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The Mighty Hala

Chapter 11: The Mighty Hala

Ash leapt out of the Pokemon Center early the next morning, ready of his first Grand Trial.

"Get ready, Hala, cause here I come! Ready Pikachu?"

"Pika Pi!"

Lillie and Ilima chuckled at his enthusiasm,

"He sure is confident, isnt he?"

"He'll have to be, thats for sure. I know I struggled against Hala in my trial. Ash, have you decided which three Pokemon you'll use?"

Ash nodded.

"Yep, I'll start with Pikipek, then Heracross, and Bagon will bring up the rear. Hala won't know what hit him!"

And before anyone could stop him Ash ran on ahead to find Hala, leaving Lillie and Ilima in the dust.

"Wait up, Ash!"

"Its no use, we'll have to catch up with him. Although, I cant blame him for being excited."

"Yeah. I wish... I wish I had his confidence."

Ash found Hala standing at the stage in the center of town, Professor Kukui waving him over.

"Ash, over here! Use Volt Tackle and get here in a snap!"

Ash zoomed over, kicking up dust until he was right up in there face. Hala laughed heartedly at his enthusiasm.

"I take it you're ready for my trial, Ash?"

"You know it, Hala! Bring it on!"

"Ha Ha, such spirit! I love it! In that case, let us get things underway, but be warned, Old Hala's about to make you holler!"

A few minutes later, Ash and Hala stood facing each other on the stage, Kukui standing in the middle to act as referee. Lillie and Ilima had caught up by then and had joined a small crowd of spectators off to the side as Kukui explained the rules.

"This Grand Trial between Ash of Pallet Town and Hala of Iki Town shall now begin! Each trainer shall use three Pokemon. The battle is over once all Pokemon on either side are deemed unable to battle. Are both trainers ready?"

"You bet!"

"Hala never backs down from a fight."

"Then let the battle begin!"

"Go, Mankey!"

"Pikipek, I choose you!"

The two Pokémon burst onto the stage, Mankey swiping at the air while Pikipek flew around excitedly.

"Mankey, use Brick Break!"

"Gust, Pikipek, then follow up with Aerial Ace!"

Mankey leapt up, fist at the ready, only to be blasted back by strong winds, getting up just in time to be rammed once more.

"Karate Chop, Mankey!"

"Pikipek, use Wing Attack! Don't let up!"

For the next few minutes, Mankey and Pikipek remained locked in battle, arm clashing with wing with neither side willing to back down. Soon, though, Mankey began to wear down,

his attacks becoming sloppier and more wild. Ash saw his chance.

"Pikipek, get in close and use Peck right on his forehead!"

Determined, Pikipek ducked under another Karate Chop, diving straight at Mankey before drilling his beak right into the Fighting type's forehead, knocking it out cold.

"Mankey is unable to battle! Pikipek is the winner!"

"Alright, way to go Pikipek!"


Before Hala could return Mankey, Pikipek started to glow, growing bigger and changing shape. Ash stared in awe.

"Woah, Pikipek is evolving!"

When the light died down, a Trumbeak stood tall and proud, its large wings spread out majestically.


"Woah, a Trumbeak! Rotom, got any data?"

"Way ahead of you, Ash! Trumbeak, the Bugle Beak Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pikipek. It attacks its opponents by firing seeds stored in its beak."

"Sweet! You still ready to go, Trumbeak?"


"Well get ready, Ash! Makuhita, go!"

The yellow humanoid flashed out, punching the air vigorously.

"Round 2, begin!"

"Trumbeak, Quick Attack!"

"Fake Out, Makuhita!"

Trumbeak flew in close, only for Mankey to slap him back, stopping its attack and forcing him back.

"Follow it up with an Arm Thrust, Makuhita!"

Before Trumbeak could recover, Makuhita rushed forwards, hitting him over and over with Arm Thrust, weakening the bird greatly.

"Finish him off with Karate Chop!"

Trumbeak looked up, readying another attack...

Only to get a karate chop right between the eyes, dealing the finishing blow and knocking it unconscious.

"Trumbeak is unable to battle! The round goes to Makuhita!"

"Mak Mak Makuhita!"

"Good work, Trumbeak. Take a good long rest. Alright, go Heracross!"

After returning the tired bird to its Pokeball, Ash sent out his fighting type bug.


"Heracross vs Makuhita, begin!"

"Heracross, Low Kick!"

"High Jump Kick, Makuhita!"

Heracross swung his leg in attempt to trip his opponent, only for Makuhita to jump up in attack.

"Dodge it, Heracross, then use Megahorn!"

Heracross ducked out of the way before slamming his horn up, sending Makuhita flying. When he landed, Makuhita was out cold.

"Makuhita is unable to battle! The round goes to Heracross!"

Hala smiled, before returning his Pokémon to its ball.

"You fought valiantly, Makuhita. Get some rest."

He then turned to his opponent.

"Alright Ash, I hope you're ready, because this is my strongest brawler. Go, Crabrawler!"

Hala's fighting crab emerged punching the air.

"You got this, Heracross!"


"Heracross vs Crabrawler, begin!"

"Heracross, Close Combat!"

"Frost Breath, Crabrawler!"

Heracorss rushed towards his opponent, ready for battle. Crabrawler inhaled deeply before blowing an icy blast. While battered, this did little to stop Heracross as he got in close,

grappling with the his foe without giving an inch.

"Wow, Heracross sure is strong! He took that Frost Breath without breaking a sweat!"

Ilima nodded in agreement with Lillie.

"Yes, quite. Although using Close Combat is a risky choice. When using it, Heracross leaves himself wide open to attacks. And something tells me Hala intends to take full advantage of that."

Hala smirked, already knowing what to do.

"Crabrawler, use Focus Punch!"

While Heracross was distracted, Crabrawler dealt a direct punch to its stomach, causing Heracross to stumble back and give Hala his chance.

"Alright Crabrawler, time to show Ash the full power of our Z Move! All Out Pummeling!"

After a series of air punches, energy began flowing from Hala to Crabrawler, giving him the energy to execute its attack. As Heracross began to recover, Crabrawler sent out

a barrage of energy fists, striking Heracross and causing him to double over. Finally, Crabrawler dashed straight over, dealing one last punch and sending him flying.

When he landed, he was out cold.

"Heracross is unable to battle! The round goes to Crabrawler!"

A baited breath fell over the town as Ash returned Heracross, taking out his last Pokeball.

"Its all up to you now. Go, Bagon!"

Ash's newest catch burst out onto the field, snapping its jaws at Crabrawler. Hala breathed heavily, the Z move taking its toll on him, but stood firm.

"Crabrawler, not holding back!"


"Bagon vs. Crabrawler, begin!"

"Crabrawler, use Power Up Punch!"

"Dragon Claw, Bagon!"

The two met in the middle, claw meeting claw in a struggle for supremacy. Although the two were evenly matched at first, Bagon slowly began to lose power, and Crabrawler slowly began to overpower him.

"Bagon, duck and use Dragon Claw!"

Suddenly, Bagon let go and ducked, causing Crabrawler to stumble and give Bagon the opening he needed, dealing a quick Dragon Claw to one of his hind legs, causing Crabrawler to wince in pain.

"Zen Headbutt, Bagon!"

While Crabrawler tried to recover, Bagon jumped straight up, headbutting Crabrawler right in the chin. Although severely weakened, Crabrawler shook off his fatigue, ready for another round.

"Use Dizzy Punch, Crabrawler!"

"Bagon, Dragon Breath, full power!"

Before Crabrawler could hit his opponent, he was blasted by a great wave of fire from Bagon's mouth, forcing him back.

"Bagon, finish this off with a Zen Headbutt!"

Crabrawler glanced up from the flames in time to be struck by a headbutt right to the face, finishing him off. At first nobody made a sound, in awe at the awesome battle. At last, Kukui made the official ruling.

"Crabrawler is unable to battle! The round goes to Bagon, and the battle goes to the challenger Ash from Pallet Town!"

Ash smiled victoriously.

"All right! Way to go to, Bagon!"

"Pika Pi!"

Bagon smiled at the praise.

"Gon Bagon!"

Hala returned his Pokémon to its Pokeball, smiling broadly.

"Good job, Crabrawler. Take a good long rest."

He then walked over to Ash, who was hugging Bagon in celebration.

"Well done, Ash. As proof of your victory, I bestow this Fightinium Z Crystal is yours."

Hala dropped the small orange crystal in Ash's palm. A broad grin crossed his face before Ash made his victory pose.

"Alright, we just got a Fightinium Z!"

"Pika Pi!"


"Way to go Ash!"

"You to, Bagon!"

Professor Kukui walked up to Ash as Lillie and Ilima congratulated him.

"Way to go, Ash. Now you've completed all of the trials on Melemelee Island. You ready to head on over to Akala Island?"

Ash was about to answer before a yawn escaped his throat.

"Uh, maybe tomorrow. I want to go show Mom my new crystals."


Everyone laughed before going their separate ways, looking forward to new adventures tomorrow.

A/N: Sorry this so long, this battle took a long time to write. From now on I'll probably separate these important battles into two or more chapters. Don't worry, updates will be more frequent. Thanks to everyone who's still reading!

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