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Chapter 8

Hey Nuggies! So I've been reading a lot and I mean a lot of HP Fanfiction where Harry is sent to another, or parallel, world to defeat Voldemort and where his parents live. Very cliche I know, but I have always wanted to write one! So, here I am and hopefully you keep reading it even though the thought has been done multiple times. The pairing is SLASH as with most of my fanfiction and I have yet to decide if it will be M!Preg or not or who Harry will be with. By the way, this will not really be book compliant. There will be some mentions of things that have happened in the books, but this will be AU so that means no Horcruxes!

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Sakura Lisel, good question. So, in my head, Harry called himself his dead doppelgangers' name because that is the truth no matter the universe. To his knowledge he may not have known that was his name, but his magic and soul knows that Hadrian Regis Peverell-Potter is his rightful name. In his universe that is what his parents named him and its the same in this world. The names are the same, but Dumbledore in his own world lied and said his name was just Harry James Potter as another control tactic so Harry wouldn't know about his rightful place in the magical world. I should have explained it in the truth serum chapter, but oh well.

Lyn1991, you'll have to keep reading to see if they eventually get along!

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After yesterdays' events with Sireli and then with Aku, Harry decided to keep to himself for most of the next day. He did eat with his family when they ate, but he couldn't eat as much as he could the day before. His stomach was just in knots, but he did promise James that if he was to get hungry he would go to the kitchen and get some food.

He kept himself busy even though he stayed apart from his family, since he wasn't one to just sit idly. He studied the sixth year school books, the school year he was supposed to be in before Riddle had gotten him, as well as a few others that had caught his eye like healing, runes, and very oddly a parselmagic book. In this case, merely because he was curious, he broke away from his solitude to ask his father what it was and why it was in the library.

His father didn't know what it was, and by how fragile it seemed to be with its fraying and cracked leather cover, Harry had assumed that it was extremely old and had been placed in the library a long time ago. So long in fact that it had been forgotten by the Potter Family. He was excited when his father told him he could keep it, since he was the only parselmouth his father knew, and he made sure to tuck it safely into a corner of his room that he hoped no one but himself knew about.

The window in his room, where he had hoarded the book he was currently studying, overlooked the garden where Harry had spotted his father and Silas as the younger teen worked on his animagus transformation. His father even transformed and it was a sight to see. The fur color was different than a usual stag being as it was dark ashy color with a lighter toned belly and inner legs. The thick fur on his chest and around his neck were darker making it look like he was wearing a scarf. His fathers' antlers were large and sprawling, but were regal in appearance and were as white as bone. His hooves were dark and glistening on dewy grass.

That was the first time he had ever seen his fathers' transformation. His patronus, while awe inspiring, was nothing compared to seeing it like this in all its detail. Just seeing him transform gave Harry the strong urge to go to the garden and transform himself since it had been a while since he had transformed.

In fact, he would go.

Harry tucked his egg, it was growing larger every day, onto his bed surrounded by his pillows and wrapped in a warmed blanket before leaving the room. As he closed the door he tapped a rune he had carved into the wooden door frame about a day ago which caused his room to stay locked for everyone except him and those he allowed in.

He quickly made his way down the stairs and out to the garden while once again ignoring stares from the people that were starting to gather for the Order meeting that was scheduled for today. When he stepped out into the sunlight he saw that his father had changed back to his human form while Silas had his ears, tail, and two front paws transformed.

"Good afternoon Harry," James said as he saw his smallest but oldest child walk up to them, "Need anything?"

Harry bit his lip softly as he looked from James to Silas then back again. "Saw you transforming," Harry admitted, "I wanted to do it too. It's been a while since I've been in either form of mine."

"Either?" Silas piped up from where he was sitting on the grass while trying to get rid of what he had transformed.

Harry nodded, "I've got two," he confessed softly to Silas. While the other had been nice to him since they had met, he didn't know what Sireli had been saying to the others.

"Wicked," Silas said as he looked at him with wide eyes, "I wanna see! All I've seen is dads', Sirius', and Professor McGonagalls' forms!"

Harry's attention went from Silas to James as his hand was placed on his shoulder. "Are you sure?" James asked, "It was just yesterday that your core was fixed with the bonding of your wand."

The small teen nodded, "I'm sure!"

"Okay," James said as he helped Silas move away since he didn't know how big his oldests' forms were.

Harry took a deep breath and closed his eyes. The transformation was simple for him, from how many times he had done it in the past, but it had been a while so he needed all of his concentration. He felt Aku slide off of him and Harry waited just a few moments before he let his magic grasp his non-magical form.

His transformation was fluid. One moment a small teen was standing there and the next was a large, but sadly skinny, tiger. He opened his eyes, which stayed their emerald green during the transformation, to look at his father. His dark red toned black coat gleamed in the sunlight which contrasted beautifully with the silvery white stripes that ran through the darker fur. His form was vastly different than his human form, and he didn't mean the simple difference as human versus animal. While his human form was small, but leanly muscled, his animal form was large, broad, and very well muscled.


Harry turned and saw Silas standing there, now completely human, and he was staring at him with wide eyes. Harry let out a purr like cooing sound before stretching his body out. He shook his fur out and sat down so the other two could admire him. He stayed there for a few minutes before transforming back.

"Do your forms have names?" James asked as Harry stretched a bit.

"Mhmm!" Harry hummed out an affirmative, "My tiger is called Regis. Sirius named him because he said that the first time he saw my tiger form he was regal like a king."

James smiled and nodded. He could see it. "And your other form?" Silas asked as he moved to stand by his father.

"I need a bit more room," Harry said as he looked around the garden, "A space with no trees preferably a sports field or a large clearing."

"The only area I can think of is on Hogwarts' grounds," Silas said with a small pout on his lips. He really wanted to see the other form his big (small) brother had.

Harry hummed softly and nodded. "That was the first place I had transformed at," Harry said, "It was an accident when I transformed. I didn't mean to do it at all, but I'm sure that is why I have two forms instead of just the one. My magic reacted."

James looked at him with his brows furrowed in confusion before he asked, "Accidental magic?"

Harry nodded as he replied, "I've always had bouts of accidental magic."

"Most magicals stop doing accidental magic when they get their wand or focus," a female voice piped up from behind Harry. Harry tensed at the sudden noise and fought from grabbing his wand since the voice was just his mother, Lily. Aku, sensing his bonded feeling uncomfortable, slithered over and back up his body.

Harry shrugged as he turned around to face her. If he were to be honest he wasn't as comfortable with his mother than he was with his father, but then again he hadn't really spent much time with her to get comfortable.

"You need something my flower?" James asked as he placed a hand on Harrys' shoulder and felt how tense his son was.

Lily, having been biting her lip after seeing how her son reacted to her sudden appearance, released her lip before answering. "The Order are all here," she said and gave Harry a small smile, "Silas, you need to go back to your room or go with Sirelis' room and stay there until the meeting is over with."

"But Mum-" Silas protested, but Lily interrupted him.


Silas let out a deep sigh before stomping away from them and back inside of the house. Harry was then led inside and to the room they had the first meeting with him in it. Inside were some of the same people from the first meeting, but there were a few new (old) faces in the crowd, like Mr. and Mrs. Weasley with their eldest and middle children Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, and George Weasley, there was Viktor Krum, the Longbottoms were there again, and a few professors from Hogwarts. Harry greeted those he knew before sitting down between James and Lily since he felt better sitting between them then off to the side.

The others mingled a bit with each other while others shot him looks before turning back to the people they were speaking with. Harry shrunk down a bit each time he saw those looks. He wasn't an attraction at a carnival that people could stare at and whisper things about.

"Are we missing anyone?"

The old male voice cut through his own thoughts causing him to flinch a bit from how sudden the sound was. It didn't help that the voice was right behind him.

"Just Severus," Minerva replied as the members sat down where they could or conjured seats for themselves to sit in when the other seats were filled, "He said he was going to be a bit late and to start without him. He's on a very volatile step in his experiment and lost track of time."

"Very well," Albus said as he too took a seat after everyone else had sat. Harry felt a large, warm hand settling on his shoulder making him relax as he realized it was just his father. "If you would?" Albus said as he gave Remus a nod and a smile.

"Of course!" Remus said as he took out a folder from wherever he had placed it and touched his wand to it making it glow for a moment before fading away, "In the last meeting we confirmed that Mr. Potter was indeed Mr. Potter from a different world/timeline. He then told us of what transpired in his world and about the existence of the Dark Lord Thomas Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord V-Voldemort and that he was not a Death Eater or working for said man. He told us a bit of a background on T.M.R. and about his second year of schooling at Hogwarts. As well as telling us about Horcruxes and the basilisk underneath the school in the Chamber of Secrets. It was also revealed that Mr. Potter is a Parselmouth and that he killed the basilisk before getting rid of the horcrux."

Albus nodded as he turned to look at Harry. "If you wouldn't mind we would like to know more of your school years," the headmaster said as he leaned back in his chair regally, "You alluded to having some very interesting years."

Harry nodded back as he spoke, "Do you want me to start with my first year?"

"If you don't mind," Albus replied with a bit of a twinkle in his eye, but Harry didn't see it as a bad twinkle. Not like the Albus of his time. "Also if no one would interrupt him during this? We will hold a discussion afterwards," the old man added before Harry could open his mouth.

"During my first year which was in 1991, Hogwarts was home to the Philosophers Stone for Nicolas Flamel. I found out later that my world's Dumbledore had tricked Flamel into giving him the stone when he told the philosopher that Voldemort was after it and the Dark Lord knew where he was. In the beginning of the year speech he warned us not to go to the third floor corridor or we would 'meet our deaths', and while that stopped the majority of the school a few didn't take the 'meet our death' warning seriously," Harry began as he relaxed into his chair.

"Our first run in with the third floor corridor was when Draconis Malfoy, my supposed 'rival', challenged me to a midnight duel. Me, being the naive child I was, didn't say anything because I didn't know what a duel consisted of and I didn't want to agree to do something I didn't know what it was. Ron on the other hand had agreed for me and named himself my second before pulling me away."

"However Malfoy doesn't show up at the planned meeting, which honestly, I wasn't surprised he didn't come. So we, Ron and I as well as Hermione and Neville, who had followed us to the meeting, ran and ended up on the third corridor. Mrs. Norris ended up following us and we quickly entered a room that Hermione had to unlock. Instead of staying inside of the room he quickly ran out because of the giant three headed dog in the room. We later found out that he was Hagrid's dog and was named Fluffy."

Harry paused as the revelation of the name caused a few of the people in the room to laugh. "Nothing much happened after the meeting with the Cerberus," Harry continued after taking a drink of water his father had conjured for him, "During Halloween a troll was let into Hogwarts. As we were led back to our dorms I had realized that Hermione had been in the loo all day thanks to Ron being mean to her. I got Ron and hurried to the bathroom, Lavender Brown, a year mate of ours, had said she was in and managed to lock her inside to keep her safe. Or so we thought."

"Turns out the troll had come up from the dungeons and managed to get inside the bathroom right before we had locked the door. I quickly unlocked the door and Ron defeated the troll by levitating its club above its head and letting it go as I distracted it to keep it from getting Hermione. After that night our duo became a trio."

"A few weeks after that was the first Quidditch game. During the game my broom became jinxed as I was in the air. Hermione, being her usual observant self, quickly deduced that the person jinxing my broom was Professor Snape. She ended up catching him on fire to break eye contact which effectively kept me from falling from over 100 feet in the air."

"Nothing much happened after that until Christmas where I had received my fathers invisibility cloak from Dumbledore. There was a note left on it from Dumbledore saying 'Your father left this in my possession when he died. It is time it was returned to you. Use it well.' and used it well, I did. I went to the restricted section of the library and using a spell I learned a few months before began duplicating the books I could to put in my personable library. I didn't know when I would need the information in those books and that was easier to do than getting a professor's permission to borrow a certain book."

"It was after the fifth visit to the library when I decided to go exploring a bit. I could feel something tugging me, which I later found out that it was someone else's magic tugging on my own, and I followed it to an abandoned classroom. It was empty except a large mirror. As I got closer to it I could see an inscription on its frame 'Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi.'"

Harry stopped as the door to the room opened up and Snape entered the room. The older man looked haggard, but excited. He waited for a moment before continuing, "Backwards it said 'I show not your face, but your heart's desire.' After finding it I must have visited the mirror five more times before encountering Dumbledore in the room. After that the mirror was moved. After Christmas Ron, Hermione, and I started to unravel the mystery of the break in at the bank that had happened before the school year and the third corridor. We learned that the three headed dog was guarding the trap door that would lead to the Sorcerer's Stone."

"A few weeks later, after learning about the Stone, Hagrid had won a dragon egg, which he hatched in his hut. Ron and I managed to get the newly hatched dragon into the hands of his brother, but not before getting in trouble thanks to Malfoy, who had seen everything from Hagrid's window. Us three, along with Neville, had to enter the forbidden forest for our detention to find out what had been killing the Unicorns. Hagrid took Neville and Ron and Malfoy and I were left with his cowardly dog Fang."

"It was there that Malfoy and I had been met with a gruesome sight. We entered a clearing just off the path and saw a rather young Unicorn laying there in the moonlight. On top of the creature was its killer covered in a dark cloak. One moment Malfoy was there and the next he was screaming as he ran with Fang leaving me there in the clearing with that thing. As I moved back away from it I had tripped over a root leaving me laying there with a busted ankle. I remember looking up and seeing the killer getting closer with the unicorns' silver blood coating its chin."

"Just before the creature got me I was saved by a Centaur named Firenze. He told me what he had seen in the stars that night and that the creature that attacked me was Voldemort himself who was after the stone. After that night I decided to retrieve the Stone before Voldemort could."

"Ron, Hermione, and I managed to get to the third corridor that weekend. We managed to get through the rooms that led to the last where the stone was being kept. Ron had been hurt and was left behind and then Hermione could get past the flames since there wasn't much of the solution left for the two of us. It was decided that I would go alone and so alone I went. When I entered the room, our defense professor, Quirrell, was standing before the mirror of Desire. He went into a long speech that I didn't really pay too much attention to since I was thinking of ways I could get out of the situation I was in. The man had grabbed me and put me in front of the mirror as he spoke."

"In the mirror I had seen myself. My reflection held up the stone at eye level before slipping it into my pants pocket. It was really weird feeling the heavy weight in my pocket that wasn't there before, but I was more concerned on how to get out of there before Quirrell noticed that it was there in my pocket."

"I lied to him when he asked what I could see, but before Quirrell had spoken another voice cut in telling him I was lying. It requested to speak to me face to face. Being forced to turn around to face him I had to watch as a rather gnarly face was revealed as Quirrell took off his turban. He introduced himself as Voldemort. It was then that I realized that it was this person that had been killing the Unicorns just so he could survive. Voldemort told Quirrell to attack me when he found out I had the stone in my pocket."

"I was scared. I was only eleven and here I was being attacked by a full grown man that had decades of experience and knowledge over myself. But I was okay. It turned out that Voldemort, and whatever he was possessing at the time, couldn't touch me because of my mother. Her sacrifice apparently gave me physical protection from him and as Quirrell put his hands on me his body began to break down and turn into ash. With the destruction of Quirrells' body left Voldemort as a wraith. I ended up passing out for a while."

"When I woke up several weeks later Dumbledore was sitting beside me. He said he 'saved' me from Quirrell, but I knew better, I saved myself. He also said that he and Flamel had decided to destroy the stone instead of Dumbledore just giving it back, but that also was a lie Dumbledore had told me. The rest of my first year was a typical school year before I was sent back to the Dursleys."

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