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Chapter 1

Hey Nuggies! So I've been reading a lot, and I mean a lot, of HP Fanfiction where Harry is sent to another, or parallel, world to defeat Voldemort and where his parent live. Very cliche I know, but I have always wanted to write one! So, here I am and hopefully you keep reading it even though the thought had been done multiple times. The pairing is SLASH as with most of my fanfiction and I have yet to decide if it will be M!Preg or not or who Harry will be with. By the way, this will not really be book compliant. There will be some mentions of things that have happened in the books, but this will be AU so that means no Horcruxes!

So tell me who you would want Harry to be with and if you want it M!Preg. I will not pair him with any female characters. Feel free to leave your choices in a review or a PM.

I feel like I should also mention that Harry will be OOC.

Rating: M

Pairing: Harry/?

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. The franchise belongs to its rightful owner(s). I do not make any money off of this as this is just for entertainment purposes only. I do own my OCs.

Chapter Warnings: Name changes!

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The male in question didn't stop as he ran through the trees. His body ached in more ways than one but he couldn't stop running. No, never stop running.

Cold drops of rain soaked his clothes through to his skin as the torrential rain washed down from the clouds and onto the earth below. He was thankful that the sounds of rain and thunder masked his running as leaves, branches, and the clothes on his body, broke and flapped through the wind.

He tried his hardest not to look behind as he ran as he didn't want to accidentally trip and have them catch him once again. He slipped and slid on the muddy earth as the skin broke on his bare feet. His breath shone misty white in the cold air as he panted for a breath. His lungs burned in need and his vision blurred.

He could make out something in front of him and hurried to it. He heard deep growls behind him and the sounds of thunderous footsteps coming closer.

'Oh Merlin, they brought out the weres,' he thought as he made it to the area he saw only to find out it didn't help him. He made an abrupt stop at the edge of the cliff. Beyond the cliff in the sky the moon was full and bright. He heaved for breath and turned around as the growls were a lot closer.

Three large wolves stalked closer and closer driving him towards the edge of the cliff. One wolf was emaciated looking with missing fur, scars on its muzzle, and a crooked paw. Its fur was too dark to make out out while the other two wolves' fur shone bright silver and tawny brown. The silver wolf was larger than the other two in not just height, but also in girth while the tawny colored wolf was smaller than the other two, more lithe.

The male stepped once more towards the cliff as the wolves stepped closer to him. "Harry Potter," came a male voice from behind the wolves. He looked up and saw a white and black blurred figure, but he knew from the voice who it was.

"Tom," was his raspy reply as he looked up at the tall figure. If he could see correctly he could see the thin white skin stretched over a snake like face and bright red eyes filled with hatred.

"That is not my name and you know it," Voldemort snarled out as he brandished his wand. He pointed it at the small teen just as the dark haired male gave him a smirk.

"Since I know that I won't live soon, I'll tell your little wolves this," he said with a small laugh, "You all follow a false Lord. A Lord that boasts Pureblood supremacy and to think he's only a Halfblood. A Halfblood with a muggle father and a mother that could only get someone to love her with a Love Potion."

Voldemort roared in anger as he wordlessly shot a spell out towards him. It was a colored spell that he had never seen before. He didn't move letting the spell hit him. The strength of the spell sent him flying back over the cliff and the last thing he saw was Voldemort watching him fall and the sound of a phoenix cry before he was engulfed in flames.

It was early morning and the Great Hall was bustling with students and teachers a like. The ceiling was copying the weather outside all bright and sunny with fluffy white clouds lazily floating through the blue. Students dressed in black with trimmings of blue, yellow, red, and green got their bellies full of food made by the house elves as the teachers also ate and chatted together discussing lesson plans and students alike.

In the middle of the Head Table sat an older man by the name of Albus Dumbledore. One who seemed that time was not kind to him, but it also gave him a aura of a wise man. His beard long and full trailed down his chest and laid on his lap as he ate while his blue eyes trailed among the students. All was calm in the Great Hall until the sound of sharp cry filled the air above the students talking.

A bright flame of shimmery silver burst into the air before a being exited it. Albus sat up straighter in his seat as he watched the figure fall before the Head Table. "Arresto Momentum*!" he yelled waving his arm causing the figure to slow down before coming to a sickening stop against the concrete of the floor. He held in a wince as he heard the figure let out a scream after a stomach churning crack like a bone, or multiple, had broken.

"Silence!" Albus yelled as the students began to scream, "Head and Junior Prefects take your students to your dorms!" He waited a moment as he watched the students do as they were told. "Poppy, Severus, with me. Minerva make sure all students get to their dorms and let them know classes are canceled for the day. Filius if you would help her with the task along with Pomona and Hagrid if you would make sure the grounds are undisturbed?"

He didn't wait for any conformations as he followed Poppy, who had conjured a stretcher for the now identified male, to the infirmary. He heard Severus behind him as they raced through the halls catching up with the bustling Healer. In no time at all they made it to the wide double doors to the infirmary where Poppy placed the male onto a bed.

"What do you need Poppy?" Severus asked as he came to a stop by the bed.

"Blood Replenisher, Anti-Infection Draught, Fever Reducer, Bruise Salve, Burn Salve, Anti-Cruciatus, Skele-Grow, Muscle Relaxer, and Angel's Feather," she listed off as she banished the torn and burnt clothing.

"Angel's Feather?" Severus questioned as he hurried to get what the Healer asked. That particular potion was only used when the patient was subjected to multitudes of dark curses and hexes. It was a very complicated brew and only the most seasoned of potioneers were legally allowed to make it and administer it as too much of it could be poisonous due to one of the ingredients in it.

He quickly gathered the potions and hurried back. He stopped a foot away from the bed and stared at the figure in shock. His ribs were visible like he had not a single piece of fat on his body letting Severus and Poppy see exactly which ribs were broken, the skin was pale, dirty, and bruised. He had gashed covering him and the words whore, slut, and freak gouged into his skin.

He shook his head mentally as he waved his wand over each vial as told by Poppy to banish them into the small males' body. Slowly over the next few hours the almost lifeless body gained color and started breathing easier. "We can't put anymore potions in his body now. We must wait for a little while now and let his body heal," Poppy announce as she waved on loose fitting pajamas on the male, "For now he will be monitored and he will rest. I suggested the same for you Severus. You did use a lot of magic helping me."

The dark haired man nodded, "Of course. I will retire to my rooms for now, but if you do need me Poppy feel free to send a house elf or a firecall."

The older female smiled at him and nodded, "Of course. Now go," she said as she waved him on. She waved over the bed one last time to set up a monitoring spell and an alarm spell to let her know if her patient change before she left to start paperwork on him in her office.

The hours slowly passed until the bright lights of a new day graced the grounds of Hogwarts when her alarm and monitoring spells went off. She got up quickly and rushed out only to see her patient sitting up. "Now young man lay back down," she ordered as she got nearer to him. She saw the brightest green eyes looking up at her making her freeze. She had only seen those eyes on one person before in her life.

"Poppy?" the raspy voice of her patient rasped out before he started coughing. She made him sit back on the pillows she had just conjured for him to relax in.

Poppy helped him drink some water from the glass on the side table only pulling back when he felt him push on her wrist. "Now young man how do you know my name? You are not a student of this school," she asked as she set the glass back down.

"Wh-What are you tal-talking about? I am a st-student," he said softly between deep breaths and a few coughs.

"I have not seen you here before young man, now tell me your name," Poppy said as she waved her wand over his to get a diagnostic.

"You shou-should know me, it's Harry," He said looking up at her, "Harry Potter."

Poppy looked at the young man in shock. Now that she had a good look at him she could see James in him and Lily, but as far as she knew little baby boy Hadrian Potter died years ago on Halloween. The couple only had little Alain and Sireli.

"J-Just one moment and let me get the Headmaster. You just stay there," she said as she got up and rushed to her office. She threw green powder into the flames and called out Albus' name. "You must come through. The young man woke up and he started claiming that he was Hadrian Potter!" she said urgently before the Headmaster had said one word to her.

"Move aside," he said before standing back to go through. A moment later he was standing by the Healer as she began to explain what had happened when her patient woke up. "I'll speak to him just wait here, my dear," Albus said before making his way out of the office. He walked towards the teen he saw sitting on the bed with a small smile on his face.

"Hello my boy," he said kindly as he took a seat by the bed, "I hear from Madame Pomfrey that you have quite the name."

He watched as the teen turned towards him and looked at him like he was seriously confused, "But sir, you know who I am. It's me Harry," he said as he tried getting the concept across.

"Hmm," Albus hummed as he stroked his beard, "Well, you see my lad, that is the reason we are confused. Little Harry was killed years ago and so here we are with someone claiming to be Harry we have to make sure that you are telling the truth."

The teen looked at him in confusion before looking down at him lap. "K-Killed?" he asked before looking up, "I wasn't killed. M-My parents were the ones killed. You know this! You sent Hagrid to get me after it happened! You sent me to live with my Aunt and Uncle!"

Silver brows furrowed as he looked at the teen, "If I may, my dear boy, cast a small spell to tell me of your origin? You see I have a theory now, and I need to cast it to be sure of it."

"A spell sir?" he asked before biting his lip. He did trust the Headmaster, but he wasn't sure why the old man was acting like this. It just confused him more and more, but he did respond with an affirmative for the Headmaster to cast the spell, "Um sure."

"Thank you," the Headmaster said as he pulled his wand out. He started waving his wand as he muttered a few words under his breath and as he spoke a ribbon of parchment shot out at the end of his wand. He finished the spell and took it from the air before it could fall onto the bed.

Hadrian Regis Potter-Peverell

Age: 16

Mother: Lilium Rosaria Potter-Peverell nee Evans

Father: James Henraikus Potter-Peverell

Brother: Silas Ignotus Potter-Peverell

Sister: Sireli Ixora Potter-Peverell

The parchment went on as the old man read it. His eyes widening and widening until he got to the bottom. "Well, my dear boy, it is best to say that you may have come to an alternative world," he said softly. It was the best way to explain what happened. "You see you appeared here, quite suddenly, in a ball of silver fire with a phoenix cry here in the Great Hall."

"Phoenix. Like Fawkes?" the now confirmed, Hadrian, asked as he glanced at the parchment the Headmaster was holding. The next moment was held in silence as the end of Hadrian's bed caught on fire before Fawkes trilled out in greeting. The huge bird twittered softly as he made his way up the bed to sit on Hadrian's lap. Hesitantly Hadrian stroked the soft warm plumage.

"Yes. Quite, but the fire as I mentioned before was silver not red," Albus said as he watched his phoenix. He was surprised his bird was treating the young man like he was, but he took it in stride as Fawkes seemed to trust the lad.

"I've never heard of a silver phoenix," Hadrian said as he scratched Fawkes' chin.

"I have only read about them and only then it was a small section in a book. They are called Royal Phoenix. One only born every few thousand years and they only come to the aid of someone pure of heart and completely trust worthy. The book mentioned that a royal phoenix will show itself to another phoenix once it is ready to pass on giving the other phoenix the power to become the next royal after its next burning day," Albus explained softly.

They sat in silence for a moment before Hadrian spoke one more, "Headmaster," he said softly keeping his gaze on Fawkes, "What's going to happen to me? Now that I'm here where will I go?"

"Well, I could inform your parents of your arrival," Albus said softly as he gave the young man a smile.

"P-P-Parents?" He asked shocked as he looked up at him with wide eyes, "Y-You mean they're alive?"

Albus nodded and watched as the shocked teen tried not to start crying, "Would you like me to inform them?" he asked as he placed a hand on his shoulder. He took a deep breath as he got a nod, "Alright, stay here. I'll be back momentarily then," he said before getting up and walking to the office. As he walked away he heard Fawkes trill softly in comforting tones to try and keep the young man calm.

"And?" he heard Poppy asked once he stepped into the office.

"He's Hadrian Potter," he confirmed as he gave her a small smile, "I am going to inform the Potters of their sons' arrival and be back soon with them. For now, dear, let him get use to the idea that he was just whisked away from his world and into ours."

"His world?" she questioned as she gave the Headmaster her pot of floo powder. He threw it in and called out the destination of the Potter house.

"Quite my dear. It seems like this Hadrian Potter is a dimension hopper," he said before stepping into the fire leaving a confused Healer behind.

The Potter house was quite large for a family of four, but it didn't seem that way when the Potters were joined with the Lupin-Blacks. The House, really a Manor, had ten bedrooms each with their own bathroom plus a couple of extra around the house, two living rooms, a formal dining room, an informal dining room, a large well stocked kitchen, three dens, a kids playroom, a music room, a indoor pool room, a game room, a drawing room, two studies, a well covered patio/deck, stables in the back for their equine companions as well as the large forest it was surrounded by for Remus Lupin to run around in on the full moon.

The Head of the House, James, was sitting in his den reading the morning paper still in his pajamas sipping on a hot cup of strong coffee when the fireplace blared green flames. He looked up curiously as he wasn't expecting anyone until later in the afternoon. "Headmaster?" he said standing up once the person walked out of the fireplace.

"Ah, James, just who I was looking for," Albus greeted as he stepped away from the now hot burning flames, "I need to speak with you and Lily for just a moment."

"Sure Albus," James said, "What's this all about?" He then called one of their house elves, Misty, to get his wife from the kitchen. His beautiful Lily-Flower had banned the house elves from the kitchen since she wanted to do all the cooking for herself and James must say that her cooking was better than their house elf cook's, Floppy, food.

"I will tell you in just a minute. It really needs to be told to you both and I would rather not have to repeat myself," Albus said as he took a seat in a chair across from the couch. Wimsey, the ever prepared house elf, popped in with a small tray of pastries as well as a kettle of tea with cups.

They only had to wait a few moments in a silence that spoke of anxiousness and agitation before Lily walked into the room, "Headmaster?" she questioned as she walked over to her husband and sat down beside him, "What can we do for you? Is there something wrong with Silas or Sireli?"

"Nothing of the sort, dear Lily," he said sitting his cup down and grabbing the parchment he had put in his pocket before traveling through the fire. "You see we had a strange visitor yesterday afternoon and after he woke up in the wee hours this morning we finally got a name from him which was confirmed with the ancestry spell," he said before he handed them the parchment.

Albus watched as James opened the parchment. He saw the emotions running over their faces after reading it before James looked up at him, "I-Is this true?" he asked as the emotions he was feeling choked his words.

Albus nodded as Lily let out a choking sob against her husbands' shoulder. He politely looked away as the couple cried as James held onto Lily. It was a few moments later that James asked,


"Alternative World," was his only reply. He got a nod from James as he rubbed his wifes' back softly.

"Can we meet him? Lily may not have given birth to this Hadrian, but he is still ours," James said softly as he pleaded with the Headmaster with his eyes.

"Of course, I was hoping you would ask. He seemed quite willing when I left him in the infirmary," Albus said as he sipped his tea.

"Infirmary? He's hurt?" Lily asked once she got a hold on her emotions to pay attention to the conversation.

"Yes. To be honest with you both, it was amazing that he lasted through the night. There had to be authorized use of Angel's Feather on him," he said honestly as he didn't want to hide anything from the parents, "A lot of scars, gashes, and bruises covered his skin and he was skinny enough to wonder if he had ever had a meal in his life. He went through three bottles of Skele-Grow until all his bone were reset and healed fully. He underwent the Cruciatus multiple times as well as other dark curses. Pomfrey, who has already started his medical file, said his blood contained basilisk venom as well as phoenix tears. There is no telling how he is mentally, but physically he is doing as well as we could hope with the amount of damage his body had undergone."

James and Lily were both silent as they listened to Albus spill the details about their son. They were shocked, sickened, desperate to hold their child in their arms, but most of all they felt relieved that the teen didn't have to feel the torture anymore.

"Let us get dressed and we'll go," James said ushering Lily up off the couch, "We'll be down in a few minutes." James ushered her up the stairs and quickly got ready. He watched his wife go through the motions of getting ready but he could see she wasn't all there yet.

"Lily," he said softly as he wrapped his arms around her waist stopping her after she put her shirt on, "Don't think about what he's been through. Think about how in a few minutes we'll be holding him in our arms. Our oldest. Our Hadrian. Remember the love we have for him and that he's safe now here with family. That in a few days Silas and Sireli will be here for the summer holiday to welcome their big brother home."

He smiled as he felt his wife start to relax in his arms as he spoke. "I love you," he heard her whisper softly. He responded back with his own before he pulled away and kissed her head softly, "Let's go see our son," he said softly. He saw her nod and give him a smile before she threw a thin over shirt on top of her tank top.

He lead her down the stairs and back to the living room where Albus was waiting for them. "Ready," James said after they entered, "To the Infirmary or your office?"

"Infirmary dear James," Albus said as he got off the couch, "The password is Healing as usual."

James nodded and threw the green powder in before he and his wife stepped in, "Hogwarts Infirmary, Healing," he called out being whisked away in a flash a swirling green.

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