Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 7

Chapter 7

It has been a few days since Ash and company resumed their traveling toward Vermilion City, and like usual, Ash doesn't seem to be in a hurry since he has made several stops to train his Pokémon.

Now that he has five new Pokémon he decided to train them a little while Lucario, Pikachu and Alakazam are focusing on his older Pokémon.

Ash's first Charmander, Amaterasu, is ready for her gym battle since she has perfected Protect and Metal Claw, and now only improving her speed and power. Ash's new Charmander, Ra, is with her, since they started training together.

His old Butterfree and his new one are now training together and learning new moves, with Magenta trying to catch up to first Butterfree because Damian hasn't trained her very good.

As for Bulbasaur, Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon, they are only doing physical exercises for now. Pidgeotto and Golbat are still at Oak's ranch.

Right now, Ash, Misty and Brock are walking on the road toward Vermilion City when they all somehow ended up falling in the hole that someone dug in the middle of the street.

"Who dug this hole in the middle of the street," groaned Misty while lying in the hole along with Ash, Brock, Lucario and Pikachu?

"I don't know, but when I find out there will be hell to pay," Ash responded.

"Squirtle Squirtle Squirt," they all suddenly heard from above them, and when they looked up everyone saw five Squirtle's standing next to the hole and laughing at them.

"So it was those Squirtle's that dug this hole," stated Brock.

"But why would they do that?" Asked Misty.

"It doesn't matter why they did it, what's important is that they did, and now I'm going to teach them to not mess with me," said Ash after getting back on his feet.

"Hahaha, you humans are so stupid, what do you think you can do from inside that hole," mocked one of the Squirtle's after he heard what Ash said. This Squirtle sims to be the leader because he is standing in front of the others, and is wearing different sun glasses then the others, who are all wearing the same.

"Lucario, Pikachu, let's go!" Shouted Ash.

"Right father\Ash," yelled back Lucario and Pikachu.

Right as they said that, all three of them jumped high in the air and landed outside of the hole and surrounded all Squirtle's.

"WH-What, how is this possible, who are you?" Asked the leading Squirtle, after seeing Ash and his Pokémon jump out of five meters deep hole.

"What's wrong Squirtle, where did all that laugh of yours disappear," asked Ash in return, with a scowl on his face that was mimicked by Lucario and Pikachu?

Squirtle growled and was about to jump and attack Ash when someone's voice interrupted him.

"Hey kid are you Ok, did those Squirtle's hurt you," asked the voice of Officer Jenny who was coming toward them on her motorbike.

"Don't worry Officer Jenny, I'm fine and my friends are fine as well," answered Ash, after looking at Officer Jenny. "But I'm not so sure about these Squirtle's. I mean they did dig this hole in which we all fell."

"If you think we will let you hurt us, you are mistaken," yelled the leader of the Squirtle's and got in position to fight Ash, and was quickly followed by the others.

Imagine their surprise when it turned out that Ash understood everything they said.

"Who ever said that I'm going to hurt you?" Asked Ash with a smirk on his face, much to the surprise of all Squirtle's there and Officer Jenny.

"You understood what they said," stated Officer Jenny surprised by this.

"Yes, I did. I'm Aura user, and because of that I can understand everything Pokémon say," replied Ash.

"But before I do anything, can you tell me why you are doing this kind of stuff?" Asked Ash looking at leading Squirtle.

"Pft, I'm not telling you a thing," replied Squirtle, and turned his head away from Ash.

"Officer Jenny do you know something," Ash asked Jenny, after he saw that Squirtle won't say anything.

Officer Jenny looked down for a second before she said. "Those Squirtle's were all abandoned by their trainers and because of that they are now puling pranks on humans in this small town that's up ahead. They are not really bad, they just don't like humans."

Ash looked at Squirtle who had a scowl on his face. After thinking for a few second he decided what to do.

"Alakazam, come on out," said Ash and released his Alakazam from his Poke ball.

"Yes father how can I help you," Alakazam asked using Telepathy, and didn't care if the others heard him?

Ash ignored the others gaping faces when they heard Alakazam talking in their heads and asked. "Can you go and pull Bock and Misty from that hole over there?"

"Of course father," replied Alakazam.

"Why does he call you father," asked Squirtle?

"That's because Alakazam and Lucario were with me since before they even hatched, I raised them and we trained together since I was five years old," replied Ash, to Squirtle who got an interested look on his face.

"Ok then, back to business. I have a proposition for you Squirtle, do you want to hear it?" Asked Ash.

"What do you want?" Squirtle asked back.

"I want to battle against you. I'll use one of my Pokémon and if you win, I'll let you and your friends go, but if you lose, I want you to join me and become one of my Pokémon's, and your friends will go with Officer Jenny, I'm sure she can find something for them to do," said Ash with a serious expression on his face.

All of the Squirtle's and Officer Jenny were surprised by Ash's proposition.

"And what makes you think I want to battle you when I know there is a risk I'll lose. I'm not interested to become another human's pet, who will just abandon me in the end like last one did?" Yelled Squirtle.

"Well you can refuse. But then I'll have to capture you all and hand you to the other Aura Guardians that will probably hand you to some trainers or keep you under lock because of your pranking habit. But if you agree than your friends will be all together, and you can be with me a will be able to keep in touch with them all," said Ash.

When Ash finished his explanation, four Squirtle's got scared looks on their faces. If what he said is truth then they might end up with some trainer's that are just like their former ones, and if they don't hand them over, they'll be under lock. On the other hand if they do except his proposition, then they will be all together, and will be able to keep in touch with the boss Squirtle.

Seeing their scared faces, the head Squirtle said to them. "Ok let's make a plan." And they all created a circle and started talking with each other.

While they were talking, Alakazam has managed to pull Brock and Misty from the hole they fell into, and then they all stood close to Officer Jenny to see what will happen.

After several minutes of talking, all Squirtle's turned around and looked at Ash. "Ok, we agree to your proposition, but if this turns out to be some trap and my friend's end up in any danger, then you will pay. Am I clear?" said the leader of this little Squirtle squad.

"Don't worry about your friends, they will be fine, and you will be fine as well. Just wait and see," Ash reassured them all.

"Ok then let's get this over with. But you should know that I won't let you capture me, as I'll win this battle," said Squirtle with a smirk, and went to an empty field and stood on one side, while Ash stood on the other.

"Amaterasu, I chose you," said Ash and let his first Charmander on the battlefield.

"Why are you using Fire type Pokémon against a Water type, you'll be at a disadvantage," asked Officer Jenny.

"I want to see if Amaterasu has become strong enough to battle in the next gym like I planned, and this Squirtle might be a good challenge," answered Ash.

"Squirtle you can have the first move," said Ash, and then Squirtle went ahead and fired Water Gun at Amaterasu.

"Amaterasu, dodge and use Flamethrower," said Ash.

When Water Gun that Squirtle fired was just several meters from her, she jumped high in the air and blew a Flamethrower that was bigger the most Charmander's can fire.

Seeing that this Flamethrower is too fast for him to dodge, Squirtle quickly used Withdraw, and pulled himself inside of his shell, he was then hit by Flamethrower, and sent flying several meters back.

"Good job Amaterasu," praised Ash after seeing successful hit.

"Thank you Ash," replied Charmander, with a smile.

Just then Squirtle got out of his shell looking slightly burned but overall fine. He then used started running toward Charmander and used Bubble Beam while running.

"Amaterasu, dodge again," said Ash.

Amaterasu again dodged Squirtle's attack, but was surprised when Squirtle basically flew at her and used Scull Bash that hit right at Amaterasu's stomach and sent her flying straight to the ground and in front of Ash.

"Oho, this Squirtle really is strong," commented Ash.

"Amaterasu, get up and use Smokescreen," said Ash.

Amaterasu managed to get up but was holding her stomach from being hit by Skull bash. She pulled herself together and used Smokescreen, that quickly spreaded around the field and blocked Squirtle's sight.

"Now Amaterasu get in there and hit him with Iron Tail," said Ash.

Squirtle tried to see where the attack will come from, but because of the Smokescreen he couldn't see anything, and that's when he felt a very strong hit, straight on the head from Amaterasu tail that was now glowing white.

The attack was so strong that it sent Squirtle flying back and collided with a tree. After that Squirtle fell uncounsces and the battle was over with Charmander as a winner.

"That was great Amaterasu, you are definitely ready for your next gym battle," said Ash and patted Amaterasu on the head getting a happy cry from her.

After that, Ash returned his Charmander and went to see how Squirtle is doing. Just as he got next to him, Squirtle's eyes opened slightly and he saw Ash standing over him.

"I guess I lost, ha," sighed Squirtle and then pulled himself up. He had a big lump on his head where he was hit by Iron Tail, and a few burn marks from that first Flamethrower, but other than that he was fine.

"Yes you did, but you shouldn't feel sad because of that, you did very well. Also, I trained that Charmander very hard since we started our journey and that was the result. Now that you are joining us you will became very powerful very soon," said Ash, and put his hand on Squirtle's head, and patted him like Charmander before.

After all was over, Squirtle went to say good bye to his friend's from Squirtle Squad, and after a small talk with all of them and Officer Jenny, she told him that the other Squirtle's that are staying with her are going to become Fire Fighters in the City and live how they want to.

When the talking was over and everyone said their goodbyes, Squirtle allowed himself to be captured by Ash, and they all restarted their journey toward Vermilion City, but not before Misty had to drag Brock by his ear because he was flirting with Officer Jenny. (I'm not going to write Brock's flirting, because I think it's annoying. I'll just mention it from time to time and that's it).


Unknown to Ash and his friends, they were being followed.

"How long do we have to follow this kid?" Groaned Jessie from Team Rocket, as she, James and Meowth were following the trio of kids.

"I would follow them to the end of the world if it means that I don't have to be in jail," replied Meowth, and James nodded in agreement. "Because that is exactly where we would be if boss didn't help us escape so we can follow that kid."

"Meowth is right Jessie. This is much better than being in jail." Said James.

"I know, but I wish we could just attack and try to steal their Pokemon and be done with this," said Jessie. "This is just a waste of time, which we could use for something else."

"We cannot defeat those kids in a straight out battle and you know it," said James. "Especially that kid that was able to defeat boss in a battle."

"Yes, James is right," agreed Meowth. "The best we can do is just follow them, and if we see an opportunity that we can use to steal their Pokemon, then we will do it then. But until that opportunity arises, we just follow them and wait, because I don't want to be sent back to jail if they capture us."

"ARHH, FINE," yelled Jessie! "Let's go then so we don't lose them."

And the tri continued their tailing of Ash, Misty and Brock, with Jessie hoping for Ash and his friends to make some mistake that they can use and capture their Pokemon, and be done with this assignment.

Ash's Pokémon

On Hand:

Lucario, Alakazam, Pikachu, Charmander (F) Amaterasu, Butterfree, Bulbasaur, Pink Butterfree (F) Magenta, Charmander Ra, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon (F), Squirtle;

Oak's Lab:

Pidgeotto (F), Golbat;

Misty's Pokémon

Staryu, Starmie, Goldeen (F), Wartortle, Cloyster;

Brock's Pokémon

Onix, Geodude, Zubat, Sandslash, Rhyhorn;

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