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Chapter 6

Hey Nuggies! So I've been reading a lot, and I mean a lot, of HP Fanfiction where Harry is sent to another, or parallel, world to defeat Voldemort and where his parent live. Very cliche I know, but I have always wanted to write one! So, here I am and hopefully you keep reading it even though the thought had been done multiple times. The pairing is SLASH as with most of my fanfiction and I have yet to decide if it will be M!Preg or not or who Harry will be with. By the way, this will not really be book compliant. There will be some mentions of things that have happened in the books, but this will be AU so that means no Horcruxes!

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Harry stayed silent as he watched the others mingle from where he was on the couch. He must have scared Corvus since the tony tot hadn't looked his way or came over to get his usual after nap cuddles. The thought that tiny Corvus didn't like him made his heart skip a beat and his magic swell before he was able to get them under control.

Unable to just sit there and feel so alone even with the room full Harry got up and shuffled to the kitchen with the blanket still wrapped around him and egg in hand. He peeped around the corner to look into the room and to his relief it was empty. After walking in he used the blanket around him to make a small nest on the island so he could put his egg on it and not worry about it rolling. After making sure his egg was secure he shuffled over to the bread box and grabbed two pieces of bread to toast. He knew he needed something on his stomach after his episode earlier.

He had just popped the bread into the toaster when the sudden sounds of someone clearing their throat came from the door way. He wasn't able to stop the flinch at the sudden sound before he quickly turned around. Harry did manage to steady himself as a dizzy spell threatened to send him to the ground. When he finally got his barrings he looked over and saw Sireli standing there with her hands on her hips and with an accusatory look on her face.

"You know mother doesn't like it when someone comes in here without her permission to get food," she said as she casually tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

Harry swallowed around the lump in his throat, but didn't say anything as the sound of the toaster went off. He turned around and carefully grabbed the toasted bread and placed it on a napkin before going to grab some honey. He still felt a bit shaky from earlier so he hoped that a bit of sugar would help with it. He carefully poured a bit of honey on the toast in zigzag lines before putting the bottle back where it came from.

He looked up and saw Sireli with an angry look on her face and Harry just being himself looked her straight in her eyes and took a big bite of his toast. He kept staring at her as he carefully chewed the bite and swallowed it before turning his back and walked away, but not after grabbing his blanket covered egg.

He decided to make his way to the garden where he would usually be about this time. He had only wished he could have grabbed a cup of tea to go with his toast. His throat burned from getting sick and the crying he did earlier. When he finally made it to the garden he picked a shaded spot under a cherry tree by the koi fish pond, and once he sat down he nestled the egg in his lap and spoke softly to it.

He had done this every time he was alone. He would just whisper everything to his egg as he needed to get some things off his chest and afterward he usually felt better. He was still a bit confused over his siblings. They were like night and day, or at least from what he had seen that's what it has seemed like.

Silas was easy going and bouncy while Sireli was more uptight and serious. It was hard to figure them out.

As he sat there whispering to his egg he didn't notice that his spot was about to be invaded. He didn't hear them talking until they were almost on top of him making him look up. James and Silas were laughing and James had reached over and ruffled his red hair in a playful gesture. They didn't seem to notice him at the moment either as they came to a stop in the middle of the garden.

"Okay Silas," James said as he faced the older twin, "Now, you're mother has given me permission to start you on your animagus transformation. I know you haven't had much luck after taking the potion during Yule break, but now that you're home you can work twice as hard at it with my supervision."

Silas nodded and sat down on the ground like his father had shown him during the Yule break to meditate. He knew his form. He only had one like most witches and wizards. He was a dog like his godfather, but he was larger than his grim like form. If he was write then his form was a type of wolf dog mix.

As Silas meditated Harry carefully got up and walked over to an observing James and sat next to him. He saw a few bit of fur sprout up on his younger brothers' arm before turning to see James looking at him. "Are you an animagus?" James whispered softly, "If you aren't I would be honored to show you how to be one."

Harry bit his lip softly before answering truthfully, "I am," he said, "I have two forms. Sirius in my world showed me how to during break one year when I was able to go to his house. He already had to potion readied for me to take when I got there."

"Two forms?" James asked as he sent his small son a wide proud smile.

Harry nodded before sending James a sheepish smile, "Yeah," he replied before adding a bit teasingly, "A land form and a flying form."

"Will you tell me what they are?" James asked as he caught the teasing tone in his voice.

"I'll show you when I can preform magic again," Harry said as he longed to be in the sky again or soaking up sun in his animal forms again.


James and Harry both turned to see Silas on his back and something wiggling underneath him. They watched as he turned over and a large bushy tail moved out from under him. "Note to self," Silas said with a small whine, "Don't lay on my tail. It hurts."

James couldn't help but laugh at his son causing Silas to look over at them and gave them both a pout. James ended up having to help Silas to get rid of his tail before they were being called inside by Lily to eat a late lunch. Harry carefully gathered his egg and carried it in behind James and Silas as they walked into the dinning room. They had to eat there instead of in the smaller table in the kitchen because of how many people were there.

Just as he settled down in his chair a female voice piped up across from him. "Move," Sireli said as she sent him a small glare. She was still mad from him dismissing her earlier. He hadn't noticed her when he sat down.

Harry didn't say anything as the other chairs were filled quickly with the others and he placed his egg in his lap with one hand wrapped around it to keep it from falling off his lap. He didn't look at her as he filled his plate with a small bit of food since he wasn't feel all that well even with the toast he had eaten earlier. He had grabbed half of a sandwich and a few bits of fruit with another side of chips. He was given a choice of apple or orange juice to drink and he was happy to choose the apple juice.

As he nibbled on his food a sharp pain started in his leg after something hit it. Looking up he saw the small smirk on Sirelis' face before feeling another kick. He ignored the childish actions as he continued to eat, but the more frequent they were the more angry he started to become. He could feel what little magic he had bubbling up. He looked around a bit wondering why she wasn't being stopped, but he saw the others caught up in their own conversations.

Another kick, but higher, hit his hand and it was the last straw. That kick was too close to his egg. His small bit of magic was enough to knock Sirelis' chair back a few feet before it was tipped over to she was on her back. The conversations around them were quickly stopped as they turned to see what was going on.

Harry wasn't really paying attention to anyone else as black spots filled his vision. He did see a red blur rush over to a toppled Sireli just before a dark blur filled his own vision. "Harry?" he heard just above the wooshing sound in his ears.

"Huh," he manage to mumble and was caught from falling over as he tipped to the side. He heard the blur in front of him tell someone to call for Nightingale, his healer, before he finally closed his eyes and welcomed the darkness.

When Harry came to he was laying down on the couch with his egg still in his grasp, which made sense since the last person to touch it the egg burned them. He heard soft murmurs around him as he slowly sat up to rest against the arm rest of the couch.

"Harry," he heard James say and he turned to look at the man. His hazel eyes were filled concern, "How are ya feeling bud?" he asked as he ran a hand through dark curls.

"Groggy," Harry admitted as he blinked a few times so his eyes could focus. He turned a small bit and saw his Healer sitting across from them with a stern look on his face. No one else was in the room besides himself, the healer, James, and Lily. He assumed the others left to go home to give them privacy and his siblings were somewhere in the house.

"What happened to not using magic for a week?" the Healer jokingly asked before sitting up and opened a folder in his lap, "You've set your recovery time by half a week." The charts in the folder, once he had looked them over again, had showed a small inconsistency in the way his magical core filled up. He had just given the small lad a week to make sure his core was completely healed since it usual took a regular magical to fill their core in a couple of days.

Harry let out a small groan as he moved his egg so he could sit up a bit better, "Not my fault," he said once his side was resting against the arm rest and he was facing his Healer, "She kicked me too close to my egg and my magic reacted with my emotions."

"Accidental magic?" Nightingale asked Harry as he looked over the folder in his lap and took note of the extra bruises and scratches his patient had. It correlated with his admittance of kicks.

Harry nodded as he brought a hand up to rub his eye, "I've always had instances of accidental magic even after I had gotten my wand," he said as he moved his hair out of his face, "it's always reacted to my emotions."

The healer hummed softly as he added a note of the paper in the folder before he asked, "Do you still have your wand?"

The dark haired teen shook his head, "It was destroyed months ago," he said a bit too calmly. He could still feel the emptiness of broken bond between magical and wand. It made him feel a bit hollow.

Nightingale took a good long look at his patient before setting the folder down as he spoke, "If I may have your permission, and the permission of your parents, could I do a more in depth look at your magical core? You see sometimes when a wand is broken the witch or wizard, that it had a bond with, their core develops what is known as a core fracture. Think of it as a glass container having a crack in it, well the water you put in it leaks out and it is unable to keep the substance in it. It's the same with a magical core with a fracture it can't hold magic within it."

He saw James looking at the healer in shock. It was the same with Lily when he looked over at her. He had never heard of something called a magical core fracture, but he wasn't a healer. He swallowed around the lump in his throat as he gave the healer a nod in consent. "Y-Yes," James said as he gave the healer a nod as well with Lily following a half second later.

Nightingale motioned for Harry to lay back down as he moved over. Once Harry was laying down the healer waved his wand over, where Harry assumed his core was, all the while murmuring the spell he needed to use. Harry watched as bright tendrils came up from his chest and formed into a transparent basketball sized ball. He looked at it amazed as the Healer looked it over for any sort of cracks.

"I must say Mr. Potter," Nightingale said as he continued to look over the core, "This is one of the largest cores I have ever seen in my tenure as a healer." He moved his wand slightly to the side and made a small noise, "There it is!" he exclaimed as he pointed out a pinkie finger sized crack on the side of his core.

"Something that small is cause me this much trouble?" Harry asked softly as he saw the small fracture.

The healer nodded as he dismissed the image of Harrys' core and moved back to his seat as he explained what to do next, "Now that we do know why it is you are not gathering magic at a continuous rate, since you should have been almost full by now by regular core standards, we can heal it. After you gather enough magic it should fully heal you as well. You'll only have to gain weight after that."

"How do we heal something like this?" Lily asked as she saw how calm the healer was about this.

"Bond with another wand," Nightingale said simply, "The magic rush that occurs with the bonding will heal the fracture and give you enough magic to fill you up about half way. After that it should be about two days and you'll be ready to preform spells like any other magical."

Harry nodded still a bit dazed that it was going to be that simple to heal him of something that sounded so serious. He wasn't paying much attention as his parents thanked his healer and showed him out of the room. He did hear when they came back and they were already planning on a trip to Diagon Alley for an hour.

"Harry," James said as he saw his son was looking at them, "Go get ready to go to the Alley." He watched as Harry nodded and got up before shuffling out of the room to go to his own.

"I need to talk to Sireli," Lily said once Harry had left the room, "She shouldn't have been kicking him in the first place. What's going through that girls' head?! Can't she see that he's healing? He doesn't need anymore injuries."

James nodded as he agreed with her, "How about I take Harry to Diagon Alley to get his wand and you speak with her before we get back? We might swing by the menagerie to get him a snake like we talked about yesterday," he replied as he gathered her in his arms and held her close.

While she did want to go with them, to be with Harry as he got his wand since that experience was taken from them too early with their own Hadrian, she knew she needed to speak with their daughter. She nodded and took a deep breath as she laid her head against his chest. His heartbeat always comforted her when she gets stressed.

They stayed embraced until Harry walked through the doorway wearing black skinny jeans, a green top, knee high dragon hide boots, and had his egg in his arms. "Looking very handsome," Lily said as she pulled away from James' warm, strong arms.

She saw his pale cheek gain a bit of red color before he murmured a thanks. She told them to be careful before turning to go speak to her daughter. Sireli had some explaining to do.

Harry was caught when he came out of the fireplace and it thankfully kept him from falling on his egg. Looking around he saw the interior of the Leaky Cauldron, and while cleaner, it was pretty much the same as it was in his world. He saw that there weren't many people in the dinning area despite it being around lunch time. He could only hope that it wasn't badly crowded in the Alley.

He followed James to the back room and watched as the older man tapped the bricks to let them into the Alley. They were greeted to the hustle and bustle of the alley once the wall opened up. Harry heard people in stalls along the cobbled street shouting about their wares and their prices. What he also heard was girls giggling as they passed and he couldn't help but shudder and catch up to James, who had been a few steps behind.

He reached out and grabbed the bottom hem of James' shirt as the crowds started to get to him. He had never liked large groups of people. He smiled a bit when he felt James slow down for him and acted as a buffer between him and the crowds. He looked around as they walked and saw that instead of heading to Gringotts they were heading straight for the wand shop.

"Don't we have to go to Gringotts first?" Harry asked looked up at James in confusion.

James shook his head as he hid his smile at how cute Harry looked confused, "No I got both coin and card on me," he explained.


James nodded as he explained, "Gringotts started to use a card like the muggles. Its makes doing business easier and quicker since we don't have to go to the bank to get money conversions if we want to shop in the muggle world." Harry, a bit stunned since they didn't have anything like that in his world, just nodded as James walked into the wand shop.

"Ah," Ollivander said as he turned to greet who had come into his shop, "Mr. Potter! Eleven inches, mahogany with a dragon heart string. Still in good shape?"

James let out a chuckle and nodded as he said, "Yes. Still just a well as when I first got it."

"What can I help you with today then?" the white haired man asked before his gaze turned to Harry, "A bit too old to go wand shopping."

"My wand was destroyed," Harry said before James could say anything, "My healer suggested to bond with another wand to heal my core."

"Ah," Ollivander said as he looked then small teen over, "What was your last wand made of?"

"Eleven inches, made of holly with a phoenix feather core," Harry said as he watched the old man walked towards the racks of wands. His heart was racing and he briefly wondered if he was going to get the same wand. He heard Ollivander rummaging around as James took a seat on the bench along the window. Without much thought he placed his egg beside James before moving back to where he was. He wanted to make sure the bonding with his new wand wouldn't hurt the egg and the baby inside of it.

"Try this," Ollivander said as he opened a box with a dark colored wand, but before Harry could pick it up Ollivander snatched it while murmuring that it wasn't the right one. They went through wand after wand, even his wand from this world wasn't right for him. They went through explosions, fires, big gusts of wind that threaten to knock them over, the racks almost toppling over, before Ollivander called it quits on trying already made wands.

"Well," the old man said as he brushed a bit of dust off his shoulder since the last wand decided to take chunks of the ceiling down, "It seems like I'll have to custom make your wand."

Harry, tired of trying various wands, looked at him confused. He didn't know Ollivander made custom wands, "This way!" the old man said as he turned the open sign to closed and showed them behind the counter. The front of the shop may have seemed a bit small, but the back of the shop was quiet large.

There was a table in the middle of the room while one side of the room held glass display cases and the other side had large branches of wood. There was a fireplace towards the back of the room and beside the table in the middle was a large case where Harry assumed was where Ollivander kept his tools to make wands.

"Now," Ollivander said startling Harry from his observations, "On one side of the room is where your magic will choose the wood and on the other side is there your magic will choose the wands core. Do not worry about not having magic inside yourself for this! The magic in the air will guide you!"

Harry nodded and moved over to the wood side as he licked his lips. He was nervous as to what his wand would be since the holly and phoenix feather wand didn't accept him. Had his core changed that much since he turned eleven? He looked over the wood for a moment before he felt something. It was like a tugging sensation.

He followed it until the tugging became more urgent before it suddenly stopped when he was in front of a light beige colored wood. He reached out to touch it and once he had the wood floated over to the table on it own, but before he could move to the core side the tugging moved him down the wood line again until he came across another light colored wood. He followed suit and touched it causing it to float to the table.

He looked at Ollivander, whose face hadn't changed from its contemplative look from earlier, and he pointed to the core side. Nodding once again Harry moved to the core side and looked over the various items before the tugging happened again. It took him over to a case that held vials of liquids and it urged him to touch the vial with crystal clear liquid that had bright pearly gleams in it causing it to shine. It once again tugged him to another case that held bags, but he couldn't see what was in them. After touching a bag the tugging took him to a wall of what looked like hair. Harry could see bright white hair, brown hair, black hair, green hair, blue hair, and other colors of hair, but the tugging wanted him to touch one of the ash-y black hair.

Once he was sure he wasn't going to be tugged again Harry made his way to the table where Ollivander and his father was standing. "You seem to be one of the most trickiest customers I have ever had the pleasure of having," Ollivander said as he looked over the items Harry had gathered.

"Sorry," Harry said sheepishly as he felt James lay his hand on his back as if to comfort him.

"No," Ollivander said as he shook his head, "Don't apologize. You just gave me the project of the century! Now, the woods magic has chosen for you. Ash and Elder. Ash wands tend to cling to its one true master and it is best not to hand it down since it looses it power and will. Those witches and wizards best suited to ash wands are not lightly swayed from their beliefs or purposes. The ideal owner may be stubborn, and will certainly be courageous, but never crass or arrogant."

"Elder wands are among the rarest wand wood of all, and reputed to be deeply unlucky, elder wands are trickier to master than any other. They contain powerful magic, but scorn to remain with any owner who is not the superior of his or her company; it takes a remarkable wizard to keep an elder wand for any length of time. Only a highly unusual person will find their perfect match in elder, and on the rare occasion when such a pairing occurs, it may be taken as certain that the witch or wizard in question is marked out for a special destiny."

"Your cores are what is going to be tricky in fitting into the woods. The first core, phoenix tears, freely given to me by a Royal Phoenix. It told me that there was only one wizard the tears would accept, and I have been waiting for the day it would be chosen. The tears most commonly used in potions causes a wand to be more in tuned to healing spells and most coveted in the medi-wizardry circles."

"Powdered Basilisk fang was the second core magic picked out for you. Usually only parseltongue speakers are accepted by this core, but those who have survived a bite from this ferocious beast is known to have been accepted. To have a fang as a core, powdered or not, is to say that the owner of the wand will attack viciously if they have been wronged, and Merlin help those who are at the other end of the wand."

"Your last core is one I haven't had the pleasure to work with and it is my one and only item of its kind. Thestral tail hair. The rarest of wand cores and the only known wand to have it is in old Wizarding tales, The Elder wand, and here you are with both elder wood and thestral tail hair for your wand. I don't have much to say in terms of this core."

"But I must say," Ollivander said as he looked into the wide green eyes of Harry, "I think it is clear that we can expect great things from you."

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