Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 42 - Johto Region 8

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Yes, I will.

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No, he won't. I still haven't decided who will be his girlfriend/wife in the future, but it won't be Suzie.

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No, Ash will not be coordinator.

Chapter 42

It's been a few days since Ash and the others had a battle against Marauder and his Pokémon, and since they managed to defeat them.

After they left the city they were in back then, they all continued their journey toward Violet City, and the next gym battle, though unlike when they were on the way to Blackthorn City, they didn't make many stops for training, so the journey was going faster than before.

Right now, the group is walking over the mountain path, which is going to cut the journey short for a day or two then if they went around the mountain.

"I know this path is supposed to be shorter than the one around the mountain, but damn it's cold," Brock complained.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Misty said. "I really need to get warmer cloths for times like this, or if we ever end up in a place like Ice Cave."

"I said we can go around if you want, but you said it's ok, so don't complain now," Ash said, and Misty gave him an evil eye.

"I wasn't expecting to be this cold!" Misty said.

"It's still better than the Ice Cave, and we should be getting close to the Pokémon Center, so we can stop there for the rest of the day, and night," Ash said, and the others agreed.

After few more minutes of walking, Ash spotted a Pokémon in the distance lying in the grass, and he stopped.

"Why did you stop, Ash?" Serena asked.

"I spotted a new member of my team," Ash replied, and the others looked at where he was looking.

"Is that Chikorita?" Misty asked.

"Yeah, it is," Ash said. "And I'm going to catch it."

"Why such interest," Brock asked? "I mean, Chikorita is interesting Pokémon, but it's not like its rare or something."

"I guess you can say I wish to catch every starter Pokémon from every Region I visit, and this Chikorita would be the first starter here in Johto," Ash replied, and Brock, Misty and Serena, razed they eyebrows.

"I didn't know that's your wish," Misty said. "You never mentioned that."

"It never came up," Ash said.

He then walked over to where Chikorita was sleeping, while the others stayed back to watch.

Once he was close enough, Ash said.

"Hey Chikorita, I'm Ash, and I challenge you to a battle!" Ash said, and Chikorita razed her head, and after she saw Ash, she jumped up on her legs, and stood ready for anything.

"I'm not interested in battling you, so go away," Chikorita said, hoping that this guy will get the picture from her tone, since she knows humans can't understand Pokémon language!

"Now, normally I would do just that, as I'm not interested in Pokémon who don't want to have trainers, but in this case, I can't walk away," Ash said. "You seem to have a lot of spirit, and I want you to become part of my team, so I can train you."

Chikorita seemed surprised Ash apparently understood her, but she didn't let her guard down even for a moment, which made Ash smirk, as she is cautious, and he liked that.

"Fine then, I will battle against you, but you will not win!" Chikorita said.

"We will see," Ash said, and pulled out one Poke Ball, and threw it in the air. "Come on out, Heracross!"

Heracross came out from the Poke Ball, and stood ready for battle. "You finally decided to use me in battle!" Heracross said to Ash.

"Well, I only had one official battle until now, and everything else was training with Serena," Ash replied, and Chikorita realized that Ash really does understand what Pokémon say, which surprised her a lot, as she wasn't expecting that. "But now it is your chance to prove yourself, by helping me catch that Chikorita."

"Fine," Heracross said. "I just wish you picked tougher opponent. This won't even be a worm up."

Chikorita heard what Heracross said, and bristled in fury. "How dare you insult me, and say I'm week," she yelled. "I'll show you!"

Chikorita then swings her head and razor-sharp leaves flew out from the leaf on her head and flew at Heracross, and both he and Ash smirked. Heracross because his plan worked, and Chikorita is now angry, and Ash because he figured out why Heracross said what he said, and he let it be as he wants to see how Chikorita battles when angered.

"Heracross, dodge, and use Tackle!" Ash said.

Heracross flew around, dodging Razor Leaves, and when Chikorita's attack ended, he flew at her with great speed, and tackled her, which sent her bouncing on the ground for about dozen meters, until she managed to stop herself.

"Come on, Chikorita," Ash said. "I know you can do better."

Chikorita glared at Ash and Heracross, and then fired another round of Razor Leaves, which Heracross dodged again easily, but Chikorita ran at him, and two green vines come from the bud necklace on her neck, which surprised Heracross, and he was hit across the head flew times, which sent him flying back a little until he landed on the ground.

"You got to overconfident, Heracross, and that's why she landed that hit," Ash said to his Pokémon who stood up, and was grumbling under his breath. "Don't let it happen again, because in situations when you have to dodge an attack, you will have to do it yourself, as I won't always tell you to dodge. You should be a good judge to know when to do it."

"That's an interesting way to train your Pokémon," Serena commented from where she was watching the battle, along with Misty and Brock.

"Yeah, it's one of the things I saw Ash tell all of his Pokémon," Brock replied. "That, and Protect, are two things that Ash teaches all of his Pokémon, no matter who they are or what type they are."

"I see." Serena said, and continued to watch the battle.

"Now use Horn Attack," Ash said to Heracross, who's horn glowed red a little, and he then flew at Chikorita, who in return used Vine Whip, and tied it around Heracross's horn, and then pulled him above her before he can hit her with Horn Attack, and threw him on the tree behind her, where Heracross collided with it, and fell down.

"You are one tough Pokémon, aren't you, Chikorita," Ash asked, and Chikorita looked at him with a smirk?

"Of course, I am," she replied, knowing he will understand, and he did, judging by the smile on his face.

"You are definitely tough," Ash said. "But so is Heracross, and you shouldn't let your guard down. "Use Horn Attack, again!"

Chikorita's eyes widened, and as soon as she turned around, she was hit by Heracross's horn, which sent her flying and then bouncing off the ground for several dozen meters until she finally stopped at the base of the tree.

Chikorita somehow managed to stand up, and wanted to continue to battle even though that attack hurt her a lot, and Ash praised her. "I praise your desire to continue, Chikorita, but you are in no condition to do so, and if you push yourself more, you'll only end up injured even more."

"I will not give up," Chikorita said, as she slowly walked back to battle field. "I will not lose!"

Chikorita then waved the leaf on her head and a pink powder come out of it and went at Heracross.

"Protect," Ash said.

Heracross stopped the powder with greenish barrier he formed in front of himself, and after the powder was spread around him, and dispersed on the ground, he released the barrier.

"Now, finish the battle with Fury Attack!" Ash said.

Heracross quickly flew at Chikorita, and started to repeatedly hit and swipe at her with his horn and arms.

Very soon, Chikorita was again on the ground, and this time she didn't appear to be standing up, so Ash sighed, and was about to throw an empty Poke Ball at her to capture her, but much to his, and everyone else's surprise, Chikorita stood back up, and wanted to continue, but she was barely standing, judging by her shaky legs.

Ash sighed again after he saw this. "Heracross, return." He said, and his Pokémon returned back to his Poke Ball, much to the surprise of everyone, including Chikorita.

Ash then started walking toward Chikorita, who, even though was shaking from her injuries, and tiredness, didn't back down, and stood ready for anything.

After he approached her, Ash kneeled in front of Chikorita, and said. "You know, sometimes it's best to just give up. Injuring yourself is pointless if there is no reason for it, and you are now so injured that the only reason you are standing up is because you are stubborn, so I'm telling you to give up."

"I said, I won't lose or give up," Chikorita said. "And I also said I don't want trainer, so if I lose, you will catch me."

Ash sighed for who knows which time that day, and before Chikorita can do anything, he taped her on her neck a little bit, and she passed out.

He then picked her up in his arms, and went back to the others.

"How much until we get to that Pokémon Center?" Ash asked Brock, as he didn't feel like pulling out his Pokedex to see.

"It's not too far from here," Brock replied, looking at his map. "We should be there in less than an hour."

"Ok then, let's go," Ash said, and started walking toward the Pokémon Center, while the others followed him.

"Aren't you going to capture that Chikorita," Misty asked as they were walking?

"No," Ash replied. "I'm taking her to be healed by Nurse Joy, and then she's free to go. "She has a great desire to be free, and I don't want to take away her freedom."

After that, no one said anything, as they walked towards the Pokémon Center.


An hour later, Ash and his friends entered the Pokémon Center, with Ash carrying Chikorita in his arms.

"Hello Nurse Joy," Ash said, as he approached to the Nurse and her Chansey. "Can you help this Chikorita? I'm afraid she went a little bit too far in the battle, and is injured."

"Of course," Nurse Joy replied, and sent Chansey for the stretcher. "But can I ask who her trainer is, and what exactly happened?"

"We were on the way here, when I spotted Chikorita sleeping in the clearing, so I decided to challenge her," Ash said. "But she just wouldn't give up, and continued to push herself even after it was clear she was defeated, so I just put her to sleep with a little tap on the back of her neck and brought her here."

"I see," Nurse Joy said. "Well, I wish I could say that doesn't happen often, but Chikorita in these parts are very stubborn, and like to push themselves over their capacities, and then they either end up captured, or brought here like you just did."

Just then, Chansey came with the stretcher, and Nurse Joy placed Chikorita on it. "You can stay in the hall, until I finish with her, and then I'll give you rooms."

"Thanks Nurse Joy," Ash and the others said, and Nurse Joy then left.

"Will Chikorita be all right," Serena asked?

"Don't worry, I'm sure Nurse Joy and Chansey will heal her," Ash reassured her.

"Why did you put her to sleep like you did," Misty asked?

"That was the easiest way to make her stop fighting, and then bring her here," Ash said.

After that, they set in the hall, and waited for Nurse Joy to come back.


Nurse Joy came back an hour later, and told them that Chikorita will be fine, and all she needs is a night of rest.

After that, she gave them two rooms, and they went to rest for the remaining of the day.


It was now late at night, and Ash and the others are in their rooms, sleeping.

But down, in the room where she was resting, Chikorita woke up, and saw she was in some kind of room, on a bed.

"Where am I," Chikorita wondered? "What happened? What did that guy do?"

She continued to look around the room, and realized she must be in the Pokémon Center, and there was no one else in the room with her, so she decided to use this chance, and sneak out of the center, and run away.

And that's exactly what she did. She slowly opened the door with Vine Whip, and walked out of the room, and then out of the Pokémon Center after she made sure no one was in the hall, or monitoring the entrance.


A little while later, Chansey came to check on Chikorita, and saw she is not in her room, and freaked out.

"Oh my god, where did she go?" Chansey yelled to herself as she run to Nurse Joy's room to inform her. "There is a Blizzard outside, she'll freeze. I have to hurry and tell Nurse Joy!"

Once Chansey reached Nurse Joy's room, she started banging on the door, and calling her. "Nurse Joy, wake up, we have a problem!"

Nurse Joy woke up as she heard Chansey calling her, and quickly walked to the door and opened, only to see Chansey standing there and looking freaked out.

"Easy there Chansey," Nurse Joy said, trying to calm down her assistant. "What happened?"

Seeing that Nurse Joy can't understand her, and it will take a while to explain, Chansey grabbed her by the hand, and led her to the room where Chikorita was in.

"Chikorita is gone," Chansey said, and even though Nurse Joy didn't understand the exact words, she managed to figure out what's Chansey said, and why she's so freaked out, after she saw that Chikorita is gone.

"Where did she go?" Nurse Joy asked Chansey, after she entered in the room.

"I don't know," Chansey replied, though it's like she said nothing.

"I need to tell to those kids that Chikorita is gone," Nurse Joy said to herself, and ran out of the room, and to the upper floor, where the guest rooms are.

As soon as she reached the room where Ash and Brock are, Nurse Joy started knocking on the door, to wake them up.

Not a half a minute later, the room door opened, and Ash was standing there, looking sleepy, along with Brock.

Of course, all the knocking also woke up Serena and Misty who were in the room across from Ash's and Brock's, and they also came out of the room, and looked at Nurse Joy.

"What's the problem Nurse Joy," Ash asked? "Did something happen? Is Chikorita all right?"

"That's the problem," Nurse Joy said, and Ash narrowed his eyes. "Chikorita is gone!"

"What do you mean she is gone?" Ash asked a little louder than what was needed. It was a good thing that there were no other guests in the Pokémon Center that night, as they wouldn't like it if they were woken up by the banging on the door and yelling.

"Chansey went to check her up like she always does with injured Pokémon during the night, and found the room empty," Nurse Joy replied. "Chikorita must have woken up, and escaped."

"Damn, that Chikorita is hard headed," Brock commented. "She couldn't even wait for the morning."

"Yeah, I agree," Misty said. "But why are you freaking out, Nurse Joy? I mean, you healed her, and said she will be fine."

"She is healed, but she still needed a little more than just a few hours of rest before she can go," Nurse Joy said. "Besides, there is a Blizzard outside, and she can't make it through it. She'll probably freeze to death."

"God damn it," Ash said, and then went back to his room, while the others looked at him.

"What are you doing, Ash," Brock asked, as he saw Ash pulling up his pants, and the rest of his cloths?

"What do you think," Ash asked? "I'm going to find Chikorita. I can let her freeze."

"Are you insane," Nurse Joy asked? "You can't go alone in the Blizzard outside. You'll freeze faster than Chikorita!"

"Don't worry about me Nurse Joy," Ash said. "I can take care of myself. And I also have my Pokémon who can help me."

"At least wait for me to get dressed and I'll come with you," Brock said, but Ash refused.

"No, you better stay here. I can move faster alone," Ash said, and seeing that there is no point in making him listen to them, Brock and the others followed Ash, as he came down to the Pokémon Center Hall, and walked out of the front door, while the others stayed back.

"Be safe Ash," Misty and Serena yelled at him, while he was walking away in the distance, and soon he disappeared from the view.

"I shouldn't have let him go," Nurse Joy said. "What if something happens to him? I'll never be able to live with myself?"

"I really wouldn't worry about Ash, Nurse Joy," Brock said, and Joy looked at him. "He is an Aura Guardian, and he did spend five months on top of Mt. Silver with his Pokémon training them, so some simply blizzard won't stop him from finding Chikorita and bringing her back."

Nurse Joy only looked at Brock for a few more seconds, and then looked back into the distance. "I hope you are right, Brock."


Ash walked in the blizzard for almost half an hour now, and still didn't find Chikorita, which should not be that surprising if he was any normal person, and considering that he can barely see a meter in front of his eyes, but he was constantly sensing with his aura to find Chikorita and still nothing, and that is surprising, because his aura senses extends for almost two miles, and it's surprising that Chikorita was able to walk that far from the Pokémon Center in this weather.

"How in the hell did she pass this much distance on this weather," Ash asked himself, getting irritated, but also worried a little because he still hasn't found Chikorita? "How much time could have passed since she left to the point Chansey went to check on her?"

Ash continued to walk around the mountain searching for Chikorita for a while after that, and only about an hour later, did he finally sense something almost two miles from where he is, and it seems to be somewhere deeper than he is now.

"She must have fallen into some ravine, or a tunnel," he thought. "I better hurry before she freezes."


Back in the Pokémon Center, everyone was sitting in the cafeteria, drinking hot tea of coffee, and waiting for Ash to return.

"It's been two hours now, why isn't he back yet?" Serena asked worried.

"We'll it's blizzard outside, and that probably prevents him from moving fast, and seeing far away," Brock replied.

"We should have come with him, and not let him alone," Nurse Joy said, almost as worried as the others, because if something happens to Ash, it would be her fault, because as the only adult, it was her job to keep him safe while in her Pokémon Center, and she let him walk out in the blizzard. Alone.

"Like I said before, Ash can take care of himself, and we would only be a burden to him if we came with him," Brock said, and the three girls sighed.

After that, they stayed quiet, though Brock could see that all three were nervous, and won't be long before they snap, and decide to go after Ash. "I hope you come back soon, Ash, because I won't be able to stop them if they decide to go after you." Brock thought.


Another forty-five minutes later, and Ash found himself in front of the entrance of the tunnel, in which he can sense Chikorita, so he went inside, and finally after more the two hours, was away from the blizzard, though it was still cold as fuck.

He walked for a minute, and then came to a stop when he spotted Chikorita lying on the frozen ground, and shaking like a leaf from the cold.

"You really are something else you know that right, Chikorita," Ash said, and Chikorita opened her eyes wide open as she heard the voice, and slowly lifted her head up, and looked in front of her to see Ash standing there looking at her.

She stood up from the cold floor, and ran at Ash, and as she got close, she jumped in his arms, and rubbed her head on his chest.

"There, there," Ash said to Chikorita while trying to calm her down, and keep her worm, by placing her inside of his jacket. "I'm here now, so don't worry, you will be fine."

Chikorita looked up at him from inside his jacked. "W-Why did y-you come for me?" She asked.

"Was I supposed to leave you to freeze?" Ash asked her back.

"I escaped," Chikorita said. "I deserved this."

"Maybe you did," Ash said. "But think of this as a punishment for being hard headed, and now that you saw what can happen if you continue like this, you can start changing, and stop being like that. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand," Chikorita said, and fell asleep in Ash's jacket.

"I guess I have to wait here until the blizzard is gone," Ash said to himself. "I really don't want to go back in Pokémon Center now."

So, Ash set in the corner, with Chikorita sleeping in his jacket, and then surrounded himself in is aura, which should keep them both at least warm enough for a few hours until the morning, and the blizzard is hopefully gone.


In the morning, Ash woke up, and let his aura fade away, and then stood up, and started walking to the tunnel entrance.

"I really hope the blizzard stopped," Ash though. "Using this much aura and while asleep, drained me a lot, and I can't walk through one now."

Thankfully for Ash, and Chikorita's health, the blizzard has stopped, and there was a sun in the sky, though it didn't help much as it was still very cold.

He then started walking back down the mountain, and hoping he can find Pokémon Center as he doesn't know the path back since he didn't see shit last night.

It looked that some higher being is on Ash's side this morning, because on top of the blizzard stopping, he found help half an hour after he left the tunnel. And the help was his friends, who, he guessed have come to search for him.

"Hey Ash," Brock and the others yelled after they saw him coming toward them, with Chikorita still asleep in his jacket.

Serena and Misty along with Nurse Joy ran quickly toward him, and as they approached him, they started checking him out, and asking him questions, like; where have you been? Or, why didn't you come back sooner? Or, Are you and Chikorita ok? And so on and so on.

"Stop!" Ash suddenly yelled, and all three of the girls almost jumped back in surprise. "I'm fine, but can you stop with the questions, I didn't even hear half of them because of you three talking at the same time!"

"Well I'm sorry for worrying for you the entire nigh, and not sleeping because I wondered if you'll come back alive," Misty suddenly yelled back seriously annoyed at Ash!

Ash sighed, and after he gave Chikorita to Nurse Joy to carry her back to the Pokémon Center, he said. "I'm sorry Misty, but I'm tired, and all I want to do is go back and have some sleep, and you three just kept asking questions, and I got annoyed."

"It's ok, Ash, we are not angry at you," Nurse Joy said. "We were just worried."

"I told you I'll be fine," Ash said. "I found Chikorita a little over two hours after I left, in the tunnel up in mountain, so I decided to stay there until the morning, and the blizzard is gone, as I didn't feel like walking around again in that weather. That's why I didn't come back earlier."

The others nodded in understanding, even Misty, and then they all went back to the Pokémon Center, where Nurse Joy checked Chikorita again, and let her rest, while Ash went to sleep, to recover his aura he spent keeping himself and Chikorita warm for several hours.

Brock, Misty and Serena also decide to sleep for a few hours since they didn't sleep last night.


The four of them slept until launch time, when they woke up, and came down in the cafeteria to eat.

Nurse Joy informed them that Chikorita is going to be ok, and that she didn't suffer any irreversible damage from the cold, and will be released by tomorrow.

The group also decided to spend the rest of the day in the Pokémon Center, since they wouldn't be able to pass the mountain in half the day, and didn't want to sleep out, so they will leave in the morning, and will be able to go over the mountain by tomorrow evening.


In the morning, the four of them woke up, and came down for breakfast, after which they plan to continue their journey.

And as planned, after they had breakfast, the four of them left Pokémon Center, and Nurse Joy, along with Chansey and Chikorita were there to say good bye. Though Chikorita was sad to see Ash leaving.

"Good luck on your journey, guys," Nurse Joy said. "I hope to watch your matches on the TV when the Pokémon League begins."

"Thanks, Nurse Joy," Ash said, and then looked at Chikorita. "Take care of yourself Chikorita, and remember what I told you."

"I will remember." Chikorita said, though slowly and with her head low.

"Well then, good bye to all of you," Ash and the others said. "We hope to see you again!"

The four of them started walking away then, while Nurse Joy and Chansey waved them.

Chikorita didn't wave, she was just looking at Ash walking away, and was close to tears.

A few moments later, and she couldn't take it anymore, and she started crying, and ran toward Ash, while calling for him.

"Wait, don't leave me!" Chikorita yelled.

Ash and the others heard her, so they stopped and turned around, just in time for Chikorita to jump in Ash's arms, and nuzzle her head on his chest.

"Don't leave me," she said. "I want to come with you."

"You sure about that?" Ash questioned, and Chikorita nodded quickly without even thinking.

"Well then, if you are sure," Ash said, and pulled out empty Poke Ball, and tapped it on Chikorita's head, who was then sucked in the ball. "Welcome to the team."

"Congratulations, Ash," Nurse Joy said after she approached him and the others to see why Chikorita ran off like that.

"Thanks, Nurse Joy," Ash said, and after another good bye, the group of four continued their journey.

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