Falling Back @ezraverwayn
Chapter 2

Hey Nuggies! How's it goin? Well here I am with something that has never crossed my mind until recently. A FINAL FANTASY FANFICTION! My favorites in the series are FFVII, FFXV, and FF Dirge of Cerberus. They are also the ones I am more knowledgeable of as I have played all three of them. This fanfiction will also be SLASH and M!Preg.

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Rating: M

Pairing: AGSZC (Zack and Cloud will have the M!Preg)

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"My Child," Cloud heard her say as she walked barefooted across the grass to him.

"Where is this?" he asked softly as he glanced around the tree and the fields.

"This is where the Planet conscious is. It is where I was made into what I am today. This tree is the life of the Planet. Without it the Planet is dead," Minerva said as she gestured to the colossal tree. Now that he was close to the tree he did notice that the bark was not as healthy as a normal trees' bark.

"What is that?" he asked as he saw bright poisonous green… something… running through the tree. His gaze went up to the leaves and saw that they were shriveled up and just hanging there waiting for a breeze of air to make them fall to the ground.

"The work of Jenova. Because she was introduced into the Lifestream. She began poisoning the Planet planning on making this world her domain to rule over everything. To cause disorder and chaos. To mutate the beings on this world that our Planet loved so dearly," she explained softly, "My Child, if you choose to accept it, to accept the Gift of the Planet, to be her Chosen Weapon, you'll be sent back to before the Great Calamity."

"I have questions," Cloud said as he returned his gaze back to Minerva only to see her looking at him as though she was looking into his very soul.

"I have answers," she quipped back with a playful smile gracing her lips.

"You said Chosen Weapon. I thought she already had the Sapphire, Ultimate, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Jade, Omega, and Chaos Weapons. Why would she need another?" he asked as he crossed his arms in a relaxed manner, "Why would she need to make me a Weapon and what would that mean to me to be a Weapon?"

Minerva smiled as he asked that question. She figured that he would be the first question he would ask, "The Planet can't send back those who are fully human. They end up staying in the Lifestream with no way out of it. To send you to the past The Planet has to change you biologically to that of a Weapon. You'll still look like you, you'll still have everything about you, but you'll have abilities of a Weapon."

"What does it mean to have a biology and abilities of a Weapon?" he asked as he looked at her. So far everything had made sense to him except the whole part about him being turned into a Weapon.

"It is not an easy thing to explain," Minerva said as she folded her hands together and knelt down in a soft patch of grass. She gestured for Cloud to join her.

"Being a Weapon means to be a protector. Means to not bow to anyone, but to the will of the Planet and her Voice, me. It means to be connected to everything yet not connected at the same time. To know when there is danger and when there is peace," she explained, "You'll become more than a human. Yes, there will still be human instincts in you, but there will also be a deeper instinct sleeping inside of you. The best way to describe it really is to compare it to your friend and comrade Vincent Valentine."

Cloud made a soft humming sound as he listened to her explanation. He could understand what she meant. "Will it change me physically? Appearance wise I mean," he asked as he gestured to how he looked at the moment.

Minerva smiled and giggle as she replied, "Not so much as your eyes when the deeper instinct of the Weapon comes out. Your beautiful blues will turn golden. You'll mostly be you unless something happens to The Planet and she needs your help."

"What are the specifics of my task? What happens after it's done?" he asked as he bit his lip.

"I myself do not know of the specifics of your task and will not know until the time you are needed to complete it. The Planet will tell me and from there I will tell you. Afterwards it will be your life to live," she said as she gave him a softer smile, "Once you are taken back to the past the future you know will be obsolete. It'll be up to you how the new future is molded all the Planet asks is for the Parasite known as Jenova to be extinguished however you see fit, and for the Parasite to never enter the Lifestream. Cloud, you can save everyone."

Cloud stared at her as he thought of what she had just said.





He gave himself a mental nod before focusing back on Minerva, "So where do I sign up?" he asked and in the next moment his vision went black.

Cloud groaned as he woke up. His body was so sore like he had sparred with Vincent for five straight hours. He kept his eyes closed as he gathered his surroundings. He was laying on a soft bed with a thin sheet on top of his person. The room he was in smelled of honeysuckles, cinnamon, and vanilla it oddly reminded him of his mother.

He could hear wind chimes and feel a cool breeze to which he assumed that there was an open window in the room he was in. He could hear a soft humming coming from somewhere in the building he was in. He opened his eyes and looked around.

"No way," he said softly as he took in the sight around him. The wood walls were covered with pictures and posters of people he hadn't seen in years. On one wall were posters of Sephiroth just like the ones from when he was… twelve.

His eyes widened as he looked down at himself. "What the fuck," he said softly to himself his voice was a higher pitch than before. He was in the body of a twelve year old or a small twelve year old. "I thought Minerva said I'd be in the body I was taken back with?!" He closed his eyes and took several deep breaths before looking around again.

"If I was taken back this far that means my Mom is still alive," he said as he tried to piece everything together, "It's spring. That means I'm around the time I told Mom I was going to be a SOLDIER." He thought about it for a moment and nodded. He would try and keep everything the same until he needed to start changing it except for one detail. He'd get Vincent out of his coffin earlier. He needed the man since he couldn't do them at the moment with his body the way it is.

He flung black his fox fur blanket his mother had made him off his body before carefully getting out of his bed. His head swam for a moment making the room around him spin before he got his equilibrium back. He quickly got dressed making sure to tight his boots on tight before making his way down the stairs.

The house was a simple two bed one bath house made of wood. He remembered his father telling him that he made it for his mother as a wedding present before his mom told his father she was pregnant with him. As he walked down the stairs he looked at the pictures on the wall that his Mom had hung up. There were pictures of him when he was smaller playing around with native Nibel wolf cubs, playing with the other kids before the incident with Tifa happened, and one that made him stop.
It was the last picture they had of all three of them together. Him, his Mom, and his Dad. He reached up and touched the picture softly as he took in the kind warm grey eyes his father had and the bright blond hair like his own. His father was covered in tattoos from his own clan that he had gotten before he moved here to be with Mom. The man was large, but he was kind, strong, he was the kind of guy to help anyone and anything if they were hurt or sick.

He had always wanted to be like Anvindr (Ahn-vin-deer) Strife.

Cloud pulled away form the photo and finished making his way down to the kitchen. The bottom level of the house was simple like the rest. It was very open with only one blocked off room, the bathroom. He walked further into the room and saw his mother kneading something in the kitchen.

"God morgen, Mor (Good morning, Mother)," Cloud said as he walked over towards her. Soleil (So-lay) Strife looked up and smiled at her son. Her shinning blue eyes filled with love for him and happiness was framed by dark black locks of hair while the rest of it was pulled up into a long pony tail with the ends just reaching her lower back.

"God morgen, liten storm Cloud (Good morning, little storm Cloud)," she greeted back as she kept kneading the dough he had identified.

"What are you making?" he asked as he looked at the plain looking dough.

"Gogoşi," she said with a small smile, "I know it's your favorite."

Cloud looked at the dough with a little more excitement, "What's the occasion?" he asked since she usually never made it for him unless something special happened.

"Because you've been having it rough lately with the other kids. I just wanted to make you smile," she said as she placed the dough in a lightly oiled bowl to let it rise, "Now can you go hunting for us? Try and get enough meat to last a small bit?"
Cloud nodded, "What should I look for? Deer, rabbit, Bear?" he asked as he went to get a pack to put some food and stuff in. Before he picked it up he thought for a moment. Should he tell his mom about what happened to him? Minerva didn't tell him not to tell anyone, even though it was kind of a given, but this was his mother. He could trust her.

"Actually before I go Mom, can I talk to you about something?" he asked as he turned back to her. She turned away from the sink she was at washing her hands and went to dry them.

"Of course you can," she said as she walked over to him, "Sit and tell me what ails you my Cloud."
Cloud sat down by his mother and thought for a moment just what he would say. "Mom do you believe in the Goddess, Minerva?" He started out with. If she believed in the Goddess then all of this would run a bit more smoother.

"I know of her, but I cannot say I believe in her. I do believe in the Old Gods here in out village, but this Minerva is a foreign one I do not know of," she said as he dark brows furrowed in confusion.

"What would you say about time travel?" he asked as he bit his lip.

"Well I think it could be possible if someone messing with Time Materia wrongly, Cloud what are with the questions?" Soleil asked wanting her son to get to the bottom of his concerns without going around it like a buffoon.

"I just wanted to see what you would say to those questions so when I say that I was sent back in time by the Goddess Minerva to do the bidding of The Planet to prevent all of the life on The Planet from being killed off by a Parasite known as Jenova you wouldn't think I was crazy," he rambled out quickly as he got up to pace in front of his mother. He stopped speaking and looked at his mother to see her reaction.

Soleil looked at her small child with wide eyes. She couldn't believe her ear. Sent back in time? Her little Cloud. "Explain slowly and more thoroughly," she said as she patted the seat beside her.

Cloud took a deep breath as he sat down by his Mother once again. "The Planet was dying. There were only a few of us left alive. Tifa, Denzel, Marlene, Vincent, and I were the only ones left. Everything else died thanks to Jenova, a Parasitic Alien life form that arrive on Earth two thousand years ago in a meteor. According to Minerva and some Cetra that survived Jenova infiltrated the Cetra taking on their appearance of one of their fallen before the Parasite attacked them. The Cetra managed to seal Jenova, but not after the Parasite almost killing off the entire Cetra race.

Almost thirty years ago a scientist by the name of Gast Faramis found Jenova and exhumed her out of the place the Cetra had sealed her in. Claimed her to be a Cetra thanks to her appearance. They began to use her cells to create serums to try and make a human-Cetra hybrid to bring them to the Promised Land from the legends. They weren't successful, but they were able to create super soldiers.

That's how the SOLDIER program came about. Sephiroth wasn't the first experiment, but he was the first successful one. A scientist by the name of Ivan Hojo and his colleague Lucrecia Crescent experimented with Crescent's child while he was in her womb. Hojo injected her with Jenova Cells, J-Cells, with her permission during the pregnancy.

Vincent Valentine, being the baby's father, didn't know what they were doing until it was too late. Crescent began having nightmares about her child and what he would do in the future. How he would go crazy because of the J-Cells and kill everything in his way to purge the world for his so called 'Mother' Jenova."

"I thought you said that this Crescent person was his mother?" Soleil said as she sat back in her seat. When she told him to explain things in detail she definitely wasn't prepared for this.

"She is," Cloud said as he looked over at her and adjusted himself in his own seat, "Hojo got rid of Crescent after the birth claiming that she would corrupt the experiment. In her insanity she agreed and left only to come back to her sanity after she was in cased in solid crystal Mako. By then she was too late to do anything. Hojo had already tainted Sephiroth's mind into believing that he was his father and that his Mother was Jenova.

Sephiroth at a young age began his training to be the ultimate SOLDIER. By the time he was 15 he was already the General that everyone knows, but no one knew his age except for Hojo. When he was younger at age 8 he was introduced to two others. Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley. They were also experiments but by another scientist named Everett Hollander. Hollander was jealous of Hojo's project with Sephiroth. With Gast's research in hand he created Project G and just like what Hojo did with crescent he injected a woman named Gillian Hewley with J-Cells.

But with Hollander one just wasn't enough. One night he had left Midgar with the purpose to get another to experiment with. He went to Banora Village and kidnapped the village Mayor's adopted son, Genesis Rhapsodos, when he was just a babe. With the babe in hand he returned to Midgar where he left Hewley and began his experiments. He would inject her with J-Cells and then inject Hewley's cells, H-Cells, into Genesis.

Over the years it seemed like the experiments were a success and when the two boys were 8 they were introduced to Sephiroth. They trained together but Sephiroth was still much stronger than both Genesis and Angeal making Hollander jealous again. The experiments went on and years later came the consequences of them. Genesis and Angeal started to degrade. They started dying.

They left Shinra since the company couldn't help them taking Hollander with them since he claimed he knew how to stop or reverse the degradation. Genesis became desperate and began making clones to try and find anything to stop what was going on.

I was an infantry man during this time. I was sent on a mission with First Class Zackary Fair, my best friend, and Turk Director Tseng. There was a Genesis sighting in Banora Village. We went, search, found Gillian Hewley dead in her home, then found Genesis in a warehouse on the outskirts of the village. Angeal was with him.
I watched Zack fight Genesis before Tseng involved himself in the fighting. Just as Genesis was about to finish Zack off Angeal showed up to fight his student. Zack ended up killing Angeal leaving Genesis alone. I don't remember what happened with Genesis, but he came back years after Sephiroth was first killed.
A few months after that mission I got another to come here with Sephiroth and Zack. The reactor needed checking on, but that wasn't why we were sent. Hojo just wanted Sephiroth to come here to get closer to his 'Mother.' When he entered the Mansion he started to become crazy. Jenova was speaking to him. We tried to get him to stop but he didn't.

He destroyed everything.

He burned everything.

He killed you, Mom, and everyone else in the village."

Cloud got a far away look in his eyes as he wrapped his arms around his middle. He had never spoken about it really since the time he was from everyone knew of it. He felt his Mother wrapped her arms around him and held him. Cloud couldn't stop the few tears that fell from his eyes as he took in her earthy scent.
She whispered softly in his ears as he finally grieved for those he hadn't been able to do so before. He cried softly in his Mother's arms before he pulled away needing to finish his story.

He explained about how he became an experiment for the next four years with Zack under Hojo to become the next Sephiroth. He told her how Zack managed to get them out and almost to Midgar before his best friend was killed and he was taken by a group of people.
He told her of how he became the leader of a group of people wanting to take Sephiroth down. How they were hunted and how they hunted themselves. He mentioned the Weapons and Meteor and how he killed Sephiroth time and time again.

"Then Aerith came to me and took me to Minerva. The Goddess and The Planet needed me. They changed me from the human/alien/experiment I was and changed me into a Weapon for the Planet. She told me that after I was done with my tasks I could live peacefully. I said yes. It went dark and then I was woken up here," he finished his story softly. He kept his gaze down to his lap not wanting to see his Mother looking at him like he was crazy.

"I believe you," she said making Cloud look up at her sharply, "The emotions you showed in your face as you talked told me everything. I believe you." Cloud sniffed a few times as he gathered his Mother in a tight hug.

"Thank you," was all he said.

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