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Chapter 7

Hey Nuggies! So I've been reading a lot, and I mean a lot, of HP Fanfiction where Harry is sent to another, or parallel, world to defeat Voldemort and where his parent live. Very cliche I know, but I have always wanted to write one! So, here I am and hopefully you keep reading it even though the thought had been done multiple times. The pairing is SLASH as with most of my fanfiction and I have yet to decide if it will be M!Preg or not or who Harry will be with. By the way, this will not really be book compliant. There will be some mentions of things that have happened in the books, but this will be AU so that means no Horcruxes!

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Just as James suggested earlier after leaving Ollivanders' shop they headed to the menagerie. James had said that he needed to pick up a few items there for Sireli and Silas, but the older man had also told him that Harry could pick out a snake if he wanted. Slightly filled with excitement he walked behind James into the store and was immediately greeted to the sounds of various animals calling to each other.

Harry immediately walked towards the back of the store where the exotic creatures would be after James told him that he would be by the counter when he was done. On his way there he saw kneazles, crups, owls, rats, toads and frogs, and many other types of creatures before stepping through the archway where the more pricier and exotic creatures were.

He passed the small big breed cats that they had there like bobcats, margays, servals, and there was even a pallas cat, then he passed tortoises, a lemur, foxes, and even a red panda. Soon enough he started hearing what sounded like human speech just before reaching large and small tanks.

He peered into each one, not really noting what breed of snake was in the tank, as he tried to find a companion to take home not based on what kind of snake it was. He saw small snakes, large snakes, snakes that liked to climb, and snakes that liked to hide and bury themselves. He saw non-magical breeds and magical breeds, as well as hybrids of the two.

Just as he was about to reach the end of the tanks with no luck he spotted a rather dusty tank towards the bottom of the rack that he couldn't see in to. Curiosity took over him as he knelt and wiped the front with his sleeve leaving a window for him to peer into. As Harry peered into the darkened tank he saw two bright eyes looking back at him. He jumped back slightly and waited just a moment before peering in once more.

Light shown through into the tank from the newly uncovered glass giving him a better look at the creature inside. Curled up and really skinny was a small, no larger than three feet, black snake. Its scales glimmered with the lights and reflected multitudes of colors and its eyes were a bright silver-y white with black slitted pupils.

"Hello," Harry hissed softly causing the hissing around him to stop as each snake looked at him. He heard the other snakes around him letting out whispered hisses about a Speaker in their midst. He heard many of them demanding to be taken home with him while others cowered back into their hiding places.

A blackish silver tongue flickered out as the rather skinny snake weakly lifted its head. "Hello," the snake replied in a smooth male voice, "it's been so long since a human has been here to see me."

Harry blinked and furrowed his brows. Surely the people taking care of the animals here would have taken care of it. "Would you like to come home with me?" Harry asked as he saw just how skinny the snake was as it uncurled and stretched itself out. Harry could clearly see its spine.

"Will I be caged once more?" the male snake said as he flicked his tongue out once again.

Harry shook his head, "No," he said softly as he carefully pulled the top of the tank off and offered his arm, "You just have to promise to not hurt anyone unless I tell you too."

Bright silver eyes looked at his arm before looking back up at Harry. He gave the human a small nod before slithering up onto his arm and up onto his shoulders. "I can promise that, human," the snake said as he rested against the warm body of his new owner and closed the brille that rested over its eyes. For just a moment Harry felt something in his magic settle as the snake went still on his shoulders. Not thinking anything else of it he decided it was time to go meet James.

Harry smiled a small bit before he put the tank back where it was suppose to be and stood up as he ignored the hisses of the other snakes. Carefully he made his way back to the front of the store where he knew James would be waiting on him. As he approached the counter, where there was a rather lazy looking female worker loudly chewing on some gum, he didn't see James.

Looking around for a moment he spotted his father next to the owl treats with a few cat things in his arms already. "Dad," Harry said softly as to not startle the man or the animals around him. His new friend moved a small bit as if to get more comfortable before stilling itself once again.

James looked over at him with a smile as he saw the snake around his shoulders. He didn't say anything about it since he trusted his son in keeping it from biting. It helped that the teen was a Parselmouth. "I see you found one you liked," he said as he grabbed a pack of owl treats, "Ready to go?"

Harry nodded as his eyes flickered to the treats. They were the same he use to get for Hedwig. "Are there any rats I can get before we go? They starved him. He's so skinny and it looks like he hasn't had a meal in a while," Harry stated as he followed James back to the counter.

"Of course we can," the older man said as he placed the items on the counter before asking, the now moving female, about getting a few rats. She looked up at him before looking back at him. Her large brown eyes widened further before she scrambled back.

"Get that beast away from me!" she yelled as she grabbed a book to throw at Harry, but really she tried aiming at the snake. His new friend flicked his tail out hitting the book as he reared up. Harry looked up and saw bright white and silver feathers burst out of the snakes body revealing large wings. On his head was also a few feathers making a crown shape around the top.

"How dare you try to harm my master?!" the snake angrily hissed at the frightened female.

Harry piped up in soft hisses to calm the now enraged snake down as his father quickly finished dealing with the female. He heard tidbits of the conversation, but in the end his new friend got to come with him for free. He did manage to calm his new snake after a promise of a nice juicy rabbit.

They quickly left the store and the traumatized girl behind and hurriedly made their way to an apparation spot to get home. "He's friendly," Harry said softly when they landed just outside of the gates of the Potter Manor, "I promise. He wont hurt anyone! I promise!"

His breathing quickened as he looked up at James with wide eyes. He didn't know if James had just been waiting for them to get home before telling him that he needed to get rid of his new companion after it showed the slightest bit of aggression.

James let out a soft sigh before carefully encasing his son in a hug as he whispered softly to him to calm him down. "It's alright son," he said once Harry calmed down, "I know he was just defending you. It was that girls' fault for throwing something at you. Okay?"

Harry nodded and sniffled a small bit, "Now how about we go in and see what everyone else is doing?" James asked as he pressed a small kiss to Harrys' unruly curls.

"Okay," he said softly as he nodded and began to follow James to the house. He felt his new companion, which he really needed to name, press close to him as if to give him a hug or tell him it was okay. He took in a deep breath as they stepped into the home.

The peaceful noises of nature were quickly broken as they entered and heard loud laughter from several people. Walking into the living room they were greeted to several faces that were there just a couple of days ago. There were also a few faces there that weren't there a couple of days ago.

He saw a familiar curly haired brunette girl and red head girl as he walked further into the room. As he got closer to the empty couch they turned and he was greeted to the sight of a younger Ginny and Hermione. He held in his gasp as he sat down. He could already feel panic set in just being in the room.

"Is that a snake?" a male voice said making him turn a bit in his seat. Behind him was yet another familiar red head, Ron.

Biting his lip he nodded since he didn't trust his voice. It was beginning to become too much seeing them there in the house. The last time he has seen his Ron was on the train platform right before the station had been blown up. He remembered seeing large bits of concrete flying towards them as Ron covered him from being hit. He remembered seeing Ron bleeding badly as a large piece of concrete hit his head before he was taken by a Death Eater. He didn't even know if Ron had made it since the phoenix took him before he was rescued by the people in his world.

"Hey!" Ron yelled as he waved a hand in front of Harrys' face causing the teen to be startled out of the flashback he had been caught up in. "Are you okay?" Ron said as his brows furrowed.

"Y-Yeah," Harry stuttered as he got up, "Um I-I need to go."

He quickly left the room and headed up the stairs hoping to not see anyone as he made his way to his room. As he passed Sireli he heard her 'whispers' of how weird he was and how she thought that he was too good to stay down there with them.

He took a deep breath and changed his mind from going to his room and raced to the garden instead. He needed to calm himself and it wasn't helping that they were there in the house. He blinked rapidly as the bright sun blinded him for a moment before he started making his way to the spot he was in earlier before Silas and James had came outside.

Sitting down he pressed his back against the tree and wrapped his arms around his legs that he had pressed against his chest as his new snake slithered down and onto the grass. Harry watched the snake for a few moments as he explored his surroundings. He took deep steady breaths and slowly released them as he had done before to calm himself down. He only had to do it a few times before he felt his body and mind relax enough to uncurl a small bit.

"So those were your nestmates?" the snake questioned as he came back to his human, "They don't seem nice if the whispers tell anything."

"You understand the human language?" Harry asked before telling him that only the darker red head and the dark brunette were his nestmates. The others were just friends of theirs.

"A bit. I traveled for a while before I was captured and put in the small dusty cage. I met another Speaker in the land where the land was hot and the air was wet, but nature flourished," the snake said as he released his wings once more and stretched them out to expose them to the sun, "The Speaker taught me many things."

Harry nodded as he thought about where in the world could be like the one the snake described. The only area he could think of was the Amazon. "Tell me about yourself," Harry asked as he rest his head on his arms where he had moved them to the top of his knees, "If you want to, that is."

The snake nodded as he began to speak, "I should begin with my specie. I am what you humans call an Occamy. We snakes refer to my kind as the Snake Prince. In the snake hierarchy we are just below the Basilisks, our Kings and Queens, in rank and terms of power. If there is ever a time where the Basilisk become extinct we will become the new Kings. I am old enough to determine my size. I cannot go any larger than what I naturally grow to and the smallest I can go is the size of your arm."

The teen looked at the snake wide eyed as he listened. He never knew that snakes had a hierarchy, but it did make sense since in his world Basilisks were also known as the King of snakes.

"There is also something you should be aware of. When you chose me in the dark place I formed a bond with you as it has always been with my kind to forge a bond with their chosen master. I decided to become your familiar and I will protect you and your line until my lifes' end," the snake said as he stared straight into Harrys' eyes, "All that is left is for you to name me for the bond to be complete."

"What?" Harry hissed softly as he looked at the occamy shocked.

The snake reared up slightly until it was eye to eye with Harry as he hissed out, "Destiny and Fate brought us together. We were always suppose to meet and our bonds forged. I could feel it within my very being. Name me!"

Harry stood up at the snake grew in size. The snake grew longer and wider until it was thirty feet long and ten feet in girth. The snake was just under the size the Basilisk from his world was. His wings grew with its size and easily covered the sun from view as they stretched wider over the tops of the trees in the garden.


As he heard his name being yelled he turned and saw Lily and James along with the other adults of the house such as Sirius, Remus, Arthur, and Molly. He knew that it was Lily that yelled his name. Not in any sort of danger Harry decided to turn back around to the snake, still poised and staring down at him.

Large silver white eyes bore down at him and Harry could feel the natural magics in the area swell. Harry swore he could actually see the magic as he looked up at his newest familiar. He could feel the bond now, and he was ready to complete it. To fill in the spot his familiar bond for his beloved Hedwig was once in. He wanted to feel whole again.

"I name you," Harry hissed out softly in almost a whisper, but it was just loud enough for the large snake to hear, "Aku."

The newly named Aku let out a hiss like roar as the natural magics surrounding the area swelled up so much it burst causing the window in the house to break suddenly and trees to bend all the while sending the adults behind them to the ground.

"As has been decided by master to familiar, my name, from this day forth, will be Aku," Aku hissed out as the wild natural magic calmed down after it repaired the damage it had wrought.

"Harry," Lily called once again as they were finally able to stand up.

Harry turned around as Aku shrunk himself and flew to his shoulders to rest. The snake was once again in his three foot length size and looking much healthier than he had before. "I'm okay," the teen said as he gave them a small smile, "he just wanted to be my familiar."

"Wh-why don't you tell us next time something like this is to happen," James said as he gathered the small teen in his arms, "You gave us fright!"

Harry saw Arthur and Molly exchanging looks before they went inside as he explained to his father that them bonding was a sudden thing. If he were to be honest he felt significantly better than he had in months. "Dad," Harry whispered softly to gain the adults' attention, but not the others.

"Hmm?" James hummed quietly in answer.

"C-Can I get something to eat?" he asked hesitantly as his belly growled. Lunch had been disrupted because of Sireli being an obnoxious prat.

"Yeah! Yeah," James said as he gave his small son a smile, "What do you want to eat? A snack? A meal?"

Harry bit his lip as he was led to the kitchen while the other adults went to the sitting room where Harry had left the other teens. Sitting in the kitchen at the table were two more familiar red heads, "Can I have a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup?" he asked as he cast his eyes away from Fred and George. He sat down across from them and fiddled with his hands as James made him some food.

Silence, with the occasional sounds coming from where James was cooking, reigned in the kitchen. Harry shot the occasional glance at the twins only to see them either staring at each other or looking at him. Harry wasn't upset at their staring. In fact he had always thought the twins were good looking, but sadly in his world they were with Angelina and Alicia. That didn't stop him from looking though.

They weren't the only ones he had thought looked good. Viktor Krum, Oliver Wood, Marcus Flint, Kingsley Shacklebolt, weirdly enough Draco Malfoy, and even Severus Snape had crossed his fantasies one time or another. Even Neville was there a time or two after Harry had seen him shirtless after a shower. He vividly remembered slick tanned skin and abs that taunted him and made him want to lick them. He remembered the defined muscled 'v' leading down to just above the towel and he had mentally begged for it to drop so he could kneel and-

"Here you go," James said effectively breaking Harry of his thoughts as a steaming bowl of tomato soup was placed in front of him with a plate beside it holding two grilled cheeses cut into triangles.

Harry looked up at him and gave him a small smile as he fought hard to keep the red blush, that threatened to make an appearance, at bay, "Thanks," he said as Aku slithered off of his shoulders to let him eat. James gave his son a smile as he told him that he could let his snake out to hunt if he wanted before he left the kitchen.

He slowly ate his food as it settled into his belly just a bit heavy, but it was welcome a welcome weight. He tried to keep himself from looking at the twins as he ate, but he could feel their stares on him.

He finished his food and cleaned up the mess left behind before deciding to head to his room to nap. His belly was pleasantly full and it was a perfect time to take a nap. As he left the room, with Aku on his shoulders, he heard one of the twins whisper, "Damn."

Peering behind him as he turned the corner by the doorway leading out he saw them staring at him. Well, if he were to be honest they were staring at his bottom rather than his face. Blushing a bit he hurried to the stairs, but as usual, he changed his mind on what he wanted to do and so he went to the library. He did need to learn a bit of the history in this world.

Merlin knows that Dumbledore was going to be vague and omitting bits of information as they speak of the differences between this world and his own.

So he scoured texts and scrolls as well as newspapers that were tucked into the library. The major difference he had spotted was that Tom Riddle actually looked human.

Peering down at the old newspaper he had in his hand he took in the familiar face of his enemy. Dark brown hair that was parted on one side and slicked back with only a few pieces escaping to hang over his forehead. The picture showed that he had bright blue eyes and a cock smirk under a upturned nose. Funnily enough Harry could see that Riddle had a little mole under his eye.

On his arm, to Harrys' horror, was a woman he hated even more than he had ever hated Voldemort, Bellatrix. She looked unhinged as always with her unkempt curly hair and mad filled eyes. He pondered as to why she was on the front of a newspaper when she was supposed to be in Azkaban, since that was where she belonged in any world. He looked at the date and frowned as he saw that it was a year passed the date that the crazed woman had attacked the Longbottoms'.

Nothing made sense.

But he did see Alice Longbottom just a day or so ago. Could it be that they weren't attacked at all?

Letting out a little hum he brought up the time with Tempus and saw that it had been a few hours since he had bonded with Aku. Deciding to leave his research on hold for the time being he packed everything away and put them back where they were before leaving the library.

On his way down the stairs he saw Sireli and he pressed himself as close to the railing as he could as he went down as she went up. He was almost down the stairs when behind him, almost to the top, Sireli spoke up.

"I don't like you, you know?" She said as she turned around and looked at him. Harry turned around and looked at her confused.

"Why?" the teen asked as he gripped the hem on his sweater.

"You're pathetic, weak, sickly, and have all of their attention," Sireli admitted as she crossed her arms under her breasts, "I take back my statement in not liking you. I hate you."

Harry narrowed his eyes as he looked at her. Was she for real? Hating him just because he had to attention of some adults. It wasn't like he had it all day everyday. He just had their attention when he needed it.

"Ever since you got here it been 'Harry this' and 'Harry that'. What in the hell makes you so special," Sireli continued on despite Harry not saying anything, "nothing! That's what! Nothing is special about you and that makes me so pissed because you took away my parents. You're not even their son! You come here and disobey all of their rules and, and, and-!"

Harry for just a moment forgot that she was only fourteen yeard old when he spoke up. "You're right," he said calmly, "I'm nothing special. I'm not their late son. I'm not the baby that they only had for a year and a half before he was killed by a madman. I am however, Harry, a sixteen year old that had the world pressed down onto my shoulders because of a shitty prophecy that took away my parents. I am, Harry, an abused, tortured, affection and love deprived, sixteen year old that was taken from my world and brought to this one so I could maybe have a chance for a happy life."

The sixteen year old watched as various emotions filled his sisters eyes as he continued his rant. "I am, Harry, a sixteen year old that finally found love and acceptance from adults that actually want me and to actually take care of me. Here I don't have the world on my shoulders. I can finally get a normal education without a madman after me year after year. I can finally heal and be myself. If you want to hate me, then so be it. It doesn't affect me after everything I have been through."

Slightly panting from the rant he hurried the rest of the way down the stairs and back out to the garden where he spotted James and Silas. Silas was once again meditating and he once again had a tail, but this time he had the ears to accompany it.

He sat down and took a deep breath as he watched James coaching the fourteen year old in reversing the tail and ears. He recalled the times that Sirius had coached him and he just almost picture him and Sirius in James and Silas' place. He couldn't help the grief filled tears that formed in his eyes as he knew he would never get HIS Sirius back, but he knew that he'll be just fine here in this world.

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