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Chapter 70

Snap Back to Reality 70

Snakes shed their skins to grow. The old hide would have lost its lustre and withered into something disgusting that needed to be discarded. Humans weren't snakes. I felt distinctly like one despite that as I woke up naked in a new body. Orochimaru stood on the opposite end of the table I was sitting on. I looked down to sturdy alabaster skin, gone were years of scarring that marked the war. My arm extended its reach longer than it had before. I looked down to see two somewhat formed breasts and I cupped the weight in my hands in interest.

Wow I have boobs again

The thought was distinctly childish and judging by Orochimaru's amused snort he must have thought so too. Unfortunately for him I had only just coming out of whatever state I was in. The hazy spots in my mind cleared, as if my soul had settled into the vessel, it now resided in, and my chakra flared around me in bright sparks.

"Having fun fondling yourself?" Orochimaru had asked.

I let go of my chest and glared at him as he chucked a kimono my way. I didn't shy from his gaze as I put it on. As far as Orochimaru was concerned a body was just another body. He had seen me naked enough that it didn't phase me. Maybe to a stranger looking in on this unusual scenario, that statement would have been inappropriate, but I knew Orochimaru. He was an asexual being who saw sexuality as nothing more than frivolity or a way to reproduce. Even then I figured he would make a test tube baby before he procreated like a normal person. Kami forbid he acted human for once.

That had been the oddness I had woken up to 3 months prior, and even now this body had been hard to adjust to. I had only been a few centimetres taller than my previous body at first, but then this form grew at an alarming rate. When I looked in the mirror I saw a teen on the cusp of adulthood, not the 13-year-old body I should have been inhabiting. Thankfully Orochimaru cleared up any concerns of me ageing too quickly and dying an old woman in the next year. I went through puberty in record time, and finally stabilised around the physical age of 18. Now suddenly I was 6'2 with long, graceful sturdy limbs, and a body so androgynous Orochimaru may as well have made me ken doll smooth to match my almost doll like appearance. I had the unnatural asymmetrical look of someone not quite human. A little uncanny valley in some ways due to the perfection.

So I sat currently on a medical table being poked and prodded by a boy 3 years younger than me, feeling incredibly awkward in the process. It was one thing when we were both kids, but I was currently in the body of an adult, and Kabuto was barely 11. A prodigy in his own right with Iryojutsu, but still a small child.

"Your hormones have stabilised. This is as tall as you will get. That part Orochimaru-sama didn't alter from your original DNA."

Hm, so I was destined to be tall from birth. Suck it Gaku-sensei. I didn't even have the pleasure of rubbing it in that I wasn't a shorty anymore. More than that I was genuinely relieved to not be a kid anymore. Orochimaru may have tortured me many times before, but he spared me from the torture of having to go through puberty again.

Now that I looked more like I felt, my mind seemed to release some of the tension I barely knew it held. It was ironic that I felt more connected with myself in a fake body than I had in my original.

"I think I'll need a while to adjust to fighting in this form. Even though I've been moving around and training during the growth spurt, I still haven't adjusted to my change in reach," I said.

Kabuto nodded, noting that down. I had more problems than just that. I could feel at least a dozen seals on this body that I hadn't placed on myself. I was a walking, talking security risk for myself and Konoha. Good thing I specialised in breaking down Fuinjutsu. It would take me maybe a year to get rid of them all, which was a long time in my scenario, but it wasn't the end of the world.

"Well if that's all, I have some work to do in the labs," I said.

Kabuto held back a scowl. The kid really had it in for me for some reason. Orochimaru kept him around for his stellar healing abilities but outside of that he played a very small role in his experiments… unlike me.

"If you feel anything wrong with your new body, come straight to me," he ordered.

I nodded and left the lab. Stone stretched endlessly in front of me, only lit by green fire lanterns. The underground system stretched throughout the mountain. I mused about why this was the Village hidden in Sound, rather than the Village hidden in the Mountains. It would have been a more fitting name, considering Oto Shinobi may as well have made up base inside these sprawling underground systems inside their mountains, rather than the rice fields their country was known for.

As if by instinct I made my way to my personal quarters. I opened my door to be accosted by a small figure. Something sharp pierced my thigh and I grimaced as a rageful scream ripped from the child's throat. Green eyes looked at me, crazed and angry, like a wild cornered animal. I grabbed the shard of glass wedged into my thigh and pulled it out, watching sadly as she could barely force my hand back. The glass was easily wedged from her small fingers, and I knelt down in front of the child, holding her by her arms so she couldn't run.

"Let me go! Let me go dammit!"

"You're hurting yourself," I said, keeping my voice soft and patient as I dislodged the glass shard from her hand and took a look at the cut on her palm.

"W-Why are you doing this?" she whimpered.

I looked into her frightened, confused eyes and held back a sigh. Slowly I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her in close. She froze in my arms, but I couldn't stop… this selfish need for intimacy. It almost felt like I was holding my brother. She let out a whine, which then devolved into sobs as she held my kimono and buried her face into my chest.

"I-I hate you," she said.

"I know. Let me hold you anyway," I said.

Probably realising she was no match for me, she stopped struggling as I picked her up and laid her back on the bed. I put a hand on her shirt, and she held my arm, green eyes wet with tears as she shook her head. I ignored her silent protest as I pulled up her shirt to take a look at her wounds. Her modesty wasn't as important as her health in the long run, whether she could accept it or not. A Shinobi had to get rid of such useless things like modesty.

She is not a Shinobi, some part of my brain supplied.

I ignored the little voice in the back of my head and went back to running a diagnostic jutsu I had learnt from Kabuto. Her ribs were healing fine, but the seal on her stomach was still disrupting her tenketsu system. I pursed my lips in frustration. How many more experiments would I need to conduct to save her life?

"Why do you never listen to me? I just want to be left alone," she said, mouth turning down in a snarl.

Despite the hatred, when I pushed the sweaty green hair from her forehead out of her eyes, she leant into the touch, starved as she was for it. I lingered there, caught on a memory of brighter, clearer eyes. Of a little brother I longed to see again.

"You are my… blood," I said.

"I am not. This body is. I want my real body back," she hissed.

I grimaced. Hino Akina, the one person in this world I couldn't categorise in my life. She was the first soul body transfer I had managed to succeed in. She had been transferred into a faulty clone body of mine. She was twelve, of similar build, height, and chakra nature like me. A small, wilful orphan girl who was unlucky enough to cross Kabuto's path and be marked as a candidate for experimentation. Now she was here, going through agonising procedures as I tried my best to keep her alive.

"Akina you should leave that thought behind. Your first body is buried. This is your body now. It will take some getting used to. Believe me I know," I said, flexing my own longer arm.

Akina took offence to that. "You wouldn't understand! You're just a grown-up version of yourself! I didn't have green hair! I have brown hair and blue eyes! I want to be me again!"

I understood more than she knew. After all I had black hair and brown eyes in my past life. I was an entirely different skin tone too, with a different build and a different voice. It had never affected me as much as it did her… then again, I had been reborn naturally while her soul transference had been traumatic.

"I cannot apologise for something I intended to do. I can only make up for the harm I have caused. If you wish to acclimatise to your new body, then come with me. If you would prefer to stab me at every opportunity and continue to experience chakra exhaustion and nerve pain, then sit here and cry."

I always spoke in a neutral tone with her. I had hoped it would calm her down, show her I wouldn't get angry or frustrated or hurt her… but she stayed stubbornly angry and fearful of me. Considering her circumstances I could understand. She was still a child, and her situation was beyond stressful. She sniffled a little, wiping away glassy eyes as she forced herself off the bed. I watched as she ruffled her green hair in the way she usually did when she was frustrated with herself. I wondered if Tsukiya did that too.

"Come along," I said.

I opened the door out of my room. Was it a little inappropriate to keep a child in my bedroom when I was now in adult form… yes. Admittedly so, but it was better than leaving her in the cages where experiments usually slept. My room which had been sparse when I first arrived was now outfitted with dozens of pillows, plushies and other soft comforts in hopes that she would be comfortable, but for some reason I think she would have preferred the cells to it. I shook away those disturbing thoughts as I led her out of the underground tunnels and outside the mountain. I kept a slower pace, allowing her time to catch up to me as we made our trek to the peak.

"Why do we have to go all the way up to the peak?" she asked, holding the side of the mountain and panting.

I looked down at her and smiled. "The air is thinner here. It's harder to breathe, which means it's an ideal training spot to work on your breathing techniques and help you centre your chakra."

Her yin and yang energies were warring with itself. Mostly because her yin spiritual energy was incompatible with her yang physical energy. She ran the risk of acute chakra exhaustion if she even used the tiniest bit of it. I had tried realigning her tenketsu system myself, which had been a mistake. Not only had it caused her unnecessary, immeasurable nerve pain, but it may have thrown her alignment off even more. She was uncharted waters and there were bound to be setbacks, but she was now in an odd way my blood and my responsibility. Considering I was known as the kin-slayer already, I didn't like my odds. It didn't help that my emotions felt more muted in this body… harder to reach.

After an hour's trek we finally reached the summit. There was a round stone clearing created here by previous Shinobi. An old ruin marked with history regarding a religion lost to time. It was used as a place for meditation by both civilians and Shinobi in this region, but even so it was rare to find anyone willing to make the trip here. It was only made easier by the shortcut through the underground mountain tunnels.

"Is… is this going to hurt?" Akina asked, shuffling her body nervously.

I looked away for a moment in thought. "Meditation isn't supposed to hurt, but part of it is connecting with your chakra so maybe it will for you. When I was a kid I had an excess of yin energy, and to make up for it I had to increase my yang energy. For you it is the opposite. Your yang energy is at a Chunin level as that was where my body was at in this age. Increasing yin energy is quite a bit more complicated than yang."

"Why is that?" Akina asked.

"Yang energy is physical energy. All I had to do was train every day until I fainted. Yin energy is a little harder to quantify. Yin is the spiritual, the metaphysical… the id so to speak."

"Id?" Akina said, scrunching her face more confused than ever.

"Your innate sense of self… which seems to have been thrown off by this new body of yours," I explained.

Akina didn't seem to understand what I meant. In all honesty explaining a concept like id, ego and super-ego to an 11-year-old was stretching it. Not everyone was a child prodigy like Kakashi and Itachi. I doubted Akina could really understand it right now anyway.

"Don't worry too much about the theory right now. Your yin and yang energies are connected. Don't think of them are separate. Kind of like how the yin-yang symbol has the circles in it representing that there is always light in darkness, and darkness in light, your physical and spiritual energies are the same. Currently there is a disconnect between the two you need to bridge."

"But what do I do?" she asked.

"Close your eyes and concentrate on your chakra. Feel it but do not move it or touch it."

She did as she was told for once, closing her eyes and sitting cross legged like I had instructed. Her breathing was all over the place, short and erratic with the thin air here. I had controlled my own breathing and sat with her to meditate. I too needed to get used to this new tenketsu system of mine. A few minutes in and I felt it clearly, circulating within me and pulsing through my veins. It was extremely similar to my original bodies, but there were differences. It was bigger, as if waiting to be filled with more chakra. My chakra capacity had increased.

"Ugh, I can't feel anything!"

I opened my eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. That was barely 2 minutes… surely, she could concentrate for longer.

"Hino, sit still and meditate," I said, addressing her by her last name.

She stiffened at the clear order and tried again. This time I kept an eye on her tremulous chakra and was once again worried about how erratic and unstable it was. She was like an ocean. One minute calm and then next a storming tundra. She lasted another minute before her face scrunched up and she winked one eye open. Seeing that I was looking she quickly closed it, pretending like she was meditating again. It lasted another five minutes before she gave up.

"It's hard to breathe or concentrate here! Isn't there another way?"

I sighed, and then picked up a leaf. "Here, try and stick it to your head with chakra."

Maybe something tangible to work towards would help her. She did as she was told, putting it to her head. Unfortunately for her she gasped in terrible pain, stumbling forward and retching whatever meagre food she had eaten out. So even that little amount of chakra was enough to ruin her. She finished her gagging and coughing to turn and look at me with an accusing glare.

"You knew that would happen, didn't you?!" she said pointing at me.

"Hmm, it was a possibility. Now that we have established very clearly, you're not ready to control your chakra, how about we go back to meditating. Seems a little less painful, ne?"

She grimaced but nodded sitting back in a cross-legged stance.

A few hours in and it was obvious she was going through oxygen deprivation. She couldn't concentrate and she seemed about ready to fall asleep. I didn't stop until she hit the ground out cold. Looking at her now, was like looking at a reflection. She was in the body of my clone after all. Despite being identical to what I looked like 3 months ago, she seemed to resemble Tsukiya more. Maybe it was their wilfulness, or the way they carried themselves. Like a real child. Gently I picked her up, holding her head against my chest as I made my way down the mountain.

"Training with your new pet?" Orochimaru asked from behind me.

I forced back a frown as I turned to him. "She's not a pet."

"What did I say about getting attached to the experiments?"

"Not to… I'm not getting attached. She's just a… curiosity."

"Even in that new form and you still hold onto meaningless connections."

That was an alarming statement. I sent Orochimaru a glare. "You've dampened or muted my emotions, haven't you?"

Orochimaru shrugged, as if altering someone's personality wasn't inherently violating.

"Your brain is wired a little differently on how it processes triggers and hormones. Your adrenal functions are more controlled as are your stress hormones. It is not that you aren't capable of emotions, it is that you are more controlled with them. A child's body also had added hormonal imbalances that make them… more prone to volatile emotions. You are very much the same person despite being in a new body, after all what are we but our experiences? I have not taken that away from you," he said, as if it had been an option.

"Hmm… what do you want?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Tsk so petulant. I've come down to test the limits of this new body of yours. How far can your Total Concentration Breathing extend in this form? Your chakra coils are double their previous size so it must extend the form at least."

I wasn't so sure it was such a good idea doing something like that so soon in such a new body. I made sure to show my hesitation on my face.

"I could go into cardiac arrest if I cannot control it," I said.

"You have before and you haven't complained," he said, waving off the very real concern.

"I have… in a body I'm used to knowing the limits of. And if I recall correctly, I woke up with several broken ribs as you tried to get my heart beating again."

"Let me rephrase. This is non-negotiable. I have important meetings to attend as Otokage, and very little time to nurture my student."

I frowned. "I suppose so. Let me put away the chil—the experiment."

"Yes, the experiment," he said, mouth straining not to frown.

I walked away from the Sannin, holding the unconscious child closer. She would need to go back to my room for a few days so Orochimaru wouldn't bump into her and dispose of her. The worry ticked at the back of my head, but instead of going into the internal panic I was used to, my body settled in a grim determination. Regulated stress hormones it was then.

Maybe it wasn't that my emotions were dampened, but that I finally had a clear head with no anxieties getting in the way of my decision-making.

What the fuck was taking Fugaku so long with his extraction?

After tucking Akina into bed, I threw on some training clothes and walked to the training ground. It was a clearing on the bottom of the mountain, reserved for Orochimaru. Even I didn't go there unless he invited me to train. It was mostly rubble and dirt from all the destruction it endured, and no one wanted to get caught up in a Sannin's training unless they wanted to be buried in said rubble and dirt.

"Shishou," I greeted.

"I assume you've already warmed up with the experiment. I do not have much time today so activate the breathing technique now."

Wasn't this a little too hasty? I grimaced but knew how pissy he got when I disobeyed. Orochimaru was like Danzo in that regard. He had very little patience. At least he wasn't threatening my loved ones though. That said he had more sense than that bastard slaver. Still… I lamented about my terrible luck in handlers after Gaku.

"Well if I die young, it's on you," I muttered.

I sent a silent prayer to Lady Durga in memory of how my first mother used to look to the heavens to give her strength and patience. Then I took in a deep breath, strengthening my bones and exciting my blood. I could feel it alive in me far more acutely than in my previous form. Before Orochimaru could make the first move I shot from the ground in a blur using my wind-cutter technique to create a sword. The wind drew together tangible this time, showing a light blue outline of concentrated chakra extending from my arm into a point. It was… incredible. Unfortunately one did not sit and think in the middle of a spar with a Sannin.

Orochimaru was actively moving for once. Usually when we sparred previously, he stayed in one spot, never moving a centimetre from his original position. This time he jumped back and grinned. My blood danced in eagerness. This feeling. I lived for it. Orochimaru dodged my many swings, but it was almost like the world was a little slower. I could somewhat keep up now, even though it was clear he wasn't going all out.

And then just as I was about to land a small cut, my chest constricted, and I lost my footing. The edges of my vision blurred, and it felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer and started pounding it into my open chest. I hit the ground and choked out wet globs of red onto my lap, clawing at my chest to manage the pain. The sound of my own breathing sounded laborious, as if every drag of breath was scraping for the thinnest sliver of air.

A slender hand grabbed my forehead, pushing me to the ground. Yellow eyes drew closer to my vision as I realised Orochimaru was on top of me. His palms lay flat against my stomach as he pulsed chakra into my skin. The sensation sent something cold and foreign inside of me that seemed to overtake the pain of a heart attack. I wheezed, but this time when I drew in a breath the air flowed back into my lungs. It took me a few painful minutes to control my breathing back to normal again, and even once that was done, I felt bone weary tired.

"Your control over it is lacking. You will have to build your tolerance to chakra spikes back up. You were working on controlling a constant low-level version of it before, am I right?"

I let out a tired breath. "Yes… Total Concentration Constant. It would put me in a mild version of this state during all hours. It would help increase my muscle mass and chakra reserves."

"Good, you will work on this and only this technique for the next few months. I have a mission for you."

"A mission," I said, looking up in surprise.

"Yes, you'll find the details in your lab. I have some important business to take care of in the meantime. Kabuto will take over your experiments."

I didn't know whether to be happy or terrified. I never got sent on missions… this past year had been nothing but one scientific inquiry after the other, with sporadic training sessions in-between. I shouldn't have even been here considering I'd requested extractions months ago. This mission should be over. Akina should have already been somewhere far away.

"You'll find this mission will be vital to the continuation of Oto. Do not mess up."

With that Orochimaru left me in the field, lying on my back in a pool of my own blood. And somehow, I was fine with that.

Missions were few and far between for someone in my situation. I was considered a Jounin of Otogakure, but since the Village hidden in Sound was only a relatively new recognised force, we didn't get much mission requests. It didn't help that our Shinobi forces were mostly scattered, and the only centralised force was inside a mountain cavern designed to be a maze. Otogakure was therefore structured differently to other Shinobi villages. Mostly their services were paid for by the civilians in the land of rice by way of tax rather than individual mission assignments. That tax partially went to a standardised pay which got most Oto-nin by enough to survive. Rice Country wasn't exactly rich and was still recovering salted fields from the war.

So it was a nice surprise to finally conduct a mission that didn't involve violence in any form. It also wasn't a D-rank that required me to paint buildings or waste my time on inane activities Genin could do. Instead I was given the pretty vital task of restoring Rice Countries farmland. I read through the mission scroll idly as I walked by the experiment cells. The prisoners were in various stages of disarray, some half dead, others getting there, but most relatively well to do. I made sure that they got enough food and were in top condition. Usually experiments failed because the subject was barely alive. Plus I liked having a base line for all of them so that would reduce one more variable in the experiments. It made for more accurate data.

I caught myself in-between those disturbing thoughts and turned to look at the exp—no humans in the cells. Sometimes it did me some good to remind me how much of a monster I was becoming. One step away from being someone like Danzo who didn't value life at the expense of his cause. I winced.

"You there," I said pointing at one of the Jounin guards.

The man turned to me, noticing my markings, and bowing.

"Suzuki-sama," he said in way of greeting.

I gestured to the cells with the children in them and handed him a scroll. "I won't be here to oversee them while I'm on a mission. I'm leaving you instructions on how to maintain and take care of my experiments. If anyone takes over from you during my mission, instruct them to follow this list."

He opened the scroll, reading through it quickly and then did a double take. He sent the cells a look of confusion. Most of my captives had futons, and I installed proper toilets and sanitary equipment in separate somewhat closed off rooms. It didn't give them close to enough privacy to make me happy, but Orochimaru wouldn't indulge my requests more than this. Their options were between this and taking a shit and piss in a pot in front of everyone else. It was degrading and dehumanising, but that wasn't enough reason to stop it in Orochimaru's eyes. So I had made a case for keeping them away from infections and diseases which had even allowed me to get these amenities installed. He didn't need to know I was doing it more to afford them human decency rather than for pure pragmatism.

"This is a lot of resources for prisoners," he said.

"They're not prisoners of war or enemy Shinobi," I said, sighing. "These are my lab experiments. My results are dependent upon their continued survival and well-being. If I find you've shirked on that list while I'm gone, I will dish out corporal punishment."

The hard look I sent him made the man gulp. Ah, finally the perks of looking like an adult. That glare in my kid body would have just been seen as non-threatening and cute. It helped that I was rather tall and bore Orochimaru's markings. People in Oto differed to me as a senior.

"Hai, Suzuki-sama. I take my orders seriously," he said, sounding the barest bit irritated that I questioned him.

"Good. No one but Orochimaru-shishou and Kabuto-kun are allowed in my personal lab while I'm gone. Inform the other guards there are security seals that can kill them if they sneak in," I said.

Then after giving him as many instructions as I could, he went to take these orders to the other guards who would be on duty. I turned to the cell full of children. They all knew to keep quiet when I entered, but despite my better treatment of them outside of my lab, they still knew me as ultimately cold and ruthless inside the lab. I tried to spare the kids from the worst of it so they remained less wary of me than my adult experiments.

"I will be leaving soon children. I don't know how long for," I said, directly addressing them.

The perked up from their beds, sending me worried looks. I pulled out a bag and threw it inside. The scurried away from it like it was poison and I sighed.

"There's some toys in there, as well as one seal," I explained.

One of the older boys stepped forward and opened the bags, dark eyes looking in suspiciously. He hesitantly took out a teddy bear, and some playing cards and sent me a baffled look. It had taken me a while to procure all those items in Rice Country or I would have given it to them earlier. There was enough for the dozen children in there to have at least 1 toy each.

"There's a tag in there. Take it out," I ordered.

The boy nodded silently, pulling out the wooden tag with a Fuinjutsu seal tuned to my signature. The seal itself was invisible and only chakra would activate it. Since these were civilian children, the only chakra they could use was the trace amounts in their blood.

"This is a safety seal. While I am away if anyone tries to hurt you, or the others bite your thumb and put some blood on the seal. Only do this if you are in danger. The guards are allowed to discipline you with slaps and kicks, but if they draw blood or do anything inappropriate activate this seal and I will come back as fast as I can. I haven't informed the guards you have it, so keep it hidden ok."

"O-okay," the boy said, eyes relieved.

I wanted to go in there, hug all of them and whisk them somewhere safe… but I couldn't. This world was cruel to children. For now. I was nowhere near strong enough to stop this so all I could do was reduce their pain. Was it to ease my own conscience or because I cared? It was hard to say.

"Suzuki-sama," one of the little girls said, her voice small like a mouse.

I forced myself to look into those big honey brown eyes. Still innocent and hopeful despite everything.

"W-will you take us home one day?"

The older boy slapped a hand on her mouth, pushing her back behind him with wide frightened eyes. She was one of the newer ones, young and yet to experience any experiments that were actually painful. I stepped forward and knelt in front of the bars, keeping my expression as soft as possible.

"Little one, you should not say something like that here. If Orochimaru, Kabuto or any of the Shinobi heard you say that they will kill you," I warned.

Despite trying to be as gentle in my body language as possible, it did nothing to stop the girl from breaking into a sob and for the boy to physically hide her behind him more. I felt my lips twist down in frustration.

"I'm sorry for making you cry. Take care of them," I said to the boy.

He nodded, grimacing as he scratched the fuinjutsu seal I had cursed onto his neck. I left the children's cell and made to leave when one of the adults spoke up from their cage in the other room.

"You're cruel for giving them hope," he said.

I turned to the emaciated man. His hair was straw, and his chest was still healing from being cut open and stitched back together. I had done that.

"You did not have permission to speak," I said.

I activated the seal on his neck, and he let out a loud cry, lurching forward and throwing up what little he had. His other cell mates watched on in distress.

"Do not take my patience for the children as permission for insubordination for you subject."

The man was too busy writhing in pain to talk back. I left the cursed room and hoped that spark in his eyes was enough to spark more rebellion. Was it wishful thinking that by the time I finished my mission, he would have managed to escape with the children?

There was no use dwelling on fantasies.


Was that the longest hiatus known to man… yes. I'm really sorry for taking this long. I spent so much time outlining the next arc and future events again and again that I didn't get a chance to write much. Problem with Naruto is, if you change one small event, a lot of events end up changing and the plot is going to go in a hugely different direction. The fact that Fugaku is Hokage and Danzo is dead is already going to change future events. And expect Hina to run more interference in the future with Akatsuki too. Canon is just going to go bye-bye.

Also thoughts on Hina's new body? Chronologically she is a few months of being 14 now. Physically she is 18. If you count her past life, she is 49 years old. Sometimes it's really hard for me to keep an accurate count of her age in this story. I admit I've made a few… timeline mistakes in regard to Kabuto's age. That was actually unintentionally done unlike how I intentionally made Shisui older than he actually was in canon. After re-reading the story I caught onto a few issues I intend to go back and fix. Mainly Kabuto's timeline. Anyway, I have some plans for Hina's new form as well as her little clone child.

Next up the Farmland-saga! Stay tuned as Hina learns the art of Farmville. Jks jks, but it'll be interesting for sure.

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