dead. He told me what I needed to do," Dean lowered his brows, searching her eyes.

"You're serious," He stated shocked, and Bella nodded. "Angels? Really?" She sighed, shaking her head. "Believe me or don't but that's not it. He showed me something. You know how Azazel wants me to kill Sam?" Dean slowly nodded. "Castiel said I must die for Sam. I don't know when, but someone will kill Sam, and you will do something…that…in order to prevent the disastrous outcome, I take Sam's place, and my soul will go to Heaven,"

"So, you're telling me that you're going to die…that some Angel or whatever told you so, and you're going to do it? You do know how crazy you sound?" Bella nodded. "You asked me to tell you, and that's the truth," Dean started the Impala heading back towards the Motel where they left John and Sam.

"Neither you nor Sam is going to die, I'll make sure of it," Bella shook her head. "You can't do anything about it Dean. Castiel said it's my purpose. My destiny. I was meant to do this. I'd rather save a life than end it. Believe me, if Sam dies, you'll do something reckless, and it's either me or Sam. Which would you rather lose?" She could see it on his face, and she would choose the same in his position. "Exactly,"

Dean glanced over at her, tightening his hands on the steering wheel. "Will you at least say goodbye? When the time comes and you know that it'll be the end….will you say goodbye?" Bella glanced over at him, a frown on her face. "Only if you promise not to do anything stupid,"

"Can't promise that," He responded. "If I can say goodbye, I will,"

Dean stepped on the gas, the Impala revving underneath them.

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