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Chapter 38

Snap Back To Reality 38

"Um... sorry?" I asked in shock.

"I want to test them out. Incapacitate the both of them."

I was a little confused. Wasn't there supposed to be some customary spiel of teamwork or the sort? I didn't mind though. This was a simple task and a spar was always good fun. All I had to go was win against two brats. I wasn't planning to hurt them either, but I hoped they wouldn't resent me in the future for this. I'd rather have a professional relationship with them... well as professional as a relationship you can have with children anyway.

I decided to target the boy first. Anko was part of the Naruto story so maybe she was stronger. It did, guiltily, make me want to see her in action before the unknown boy. I was mid-air when I realised, he was a lot better than I predicted. His eyes shot up almost instantly to spot me, and I noticed how clear and pupil-less they were. He threw a kunai at me and I quickly substituted myself with it before I dropped down on his neck like a well coiled snake, twisting his body backwards and toppling him over.

Anko was spurned into action as she shouted in confusion before jumping to pull me off. I dodged her pounce, steering the poor boy under me away by twisting his body a little painfully. I decided that I would have to get off to really test her ability, so I quickly used my ninja wire to bind the boy before jumping away from some kunai and facing off against Anko.

"What the hell kid!" she shouted.

I couldn't suppress my chuckle. "You're a kid too."

"Why are you attacking us?!"

"I'll tell you if you can beat me," I replied with a challenging smile.

She immediately threw some more kunai at me before charging head on. Her stance was pretty good all things considered, and she was rather fast, but as someone who sparred with Kakashi and Guy on the occasion, she didn't even come close. I easily dodged the kunai before taking her in a taijutsu fight. I went on the defensive with Circle Walk, eager to see if she could work around my defences. To my disappointment I found myself easily able to deflect her blows with my palms. Then I decided to test her defensive capabilities, going into my Tiger Palm style, and jabbing at her in a moderate pace. Anko was surprisingly sturdy with her defence and unflinching with her attacks, even if they were a little sloppy.

Having seen enough, I was going to tie her up too, when suddenly I felt the air current behind me rush. My honed senses allowed me to easily sidestep the boy, Rui, who had managed to somehow escape. So he wasn't actually bad. My knots were pretty solid and tight after all. I let the two of them engage me for a bit, easily blocking, dodging, and jabbing at them a little too, before I thought I had dragged it on enough. I was surprised just how far ahead I was in comparison to them. Was I really a prodigy?

I didn't take a moment to stop and ponder this when I decided to finally incapacitate the both of them. With a well-aimed sweep, and a palm straight to the stomach, both Genin were on the ground groaning in pain. I felt Orochimaru jump down behind me and clap.

"Well done Hina-chan. I'd say you greeted your new teammates well. Team 13 is officially on the roster."

"What! You're our third teammate?!" Anko groaned.

"O-Orochimaru-sama! You're our Jounin sensei?!" Rui exclaimed in shock.

"Wait as in the Sannin? Oh Kami, that's so cool!" Anko said in growing glee before my chuckle made her glare at me. I stepped back, holding my hands up sheepishly. I didn't mean to make her hate me this early. Thankfully, Rui didn't seem to mind me as much as Anko did.

"Shall we begin with introductions then?" Orochimaru suggested, before his gaze fell on me.

Ah, it was finally happening! The fated moment where I told them my likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams! I never thought the day would come. A tear nearly gathered at my eye... no it really didn't actually, although I did feel oddly happy this was even happening. I coughed a little to clear my throat, and I tried desperately to wipe the smile of my face. The anime lover inside of me hardly ever came out but I was feeling it now.

"My name is Suzuki Hina. I like cooking, training, and learning new things. I dislike... well a few things actually, like cockroaches, ramen, bok-choy, and… bullies. My hobbies include shogi and a good fight. My dream is to live a happy life with the people I care about."

Really my dream was becoming the strongest shinobi out there so I could demand the safety of my family, and most importantly so I could maim and torture Danzo, but I had a feeling saying that out loud would be ill-advised.

"Boring," Anko muttered, rolling her eyes.

I sent her a miffed look. She grinned enjoying my irritation before deciding to go next without any prompting.

"My name is Mitarashi Anko. I like dango and sweet bean soup. I also like all kinds of hot food too! I dislike cocky brats," she said looking pointedly at me, "and badly made tea. My hobbies include kicking ass and conducting tea ceremonies with lots of dango. My dream for the future is to become a scary badass Sannin!"

She was definitely enthusiastic. I wondered if she was the 'Naruto' in this team, but I felt bad putting people in such stringent stereotypical categories. My attention turned to Rui, who I knew nothing about. He had surprised me with a lot more skill than I anticipated, and I was finding myself genuinely intrigued by who he was.

"My name is Chinsei Rui. I like seafood, and people who can think. I dislike spiders, hot weather, and idiots. My hobbies are playing card games and people watching. My dreams for the future includes becoming a Jounin, achieving independence, improving Konoha's trade for more sea-food, fixing up our terrible resource distribution issues, mastering any and all instruments, and becoming a world class koto player."

Both I and Anko found ourselves looking at Rui a little baffled. That was a lot of dreams for a ten-year-old. I myself didn't have that many goals... He also somehow managed to say all that with a completely no-nonsense expression. He seemed to notice our baffled looks and cleared his throat before looking at Orochimaru. Said Sannin just hummed noncommittally. I didn't expect he would bother introducing himself anyway.

"Well then, seeing as you're my new team, I will have to whip you up into shape. Meet me here tomorrow at 6am sharp. Don't be late."

There was a not so subtle threat there at the end. Then he abruptly left in a cloud of leaves. I turned to my two new teammates and then they finally took a moment to look at me.

"Ne Suzuki-san, you're wearing a vest. Are you a Chunin?" Rui asked, breaking the silence.

I nodded and before I could say anything Anko shouted her disbelief, "No way, you're like five!"

"Seven, nearly eight," I coughed, trying to keep the irritation from my tone.

"Five, seven what's the difference. You're still a baby!"

"You do realise you're only ten too," I pointed out with a long sigh.

Thankfully, Rui decided to play peacemaker. "That must mean you're strong. I heard of a young prodigy making Chunin. I guess that was you," he said.

Rui was rather well informed. I would have agreed but I was pretty sure the rumours were more about Kakashi. He did it before I did, and no one ever cared about the second person to do something. Not that I minded the fact. I preferred the anonymity, or at least what was left of it. As a student of a Sannin, I was definitely going to be well known. There was no way around it.

"I guess, but I think it was more Hatake Kakashi you probably heard about."

"Hey, how long have you been with Orochimaru-sensei?" Anko asked.

"About half a year now. I was with a different Jounin instructor before."

"So you know a lot about him, huh? Think you can tell us what he's like? What he'll make us do tomorrow?"

I scratched my nose and wondered. I really didn't know and I kind of felt bad for not being able to get these kids ready. They would just have to go in blind.

"I'm actually not too sure. I do a lot more self-study than actual training with Orochimaru-sama. It might be different for you."

"Not particularly useful," Rui said bluntly.

I huffed, but a part of me was amused by their absolutely conflicting yet similar dispositions.

"You lot should be more respectful to your senpai," I said grinning playfully.

"What! No way, you're not my senpai, you're a baby," Anko spluttered.

"Who's wearing the Chunin vest here? I can pull rank you know, and as your amazing new senpai, I order you two to come with me. As our first team mission, we will have to discuss Intel over dango."

Anko huffed, looking rather amused, and most likely thinking she was humouring a child by agreeing. "Fine then senpai, since you speak my language, I'll follow your lead."

"I'll come because this sounds beneficial. I would very much like to create a professional working relationship with this team. It is of the utmost importance to establish a functioning dynamic built on mutual understanding and trust. It's known to reduce risks to mission complications as well as unnecessary mistakes when team cohesion is at optimal levels. Furthermore 'bonding' can also help us acclimate to each other's temperaments and establish social patterns that we are all comfortable with."

Once again Anko and I simply found ourselves' unsure of how to reply to Rui. Thankfully Anko was a lot less socially stunted and awkward than I was, which wasn't saying much, so she managed to find something to say before I did.

"Yeah, yeah you don't need to overshare everything Rui," she huffed, her tone exasperated. "Now come on you two, the dango awaits!"

I looked at my deflated wallet and cried. I promised myself from that day onward, that senpai or not, I would never pay for Anko's dango addiction ever again.

"What are you crying over senpai? Isn't it only right that you treat your underlings?" Anko grinned evilly.

I held my wallet closer and held back a sniffle. Goddammit, I wasn't a frugal woman, but I didn't want to spend this much on dango. Anko's hands made those oddly terrifying motions, as she wiggled her fingers and looked at my wallet, ready to pounce. I ducked behind Rui, terrified for my future savings.

"Rui-san, save me," I cried, before I turned to Anko. "Don't pick on little kids! That's so not cool!"

"Oh now you admit to being a little kid?" Anko grinned, snorting. "Doesn't change the fact that senpai's gotta take care of their underclassmen. I'm still famished."

"You've currently eaten 34 sticks of dango. 1 stick of dango is approximately 162 calories, and so you have consumed 5508 calories in the span of one meal. That is nearly 4x the average recommended daily intake for a girl your age. If you continue these habits Mitarashi-san you will become overweight."

I snickered and Anko's face twitched in irritation. If Rui wore glasses, I was certain this would be the moment he pushed them up the bridge of his nose in the spirit of all smartasses around the world. Rui, while being a smartass, also seemed to be able to read the room a little more than I expected, and so promptly decided to change the subject. He turned to me and I awkwardly let go of his shoulders.

"Suzuki-san, in light of our team coming together, I propose we inform each other of our capabilities and potential future specialisations. As a team it is expected of us to cover each other's weaknesses."

I straightened my back and put on my professional face. It was definitely satisfying to watch the two kids stiffen in posture and pay closer attention. This was important business and I wouldn't have them dying on me out there. I would drill into them the seriousness of their situation before they ever even took a step out of Konoha. I refused to let my team die.

"I am a primarily a Taijutsu and close combat fighter. I specialise in speed, swift kill strikes and distractions. I am capable of using a tanto, but I prefer not to. My Ninjutsu is above average and I know several E and D rank support jutsu and a B rank speed enhancing jutsu. My weaknesses are Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, and long-range area of affect jutsu as I am mostly incapable of getting myself out without help. I am also a novice tracker, sensor and possess basic knowledge of Fuinjutsu."

Rui picked up right after without a moment to waste. It seemed he had done a lot of thinking over in regard to his future, which was not too odd considering he had quite a few goals.

"Due to my mother's training I am well versed in genjutsu, support, and long range fighting. My strengths lie in senbon, shuriken and use of tactical ninja wires. Mainly I am accustomed to setting traps and planning strategies. I lack in close combat situations and often find that, despite my form being perfect in Taijutsu, that I am unable to truly fight reflexively."

I hummed along. That was good. I needed someone who could help long range. A Genjutsu user was exactly the kind of backup I needed. It would have been perfect if Rui also learnt how to be a field medic. I myself wanted to learn the basics soon, but it was on the backburner for now. I turned to Anko who just frowned and crossed her arms.

"I'm a good all-rounder. Got first in my cohort for Taijutsu and Shurikenjutsu. My Ninjutsu's ok. I know the Academy three and that's about it. I'm pretty good with poisons and traps too, and Genjutsu shouldn't be too much of an issue. I often see through those. I guess my weakness is the same as you senpai. Ninjutsu that covers a wide area would be hard to get out of."

It seemed Anko was in the same situation as me when I came out of the Academy, except that she knew a bit more. It definitely wasn't her fault though. The Academy only got you so far. People with Shinobi as parents who could teach them more specific techniques did end up giving them the edge. I knew she would find her more specific niche soon enough.

I wasn't so sure Orochimaru would do more than necessary with them. If he didn't, I would have to take up their training and make a plan to get them to their end goal efficiently. I didn't know how exactly I would do it, but when there is a will there is a way, and I was not about to let my team be weak.

"You are thinking of something Suzuki-san?" Rui asked.

"Yeah, that you should call me Hina-senpai. That's the least I deserve, especially if I'm going to be stuck paying for your food!"

I enjoyed the air of levity after that. Yup, my teammates didn't need to think I was some stuck-up stick in the mud. I couldn't be as snarky and familiar with them as I had been with Gaku-sensei, but I was sure going to try until they warmed up to me… even if I did have to act a little more childish than I normally did. This was my Genin team after all, and I knew it was a relationship that was bound to last.

"Then senpai, I find myself quite hungry," Rui said, cracking a grin.

I cried once again for my wallet.

The next few days found my team going through a rather amusing training regime. It would have been perfect if Orochimaru decided to stay around to enforce his tasks, but he simply ordered me to do it and told the two kids that if they didn't listen, he would personally see to it that they would learn to. He was intimidating and none of us really wanted to get on his bad side, so we simply did as he told us to. Rui and Anko were thrown headfirst into strength training, on top of several classes on multiple topics ranging from tactics to poisons and even seduction techniques. Orochimaru was a firm believer of being knowledgeable on all topics. Unfortunately for the children, they were no prodigies and each day found them arriving with darker eye bags than my own. I didn't have enough sympathy not to laugh at their plight. It was kind of funny when it wasn't me being tortured. Fortunately for them, they did not have mandatory lab time with Orochimaru.

Sometimes I found myself helping him with a rather messy experiment. Those usually ended up in me on clean up duty, trying to rub off blood stains, which were incredibly hard to get off wet towels at the end. It was never pleasant, and I would never truly get used to hearing people beg for their lives on an operating table.

Most times though, I found myself working with Orochimaru on research. It was a nostalgic process. In my previous life I had co-workers, people who I would bounce ideas off of. We were in the leading research department for our pharmaceutical after all. In the field of science there was often times more inquiry than there were answers or breakthroughs. Seldom did anyone find something note-worthy in their careers. Learning alongside Orochimaru however, made me realise that there was brilliance, and then there was brilliance. Orochimaru, for all his creepy snake tendencies, was a being with a wealth of knowledge that made the scientist inside of my giddy with anticipation. Often times I found myself stumped by his ground-breaking research.

"Pass me the vertebrate," Orochimaru said snapping me from my thoughts.

I handed him the piece of bone from the snake and watched him insert a syringe and extract a fluid from inside. He had been involving me in more than experiments that required an assistant now. Maybe it's because I spent quite a bit of time brushing up on advanced scientific concepts from this world. I had improved on my vocabulary and jargon, replacing the English words in my head for the common language here. It was all that study and effort that made it possible to hold a conversation with Orochimaru without sounding uneducated, although a lot of the foreign concepts of chakra science and human biology in relation to chakra were still new to me.

"This is the enzyme I use to trigger growth," he said before dropping some of the fluid into a test tube. It was a light purple colour, clear and somehow so innocuous in appearance.

"It triggers the somatotropin?" I asked.

Orochimaru smiled and nodded. He drank it before drawing out his sword and holding it at his hand. I was going to ask him what he was thinking when he swiftly cut off his arm. I gaped in surprise, taking a step back as blood squirted straight at me. Before I could question this man's sanity, I saw something that shocked me, although I really should have expected it. The bone jutted out and grew, the muscle and flesh stretched out like magic until the arm itself went back to normal as if it hadn't just been cut off.

"Incredible," I whispered in awe.

Truly this was incredible. I looked up at Orochimaru's pleased expression and I found myself once more reluctantly amazed by his genius. Was this how he regenerated even after being murdered?

"To accomplish this is no easy feat. You will have to study the human anatomy to its absolute limit. Every nerve, organ, tendon, and muscle is formed with pure intent. If you place even one aspect of it in the wrong position, you might find your arm unusable."

I almost didn't want to ask, but my brain whirled into a million questions at his choice of phrasing.

"Orochimaru-sama, are you... letting me learn how?" I asked in amazement.

His yellow eyes sparkled with some kind of hungry curiosity as he looked me down. I shivered under his intense gaze, reminded once again of both his ability to both help, and control me. It was a thin line I walked on around him. I would be remiss to not make myself useful. I knew that if the day ever came that I was of no use, this man would kill me without remorse. It was what made Orochimaru who he was. He had a one-track mind despite his brilliance.

"Call it intellectual curiosity. I want to see if you're capable of learning."

"What if I can't?" I asked.

He chuckled. "Why, then you'll find yourself an arm short."

For most of this life I had spent my time doing physical training. I studied Fuinjutsu out of necessity no matter how slow going, and sometimes I read whatever Hanami could give me from the hospital. It wasn't until Orochimaru inserted himself into my life that I truly began researching again. His library truly was a treasure trove of information... granted it was definitely unethically sourced. Though I was in no position to judge, it did tire me down to see the human suffering.

I didn't enjoy it, as desensitized to it as I had become. It chipped something away when one looked into the eyes of a man they aided in breaking. Their lives were a number, a sacrifice for power and safety. I should feel ill, or maybe even guilty, but there was no use feeling those emotions. I was simply doing what I needed to do to survive.

In the end everything came down to surviving. I ended up in this life after trying so desperately to help my family survive and I would continue to do so. Even looking at my arm now, feeling a sick terror at the idea of having to cut it off myself, I could not stop. Orochimaru liked to call me a masochist but I didn't enjoy pain, nor did the idea of chopping off a limb sound appealing. I remembered the feel of a sword through my hip and phantom pain sparked through my side. It was a burning kind of pain, that left you breathless and shivering. I didn't want to think what it would be like to chop off an entire limb.

The books upon books on anatomy Orochimaru had gifted me made me feel a little better. I would have the knowledge to improve, to never have to feel so hopeless again. I had thought before, that allowing myself a power boost from something like a cursed seal was a terrible fate, that it would mark me as someone else's. Humans were adaptable if nothing. I had been branded by Danzo, a seal placed on my tongue without my consent. I had already become his. His chakra, even now was within me.

There was nothing more demeaning than that, not even giving my body wholly to Orochimaru to break down and build up. In the end strength was strength no matter where it came from. I couldn't simply discard his help, no matter the consequences I knew would bite me later for doing so.

"I can breathe, and I can calm my soul," I whispered in reassurance.

In the end where the power came from didn't matter because it was mine. I would wield it, not Orochimaru, and definitely not Danzo. I had failed so terribly, but there was no excuse to continue doing so. Taichi and Tsukiya were mine, and this body was a small price to pay. I looked down at my arm once more and found the strength to imagine cutting it off, because I knew now that failure was not an option. I would grow it back. I would become stronger. I would struggle until all my bones were broken if I had to, but I would not fail again.

Never again.


Team photos were apparently a customary thing. I had no idea. A part of me loved the idea though. A memento to frame a chapter of your life which was admittedly very important considering Genin teams that worked well together could end up assigned as consistent partners for missions later down the line. I had put on a cute green kimono top with my standard dark blue shorts just for the occasion. I was excited… or at least I was until Anko came up to me with her smug little face.

"Ne, vege-senpai," she greeted. "Pull that face for me."

"What face?" I asked, raising a brow.

"Here, let me help!"

I yelped in surprise when her fingers grabbed at my waist and she began tickling me. I lost control of my sides, and puffed out my cheeks, trying desperately to both gain control of my body and not trying to laugh. She laughed sadistically and I let out a cry as she got that one spot right above my hips that had me doubling over. I tried pushing her off, but it was too late, and I started laughing.

"Stop!" I wheezed.

I blinked in surprise when a snap of light and a click of a machine took me off guard. Anko finally got off me and the laughter bubbling from my throat died down and I glared instead. I was mortified when three boys came from behind her, one of them holding a camera.

"So this is the adorable vege-senpai you were talking about."

I scowled, blushing in embarrassment as I dusted myself off and tried to regain my dignity. The three boys looked somehow familiar… yet not. One of them had a toothpick in his mouth, the other a piece of cloth around his nose, and the last one just looked flat out frightening. Were they in Anko's graduating class? I shook my head. That didn't matter! I wanted the lazy looking one to give me back the picture he took. He fanned it out before looking at it and snorting in amusement.

"Hey, what gives Anko?! And you—give that to me," I grumbled in irritation.

"Ah sorry about that, but when Anko told me she had a younger teammate who made the cutest expressions, I couldn't help but want to check it out," the boy replied winking my way.

The one with a bandage across his nose smacked him upside the head and I felt a little vindictive pleasure at his pain. Why exactly was he trying to flirt with me anyway? I sent Anko a look and the little shit just shrugged her shoulder, looking entirely too innocent.

"Excuse Genma, he's an incorrigible flirt. Anyway it's good to finally meet you Suzuki-san. I'm Morino Ibiki, and the other idiot here is Kotetsu."

I blinked in mild shock. It had been a long time since Anko that I had met any other 'canon Naruto characters'. So this was the future Chunin, Head of T&I, and Hokage guard. I was still a little miffed though before Genma slipped the picture to Kotetsu while Ibiki was introducing them, and now the older boy was laughing with Anko.

"She does have a funny expression," he snorted.

I used a well-timed body-flicker to snap the picture out of their hands before tearing it to bits. The kids all gulped in nervousness as I let out a little killing intent.

"Now, now, you shouldn't be treating your superior officers like this," I said a little darkly, and they all fell in line… well except Anko. She would never respect authority. I turned my attention to said very irritating girl. "Now don't we have something to get to?"

I was saved by Rui who walked in from behind and confirmed it for me. "We do, and we're running late."

"—Wait what?"

"It was meant to be taken five minutes ago. I came to collect you two for your unprofessional tardiness," he said, before he noticed the camera in Genma's hands. "That is exceptionally hard to procure. What channels did you pass through to—"

"—Rui, focus! We need to get to the picture!" I said hastily.

Before the other kids could protest, I grabbed both my teammates by their collar and abused the crap out of the Wind Walker to rush to the studio. I stopped abruptly in front of the door and both Anko and Rui stumbled forward from the whiplash. They groaned, holding their mouth and stomach.

"Ughh, I told you to warn us before doing that," Anko grumbled.

"Hmm consider that payback, you troublesome girl," I replied with a vindictive smile.

"May I remind you that I played no part in any of this," Rui grumbled from behind me, which I did feel mildly bad about.

We entered and I was shocked to see Orochimaru surrounded by women. He looked distinctly uncomfortable in the middle of their affections, and for the first time his expression turned to relief when he looked our way. He was practically crying out for help. A part of me wanted to turn the other way and let him suffer under their attentions for longer, but I saw the annoyed photographer sending us three a glare and I was cowed. We walked in and Orochimaru finally had an excuse to leave them. The girls looked very disappointed and I wondered what exactly they were seeing in the snake, because it clearly wasn't his good looks… oh kami—was it? Before I felt like puking, I decided to focus back on the angry photographer.

"Right, right, everyone in position. Jounin up the back, you two girls at the side, and the boy in the middle. Let's make this snappy," he said impatiently.

Orochimaru made no mention to talk to us, and Rui obediently walked to stand in front of him. Anko bumped my side with her elbow and sent me a coy smile to which I replied with a suspicious frown. What was she so smug about? And as she went to stand besides Rui, she pulled out a little slip of a photo with my cheeks all puffed out trying not to laugh and I went bright red.

"Give that to me!"

"No way, it's so cute! I'm going to keep it forever and show everyone."

"What are you kids fighting about now?" Orochimaru sighed.

Anko grinned evilly as she made grabby hands at me, and we both ignored the photographer. His voice had drowned out like background noise, especially considering I was more focused on how flustered Anko was, so it came as a surprise to me that he snapped the picture right as I was holding her face away from me as she made grabby hands from behind Rui. Not to mention I was… flipping her off.

It was only when the weight of Orochimaru's hand threateningly weighed on my head, that I gulped and stopped fidgeting, but by that time it was too late and the photographer looked absolutely done with us. He printed out three picks before we could even ask for another take, and when I looked down to see the terrible photo I nearly wanted to cry.

"Can't we take another one?!" I asked.

"No, I have a whole line! You've already kept me waiting long enough."

He gestured to the very long line full of restless Genin teams all squawking like terribly loud and hungry baby birds, and suddenly his short temper made sense. I sent Orochimaru the best puppy dog eyes I could, but the man's heart was a cold rock and it hardly affected him.

"No we're not getting another one. I've wasted enough time as is," he said snippily before he looked at the giggling women by the corner waving at him and paled even further. "I am going to take my leave!"

He practically teleported away, in such frightening speed that it made me wonder if he was trying to beat Minato, or if fangirls really did have a way of motivating him to his full potential. I turned my irritated face back to Anko and pointed accusingly at her.


She pointed at herself and looked around in mock confusion. WHAT A LITTLE SHIT!

"You ruin the fated introduction and now the Genin photo! You will be punished!"

I pounced at her. She yelped in sudden worry and took off in a sprint. I ignored the absolutely done sigh from Rui as I tackled my teammate. Time to tickle her to death and see how she liked it!



I drew a pic of their Genin photo. It's incredibly adorable XD You can find it up jaz_hop on Instagram! And also on Archive of our own under the user jaz_hop, and the story name Snap Back To Reality, where I can actually upload sketches and art on the chapter itself.

I hope you guys like the new characters. Rui is an oc, just because I'm sure the original Anko had two genin teammates who died from Orochimaru's cursed seal and she was the sole survivor. I love their dynamic and banter. Anko especially helps bring out a side of Hina that's more playful and childlike. Outside of Guy she's definitely a potential future ship XD

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