Brown Eyed Girl @halfofmysoul
Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Puzzle Pieces

Previously: Bella's head thrashed back and forth, grunting quietly as she screwed her eyes shut, her hands gripping the sheets, a scream ripping from her throat as she tried to shake off the nightmare.

Yellow eyes seemed to float in the shadows staring at her heavily. "You have to do it Bella," He hissed, a smile forming. Bella shook her head, stepping back into nothingness. She looked around in the darkness, balling her hands into fists. "NO, I won't do it. You can't make me," She felt a hand run down her cheek, making her shudder, breath on her face.

"I won't make you. You'll do it willingly. You...will kill Sam Winchester. That is your destiny,"

Dean patted Sam's arm as they took in the open door. Dean looked around before pulling out his handgun, Sam doing the same. Dean pushed the door open even more, and Sam cautiously stepped inside, looking around.

"Bella…" Sam ran to the bed, while Dean took another look around before joining Sam. Bella was on the bed convulsing, her eyes white and rolled into the back of her head. Her knuckles were white since her fists were balled up in the sheets, pulling at them, her legs thrashing around.

Eyeing the basket full of ice by the bed, Dean grabbed it, going to the bathroom. The shower water started running, Dean returning seconds later. He removed his jacket and headed towards the bed. He slid his arms under her, and once he had a good grip, he lifted her slowly before making his way into the bathroom.

"What are you doing?" Sam asked, hovering behind him. "Gonna wake her up Sammy. What does it look like I'm doing?" He tossed over his shoulder.

Dean stepped into the shower, holding Bella under the cold water, motioning for the bucket. Sam grabbed it, and poured it from the top of the shower, the ice cubes falling on Bella's face, jolting her awake with a gasp. She let out these horrible heaving noises, her fingers clinging onto Dean's shirt, her eyes wide as she stared at him. She shook her head frantically gasping in either shock from the water or from her nightmare, they weren't sure. "I won't do it! I won't do it! Please believe me…I won't do it," She begged, pulling Dean closer.

"Okay…okay.." Dean soothed, reaching with one hand to turn off the cold water. Sam was handing him a towel as he carefully stepped out of the shower, Bella's hands shaking, her teeth chattering as she tried to speak. "Shh," Sam said calmly, looking at Dean, his brows drawn with worry. With her wet hair stuck to her head, she shivered as Dean wrapped the towel around her, holding her still as best he could. "I-I-I w-w-w-on-n't d-do it," She stuttered behind the chattering of her teeth, moving Dean's hands away as he started drying her hair.

"Hey!" Dean snapped his fingers in front of her face, causing her to look at him in fright. "Listen…calm down, let's get you into some dry clothes alright?" Bella nodded jerkily taking in deep breaths.

Sam was already back with the duffel, handing Dean a pair of one of their shirts. Bella's fingers could barely grasp her clothes. Dean could see the frustration in her eyes, and he sighed looking to Sam.

Dean grasped her shaking hands in his, making her pause. "Just breathe. Whatever it is, we'll handle it okay?" Bella let out a breath, nodding sharply. Dean stood there for a few seconds longer before closing the bathroom door.

"How is she?" Sam whispered, watching the bathroom door. Dean shrugged. "Shaken up. Never seen her have one that bad," Sam frowned at that. "Yellow Eyes?" Sam guessed, making Dean looking at him, his face telling him he just might be right.

"What was she babbling about?" Sam questioned. Dean just raised his brows at that. "I have no idea," The two quickly quieted, turning towards the bathroom door as it opened to a freshly dressed Bella, her damp hair scrunched up at the ends. Her eyes were red and puffy, face downright pale.

"Come on," They guided her to the edge of the bed, and although she was dry, she still shivered, her arms and hands shaking lightly. Sam sat next to her while Dean pulled up a chair, handing her an opened beer. "Thanks," She whispered, before drinking it down to the label.

She handed it to Sam who sat it down on the table, watching her as she seemed to collect herself. She let out a long sigh, looking at Sam. "You know I'd never hurt you right? Willingly?" Sam's face softened as he stared down at her. "Of course," He said softly, grabbing her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"What's this about Bella?" Dean asked becoming worried. Bella bit her lip, audibly gulping as she turned her attention to Dean. Her leg bounced as she did her best to explain. "Yellow Eyes wants me to kill Sam," She whispered, looking away from him and to the floor. "What? How do you know this?" Dean asked, getting her attention once more. She met his eyes, seeing the concern swimming in them.

She pointed to her head frowning. "In my dreams. He tells me that it's my destiny. He said that he won't make me, that I'll do it on my own. He showed me things. Different, horrible, disgusting ways to kill Sam," She looked back at Sam, her eyes tearing up. "I've killed you so many times. I shoot you, stab you, blow you to bits, anything you can think of," She looked back to Dean shaking her head. "And you? After it's all done, you appear to me, and I get on my knees, and I beg…I beg…" Her voice cracks, tears freely sliding down her cheeks.

"Beg for what?" Dean asks softly, his hand laying on her knee to stop her leg from bouncing. "Your forgiveness," She replies, staring at him, but he could tell she wasn't really looking at him. "Of course you don't, and that's understandable, I mean, I killed your brother. I'd kill me too," She sniffled, blinking furiously shaking her head. "Bella…." Dean trailed off trying to think of something to console her. "We know you wouldn't do anything like that," Sam says, rubbing his hand up and down her back.

Bella looks to him shaking her head. "But how? What if I'm evil? What if that's why he did this to me?" Dean's eyes follow her as she stands, pacing in front of them. The look in her eyes tells him enough, and he frowns. He stands, stopping her from pacing, his face softening. "I'm not going to kill you," Bella opens her mouth to object, but Dean covers her mouth with his hand. "I won't let you kill Sam. I won't let you kill anyone," He pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, offering her a smile. "We'll figure this out," He soothed, grunting quietly as she leaned her head on his shoulder, her fingers curling around his wet shirt.

He wrapped an arm around her neck, pulling her close. "Everything will be alright," He whispered.

Sam snuck a quick glance at Bella's sleeping form before leaving the motel room, walking across the street to meet Dean at the Café. The bell dinged over the door as he walked inside, heading towards the booth where Dean sat going through a newspaper.

Dean glanced at Sam as he sat, folding the newspaper before setting it to the side. "How is she?" He asked. Sam hummed, pulling out his laptop. "Sleeping. Do you think it was a good idea to slip sleeping pills in her drink?" Dean pursed his lips before responding. "She needed some sleep man. I just hope it was enough to knock her out without any problems," Sam nodded in agreement. "Same, so the newspaper was a bust?" Sam asked, indicating towards the paper.

Dean nodded, nodding his head towards the waitress. "Yeah, what've you got?" Sam made a few clicks on his computer. "Well…it's weird. A young girl was pretty much mauled inside her own home, doors locked, the alarm system was armed. No sign of forced entry," Dean nodded, waving the waitress over. "Well. Looks like we got a case," Sam closed his laptop raising a brow as Dean started ordering something. "Dude, didn't you already eat?" Dean ignored him looking at the menu. "Yeah, can I get a large coffee and that vegan wrap thing? To go?" The waitress nodded, shooting them a smile.

Dean shot Sam a smile. "I'm not a glutton," He defended. Sam chuckled shaking his head. "You like her, don't you?" Dean raised a brow "Who? The waitress? I mean…" He leaned out of the booth to get a good look. "She's…" Sam snorted. "You know who I'm talking about. Bella. You hate cuddling, you going soft?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "No. She was having a nightmare," Sam just hummed. "Sure. Don't you want to be happy? Like seriously? It's not like you have to lie to her about what we do,"

Dean shrugged. "There is no happiness in this life Sam. Who's to say that as soon as all this demon crap is over, she won't be itching to return to a normal life?" The waitress came back with his order, twirling a piece of blonde hair around her finger, her blue eyes staring at Dean she won the lottery. "This for your girlfriend?" She asked, leaning over so that her cleavage was on display. Before Dean could answer, Sam grabbed the bag. "Actually yes. She's waiting at the motel across the street. Pretty tired from last night. Wasn't she Dean?" The waitress sighed, leaning back up, giving Dean the bill. She walked away, going to another table.

"Dude," Dean groaned. Sam just smiled, standing. "Why'd you do that?" Dean asked, grabbing the coffee. Sam just patted him on the back, walking past. "Because deep down, I know you want someone that is the complete opposite of her. Just so happens to be she's right across the street. You and I both know Bella would get your attention if she was sitting in this very café," With that, Sam walked out, a grin on his face, a grumbling Dean right behind him.

"Aright. This is the place," Sam instructed. Dean pulled over on the curb, turning off the engine. Dean sighed, turning to glance at their quiet companion. "You can stay in the car, or talk to the locals," Dean offered. Bella turned towards him, the bags under her eyes attesting to the fact that she wasn't getting enough sleep.

Bella shook her head, offering a small smile. "I need something to keep busy. I can help," Sam nodded, looking at Dean. "We'll drop her off at the motel if anything gets out of hand," Feeling a bit better about that, they all got out of the car.

Dean went to the trunk grabbing a toolbox. Dean hummed, giving Bella a pair of glasses. Bella raised a brow, putting them on. "These are for….?" She trailed off, walking around him. "Gotta look the part," Bella snorted, her eyes roaming over his outfit. "Right," She smirked. She turned on her heel swinging her hair in the process, following behind Sam.

"You know Sam, Dad and me did just fine without all these costumes. I feel like a high school drama dork," Bella shook her head, letting out a small laugh. "What was that play you did? Um, Our town? Yeah, you were good, it was cute," Sam rolled his eyes looking at Bella who was trying to hide her smile. "This is what I deal with all day,"

Bella just shook her head. "I'm just saying, these outfits cost hard-earned money," Sam shot him a look. "Whose?" Bella shook her head, loving times like this. They walk into the apartment, meeting the landlady. Bella shook her hand, offering a smile. "Thanks for letting us look around. My name is Isabella, I'll be the corresponding supervisor today," The lady nodded, leading them down the hall. "Well, the police said they're done with the place so…"

Bella and Sam followed behind while Dean closed the door, taking notice of the broken chain. He moves further in the room, all of them staring down as the spots of blood that covered the carpet. "You guys said you were with the alarm company?" Dean nodded. "That's right," Bella responded. "No offense, but your alarms are as useful as boobs on a man. You'd ought to go to corporate," Bella raised her brows, "Noted,"

"You found the body right ma'am?" Sam asked. The woman nodded, looking around, shuddering slightly. Bella looked around, looking for anything out of the ordinary. "Right after it happened?" Bella asked, pulling out a notebook, pretending to write things down.

"No, a few days later actually. Meredith's job called, and she hadn't shown up. When I knocked on the door, I noticed the smell," Bella frowned, heading over to the alarm system that sat on the wall. "Any window's open? Sign of a break-in?"

The woman shook her head. No, everything was in tiptop shape. Door bolted; chain was on. We had to cut through it to even get the door open. "And the alarm was still on?" Bella asked, turning her head towards them.

"Like I said, bang-up job your company's doing. Everything was in perfect condition. Except Meredith," Sam raised a brow, "And what condition was she in?" The woman looked sick all of a sudden, closing he eyes briefly. "She was in pieces. All over the place. The guy who killed her must've been a real psycho. But let me tell you, if I didn't know any better, I'd have said a wild animal did it," Dean and Sam cut glances at one another.

Bella tapped her pen against her book, getting the woman's attention. "Do you mind if we take some time? We need to inspect a few things and take a through look at our equipment," She nodded, heading towards the door. "Go ahead, knock yourselves out," They waited until she was gone, Dean opening the toolbox to pull out an EMF meter.

"So a killer walks in and out of the apartment, no weapons, no prints of any kind, nothing," Sam tilted his head, looking around. "I'm telling ya', the minute I found this article, I knew this was our kind of thing,"

The EMF meter started beeping. Bella walked around the living room, rolling her eyes at Dean's drooling over the officer. "Meredith's heart was missing," Bella took off her glasses, stunned.

"What?" She asked, coming closer, shaking off the energy that seemed to vibrate around her. "Mhm, think a werewolf did this?" Sam shook his head. "He's right, lunar cycle isn't right. If it was a creature, it would've left a trace," Dean attention drifts towards the carpet, his brow furrowing. "Hey, see if there's some masking tape around here,"

Bella found some in a drawer in the kitchen, handing it to Dean, watching as he started connecting pieces. Dean stood up and glanced at the odd symbol. "Ever see a symbol like this before?" Sam asked, and Dean shook his head. Bella frowned at it, swallowing. "I have," Their heads turned to her, waiting for an explanation. "I've seen it in my dreams a lot. I never knew what it meant," Dean just nods. "Isn't this fun?"

Bella and Sam look around for Dean, finding him at the bar flirting with the bartender. "Is he always like this?" Bella asked. Sam shrugged, "Pretty much," Bella just hummed, following behind him to an empty table. He and Bella look through John's journal, Bella shaking her head every so often. "Nope," Bella glanced up as Dean sits across from them.

He just stares at her as if forgetting what he was about to say. Bella smiles, motioning towards the slip of paper in his hand, knowing it was a phone number. "Find anything?" She chuckled. Dean blinked, clearing his throat. "Uh, no. Nothing out of the ordinary. Meredith was a nice girl, everybody liked her, she was a normal girl. She didn't say or do anything weird before she died. So, did you find anything on that symbol?" Dean asked, shifting in his seat.

Sam shook his head. Just then a waiter showed up to their table, placing a drink in front of Bella. Bella's brows rose in surprise as the waiter smiled. "The gentleman at the bar said it's on him," Bella leaned forward turning towards the bar seeing a handsome man with short brown hair waving at her. Bella blushed, nodding in his direction, taking a sip rearing back. "Tell him he's got good taste, but I'm unavailable tonight," The waiter nodded, before disappearing into the crowd.

She turned back towards the boys finding their eyes on hers. "What? We're working," Sam chuckled. "It's okay to let loose," Bella laughed. "Have you seen me? I don't let loose," Sam grabbed the clip in her hair, releasing her hair that was in a bun, to loosely fall down her back. "We're going nowhere right now. Maybe he knows something. He looks like a regular,"

Bella sighed, glaring at him before a smile spread across her face. She grabbed the drink before standing, sauntering into the crowd before disappearing from their sight.

Sam turned back to Dean, laughing as he continued to look through the crowd. "Dude, she's at the bar. She's fine. You jealous?" Dean shot him a glare. "Me? No, so there was a first victim right? Any connection between the two of them?"

Sam looked through the first article about the first victim. "Not that I can tell, not yet anyway. His name was Ben Swardstrom. Last month he was found mutilated in his own home. Same deal as this one. They never met and as far as we know, they were from two different worlds,"

Dean nodded, "So to recap we …hey, what are you looking at?" Dean is ignored as Sam stands, making his way across the bar. Dean just frowned. He waited for a moment, wondering where Sam was off to. He smiled as Sam seemed to be talking to a girl. "Well damn,"

He decided to walk through the crowd heading towards Sam, stopping as Bella was still at the bar, laughing and smiling with the guy that brought her drink. He leaned close whispering into her ear, his hand sliding down her low back, stopping just at her ass.

Dean clenched his teeth, narrowing his eyes as Bella grabbed his hand, pushing it away. The man stood, a smug look crossing his face, one that Dean was all too familiar with, whispering into Bella's hair. Dean couldn't see her face, but he could tell by her body language that what was just said she did not like.

Bella sat her drink on the bar, shaking her head. Dean finally moved forward, as the man got a little too handsy, one hand on her waist, the other sliding up and down her thigh.

"Hey," Dean snapped once he got closer. Bella pushed the man off her, tossing her drink in his face. "Asshole," She turned away, running into Dean. He raised a brow at her, his icy stare traveling to the man. "Everything good sweetheart?" He asked, eyes narrowing at the man who decided against opening his mouth. "Yep, nothing here worth my time, where's Sam?" Dean draped his arm over her shoulder, steering her towards where he saw Sam.

Dean was surprised when Bella wrapped her arm around his waist, giving it a tight squeeze. Dean cleared his throat as Sam and the woman continued talking. Bella frowned as everything slowed down around her. She looked around, letting go of Dean, watching everything around her closely.

Dean cleared his throat a bit louder, the blonde woman turning towards him, an annoyed expression on her face. "Dude, cover your mouth," Bella raises a brow, "Hey, you clearly heard him the first time," Bella snapped, staring at the woman, going still as black eyes stared back at her.

"Yeah, um, I'm sorry Meg, this is my brother Dean and our friend Bella," Dean smiles, both of them oblivious to the hard stare Bella was giving Meg. "This is Dean?"

"Yeah," Sam smiles, shooting Bella a concerned glance. "So you've heard of me," Dean asked. Meg turned towards Dean, rolling her eyes. "Oh yeah. Nice, the way you treat your brother like luggage," Dean tilts his head. "Excuse me?"

"Why don't you let him do what he wants to do? Stop dragging him all over God's green earth," Dean raises his brows, grabbing Bella's arm as she stalked forward. "You don't know shit," Meg reared back in surprise. "Okay, that's enough. We're going to grab a drink Sam," Dean gives him a puzzled look before grabbing Bella's arm. "Sam, don't forget, we were supposed to watch Nightmare on Elm Street tonight," Dean stopped, looking down at Bella. "The first one, remember?" Sam frowned, looking down at Meg. Dean pulled Bella along. "Um, I'm sorry. She's usually not like that," Meg just hummed.

Dean dragged Bella over to the bar ordering two shots of Whisky. "Drink," Dean said, sliding the glass into her hand. Bella picked it up, and knocked the drink back, her eyes going back to Sam and Meg. "She's a demon?" Dean asked. Bella nodded. "A bitchy one," Bella frowned.

"What the hell could she be doing here then? Think she has something to do with the murders?" Bella shrugged, "I'm not sure, but we need to find out," Dean grunted, shaking his head. "What?" Bella asked, sitting on the barstool. "Nothing. I just uh, didn't think I held Sam back that much," Bella frowned, covering his hand with hers.

"Don't blame yourself. I don't think Sam blames you either. You boys made a commitment," Dean grabbed another shot, throwing it back. "I brought Sam back into this life. He was in college…just like you actually, and about to go to law school. Had a girlfriend. Until I…scooped him up, looking for Dad. We ganked a monster along the way…then I took him home. Where his girlfriend was killed just like our mother. I roped him back into this,"

Bella sighed. "It's not your fault Dean. None of it is. We're all just some pawn in this sick fucker's game. Sam loves you, he knows you mean well," Bella straightened up as Sam walked towards them.

"Let's get out of here," He mutters, and Bella laid out a 20 following behind them. They walked out into the cool night air, Sam stopping just outside of the street. "Now I know why I was meeting her again, right out of the blue. I can't believe she's a demon,"

Bella followed silently, humming in response. "Not your fault," She said, looking around. "Well, is there any truth to what she's saying? I mean, am I keeping you against your will Sam?" Bella sighed quietly, hoping that they didn't get into this tonight.

"No, Dean. It was when we had that huge fight when we were in Indiana…But that's not important. She has to be connected to this, see what you guys can dig up on Meg, I don't think she knows we know, and if she wanted me dead, I think she would've killed me by now. I can still play the part, pretend I'm interested until we figure out what's going on,"

"I mean if she wasn't a demon…she's hot," Bella rolled her eyes, pulling Dean by the jacket. "Come on perv. Be careful Sam," She tossed over her shoulder, both of them crossing the street.

Once back at the hotel Bella let out a sound of triumph. "Got it," Dean looked up from Sam's computer, raising a brow. "Whatcha got?" Bella looked down at the book, taking over to Dean.

She sat on the bed next to him, setting the book in between them. "Turns out, it's a Zoroastrian. Very old, like old school. Two thousand years before Christ. It's a sigil for a Daeva," She shifted, her hair tickling Dean's arm.

"Daeva translates to "demon of darkness". Zoroastrian demons, and they're savage, animalistic, like demonic pit bulls," Dean whistled. "So…what was that symbol doing in Meredith's apartment?"

Bella shrugged. "Not sure, but it says that these things have to be summoned. Conjured up," Dean frowned. "So, Meg conjured these things? For what?" Bella closed the book. "Your guess is as good as mine. Think Sam is okay?" Dean nodded. "Yeah, he's fine. She likes Sam for some reason,"

Belle chuckled. "Sam's not a bad guy. Do you think she's on to us?" Dean gave a one-armed shrug. "Don't know, but I do know that she hates my guts,"

Bella hummed. "So did she show up anywhere?" Dean nodded, "Yeah, she exists, even found her high school photo," Bella frowned. "Damn. How do these demons work? What is their purpose?"

Dean pulled out his phone as it started ringing, getting off the bed. "Hello?" Bella watched for a moment, but then went back to research, hoping to find any more information.

"Well shit," Bella looked up at Dean's exclamation. "What is it?" She asked, brows creasing in worry as he dialed another number. "Sammy, you need to get back here ASAP,"

"Dean?" Bella asked, standing up. Dean turned towards her his eyes widening in shock. "Let's just wait for Sam, he needs to hear this,"

Bella nodded and just sat back as Dean made another phone call asking for records. Her foot softly tapped against the floor, and she stared off into space.

You should shoot him

Bella blinked. "What?" She asked herself.

It's right there on the table. Soon as he walks through that door… BAM!

Bella jumped in her chair at the sound that resonated inside her head. Dean glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes, brow furrowed. "Uh, let me call you back," He hesitantly walked over to her, pulling out a chair.

"No..." She whispered, shaking her head, unaware that Dean was even sitting next to her. "Hey…" Dean whispered, laying a hand on her shoulder. It broke Bella from her trance, and she flinched. Her eyes were still glued to the gun, but she tore her gaze away, looking at him. She reached forward, grabbing it.

Her hand shook as thrust it into Dean's hands. "Keep this away from me," She said softly. Dean didn't comment but sat it in the waistband of his pants. "We'll get that bastard out of your head, I promise." He vowed.

Bella nodded, looking away from him. "Please do…I don't know how much more I can take," Dean nodded, smoothing a hand down her hair. He would make good on his promise.

They sat in silence for a good while before it was broken by Sam coming through the door. He had a bag of food in his hand. "Finally. Man, there's some crazy shit going on,"

Sam sat the food down. "Most definitely. Meg…I caught her talking to …..something," Bella glanced at Dean, both of them thinking the same thing. "It's possible she's the summoner. We found what's called a Daeva. They're these…things. Known as the demons of darkness. We think she's conjured them up,"

Sam shook his head. "No, I saw her talking to something at this altar. I think she's controlling them," Bella narrowed her eyes. "Wait talking with the Daeva?" She asked, finding solace on the bed.

Sam sat down, shaking his head. "No, the way she was talking to it. Someone was giving her orders, and someone who would be there at the warehouse," Dean frowned and remembered the files he wanted to show Sam. He went to the computer pulling up something.

"Both of you, come here," They obliged, and sat on either side of him. "I pulled a few favors with…a friend at the police department…we missed something big about the two victims. The first victim…look where he was born," Dean pointed to the section, and Sam's eyes widened. "Lawrence, Kansas." Dean nodded, Meredith, the second victim-she was adopted. Look where she's from," Sam scrubbed a hand down his face. "Holy crap," Dean nodded. "Yep," Bella looked between the two confused. "Can someone fill me in?" She asked.

"Right, sorry. Um, this is where everything started. How dad got into hunting, how we got into hunting. Our mom…everything," Sam hummed, standing up. "So…what, is Meg caught up with the demon?"

"I think that's a possibility," Bella scratched her head, pursing her lips. "But what does that have to do with Lawrence? What about the Daeva things?" Dean shrugged. "Beats me. But I say we trash her joint, grab the demon, and have a talk,"

Sam immediately shook his head, looking at the two of them. "No. We can't do that. Right now, she's oblivious to us. I think we need a good old-fashioned stakeout of the warehouse she's in. We need to see who or what she plans to meet,"

"Okay, well we can't do this alone,"

Dean pulls out his phone, and while he makes his phone call, Sam and Bella decide to prepare. "What are we getting?" Bella asks, following behind him. Sam shrugged. "I have no idea. Anything we have in the car and whatever else we may need," Bella nodded, biting her lip. "Okay," Sam opened the trunk, and he and Bella pulling put whatever they can find. "What about these inscriptions?" She asks. Sam nods to her, grabbing what looked like water. "Um…Sam?" She asks, stopping.

Noticing her expression, he stops grabbing items. "What is it?" She sighs. "I don't think I should come with you guys. To meet this…demon. I want to, but I don't know what will happen. What if it is this yellow…whatever? What if I do something? What if something goes wrong? We're sitting ducks. I think I should stay behind. I don't think it's a good idea for them to have the three of us. I'll be waiting for you, and if you're not back…I'll be there. I promise."

Sam squeezed her shoulder nodding. "Okay," After grabbing all they would need, they headed back inside to find Dean running his forehead, "I think we have a serious lead on the thing that killed mom..So uh…the warehouse is at 1435 West Erie. If you get this, come to Chicago as soon as you can," He hung up the phone with a sigh, glancing at them. "Voicemail?" Sam asked, laying the stuff on the table.

Dean nodded looking at the bags. "What the hell did you get?" Sam and Bella chuckled. "We ransacked the trunk. Holy water. Every weapon I could think of. Exorcism rituals. I wasn't sure what to get, or expect so I figured we should expect everything," Dean nods and starts loading up.

Bella decided to help, glancing at Sam off and on. "Dean, I'm staying here," She said quietly. She didn't know how he would react or if he wanted her to come along. Dean glanced at her for a moment frowning. "Probably for the best," Bella nodded, going back to loading up a gun.

She quietly listened on as Sam and Dean spoke about what they would do if they actually killed the demon. She could only shake her head as they started to argue. Bella bangs her hand on the table, causing both of them to look at her.

When they got like this, they forgot that they weren't alone.

Dean opened his mouth, but Bella shot him a look that made him think otherwise. She gave them stern glances, raising a slim brow. "I try to stay out of your family spats, but not tonight. You two have a big night, and this is the least of your worries. Don't worry about the future, the past, none of it matters. You've got a demon to kill. Don't end up dead," She paused blinking away the tears that started in her eyes.

She straightened up, handing Sam the last gun. "You two are actually all I have now believe it or not, so I'd like to see you come out of this alive, okay? Okay. I'll be waiting,"

They nodded at her and headed towards the door. "Bella…" Dean started, glancing back at her. Bella shook her head, a small but worried smile on her face. "Thought you didn't do chick-flick moments?" She asked.

He chuckled, nodding. "Yeah," Their eyes met, taking Bella's breath away. "You're not just any chick,"

A line of salt covered the door, and Bella sighed looking to the time. An hour hasn't even gone by, and Bella was worried. She should've gone. Her own fears were getting the best of her, and she knew it. They were fine. They would be fine.

She looked at her cell for the thousandth time sighing. The shrill ring of the contraption made her freeze. Dean's name flashed on the screen, and she hurriedly picked it up. "Dean?" She asked, breathing heavily, moving the phone away from her ear as loud static came through. "Hello?" She asked loudly, a frown on her face. A high-pitched ringing made her drop the phone, holding her ears. She sank to the floor, hiding under the table as the windows burst, glass raining down in tiny pieces.

A bright white light suddenly filled the room, and Bella peaked around from under the table, her eyes widening at the silhouette of a man. She sucked in a breath as the light dimmed for just a fraction, large black wings spanned from wall to wall.

The light dimmed to nothing, encasing the room in all darkness except for the lamp by the bed. She eyed the man in the trench coat, one of her hands slowly traveling to her jeans to grab her knife.

The man crouched down, tilting his head at her. He eyed her hand, standing up slowly. "You can come out. I am not here to hurt you," Bella swallowed, but didn't move. The man waited, his blue eyes vibrant in the soft glow of the lamp.

"Who are you?" She asked, hesitantly moving from under the table. She stood to her full height, gripping the knife tighter. He was dressed in a trench coat, standing perfectly still, with messy, short black hair. "My name is unimportant. I am here on urgent matters. The Winchester's need you," Bella's brows furrowed, taking a hesitant step backward, putting some space between them. "How do I know you're telling the truth?"

He stepped forward slowly, holding out a hand. "Do you believe in faith?" He asked instead. Her eyes flickered to the wall, sucking in a breath as the wings seemed to move with him.

"A-are you an…" She couldn't finish her sentence, her mind swirling with questions, her body fighting with itself to flee, stay, or fight. He waited for her to finish speaking, stepping closer. Her hip brushed against the table, her empty hand gripping the edge.

"Angel. Yes. I am an angel of the lord. There is something you need to see," The man moved closer, his hand gripping her arm lightly. He put his fingers to her forehead. Her eyes closed on contact, going limp.

He gently leaned her back, laying her on the table. He waited patiently as she 'slept' so to speak, standing still. With a wave of his hand, the salt was blown to the side. He found it unnecessary. His presence was protection enough. As she laid out cold, he laid his hand on her forehead once more, his blue eyes glowing slightly. "You will not taint her Azazel, she will not succumb to evil,"

He kept his fingers there until she woke. She blinked her eyes open slowly, her eyes wide. "What did you do to me?" She asked, sitting up. He took a step back. "I let you see what is truly meant to happen. It's up to you to make the right choice,"

Bella slowly hopped off the table, looking up at him. "Why me?"

"Because God commanded it," With that he was gone, leaving Bella alone. She looked around shaking her head. "God?" She whispered, brows drawing together. She grunted as a splitting headache ripped through her skull, her eyes closing tightly, trying to fight it off. Like a scratched CD, a movie plays behind her eyes. She see's Sam and Dean along with an older man being attacked by something invisible. It changes, showing her the name of a motel right down the street.

As soon as it started it was over, leaving her feeling dizzy. She never had a vision before, and if this is what Sam felt every single time, he could have this. Grabbing her knife and a gun, she dashed out of the motel room, and made a right down the street, running faster than she ever had in her life.

People honked their horns as she ran through the streets, people yelling at her for her carelessness. She rounded a familiar corner, stopping in her tracks. There stood Meg, staring at the motel with fire in her eyes, her hand on a pendant around her neck.

Meg's head snapped towards her, her eyes going black. "You," She sneered holding out her hand. Bella's eyes widened as she suddenly couldn't breathe. Her hands grasped her neck, gasping for air that just wouldn't come.

A small trickle of blood flowed from her nose. Bella narrowed her eyes, wishing that she could throw the damn thing against the wall. She froze as Meg went soaring, air suddenly flowing through her lungs. Bella continued into the building following the yells.

She bangs on the door with her hand, twisting on the doorknob. She busted through, freezing as the boys seemed beat to all hell, scratches appearing on their bodies. She eyes Sam reaching for his bag. She stepped inside, the door slamming shut behind her. She raced towards the bag, going through it. "What am I looking for?!" She yelled, looking at Sam. Her eyes widened as three scars appeared on his face. "The flare! They're shadows!"

She searched for it, yelping as she was flung into the wall. She let out a cry as claws raked down her leg and seeped deep into her flesh. She gritted her teeth, grabbing the bag, and finding the flare. "Shut your eyes!" She warned before lighting the flare, turning her head.

Smoke filled the room, and a bright white light flashed. Screeches filled the air before stopping abruptly. Bella watched as the shadows on the wall fled, finding dark corners to crawl into. Coughing and sputtering reached her ears, and she stood wobbling a bit. "Dad!" Dean yelled, looking blindly around the room.

"Over here!" She went to Sam, helping him up. She hissed as pain tore through her leg. "Alright?" She asked, holding him up. "Yeah," He glanced back at Dean and John, his arm weaving around her waist to keep her up. They shielded their eyes, following Dean and John. Bella bent down, grabbing the bag.

They follow the building to an alley where the Impala sat, and Bella leaned against the car, watching as Sam put the bags in the back seat. "Okay, we don't have much time. As soon as the flare's out, they'll be back,"

She glanced at John who was watching her with scrutiny. "You must be Bella. Heard a lot about you," She reached out her hand, shaking his. "Likewise," She responded. "Wait, wait, wait. Sam, dad can't come with us," Sam glanced at Dean as if he'd grown a second head. "What? What are you talking about?"

John glanced between them, frowning. "You boy's…are beat to hell…Dean…" Dean shook his head. "We'll be all right," Bella laid her hand on Sam's arm as he moved forward. "dean, we should stick together. We'll go after those demons…"

Dean turned around, his face hardening, "Sam! Listen. We almost got dad killed in there! Don't you get it? They're not going to stop, none of it is, they'll always be more. We will be used against him. Meg was right…Dad's vulnerable when he's with us. He…he's stronger without us around,"

Bella frowned sadly, letting go of Sam's arms. "Dad…after everything…all the time we spent looking for you… I've got to be a part of this fight," Bella ran her hand along Dean's back in a soothing manner. She glances down as one of his hands grasps hers. She squeezes it. He squeezes hers in response.

"Sammy this fight is just starting, and we all have a part to play. Especially you," He glanced at Bella, surprised when she nodded. "I know Mr. Winchester," He could tell by the look in her eyes that she may have known more than he did. He just nodded. "Just John," Bella nodded giving him a sad smile.

John turned back towards Sam. "For now, you've got to trust me son," At Sam's shake of his head, John sighed. "Okay, you've got to let me go," Bella blinked back her own tears at the long look on their faces. After Sam pats his shoulder, he steps back, and Dean and John meet eyes. He nods and walks towards his truck.

He turns towards them one more time, frowning. "Be careful boys," Sam and Dean nod. He looks to Bella, the two locking eyes as if having a silent conversation. Bella knew in that moment that they were on the same page when John asked, "When the time comes, can I count on you?" The boy's eyes flickered between them, wondering what exactly they didn't know.

"I'll die for your boys John," She vowed. He nodded, getting into his truck before driving away. "What was that about?" Dean asked. Bella let go of his hand heading for the back of the Impala. "What do you mean?" She asks, stopping as Dean's arm shot out, closing the door. He grabbed her arm, pausing at her wince. "What do you know? What aren't you telling us?"

"Dean," Bella laid a hand on his shoulder squeezing it. "He's just making sure I'm on your team. When everything hits the fan, and believe me, it will…I know my place,"

Dean accepted that response and taking his thumb, he wiped the blood from her nose, eyes raking over her for any injuries. "Let's go then, I'd like to get out of here,"

As they all got into the Impala and drove the short distance back to the motel, Meg emerged from the shadows, lips pursed.

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