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Chapter 2

Hey Nuggies! So I've been reading a lot, and I mean a lot, of HP Fanfiction where Harry is sent to another, or parallel, world to defeat Voldemort and where his parent live. Very cliche I know, but I have always wanted to write one! So, here I am and hopefully you keep reading it even though the thought had been done multiple times. The pairing is SLASH as with most of my fanfiction and I have yet to decide if it will be M!Preg or not or who Harry will be with. By the way, this will not really be book compliant. There will be some mentions of things that have happened in the books, but this will be AU so that means no Horcruxes!

So tell me who you would want Harry to be with and if you want it M!Preg. I will not pair him with any female characters. Feel free to leave your choices in a review or a PM.

I feel like I should also mention that Harry will be OOC.

Rating: M

Pairing: Harry/?

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. The franchise belongs to its rightful owner(s). I do not make any money off of this as this is just for entertainment purposes only. I do own my OCs.

Chapter Warnings: None.

Please enjoy and don't forget to leave a review!

A/N: For the guest, who emailed me, curious about the timeline Harry had finished his sixth year, but never went on the run. Instead Dumbledore, who didn't die, ordered Harry to be returned to Privet Drive. There Voldemort and his minions took Harry, who since he had been taken was missing for the entire summer and into what was supposed to be his seventh year.

James didn't know what to think when he stepped out of the floo and was given the sight of a shirtless back covered in scars and bones that jutted out. He took a deep breath as he watched the Matron of the Infirmary speak softly to who he knew was his son. He heard Lily beside him gasp softly as the floo flared again and the Headmaster stepped out. James stepped away slightly to give the old man room to walk forward.

"Do you want to go introduce yourselves or shall I tell him you are here?" Albus asked as he gave the couple a smile.

"I'll go," James said softly as he gave the older man a glance before turning to his wife to ask, "You with me?"

Lily gave him a small smile before she answered him with a soft, "Always."

James grabbed her hand and entwined their fingers before leading her over to the small teen. As they walked closer they could see just how much scarring their son had and it shook them to their cores. To them it seemed like the scars had more and more scars on top of them almost completely covering sickly pale skin. James saw Poppy give his son a medium sized vial of a clear blue potion he could recognize as maximum strength nutrient potion thanks to the silver flecks floating throughout the blue solution.

He watched as Hadrian sighed and quickly downed it before he was given a glass of something to chase it down with. They were so close now. He could see that his son's hair was darker than his own, but just as unruly. He could see the small freckles that graced the broken and scarred skin that he got from his mother, but most of all he saw the bright green eyes that locked onto his own hazel ones.

"Hadrian," James said softly as he moved to the seat Poppy had left from. Lily sat down on the bed a few feet away from their son since the teen wasn't use to them quite yet.

"Oh Baby," Lily said as she looked over the small teen. She was devastated at the condition Hadrian was in.

"I usually go by Harry," Harry said as he licked his lips as his gazed switched between the two of them.

"We'll call you however you want, Harry," James said as he sent him a small smile. He was given one back and he couldn't believe how beautiful his son was. He was tiny, he would guess Harry was about 5'6", pale, but his hair had a slight curl to his unruly-ness. When Harry was all better he would definitely be a looker.

"Thanks," Harry said as he looked at his father, "So, what now?" Harry was already a bit stressed from everything considering he had jumped worlds and now found out he had a family that would actually want him.

"Well we can do quite a few things. We can get you checked up at St. Mungo's and on the track to a full recovery. We get to know each other. Get to know our boundaries and we go on about life," James said as he gave his son a crooked smile.

"What about the war?" Harry asked as he looked at them confused. James was making it sound like everything was going to be alright now. That everything was going to be perfect, but Harry knew there would be bumps and hills in the way. Especially with the war being one of them.

"You leave that to us adults," James said as he reached over and swept a small strand of hair behind his son's ear, "children are never meant to fight. Especially to fight a war that isn't theirs to begin with."

Harry nodded overwhelmed at the fact that he wouldn't be made to fight. He was only about to turn sixteen. "A-And if I had information that could help?" he asked as he bit his lip. He clasped his hands together and rubbed his fingers together in habit.

"Then we would ask, only if you want to share it, and if it's true then we will do something about it," Lily said as she glanced down at the twitchy hands before looking back up to identical green eyes.

Harry nodded, "I feel like I need to. It'll help," he said softly, "Is the Order around? I don't want to repeat myself."

"The Order is around. We meet up at Potter Manor," James said as he looked at his son curiously before asking, "Harry, how do you know the Order?"

"I was a part of it in my world. I was pressured to be a front line fighter and the one Voldie wanted to most before I was captured by the snake face," Harry bluntly said as he looked down at his lap.

James looked at his son in shock. Front line fighter? He was only sixteen for Merlin's sake! How dare the other world pressure his delicate looking son into fighting! He was just a small teen! "You don't ever have to fight again. We, Lily and I, will never make you and if someone else tries you best believe they have to go through an ex-Head Auror and a Charms and Potions Mistress before they can get to you," James said determined to get point across.

Harry looked at him in even more shock before he slowly nodded his head. He could see the raw emotion in those warm hazel eyes and he could tell that his father actually meant what he had said. "Thank you," he said softly as he sent him and Lily a small smile, "I don't want to fight anymore, but knowing my luck I'll be sucked into the fighting anyway. Or at least be in some part of it."

James held in a sigh, "Potter Luck?" he asked softly knowing just how bad or good the luck could come out with his own experiences.

"Potter Luck," Harry agreed with a small nod making Lily laugh.

A few hours passed and it was filled with smiles and stories as Harry got to know his parents. He found out that here his Dad had a brother and that Petunia wasn't like she was in his world. She was nicer and while she did marry Vernon she really cracked down on his weight and attitude and then Dudley's after she had him and saw that he was gaining weight just as fast as his father.

He was also told of his brother and sister. They were younger than him by two years. Fraternal twins they were. Silas looked like their mother with his red hair that was just as unruly like his own, but his eyes were a bright hazel color. Sireli had their dad's dark brown hair and it laid like their mom's hair, but her eyes were also dad's darker hazel. Harry was the only one that had gotten their mom's eyes.

It wasn't long after James and Lily told him of his siblings that Madame Pomfrey let him out of the infirmary with a small warning not to do large bouts of magic or the moment and to get lots of bed rest to charge up. He was then ushered to the Floo and was quickly taken to the Potter Manor. It seemed like James didn't like being in one place for long either.

"So what now?" he asked after they settled down on the softest couches he had ever had the pleasure to sit on. His body was sore and his eyes ached to close so he could sleep.

"Well, you are looking tired. Why don't I show you a room to sleep in? We don't have anything going on until later on tonight," James said as he went to stand up again.

"What's going on later?" Harry asked as he slowly stood. His legs shook slightly for a moment as he got his bearings together.

"An Order meeting. Dumbledore said it was to address that you were here. I suppose you can sit on it and offer the information you hinted at earlier," Lily explained as she gave him a small kiss on his head. She was a little sad that she had to bend down to give said kiss. He was shorter than the twins.

Harry nodded as he rubbed his eye slightly, "Alright," he said softly as he clung onto James' hand. He wasn't sure why, but he felt clingy to the newly found family. Perhaps it was because he didn't have them in the other world and wanted to hold onto the smallest thread of someone actually wanting him. James smiled as he lead his small son upstairs to one of the unused rooms. It was rather large and James, now knowing that Harry was going to stay here, decided it would be Harry's permanent room to which the small teen could decorate as pleased.

Harry, now barely awake, stumbled over to the bed and laid down. Just a few moments later he was completely out of it as James took off his shoes and pulled the blankets out from under him to pull over him. James smiled and couldn't help but lay a kiss on the soft fluffy head.

The afternoon slowly droned on for James and Lily as they prepared for the guests. They expected quite a number of people and needed to make sure they had the right amount of food and tea to serve. Lily was busy elbows deep in dough as she was beginning to make different flavors of scones. She didn't notice the soft pitter patter of feet against tile coming closer. She did however notice when a chair across from her moved and a small body sat in it.

"Good morning," she joked softly as she saw the messier bed head of her dimension traveler son. She saw a slight smile grace his lips before she went back to her task. "If you are hungry there is some food in the fridge," she said as she began to divide the dough to add the flavorings.

"Thanks," Harry said softly as he got up. He was feeling a bit peckish and decided on a sandwich. He quickly gathered the ingredients along with a pan and some butter to make himself a grilled ham and cheese.

Lily watched slightly amazed that her son knew how to work the stove. "Where did you learn to cook?" she asked trying to make small talk with him and so she could get to know him.

Harry tensed slightly from the question before answering, "Aunt Petunia made me cook for them so it was either learn how to not burn anything or be punished. Because of that I know how to make a large variety of things." He carefully flipped his sandwich so it could cook on the other side.

Lily bit her lip and tightened her grip on her cup. "Well why don't you tell me what you can make as you eat? We can compare recipes," she said softly putting a smile on her face when her son turned around with his food on a plate.

"Okay," he said softly as he sat down and nibbled on his still hot food. 'Maybe being here isn't going to be so bad, huh?' he thought to himself softly before softly talking about the recipes he knew.

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