Ash's Ultra Journey @darkknight55
Showdown in Po Town

Chapter 39: Showdown in Po Town

Ash confidently strode back to Aether House, admiring his new Z Crystal in his Z-Ring.

"Alright, now I just need to take on the Kahuna. Bring it on!"

"Easy there, Ash. First I need to check in on the kids."

But both of them were shocked when they made their way back. The two children were bawling, Lillie, Ilima, and Ash's Lycanroc collapsed in a heap on the ground, bruised and forlorn.

"Tyler, what happened?"

Tyler ran int Acerola's arms, barely able to form coherent sentences.

"It-it's horrible! Those Team Skull meanies came and took my Yungoos! Lillie and Ilima tried to stop them, but they played dirty and made their Pokemon attack them! And when Lycanroc stepped in, they hosed him!"

This made Ash's blood boil.

"Those dirty low lifes! Where'd they go?"

"They fled back to their base at Po Town, and said if we ever wanted to see Yungoos again, you need to go there alone."

"Then that's where I'll go!"

"I'll go too."

Ash shook his head.

"No, they said I need to go alone. If you come along, it'll end badly. Besides, you need to stay here and keep an eye on everyone."

"Alright, but I'm calling the cops in case things go South. Stay safe, Ash."

"I will."

After 10 minutes of travel, Ash came upon the entrance to Po Town, a pair of Team Skull grunts waiting for him.

"Yo dawg, you want to get to the boss, you gotta get through us."

Ash grinded his teeth, but before he could make a move a voice spoke up behind him.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

Ash and the grunts turned to see Nanu walking up behind him, cracking his knuckles. This made the grunts nervous.

"Ah man, not this guy again!"

"Acerola called and told me what happenend. Now, are you going to let my friend here in or is there going to be trouble?"

The grunts shook their head, and unlocked the gate.

"Alright, alright. You can go in, but don't think Guzma will be an easy fight."

Ash nodded, before turning to Nanu.

"Thanks for the assist. So, whats the plan? Police raid, Sting operation? How are we going to do this?"

"We? Kid, this is your fight, not mine. Besides, Team Skull isn't even worth the trouble. The only reason why we let them have Po Town is because its been abandoned for years. Good luck."

Nanu walked away with his hands in his pockets, enraging the grunts.

"Not worth it? Come over here and say that to our face!"

"If you're so cocky then come over and fight us!"

Nanu stopped, considered it for a minute, then turned around.

"Alright, fine. Ash, you go on ahead. I'll take care of these goons."

Ash nodded, then entered the town.

Rain poured down heavily, lightning dashing across the sky to illuminate the tall, dark, mansion down the street. Two Skull grunts blocked his way.

"Yo, yo, yo! Its the boy who beat down the boss! Guzma's been real mad about that!"

"Let me guess, you guys want to stop me?"

To Ash's surprise/relief, the grunts shook their head as their eyes went wide.

"You kiddin me? We don't stand a chance against anyone who can do that."

"Yeah. Sides, big brother wants you all for himself. Come on, we'll take you right to him."

The two lead Ash through the town, various grunts glaring at him from their posts. Once inside the Po House, they lead him up a flight of stairs and into the master bedroom, where Guzma stood tall, the Yungoos cowering behind him.

"Well, well, well. Looks like you came here for a rematch. This time you're the one who's getting a beat down!"

"Look, If you want a rematch, that's fine with me, but you need to let that Yungoos go first!"

Guzma laughed evily.

"That's your only demand? Fine by me, I just needed him to get your attention. Boys, let the squirt go."

Guzma stepped aside, and the Yungoos ran out, yipping in fear the whole way. After that, the two walked out to the backyard.

"Three on three, subsitutions allowed. Deal?"

"Works for me. Go, Golissopod!"

"Pikachu, lets show him what we've got!"

The massive Bug snarled at Pikachu, who pawed at the ground in fury.

"Golisopod, First Impression! Hit him hard and fast!"

"Pikachu, use Iron Tail!"

Pikachu swiftly ran right up Golisopod's arm as it went in for the kill, surprising the bug before slamming its tail right into its face with such force that Golisopod retreated in fear, forcing itself into his Pokeball before Guzma could react. Growling, Guzma brought out his next Pokemon.

"Golisopod, what's wrong with ya? Fine, Pinsir, get in here!"

The massive beetle thudded onto the ground, snapping its pincers menacingly.

"Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!"

Guzma stayed silent, allowing Pikachu to charge up electricity as he ran. Then, just as he took a flying leap...

"Guillotine, now!"

Pincer lowered his head, catching a surprised Pikachu in its pincers. Smirking, the bug closed them, illiciting a bloodcurdling scream from Pikachu as it cried out in pain.


Satisfied that the damage had been done, Piincer let go, allowing the defeated rat to slump to the ground, badly bruised. Ash ran onto the field, scooping him up into his arms.

"Pikachu, are you alright? Speak to me!"


Guzma snickered, causing Ash to glare at him with the heat of a thousand suns.

"That was a dirty trick."

"Hey, guillotine is a perfectly legal move. Its just a little bit off on the accuracy, so I let you get in close. Now send out your next weakling for the slaughter."

Ash grinded his teeth, ready to show Guzma a thing or two. Setting Pikachu somewhere safe, he took out his next Pokemon.

"Go, Incineroar!"

With a mighty "Roar!" the proud Wrestler slammed onto the field, assuming a fighting stance while shooting daggers at Pincer, who snapped his pincers mockingly.

"Incineroar, use Flame Charge, full power!"

"Pinsir, use-"

Guzma couldn't even finish his sentence before Pinsir was hit full front with a ball of fire, sending it flying into a concrete wall. The wall crumbled under the force, and Pinsir was knocked out cold. Shocked, Guzma stared at Ash in disbelief.

"Nobody. Does that. To Pikachu. EVER!"

Guzma smirked, undauntered by Ash's death glare.

"Peh, fine. Go, Golissopod!"

Guzma's heavy hitter emerged with a roar.

"Hit him with a Hydro Pump, Golissopod!"

"Darkest Lariat!"

The massive burst of water barely fazed Incineroar, who merely powered through it before reaching its target, slapping Water-Bug Type over and over until it passed out, its earlier battle with Pikachu having taken its toll.

Realizing he didn't have a chance, Guzma walked away.

"Do I look stupid to you? Get out of here, you win."

Ash marched over to him, stopping him from going inside. Guzma snarled, prepared to give the kid a beating...

only to be decked right across the face, sending him spiraling to the floor. Before he could get back up, Ash slammed his foot onto his chest, pinning him to the ground.

"You're pathetic. You're losing so you just decide to quit? After what you did to Pikachu, you don't deserve to call yourself a trainer."


Ash glanced over to see Pikachu shaking violently. Placing a hand to the rodent's forehead, Ash found it to be burning hot. Realizing he needed medical attention and quick, Ash scooped him up and made his leave, but not before turning back to Guzma one more time.

"If you had any kind of brains, you'd stay where you are. If I catch you causing trouble again, you'll wish you were never born."

With that, he ran off, leaving Guzma to stew in the rain.

When he reached the town entrance, he found Nanu standing over two fallen grunts, Acerola running up to him. When she saw Pikachu's state, she gasped.

"Ash, what happened?"

"I'll explain later, but right now I need to get Pikachu to a Pokemon Center and fast!"

"Yes, of course."

Nanu walked away, the Yungoos running behind him.

"I'll head back and check on the kids. Hope your Pikachu gets better."

"Thanks. Come on Acerola, we need to go!"


The two of them ran off for the nearest center, Pikachu shaking in agony. Ash could only stare in worry.

"Don't worry, Buddy. We'll fix you up. But next time I see Guzma, he'll pay for this."

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