Path of Fire @ezraverwayn
Chapter 1

Hey Nuggies! Back at it again with another fanfiction I shouldn't be writing, but I am anyway cause the plot bunnies wont leave me the feck alone! So, this is my first Warrior Cats fanfiction ever. I read the books when I was in middle school like 10-13 years ago… god I'm getting old… lol jk. I've recently begun reading Warrior fanfiction and I wanted to try my hand at it so here I am. Now there will be differences from the books!

First, Fireheart is going to be female.

Secondly, she'll be stronger than in the books.

Thirdly, I'm adding supernatural aspects into the fanfiction.

I do hope you give this fic a chance!

Rating: M

Pairing: TigerclawxFireheart

Disclaimer: I do not own anything pertaining to the Warrior franchise. It belongs to its rightful owners. I merely using it for entertainment purposes and do not receive profit in writing this.


Alert ears twitched back and forth as their owner listened carefully for any sounds in the area surrounding her. Slowly the female cat placed one paw in front of the other as she stalked up to her prey, a very fat mouse, that was rummaging in the trash of her owners. When the mouse stopped moving so did she and only when the mouse continued to rummage did she move.

The fur on her belly was just barely touching the concrete of the drive way as she lowered her body. She could hear her own heart beat in time with her breathing. This wasn't the first time that she hunted one of these mice and nearly each time she was able to capture and devour her prey. It filled her five month old heart when she was able to enjoy her prey after a hunt.

Carefully she stalked forward one more step and pinned her ears back. Her heart beat once… twice… three times before she leaped onto the fat mouse. She felt it struggle under her paw for a moment before she leaned down and quickly broke its neck with her teeth ending its life.

"Great job."

She quickly turned around when she heard a raspy deep males voice behind her. She held in a hiss as the larger male cat moved a bit to sit down. The sun illuminated the area they were in decently well so she could tell that his thick dark colored fur was actually a deep auburn with slightly darker stripes, but they were barely noticeable. The male cat had several scars on his face and his ear was torn. At first she thought he was a stray, but as he sat up higher she could see a red collar around his neck. The most startling thing about this cat was that she could see through him.

Glancing up after her inspection she met similar green eyes to her own, but they were filled with guilt, sadness, and regret. Strangely she could see hope behind the other emotions. "Who are you?" she asked as she relaxed her body once she saw that he wasn't going to attack her.

"My humans called me Pine," he said as he looked over her for a moment before meeting her eyes, "I was once called Pinestar by the cats in the forest. What is your name?"

She moved slightly to sit up higher. She didn't really like the fact it seemed like she cowering in front of this tom. "My humans call me Scarlet." she said softly as she wrapped her tail around her front paws.

"Tell me Scarlet," Pine said as he mimicked her by wrapping his own tail around his paws, "Do your humans not feed you?"

Her bright green eyes narrowed before meowing an affirmative, "They do. And?"

"What makes you want to hunt then?"

"They don't have enough to feed all of us," she admitted after a moment of silence, "Especially since both of my sisters have fallen pregnant after going into heat early."

"I see."

The two cats were silent as a soft breeze flowed through the area they were in. The sounds of leaves rustling and the usual noises of a Twoleggedplace were the only sounds to fill their silence for several moments. "Tell me dear," Pine said suddenly startling Scarlet out of her thoughts, "If you could leave this place, a place where you know you are safe, fed and loved, to go to a place where you don't know when your next meal would be, a place that could get attacked any moment and where you could feel so alone even though you are surrounded by other cats, would you go?"

Scarlet looked at him as if he were crazy for a moment before actually thinking over what he said. She knew if she were to leave it would ease the burden of her human family for the moment. If she were completely honest with herself she would admit that her life was becoming a deadlock. She felt as though she was doing the same thing over and over again. She needed excitement.

"Why do you ask?" She questioned softly. She wanted to know what this tom wanted from her before agreeing.

She saw his lips twist slightly into a bit of a smile before he began to tell her of the Clans of the Forest. He spoke of ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and a past Clan called SkyClan who had been forced to leave because of the Twolegs. He told her of StarClan, where the deceased go, and the Dark Forest, where the cats who have done heinous crimes during life go when they pass away.

She almost didn't believe him when he started speaking of the Clans of the past that shaped the Clans to what they were today. He told her of the strong and courageous LionClan, the ambitious and cunning TigerClan, and the swift and intelligent LeopardClan. A cold shiver ran down her back as Pine spoke of a secret Clan that was lost to darkness, the JaguarClan, a Clan that bolstered strength and recklessness more than anything.

She hung onto every word he spoke.

They were there for so long that the midday sun had already crossed the horizon and the bright full moon graced the sky with its beauty.

"Why tell me this?" she asked softly when Pine finished speaking.

"Since the beginning of the Clan a prophecy had been written in the Stars. It spoke of a female cat, a descendant of the First Three Clans, would be born as the sun reached its highest point of the hottest day of the year. She would have powers of the First Three Clans and would unite all those in the forest to fight a great evil," Pine said softly as he peered deep into her eyes and she could see the star like twinkles in his eyes move and twist as if they had a life of there own, "You are the cat that was written of."

Scarlet looked at him shocked before shaking her head, "I-I can't be," she denied.

"You are," Pine said as he stepped forward once before stopping, "Enter the forest, young one, and become what you are meant to be. StarClan will watch over you and protect you."

Before Scarlet could say anything else she watched as Pine faded from view. She took a deep breath as she looked over at the forest. Those dark woods had always called to her and now she knew why. She glanced back to the twoleggedplace that she lived in and saw her sisters and mother by the sliding glass door laughing. They didn't even look like they were looking for her.

Before she could change her mind about what she was about to do she hopped the fence into her yard and carefully took the collar off her neck for her family to find in the morning. When she looked back to the house after jumping back up onto the fence she didn't feel a sense of sorrow. If anything she felt lighter.

"Goodbye," she whispered softly to herself before taking off across the road and into the underbrush of the forest. The full moon made it easier for her to see her way as she ran further into the forest.

The young flame colored ginger slowed to a stop when she heard the sound of running water. As she approached the river to relieve her dry throat she was suddenly thrown off her feet by a heavy weight tackling her. Instead of just laying there where she was thrown she quickly got up and faced her attacker.

Standing in front of her was a thick haired tom with dark colored fur and darker colored stripes. If it weren't for the coloring of his fur and eyes she would have guess it was Pine once again.

"Who are you and why are you on ThunderClan territory?" the tom demanded as she recovered from being tackled.

Scarlet hissed at the tom and arched her back as she made her fur ruffled to make her seem larger than she actually was. "Who are you? What gives you the right to tackle me?" she asked as she ignored the toms' question. It was then that she noticed the other cats closing in on her.

"I won't ask you again?" the tom said as his tail puffed up.

"Enough Tigerclaw," a female cat said as she approached the duo, "I apologize for his actions, but the questions he asked must be answered. Who are you? And why are you on my Clans' territory?"

Scarlet turned her gaze to the dark steel blue furred female and saw that she was in no form to attack her. She moved her gaze from her to the other two that followed. One of them was just a kitten about the same age as her, but more chubby and grey furred. The large tom beside the kitten was a lighter ginger than she was and it was in patches. He also had thick neck fur like a lion.

"The names Scarlet," she said just loud enough for them to hear her, "I was told by an old tom to come into the forest."

"An old tom?" the steel blue female said as her lighter blue eyes narrowed, "Who? Everyone knows that the forest belongs to ThunderClan."

Scarlet swallowed around a lump in her throat before she replied, "He said he went by Pinestar when he lived in the forest."

The dark furred tom that tackled her let out a snarling hiss, "There's no way! He's dead!"

"I know," she said as she met his gaze head on, "He was see through when he spoke to me. He said he was in a place called StarClan."

Amber colored eyes looked at her in disbelief as the female leader of the group looked over at her in interest. "Did he say why he approached you?" she asked as her tail swished side to side.

"Bluestar," the light colored ginger interrupted, "Let's take this back to the camp. If StarClan approached her it is better to have this conversation where other ears cannot hear it."

Bluestar, the steel blue furred female, nodded and turned but not before telling the darker tom to take the back to keep an eye on her. Slowly they made their way to the ThunderClan camp and Scarlet was very tense. She didn't like that the dark furred tom was behind her. She was very aware of everything he did and she didn't like it.

When they entered the ThunderClan camp she took in the area. The ground was mostly sand like dirt with grass at the very edges near den openings. Over the den openings were leaf like doorways to keep the sun out of them, but they seemed easy to open by just walking through them. There was tall rocks on one side of the camp and a burrow into the ground where she could smell the faint scent of prey. The camp was well covered and hidden from outsiders.

"This way," Bluestar said as she led them up a dead tree trunk to the higher levels of the camp. Up on the ledge was only one opening and upon entering it she was greeted to the overpowering scent of Bluestar. Scarlet assumed that this is her den then.

As she sat down where Bluestar told her she noticed that the little grey kitten wasn't there, but the other two toms were. The darker furred tom stayed by the opening of the den while Bluestar and the other tom sat across from her. "Now that we have privacy," Bluestar began as she wrapped her tail around her paws and stared at Scarlet, "tell us of this visit."

Scarlet looked over at the dark furred tom for a moment before iterating what happened just a few hours ago. By the time she was finished with the tale she could see the creeping day light entering the den. She yawned softly and shook out her fur as the two in front of her moved away to speak in soft tones.

She was so caught up in her own thoughts that she didn't hear the two cats approach until they were right in front of her. Bluestar sat down once again before she spoke, "After some consideration I, Bluestar, welcome Scarlet, now to be known as Firepaw, to ThunderClan. Lionheart and I have decided that Tigerclaw will be your mentor within the Clan until you become a warrior. A ceremony will be held later for you in front of the rest of the Clan to introduce you. For now Lionheart here will lead you to the fresh-kill pile for food before taking you to the apprentice den where you can get some sleep before the ceremony."

Scarlet slowly got up and nodded in thanks before she was led out of the den only now noticing that the dark furred tom was gone. She ignored the looks she got from the early risers of the Clan as she was told to grab some food before she was taken to a den near the back of the camp.

"Here is where the apprentices sleep until they become warriors," Lionheart said as he gestured to the den with his head, "There should be a free spot in the den for you to eat at and sleep on. We'll be seeing you later, young one. Rest well, and welcome, Firepaw, to ThunderClan."

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