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Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight

After Esme and Edward left that afternoon from their appointment, Bella was a bit unfocused - dazed really from the interaction she'd had with Edward. Miraculously, she got through her remaining appointments, all while maintaining her professional demeanor. Underneath her facade, Bella was replaying Edward's wink and reveling in the roughness of his warm, large hands as they encompassed hers.

Those hands she wanted to feel all over her body, caressing her pale skin and bringing her to the brink of ecstasy.

Down, girl. You need to calm yourself.

She had to admit she had chemistry with Edward Cullen. He was smart, sexy and everything she'd ever fantasized in a man, both physically and intellectually. The conversations they'd had at the coffee shop were comfortable, filled with wit and warmth. They were building a relationship, a true friendship, which was so unlike anything she'd had with any man in New York. She'd kept men, and people, at arm's length.

After Angela's death, Bella used men for one thing and one thing only.




They were a tool for her to get off. A walking, talking, breathing and pulsating dildo that could kiss and occasionally cuddle. Though, she usually kicked them to the curb before the cuddling could commence. Bella was not a cuddler. Her sister was the more touchy-feely type, while Bella kept an impenetrable bubble around herself. Also, the sex was not had in a bedroom, but in a supply closet, the on-call room at the hospital or any place that had a modicum of privacy, for fifteen minutes, or so. They were fast, furious, empty interactions. For the most part, she was one and done. Every so often, she'd fuck a guy more than once, but that was very rare.

Only if she'd gotten off with him, but let's just say it wasn't all that often.

Most men were bumbling idiots when it came to the physical act of sex. Most of them did not where the clitoris was, nor how to handle it.

With other people, her colleagues and patients, she maintained a professional, detached rapport. She refused to let people in, let them get close. Bella's heart was shattered when her twin had died and she didn't know how to open it back up again. She was terrified.

Now, with Edward, she wanted to open up. She wanted to have more with him. Bella wanted to have sex. Not sex, make love. She also wanted to get to know him on a deeper level. She desired a more intense level of intimacy, to share their inner-most desires, greatest fears, and most amazing accomplishments. She wanted to have more than just one night of pleasure. She wanted to have it all.

She wanted a relationship … and not just a sexual relationship … with Edward Cullen.

"I'm heading out, Dr. Swan," Maggie said, poking her head into Bella's office. "Have a good night."

"Thanks, Maggie," Bella replied, giving her nurse a smile. "Is my schedule up to date? What's on tap for tomorrow?"

"You're off tomorrow," Maggie answered. "Remember?"

"Oh, right," Bella chuckled, shaking her head. "Thanks for the reminder. See you later, Maggie." Her nurse waved and left the office. Bella double-checked her computer, verifying she was, indeed, off the following day. She'd scheduled it off because she had her own appointment with her gynecologist. It was time for her Depo shot. It was scheduled for later in the afternoon, with a 'date' with her parents for dinner afterward.

After making a few notations in her patients' charts, she logged off her computer. Bella grabbed her coat and locked up her office. She drove back to her condo and reheated some leftover Thai food for dinner. Her mind was on a loop, replaying Edward's seductive wink, along with his crooked smile that spread over his face made him even sexier.

"I'm obsessed," Bella moaned, shaking her head as she sipped her white wine. "I'm like a teenager drooling over her first god-damned crush. I'm an adult, a fucking doctor, for fuck sakes. Why am I obsessing over a guy?"

Shaking her head, Bella padded to the bedroom and stripped off her clothes. She slid in between the sheets. Using her imagination, she brought herself pleasure with the variety of toys at her disposal. She was sweaty, but an unsated mess, panting heavily in her king-sized bed. Her self-love was not cutting it. She wanted to watch Edward Cullen's body as he thrust into her, kissing him hungrily. Bella needed to feel his mouth on her body, licking her clit until she exploded.

When was the last time you'd had some great oral sex, Bella?

Or, finger fucked into oblivion?

Biting her lip, she sat up and shifted on her bed. Her lithe, naked body was pink from exertion and her nipples were still at attention. Between her legs, her sex was still dripping with desire, but it was an empty feeling, incomplete. Her fingers were not the ones she needed. Her plastic collection of cocks, clit stimulators, and vibrators were a sorry substitute for a human dick.

Flopping back onto the bed, she put her toys away and tried to fall asleep. Her dreams were sexual, hungry and starred one very sexy, domineering and commanding Edward Cullen.

Who knew fucking in a fire truck would be so erotic?

Perhaps, it was the exhibitionistic aspect of the fire truck sex that made it so hot. It also made Bella's empty orgasms come to life. She gasped as she rubbed her clit furiously after her dream, arching off the bed and calling out Edward's name.

She lay in her bed, panting and relishing in the power of her orgasm. Blinking her eyes open, the sun had barely begun to rise. Bella got out of bed taking a shower to wash off the sweat and evidence of her orgasms. She took her time to curl her hair and apply her makeup before dressing in a pair of fitted jeans and a sexy sweater, displaying her curves. Flipping her chocolate curls, she slid on her coat and grabbed her purse. With a smile, she made her way down to street level, walking the short distance to the coffee shop.

When she arrived, Bella knew she was very early. The shop had just opened and it would be at least an hour before Edward would arrive, if he showed up.

Who was I kidding?

He was going to show up.



Across the city, Edward Cullen was staring out his window, looking at Mount Rainier on the rare sunny day. He focused his attention on the snow-capped peak to calm his overactive imagination. He had dreamt all night about Bella.

The first dream was a horrible nightmare. Unlike his previous nightmares, it didn't involve the fire of his past. This was one was set in the present. It began in a large room decorated with fine white tablecloth, fresh-cut red roses on each table and smooth, seductive jazz music playing in the background. Around him, there were couples dressed in their best formal attire, swaying to the music. The dancers parted. In the middle of the dance floor, Edward saw Bella wrapped in the arms of a mysterious man. She had her head resting on his shoulder as they danced. Lifting her head, Bella looked lovingly into the man's eyes, who leaned down to capture her lips in a kiss.

Just as his lips brushed over hers, the edge of her dress burst into flames, enveloping both Bella and her date. None of the other couples noticed the blaze as Bella and her mystery man fell to the ground, burning to death, screaming in agony as they died.

An evil laugh cackling in the distance woke him up, with sweat was pouring down his chest and his heart pounded loudly in his chest. Looking around the room, he realized that it was just another nightmare. It wasn't real.

Damn, it felt like it was real.

The scent of burnt flesh …

The heartbreak of seeing Bella with another man …

He dragged his weary body from bed, getting some hot tea. His mother swore that her herbal sleepy-time tea was the cure-all for insomnia. From the muffled sound of the television in his parents' bedroom indicated, it didn't really work. The scent of chamomile did calm his nerves and he padded back to his bedroom, curling up around his pillow. He managed to drift off again.

Thankfully, the nightmare didn't return. They morphed into something completely different. His new dreams were erotic and they lit him aflame. Bella's espresso-colored eyes were so warm, filled with desire. Her skin was creamy and smooth, begging to be touched. Her pink lips were luscious and he wanted to taste her mouth, among the rest of her body. He needed to lose himself in her sweetness, her curves, and her warmth.

He woke up a few hours later, feeling rested despite his interrupted sleep. He smiled, remembering his latter dream and he desperately wanted to make it come to fruition.

With a sigh, he slid out of bed. He took a shower, reliving and relieving the sexual fantasies from his dreams. Edward wrapped his fist around his length, coming hard and fast. He couldn't remember the last time when he'd jacked off so much. Perhaps, it was when he was in high school and he saw his first set of real boobs.

Now? He was imagining Bella's luscious body, her sexy voice, her chocolate hair. He wanted to know if she was as sexy out of her clothes as she was while she was in them. His cock twitched, hardening again.

"Edward, you're using all the hot water!" bellowed Carlisle. "I've got a meeting at city hall and I do not want to freeze my balls off!"

"Sorry," Edward barked back. He turned off the water and stepped out of the water, wrapping a towel around his waist. He went through his morning routine, shaving and attempting to tame his hair. It was a fruitless endeavor. He put on a pair of jeans along with his SFD polo. He covered his work shirt with a sweater.

Bounding down the stairs, he was greeted by Esme, who was smiling from ear to ear. She had guessed that Edward was sweet on Bella, but the extra-long hot shower solidified her assumption. Now, she wanted to see if Bella felt the same way and she needed her friend, Renee to help.

"Good morning, dear. Did you have a nice shower?" Esme asked trying not to laugh.

Edward's face flushed crimson. His mother figured out that he was jacking off in the shower, much to his chagrin. Rubbing his hand through his still slightly wet hair. "Yeah, but I'm running late. I'll see you after work, Mom," he said rushing out the door. Once inside of his car, he vented his frustrations knowing that his mother knew what he was doing in the shower. "I need to find my own place," Edward muttered.

He thought, if by some glorious chance, he could finally make love to Bella, how could he bring her back to his parent's house? He could just hear his mother and father calling out suggestions to him.

That would be a hard pass.

"Fuck that shit," Edward growled, determined to find his own place as soon as possible because he wasn't going to lose the possibility to make his dreams come true with Bella. Activating the hands-free device, he called his financial advisor, Maria. With a frustrated grunt, he asked if she could get the paperwork started for releasing a portion of his funds. It didn't make sense to rent. It was, essentially, throwing money away. So, he would start looking for a place to purchase. Unfortunately, he couldn't reach Maria. He left a message on her voicemail.

"Hello, this is Edward Cullen and I would like to discuss withdrawing from my trust. If you could please call me back at your earliest convenience." He left his cell phone number, along with his email address before ending the call.

Now, he needed to find a realtor to help him find a place. Maybe, Rose would know someone, or possibly Bella.

Ah, Bella …

Edward couldn't wait to see her, to hear her, to accidentally brush his hand against hers.

You're turning into a pussy in your old age.

With a wistful smile, he backed out of his parents' driveway and drove to downtown Seattle. He had a standing date with the beautiful, compassionate and intriguing Isabella Swan.

It seemed if it every traffic signal on his commute to the coffee shop had turned red and took forever to turn back to green. To make matters worse, it seemed that the radio was playing songs that reminded him of Bella. First, it was Bob Seger's "Night Moves," singing about "she was a beauty with big brown eyes and dark hair". Then followed by Possum Kingdom by the Toadies with "So help me, Jesus, I can promise you, you'll stay as beautiful, with dark hair and soft skin, forever, forever."

Forever, Edward thought would be a nice beginning with a relationship with Bella. He couldn't see himself ever letting her go now that he had gotten to know her. Their morning coffee dates - he thought of each one as a date - they had shared so much about their likes and dislikes and it was shocking just how similar they were.

Fuck, if he hadn't run away after the fire that claimed her twin's life, would they have met and started their relationship? Or, at least, started a friendship morphing into something more.

Finally pulling into the parking lot beside the coffee shop, Edward jumped out of the vehicle and quickly walked to the door.

"Good morning, Edward," Lauren purred bending over slightly so Edward could look down her tight V-neck shirt. She knew that he came in everyday sitting with that mousy brunette. Shit, the chick probably worked at Taco Bell or something and Edward was so out of her league. "The regular or would you like to try something new?"

Edward's stomach turned at the thought of being with anyone other than Bella. Lauren was pee wee league, while Bella was major all-star. "I'll have the usual," Edward said, his lips pursed with disgust.

"Oh, come on Edward, you need to spice things up and I'm just the person who knows how to do it," Lauren said, licking her lips.

At this point, Edward was beginning to feel very uncomfortable, but that all melted away when he felt the warm hand slide up against this arm. The voice of his angel calmed his feeling.

Bella had been watching the interaction between the slutty barista behind the counter and Edward. She could tell that the bitch was making her move on her man. Wait, what? Her man? Was Edward hers and hers alone? God, she hoped so. Quickly deciding to mark her territory she got up and walked to where Edward was standing and ran her hand up to his strong, muscular arm. "Darling, hurry up with the coffee. I want to go back to bed and continue what we were doing all night," she purred.

Edward looked down at her fuck-hot, dark brown eyes and wanted nothing more than to take her into his arms and kiss her until they were both out of breath. He turned back towards Lauren. "Hurry up with that coffee, and make it a grande."

"Why would you want a nobody, like her, when you could have someone like me?" Lauren asked, crossing her arms over her chest and glowering at Bella.

Bella gave a little wicked chuckle. "Listen here, Lucy. I want you to go into the back and tell Eric that Dr. Isabella Swan would like to see him."

"Who the fuck is Dr. Isabella Swan?" Lauren growled.

"That would be me! Now, go get your boss," Bella answered, arching a brow at Lauren, challenging her to defy her.

"You're no doctor and get your broke-ass claws off Edward," Lauren snarled.

Bella pulled her iPhone from her back pocket and sent a text. Edward looked down as she did so and couldn't help but smirk. Bella Swan was in a league all by herself. Suddenly, the door leading to the back swung open and a medium height, dark-haired man came strolling out.

"Dr. Swan," the man said.

"Eric! It's so good to see you. How's your father?" Bella asked sweetly.

"He's doing great. He called just last night and asked if I'd seen you. I told him that you were one of my regular customers," Eric said. "Thank you, again, for saving my father. If there's anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask."

"Well, I do have one request. Lucy here has been rude and harassing my boyfriend," Bella said pointing to Lauren behind the counter. "She doesn't seem to understand the word 'no'."

"YOU BITCH!" Lauren seethed.

"LAUREN!" Eric barked. "I will not have any of my employees talking to my customers like that. You're fired. "


"Oh, I can and I just did. Now, pack up your belongings and get out of my shop. Don't bother coming back. I will mail your last check," Eric snapped.

Lauren was enraged. She saw red, completely unhinged at her unjust termination. She was flirting with a handsome man. That was all. With a snarl, she picked up Edward's cup of coffee; she threw it toward the bitch who had gotten her canned. Edward jumped in front of Bella and block the steaming liquid from splashing onto her.

As the hot liquid soaked through his polo shirt, it began to burn his flesh, causing him to call out in pain. "Dammit!"

Eric grabbed her arm, scowling at her. "I can call the police, Dr. Swan. She assaulted your companion."

"She's not worth our time," Edward hissed. "I'm already running late and this debacle is cutting into my time with my girlfriend. Just get her out of here. But, make no mistake, Lauren, we will not forget what you did today." With a curt nod, Eric dragged her to the back exit, summarily firing her skanky ass.

While Eric was taking care of the trash, Bella was in full doctor mode, inspecting the damage that the hot coffee caused. "Are you okay, Edward?" she asked.

"I'll be fine," he grunted, plucking at his polo shirt. Bella gave him a concerned look. "It just caught me by surprise. That's all. I need to change, and I can do that the station, but I'll be okay."

"Will you, at least, let me examine you?" Bella asked. "You could have second degree burns, Edward."

"Okay," Edward agreed.

"Eric, may I use your office to check his wounds?" Bella asked.

"Of course, and let me get you the first aid kit," Eric said opening the door for them to walk through. He showed them to his office and left to get the kit.

When they were alone, Bella looked up at Edward. "Take the shirt off."

Edward gave her a crooked smile. "Bossy. I like it." Bella chuckled, smirking at him and he tugged off his shirt, revealing his muscled chest and ribbed torso. "I have dreamt of you telling me that, but never in the office of the coffee shop."

"You have?" she asked, breathlessly.

"Yes. Have you thought about us?" Edward asked, his crooked grin spreading to a full, seductive grin. Her cheeks flushed with a deep shade of pink, as she remembered all the times she had imagined them making love. "From that blush, I would assume you have, Dr. Bella."

Shaking herself out of the daze, she began to survey the damage that the hot coffee had inflicted. There was a large spot about two inches wide and four inches long that was reddening of the epidermis layer, indicating it was a first-degree burn. However, there were several small spots that had already started to blister and swell.

"You have several spots of second-degree burns. I'm going to place some antibiotic cream and you will need to apply it several times a day for the next week. The large spot thankfully is only a first degree burn and other than some pain; it should heal quickly. Apply some aloe vera on the spot and take some Tylenol for the pain, if needed," she said, barely a whisper as she finished her diagnosis. She stared into Edward's evergreen eyes, lost in their swirling depths.

Snap out of it, Swan, Bella mentally chastised. But, he's so pretty! Handsome!

With a cotton swab, she dabbed the antibiotic cream on the blistered skin. She leaned forward, lightly blowing on his injured skin and he slid his hands to her slender waist. His thumbs inched underneath her sweater and came in contact with smooth, warm skin. She shivered, blinking up to him. He eased his arms around her body and pulled her closer. Her hands rested on his biceps. "I feel better already, Dr. Bella," he murmured, his face close to hers.

"I'm glad," she whispered. "I'm sorry that she did that. You're not the first victim of Lucy's. She's relentless when it comes to good-looking men. She was, however, quite forceful with you. I wanted to come to your rescue. Instead, you rescued me." She trailed her fingers up his arms to rest on his broad shoulders. "Thank you, Edward."

"I'd do it again, Dr. Bella," he said. "I have a question for you. The benefit coming up, I was wondering if you had a date?"

"I don't," she replied, her cheeks flushing. "Are you asking me?"

"I am," he smirked. "Would you do the honor of attending the benefit as my date?"

"I'd be honored, Edward," Bella breathed, easing her fingers up his neck and to his hair. Their bodies moved simultaneously and they were a hair's breadth away from kissing when Edward's cell phone rang from his pocket.

They jumped back; unaware how close they had gravitated to each other. The ringing phone acted like a bucket of cold water, bringing them back to reality. Edward reached into his pocket, seeing the number of his colleague, Rose. He dismissed the call, pushing his phone back into his jeans. "It's work."

"You have to go, don't you?" Bella asked. He nodded. "I was hoping we'd be able to enjoy our coffee. I truly enjoy our mornings together."

"I'll be here tomorrow, Dr. Bella," Edward said, taking her hand and threading their fingers together. She smiled, relaxing. He picked up their hands and he brushed his lips along her wrist. Breaking their connection, he looked at his damp polo. Bella held up a finger and darted out of the office. She returned with a t-shirt from the coffee shop. "A shirt?"

"I don't want you to put that on your burns," she said, handing him the folded t-shirt. She gently placed a small gauze pad to his chest, covering his burns. "Take this off when you shower and gently cleanse the burns."

"I've experienced burns before," he said, turning around and showing a scar on his shoulder and back. "Thank you, though, for your tender, loving care, Dr. Bella."

"Anytime, Edward," Bella said. His phone rang again and he huffed out a breath. He dismissed the call, sending a brief text. "Be safe, today, okay?"

"Always, Bella," he smiled, tugging on the t-shirt that Bella had gotten for him. He tucked it in. "I know that we've always met here, but can we exchange phone numbers? I'd like to talk more."

Bella nodded and they swapped numbers before Edward left the coffee shop. Eric handed Edward a complimentary cup of coffee, with abundant apologies. Bella held Edward's polo shirt in her hand. "I'm so sorry about Lauren," Eric muttered.

"Thank you," Bella replied. "I pray she won't be returning."

"She'll be banned and I will be contacting the authorities about her behavior. You may not want to press charges, but I am. For theft," Eric said, arching a brow.

"I hope she goes down. Hateful cow," Bella grumbled. With a sigh, she made her way to the door. "I hope your father is feeling well, Eric. If ever need anything …"

"Of course, Dr. Swan. And the same goes for you. You and your friend will receive complimentary coffee for the foreseeable future. It's the least I can do," Eric said apologetically.

"I appreciate that, Eric," Bella nodded. Eric handed her a fresh cup of coffee and Bella left the coffee shop, walking to the hospital. As she arrived, her cell phone pinged and she saw a new text message. It was a photo of a single flower from Edward's number.

This pales in your beauty, but I wanted to express my gratitude for your gentle care of my burns. I look forward to our evening at the benefit, but would you like to accompany me for dinner prior to that? I eagerly await your reply. ~ Edward

With a grin, Bella texted her answer. When and where?


"Nice t-shirt, Cullen," Rose teased when Edward strolled into the laboratory.

"Shut it," Edward grumbled, walking to his locker and finding a fresh SFD polo shirt. "There was an incident at the coffee shop and I got covered in a caramel macchiato from an irate employee."

"What did you do?" Rose asked, leaning against the counter.

"I ordered some coffee and rejected some advances from one of the baristas. She got all huffy and threw a cup of coffee at me. I got some burns thanks to her ire," Edward answered blandly, putting on his polo.

"Did you press charges?" Rose asked, crossing her arms.

"Not worth the trouble," Edward shrugged. "It's a non-issue, Rose. Bella addressed the burns and you called. I had to leave, coming here."

"You're not telling me something, Cullen," Rose muttered, narrowing her eyes at Edward. "How long have you been having coffee with Bella? Are you hitting on my best friend?"

"Maybe," Edward smirked, sending Bella a photo of a flower he'd taken on his way into the lab. "There's something there, Rose. I feel this connection to her that I've never felt with anyone before."

"Just don't fuck her over, Edward. She's been dealt a difficult hand of cards. Losing her sister in a fire and struggling with her sister's death," Rose said softly.

Don't I know it, Edward thought angrily. "I'll treat her with the respect she deserves," he nodded. "What's on tap for today?"

"Rug store fire," Rose answered. "I've been looking at the pictures and examining the debris, but I've been unable to make any sense of these readings."

"Have you been to the site recently?" Edward asked, looking at the photos.

"Chief released it back to the owners. They've started demolition," Rose grumbled, her nose wrinkled. "All we have is the samples of debris, these photos and the comments from the owner."

Edward sat down, looking at the photos, arranging them so he could see where the fire began. Walking over to the box that held the evidence, he found a handful of things that were in the photo. He examined them carefully and picked up the photo. "Look, here."

"What am I looking at?" Rose asked, taking the photo.

Edward held up a piece of debris that looked like it had been destroyed by the fire. "That pattern and this item are connected to the fire."

"What do you mean?" Rose pressed, taking the debris and examining it.

"I saw something like this in Boston. That is a trigger or detonator from some sort of bomb. It's small, made to look like an electrical fire, but it's not. It appears like it's damage created by rodents or wear," Edward said. He shot up, swiping his laptop and searching through his photos. "Here. It's the same pattern."

She took his computer, examining the photo in her hand and comparing it to the picture on his screen. "Was this ruled an arson?"

"It was. Granted, it was an insurance scam from the owner of this photo," Edward said, pointing to his computer.

"Do you think that's what this is for the rug store?" Rose questioned; her nose wrinkled. "That place was quite lucrative."

"No, I think they were targeted by an arsonist. The owner was completely shattered when we interviewed him," Edward said. "If this is what I think it is, we need to get to the police. It needs to be dusted for prints."

"Edward, we've been manhandling this," Rose said.

"We'll submit our prints to be excluded," Edward responded, taking the object and putting it into an evidence bag. "The one thing I know for certain is that this was deliberate, Rose. We just need to find out who and determine if there is a pattern with any nearby arson fires."

"I'll call the police and inform Chief Swan," Rose nodded. "I can't believe you caught that, Edward. You're really good."

"Thanks," Edward said, a faint flush spreading over his cheeks. "I'll look into any other suspicious fires with the same signature. We need to stop this before it becomes more serious, determine who started this fire. Let's get to work."

A/N: So, we got some action between Edward and Bella. Some of it was a dream and then the reality of them at the coffee shop.

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