Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 9

Chapter 9

"Wow, so this is St. Anne," said Misty in awe while standing in front of a large Cruiser with Ash and Brock.

Yesterday after Ash finished his conversation with his father, he told Misty and Brock that his father has invited them all to go on board St. Anne because there is something special going on there, and Misty has been existed ever since because it was one of her dream to travel on board that Cruiser.

"Yes, that is St. Anne," said Ash.

"And you are telling me that this ship belongs to your family," stated Misty.

"Yep," Ash replied shortly. "Come on, let's go."

After that, Ash and company went towards the entrance of the ship and told who they are, then they were let inside and taken to their room, which was an owner suite. There Ash and the others were given their tickets, and told why was it important to have them.

Apparently, there will be a ticket drawing going on tonight, and four lucky passengers will be given some sort of gift, there will also be a tournament were also top four trainers will be reworded in some way.

For the next few hours after the ship left Vermilion City, Ash, Brock and Misty spent going around the ship and meting some trainers that were also on board.

"Ok everyone, will you all please gather around, it's time for the special surprise," the announcer said, and then everyone gathered around the central stage!

When everyone was in front of the stage, announcer said. "Pokémon League has decided to give some rewards to four lucky trainers whose names will be drawn from this ball," she said, and pointed to a ball that was full with tickets.

"Each of this tickets have your names one them, so when your name is called please come forward to receive your reword," said the announcer and got cheers form everyone there.

"So that was the reason why we needed those tickets," commented Ash.

"Yeah I guess, but I wonder what the gifts are," said Brock.

"And if you are wondering what the gifts four lucky winners will receive are," started the announcer. "It's these beautiful Pokémon eggs!" She pointed at four Pokémon eggs that were on the desk next to her, hidden by the sheet, which got even bigger cheering from the crowd.

"Let the drawing start," she announced, and the ball started spinning in circle for a few moments, before it stopped and she put her hand inside and drew one ticket.

"The first lucky winner is the trainer named Brock Harrison," yelled the announcer.

"Wow I won," said Brock surprised and went on the stage where he received a Pokémon egg.

"Congratulation Brock, here is your egg," said the announcer, and handed him an egg that was half red half yellow, with both colors looking like a flames dancing with one another.

"Thank you very much," thanked Brock and went back to Ash and Misty.

"Ok let's get to the next lucky winner," said announcer and took another ticket from the ball.

"And our second winner is Cynthia White," said the announcer and the girl that looks about two years older than Ash (Cynthia from the anime I'm not writhing her description), came on the stage and received her egg, which was white with red and blue markings on it.

"Our third winner is, Misty Williams," announced the girl.

"Yes I won," shouted Misty and run at the stage where she got her egg. Misty's egg was light brown with several darker brown marks.

"What are the chances that the both of us were drawn?" Misty wandered after she got back to Ash and Brock.

"Very small, but I guess we were just lucky," replied Brock, his egg in his hands just like Misty's.

"And our final lucky winner is Ash Ketchum," yelled the announcer which caused Ash, Brock and Misty to drop their jaws to the floor. I mean seriously, what are the chances for all three of them to be lucky winners?

"Congratulation Ash, here is your egg," said the announcer after Ash got to the stage, and gave him his egg. Ash's egg was white with red marks on it. He then went back to and stood next to Misty and Brock with all three of them holding Pokémon eggs.

"That would be it for this surprise that we had for you, but there is something else that will be going on today. There will be a tournament held on board this ship, and those who are interested can sign up here with me. The tournament starts in two hours, and it will be one-on-one Pokémon battle with top four trainers receiving some reward's for their performance," explained the announcer, and as she finished, she was swarmed by eager trainers who wanted to participate in the tournament.


For the next two hours, most of the trainers who were on board St. Anne signed up for the tournament that will be held later. Ash, Brock and Misty signed up as well since this would be a good opportunity to train some of their Pokémon, and if they are lucky again, they might get to the semifinals and receive something else.

Once the tournament started fights were being held all over St. Anne since the cruiser was so big, that it had several battle fields, and because of that, the tournament that would normally last several days, was coming to an end in just a few hours.

Right now, it's about eleven in the night, and only the final battle was left, to decide who will be the winner of this little tournament.

Many couldn't believe it, but the four trainers that have made it to the semifinal, are the same trainers that have been chosen to receive Pokémon eggs earlier that day.

Ash, Brock, Misty and Cynthia were in the semifinals.

There Ash battled with Brock and was able to defeat him, with Ash's Squirtle defeating Brock's Onix. In the other semifinal, Cynthia's Gastrodon defeating Misty's Cloyster.

"Ok people it is time for the final battle of St. Anne tournament. On one side we have Ash Ketchum who got to the final by defeating all of his opponent's very easily, and on the other side we have Cynthia White, who has defeated all her opponent's almost as easily as Ash, since she had a little trouble with Misty in the semifinal match," yelled the announcer.

"Well Ash, I'm glad you are my opponent since I can tell that you are one of the best young trainers that I have encountered since the start of my journey," said Cynthia, and gave a slight smile at Ash.

Ash looked at Cynthia for a few moments, and got a small blush on his face seeing how beautiful she actually is. He didn't really pay attention before, so he didn't notice it by now.

"Umm, thanks' for the praise, and I hope we have a good battle," replied Ash, suddenly getting a little nervous, and didn't know what else to say.

Cynthia noticed Ash blushing slightly and getting nervous, and got a small smile on her face.

"Ok trainers chose your Pokémon,' said referee for this match.

"Gabite to the battlefield," called Cynthia and released her strongest Pokémon, since she knew that this was going to be difficult match.

Ash saw Cynthia releasing Gabite, and just by looking at her he could tell that it was very powerful Pokémon.

"That Gabite sure is powerful. Great job raising her," praised Ash, while looking at Cynthia.

"Thanks'. This Gabite was actually my first Pokémon, so we have been together for a while," replied Cynthia.

"Is that so," muttered Ash.

"In that case I'll chose one of my first Pokémon. Lucario you are up," Ash sent his Lucario, who nodded his head and entered the field.


"Gabite start this off with Flamethrower," said Cynthia.

"Lucario Protect," Ash called his first move.

Gabite took deep breath and fired powerful looking Flamethrower at Lucario, who just stood there and did nothing, until Flamethrower was close to him, and then activated green barrier around himself.

When the attack hit, it caused an explosion that caused smoke to envelope the field and cover Lucario.

"That was good try Cynthia, but it won't be enough to defeat my Lucario," said Ash, and right then the smoke cleared and showed Lucario standing in the same spot, and green barrier around him.

"Lucario use Ice Punch," ordered Ash, and caused Cynthia's eyes to widen slightly.

"Gabite dodge that," yelled Cynthia!

Lucario's right fist gained white-blue color and then he started running toward Gabite, who barely managed to jump away and avoid Lucario's attack, because he was moving extremely fast.

"Lucario Ice Punch again but this time use Quick Attack to get in close," said Ash.

"No Gabite, quickly jump up and use Giga Impact," screamed Cynthia!

But it was already too late for Gabite, because before she could even blink, she was hit in the face by a Lucario's Ice Punch and sent her back toward Cynthia.

"Gabite no, please get up," yelled Cynthia.

Gabite somehow managed to get up on her feet, but was weakened because Ice Punch was very effective against Dragon type like Gabite.

"Can you continue to battle Gabite," asked Cynthia, worry for her Pokémon evident in her voice?

Gabite nodded her head slightly and returned to battle stance.

"Great then use Dragon Pulse and follow it up with Giga Impact while Lucario is distracted," said Cynthia.

Gabite opened its mouth and a turquoise ball of energy appeared in front of it, she then fired it straight at Lucario, and then jumped high in the air and her body got surrounded by spiraling orange streaks.

"Lucario dodge it," said Ash, and just as Lucario jumped in the air to dodge Dragon Pulse, he saw Gabite fly towards him with a purple energy sphere that replaced orange streaks surrounding her body.

"Lucario quickly Iron Defense," Ash slightly raised his voice!

Lucario crossed his arms and its body become surrounded in blue. His body then shined white, just before he was hit by Giga Impact that sent him straight at the ground, and caused small cloud of dust to appear around him.

"Great job Gabite, I think we have won this," said Cynthia and smiled at her Gabite who returned her smile.

"I wouldn't celebrate so fast if I were you," said Ash and then Lucario stood from the ships floor like it was nothing, his body still shining white.

"What, how is that possible he doesn't even have a scratch on him?" Asked Cynthia, while staring wide eyed at Lucario.

"My Lucario is very powerful," Ash simply shrugged his shoulders in response.

"Lucario it's time to finish this, Bone Rush now," said Ash.

Lucario created a long stick shaped like a bone, and in an instant appeared in front of Gabite and hit her several times which sent her flying towards Cynthia.

Gabite flew and landed behind Cynthia already uncounsces. "Gabite nooo," Cynthia yelled and run to see if Gabite is ok. After seeing that she is fine and just uncounsces, she breathed in relief.

"Gabite is unable to battle, the winner of this match is Lucario, and the winner of the tournament is Ash Ketchum," announced the referee.

"And that's it people, the first champion of the St. Anne tournament is Ash Ketchum," yelled the announcer, which caused the crowd to cheer loudly for Ash!

"Good job Lucario," praised Ash.

"Thank you father," replied Lucario.

Ash then went toward Cynthia, along with his Lucario and Pikachu, who was on his right shoulder all this time. "That was a good battle Cynthia, you are a great trainer," said Ash, when he got in front of her.

"Thank you Ash, I just hope our next battle won't be so one sided like this one. Your Lucario completely overpowered my Gabite," replied Cynthia after she stood up and returned her Gabite inside her Poke ball.

"You just have to train harder, and then on day we will have an amazing battle," said Ash, and put his hand forward for a hand shake.

Cynthia accepted his hand shake and replied with a smile. "I will Ash."

"Alright, it's time for the reward for our top four trainers," said the announcer and everyone went in front of the stage, with Ash, Cynthia, Misty and Brock standing next to each other.

Before the final match Misty defeated Brock in the match for the third place, so she will be receiving third reward and Brock fourth.

"Our fourth place Brock Harrison gets a set of Potion's", said the announcer and handed Brock a box with several different potions.

"Thank you very much," said Brock, and went off the stage.

"Third place Misty Williams gets a set of six Lure Balls and 2 water stones," said the announcer and gave the reward to Misty who was having hearts in her eyes because of her reward.

"Ah this is great, thank you very much," shouted Misty and shock the announcer's hand, and then went and joined Brock!

"The second place Cynthia gets 3 Ultra Ball's and 3 Lure ball's as well as 2 water stone's, 2 fire stone's and 2 thunder stone's," Cynthia came and received her reward's and went down the stage.

"And finally our champion Ash wins this box," she pointed at the very big box that was on the table, and kept quiet for a few seconds causing everyone to start wandering if the winner just got a simple box, or there is something special inside of it. After a few more seconds, the announcer smirked and decided to continue.

"In which there is every evolution stone that exists in the world, as well as every item needed for evolving some Pokémon," she said, which caused every all of the people who were on board the ship to drop their jaws.

Ash who was standing next to the announcer looked between her and the box several times, because he also couldn't believe this.

After a few minutes he came back to his senses and took the box in his hands, and actually had to put a little strength into holding it because it was quite heavy, which is not surprising considering that there is several dozen different evolutionary stones and items in it. "Congratulation's Ash, you deserve this reward because you proved that you are an amazing trainer," said the announcer with a smile.

"Thank you very much," replied Ash and shake her hand, before he came of the stage and stood with Misty, Brock and Cynthia.

"Whoa Ash, you really are lucky to get that reward, I still can't believe it," said Misty still little shocked by all the rewards they all got, but especially Ash.

"Yeah, I'm surprised as well, this isn't what I was expecting," replied Ash, while holding the box he got in his hands. As for his egg, he left it in the suite, along with Brock's and Misty's before the tournament even started.

After that, Ash, Misty and Brock said good bye to Cynthia, and they all went back to their suit for the night, but decided to spend the next day with Cynthia so they can get to know each other better.

"So, Ash, what is going on with you and Cynthia?" Asked Brock with a sly smirk on his face, after the two of them and Misty got back in their suite.

"What are you talking about?" Asked Ash slightly confused by Brock's question, but in the back of his mind he had a feeling that he knew what Brock meant.

"I've noticed how you were looking at her, and that blush you had when you first saw her didn't escape my eye sight," said Brock, and Ash actually started sweating a little.

After a few moments of silence, in which Ash was trying to calm down and stop sweating, Brock still had a smirk on his face, and Misty had an unreadable expression on her face, though if one was to look closer they would see a mixture of fear and rage on her face, Ash took a deep breath and finally started speaking.

"Look, I will admit that Cynthia is a very beautiful girl, but there is nothing between us, we barely spoke few words after the match and that's it." Said Ash, and Misty let out a breath that she didn't even realize she was holding. If Ash was telling the truth and he didn't have anything with Cynthia, then she might have a chance to be with him in the future, but if it turns out that Ash likes Cynthia, and she ends up liking him back, then Misty knew she doesn't stand a chance because Cynthia is much more beautiful than her, at least In her own opinion.

"Ok Ash, if you say so," said Brock after Ash finished his reply to Brock's question. "But there is still few days until we get to Porta Vista, and there is still a chance for something to happen, especially since we are going to spend tomorrow with her. Who knows, maybe she ends up liking you."

"Maybe, but I doubt it. I'm only ten, close to eleven years old, and right now I'm not interested in looking for girlfriend, and I'm sure Cynthia is not interested in boys right now, and more in training her Pokemon and making it as far as possible in Pokemon League." Ash said.

"Ok, then, let's get to bed since it's already late, and there is no point in staying awake any longer." Said Brock, and the three of them went to get changed and ready for bed.


The next two days, Ash and his friends spent time aboard the St. Ann going around and meeting different people and Pokemon from different regions. Though most of the time they spent with Cynthia, who they found out is from Sinnoh Region, and has come to Kanto to participate in Indigo League.

On the night of the second day, a very big storm appeared suddenly and started rocking the Cruiser, threatening to flip it over and sink it.

But with Ash's help, along with his Alakazam and Lucario, the three of them were able to use their Aura and Psychic powers to hold the ship steady and prevent it from flipping over, and from the giant waves that threatened to destroy it.

In the end, after few hours of steering the Cruiser through the storm, they were all finally safe after the cruiser survived the storm with very little damage, though Ash and his Pokemon were almost more dead than alive because of how much powers they used up, and have spent the rest of the night and the big part of the morning passed out.

After they woke up, the ship's captain and everyone who was on board thanked them for saving their lives. The rest of the day, Ash spent with Brock, Misty and Cynthia, just talking and doing nothing in particular.

Cynthia has also decided to join the group and spend several days with them on Port Vista. She has noticed that there are some feelings that she got for Ash, but is not certain what they are, so by spending few days with him she thought that she will find out.

But while Cynthia started to notice that she might have feelings for Ash, Misty already likes Ash, and is not going to let Cynthia have him all to herself so easily, but at the same time she doesn't know what to do.

Unknown to the two of them, Ash has also developed some feelings for the two of them. Even though he said to Brock that there is nothing between him and Cynthia, he wouldn't say that he wasn't hoping for something to happen in the future. As for Misty, she has been traveling with him for some time now, and even though she is not exactly the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and definitely not as beautiful as Cynthia, he did feel something for her, and like with Cynthia he hoped for something to happen between them in the future.

Of course, Ash knew that he can't be with both of them at the same time (that is unless they agree to share him, but he won't get his hopes high), and to be with one first and then the other sometime later is also a problem because he would practically have to choose the one who would be his girlfriend first, and then with the other after he breaks up with the first, and that is something he will not do because it is wrong, (at least to him).

In the end he had two choices, and they are to, either tell them about his feelings for them and see what the two of them will say, or let the things go their own way, and see what happens.

When St. Anne came in Porta Vista in the morning of the fourth day since she left Vermilion City, she docked at Hutber Port where Ash and his friends run into a problem with a Giant Tentacruel and a whole bunch of Tentacool who were trying to destroy the City, because some stupid old woman thought that it would be a good idea to build a five star hotel on the coral reef where Tentacool and Tentacruel lived.

Because of some accident, one of the Tentacruel that was caught in it, got very big and attacked the City and wanted to destroy it like humans tried to destroy his home.

There was a battle that happened and in the end Ash and friends were able to stop Tentacruel with Ash capturing it, and send Tentacool back home after the old woman, whose name is Nastina, was arrested because she tried to do something illegal that would end up harming a lot of Pokémon, and almost caused the Hutber Port to be destroyed. She was taken away by Officer Jenny.

After everything was over, Ash sent Tentacruel to Urahara, so that he can try to revert him back to his normal size.

Misty was also able to catch a Horsea, who tried to help them in the battle. She decided to send Goldeen back in her sisters gym, and keep Horsea with her for a while and train her along with Krabby when she gets a chance. She also sent back Staryu, so when the Pokemon hatches from the egg she got on St. Ann, she will have a free space to catch it in a Poke ball.

With the problem solved Ash and his group along with Cynthia left Hutber Port and went to Acapulco, where Ash's parents were. Once there Red and Delia, officially met Misty and Brock as well as Cynthia, and they all spent several days together.

During those few days, the group helped an old man who head a restaurant and organized a beauty pageant, in which Cynthia won and Misty got second place.

Ash also spent some time with both Cynthia and Misty, and if one doesn't know better they would say that he was actually dating both of them. But that is not true, at least not completely, he still didn't want to push things to happen, and then end up in a situation in which he would have to choose either Misty or Cynthia.

But in the end he decided to have a talk with them both though, so he ended up confessing that he has feelings for both of them, but he can't choose between the two of them, and has decided to let things go their way, and see what happens.

When Cynthia and Misty heard that Ash likes them both, but can't chose just one, they felt a little down, because they knew that if they want to be with Ash, they would have to share him with other woman. In the end they decided to wait and see how will things go, and then they will choose if they want that or not.

After a week at Porta Vista, Ash, Brock, Misty and Cynthia decided to get back on their journey, while Red and Delia will stay a few more days.

While Ash, Misty and Brock decided to go to Lavender Town and then to Saffron City, Cynthia decided to go to Cinnabar Island, so after they all said good buys to each other, they each went their separate ways but promised to meet again at Indigo Plateau.

Ash's Pokémon

On Hand:

Lucario, Alakazam, Pikachu, Charmander (F) Amaterasu, Pidgeotto (F), Golbat, Bulbasaur, Charmander Ra, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon (F), Squirtle, Egg;

Oak's Lab:

Butterfree, Pink Butterfree (F) Magenta;

Misty's Pokémon

On Hand:

Starmie, Wartortle, Cloyster, Krabby, Egg, Horsea (F);

Cerulean City gym:

Goldeen (F), Staryu;

Brock's Pokémon

On Hand:

Onix, Geodude, Zubat, Sandslash, Rhyhorn, Egg;

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