Falling Back @ezraverwayn
Chapter 1

Hey Nuggies! How's it goin? Well here I am with something that has never crossed my mind until recently. A FINAL FANTASY FANFICTION! My favorites out of the series has to be FFVII, FFVX, FF Dirge of Cerberus. They are also the ones I am more knowledgeable of as I have played all three of them. This will be Slash and M!Preg.

So fair warning if you do not like this genre of fanfiction then there is a back button. No need to leave a comment. Just take your negativity and go away. Now since this is FANFICTION I am taking some of my own liberties with this and changing a few things in both characters and timeline wise. This is also a TIME TRAVEL fic.

So please enjoy reading this and don't forget to leave a review! It fuels my muse.

Rating: M

Chapter Warning: None

Pairing: AGSZC (Cloud and Zack will be the ones with M!Preg)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything pertaining to Final Fantasy. It belongs to its rightful owners. I'm just doing this for the entertainment for myself and others and not taking any profit from this.

Mako blue eyes snapped open as the own gasped and sat up in his bed. He looked around frantically before calming down and falling back onto the bed. "I'm home. I'm home. I'm home," he chanted softly as he wiped the sweat from his forehead where blond hairs had stuck themselves to his light toned skin. He gulped as he took deep breaths. His arms and hands shook as he moved his appendage to turn on his side table lamp bathing the room in a orange glow thanks to the lampshade.

He moved to sit up against the wall at the head of his bed as he got his bearings back. He blinked his glowing blue eyes as he looked over the bare room. He turned his head side to side to pop his neck before getting up. The air was cool against his bare sweat slicked skin as he found his pajama pants and a soft, but warm sweater.

He glanced behind a curtain to see what time it was outside since he didn't have a clock in his room. The digital numbers of the clock would just keep him from sleeping. The full moon bathed the world in its moonlight making the water in Costa del Sol shine with its reflection. He took a deep breath before moving away from the window and out of his room. The hallway was dark since there were no windows, but he was able to see just fine thanks to the mako. There were three other doors other than his own. One was white, the second brown, and the last was blue.

He walked softly over to the brown door and opened it without a squeak to peak in. He gave a small smile as he saw his best friend and the mother to their adopted children, Tifa, sleeping in her bed. He backed out of the door to look in on the other two.

The blue door was next in order and behind it held his adopted son, Denzel. His wavy light brown hair stuck up everywhere from his sleep making him look like he was struck with a light Bolt materia. He walked into the room and righted the blankets before leaving to look into the last door.

The white door hid his adopted daughter, Marlene. He and Tifa took her in as a last wish from Barrett, who died two years ago in an accident. He smiled as he pushed her darker brown hair out of her face before leaving.

He sighed as he walked down the stairs at the end of the hall. The house was silent. The only sounds in the building was the sound of his breathing and the sounds of the waves outside coming inside. The sounds of the waves got louder and louder as he walked towards the door.

He silently opened the door and stepped out into the cooler air leaving small goose bumps along his skin. He walked down his patio stairs and into the cooler sand to go to the sea. Cloud stopped before the waves could reach him and sat down digging his toes into the sand. This was his favorite time of the day, or night that is. The only sounds he heard were of the ocean, his breathing, and the splashes of sea life breaching the waves as the moonlight drifted over him greeting him like an old friend.

This is were he would talk to Aerith. His beautiful, wise, sister in everything but blood, Aerith. His friends' passing shook him real hard. He could still see her at the Alter in the Ancient City kneeling on top of the water with a bright light surrounding her before-.

Sometimes when he was like this he could still see her standing in front of him wearing that sisterly smile on her lips and the warmth coming from her eyes. Sometimes she would just stand there, other times he swears he could hear her talking to him telling him that everything would be alright. He closed his eyes and shook his head to get rid of the thoughts.

When he opened his eyes she stood there just like every other time he thought about her. He stared at her transparent form. She stood there for a time before she moved towards him. He furrowed blond brows curiously since she had never done this before.

"Aerith," he said softly as she knelt in front of him still smiling.

"Cloud," her sweet voice called out softly. Her voice seemed like it was far away even though her form was right here in front of him. "We need you help," she said as she laid her hand on Cloud's knee. He held in a gasp at the warmth her hand let off.

"Who's we?" he asked as he looked up at her.

"Myself and the Planet," she said as her eyes glazed over slightly before coming in focus, "The Planets' Voice, the Goddess, Minerva, would like to meet Gaia's Chosen Hero. To give him his task. The world needs saving again Cloud, and we can only rely on you."

Cloud looked at her in shock as he heard her words. "Aerith what do you mean? Needs saving again?! I got rid of Sephiroth!"

"I know you have Cloud. The Planet is so ever grateful, but Cloud she's not gone. Jenova invaded the Lifestream. She's poisoning the Planet and all she cares for," Aerith said getting a more urgent tone to her voice, "Cloud, the Planet is dying. The trees have stopped growing, sea life and land life are dying, the grass yellows and browns not growing any longer. The lives in the Lifestream are gone."

Cloud looked at her in shock. The Planet… dying. He couldn't wrap his head around that particular statement. "Wh-What do I need to do?" he asked as he felt a small surge of… something fill him. He saw Aerith smile at him before green swirls and balls of light surrounded them.

When the lights faded away he had to blink to get rid of the spots the lights caused. When his vision normalized itself again his gazed in awe at the sights. The grassy field before him was the greenest he had ever seen. The grass was broken by patches of flowers. He could see roses, tulips, daffodils, lilies, baby blue eyes, dog violets, and many many others. The main focus of the field was the giant albizia saman tree in the middle of the field branching over and out.

At the base of the tree he saw a woman. It wasn't Aerith, he didn't know where she was, the woman had long blond hair like his own blond locks. He walked closer to the tree to make out more of her appearance. He stopped when he was a few feet away from her.

"Minerva," he whispered softly as he gazed into her soft and kind blue eyes.

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