Falling Back @ezraverwayn
Chapter 5

Hey Nuggies! How's it goin? Well here I am with something that has never crossed my mind until recently. A FINAL FANTASY FANFICTION! My favorites in the series are FFVII, FFXV, and FF Dirge of Cerberus. They are also the ones I am more knowledgeable of as I have played all three of them. This fanfiction will also be SLASH and M!Preg.

So fair warning if you do not like this genre of fanfiction then there is a back button. No need to leave a comment. Just take your negativity and go away. Now since this is FANFICTION I am taking some of my own liberties with this and changing a few things in both characters and timeline wise. This is also a TIME TRAVEL fic.

Rating: M

Pairing: AGSZC (Zack and Cloud will have the M!Preg)

Chapter Warnings: Time Skip

Foreign language: Translations will be in () after the language. I do not speak Norwegian so if any native Norwegian folk are/is reading this and want to give me better translations feel free, but please be kind about it.

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The first full week Cloud experienced at Shinra was certainly an interesting one.

First, he was stared at; well him and Håvard were stared at.

Secondly, he was tested to be put in an advanced class, thanks Vincent.

Thirdly, he was moved into a single room because of Håvard and the fact that no one wants to be in a room with a huge wolf.

Lastly, he was now in a meeting with Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal.

Oh, yeah and Zack was there.

"So, this is the prodigy that everyone is talking about?" a certain red head droned on as he circled Cloud. His red haired shown lighter in color thanks to the artificial light in the room while his Mako blue eyes were emotionless as they gazed upon his smaller frame. Standing before Cloud was two darker haired males one larger than the other and a silver haired man standing slightly taller than his companions with cat like Mako green orbs studying him like a science project.

"So it seems," one of the dark haired males, Angeal Hewley, said as he crossed his arms one over the other over his chest. The smaller male, Zack, bounced over to look him over.

"I mean he does look built and fit and stuff, but is he SOLDIER material?" Zack asked, "He looks more ready to join a clutch of Chocobos with that hair." Cloud had to hold back a remark, but glared all the same at the dark haired male before him. Even though he did have to look up to do it. "Yikes, never mind," he said as he bounced over to his mentor again.

"Well, the only thing we can do is test him. We'll pin him against Zack here," Genesis said putting in his two sense.

Cloud looked Zack up and down curiously before nodding his consent. He could take the bigger boy. "I accept," he said softly looking at the four of them with a determined look in his big blue eyes. He was confidant that he could take the larger teen on especially after the training with Vincent and the new abilities of a Weapon.

"Excellent," Genesis purred out as a small smirk slowly formed against his pale pink lips before the red head had to ask, "Also, do you by chance know how to use Materia?"

Cloud's brow twitched slightly before he nodded, "I do. My hometown is by a Mako Reactor and a few natural Mako Springs where someone could find naturally formed Materia. My mentor growing up made sure I was able to use Materia and where I could find them."

"What Materia are you proficient in?"

"Fire, Ice, Bolt, Aero, Stop, Haste, Barrier, Cura, and Summon," he listed off as he mentally tallied each one off the massive list. He didn't list all of the ones he could actually do since he didn't want them to get suspicious of him.

"Summon?" Genesis asked as his blue eyes narrowed curiously, "Who?"

"I only have Odin and Phoenix at the moment," he said holding out his bracer showing them the four materia in it. Two of them were a dark red indicating they were the Summons while one was green Cura and the other an orange red Firaga.

"Those are fully mastered," Genesis commented making the other three behind them give each other glances.

"Well I hope they are. I've been using them for years," Cloud said as he let his arm fall down to his side.

"Hmmm," Genesis hummed as he folded his arms across his chest, "I want to see just how proficient you are at them before we test your physical strength against Zack. Follow me." And without anything else being said Genesis turned his back and stalked towards the doors at the end of the room. Cloud furrowed his brows in confusion before he was tapped on the shoulder.

"You should hurry and catch up," Zack said as he gestured to Genesis, "He gets very impatient and when he gets impatient, well, bodies tend to start burning."

Cloud sighed and nodded as he jogged forward to catch up with the red haired Materia genius while the other three walked behind him in a slower pace. He walked behind Genesis as the older man stalked through the halls making other SOLDIERS and Cadets part ways to give them a clear path.

"Don't worry hatchling," the soft crooning voice of Phoenix echoed through his head as well as filling him with a calmness he could only achieve after a good sparing session, "The fire wielder is only curious of your talents. He tends to hide behind masks and laments of Loveless to hide his true intentions. He won't hurt you hatchling, and if he does try he'll have both myself and Odin to get through."

Cloud mentally chuckled at Phoenix and thanked him just as they made their way outside. The Shinra outdoor training grounds were grass-less exposing the rough dirt and showing that the grounds were well used. On one side of the grounds was a group of cadets that Cloud recognized as his own group.

"Clear the area!" Genesis yelled out as he came to a stop in the middle of the field causing Cloud to come to a halt as well. The blond haired teen watched as his teacher saluted before ordering the cadets to the sides of the field were they stood silent and watching. Cloud waited until Genesis turned towards him with a smirk gracing his lips.

"Now that they are out of the way. I am assuming that you are ready?" he asked as he cocked his hip to the side as he placed his glove covered hands of his hips.

"Yes sir," he replied softly before getting a nod back. He watched as Genesis joined Sephiroth, Angeal, and Zack back towards the edge of the training field. He took a deep breath before bringing his braced arm up and with a flash of light an orb flew up into the air causing the sky to darken with dark grey clouds.

A high pitched sound echoed from the clouds before they were parted exposing the summon, Odin, descending from the sky. The skeletal demonic summon came to a stop in front of Cloud as Odins' ride, Slepnir, whinnied and kicked around with its eight legs.

"Little one," came the gruff voice of Odin as the summon calmed Slepnir.

"Odin," Cloud greeted softly giving the summon a small smile as Slepnir nosed his hair softly in greeting. Cloud reached up and gave the horse a soft scratch on its neck.

"You are in need of my help?" Odin asked as he continued to look down at the teen.

"Sorry I forgot to tell you that this is a test by Genesis. He got excited when he heard I had summons. I guess Phoenix didn't give you the memo," Cloud said with a small chuckle. Odin sighed softly and nodded before dispersing himself after their good byes.

Cloud didn't let himself turn around to look at the First Class group before throwing his arm out with a snap letting another orb of light sink into the ground causing the dirt to have a water ripple like effect. Cloud stepped back for this one just in time to dodge the first burst of flame. He watched as each wave of flame became bigger and bigger before an egg like ball of fire rose from the ground. Mentally counting down from five, Cloud watched as cracks formed on the ball of fire before it burst letting Phoenix free.


He smiled as he saw the spread wings and the shimmering feathers of golds, reds, and oranges as the flames died down leaving the summon exposed for everyone to see. Cloud approached the summon once Phoenix settled down on the ground. "Show off," Cloud muttered as the large head bent down to nudge against Cloud's hand. He got soft clacking of the summons beak for the comment.

"Of course little hatchling," came the haughty reply, "I am proud to have you as my summoner once again and who wouldn't want to show off brilliant looking feathers such as these?" Cloud chuckle as he ran a hand through said feathers before Phoenix dispersed. He sighed softly once he was gone and saw Genesis approach him as he ran a hand through sweaty hair.

"Well done," the red head said as he sent Cloud a smirk, "though I must say I have never seen summons acting like that before."

Cloud licked his dry lips before responding, "Yeah. They've been with me for years, and after years of being summoned they've become friends instead of just partners for battle."

"Hmm," Genesis hummed before turning around to walk back to the others, "Well, I've seen enough for you Materia testing. It's time for your physical testing. Might as well do it out here. There's more room after all."

Cloud nodded and followed Genesis to the others. He took a few sips of water from a bottle that was offered before setting it down. "What weapon are you most comfortable with," he was asked by a monotone sounding Sephiroth causing Cloud to look up at his once enemy.

"If it's allowed I do have my own weapon. I'm most comfortable with that one," he said as he put his hands in his pockets, "I can have Håvard bring it from my rooms."

"And how is a wolf suppose to do that when it's not here to get the command?"

"A whistle. Håvard has been trained since he was a pup to do different commands with whistling. It was a alternative method in his training if I was in a situation where I was somehow unable to speak, but needed to give him a command I could whistle and he would know what to do," Cloud explained as he looked Sephiroth right in his cat like eyes, "He can hear me from miles away."

"Show us."

Cloud nodded and took a deep breath before letting out a small series of loud chirping like whistles that sounded like a Northern Cardinal. They waited in silence for a few moments before a loud bark echoed through the training field. Cloud turned and saw Håvard in all of his scarred beauty running his way towards them with Cloud's Fusion Sword on his mouth. With another sharp whistle had the wolf slowing down to a trot before sitting down not even panting as Cloud took the sheathed sword.

Cloud turned back to see three impassive faces staring back at him while the fourth stared at them in amazement, "Dude! That's so cool!" Zack said as he jumped in place.

"Um thanks," Cloud said giving his wolf a few scratches behind his scarred ear.

"What else can it do," Zack asked before he was given a look by Angeal, "Um you can answer that later."

Cloud nodded as he held back a chuckle before his attention was taken by Sephiroth approaching him. "What kind of blade is that? It looks like a broad sword, but there's something different about it," the silver haired man said as he looked over the shinning blade.

"It's called a Fusion sword. It's several swords merged into one sword. It can come apart if done correctly and reattached," Cloud said demonstrating as he twisted the handle and pulled letting a sword become free before setting it aside and pulling the others apart until all six pieces were placed before them. He put the sword back together making the singular double sided sword once again.

He looked up once again and saw a contemplative look on Sephiroth and an excited one on Zack while Genesis and Angeal looked at him with appraising looks. "Are you sure you'll be able to lift it?" Angeal asked as he looked over the large heavy sword then to Cloud's skinny, but slightly muscular arms.

Cloud sent him a smirk before lifting it up and placing it on his shoulder as he held the handle with one hand, "I'm pretty sure I can lift it," he said as he tilted his head to the side before turning to Zack, "I'm ready when you are."

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