Brown Eyed Girl @halfofmysoul
Chapter 1

AN: This story takes place during Season 1, and Post-Twilight...kinda. A few things to take note of:

I will try to keep characters the same way they are written, even Bella.

I will use some of the cases from the show as well as my own.

Bella is the same age as Sam

Twilight technically never happened and goes to college in Seattle

This is a Dean/Bella pairing.

I own nothing but the plot, all characters belong to their creators.

Chapter 1: Special

Dark brown eyes stared into Sam's own, the mocha orbs pleading for his help. Like flipping through the television, images flashed in front of him, this woman scared and terrified as she ran through the woods, looking over her shoulder every so often. She turned around looking even more frightened if possible.

A sign with white letters flashed briefly before the woman came into focus again, trapped in a small white house, banging on the window as she stared down at him. Her screams did not register to his ears, but Sam knew it was deafening.

"Sam," Her voice was barely above a whisper as she called his name. Something about the way she sounded gripped Sam by the core, a force so strong it made him shudder. It was imperative that he got to her in time.

Sam jerked awake with a gasp, his eyes taking in the darkness surrounding him. The red glowing numbers on the clock taunted him, reminding him that he was on a time limit with these types of things. "Dean," Sam mumbled, getting himself up, already throwing on a t-shirt. Dean didn't budge, turning on his side, snoring slightly.

Sam rolled his eyes, tapping Dean's foot that stuck out from under the sheet with a pen, making Dean jerk awake, his hazel-green eyes glaring up at Sam in confusion. "What man?" Sam started packing up looking to Dean as he shuffled from side to side. "I had another nightmare. We need to go." At Dean's stare, Sam stopped, tilting his head to the side. "Now. I don't know how much time we have before…" Sam trailed off, unwilling to think like that.

At that, Dean got himself together, throwing on a shirt, his body almost moving on autopilot as he went about grabbing everything he could find of his belongings. "Where are we off to?" Dean asked, going into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Sam scrunched his face, trying to remember the ridiculous name of the town. "Uh, a place called Forks. In Washington." Dean popped his head from the bathroom, gargling mouthwash, brows drawn in confusion. Disappearing momentarily, Sam heard him spit into the sink before the water cut on then shut off. "What kind of name is Forks? Your visions can't give us a better time? That's like 15 plus hours. You know your visions aren't time-sensitive. So this is another gifted person, like Max?"

Sam nodded, going into the bathroom to brush his teeth. "I guess. I mean I'm having visions of people who Yellow-Eyes had affected. She's important for some reason." Dean just raised his brows, nodding before swiping the Impala keys off the nightstand. Grabbing their bags, he headed outside.

Sam stared at himself in the mirror, wondering what was in store for him.

Dean and Sam leaned against Baby looking around. "So, you just know she's in Forks, and that's it? You don't know what she's running from? Nothing?" Sam shook his head, licking his bottom lip. "Nah, this was different though." Dean looked over at Sam in concern, his eyes roaming over his brother's face. "Different how?"

Sam shrugged, trying to find the right words. "I don't know, its just this feeling was coursing through me like we had to save her. I mean we win some, we lose some, but this was different, it's like my body was trying to tell me something," Dean couldn't say anything really, so he just hummed.

"Want anything?" Dean asked as he nodded his head in the direction of the gas station. Sam shook his head and finished pumping the gas. Dean came out not even three minutes later with a bag of snacks and a newspaper. Dean came around front, hopping into the driver's seat, cranking Baby, smiling at the gentle purr.

Sam grabbed Dean's purchases, a picture on the paper making him freeze. "This is her!" Dean glanced down briefly as Sam grabbed the newspaper, whistling. "Damn," He mumbled, pulling back onto the road. Sam rolled his eyes. "Isabella Mary Swan, journalist. City University, Seattle." Sam scanned the paper, his jaw tensing as he stared at Isabella's eyes.

The sky was just barely reaching light when Sam and Dean passed the Welcome to Forks sign, the boys unwilling to stop in the night. Dean was currently on the passenger side, rubbing the sleep from his eyes sitting up slowly. "Finally. Small town," Dean mumbled noticing that every house had its light off. "Can you even see Sammy? We might have to wait till morning," Dean peered through the window, trying his best to make out anything. Washington was a very overcast state and this town hasn't heard of streetlights.

Sam slowed down as he came across a set of trees. "This is it," He mumbled, pulling off to the side. A few yards away was a small two-story white house. Dean grumbled as he eyed the cop car in the driveway. "Just had to be a cop," The boys got out, making their way over to the house, looking around. "Dude, it's hella early, what are we going to say?" Dean asked, making Sam stop in his tracks. In his haste, he was not paying attention. "Just follow my lead."

Sam rang the doorbell, his foot tapping anxiously against the concrete porch. Dean looked over to his left, his brow furrowing as he noticed something on the side of the house. He pulled his mini flashlight out of his pocket, clicking it on.

"Sam," He called, "We've got blood," Sam went about picking the lock, but before he could get to it, the door opened with a loud creak. Sam stood up quickly, clearing his throat. The porch light flicked on, and a pale man with dark brown eyes and black hair raised a brow. His mustache twitched as he looked at Sam, then flicking his eyes to Dean.

"Breaking and entering is illegal son," He muttered. Dean gave a light chuckle, no way they'd be able to explain why they were around his home. "Is Isabella here? We have journalism together, and we were going to work on a project, she asked us to drop by. I'm Sam," Sam stuck out his hand, his smile forced as the man squeezed his hand hard. "Well," The man looked him up and down before meeting his eyes again. "Sam, it's kind of early don't you think?" Dean cleared his throat, giving the man a friendly wave. "Yeah, early-bird this one. We'll be back later. Come on Sam." The man narrowed his eyes at them as he watched them leave.

A blood-curdling scream made the boys freeze, turning around to face Bella's father. His face went sheet white, looking to the woods. "Bella?" The boys took off towards the woods, her father running behind them. They stopped once they got in a little deeper. Sam and Dean both drew their guns looking around slowly.

"You're hunters?" He asked, looking to them both. Sam and Dean glanced at each other before looking at Bella's dad. "Yes sir. Your daughter is in danger." Sam stated, peering around the tree. A gun cocked behind them and Dean just raised his brows as her father pulled out a gun of his own. "Yeah? Let's not waste any time then,"

Screaming to their right had them running in that general direction. "Dean, I'm going around!" Sam called, heading in the opposite direction. These woods seemed so vivid in his visions, he could practically see them with his eyes closed. Bella's screams echoed off the trees, all three men trying to find the source.

"Bella?!" Dean yelled out into the open, holding up his hand to stop Charlie from doing the same. They listened as everything got quiet. A quiet rustling of feet made Dean take off in that direction. Charlie followed closely behind looking around. Another scream, much closer than the last had them running off following the echo and what sounded like growling.

A small figure caught Dean's eye as he and Bella's father hid being a large tree. As the figure ran past, Dean shot out his arm, his arm weaving around the slim waist, pulling the warm body to his chest. He clamped a hand over her mouth, spinning her around.

Dean was frozen for a moment, the fading moonlight reflecting off the brown in her eyes. Her eyes were wide with fear, her body shaking like a leaf in his arms. Dean blinked furiously, shaking his head. "Shhh." He whispered, her slow nod making Dean let go. Large rustling to his left had him aiming his gun into the shadows. He sighed in relief as Sam stepped out with his hands raised.

"You found her," Dean nodded, pulling back just a little to scan Bella over. He cleared his throat uncomfortably as he realized she was only in a tank top and underwear. He shrugged off his jacket, draping it around her shoulders. Bella shivered pulling his jacket around her tightly. Sam looked at the scene before him, trying to pinpoint what was off. With a startling realization, he looked to Dean. "Dean, where's her father?" Dean looked behind him cursing. "He was right behind me," Bella's eyes widened. "Charlie was out here?" Her breathing started to become frantic as she wildly looked around. Sam moved forward laying a comforting hand on her shoulder. "We'll find him. First, we need to know what's after you." Bella let out a shuddering breath, looking at these strange men.

"A-a vampire," Bella was slowly waiting for the men to laugh in her face, but she was met with nods and they were ushering her along before she could comprehend what was happening. "Wait, my father. I can't just leave him!" Bella panicked. Dean grabbed her wrist, leading her back towards her home. "We'll take care of it, and we'll find him." He looked down curiously as his hand brushed over raised skin. He looked down in shock seeing a scar on her wrist, one that looked like a bite mark. "It bit you?!" He snapped, looking into her eyes. Bella was frozen for a moment, his icy stare pinning her in place. Sam peered over in concern, his brow furrowing. He remembered reading mythological lore on another version of vampires that they had yet to encounter. "That's not just any vampire bite, that's a Cold One. Dean, these are a different breed. They are not like normal vampires. They have venom running through their veins, no blood. What we have isn't going to kill it. They are faster than the human eye can see."

Dean and Sam ushered Bella inside, looking around the home. "How do we kill it?" Dean asked, going into the kitchen to grab the salt. "I don't know if that's going to work. Um…" Sam ran a hand through his hair sighing in frustration. "Fire," Bella whispered, looking up at the boys. "Story for another time, but fire. You have to tear them apart and burn the pieces."

An idea struck Dean as he went to the kitchen turning on the stove. He let the flames rise before running out of the home. "Who are you guys?" She asked, watching in curiosity as Sam poured salt around the windows and doors. "People who can help. I had a vision of you. Long story here too. Um, I don't know if you want to get…dressed." He waved his hand in her direction.

Bella just looked down at herself, totally forgetting she was half-naked. Sam had never seen a woman move so fast, Dean's jacket firmly around her waist. Dean came back inside with two machetes heading towards the kitchen. Dean held them above the flame, heating the blades, nodding with triumph. "This should do,"

He handed one to Sam, his attention directed towards the stairs where Bella was standing. She was holding his jacket in her arms as she came down the stairs. She eyed the machetes with apprehension before handing Dean his jacket. Dean smirked at her laying it on the chair. "I'll be back sweetheart," He turned serious for a moment, his hazel-green eyes staring at her intently.

Bella resisted the shiver that crawled up her spine, feeling as if his eyes could see down to her very soul. "Don't leave. For anything. Not until you see Sam and I come through that door," Bella nodded, swallowing. Sam gave her a gentle smile before following behind Dean, the front door closing behind them.

Dean and Sam searched the woods for Charlie, the darkness starting to fade into the morning light. "Find anything?" Sam called as he headed in another direction. Dean looked down, bending to pick up Charlie's gun. "Yep, but no Charlie," Dean muttered.

Sam frowned as he came across the bloody body a few feet away from him under a fallen tree. "Dean. Found him." Dean walked beside him, shaking his head. "Dammit." He bent down, closing Charlie's eyes. "What does this thing want with her anyway?" Dean asked. Sam shrugged.

They both froze as a low growl sounded from behind them. They turned quickly, eyeing the teenage boy. He had bronze-colored hair, pale alabaster skin, and dark black eyes. Dean looked him up and down in disgust. "This? This is a vampire?" Dean was honestly shocked. He expected something less…gay. The boy tilted his head before moving so fast, neither brother could tell up from down. Dean was knocked to the side by some force, hitting the tree next to him. The vampire grabbed Sam by the neck. He tilted his head, narrowing his eyes. "Why can't I read you?" He snarled, tossing Sam to the side. Sam's eyes widened as the vampire was in front of him in seconds.

Dean watched as bare feet walked past, looking up as Bella held a knife in her hands. She pulled up her sleeve, wincing as she took it across her arm. The vampire hissed, swiveling around on his feet, his black eyes staring Bella down. Bella let out a small whimper as Edward flashed forward, taking her arm in his hands, his ice-cold lips covering the wound. Her eyes flashed to Dean's as the glint of the machete reflected off the sunrise.

Bella screwed her eyes shut, unable to stomach such an act. His head rolled to the side, and Bella pulled her arm to her chest, stepping backward. They all watched the sun rise slowly, Edward's body parts sparkling with what little bit of light that filtered through the trees. "Can't get any gayer than that," Dean muttered, kicking the body parts into a small pile.

Bella's tear-filled eyes settled in on Charlie's form, and she made her feet move, sniffling, her lips trembling as she let out a sob. Her knees buckled, and Sam reached forward to steady her. As soon as their hands touched, Bella let out a scream, her head going back, and her eyes snapped wide open clouded over in white.

Dean's head snapped in her direction looking at Sam who looked just as confused. "Take her home, I'll take care of this," Dean ordered, salting Charlie's body. Sam lifted Bella with ease, rushing towards her home, Dean following behind after making sure the fire would not spread.

Sam was not sure what to do as Bella thrashed on the couch, her mouth clamped shut. She clawed at the couch screwing her eyes shut. Dean rushed into the house, frowning. "What's wrong with her?" He asked, his eyes roaming every inch of her.

"Get. Out. Of. My. Head." She hissed, gripping her head, her back arching off the couch. As her back snapped back on the couch, her whole body relaxed, and she gasped, sitting up. Sam hesitantly reached forward, and Bella cringed away from him. "Don't touch me," Sam pulled away, running a hand through his hair.

Dean held his hands up coming to a stand next to Sam. "Just calm down for a second. You get those often?" He asked. Bella shook her head. "Never. I've been fairly good at keeping him out." Dean raised a brow, glancing at Sam before returning his gaze to Bella.

"The man with the…yellow eyes." She looked down, rubbing her scar, taking note of the gash where she cut herself. "First aid?" Sam asked, looking towards the kitchen. "Under the sink," Bella said, scooting over as Dean sat next to her. "Does he say anything to you?" Dean asked, taking the kit from Sam. Sam sat across from them, ironically in Charlie's recliner. Bella looked away, frowning.

"Before he would just whisper. Telling me that I had to get ready." She frowned at the memory. "He never said for what, and the closer he'd get, the more terrified I felt. He told me he has a purpose for me. They started happening about..6 months ago?" She recalled. Sam nodded, looking to Dean. At Bella's look, Dean cut in after wrapping Bella's arm, "I'm assuming he said more this time?" Bella nodded.

"He said it's time. That my destiny is in motion…that we have work to do," The three were quiet as they looked at one another. Dean stood, breaking the silence, looking down at Bella. "I don't know what any of this means, but I think its best you come with us. That…vampire out there isn't the only thing in this world. We'll figure this all out. Why don't you pack a bag?"

Sam looked to Dean confused. "Where is she going to go?" Dean waited until Bella was out of earshot before replying, "Dude, I don't know about you, but none of these other people ever said anything like that. 'We have work to do'? That is a message. Plus, let's not forget as soon as you two touched, some freaky ESP shit went down. Until we figure out more, she stays with us."

Sam had to agree, but he didn't understand why. Why would Yellow-Eyes do this? What purpose? Bella came down the stairs with a duffel bag, her eyes red from crying. She looked around the house, grabbing a picture off the wall before looking to the boys.

Dean gave her a sympathetic smile, grabbing her bag, and his jacket. She eyes Sam warily before giving him a watery smile.

After settling in, Dean drove down towards the diner, glancing over at Bella before turning his eyes back to the road. "Does this town have pie?" Bella gave a small smile, "Yeah, the best," Dean smiled, and Bella just looked at the two boys before sitting quietly.

Instead of stopping at the Forks diner, they stopped a few towns over hoping to not draw too much attention to themselves. It was closing in close to 9 in the morning, Bella unable to catch any sleep as her thoughts were a jumbled mess.

Dean pulled into a small little mom and pop restaurant right on the outskirts of Seattle. Sam opened Bella's door for her, and Bella smiled in thanks, touching Sam's hand as a test, sighing in relief as her head didn't spin in circles.

As soon as she walked inside, a feeling Bella couldn't explain rocked its way through her. She kept her head down as they found a booth. She slid in first, Dean sliding in beside her. Sam sat across from them, and Bella's stomach growled as the food assaulted her nose.

"What can I get you?" Bella lifted her head, only to go white as a ghost. She looked to Sam and Dean, noticing they didn't seem to notice what she had. Petrified, Bella grabbed Dean's thigh, making him look down at her.

"Woah, sweetheart, didn't know you were that kind of gal," He smirked. Bella leaned up to whisper in Dean's ear, her eyes trained on the waitress. "Don't you see it?" She asked, her lips so close that they grazed his ear. Dean shook his head, looking around. "She's evil," His green eyes snapped to hers in concern.

As Dean glanced at the waitress once more, Bella tugged on his jacket with vigor, "Her eyes are pitch black."

AN: So there you have it. Don't worry, the next chapter will go in detail about Bella and The Cullen's. Chapter 2 is alrady in the works, and will be posted Sunday.

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