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Good Girl @missliss15

A/N: Hi loves! So, let me just start off right away by saying, that if you don't enjoy lemons, this isn't going to be the story for you, as there will be about one per chapter. However if you do enjoy lemons (as I do!) this is very much the story for you. This is going to be a fun story, trying to see what I can get these characters up to with very little drama.

**Also, it might sound odd, but don't believe or jump to too many conclusions about everything that you read here in the prologue. It will be explained in the first chapter, which will post on Monday.**

Thanks to MeteorOnAMoonlessNight for being a fabulous beta and Sara aka Nikki Black, SassYNoleS and Sukiethree for pre-reading!


He pushed me up against the door in his bedroom, his mouth devouring mine hungrily. We hadn't been able to find a moment alone all week, and I felt like I was going to burst. I could only imagine how he was feeling.

He slipped his tongue past my lips, roughly tangling it with mine and causing me to moan against his mouth. One of my hands gripped the hair at the back of his neck, while the other slipped between us, palming his erection through his jeans. His lips slid down to my neck, placing open-mouthed kisses there and nipping lightly. I closed my eyes, sucking in a harsh breath. I wished he would mark me there, leave his claim on me, but I knew it would never happen. He was too careful.

"You have no clue how much I want to fuck you up against this door."

"Oh God,"I moaned as a rush of moisture soaked my panties. I wanted that. I needed to feel him deep inside me.

He slid his hands down my sides. Gripping the hem of my shirt, he quickly bunched it up and pulled down the cups of my bra. His hot mouth latched onto one of my nipples while his fingers pinched and tweaked the other. "I fucking love your tits. I could spend all day doing this, and I promise one day I will. I'll spend the day worshiping you." His breath was hot against my flesh. "Right now, though, I want my cock in your mouth. Will you do that for me, baby?" He stroked my cheek softly, the sweet gesture not matching the fire in his eyes.

I dropped to my knees in front of him without hesitation as he pulled his cock from his pants. He let out a deep groan, running his hands through my hair while I gripped him tightly, running my tongue along his hard length.

"Oh fuck, baby. We don't have long, he's going to be back soon." His voice was rough as he spoke. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, sucking him in deep enough to hit the back of my throat.

He grunted, his fingers tightening in my hair. "Oh, shit. That's good. So fucking good."

I picked up the pace slightly as his breath began to come in shallow pants. "Eyes on me," he growled, and I obeyed, looking up at him from underneath my lashes. "That's a good girl. Keep going, I'm almost there. Fuck, keep going."

Only a moment later, he let out one final grunt as he spilled inside my mouth. I swallowed it down happily, knowing that I'd brought him pleasure and he'd return the favor when we had more than a few minutes alone.

There was the loud slam of a car door outside, causing us both to startle. "Shit, he's back even sooner than I thought. Get downstairs," he hissed at me.

I quickly ran my fingers through my hair and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. It crossed my mind how fucked up all of this was, but I shook it off, not wanting to be bothered by it. I raced down the stairs, taking a seat in my normal spot on the very last step. He walked through the door with a bag in his hand, smiling at me when he saw me sitting there.

"You took long enough, Eddie." I jumped up, grabbing the bag from him.

He rolled his eyes, but the smile never left his face. "Jesus, Bella, you know how long the line is at the ice cream place on a Friday."

I took out both of our sundaes, handing him his. "Come on, it's an all new Kardashian's tonight!"

He groaned loudly. "Fuck, how do I let you rope me into this shit?"

"You love me." I regretted it the second it fell from my lips. I knew I shouldn't lead him on the way I was. He did love me. Anyone could see it. I loved him, too, just not in the way he needed.

My heart and my body belonged to someone else, and as much as I didn't want that fact to hurt him, I knew it was inevitable.

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