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Chapter 2

Snap Back To Reality 2

~3 Years later.

I was nearly 4 and nothing interesting had happened. Life was smooth sailing in the Nara District. I frequently spent time playing with Taichi as my mother and father visited about 3 times a week. Taichi loved me although he was more than a little resentful to ninjas, which I frequently pointed out was stupid.

Meditation and stretching soon turned into exercising though. Unlike the other children I was not allowed to take it easy, if I did, I would die. I essentially needed to be a child equivalent of a tank. Hanami who had been a reasonable figure in my first two years soon became something to fear. She was like an unforgiving coach. I would spend around 5 hours daily doing intense cardio, chakra regulation and swimming, because using weights at my age was actively bad for my body. So I stuck to my daily naps by the Nara lake, before spending the next hour and a half sprinting until my legs turned to jelly.

Suffice to say my studies were put to the side solely to focus on my physical therapy. I could feel my chakra overpowering my tiny body. It was going to cripple me and even I knew that. Suddenly being Spider-Man was kind of scary. Then again, this whole world was insane.

Freaking ninjas were a thing after all.

"Another lap Hina! Now!"

"Ughhh," I groaned.

I stumbled to my feet and continued running. The Nara around the district sent me winces and sympathetic looks. What I was going through must have been their worst nightmares. Imagine having to get off your ass, stop playing Shoji, and actually exercise. I scoffed. I knew the ninjas in the Nara Clan took it seriously and trained, but they always muttered their grievances before starting. I wasn't a Nara though. I was a Suzuki, whatever that meant. I was a civilian kid after all. I had no cool kekkai genkai or any useful Clan techniques. I shouldn't complain. Actually more like I wasn't in the position to complain. I had the unfortunate fortunate fate of being trained by Hanami. She drilled into me a work ethic unlike any I'd ever had before.

I finished my lap falling flat on the ground and groaning. Hanami ordered me up in her coach voice and I shook as I forced myself to my feet. Then I grabbed the water bottle and gratefully gulped it all down.

"That *huff* was the *huff* tenth lap," I groaned.

"You did good Hina-chan, now go get dressed. I'm taking you to the park."

I shot up, eyes wide. Hanami gave me an innocent smile and I sent her a glare. She knew I hated being forced around other children. They were so- so... what was the word to describe them? Arbitrary. One moment you were their best friend and then the next they hated you because you tripped them over, but in reality, it was more like both of you tripping over each other. Then they could proceed to ignore you for months or randomly decide the next day to forgive you and go on to completely forget their grudge. It was so off putting.

"But Hanami-sensei," I groaned.

"Now Hina-chan!"

I let out a sound between a grunt and a whine and trudged myself to my room. I put on a dark blue kimono shirt and baggy black slacks. I pulled my shoulder length green hair back into a messy bun just how I liked it. I looked stupidly toned. I had gotten used to admiring my little 4-year-old body. Call me a narcissist but could you blame me for enjoying just how much effort I put into maintaining this body. I may only be 4 but I was toned for a four-year-old, with callouses already on my little palms and scars around my knees. I somehow managed to look a few years older despite my baby face. Being a chakra enhanced ninja kid did that to you.

Walking with Hanami to the park just solidified how unlike the other children I was. I once saw a Hyuga boy and a Uchiha girl with my same build, all toned and too fit for a child. It was a little disconcerting to see it on other kids, because well... they were actual children and I wasn't. It was also a massive cultural shock when kids played around with wooden kunai and shuriken like it was normal.

I tugged at Hanami's haori and groaned. "Hanami-sensei, can't we just play some Shoji together."

"Come on Hina-chan, you need to be able to play with other kids too. Who knows, it may actually be fun."

Well playing in the park was fun, but not with other kids. I enjoyed the swings and I enjoyed the monkey bars and doing cartwheels and backflips and climbing trees, but I did not enjoy children. Ugh. Brats.

Hanami sat down at a park bench and proceeded to ignore me by reading. I let out a sigh of frustration mumbling out a 'troublesome' before walking to the park. All the kids looked busy in their little groups. I continued looking and was kind of relieved to find a child by themselves, hunched over the sand pit. I made my way to them and he turned to me in all his white gravity defying hair glory. Hatake Kakashi. Huh. Well I didn't quite expect to meet a key player in Naruto just yet.

"Can I play with you?" I asked, this time with genuine interest.

He looked about my age, which really set me in on the timeline. He nodded, half lidded eyes turning back to the sand pit. Thank god he was a quiet kid! We played away at the sand pit for a while, not really talking which I was entirely too grateful for because I had no idea what to say. It was peaceful until an older boy kicked Kakashi face first into the dirt. The kid pulled himself up wiping away the sand with the same disinterested look on his face.

"Hey what was that for?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"Why're you two so weird! You're always quiet!"

"Yeah I've seen them around. Weirdos!"

"Come on, let's play ninja. You losers can join if you want to!"

I rolled my eyes. These were just a bunch of pudgy children. They looked so weak and they were picking a fight with me and Kakashi? Were they stupid? Oh right these were just kids. I cracked my knuckles, walking forward with a menacing grin and they squeaked before running away. It helped that I was a head taller than them! Thankyou dad, for these amazing genes!

"Kids," I huffed.

Kakashi gave me a quizzical look, tilting his head in an almost too adorable way before he said a blunt, "You're a kid."

"Huh, guess I am."

Then we silently began working on the sandcastle again. I eventually got bored and the sun was irritating my face, so I stood up and stretched.

"Wanna play tag instead?" I asked.

To my surprise Kakashi nodded, looking rather eager to move out of the sun too. I stretched my aching legs from my previous workout. Kakashi looked pretty toned for a brat too.

"Ok I'm it!"

Kakashi sprinted away with surprising speed. I blinked for a second, caught off guard before I chased after him. He seemed taken aback by my persistence. I may not have been as fast as him, but I had the stamina of a poor soul tortured who was burdened to run every day until she could no more. I eventually caught the elusive kid. To my surprise we began what was essentially a mock Taijutsu slap battle, if not a little clumsily, as I tried to dodge his hands at close range. I eventually had to duck and roll to get away and found myself having a harder time not getting caught than catching. Kakashi was a fast-little fucker.

Not long into the game I was cornered and just to make sure I got away (because there was no way I would lose to a kid), I ran up the tree. My natural talent to mould chakra to my will made it extremely easy for me to learn tree and water walking. I was kind of treated with a little more respect because of it. To my shock and awe, Kakashi squinting up at me decided he too would walk up the tree. He slipped and fell the first time, and I watched on curiously. Was he as much a prodigy as the manga made him out to be?

"Push your chakra through your feet," I directed.

He did but it was too much, and he was blasted away. He quickly recovered twisting into a roll. I chuckled. Wow he had good recovery too.

"Not too much," I added.

"How much?" Kakashi asked narrowing his eyes.

"Try and... make it sticky," I shrugged.

I was no teacher. Kakashi put his foot on the tree, this time carefully concentrating and then to my surprise he actually did it. I noticed that children were now milling around us, enamoured by the idea of walking vertically on a tree. Even some of the civilian parents were watching.

"You're really good at this," I complimented.

Kakashi didn't hear me, concentrating on his movements too much to really think. In only a minute the midget genius was up the tree besides me. I was genuinely surprised when he broke that look of concentration and put a hand on my shoulder. I gave him a confused look.

"Your it."

Oh fuck

It had been a while since anything interesting happened asides from meeting the mini Hatake. We played in the park together whenever we met. I managed to steer clear of Sakumo, because heck if I was going to involve myself in the life of a man who was destined to die. I couldn't do anything about it, so I would spare myself the pain and never get close. Other than Kakashi slotting himself into my schedule, life went on like usual, which meant more training. Hanami was drilling into me the benefits of being a masochist because the ache in my muscles and the feeling of pain as I scraped my knees falling down was so cathartic that she didn't even need to tell me anymore to do an extra lap. Hopefully I didn't end up like Gai or Lee, although being a solely Taijutsu based ninja didn't seem too terrible of a fate.

I was nearly 5 now. I was so close to being let out of the Nara compound. I really didn't know how to feel about that. I loved my family, and I absolutely adored Taichi, but... Hanami was closer. It was unfortunate but when you spent a considerable amount of time being bossed around by an older female figure at a young age, she kind of becomes your mother, even if your real mother is around.

It wasn't Yua who pulled the sheets off my bed every morning, or forced me to eat vegetables which I hated, or tucked me into bed after a long day of training. Yua was there for me sure, but when she was around it was like she doted on me to an extreme, holding me at arm's length and giving me an oddly dispassionate look while simultaneously showering me with presents. If I didn't know better, I'd say she felt guilty about not loving me.

That hurt.

So it came as a kick to the gut when Shikaku came by and handed some documents to Hanami. The woman looked devastated, her normally bright disposition turning sour. Shikaku put a comforting hand on her shoulder, squeezing it and Hanami stiffly turned to me smiling. It just seemed so forced. I put down my toy kunai and hopped off the chair, turning to her.

"Hina-chan, your physicals are looking perfect. It seems your physical therapy is done."

And so is your time here.

It made sense. I wasn't a Nara. I wasn't going to be here forever, hanging out with Hanami, training, going out to get mochi and playing Shoji with the other kids— beating them to the dirt. I knew this and yet the lump in my throat didn't go. I didn't often lose myself to my emotion, being a rather level-headed person, but I found myself hugging her, burying my face into her stomach. Her warm hand ran through my hair and I held back a pitiful sob.

"I don't want to go," I mumbled. "This is home."

This was home. Nara was home. Sure I wasn't part of their Clan, but growing up here, playing with the kids here, bickering with the laid-back adults here... eating mochi with Hanami after every Saturday training here; that was my life.

"I know Hina-chan, and you will always be my little leaf, but your kaasan and tousan love you a lot and so does Taichi-kun. They'll be really sad if you don't go back home. I'll always visit and your always welcome to come visit here too."

I nodded, pulling away and putting myself back together. God stupid childish emotions. I was better than this. I was an adult. I straightened myself up and bowed low, probably frightening to two Nara in front of me.

"Thank you, Shikaku-san, Hanami-sensei! Without you I would never have made it this far. I am forever in your debt."

I quickly straightened up to see Hanami's flabbergasted look and Shikaku's wide eyes. The older man was first to recover.

"You are a member of Konoha Hina-chan. What we did for you was what we do for family. Konoha is our family, and that means you are always welcome back home."

I blinked up in sudden understanding. There was no real reason the Nara took me in, at least nothing to do with bolstering some personal agenda. This was the famous Will of Fire I had heard about, the unity that Konoha strived to engrain into her people. Same tree, different branches, many leaves.

It was stupidly idealistic. I was shocked the Nara of all people would promote its qualities. I'd always assumed maybe the Inuzuka and Aburame clans would be more suited to the philosophy, but the Nara I thought were a bit shrewder. Honestly, I thought the idea of unity was good and important, and it had a way of pulling you into its sweet call, but I had grown up in a different world with different cultures. For all purposes, I was incapable of being brainwashed by the Village, and the Village would never truly be my top priority. The people in it however... people like Shikaku, Hanami, Kakashi, Taichi and my parents, they were the only ones I cared about.

"Thank you, Shikaku-san," I said again.

"I believe you still owe me a game of Shoji. I expect you here next week."

"Of course!"

Then Hanami and I began the solemn process of packing away my belongings. I looked at my assortment of chestnut brown, navy blue and khaki clothes and sighed. If I wore this in the civilian district, I'd probably be made fun of again. It was to... ninja, and that's what I'd come to be. I packed away everything into just 2 bags. Everything I ever owned could be fit into 2 bags. Not a lot considering.

"Ready to go Hina-chan?"

"Yeah," I mumbled out, taking one last look at my room.

I let Hanami hold my hands out of habit as she walked me out. A few Nara waved me goodbyes, congratulating me on my recovery. I gave them forced smiles. God I'd miss them and how carefree they were. Then we walked in a sort of sad silence, chatting about inane things on the occasion until I reached my old home. We walked into the Bakery, and the smell of sweets and fresh bread hit my nose. It was always a good smell.

To my surprise Taichi jumped out and popped some confetti on my face. Mom and dad came out holding a pink cake with welcome back written all over it. Dad picked me up in one of his giant crushing bear hugs and despite my sadness I couldn't help but giggle.

"Welcome back kiddo!" he laughed, his voice rumbling deeply.

"Ahh tousan your beard is prickly!" I whined.

"Oh you like it?!"

He then proceeded to rub my face against his more and I giggled, pulling away. Then he put me down and Taichi gave me a big hug. I looked up at mom who gave me a small smile, a hand briefly resting on my head. She looked a little less distant today, but her wariness was still present. Any normal kid wouldn't have noticed but I did. I turned around to see Hanami wearing a strained smile. My mood dropped slightly.

Then we walked up the stairs and I put my things back down in my old room. The crib was long gone, replaced by a soft pink looking bed. I'd probably have to change the sheets to a nice neutral colour later. Bright ones just were a little too childish for my tastes. The room was distinctly different though, with soft pastel colours and rather girlish furniture. They must have paid a good amount to get everything here, so I didn't feel comfortable asking for a change. I put my bags down on the bed.

"I'm so glad to have her back. Thank you, Nara-san for taking care of her."

"It was my pleasure Yua-san. Hina-chan has a great work ethic, very good chakra control, and has exceeded all my expectations. She is an amazing daughter."

This was the most unpleasant Yua had ever been to Hanami before. She didn't even call Hanami by her name, always distancing herself a little rudely and calling the younger woman Nara-san. I didn't like it of course, but Yua was weird. She and Taichi harboured some kind of aversion to all ninjas, which was kind of weird considering we were in a ninja village. At least dad was reasonable.

Hanami on the other hand would always phrase things oddly to Yua. The Nara would make sure her sentences could be taken as me being her child, and it only really added fuel to the fire that was their relationship. Honestly it was a little off putting to have two adult women fight over you, and to be your mother figure of all things! It was just plain odd.

"Little Leaf, I'm going to be going now. Remember to always-"

"-do your warmups before training," I sing songed. "I know."

"If you need any help for the Academy don't feel afraid to ask."

I nodded, giving her a soft smile and hugging her. Hanami gave me a hug longer than usual, letting out a sad sigh before plastering on an amiable smile and waving me goodbye. I watched her go, my smile leaving me.

"Good heavens. I'm just glad she's away from those Shinobi."

"Yua, you know not to say that," dad whispered harshly.

"Sorry Nori, it's just a relief to have her back... and what, now she's going to go to the Academy too. She should be here, learning how to run the shop with Taichi."

"We can't do anything about it," dad said firmly, as if he was tired of repeating it.

"They took my baby away, and now they're going to turn her into one of those killers."

I'd heard enough. I walked away. So what... so what if I was going to be a killer? Taking lives was an act measured and calculated and in war it was not murder, it was necessary. It was the way this world worked, and I wasn't going to ignore it, living a 'safe' civilian life, being defenceless and sitting on my ass when others fought. I enjoyed training, I enjoyed running my ass to the ground and sweating out of every gland in my body. Plus I really had no choice. I was living in a military dictatorship, where my therapy was traded for my future. It was signed legally or anything, but it was heavily implied that I was going to be a Shinobi. Even if I was given a choice I would chose this route. Being a Shinobi would get me education in the future, money and status that would not come by staying idly by as a baker's daughter.

All I'd ever done in my past life was go with the flow, getting a job in science, working under superiors who told me what to do, where I should focus my research. I sat on my ass for a pharmaceutical company, with good pay, making medicine to profit them to the detriment of the people needing help. That was the kind of person I was. I didn't have any grandiose sense of morality. Life wasn't some planned thing where you could come out of it with clean hands. The world worked a certain way, and I couldn't change that, but it wasn't like it was devoid of any worth. The people, your work, your effort, it all amounted to something, even if it was as inconsequential as your own personal self-gratification.

Kami I was a selfish fucker.

"Hina-chan, let's go to the park!"

Taichi looked enthusiastic. He was 9 now, and extremely tall for his age, and big in a kind of chubby way. He didn't work out as often as I did and judging from our family genetics he took after dad who was pretty big on all ends. He would have been intimidating with his build alone if he wasn't such a softy at heart.

"Ok," I said, a little unenthusiastically, but it was better than staying at home and listening to Yua mouth of my future career.

Going outside in the civilian side of town by yourself as a kid wasn't actually dangerous, so we were allowed out by ourselves. Taichi was still considered a kid until he was 16 by this world's standards because he was a civilian. It made him much more carefree than most of the shinobi kids I saw around who had some amount of work ethic engrained into them at an early age. Don't get me started on the Uchiha children. They acted like mini shinobi the moment they left their mother's womb.

The park we ended up in wasn't the park near the Nara district. The kids here wore bright colours, all running around noisily with more normal toys like shovels, dolls and teddies instead of wooden kunai and shuriken.

"Taichi! Who's this?!"

A boy about Taichi's age came my way, with brown hair and a missing tooth up the front. Taichi introduced me and I was expecting to be roped in playing with them, but the older boys pulled him away saying they wouldn't play with a little girl. I huffed, folding my arms and going to sit down at a vacant swing.

"Eww, why's your hair so ugly?"

A few girls started snickering at that. The annoying part was that the girl who said it had rather pretty strawberry blond hair, and she looked civilian. I huffed, unwilling to take the bait to a bunch of five year old bullies.

"Why so silent? Are you scared?"

I stopped swinging and sent the girl an 'are you serious' look. She bristled, standing up straighter with a haughty look. Kami, how did someone become such a haughty brat so early in life. What, was she some kind of a mean girl or something? A Regina George? What was this a typical high school drama?

"I really can't be bothered talking to you. Go play dress up or something," I said, flicking my hands at them in the universal gesture of go away.

"No! In fact I want to play on the swing! Get off now."

What an irritating brat. I huffed. She was just a kid... just a kid. I knew how bratty they could get, and I was the adult here. There was no need to rise to their taunts. Geeze, I wish Kakashi was here. He was the only kid who I could really play with and talk to without getting pissed off.

I got off the swing and patted the seat. "Have it, just please let me get some peace and quiet. So troublesome."

"Ugh, like I'd want to sit on the seat that your ugly man face sat on."

"Oh my what a creative insult," I said sarcastically.

"Shut up! Emi-chan is prettier than you! You look like an ugly boy!"

I rubbed the bridge of my nose. Why exactly was a group of little girls pestering me about my looks again? I took a good look at them for the first time. They were wearing fine linen, bright colours, soft hands, unmarred skin and makeup? Their hair was also done rather well for a trip to the park. So they were rich civilian brats. I looked down at myself, worn durable clothes, all-natural earthy colours, green hair thrown into a messy bun and sporting what I personally thought to be a very beautifully toned body. Maybe to those girls I didn't fit into their standard of beauty or something and they wanted to call me out on my weirdness.

"Geeze just go braid each other's hair or something. Leave me alone," I sighed, rubbing the bridge of my nose.

They shrieked at me, one of them probably coming over to pull at my hair. I let out a frustrated breath as I caught her hand, probably a little too hard because she let out a gasp of pain. Then the other girls looked at me with varying levels of anger. The blond tried to grab at me, and I pushed her away. She fell to the ground and promptly started crying. What, just from falling? The rest started yelling at me like I was the bad guy for defending myself.

"Are you hurt Emi?!"

A woman wearing a rather elaborate looking kimono, gaudy to the tip ran over to the blond girl and helped her up from crying. Oh great, here comes a Karen mom.

"She pushed mwee!" Emi cried pointing at me.

"Who do you think you are hurting my daughter?! Where's your mother? I need to have a chat!"

I gave the woman a rather unimpressed look. No doubt she had watched everything happen. So she knew that this was all in self-defence and she was willing to get me in trouble for it. What a drag.

"Look lady, why are you making a fuss? She's fine, not even a scratch," I said pointing at her with a 'are we really going to do this' look.

"How unmannered!"

"What's wrong Hina-chan?!"

I turned around to see Taichi walk up and I sighed in relief. He could probably get me out of this, being a better communicator than I was. His friends followed behind.

"Is this girl your sister?" The woman asked sternly to which Taichi nodded. "She pushed my daughter down and hurt her! I would like to have a word with your parents!"

"Ugh, lady I only pushed her because she was going to grab at me," I huffed rolling my eyes. "Come on Taichi, let's go."

"Eh Taichi, your sister needs to apologise."

I turned to see his group nod in agreement. Really? Taichi who was clearly not the leader of his group, but rather the brunette who first waved to him, gave out the orders. They were all looking at me distrustfully, like I was some kind of weird kid. I didn't care what they thought so I turned to Taichi, hoping he'd just say no and leave with me so we could have fun somewhere peaceful. He didn't though, he caved from the looks the woman and his friends were giving him. He gave me a hesitant look.

"Nee Hina-chan, maybe you should apologise. It's rude to push others."

What? When was it rude to push others? That's practically how kids greeted each other right? You push someone over, then you insult them and play ninja? I gaped at the angry adult lady and my brother and the kids in bewilderment. What had I done wrong? I mean logically I knew I didn't do anything wrong, but socially it seemed I was being singled out for some reason. I let out a frustrated huff and sent Taichi a look of betrayal to which he glanced away.

"Ugh, troublesome. I'm leaving!"

I was about to storm away when I felt a hand about to grab my back. I ducked and rolled instinctively, as I turned around to see the angry woman stand up and glare at me.

"No you don't! I'm taking this to your parents gaki!"

She swiped at me again, but I jumped onto the tree and ran up until I was hanging upside down from a branch away from their teach. I was fully prepared to verbally beat down that irritating women when I looked down to see the gaping faces. I mean... fair, it wasn't every day you see a 5-year-old tree walk, let alone a 5-year-old in the civilian district.

"Look lady, I don't know why you're so angry but seriously let's talk this out like adults. Your kid was being mean to me and came at me so when I put my palm out and she lost balance, it's not really my fault is it?"

"Just because you're a ninja brat doesn't mean you'll get away with this! Come on Ami"

The woman picked up her daughter and stormed away. I walked down the tree and Taichi was flustered as his friends sent me odd looks. He took my hand and waved a quick goodbye before leaving. I wasn't complaining. Geeze, I hated parks without Kakashi in them.

"You should have just said sorry," Taichi said a little angrily.

"I didn't do anything wrong," I grumbled.

"You pushed a girl over and made her cry. You can't do that here!"

"It was just a push, geeze."

"She was rich! Her kaasan is probably mad at us now. We could lose customers!"

Ugh that oddly made sense. Maybe civilians were more vindictive in this world... or maybe it was just that Karen's existed in every universe.

Going home had been a weird experience. Kaasan looked at me with a sigh as Taichi explained why he looked so sour. I felt like everyone was overreacting a little. It wasn't like I sparred a kid and broke their bone or anything. Geeze, I'd seen that happen a lot and normally the parents just took it in stride, picking up their kids, saying goodbye to the other parents and leaving. Why was it so different here?

"Come here Hina-chan. I know you didn't mean to be rude, but this isn't the Nara compound, and you can't be rude here."

"I wasn't rude there either," I said a little insulted.

I didn't like what she was implying. The Nara weren't rude. Yua just sent me a look like she didn't believe me. Was it just me or was I feeling personally attacked all of a sudden? Yua had the audacity to sigh, like I hadn't understood her or something. She got up, holding my hand and taking me to my room. I bit down the illogical guilt that came with having a mother give you a disappointed look. I was an adult, but my body chose to act like a child at the most inopportune times.

"It's my fault, I should have taught you how to be a proper lady. I brought you some clothes. I can't have you wearing those, now can I?"

What was wrong with my current clothes? They weren't cheap material, in fact they were perfect to run in, durable and sweat resistant. My black slacks were also rather decent quality material. To my surprise when mother opened my drawers, I saw a set of new clothes in there.

"I took the liberty of buying you some new clothes, for welcoming you home. Come on let's try them on."

Judging from the rather pleased and excited look on her face, she was looking forward to this. I didn't have the heart to say no, so I ended up letting her take off my clothes. She began dressing me up in the stiff material, tightening the pastel blue haori around my waist. I looked in the mirror to the kimono I was wearing. I tried to stretch my legs and found it lacking in the movement department. Granted it was cute, but I wasn't exactly into that, and the bright colours were more than a little off putting.

"You look beautiful. Now you just have to grow out your hair, and you'll be a real beauty."

Sure I was alright looking, and long hair would look pretty on me, but how exactly was I meant to train with long hair? It always got in the way, and because of how silky my hair was I needed it short to keep it in place.

"This is for formal events, right?"

"No silly this is everyday wear."

I paled. What? I had to wear these stuffy clothes every day? What the actual fuck. I couldn't stop the grimace.

"What's wrong?" mother asked.

"It's hard to move in. It'll be hard to train." Or run or do anything for that matter, but I couldn't exactly say that.

"Well now that you're better you won't have to train so much. You can make friends with the girls here and be a normal child for a few months."

The Academy was around the corner. Right. I actually couldn't wait but judging from the look on mother's face she was dreading it. She really did have a thing against Shinobi. She was my mother, so I respected her somewhat, but I also was my own independent person.

"Kaasan, I really enjoy training. I know you don't like Shinobi, but it's my dream to become one."

"You don't know what you're saying. Everyone says that Hina-chan. They make you believe it's an honourable duty and then you see the reality too late."

Oh damn even mother saw through the propaganda, eh. Wow, how did the village keep people in that shared these kinds of views? I knew the civilians were a large population, but this was a military state. Wouldn't they have precautions to ensure the civilians were loyal too?

"I know kaasan, but I enjoy training and sparring and learning how to control chakra. I know how the job works, that it requires killing, but it's for the village right? I don't have a choice either way, so I have to be the strongest, I have to be above it all."

Mom's eyes lost a bit of light at that and her expression grew a little more distant. It hurt a little. Kami, why was she acting so cold?

"I know. They've taken you away, even when I have you right here. Wear whatever you want."

I was a little surprised at the venom in her voice. She walked out of my room and I wondered what I had said to make her pull away again? Kami, I wish Hanami was here, she'd know what was wrong.


Thanks to everyone who favourited and followed. Flygar- you're not wrong XD The Narutoverse is a pretty shitty place to be born in outside or even inside peace times. The amount of psychological damage done to the children involved in war is just sad. Kakashi is a good example of that.

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