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Chapter 3

Hey Nuggies! So I've been reading a lot, and I mean a lot, of HP Fanfiction where Harry is sent to another, or parallel, world to defeat Voldemort and where his parent live. Very cliche I know, but I have always wanted to write one! So, here I am and hopefully you keep reading it even though the thought had been done multiple times. The pairing is SLASH as with most of my fanfiction and I have yet to decide if it will be M!Preg or not or who Harry will be with. By the way, this will not really be book compliant. There will be some mentions of things that have happened in the books, but this will be AU so that means no Horcruxes!

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The rest of the afternoon went by slowly for Harry as the Potter clan was joined by Sirius and Remus and their small clutch of children. Hadrian learned that Sirius was Remus' mate and he was the one to bear their children as the transformations would cause too much strain on the babies growing in Remus. The first child he met was the second oldest with their oldest being at Hogwarts.

A tiny thing, Lyra Avriel Lupin-Black, was standing almost chest height to his small frame. She was only 10 years old and starting Hogwarts the next year. She had Sirius' curls and eyes while she had Remus' tawny brown hair.

Her twin siblings, almost like his own being one male and one female, were also small and cute. They were four years old and he could actually pick one up and carry them around without straining himself. Corvus Levelle Lupin-Black was the little one that attached himself to Harry. The little amber eyed, curly black haired boy stayed by him like glue and no matter where he went little Corvus was sure to be behind him or beside him.

Little girl, Carina Ellyce Lupin-Black, was the only one with both of Remus' straight hair and eyes making her a little copy of Remus. She and Corvus were nothing alike unlike the Weasley Twins. Corvus was more quiet of the two preferring to stay in one place and read or play with a toy while Carina liked going outside and running around getting dirty while singing a little tune or talking to imaginary friends.

Their oldest, Orion Tedric Lupin-Black, would be arriving later with his own siblings for the summer. He had seen a picture of him and if he didn't know better he would have said he was looking at a picture of a younger straight haired Sirius.

"Harry will you help me in the kitchen?" he heard Lily call out as he sat on the floor with Corvus in his lap playing with a couple of toys that Carina wasn't playing with.

"Okay," He called back as he moved to get Corvus out of his lap and then to get up. He took a few steps away from Corvus before he felt a little tug at his shirt. Looking down he saw the little man holding his arms up wanting to be carried. Harry looked over at Remus and Sirius for a moment before picking him up and carrying him to the kitchen where he would help Lily.

"We have a little helper today," he said as he entered the room only to be met with a woman with very short brown hair and kind brown eyes. He moved to one side of the island/bar that the woman wasn't sitting at and placed Corvus in a chair there before moving so Corvus was behind him so the woman couldn't see him.

Lily watched all this happen along with the woman and she could see that her son was tense with her guest. "Harry," she said softly capturing his attention, "This is Alice Longbottom. Alice this is my son Harry."

"Hello!" Alice greeted with a wide smile and a small wave before she placed her hand down on the island. Both of her hands were on the island top showing Harry that she was unarmed and friendly.

"Hello," he greeted softly as his tense form relaxed slightly. He moved a bit away before pushing Corvus up to the island so the little one could help him if he wanted. "Um, what are we making?" he asked Lily as he saw her move to grab a few things. The sound of bubbling reached his ears and he looked over and saw a large pot boiling away and if the smells that it emitted indicated anything it was beef and vegetable stew. There was also another pot beside it with something else boiling in it.

"Well I have the stew going for dinner, but for lunch I want to make us a dish a friend from America showed me. She called it Mexican Chicken," Lily said as she grabbed a letter from the island, "though some people call it Dorito casserole." Harry nodded and let Lily grab what they needed before they started making everything.

It didn't take long at all to make the food. After lunch was made and then consumed Harry decided to go outside for a moment to get a bit of time to himself, but to also enjoy the sunlight. He sat on one of the deck chairs as a nice breeze rustled leaves in the trees. The yard was spacious and there were a bit of forestry along the edge of the yard. It was really peaceful here.

Harry sat there for what seemed like ages, but in reality it was only a couple of hours before he was joined by another person. He looked over and saw James sitting on the lounge beside him drinking what looked like lemonade. He brought his legs up to his chest as he wrapped his arms around them even though the position in his state wasn't the best. "How are you doing, Harry?" he heard James ask him.

"I'm alright at the moment," he replied as he rested his head on his knees, "When are the others suppose to get here? All this waiting is making me anxious."

"They'll be here soon. I would say within the next thirty or so minutes," James said as he leaned forward in his seat, "If you are wanting to get cleaned up or changed, it should be soon. Then tomorrow Silas and Sireli are coming home with Orion."

Harry nodded and sent James a smile before getting up to go to his room to shower and change clothes. Harry took his time in the shower before getting out and doing a small charm to dry his hair before getting dressed in comfortable skin tight jeans and a large soft sweater Lily had owl ordered him. He was slipping on knee high dragon hide boots when a knock sounded from his door. "Come in!" he called out as he put his other boot on. Looking up Harry saw James standing there with a soft smile on his face.

"Hey son," James said as he walked in, "Looking good."

Harry chuckled and sent James a small smile, "Thanks. Is there anything you need?"

"The Order is gathered. Do you want to come down?"


Harry stood up and stood still for a moment as the dizziness from blood rush settled down. He then followed James out of the room and down the stairs to the larger formal dinning area of the house that was big enough to fit the Order. He could recognize a few such as McGonagall, Severus, Vance, Kingsley, Moody, the Longbottoms, Ms. Figg, and a few others while some were unknown to him.

As he stepped into the room heads turned toward him freezing him in his tracks, but the warm touch of James' hand on his shoulder helped him move into the room where he sat down between his mother.

"Good evening Harry. I hope you are doing much better?" he heard Albus ask him and he nodded.

"I am," he said softly as he looked over at the older man.

"Now that everyone is here. Let us begin the meeting," Albus said as he gathered the members attention, "A few days ago young Mr. Potter here was taken from his world and brought into ours. After receiving a letter from James and Lily here he has decided to share with us bits of his world to see how different our worlds are and if there are any similarities we may be able to use them for our war."

"How are we suppose to know if what he says is real?" Moody questioned as the scarred wizard leaned back in his chair. His magical eye roved around looking at whatever it was looking at as his real eye bore into Harry. The room fell silent as the others began to ponder the same thing.

"I'm willing to take veritaserum," Harry said after a moment of silence, "but only if Severus or my mother makes it. I trust no others to make it." He looked over at the Potions Master and saw a bit of shock in his dark eyes before getting a nod.

"If Lily has none I always carry a vial with me," Severus said as he rested his chin on a clenched fist. Lily told him she didn't have any made at the moment making the dark haired man stood up and walk over to the Potters, "Head back," he said as he brought out the vial and a dropper, "Tongue out." Harry nodded and tilted his head back and stuck his tongue out for Severus to drop three drops of the potion on his tongue.

His mind felt fuzzy as his tongue became numb, but he was able to see crystal clear at the expectant faces of the Order members. He felt as if he was having an out of body experience and that something else was controlling his body. "What is your full name?" Severus ask so the Order could see that the potion was working correctly.

"Hadrian Regis Potter-Peverell."

"How old are you?"


Severus sent Albus a nod before going back to sit down at his seat, "Ask away," he said sitting back in his seat.

"Are you a Death Eater?"


"Have you at anytime worked or helped the Dark Lord and his faction?"


"Explain what happened when you were taken out of your world and sent here."

"I was captured by Tom Marvolo Riddle at the end of my sixth year. I don't know how long I was with him, but when I was able to escape the air was freezing. I ran into the woods, injured, and barely able to see my way through. It was nighttime and storming. I ran through the trees trying not to trip on their roots as werewolves began chasing me. I was finally able to get through the trees only to find myself at a cliff. I turned back to run another way when the werewolves broke through the trees. I started backing up to the cliff when Tom approached the wolves from behind. He started to talk, but then I called him by his real name which angered him. I told his wolf followers that they were following a false Lord before Tom blasted me off the edge of the cliff with a wordless spell. I heard a Phoenix cry then I woke up here," Harry monotoned for the order.

"Who is Tom Marvolo Riddle?" a feminine voice asked from beside him which told Harry it was his mother.

"Tom Marvolo Riddle is the self proclaimed Dark Lord Voldemort."

"Riddle? That's a muggle name."

"What can you tell us of Tom Marvolo Riddle also known as Dark Lord Voldemort?"

"Tom Marvolo Riddle was the only child and son of Tom and Merope Riddle (née Gaunt) via the coercive use of a love potion. Riddle was raised in the Muggle-run Wool's Orphanage after his father abandoned his new family on the streets of London when the potion's influence was lifted, and his mother died moments after giving birth to and naming him after his father and maternal grandfather, Marvolo Gaunt. He attended Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin that was when he began to abuse his magic making it unstable and soaked in the Dark Arts. He was the leader of a group in Slytherin, whom had become his first Death Eaters. During School he became obsessed with his heritage and thus he began to research."

"Thinking his father was the one with magic he scour for anything to do with his father, but when he couldn't find anything he had to accept the fact that his father was a muggle. After using his middle name as a reference he found his mother and her bloodline, the Gaunt family. It was then that he discovered he was the heir to Slytherin and thus able to open the Chamber of Secrets. By his fifth year the Basilisk in the Chamber was under his complete command and killing those he deemed unworthy to be at Hogwarts or those with dirty blood. After a threat of closing the school due to the deaths Riddle needed a way to make sure the blame was not put on him for the killings so he had framed Rubeus Hagrid. It was after the threat that Riddle believed he wouldn't be able to use the Chamber any longer as a student so he made a Horcrux. A first of many by using the death of Myrtle Elizabeth Warren to create it in his school diary."

Before Harry could continue he was interrupted by Albus, "How many horcruxes?"

"He had a total of seven horcruxes."

"What are they and where are they at?"

"The first horcrux is his school diary, then the Gaunt Family Ring, Hufflepuff's Cup, Slytherin's Locket, Ravenclaw's Diadem, his familiar Nagini, and while it was an accident I was a horcrux myself. The diary is with the Malfoy Family, the ring is at the Riddle Mansion at Little Hangleton, Hufflepuff's Cup is in Bellatrix Lestrange's vault, Slytherin's Locket is at the Black Family Townhouse, Ravenclaw's Diadem is in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts, his familiar is always with him, and the Horcrux within me has been destroyed in my world."

Murmurs erupted from the Order as others explained what Horcruxes were to those who didn't know. The murmurs kept getting louder and louder until they fell silent by someone asking a sudden question, "How do you destroy a Horcrux?"

"Fiendfyre and Basilisk venom."

Silence permeated the room as the Order members looked at him stunned. Harry could feel the effects of the truth serum starting to wear off as his fuzzy feeling began to fade away. He could feel as if his body was becoming his once again. He coughed softly before reaching for his water on the table once the serum wore off. He blinked to get his dry eyes relief as he took sips from the water.

"Where the hell are we suppose to get Basilisk venom? The Ministry restricts all sales on Basilisk parts," James asked as he ran a hand through his unruly dark brown hair.

"Hogwarts," Harry pipped up as he turned to look at his father.

Everyone turned to look at him once again as if the teen had lost his mind. "There's no venom at Hogwarts, Harry," Albus said as he sat up straighter in his seat.

"Yes there is," Harry said as he turned toward the older man, "Riddle used the Basilisk in his time at Hogwarts, but he never took it out. It's still in the castle. Or well, its under the castle to be more specific. The entrance to the Chamber of Secrets is inside the castle in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. But that is also if our worlds are similar to each other in terms of what happened."

"Expound," Severus said softly but with a gruff kind of tone as he looked at the teen with blank dark eyes.

Sighing he decided to tell the story, but leaving parts out of it that wasn't relevant to what the others needed to know. Harry licked his lips and nodded before speaking, "During my second year of Hogwarts the Chamber was open and the students were being petrified by its reflective stare. The school was once again threatened to be shut down after a well known half-blood was attacked. I along with my friends, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, went searching for clues after the teachers didn't do anything to stop the attacks. After a few weeks of searching Hermione got petrified, then a ghost and another friend of ours. Ron and I were given a clue from Hagrid, whom was taken to Azkaban since they thought of him being the one to attack the students like he was blamed all those years ago. After meeting Hagrid's Acromantula, Aragog, and his children at their nest in the Forbidden Forest, Ron and I, finally figured out what was attacking the school, and it was with the help of Hermione. Even petrified she was the one to solve the problem."

"She had been at the library before she was petrified and in her hand was a crumpled paper ball. She had torn a page about Basilisks and wrote pipes on it. The snake was traveling through the pipes to get to different parts of the school. On the page we learned that no magic can pierce the hide of a Basilisk as they were close in kinship with dragons and that a roosters call is fatal to the snakes, unfortunately the roosters were killed towards the beginning of the attacks, and also that spiders flee from Basilisks. The only way to weaken it was to hit its eyes or to somehow pierce through its mouth to kill it," Harry continued after taking a few sips of water to sooth his dry throat.

"We, Ron and I, decided it was time to act once whatever or whoever was controlling the Basilisk took his little sister. We hurried to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and me, being a Parselmouth, opened the entrance-," he was cut off from speaking when the Order members spoke up loudly.


"Such a dark ability!"

"We can't trust what he says!"

"He must be working for You-Know-Who!"

"Enough!" Albus yelled out as he stood from where he was sitting gaining the attention of those in attendance, "Mr. Potter is not in league with Voldemort. This young man is not dark. If he was then Fawkes, a phoenix, wouldn't like him and would try to burn him as an enemy. If he were dark then the Royal Phoenix that brought him here would have just turned him to ash instead of trying to save him. We are not here to judge a young man, one whom was taken by force from his world and into this one. We are here to learn what Mr. Potter could teach us to see if we are able to use it to save ourselves. Now Mr. Potter if you will continue?" Albus moved to sit back down once his order was once again calm. Harry nodded and moved a little closer to his father.

"I opened the entrance to the Chamber and went down it with Ron. We didn't bother grabbing a teacher since our defense teacher that year was a fraud and couldn't help us. We believed that we could take care of it ourselves. We slid down the pipes and landed on bones of dead rats and other creatures. I opened another door. It lead to a long tunnel of sorts were the Basilisk shed its skin. We estimated it to be sixty feet long from nose to tail tip."

"After opening yet another door we were finally in its Chamber. I climbed down the ladder after urging Ron to stay up there just in case something happened. I walked and walked and then I saw Ginny, Ron's little sister, laying unconsciously at the center of the room in the back. Behind her was a large statue of who I can only assume was Slytherin. I approached her and knelt to try and wake her up. Her skin was pale and cold. It was like she was dead, but I could see her shallow breathing. I heard something behind me and I turned to see a boy older than I was by a few years. It was Tom Riddle."

"His horcrux possessed Ginny making her do everything that year all the while stealing her magic and her life so he could once again live. He taunted me. Bragging about everything he had done before calling the Basilisk. I was just about to run when I heard something. I looked up and saw Fawkes flying towards me with, funnily enough, the sorting hat in his claws. Fawkes, after dropping the hat, clawed out the Basilisks eyes so I at least had a fighting chance since it couldn't kill me with its eyes. I ran after Riddle sent the snake after me. I ran into the pipes to lose it before luring it away with a well thrown rock. I ran back to the chamber once it was far enough away and ran towards Ginny once again so I could at least get her out of the way, but she was gone. I looked around and saw Ron levitating her up the ladder to him."

"It was only a moment after that when the snake found me again. I backed away as it lunged at me and tripped over something. I glanced down and saw something poking out of the hat. I reached down and grabbed it only to pull a sword out of the hat, and it wasn't just any sword. It was Gryffindor's Sword, but even with it I was outmatched, so I ran once again. I climbed the statue while the Basilisk stretched up trying to get me. I lost my footing a few times, but caught myself before I could fall."

"I slashed at the Basilisk before seeing my opportunity. It opened its mouth. I was desperate to kill it to I lunged forward and drove the sword up the roof it its mouth while slicing a poison sac. I fell as the Basilisk did and landed on the ground a few feet from its open mouth and as I looked up at Riddle, who was approaching me taunting me once again I felt a searing pain in my arm. I looked down and there was a large fang in my arm. I was bitten as I drove the sword in its mouth."

"I could feel myself getting colder as I pulled the fang out and crawled forward towards the wet diary that was left on the floor where Ginny once laid. I just knew somehow that Riddle was connected to the diary and as the ghost of the teen taunted me I drove the fang down into its leather face before opening it and piercing its pages. Once Riddle was finally gone I fell to the side slowing losing my vision as a heated pain was shooting through me. I knew I was dying and I wasn't afraid."

"The next moment I know I'm waking up in the Infirmary with Dumbledore beside me. I was told that Fawkes had cried into the wound nullifying the venom in my blood and healing the wound before Fawkes flashed Ron, Ginny, and myself out and into the Infirmary. As far as I know the corpse was left down there to rot," Harry finished finally as he looked from Albus to Severus before looking down at his lap.

Albus cleared his throat before taking a deep breath, "I believe that is enough information for tonight. We will convene once again two days form now as we digest the information Mr. Potter has given us. If you would be at that meeting Mr. Potter there is still more we need to know."

Harry nodded as he watched as the members began to stand a leave except for a few. "I'll be here sir," he said softly before the old man left as well.


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