Falling Back @ezraverwayn
Chapter 8

Hey Nuggies! How's it goin? Well here I am with something that has never crossed my mind until recently. A FINAL FANTASY FANFICTION! My favorites in the series are FFVII, FFXV, and FF Dirge of Cerberus. They are also the ones I am more knowledgeable of as I have played all three of them. This fanfiction will also be SLASH and M!Preg.

So fair warning if you do not like this genre of fanfiction then there is a back button. No need to leave a comment. Just take your negativity and go away. Now since this is FANFICTION I am taking some of my own liberties with this and changing a few things in both characters and timeline wise. This is also a TIME TRAVEL fic.

Rating: M

Pairing: AGSZC (Zack and Cloud will have the M!Preg), Poly!Turks, RufusxTseng

Chapter Warnings: Sexual Themes

Foreign language: Translations will be in () after the language. I do not speak Norwegian so if any native Norwegian folk are reading this and want to give me better translations feel free, but please be kind about it.

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A/N: I am terribly sorry for how long it has taken me to get this chapter out. Life caught up with me and then the whole pandemic, protests, and just general life has gotten me so stressed and unable to write this fanfiction. I do humbly ask for forgiveness and I would like to say that this fic will not be abandoned. Now onto other subjects! Who here has played the Remake?! It's absolutely amazing and I can't help but fall into nostalgia when I play it. Ahhh~!

Cloud kept running after the dark haired SOLDIER. He wasn't really angry at Zack; there was no way he could be. Ever. It also didn't mean that Zack had to do everything himself. He could have gone to Nibelheim and gathered him when he was sent back since Minerva had told Zack that Cloud was going back as well.

He was simply frustrated with a capital F over everything. All that careful planning was now dust in the wind and there was no way he could tell Vincent since the host of demons didn't have a PHS.

In the end he gave up on chasing Zack and decided to just wait for him to come back to his apartment. As he waited he cleaned up the apartment. There was trash everywhere in the apartment and as he cleaned he was surprised he didn't find any signs of rodents or mold in the mess.

By the time Zack did come back Cloud was sitting on the newly cleaned couch, freshly showered, and had a comedy playing on the tv. There was a pot of Nibelheim stew on the stove bubbling away and a freshly baked loaf on the counter cooling leaving the freshly cleaned apartment smelling like home.

"Wow," Zack said as he looked around, "I don't think my apartment has been this clean since I moved in a year ago."

Cloud looked up and just stared at him for a moment before replying dryly, "You would see it more often like this if you actually cleaned it."

"That's what I've told him before," a familiar deep voice said as Angeal came up behind Zack. Cloud couldn't help but notice that the two were very similar in looks, but Angeal was so much larger than Zack. If Cloud didn't know better he would have thought them brothers.

"Commander Hewley," Cloud said as he stood up and gave the man a bow.

The older man just waved and told him to call him Angeal. There were no ranks inside of their homes. "Is that food I smell? Like actual food in this apartment?" Angeal asked as Zack walked to the back of the apartment where the bedroom was located.

Cloud nodded and settled back onto the couch, "Nibelheim wolf stew with veggies and some freshly baked bread," he said as he crossed his legs, "My mother showed me a few recipes before I left home."

"Wolf?" Angeal asked as his dark brows furrowed in confusion before he looked at the blond with wide eyes, "Not your wolf right?"

Letting out a startled chuckle from the question Cloud shook his head and answered, "No. HÃ¥vard is in the wild parts of the slums in search of some food close to what he usually eats at home."

Angeal nodded and settled onto the other side of the couch. "So," Angeal said after a few moments of silence, "Zack told us a few things a while ago, well about everything he knew, but he said you would know more about it when you got here."

Cloud looked over at him curiously, "What did he tell you?" he asked softly. His heart started to pound fast and hard in his chest. He hoped they were simple questions. He didn't want to delve too deep into the pain of his shattered memories. Not right now at least.

"Mostly about Jenova and degradation," Angeal said, "not much else."

Cloud nodded as he licked his bottom lip before he said, "Honestly I would like to wait until everyone is gathered together to say anything. It's too much, mentally and emotionally, to repeat over and over."

Angeal nodded and if he had any inclinations of not liking the answer he got his face didn't show it. They waited for Zack and watched what was on the tv, not that they were really focused on it. Cloud mentally cursed Zack for not sending him a message that Angeal was coming back with him as he tried to make the air around them not awkward.

He couldn't help it though as the scene from earlier replayed in his mind. Did they know that Zack liked him and that he liked Zack back? Did they know that they kissed and held each other? He didn't want to ruin his best friends', and crush, happiness even at the destruction of his own. He fidgeted in his seat for a few moments before a large arm, too large for Zacks', to wrap around his shoulders.

Looking up he caught Angeals' eyes and his face reddened before he looked away. He couldn't help his reactions. The larger man looks so similar to Zack.


Looking back up as he heard the deep voice of Angeal speak to him he couldn't help but feel a bit better now that he was held. The weight, though it was a bit much, was actually comforting.

"This okay?" the older man asked as he gestured to his arm that was curled around him. Cloud, not trusting his voice at the moment, merely nodded.

"Hey guys! Glad to see you both bonding!" Zack piped up from the doorway. His hair was sagging with water and he was shirtless, but wore baggy gray sweatpants. Cloud gulped softly as he watched as a drop of water fell from a spike of dark hair to a tanned muscular chest and made its way down well defined abs to the band of gray sweatpants. He couldn't help but feel a bit jealous.

"Hey baby," Angeal said as he gave his look like a smile, "Just getting to know little blondie here."

'Blondie,' Cloud mouthed in confusion as the two spoke and laughed about something. Cloud stayed silent as the two conversed. He just wanted to stay where he was for the moment and bask in the peace he felt at the moment. He didn't have to do much thanks to Zack.

He had managed to 'unplug', so to speak, Jenova from the Lifestream before he left and the mansion was already burned down from when he went there to get Vincent. Thankfully Wutai wasn't a problem after Lazard and Rufus became co-president of the company and the reactors were slowly being torn down starting with the oldest and farthest away. Cloud had learned that windmills and large water wheels were being placed in plains and areas with fast pacing water and that was how they were going to get energy.

Cloud knew it was going to take quite a bit of time and some protests as people were being switched over to the other energy. He was just thankful that AVALANCHE hadn't kicked up a fuss, but he also just assumed that Vincent did something about it after he left Nibelheim.


Cloud bit his lip as he started making a new mental list of things that they had to do. They would need to talk to Rufus and Lazard at least so they could get permission to use the space rocket the company had commissioned to be made under the late Shinra President to send Jenova into space. The next thing they needed to do was to make sure every last piece of Jenova was taken and that when Aerith called for a healing rain from the Lifestream nothing of the parasite could make it back to the Lifestream.


The next thing they would need to do is make sure the Geostigma never occurred, but thankfully Sephiroth would never bring Meteor, so hopefully it would never occur. He also made a mental note to check on Denzel whenever he was born and keep an eye out for him. If something were to happen to his parents he would be the first person to jump up to take care of him.


The blond jumped a bit and looked over to identical eyes looking at him. "What?" he asked as he looked back and forth between them.

Zack let out a chuckle before he spoke, "We've been trying to get your attention for like five minutes now. We wanna try something."

His blond brows furrowed in confusion, "What is it?" Cloud asked after licking his dry bottom lip.

Zack didn't say anything else as he leaned forward over Angeals' lap and pressed his lips against his own. Cloud let out a little hum as his eyes fluttered closed and just relished in the feeling of their lips pressed together. He was very well aware of Angeal watching them, but he wasn't pulling away. He knew that if the older man didn't want Zack doing this then he would have separated them.

He leaned forward a little more as Zack began to slowly move his lips against his own. He moved just a bit and placed his hand on Angeals' thigh to keep his balance as Zack nipped at his bottom lip for permission.

He opened his mouth a bit and let out a little whimper as Zack delved in deep with his tongue and began to play with his own tongue. His body shuddered a small bit as he felt a large hand press against his hip and a thumb rubbing small circles along it. The only sounds in the room were their breathing and their lips slowly letting out a wet smack here and there as they parted for breath.

Cloud felt the hand on his hip move slightly, but he didn't stop it. He was too caught up in kissing Zack to really notice it. "Zack," Cloud murmured softly against his lips as the other pulled away. He fluttered his eyes open a bit and saw Zack move before reaching out towards him. He grasped the hand and was gently pulled from his position kneeling over Angeals' lap only to be turned around and sat down on it.

Cloud turned a bit and looked at the larger man and saw that the mans' own mako blue eyes were blown so only a ring of blue surrounded the black pupils. Cloud hesitated only a moment, but he leaned up and captured Angeals' lips with his own.

There was a difference between the two similar men in their lips. While Zacks' lips were plump and smooth Angeals' lips were thinner and chapped. The little blond pulled away as he felt hands on the waist of his pants and were slowly pulling them down.

"Zack," Cloud murmured once again, but instead of making the older teen stop he let him continue until the sweatpants he wore were off along with his undergarments. His cheeks turned a pretty pink in color as the two men looked at his unclothed bottom half. He was perfectly sized for a person of his stature and it stood proudly from his bright blond pubes.

"I gotta taste you," Zack said as he spread Clouds' legs wider and leaned in for a taste. Cloud was quick to cover his mouth with his hand as a moan nearly escaped. The small bit of wet heat of Zacks' tongue as the dark haired teen licked him felt better than his own hand. He hadn't felt this way in either lifetimes.

Cloud lifted his head as Angeal grasped his chin. He looked at Angeal with wide eyes as the other man moved his hand from his mouth. "Let us hear those pretty little moans," Angeal said and his voice made Cloud shiver. It was filled with arousal and had deepened a bit.

Cloud gave him a small nod as his breath caught in his throat. He fought not to squirm as Zack changed his small kitten like licks to encasing the tip of his cock in his mouth. Angeal wasn't idle as he watched his student and lover take Cloud in his mouth. His large hands pulled Clouds' shirt up to his neck and kept it there in place as he pinned Clouds' hands up with it with his larger hand. Angeals' other hand, bare from its glove, ran over the smooth pale skin of Clouds' stomach up towards his chest where he ran the tips of his fingers over Clouds' pretty pink nipples.

Cloud let out a small whimper as he felt his nipples being played with. He knew he could cum just with them being played with and with Zack sucking his cock like a thirsty man he knew he wouldn't last long.

"Z-Zack," Cloud moaned out as he felt the head of his cock press against the opening of Zacks' throat, "Fuck!" His back arched and he felt a hardened bulge at his lower back. He took a deep breath as he began to move his hips back and forth and in little circles to both fuck Zacks' mouth and brush back against Angeal.

Cloud could feel his body tightening up and heating beyond what he usually felt. He knew he was close, but as soon as he opened his mouth to warn Zack, Angeal kissed him. Angeals' hand left his own pinned hand and nipples to grip his hips in a bruising grip. He let out a startled moan against eager lips as Angeal thrust up against him.

"A-Angeal," Cloud groaned out as he reached down and grabbed one of Angeals' wrists with one hand and Zacks' hair with the other. "I'm gonna cum," he keened out as Zack deepthroated him.

"Go ahead," Angeal groaned out as he pressed himself against Cloud, "Zack would love it. He's been wanting to taste you."

Cloud closed his eyes for a moment before looking down at Zack, who had his own eyes closed, and took in the darker haired teens' swollen red lips and the sweat that glistened his brow. Cloud unconsciously tightened his grip on Zacks' hair causing him to open his eyes to look up at Cloud.

Cloud swallowed a groan as he saw the needy look in Zacks' eyes just before the man deepthroated him again. The sensations of Angeal thrusting up against him and Zack deep throating him over and over was becoming too much. With a long low moan and his hands gripping tighter on Angeal and Zack Cloud came hard in Zacks' mouth, who had let his own moan out as the sweet nectar of Cloud touched his tongue.

Cloud panted as Zack pulled away after taking in his fill of Cloud and the darker haired teen looked up from his kneeling position and gave him a sweet smile. "Yummy," Zack rasped out and licked his bottom lip where some cum had spilled out of his mouth.

"My, my," a familiar voice said from the doorway and when Cloud turned to look at who it was and to his consternation Genesis was standing there leaning against the kitchens' bar by the front door with Sephiroth standing just behind him.

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