Corpse Magic @ezraverwayn
Chapter 3

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Main Pairing: HarryxDaryl

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His eyes widened as he tried to keep his magic in control when it bubbled up as if this woman was a threat to him. This woman knew who he was. It had been ages since he had seen another that knew his kind, must have been since Ron had died. "Wh-What do you mean?" he stammered as he pulled his hand out of her grip, "Magical world? Have you gone around the bend?" He cleared his throat as he fought to grab his wand and point it in her direction. He didn't need the other muggles to learn that he could do magic.

Carol let out a small chuckle as she moved to kneel by him, "Don't worry," she said as she brushed her hands on her pants, "I'm a Squib of the Avery line in Britain. It's been a long while since I've heard a British accent and it brought back a few memories from before I got kicked out of the family for having no magic."

Harry looked at her shocked, but when he truly studied her features he could see the Avery in her. The blond hair even though it was greying, while a common color of hair, was a shade that he had only seen in the Avery family line when he looked up their family tree. "Are there any others?" Harry asked softly as he turned his eyes away from her to study the group a bit away from them.

"As far as I know there aren't any others in the group besides us and my little girl, Sophia," Carol said as she looked over to see Sophia playing with Carl, "Though I think there is something up with Carl. Just a few things I've notice of late. He's more restless during the night and more sleepy during the day. It's almost as if the sun is bothering him."

Harry looked over at the boy and saw that he was wearing a lot of clothes to cover him up despite it being hot outside and he was squinting his eyes so much it looked like his eyes were closed.

"Hmm," Harry hummed as he observed the young child. His skin was very pale with no hint of color other than his very pink lips. He could only think of a few magical beings he could be, if the boy had magic that is.

He gave Carol a small nod indicating that he had noticed before they fell into small talk over the group. He learned that Lori, the head bitch in charge, had basically made the women do all of the chores while the men, mainly Shane, laid back and barked orders.

The next few hours were spent by the other women of the camp, besides Lori that was, fixing holes and hem lines of their clothing before they were cleaned by the others. During this time he tried his best to slow his magic from healing his ankle since he didn't want the mundanes to become suspicious as to why his ankle healing quickly.

He hadn't seen a hide or hair of the Dixons' until the sun was just dipping below the tops of the trees causing the clearing they were held up in to darken and become cooler. Merle was the first back into the camp while dragging a deer on a tarp while Daryl was right behind him with a few squirrels and two rabbits tied to a string. The brothers set their catch close to their tents and from what Harry could see is that they were field dressed, but not ready to consumed seeing as the antlers and fur were still on the catches.

Harry let out a sharp whistle just barely catching the attention of Daryl and gestured for his soulmate to get closer. Once the taller, and older male, was closer Harry asked him if they needed any help. He knew how to prepare the animals thanks to his relatives while he grew up and from his time on the run from the Death Eaters.

"Are you sure?" Daryl asked as he looked the small teen up and down. Harry, to him at least, seemed to be one of those types to get his hands dirty, but he wasn't really the one to judge. That was his brother.

"Completely," Harry said with a small smile on his face, "You guys got any herbs?"

"A few," Daryl answered as he picked the small teen up once again to carry him near the tent. Merle had already started skinning the deer.

Once he was settled down he pulled one of the rabbits close to him before digging into his back for the hunting knife he always used for food. He kept a separate knife tucked into his boot for when he needed to kill the Inferi wanna be's. He wasn't sure what kind of virus this was and he didn't want to get it by accidental consumption.

He was quick to skin the rabbit and put it to the side where all of the other skinned animals were before grabbing another. "What are you planning on doing with all this meat?" he asked softly as he carefully peeled away the fur from the skin.

"Cooking it mostly," Daryl said as he set his squirrel down and grabbed another.

"Any plans on making jerky out of some of it?" Harry asked, "It's what I've been doing. It lasts a while and it's enough to fill a belly up when you can't go hunting."

"Don't really have a smoker or anything like that out here," Merle said as he set aside a deer flank he had just cut off.

"Ever made campfire jerky?" Harry asked, "Take a few sticks and hang the meat above the fire far enough it woke burn, but close enough it wont get just smoke. It takes a few hours, but its worth it."

"Learn that in boy scouts?" Merle said as one of his eyebrows rose.

Harry chuckled and shook his head, "Nope," he replied, "Learned it while on the run at home."

Silence rang through the camp as eavesdropping ears caught what the small teen said. "On the run?" Lori voice rang out through the silence, "You're a no good criminal then, aren't you?"

Bright green eyes looked up at the woman with hard eyes, "No, I'm not," Harry said then let out a sigh, "If you really want to know. The man that killed my parents was after me. I had to go on the run from him and spent an entire year, that I should have been in school for, running from him because the government back home was incompetent. I mostly lived in the forest, off grid, but he still found me. Those were some of the worst months of my life until I killed him."

The camp was once again filled with silence and uneasy tension before someone cleared their throat and caused everyone to go back to what they were doing. Daryl and Merle shared a look before they continued to skin the animals with Harry. A few moments had passed in silence between the trio as they finished and gave the carcasses to Carol, who usually did the cooking along with Jacqui and Sophia.

"I managed to find what you needed," Daryl said half an hour later as the scent of stew filled the campsite.

Harry looked up at him then his gaze followed him as Daryl went back to the bag he had carried while hunting. He gave the taller man a shy smile and a thank you as he was given a couple of finger length orange-ish brown colored roots. Looking around Harry quickly found a small pile of sticks and kindling as well as a spot that was perfect to keep the flames contained.

He reached into his back and grabbed a metal tin and a spoon before asking Daryl if he could fill the tin with water as he got his little campfire burning. He didn't want to ask if he could use the bigger fire since dinner was cooking on it. He set the sticks and kindling onto the patch of dirt before lighting them on fire with a lighter he had to get out of his bag.

Once Daryl was back with his tin he set it onto the fire to get it boil as he used his knife to skin the root. As he peeled it its bright orange insides were exposed. Usually he would have put the skin in the pot as well, but he couldn't exactly get up to wash them.

"So," Daryl said breaking his concentration for a moment, "explain to me what this is going to do."

Harry looked up for just a moment and looked him in the eye only to see curiosity in them. He gave him another small smile as he began to explain each step as he did them. Why he peeled the skins, why he cut them into small pieces, and why he would soak the bandage in the tumeric water rather than just making a paste to put on his ankle.

"If I was able to I would have rather put this in a container deep enough to soak my foot in for a while instead of the bandage," Harry said as he stirred the root in the water, "Since the bandage will dry, but at the moment I would rather have the soaked bandage than be stuck with my foot in the water in case a herd comes by and we have to run."

He saw Daryl nod before the hunter grabbed his arrows to sharpen and Harry guessed that he was done talking for the moment. That was fine with him. If his soulmate didn't talk much, then who was he to change that? Daryl was perfect just the way he is.

It didn't take long for the tumeric to start boiling and when it did Harry mentally counted, since he couldn't use Tempus, to make sure it only boiled for five minutes before taking it off the fire. He placed the bandage in the orange water and left it there as he slowly took his boot off along with his sock.

His ankle was much darker than before and very swollen. The bruise had darkened until it was a deep purple with it fading to a blue along its edges. He was sure it wasn't broken since he could still move it. He just wasn't sure about any fractures, but there was nothing he could do about it. Not out here with the muggles.

Carefully he pulled the now orange dyed bandage out of the water before the began carefully wrapping it. After tying off the bandage he slipped his sock back on over it; he would wait until later to put his boot on it. The swelling should be down before he went to bed. He could already feel the affects of the tumeric as the throbbing in his ankle slowed down to a dull throb.

"That's better," Harry said softly before looking over at Daryl, "Thank you, again."

Bright blue eyes stared into his own for a moment before their owner gave him a nod. Harry had already assumed that this group didn't really show them thanks which was sad since the brothers were the ones to keep them fed. He sat back onto his hands and looked up at the fading colored sky. He would have to keep his eye on the others here.

He had already decided, even with the little bit of interaction he had with the others, if anything were to happen he would save himself along with Daryl, Carol, Merle, Sophia, and Carl. He could only hope it wouldn't come to that.

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