Corpse Magic @ezraverwayn
Chapter 5

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Chapter Warnings: Sex Aftermath

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It took Harry a few days to recover completely after the bout of sex in the woods. His ankle was fully healed and the, surprisingly pleasant, soreness that he had woken up with in his backside were gone as well. He and Daryl were closer than they were before which made him relieved. He had hoped that Daryl wasn't one of those men that would leave someone high and dry after getting what they wanted, and so far Daryl had been the opposite of that.

During the last two days the man had touched him multiple times in some way even if it was just a small brushing of fingers or a full palm on his bum when they were away from the eyes of others. Harry wasn't complaining though. His magic was just starting to settle and Lori was finally being less of a bitch in camp now that Shane was fucking her again.

That had been a relief to just about everyone there.

Lori was finally calmer and Shane was just a smidge under a hardass on the scale of hardass-ness. Glenn, Andrea, Morales, and T-Dog had come back from their run and they came bearing gifts. Glenn had even gotten Carl the hat and sunglasses that Harry had suggested and from what he could see the small boy was doing much better now that the sun was out of his eyes.

Andrea had brought back some female products, and in the middle of the night, Harry had taken a few and duplicated them and placed them in his bag for later when he was able to make a more permanent settlement for the group.

T-Dog had found some sweets and other non perishable foods, but they were hoarded away by Lori. She claimed that she was in charge of rationing. No one really wanted to fight her on it and make her start being a bigger bitch again. Harry just thought there was a bigger reason to why she was the one hoarding the food. There were days that he never sees her and Shane and they weren't as skinny as the rest of them.

Morales managed to gather some medical supplies that were badly needed. Harry had found out that Dale had a bad heart, Jim had an autoimmune disorder, and that Ed was diabetic. Not that Harry cared about Ed since he found out that he was abusing little Sophia and Carol.

All in all while it was a small run it was well received by the others in the group. Glenn even presented Harry with a pair of new shoes and the asian had told him it was because he had seen how bad his shoes were before they left. They were black and thick soled and Harry was surprised to find out that they were made out of dragon hide.

Since then he had observed Glenn closer. It could be that a wizard or witch had dropped them or another muggle could have found them and lost them, but Harry could tell they were new. He hasn't seen anything amiss with Glenn, but he would keep observing him. It could be that there were more magials in this group that he and Carol had thought.

Speaking of Carol, he had gotten permission to start teaching Sophia magic a little over a week ago, but they had to do it when there was no one around and not in sight of Ed. The little girl was doing wonderfully, so wonderful in fact, that Harry was close to saying that she was ready for a wand. She was about the age that her core settled for her school years before her maturity at seventeen.

He would have to speak to Carol later about the closest magical shopping district that had a wand shop, but he did know of one in Atlanta. He would have to take Sophia with him and he didn't know how long it would take them. It could be a few minutes to a few hours before they could find her wand. But that was for another day.

Today, a new 'problem' had started.

It was about noon and Glenn had gone back to Atlanta at Loris' request for something that morning before everyone was awake. When he came back he wasn't alone. Harry watched as the tall lanky man, dressed in a white button down and dark pants embraced Carl and Lori. He did see Shane standing a bit away from the trio looking a mixture of emotions, but the more prominent ones were happiness, anger, and jealousy.

He had wondered why anger? Wasn't this man his best friend?

He ignored it for the moment, but the feeling of foreboding when he looked at Shane never left.

"Ready to go?"

Harry looked up and saw Daryl standing over him. His mind flashed back to a couple of days ago when they were in a similar position and he had to force a blush back as he got up to his feet. "Yeah," Harry said as he gave the taller man a nod. Today they were going to Atlanta for a few things. Carol had given him permission to take Sophia, but he wanted to scout the shopping district before bringing a little girl there.

He also decided that today was the day that he was going to tell Daryl about magic.

Harry got into Daryls' truck and buckled himself in as the older man got in. His heart pounded in his chest as Daryl placed his large hand on his thigh. It was warm and he could remember those rough yet gentle hands on his body and just thinking about it made his pants a bit tighter.

Atlanta was a good two hours away and Harry thought that this would be the best time to mention about magic. "Hey Daryl," Harry said softly, "C-Can we talk about something?" He kept his eyes on the road and forced himself not to look at the older man.

"Sure," Daryl replied, his southern accent was thick that day and Harry assumed that it was because the man was aroused if the bulge in his pants said anything, "What's up?"

"What do you think of magic?" the teen blurted out before he could second guess himself.

The interior of the truck was silent as Daryl drove. Harry was sitting there silent and scared. He did his best not to shake his leg up and down or pick his nails as he waited on an answer from his soulmate. The only thing giving him hope was the hand still on his thigh.

"What kind of magic are you talking about?"

The sudden question five minutes after Harry asked about magic startled him a bit and he couldn't stop the jerk his leg did. "Any kind," Harry replied as he braved a look over at the older man. Daryls' face didn't reveal anything about what he was thinking.

"Is there a reason you're asking?" Daryl asked as he adjusted himself in his seat.

"B-Because I have magic," Harry confessed a little breathy as if he was scared to actually say it out loud. Which he was. He didn't want to be rejected by his soulmate.

He saw Daryl nod from the corner of his eye and he felt Daryl tighten his hand on his thigh. That gave him a small bit of hope.

The two fell silent once more and Harry just watched the scenery pass by in a blur. Soon enough he was seeing signs saying that they were getting close to Atlanta and the small herds of walkers they passed by were getting bigger. Thankfully the herds lost interest in them quickly after they passed if the backs of the walkers in the side mirror was any indication. Harry was a bit concerned that the herds were getting bigger, and from what they were seeing, leaving Atlanta.

Harry was afraid they were going to head towards the Quarry.

Once they found an empty area to ditch the truck for the moment, they left the safer sanctuary of moving metal, to go on foot towards their destination. Glenn had told them of a weapons store that didn't looked raided like it had been left there forgotten during the beginning of the end. Daryl wanted to see if they had anything for his crossbow and Harry was just happy to go along and see the knives there.

He had been wanting to find a suitable pair that he could channel his magic through just in case anything happened to his wand.

The shop wasn't far from where they parked the car. They just had to by pass and kill a few walkers to get to it, and it only took fifteen minutes to get to it. The store was small, like it had been a newly opened business that didn't get the chance to expand. There wasn't even any indication it was a store except of the previously torn down sign.

The glass to the store was still intact and dust covered just about everything. Little paw prints and drag marks showed that a critter had been through but the prints were faded with dust also showing them that it had been a while since it had been there. The displays were filled with weapons and behind the counter were boxes upon boxes of ammo.

"How?" Harry whispered as Daryl walked over to the crossbows. The older man turned towards him with a raise brow in question. "How is this place still here? Everywhere else in this city has been cleaned out, but there's still this place. Fully intact," Harry continued as he walked around and took in the weapons, "This should have been one of the first places cleaned out."

Daryl shrugged as he grabbed one of the cross bows. It was slightly bigger than his own and was made with a black type of metal that didn't reflect light as badly as the one he had now. "Not a clue," the older man said as he decided to take the bow, "We should just be grateful that we got this place and the things in it."

Harry nodded and quietly broke the lock to the cases so they could get whatever knives they wanted.

"Is there anyway we could take all of them?" Daryl asked as he looked at the ammo and the guns. They might not need them now, but it was only a matter of time that they would need them.

Harry looked over at him and opened his mouth before closing it. He opened once more and then closed it. He bit his lip softly as he nodded when Daryl looked at him. He looked down at the knives once again and he heard a sigh coming from Daryl. He heard something being set down and soft footsteps coming his way.

He couldn't help the way his body tensed as the tips of Daryls' shoes came into sight. He had been abused by his relatives just because of his magic. He couldn't stand it if Daryl decided to do something similar.

"Harry," Daryl said as he stepped up beside the still teen, "What's wrong?" He reached out and grasped an arm before slowly pulling Harry to his chest. He wrapped his arms around the tensed teen and he waited until Harry wanted to speak.

Harry took in a deep, slow breath as he brought his arms up and clung to his soulmate. He took several more deep breaths and slowly released them as he willed his body to relax. This was his soulmate for Merlins' sake. Daryl wouldn't hurt him. Wouldn't reject him.


"Wh-When I was just over a year old my parents were murdered," Harry began softly. The words just spilled out of his mouth like vomit. He told his mate of how his parents were killed, then he was spent to his aunts, the abuse both physical and emotional, the years he spent at Hogwarts, and his journey he spent on the run to kill the mad man that killed his parents. He told his soulmate how he died then came back.

He spilled everything.

His fears.


What he wanted.

About him being his soulmate and what it meant.


His voice was hoarse from use and Daryl had made him stop a few times to take a drink of lukewarm water. By the time he was done speaking Daryl had moved them from where they stood to the floor where Harry sat in his lap and had Daryls' strong, warm arms wrapped around him.

"Thank you for telling me," Daryl said softly a bit after silence had fallen between them, "but it doesn't change anything between us. You're still Harry. I'm still Daryl. Us being soulmates just means that we were always meant to be together no matter what. Nothing changes. Got that?"

Harry looked up at him and he gave the man a small nod. His eyes were rimmed red and a small, but relieved smile graced his lips. "Yeah," Harry agreed before leaning forward and softly kissed Daryl, "Stay right here and let me put everything in my bag."

Harry got up and took his bag off only to set it on the floor in the middle of the shop open and ready to receive new items. Harry flicked his wrist causing his wand to shoot into his hand and hand waved it as he spoke soft Latin. The weapons and ammo around them started lifting from where they were and in a slow vortex they gathered above his bag before making their descent into it.

It only took a few minutes, but soon enough they were standing in an empty store. Harry closed and shouldered his bag as Daryl stood up and Harry couldn't help but give him another kiss before the taller man stood up straight.

"There's one more stop I would like to make," Harry said, "I don't think it's too far away from here."

Daryl nodded and indicated for Harry to take the lead. The journey was slow since the walker herds grew in size the further they went into the city. Harry was constantly on the look out for one landmark in particular. It was small, but noticeable to other magicals like himself.

"There!" Harry whispered excitedly ten minutes later as they entered a rather old time looking area of the city where pubs and bars were abundant. The one particular pub he was searching for was towards the middle of the street.

"Where?" Daryl asked as he came to a stopped crouch beside Harry at the opening to the street.

"You couldn't see it," Harry said as he pointed in the general direction, "It's called the Golden Goblet. It's a magical pub that houses the entrance to one of the United States Magical Alleys. From what I know there are seven Alleys in the U.S.A. One is here obviously, there's another in New York, California, Montana, Utah, New Jersey, and the largest one is in Massachusetts. Salem to be precise."

Daryl let out a soft hum and nodded before gesturing for Harry to lead once again. They were lucky that there weren't any walkers on this street, but they had to be safe nonetheless. Once they were in the pub, after Harry had grasped Daryls' hand so he could see the pub, Harry was quick to look for the entrance.

At the Leaky Cauldron the entrance was in the back corner of the pub so it was there that Harry looked first. Harry had an inkling that magical pubs were all based off another as the entrance was indeed in the back. There was only one thing that stopped him from opening the entrance.

He didn't know what bricks to press.

He didn't want to press the wrong ones since magicals were paranoid and liked to put wards and fail safes on everything. He didn't anything happening because he started pressing random bricks. Leaving the area for now Harry ventured behind the bar and began browsing too see if there was a piece of paper saying the what the password was.

He checked the underside of the counter, behind and under the register, inside of the register, and under the entire counter when he saw that there was a gap between the base of the counter and the floor. Not seeing anything he ventured to the pictures on the walls. Daryl was silent while he was doing this.

He went picture from picture before finally finding the one he thought he needed. There were two men in the picture and a brick wall behind them. There were four bricks highlighted on the picture and when he flipped the frame over, after having picked it up, there was a small poem on the back.

To the north where the rain began.

Then to the south where fires reign.

The east is where the winds raged.

Then it all ended to the west where nature thrives.

Harry let out a chuckle as he set it down and grabbed Daryls' hand to lead him to the back. "This way!" Harry said as he opened the storage closet the entrance was located in. He felt Daryl let go of his hands and placed them on his hips.

"If you wanted to make out you didn't need to drag me into a storage closet to do it," Daryl said as he placed a soft warm kiss on his neck.

Harry giggled softly as he turned and gave Daryl a kiss where he was able to reach. "It's not that," Harry said, "This is the entrance to the magical world." Without saying much else Harry tapped the bricks starting with the north brick, then south, east, and ended with the west brick.

With a small groan the bricks began to move on either side leaving a wide opening to the wizarding world. The streets were empty and while sunny the place just screamed abandoned and depression.

"Well," Harry said as he turned to face Daryl, who had wide eyes as he looked at all of the untouched shops, "Daryl Dixon, welcome to Ravens' Way, Atlanta, Georgia."

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