Falling Back @ezraverwayn
Chapter 3

Hey Nuggies! How's it goin? Well here I am with something that has never crossed my mind until recently. A FINAL FANTASY FANFICTION! My favorites in the series are FFVII, FFXV, and FF Dirge of Cerberus. They are also the ones I am more knowledgeable of as I have played all three of them. This fanfiction will also be SLASH and M!Preg.

So fair warning if you do not like this genre of fanfiction then there is a back button. No need to leave a comment. Just take your negativity and go away. Now since this is FANFICTION I am taking some of my own liberties with this and changing a few things in both characters and timeline wise. This is also a TIME TRAVEL fic.

Rating: M

Pairing: AGSZC (Zack and Cloud will have the M!Preg)

Chapter Warnings: None

Foreign language. Translations will be in () after the language. I do not speak Norwegian so if any native Norwegian folk reading this and want to give me better translations feel free, but please be kind about it.

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"Is there anything else you need to say before you go hunting love?" Soleil asked as her son pulled away. Her heart tugged a bit when she saw the red rimmed blue eyes. She grabbed a tissue for her son to use to wipe his cheeks and blow his nose.

"Can I bring Vincent back?" he asked as he looked up at her, "I need him. He can help me train and figure out my Weapon side. I'd rather know now how to use it instead of stumbling through using it when I get to Shinra. I don't want to get the attention of Hojo or Hollander."

"Of course you can bring him here. I'll find an excuse to make for him. Maybe about hiring him to be your instructor? Assuming that he will be helping you train and get your strength back to what it was." she said as she got up to check on her dough. She was still going to make the fried dough for her son.

"I'll run it by him when I get to him. I-is Dad's sword still in the attic?" he asked softly looking at her. He'd rather go with a weapon to the Mansion to get Vincent than go unarmed and get attacked by a monster before he got any Materia or his Fusion Sword to defend himself. He would need to get the safe open too to get the summon Odin now that he thought about it.

"Yeah baby," she said as she looked at her little warrior, "It might need some polishing first though. It's a bit dusty and I don't know if there's any rust on it. It's been a while since it has been used."

"Okay. I'll go get it," Cloud said before walking back up to the second floor. He reached the end of the hallway where he could see the trap door on the ceiling. He jumped up and grabbed the string that was hanging down pulling the door down with it as he landed back on his feet.

He watched as the ladder, dusty and creaky, hit the ground leaving him able to climb it. He took a deep breath before making his way up the ladder and into the room it led to. The attic in their home spanned the entire length and width of the house, but it was empty besides the few pieces of unfinished wooden furniture, his baby and toddler things, and his Fathers' things.

He walked through the furniture and his baby things to make his way to his Fathers' items. His old clothes were folded and put into small bins while the rest of his things were scattered on top of them. One item in particular that he was searching for was on its own pedestal.

He remembered when his father came back from Wutai with it. He was four at the time. His father had gone with an ambassador since they hired him to help protect the ambassador. Anvindr had broken his last sword protecting the Emperor and the Ambassador from some assassins hoping to kill them both to make the Wutai war continue for years.

His Father told him that the Emperor had gifted him the sword after everything had calmed down. It was a one of a kind. Cloud reached out shaking and took the smooth wood and leather scabbard in his hands. He looked at the characters on the swords even though he couldn't read them. He knew what they meant though.

Protect and Live.

His Father said that the name of the sword was lost to ages, but people always knew of its legend. He couldn't remember it though; just that his Father said to take care of it when he was old enough to use it.

Cloud grasped the handle and with a soft sound of metal sliding against metal he pulled the sword out. He looked in the scabbard and saw metal plating in it and realized that it helped sharpen the sword the it was sheathed and unsheathed. He set the scabbard down and brought his attention to the sword in his hand.

Even with the minimal light in the room he could see the sword in all its' beauty as it shone in the light that was in the room. The pommel and handle of the sword was crafted elegantly and wrapped on soft, but strong leather cords leaving diamond shapes down the handle to the guard showing the wooden handle underneath it.

The blade was something he had never seen before. The usual silver metal off a sword was so dark of a black it reflected colors back when the light hit it. It kind of reminded him of an onyx stone if it met an oil spill and it came together in the sword. He traced the sword all the way to its' curved tip before he slipped it back into it scabbard.

He had seen no fault in the blade so he brought it down with him as he left the attic. He slipped into his room for a moment to grab a bag to put some food and water in it since it was a long hike up to the mansion and he was sure Vincent would like food and water after his long slumber. He put it over his shoulder as he hurried out of the room and back down the stairs. Cloud tied the scabbard onto his hip tightly so it wouldn't fall off as he walked into the kitchen.

The small blond smelled the sweet scent of fried dough and chocolate. "Smells nydelig (delicious), Mom," Cloud said as he walked over to her to see a small pile of freshly fried dough.

"There's fruit to eat it with as well, min sønn (my son)," Soleil said with a small smile, "don't forget to take the crossbow and a few strips of jerky when you go."

"I won't! I'll just have a few of these first. I should be back tomorrow night at the latest," Cloud said as he piled four pieces on his plate then added strawberries, blueberries, wild berries, and then drizzled it in chocolate. He sighed softly as he took his first bite of the dough. It was soft and warm and everything he remembered. It really had been too long since he had this. Tifa never made it right when she tried.

Soleil watched as her son enjoyed his breakfast. She turned to grab the few done pieces in her oil before putting a few more in. "So Cloud, tell me about this Vincent," she said as she turned back to her son.

He looked at her surprised as he swallowed what he had in his mouth, "Well he's a cold, ruthless, no nonsense kind of guy, but he really does care about those he claims as friend or family. He would go to the ends of the Earth to defend or save a friend or family member even if it meant his own life. He's a loner kind of guy, but when he's with others he makes it a point to try and help out with whatever he can. Even if it mucks up whatever the others are doing, but it usually is the best option if he is doing it. He's the strategic thinker of the group as well as a front line fighter with me. He was the father figure in my life after Dad passed. He looked after me and I him when he needed it. He's someone I would never replace." Cloud looked down at his plate as he explained to his mother about Vincent. He really did miss him.

"Well, I think love, if you really miss him as much as you say you do then get up and get a hustle on out of here to him," she said as she gave her son a small smile as she gestured at the door, "I bet he's waiting on you too."

Cloud sent her a wide smile before getting up to put his plate in the sink. He quickly gathered supplies as well as a potion or two that his mother had in stock. He made a silent promise to replace the potions he took. "I'll be back! Oh! And don't be scared if you see smoke and flames in the mountains!" he said before hurrying out of the house before his mother could question what he meant. She would find out later.

Nibelheim was the same as he remembered from when he was younger. The tall green grass and the scattered wooden buildings that made his home. As he walked he saw and heard the cattle that a few of his neighbors kept. There were pigs, cows, chickens, and a few other animals that once his neighbors gathered the resources they would sell in the center of town in the market. He remembered that his mother would get pelts from the wolves he or his father would kill for them and sell them in the market.

He ignored people he passed and they didn't give him any mind as well. He passed the village fish pond and the butcher on his way out of the little village. He was almost out of the place when his name was called.


He turned around and he had to keep his eyes from widening as he saw Tifa running towards him. She was young. Just like him. Her hair was short to her shoulders and her body had yet to grow into the woman he knew she would grow up to be. Her kind brown eyes shown with a youthful innocence he hadn't seen in what seemed like a very long time.

"Tifa," he said softly once the girl reached him.

"So Cloud, what are you doing today?" she asked as she clasped her hands behind her back, "If you're not doing anything want to go exploring with me?"

Cloud was taken back at the sudden question, but held in the yes he wanted to say. He had things he needed to do, "I have to go hunting. Then mom asked me to do a few things around the house. A few repairs and things," he explained as he shouldered the bag higher on his shoulder drawing the attention of those innocent brown eyes to them.

"Oh! How about I join you then?" she asked as she clapped her hands together once.

"Sorry," Cloud said before biting his lip, "I'd rather go alone. I'm meeting with Håvard and you know that the wolf doesn't like you much." He always had met up with the wolf ever since Håvard and himself were young. They were practicality brothers since they grew up together.

Tifa gave him a small pout, "Well when you're done hanging out with beasts, us humans, will be here in the village," she said harshly before turning around and walking away. He watched as she was quickly joined with a few other girls he didn't remember the names to but knew they were from the village.

He shook his head and turned back to head out. As he walked he was kind of worried. Tifa had never acted that way with him. Did coming back change things? Did the future he knew even exist anymore? Was he really back in time in his own timeline or was he in a different timeline? Thoughts and questions raced through his head as he trudged further into the vast wilderness that surrounded his childhood home.

He was so lost in thought he was very aware of his surroundings and was surprised when he was tackled to the ground. "Oof!" he exclaimed as the air left his lungs as what felt like over a hundred pounds landed on him. He quickly turned around ready to fight, but relaxed when he realized that he knew who his attacker was.

"Håvard! Come on!" Cloud said as he pushed the rather large wolf off. When he stood up he wasn't surprised when he had to look up to meet the eyes of the wolf. He took in the dark fur of his companion. It was black in majority, but was speckled with grey and silver. The wolf's eyes were blue thanks to the natural mako he was either born with or had consumed with his prey or from streams. He knew it was his wolf from the scars across his right eye and the torn left ear. "I missed you too," Cloud said as he ran his hand through the fur on Håvard's cheek.

He spent the next few minutes bonding with his wolf before he started heading to wards the mansion. It was time to get Vincent. He spoke to Håvard softly explaining what was going on. He knew the wolf couldn't say anything to another human so he told the beast everything.

It seemed like several hours, but was only two hours in reality, by the time they made it to the mansion. He stopped by the entrance and took a deep breath. Going into the building was hard. He couldn't help but remember that almost everything that went wrong in the future started here. This was where Sephiroth went crazy. Where he killed everyone. Where he was kept as he was being experimented on with Zack by Hojo.

He hated this place.

Plain and simple.

He felt Håvard nudge his side softly bringing him back to reality. "Thanks," he murmured getting a soft huff back before he entered the building. It was trashed like last time, but it was also quiet which made Cloud be on guard even more. He hurried through not bothering to explore since he knew the layout like the back of his hand. He quickly made it to the main office. It had a large safe in the back of the room which he quickly walked towards. If he remembered correctly there was a monster in the safe.

He quietly as he could unsheathed his sword and held it in a loose grip as he dialed the code in. He was surprised that he remembered it as the lock clicked open. He was ready with a single swipe of his sword decapitating the monster within without it getting a single movement in. He grabbed the corpse and drug it out without a single sound as the body squelched and dripped before it hit the ground. He ignored the blood that covered him from the spray as he opened the door wider. He warned Håvard of not eating it since it would make the wolf sick before reaching in.

He immediately felt warmth in his palm surging through his whole body once he grasped the Odin summon. "Welcome back youngling," came the strong, gruff, yet fatherly like voice that echoed through his head.

Cloud's eyes widened, "Odin?" he said aloud as he looked down at the bright red orb.

"Indeed. We summons are beings that don't belong to one time or world. We are Lifestream beings. Those made of willing souls willing to keep fighting to defend, protect, or destroy. All of your previous summons remember you and yours. We all would be honored if you will accept us back," Odin explained as the warmth fluctuated in his palm.

"How can I hear you? I've never heard you guys before," Cloud asked as he moved to sit down.

He heard a soft chuckle from Odin before the old summon explained, "Because the Goddess Minerva and The Planet Gaia made you into a Weapon. Weapon's are created with the Lifestream as well letting us commune with one another. You will see as you grow into your power as Weapon many things that you see now will change. For now young one I will sleep until you need me once again."

Cloud let out a soft breath as he felt the almost overwhelming warmth fade away until it was a small heat in his palm. He tucked Odin's Materia in his bag in a safe place before getting up. "Let's keep going," he said to Håvard he wouldn't let this bother him right now. He hoped Vincent would have answers about it.

He opened the stairway leading down before hurrying down it. He heard the clacking of his wolf behind him as he finally reached the bottom. He sliced at the locked door leading to Vincent's room making it fall with a loud bang. He sheathed his sword before walking over the fallen door. He reached over and flipped a switch making the lights flicker a few times before they clicked on.

He paid the opened caskets in the room no attention as he headed straight to the one in the middle. It was the only one that was closed. The casket was black with silver finishes on the handles and decor. He stopped before it before reaching out with a cautious hand. Cloud hoped and prayed to whoever would listen to him that Vincent would listen to him and not deem him crazy or would somehow have his memories of the future. He opened the lid without a sound as he held his breath. He almost dropped the lid when he saw what was in it.

His friend.

His Vincent.


The casket was empty.

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