Brown Eyed Girl @halfofmysoul
Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Hunting At Its Finest

Bella's grip was tight as she gripped Dean's jacket, her brown eyes staring at the waitress. Dean hadn't a clue what they were dealing with, so he tried to go with the flow. The waitress was starting to become suspicious, and Dean couldn't be exposed like this. They had no idea what they were up against.

Bella gasped as Dean grabbed her chin with one hand, turning her face to his. His lips were soft against hers, and Bella could've sworn he tasted like whiskey and syrup. Sam blinked in shock, clearing his throat uncomfortably as his brother started a heated make-out session with their…charge. Bella blinked in a daze as Dean pulled away, a smirk on his face.

Her eyes followed the swipe of his tongue as he licked his bottom lip. Dean's lips turned upward, his eyes sparkling. He leaned forward once again, his lips now close to her ear, but his voice lacked the expression on his face. "How good are you at acting? Giggle like I said something funny, don't be too forceful."

Bella wasn't sure where the sudden confidence came from, but she would do anything not to end up dead. She did exactly as Dean said, even going as far as to grab his jacket to pull him close. She made sure to relax her face, erasing all the tension. Dean tilted his head slightly, his face partially hidden by Bella's hair as he looked to Sam with a hard stare. Sam's brows furrowed at his sudden change in mood. Dean's smirk was back on his face as he pulled away, his arm wrapping around Bella's shoulders.

He ran his thumb across her exposed shoulder, smiling, his eyes crinkling. "You know what? Bella and I might head on back to Poughkeepsie, want me to drop you off at the motel? We've got a little business to attend to," Dean looked back down at Bella, being sure to make sure the waitress could see his wink. He turned to the waitress next, a smile plastered on his face, "If you know what I mean," The waitress looked at them with disgust, rolling her eyes. "Do ya'll want anything or not?" Dean sat down $5, pulling Bella along with him. "I think we're good," Sam raised his brows before giving the woman a tense smile before following Bella and Dean.

No one said a word, and as to keep up appearances Dean let Bella into the passenger seat, happy when Sam took it in stride, getting into the back. Dean peeled of the parking lot with ease, not stopping until they were out of sight. Dean pulled over on the shoulder of the road, looking to Bella. "When you say her eyes were black..?" Bella shivered at the sight nodding to Dean. "Nothing but blackness. You two really didn't see anything?" She glanced at Sam as well, who was still kind of flabbergasted.

"No, we get inside and next thing I know, you two were sucking face," Sam scrunched his face, looking to the both of them. Dean shot Bella a wink, somehow calming her nerves just a bit. "Good acting by the way. Bella said her eyes were black. Does dad's journal say anything?" Sam was already flipping through the pages shaking his head. "Nah, nothing. So what? Is that your gift? You see monsters?" Bella turned around to look at Sam.

"Gift? I don't have any gifts," Sam just shrugged before shifting in the seat. "That's the thing Bella. We are considered one of Yellow-Eyes special children. We have strange abilities. I have visions, some people can move things with their mind. You can see things that aren't human." Sam explained. Bella's attention was now on Sam as she pondered on what he was saying.

Bella looked down at her hands shaking her head. "You've got to be kidding me. 5 years ago I moved here to be with my dad. I went to the local high school where I met The Cullen's. At the time I didn't know they were vampires, so I befriended them. The closer I got to Edward, the more I started noticing little things. They didn't eat much, or catch any sun, like at all, and they were really strange. It wasn't until I went with them to play baseball that I realized that something was off. They moved too fast for a human, but slow enough to seem human.

To make a long story short, three rogue vampires showed up wanting to play. The Cullen's said no. That's when one of them had me in their sights. By then I already figured they weren't human, and wanted to go home immediately, but that wasn't going to happen.

The family split ways, two of them taking me to Phoenix to keep me safe. The vampire that wanted to eat me, tricked me into thinking he had my mother. He kicked my ass real good, and then bit me. As I lay there, the venom felt like searing hot fire, and before I knew it, the family found me, and Edward sucked the venom out. I'd never been more grateful.

I woke up in the hospital a few days later, and Edward promised to leave me alone. I agreed. I didn't see him until I went to college. Only this time, I wasn't seeing his face, I saw something sinister. I'd blink a few times and then he'd look normal. After finding out he used to watch me sleep, I told him to stay away, but as you can see…that didn't happen. Edward was addicted to my blood and my mind. He could read everyone's mind except mine. It was like cocaine to an addict. I'd never seen anything like his face until now. That's how I got that scar. Sometimes at school, faces would suddenly morph around me, into these horrible creatures. I had a hard time there and wanted to go home. The only problem was I didn't want to lead danger to Charlie…but I guess is a little too late for that," She looked down at the seat, zoning out momentarily.

"So, where is this...coven? Are they in Forks too?" Dean asked, pulling back onto the road. Bella shrugged. "I'm not sure. Probably not. They don't age. Edward could barely pull off being a college student. So, what exactly do you guys do? You seem to know about things, weird things."

Dean looked over at Bella, trying to decide how much to say to her. "We hunt things like monsters, ghosts, you name it. We're looking for our dad, and along the way, we look for odd things happening in different places. Sam here has visions, sometimes of people in need, or some people that need to be stopped. That's how we found you. Normally, we don't take people for a ride-along, but your message was directed at all three of us correct?" At Bella's nod, Dean continued. "So, until we figure out what his plan is, you're with us. Obviously, you and Sam have a connection, one I've never seen. You must be very important."

Sam leaned forward taking a good look at Bella. Her brown eyes looked just as they did in his vision. A look he's seen in himself. She was drowning. "What we do isn't a cakewalk. It can be dangerous. You probably won't go on hunts with us at first, but you could be useful. Maybe sense things or see things we can't. Speaking of, we need some type of code word like we did back at the diner."

At Bella's questioning glance, Sam chuckled. "Poughkeepsie. Means drop everything and run," Bella just looked between the two of them before nodding slowly. Dean chuckled to himself, causing both Sam and Bella to look towards him. "Freddy. He was one fugly mofo. They made like what? Seven? Find a way to incorporate that, and we might have a deal," Sam shook his head, looking to Bella for her approval. Bella gave a one-armed shrug. "I could work with that. What if there is more than one?" Sam watched the trees pass by for a moment before smiling. "We'll ask you which movie, and you say the amount." Bella nodded. "Sounds good,"

Hours later, Bella was sprawled across the back seat asleep, and Dean was shutting his phone, sitting it in his lap. "That was Bobby, an old friend of dads. Bobby says it sounds like what Bella saw were demons," Sam whipped his head in Dean's direction in shock. "Like demons from hell?" Dean nodded, glancing in the rearview mirror briefly. "Yep. He sounded off though. Weird." Sam raised a brow at that, not really knowing this Bobby person, but trusted Dean enough. "How so?" Dean pursed his lips. "I don't know, just off."


Bella sat up in the motel bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She looked around the dark room, her eyes just barely making out the sleeping forms of Dean and Sam. They were able to get a room with two beds and a pull-out. She insisted she take the pull-out, but Dean refused, all but tossing her and her things on the nearest bed.

She wasn't sure what woke her up, the emptiness in her heart from losing Charlie or the sickening feeling as if someone was watching her. Her dreams were filled with what you could call everyday nightmares. The Yellow-Eyed man no longer came to her, but his words echoed in her head on repeat.

She shook her head, slowly getting out of bed, pulling her robe around her as a blast of cool air came from the vents. She felt around as she walked towards the kitchen, sidestepping the edge of the couch. She went to the fridge, the golden light making her squint her eyes.

She grabbed a beer, grumbling to herself as it wasn't one of those twisty tops. She rummaged through one of the drawers quietly, looking for a beer opener. She smiled in glee as she found it. She popped open the top, taking a pull from the rim, sighing as the cool liquid hit the back of her throat.

She quietly made her way towards the window, peaking out of the curtains. Her eyes swept across the parking lot, her body freezing in place as she saw a woman standing outside, just staring at her. "Drinking kinda early," Dean's gruff voice startled Bella, making her tear her gaze from the window. She gave him a smile, raising her beer to her lips. "Couldn't sleep," She mumbled, taking another sip. She glanced out the window again, only to see nothing. Dean was leaning against the wall, with just a pair of shorts on. Bella could barely see, but she could definitely make out his toned chest from the faint light that shined through the cracks in the curtains.

"Neither can I with the princesses snoring," Bella snorted, laughing quietly. Dean pulled up a chair, sitting down relaxed. Bella offered her beer, to which he took. The crack she made with the curtains shined on Dean's face, his eyes almost glowing as he stared at her.

Bella shifted from foot to foot, unable to take her eyes off of him. Dean and Sam were probably the most good-looking men she'd ever laid eyes on, in a human kind of way. A slow smile crept on Dean's face as he raked his eyes over her body. Her hair was down in waves, a white robe with red flowers on it that just barely reached her knees. "If this was another time, and another place," Dean whispered, causing in Bella to blush.

Bella sat across from Dean, the two just watching the nightlife pass by. "Hey, that vampire couldn't read Sam's mind either I don't think," Bella turned towards him tilting her head. "Really? That's weird. I thought I was the only one. Maybe because we're…what did you say? Special?" Dean shrugged shaking his head. "I don't know, Sam…" Dean glanced over at his brother humming. Bella didn't press, seeing the stress written all over his face. She decided to switch topics, asking about their father instead. "So, when you say you're looking for your dad? Is he missing?"

Dean scoffed, shaking his head. "The bastard isn't missing, he's just in the wind. He's alive and all that, send us cases to work," Bella frowned. "Does he…do the same thing? Hunt monsters?" Dean gulped down the rest of the beer, setting it on the table. "Yeah," He didn't elaborate, and as much as Bella wanted to know the story behind these men, that would have to wait.

She stood slowly patting Dean's knee, offering him a smile. "Well, I hope you find him," She grabbed the beer bottle tossing it in the trash. Dean watched her walk past, grabbing her hand. Bella looked down at him, a brow raised. "Thanks Bella," Bella smiled, her thumb running across the back of his.

Dean let her hand go, watching as she crawled back into bed.

Oasis Plains, Oklahoma

Bella leaned forward to get a glimpse at the paper Sam was holding. "What's that?" She pointed towards a picture with the name of Dustin Burwash. "That's what I was looking at. Dustin Burwash worked at the gas company in town, supposedly dies from Creutzfeldt-Jakob," Dean looked over at Sam briefly, his face scrunching up in confusion. "What?" He asked. Bella smiled. "Human Mad Cow disease," She explained.

Dean looked back at her, his brows raised. "Dammit Bella, I thought you were a cool chick, not a nerd," Bela let out a chuckle shaking her head. "I'm not a nerd, you're just dumb," Sam bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from laughing, although he couldn't stop the wide smile from spreading across his face.

Dean playfully narrowed his eyes at Bella, before looking back at Sam. "Wasn't that on Opera?" Both Bella and Sam stared at him surprised. "You watch Oprah?" Sam asked. Dean just cleared his throat changing the subject. "So, uh this guy, he what? Ate a bad burger? Why is this our kind of thing?"

Bella looked to Sam expectantly, already seeing the roles these two took on together. Sam did the research, and Dean was the action. "Well, mad cow disease causes massive brain degeneration. It takes months, even years in some cases for the damage to even appear. But this guy? Sounds like his brain degenerated in an hour, maybe less."

Bella shivered, sitting back into the seat. "Okay, that is weird," She muttered, looking over at her leftover breakfast, losing her appetite.

"Yeah, so it could be the disease or something much nastier, we're not too far away," Sam said, setting the paper down. Dean drove towards the gas company.

Bella glanced out the window, suddenly nervous. This was officially her first case. She blinked as the boys both turned towards her. "Just follow our lead, you'll do fine," Sam instructed, his encouraging smile soothing the butterflies in her stomach. "You got this," Dean stated. Bella sucked in a breath, nodding. "Wait, do we use our real names?" Bella wasn't sure what the deal was considering her father's death and her disappearance. But then again, no one knew she went home. "You can probably slide, but on most occasions, no. Sam and I, mostly me, are in the system," At that, the boys opened their doors, and Bella did the same, stepping out. She shut the door softly, following behind Sam and Dean.

"Travis Weaver?" Sam asked. A man with dark brown hair, with a beard to match turned in their direction. "Yeah, that's right," He greeted, looking at them in curiosity. Dean smiled, "Are you the Travis that worked with our Uncle Dusty?"

Travis looked at the three, nodding. "Dustin never mentioned nephews or a niece," He nodded in Bella's direction, and Bella gave a smile. "Really? He sure did mention you, said you were the greatest," Dean chuckled, and Bella nodded in agreement. "He always talked about you, every chance he got," Bella piped up, relaxing as Travis seemed to relax. She glanced over at Dean whose hands were behind his back. He gave her a thumbs up.

"Listen, we wanted to know…what, what happened out there?" Travis's expression suddenly dropped, as he looked down. Bella looked up at the sky, shivering. She wasn't cold, and the sun was beating down on her. She looked around, wondering where this sudden rush of energy came from. She zoned out actually, her body thumping with energy.

"You know, can you tell us where this happened?" Bella blinked, shaking her head, coming back to the conversation at hand.

Bella followed the boys, blinking slowly. She felt like she was on uneven ground. "Hey, you alright?" Travis called, causing the boys to turn in his direction. Bella was holding her head in her hands, stumbling forward. Dean rushed forward, grabbing her by the elbow, tilting her head up to get a look at her eyes. "Thanks, she'll be fine," Sam stated, helping her into the back seat. Bella immediately laid down across the seat, Sam sliding in next to her. Dean got into the driver's seat glancing back at Bella.

Sam watched her closely, looking to Dean in concern. "I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing," He said. Dean drove to the nearest motel, stopping in the parking lot. Bella swallowed, using Sam's arm as leverage to sit up.

"Did you see something?" Sam asked, brows furrowed. Bella shook her head, shuddering. "No, this intense feeling just took over me, it's like I don't know how to explain it," She pressed her head against the window, the cool glass soothing her head a bit. "Maybe you should stay here, Sam and I check will check out the sight," Bella shook her head in refusal. "No, I'm okay guys, really. I won't know what this is unless I get used to it. Please?" She looked to Dean and then Sam, pleading that they'd let her go.

She didn't want to be alone, because if she was, she'd be forced to come to grips with what has happened. Her dreams were already taunted with the hole in the heart from the death of Charlie. She didn't need daytime nightmares as well.

Dean pursed his lips looking to Sam. They didn't want to be slowed down, but they too had to agree that they had to learn the range of Bella's gift. They also weren't 100% sure if Yellow-Eyes would try anything with them gone. It was ironic really. John was out there hunting the damn thing when they might've had a direct link right with them.

"Fine," Dean stated, getting out of the car. Bella looked to Sam, a frown on her face. "Is he mad?" She asked. Sam shook his head, their eyes meeting. "No, he's just a bit worried. We don't know what any of this means, and you are apart of some plan just like me, and we're walking in blind. It's frustrating is all. Stay here, I'll grab your bag and sit it in the room. Need anything?" Bella shook her head smiling in thanks.

Dean was the first to return, sliding behind the wheel with ease. Bella could feel his eyes on her, and she looked into the rearview meeting his eyes. "Sam said I shouldn't get so snappy," He rolled his eyes at that, his face lax of any tension. "We've seen a lot of people, good people, die or get hurt. When you're not on your game, it's easy to wind up dead. Just don't want to see you become one of those people sweetheart,"

Bella shifted slightly as his stare stirred something within her. "I understand, and while I know nothing about this, I do know you listen to the experts. I've already made up my mind, and I know that I can't run from this….destiny or whatever, but I trust you to help me. I never thanked you two, for saving me, even though Dad…" She looked away, her bottom lip trembling. She sighed, glancing at Dean once more. "This just might be what I needed. What happens if someone comes looking for Charlie? What about me?" Dean turned to look out of the window before meeting her eyes again. "A friend of ours already took care of that. As far as anyone knows, Charlie's house caught fire, and supposedly died in it. You, on the other hand, moved out of state to deal with your grief," A lone tear slid down her cheek, and Dean frowned. "I know that's not what you want to hear, it had to be done. No one would be able to explain his injuries. He was all broken…I'm sorry." Bella leaned her head back, looking up at the roof of the car. "I know, I am too. He was the best thing I ever had, I know he's in a better place,"

Dean didn't say anything, but this time he turned around to squeeze Bella's knee in comfort, something he usually left for Sam to do. "You'll get through it," Bella could tell that he was speaking from experience by the tone of his voice and the emotion in his eyes, and wondered where their mother was. She didn't ask though, but she did something completely out of character.

She leaned forward, wrapping her arms around Dean's neck. He was still for just a second, his arms slowly wrapping around her waist. "What's this for?" He asked into her neck. He wasn't used to hugging women like this, well unless they were about to have sex. But Bella wasn't that type of girl, and Dean knew he couldn't be that type of guy towards her. "You needed a hug just as much as I did," She leaned back into the seat, shooting him a smile.

"I don't do chick-flick moments," He stated after a second causing Bella to laugh. "Sure Dean," She said, chuckling as Sam finally made it to the car. Sam looked between the two of them, closing the door. "Did I miss something?" Before Bella could say anything, Dean was already pulling off, turning up the music. Bella laughed once more shaking her head.

As soon as they pulled up to the scene, Bella's gut clenched. Dean glanced at Bella, eyes clearly radiating concern. Bella was the first to open the door, the brothers stepping out as well. Both boys kept an eye on Bella as they headed towards the scene. Bella stopped on the sidewalk, just staring at the sinkhole.

She almost seemed to cringe as she stepped foot on the clumps of rock and dirt. She visibly shivered as she stood still. Screams seemed to echo in her head, the sounds of gunshots echoing around her. She doubled over, grabbing her side. She let out a pain-filled grunt, pushing away whatever hands that reached for her. "I'm okay," She breathed, shutting her eyes. "I said this wasn't a good idea. Maybe she needs to wait in the car," Dean said, ignoring Bella's hands, crouching down to her level.

"You're not okay, you can't even move," He argued softly. Bella sucked in a deep breath, ignoring the pain, Dean's hands guiding her to stand. "I want to go forward, we need to find out what happened," Dean gave Sam a 'help me' look, but he could only smirk.

With every step, Bella's discomfort eased a bit, her grip on Dean's shirt becoming less and less tight.

They all looked down at the sinkhole, Sam flashing his flashlight. "So, what? A creature chewed on his brain?" Dean asked, and Sam shook his head, crouching down. "No, there was no entry wound. Seems like this thing worked itself from the inside,"

Bella let go of Dean, looking around. As Dean and Sam bickered over who would go first, Bella sighed and grabbed a copper rope that was tossed to the side. "I'm going," Bella stated, typing the rope around her waist. The boys turned towards her as if they forgot she was there. "Wait," Sam interrupted. He walked towards her, securing the rope around her waist. "Wait, she's really going down there? You saw how out of it she was," Dean argued coming to take the rope.

Bella patted his chest, trying to give him a smile that would convince him that she was fine. "Don't drop me, K?" She handed Dean some of the rope who rolled his eyes, grabbing it tightly.

Open House

"I'd take our family over normal any day," Dean muttered looking around the pristine yard. Sam just raised a brow before shaking his head. Dean knocks on the door, waiting for someone to answer. "You good?" Dean checked. Bella nodded. "Fine. I feel much better," She said.

A tall man opened the door, a smile on his face. "Welcome," He greeted. Dean looked at Sam, hitting him with his elbow. "This the barbecue?" Dean asked, a smile on his face. The man nodded, his eyes sweeping over the trio. "Yeah, we could have better weather, but…anyway, I'm Larry Pike. The developer. You..?"

Dean shook Larry's hand, gesturing to himself. "I'm Dean, this is Sam, and this here is Bella," Bella smiled, offering a small wave.

"Well, let me just say, we accept homeowners of any race, religion, color, or….sexual orientation," Bella's eyes widened, a blush spreading across her cheeks. This man didn't think that they… Dean and Sam shared a glance, "We're brothers, this is a friend. We're trying to help her find a place," Dean explained.

Larry's face turned red, feeling embarrassed. "Well come on out back,"

Dean, Sam, and Bella walked through the barbecue meeting Larry's wife, and their son Matthew. Bella didn't get much information but noticed their son's likeness of insects. Dean and Sam mostly spoke with Larry. As she met back up with the boys, she glanced at Matthew once more before following the brothers out to the Impala.

"A year ago, before they broke ground, one of Larry's surveyors dropped dead while on the job. Get this severe allergic reaction to bee stings." Dean said making Bella frowned. "I found beetles down there, so what? Bugs are killing people?"

Sam turned to glance at her as they got into the Impala. "Well, hauntings sometimes include bug manifestations," Dean nodded in thought. "Could explain your reaction," Bella hummed quietly at that. "But there was no evidence of ghost activity," Sam argued, his brown drawn in concentration. "Maybe they're being controlled somehow, by something or someone," Dean stated, starting the car. Suddenly, it dawned on Bella, "Wait, like Matt. He was holding a spider," Bella piped up, feeling proud when Dean nodded in her direction. "Good eye."

Dean grumbled slightly, shifting over as Bella tried waking him. "Dean, get up," She whispered, taking great effort not to startle him. Bella's eyes widened as she felt the scurry of movement across her toes. She shrieked, clamoring over Dean and on the empty side of the bed.

Dean shot up, pulling his gun from under his pillow, aiming towards the door. His eyes darted around the room before they settled on Bella who was peeking over the foot of the bed. "Jesus. What the hell Bella?" He sat his gun on the nightstand, running a hand through his hair. "There was a rat!" She defended, looking back at him.

Dean sighed, running a hand over his face. "You can handle beetles, but not a rat." Bella gave him an incredulous look. "Rats are disgust-oh my god! There it is!" Dean blinked finding the situation humorous as Bella stood on the bed, pointing towards it.

He sighed, getting out of the bed, finding the little rodent scurrying behind the chair. Dean grunted as he quickly snagged it by its tail, holding it up. Bella's face scrunched up in disgust, stepping back as Dean came closer smirking playfully. "See? Just a little rat," Bella shook her head plopping onto the bed. Dean's smirk turned into a frown as the rat bit him, causing him to let go, the rat falling onto the bed. "Son of a bitch," He snapped, shaking his hand.

Bella's eyes went wide as saucers as the rat started scurrying up the bed, squeaking loudly. She shrieked, hopping from foot to foot until she sidestepped the edge of the bed, crashing into Dean. They tumbled to the floor, Bella's hands splayed across his bare chest, his hands automatically finding their way to her hips to steady her.

Dean gave a chuckle, looking to the bed. "Well, this works too," Bella huffed, moving her hair from her face, freezing as the motel door opened, Sam's eyes widening, one hand on the knob, and one hand holding a box of donuts with what looked like a fruit salad on top.

Sam just stared at the two of them, unsure whether he wanted to shut the door and leave or pretend he wasn't seeing what he thought he was seeing. The two looked like they just stumbled out of bed, Bella straddling Dean in just a tank and some shorts, that were painfully short, her legs on both sides of his hips.

"There was a rat," Bella stated, pointing towards the bed. She blushed, realizing the damn thing was gone. Dean tilted his head back, holding up his injured hand. "Would it help if I said I may have rabies?"

Sam just closed the door, sitting the food down on the table.

Dean rolled to a stop, whistling as an ambulance was rolling a body into the back. "What the hell happened?" Bella whispered, following the boys as they got out of the car. Larry was talking to someone quietly, his attention diverted as the trio came up to him. "Hey, you guys are back early," He murmured.

"Yeah, we just drove in, wanted to take another look," Dean stated, looking around. "What seems to be going on?" Sam asked. The three were shocked when they were told the realtor at the barbeque had died. As the place started to die down, Dean looked to them both, inkling his head toward the house. "Come on, lets see if we have a bug problem," Bella's mouth dropped as the two hopped the fence, looking around to make sure no one saw them.

"Yeah, don't forget about the short girl behind you," A hand reached over the wooden fence, and Bella grabbed it, using her legs to hoist herself over. Sam caught her by the waist, helping her steady herself. "Thanks," She smiled, following after Dean. She climbed up the side of the house after Dean, his body disappearing inside, before he stuck his head out, grabbing Bella's hand.

Dean pulled her inside, the two staring at the outline of the realtor's body. Sam came in seconds after, taking a look around. "Jesus," Bella whispered. Dean walks over to the bathroom bending down to pick up a towel. "Shit," He dropped the towel, looking to Bella who was intently watching him. "Are those spiders?" She asked, her nose wrinkling. "Mhm, and I think I know from who,"

Matt was getting off the school bus, unaware that he had watchful eyes on him. He looked around before heading into the woods. "Isn't his house that way?" Dean asked, pointing in the opposite direction.

Sam nodded, "Yup," Bella watched them open the doors, hesitating as she did the same. She was suddenly quiet, a feeling like back at the crime scene coming upon her once more. She followed them quietly, her eyes sweeping over the woods.

"There he is," Dean whispers. Matt was crouched down, examining a grasshopper. "Matt, remember me?" Bella asked, giving the boy a kind smile. Matt narrowed his eyes, looking at them. "What are you guys doing out here?" He asked, standing. "We just wanna talk to you," Dean stated calmly. "You're not here to buy a house, are you? Are you guys like serial killers or something?" Bella snorted. "I think you're safe," Sam chuckled. Dean and Sam went about interrogating the teen, Bella just observing.

"I had nothing to do with that. There's something really freaky going on here, I'll show you," Matt started to lead them deeper into the woods, and Bella's ears started to ring, her breathing becoming louder and louder in her own ears. She could hear her heart beating, the blood rushing through her veins.

As Dean and Sam start butting heads on a rather personal subject, Bella seems to blackout, yet consciously aware of her surroundings. Their voices were muffled as they spoke, Matt's voice faintly registering to her ears. Something similar to white noise seemed to echo through her head as they all came to a stop in the middle of a small clearing. Bella's gut clenched once again, her hand going to her stomach. Bella watched through hooded eyes as Dean stuck his hand in the Earth. Bella was shaking her head, unable to open her mouth and speak.

To their horror, Dean pulled out a human skull, his lips set in a thin line. "You really shouldn't have done that," Bella mumbled before her legs gave out. Hands caught her just in time before everything went black.

Muffled talking stirred Bella awake, her hands curling around the cover she laid on. "….Some unfinished business?" Bella tried her best to get herself up and at it, to tell the boys what she felt, but her body was much too week for that. As she slowly drifted in and out consciousness, she could just barely make out Sam and Dean's conversation. "Sam, dad was never disappointed in you.." Dean stated. Their voices faded in and out, until she heard Sam once more, "Why didn't you tell me any of that?"

At that moment, her head felt like it was feather-light, her stomach finally still, shaking off the feeling of wanting to throw up. She sat up slowly, groaning, squinting her eyes open. The first thing she saw was the skull in the box, sitting on the table between the two brothers. She made eye-contact with it, wincing.

"Can you please….cover that?" She asked, looking away from it. "Squeamish sweetheart?" Dean smirked, setting the lid on top. Bella scoffed. "You wish. Truth is, it's screaming." She admitted, causing both Sam and Dean to just stare at her. "Seriously?" Dean asked, lifting the lid as if he'd be able to hear it. Bella winced. "Ow, knock it off. Cover it back up." The screaming stopped as soon as Dean covered it back over.

"We were just about to head to the University. Try to see what kind of skull it may be," Sam said, taking a good look at her to gauge if she was ready to move on or rest. Bella shook her head. "No need. It's Native American. Don't ask me how, but I believe we passed a tribe through here. They'd be the only one's to help," She sat up, leaning against the headboard. They stood, Sam giving Bella a glance, his eyes silently asking her if she was okay.

Dean looked at Bella tossing her the tv remote. "You're staying here. We'll get back to you when we figure out what's going on," Bella barely managed to catch it, nodding to Dean. "Sounds good, didn't plan on coming this time." She gave him a tired smile. They grabbed their jackets, and Dean grabbed the Impala keys, both heading towards the door. "Hey!" Bella called, causing Dean to look back at her. "The skull?" She asked, pointing towards it.

He gave her a wink before grabbing the box, heading out of the door behind Sam.

Hours later, Bella's phone rang. She quickly got up, heading over to her bag. She rummaged through it, grabbing her cell. Flipping it open, she furrowed her brow. 'Sam' flashed on the screen. She wondered when she put his name in it. "Hello?" She answered, immediately coming to attention at the sound of his voice. "Bella, you're only about 2 minutes away from Matt's. We know what's happening. The land is cursed, and tonight if we don't get the family out of the house, they'll die. Larry won't listen, and we don't know if Matt got the family out. We're 10 minutes out. We need you to go there and do whatever you have to, to get the family out," Bella was already putting on her shoes, and heading out of the motel room. "Okay, will do. See you guys," She hung up the phone, jogging down the street.

Bella was breathing heavily as she got to the Pike residence, frowning when Larry came outside. "Get off my property before I call the cops," He snapped, pointing at her furiously. "Sir, you need to get your family out of here before its too late," She argued, glancing at Matt as he came out of the house. He looked at her apologetically. "Sorry, I told him the truth" He stated, a frown on his face.

Larry turned towards Matt, "Get inside now!" He snapped. Matt shook his head, his eyes narrowing. "No! Why won't you listen to me?! We're in danger!" Bella caught Larry's attention once more as she got closer to him. "Please! We're trying to help you," She pleaded, taking a step back as Larry stalked towards her angrily. "Look, I don't know who you are, but you're crazy. You come near my boy or my family again, and we're gonna have a problem," He threatened.

Bella was so caught up in the moment, that she didn't even hear Sam and Dean coming up behind her. Dean stood in front of Bella protectively, holding his arm out. "Well, I hate to be a downer, but we've got a problem right now," Bella looked up at the sky as the wind started to pick up. "Guys," She warned. Sam pursed his lips, staring Larry down. "Look, this land is cursed! People have died here. Are you really willing to risk your family?"

"Wait," Dean snapped, looking up at the darkening sky. "You guys hear that?" A loud buzzing noise can be heard, getting louder and louder. "What the hell is that?" Larry asked, looking up at the sky. Bella gasps as their light on the porch zaps and flickers as it kills several bugs. "Okay Larry, get your wife, time to go," Dean states, starting to usher him into his home. "I don't think we have time for that," Matt warns, pointing up towards the sky. There were probably thousands of insects heading straight for the house.

"Holy…" Bella muttered, grabbing onto Sam's arm, pulling him towards the house. "We'll never make it," He whispered. Dean's face hardened as he shook his head. "Everybody in the house! Let's go!" He snapped, shoving Matt and Larry towards the front door. Bella is already following behind, Sam pushing her inside the house, Dean bringing up the rear, shutting the door and locking it.

As Sam goes with Matt to find things to barricade, Larry's wife tries to call 911. "It's dead," She cries. Bella looked to Dean in panic, wondering what they do now. "Dean…" She warns, watching as the bugs started covering every inch of the house. "Start blocking whatever you see, keep away from the windows!" He warns, going into the kitchen. Bella looks around the living room, spotting the fireplace, and then the couch. "Hey!" She called to Larry and his wife, pointing to the couch. "We need to block that!" She points towards the fireplace, going to the couch. Larry and his wife start helping Bella pull the couch towards the fireplace. The only problem was that it was heavier than god knows what.

Bella glanced at Dean with wide eyes. "Bug spray?" She and the wife asked simultaneously. "Trust me," Dean stated. Sam and Matt came back downstairs, all six of them freezing as a sound started coming from the fireplace. "Oh god," Bella whispered.

"What do we do now?" Larry asked, holding his family close. "I think-" Dean's answer was cut off as a swarm of bugs flew out from the fireplace. Everyone started screaming, covering their faces trying to protect themselves. Dean shook the can of bug spray, flicking the lighter, creating a flame that seemed to keep some of the bugs at bay. "Everybody upstairs!" He yelled, making sure the family followed up after Sam.

"Bella!" He snapped, stalking towards her to grab her hand. She quickly decided to grab the throw off the back of the couch, running up the stairs, Dean on her heels. Sam opened the attic door, climbing up the steps. He helped the family get in, Bella climbing after them. Dean cursed as he ignited the bug spray once more. "Dean! Come on!" Bella yelled, swatting away the bugs, backing up.

Sam pulled the attic door shut, sighing in relief. It's short-lived as sawdust falls from the top of the attic. "Shit," Bella mumbled, shielding her face as bees and other bugs started flying in. Bella ushered the family into the corner, putting the blanket over their heads. It was a ridiculously small blanket, just enough for the three of them, and Bella was satisfied with that.

She leaned her head against the wall, as they seemed to temporarily patch the hole. "You've got to be kidding me," Dean stated as another hole, and another erupted, more bugs flying in. Dean and Sam also got into the corner, Bella crawling in between them, using their jackets to shield them as much as possible.

With what felt like hours, which was only minutes, the sound of buzzing started to fade, and all of them glanced to see the sun coming up, the bugs flying away. Bella sat back, her head hitting the wood. "Thank god," She murmured, glancing at the family.

She looked to Sam and Dean who were still watching the bugs fly into the sky. Since the night they saved her life, she wondered why two men like them would choose to do a dangerous job like this, and she finally understood as she looked on at the family who was safe and sound.

She helped save lives.

Page Break

Bella sat in the back of the Impala, resting her eyes as Sam and Dean spoke to the family outside. She hummed quietly, only to be interrupted as the radio in the Impala turned on, flipping stations. She opened her eyes slowly, leaning forward, looking at the radio.

The doors opened, Sam and Dean freezing as they closed the doors. "What the hell?" Dean asked, attempting to turn the radio off.

Bella grabbed Dean's hand to stop him. "Stop," She whispered, narrowing her eyes. "Get ready," A voice crackled through the radio before nothing but static could be heard. Bella leaned back into the seat putting on her seatbelt, none of them saying a word.

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