Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 40 - Johto Region 6

Chapter 40:

Few hours after they left Pokémon Center in the Ice Cave, Ash and the gang are on the outskirts of Blackthorn City, and were close to their destination the Blackthorn City Gym.

As they were walking next to the river, Ash spots something, and stops, which makes the others stop as well, and look at him.

"Hey Ash, why did you stop," Serena asked?

"Look at that," Ash replied, and pointed toward the base of the tree.

The others looked at where he was pointing to the tree dew dozen meters from them, and they saw Dratini curled up and sleeping.

"Is that Dratini," Brock asked?

"Yeah, it is." Ash replied.

"Wow, what are the chances to run into another Dratini or its evolution line," questioned Misty?

"I guess we are lucky," said Ash. "Some trainers go their entire lives and don't run into one of Dratini line even once, and this is like fourth of fifth one we've encountered in just under 2 years."

"Let's go take a look," Misty said, and they headed toward the sleeping Dratini.

Just as they were close to it, there was a ripple in the river, which drove Ash's attention, and suddenly Gyarados broke through the surface of the river, and startled them all when it came after them.

"STOP!" Ash yelled loudly while surrounded by his blue Aura, his eyes glowing yellow, and his right hand in front of him with his palm opened and pointing at Gyarados.

Gyarados suddenly stopped, and backed away from Ash while visibly shaking in fear.

While Misty and Brock knew Ash for a while and knew what he was capable of, Serena knew very little, and was startled by seeing Ash like this, and a Pokémon like Gyarados being scared like a new born baby.

"W-What is going on," Serena stuttered? "Why is Ash glowing?"

"Calm down, we were not going to hurt Dratini, so you can relax," Ash said to Gyarados, who relaxed a little, but was still scared slightly of Ash's Aura, and the glow in his eyes.

Seeing Gyarados relax, and back away a little, made Ash cut of his Aura, and his eyes stopped glowing.

By now, Dratini awoke, from its sleep, and was in the river by Gyarados's side.

"What was that, Ash? Serena asked again.

"That was my Aura," he replied. "Remember I'm an Aura Guardian, releasing Aura is something I can do."

"I'm sorry," she said. "It just I never saw you like that, and was startled, especially after I saw Gyarados afraid."

"Don't be afraid, Serena, there is no need," Ash said. "I would never harm anyone close to me, or those who don't deserve it."

Ash words calmed Serena, though what he said that he won't hurt those who don't deserve it, means that he would those who do, and it was unnerving.

"Hey, who are you?" Suddenly yelled a voice, and they looked and saw a woman with blue hair running next to the river and toward them.

"What are you doing to my Pokémon?" She asked again, after she came closer, and Gyarados and Dratini were now by her side.

"Sorry ma'am, but we weren't doing anything," replied Misty, but the woman glared at her, so Ash decided to explain.

"We were walking toward Blackthorn City, when we saw Dratini sleeping under the tree," Ash started his explanation. "We were curious so we tried to approach it, but then Gyarados came out of the river and after us, so I just stopped it, and that's about it. You came right after I told Gyarados to calm down, as we don't plan to harm him, or Dratini."

The woman looked at her Pokémon, who seemed ok, and after the two nodded their heads confirming Ash's story, she sighed and looked back at the group.

"I'm sorry about yelling like that at you," she apologized. "I assumed that you were trying to capture my Pokémon, so I rushed to help them."

"It's ok, we are not angry," Ash said. "It was just a big misunderstanding."

"So, who are you kids," the woman asked, but then remembered she didn't introduce herself? "I'm Clair, by the way. Blackthorn City Gym Leader."

"So, you are the gym leader," Ash said and Clair nodded. "Well that's great, you are the one we were looking for."

"Ah, so you are challengers, I assume," Clair said.

"Yes," Ash confirmed, and introduced himself and the others. "I'm Ash, and these are my friends Brock, Misty and Serena. Serena and I want to challenge you to a gym battle."

"Well, Ash, I accept," Clair said. "But we have to get back to the Gym first."

"That's fine," Ash said, and then Clair started leading the way, while the others followed her. Gyarados and Dratini were swimming in the river next to them.

"So, Ash, can I ask you how were you able to stop my Gyarados from attacking him," Clair asked. "It's not easy to do that, and you even scared him."

"I'm an Aura Guardian, I can manipulate Aura, so stopping rampaging Pokémon shouldn't be a problem, unless they really let loose, then I have to calm them down a little differently," Ash explained, and Serena and Clair wondered what he meant by that, though for some reason didn't want to ask.

Brock and Misty knew exactly what he meant, though also kept quiet.

"I see," said Clair. "Well anyway, it good you were there, as Gyarados knows to be a little overprotective over Dratini."

"Why was Dratini just lying under that tree like that?" Misty asked.

"Oh, he does that every time we go out for a walk or for some exercise," Clair replied. "And whenever he sleeps like that, Gyarados is close watches over him."

"Like an older sibling," Ash said, and Clair nodded.

"Exactly." Clair said.

They continued walking for a little while longer, until they arrived in Blackthorn City, when Clair asked.

"Do you want that battle immediately, or are you going to check in Pokémon Center first?"

"I think we should check in Pokémon Center first, as we will probably spend the night in Blackthorn City, and after that we will come to have our matches," Ash said.

"Ok then, I'll be waiting for you in the gym," Clair said, and after she explained to Ash how to get to the gym, she left, while Ash and company went to the Pokémon Center.


After the group checked in the Pokémon Center, they followed the path that Clair explained to Ash, and about 15 min. later, they all found themselves in front of the big gate with the Dragonite's on the posts on the side of the gate.

The rock wall is surrounding the huge manor like Gym with big entrance to the manor, and a big window above the entrance, though the rest of the building is without any windows, signifying that it is not a house, or place to live in.

"This is pretty big place," Misty commented and the others agreed.

"Yeah, it is," Ash agreed. "But then again, most gyms are big, and for some reason look weird. This one at least looks relatively normal compared to some we've seen."

"I can agree to that," Brock said.

"Hey guys, I see you are already here," Clair was heard from inside of the gym ground, and they saw her walking towards the gate along with a woman around Clair's age, with long green hair tied back, and wearing red shorts with red shirt that goes above her bellybutton.

Clair approached to the gate and opened it for the group to enter inside.

"Yeah, there was no reason to waste time in the Pokémon Center as we have been in the one in Ice Cave just this morning," said Ash.

"So, you went through the Ice Cave on the way from Mahogany Town," Clair said, and the others looked between each other confused.

"No, we came here from New Bark Town, and then passed to go the Ice Cave to train for a few days, and then we came back here to challenge you," Ash explained.

"I thought that trainers always come here through Mahogany Town, and here you are coming here from New Bark Town, and that's the second time trainers come from there," Clair said, and Ash smiled a little since he guessed that Leaf must be the one who came before, as she already told him she was here. "I wonder if that's going to become a trend."

"I don't know, maybe," Ash said with slight laugh.

"Well anyway, let me introduce you my friend, Liza," Clair said, and motioned toward the other woman. "She's my long-time friend that came for a visit from Charicific Valley, where she lives and works."

"Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you all, I'm Liza, as Clair just said," the woman introduced herself, and shacked hands with everyone.

"Hello Liza, my name is Ash, and those are Misty, Brock and Serena, it's also a pleasure to meet you," Ash introduced himself and the others, while wearing a charming smile on his face, which made Liza blush a little, though she quickly caught herself up, and fought it back. It wouldn't be right to blush because of the kid that's just around 12 years old, which makes her more than twice his age.

Clair on the other hand didn't even try to fight back her blush, and even though she met Ash earlier, she just now realized how cute he is, and she just wants to keep him for herself. Not that that's possible, but she can dream at least.

"So, you are here for the gym battle, right," Liza asked, as they left the gate, and were walking toward the gym entrance.

"Yeah, Serena and I are here for our first Johto badge," Ash replied.

"So, you two are just starter trainers," Clair said surprised. "You look older than ten years, I thought you already traveled before."

"Oh, I did, I traveled through Kanto and Orange Islands, and I just came from Kanto to compete in Johto," Ash said. "This is the first gym we came to."

"Yeah, about that, why did you come here first when all trainers normally come here for their last badge," Clair asked? "I said before this is the second time this happened in the last few weeks, and now it makes me curious."

"I bet the one who came few weeks ago is a girl named Leaf," Ash said with a smirk.

"How did you know," Clair asked?

"She told me," Ash replied. "Leaf and I are both from Pallet Town, and started our journey on the same day, and we are now supposed to meet in Azalea Town and travel together, so when we talked on the phone a little while ago, she told me she was already here, and has won her first badge."

"Is that so," Clair questioned. "Well, I will admit, that friend of yours, is damn good. She's one of the better trainers I fought in the last few years."

"Her dream is to catch all Pokemon, so she never competed in Kanto Region and Orange Islands, and just traveled, caught Pokemon, and trained them, so I guess I'm not surprised she is that good." Ash said.

That's when they came in front of the entrance, but before they could come in, Ash's head snapped back as he sensed something running toward him.


As Ash and the others passed through the gate, and were walking toward the gym entrance, they didn't notice a small blue Pokemon, with yellow belly, ears and lower jaw, and with weird shaped top of the head.

He was standing behind the tree, and was looking at the new coming trainers, who he guessed are here to challenge the gym.

From behind the tree, he was looking at them all up and down as if sizing them up, to determine if they are any good or not.

This Pokemon, unlike other Pokemon, has a unique ability to sense human's power, and possibly their potential, which again is not something Pokemon can do, but he can for some reason. He could do this for as long as he can remember it, and sometimes it made him cause trouble, because his is also a little of a battle maniac, and every time he senses human with strong power and potential, he challenges them to a battle. But he actually challenges HUMANS to a battle and not their Pokemon, which is how it's normally done.

Because of this, there were a lot of trainers who were hurt when they came to the mountain he lived in, and one day, he was sent here in Blackthorn Gym, so that the gym leader could possibly train him to get over his thirst to battle humans, but it didn't work even if she has been trying to train him for months now.

Now that he is watching these new trainers walking with Clair and her friend, he could feel an incredible power from one of them, and it made his blood boil in desire to battle.

He looked at them closer, and saw that the taller of the two boys is strong, but it's not the one he was thinking about. The same goes for the two girls, who are good, but also not the one with the power.

This only left the last boy, and when he looked at him directly, his eyes were shining, from the amount of power he could sense from this boy.

That's the moment he decided to challenge this boy to a battle, and he doesn't even care if Clair throws him out after that. He only wants to battle this trainer, right now. And then go with him to train under him, and to fight him every day.

Just as they were all about to enter inside of the gym, the Pokemon came out from behind the tree, and with incredible speed rushed at the boy, trying to catch him of guard.



Just as he turned his head back to see what is it that's coming towards him, Ash saw a Pokemon jumped and was almost flying at him, even though it had no wings.

Ash quickly placed his hands in front of him, with his palms open, right before the Pokemon was about to hit him, and was able to stop him mid-flight.

The others looked at what's going on, and all of their jaws dropped on the ground, and had their eyes bulging out in surprise at what they were seeing.

There it was a small, probably first level Pokemon being held by the head by Ash right in the air, and now they could all say that they have seen it all.

"Wh-What is going on," asked Serena?

"What Pokemon is that," added Misty? "And why did it attack Ash?"

Clair managed to snap out of her surprise at Ash being able to catch a Pokemon who was coming at him full speed, and that's bare handed, and yelled.

"Damn it, Bagon, will you ever stop doing that?" Clair yelled clearly frustrated because of the now named Bagon.

"I cannot believe he is still doing that even after all this time," Liza commented, while her eyes were more on Ash then at Bagon, even though she was talking about Bagon. As much as she is surprised that Bagon is still going at it, even after all the training and effort Clair put in trying to stop him from attacking everyone, she is much more surprised that Ash is able to stop him with his bare hands, as that is something she never thought she will see in her life.

Ash then let go of Bagon's head, but was still holding him by his sides in mid-air, and was glaring at him. "What the hell are you doing?" Ash asked while looking at Bagon's eyes, that, for some reason, were shining.

"I want to battle you, right now!" Bagon said hoping that Ash will be able to figure out what he wants, while shaking with his small arms up and down, left and right. "Come on, come on, come on!"

Of course, no one but Ash understood him, and they didn't know what's he saying, but Ash was just looking at Bagon.

"What's he saying, Ash," Serena asked? "Why did he attack you?"

"And what Pokemon is that by the way," Misty added, while looking at Clair?

"That's Bagon," Clair said with a sigh. "It a Dragon Type Pokemon from Hoenn Region. I guess you can say that, what Dratini is in Kanto, Bagon is in Hoenn."

"Really," Brock said surprised. "But why did he attack Ash."

"Bagon was brought to me months ago by the Draconid girl from Meteor Falls in Hoenn Region," Clair said. "He was sent by the girl's grandmother, and she asked me to help train Bagon, and to make him stop attacking almost everyone he comes across.

"He was apparently doing this since he was hatched, and they couldn't figure it out why, so they sent him to me to see if I can do something. But even after everything I tried, he still attacks many trainers, and I still don't know why. The only thing I know for sure, is what the girls told me, and that is that all of the trainers who were attacked are very good trainers, in fact they are all great."

"But how could he possibly know who is great trainer, and who is not," Asked Brock? "And who is this Draconid girl, I have never heard of someone called like that?"

"No one knows how he can know who is strong trainer, and who is not, so we can only guess," Clair said. "And Draconid people are a tribe of people from Meteor Falls in Hoenn Region, who specifically train Dragon Type Pokemon, and have great connection to them."

After Clair explained everything to them, they all looked at Ash and Bagon, who were still looking at each other.

"You know, this is not the best way to challenge someone," Ash said to Bagon. "If you wanted to fight against my Pokemon, then all you had to do was ask."

"Am, about that…" Clair was about to say, but was stopped by Bagon's ranting.

"I don't want to fight your Pokemon, I want to fight against you!" Bagon yelled, and this surprised Ash more than anything in a long time.

"And here I thought I have seen and heard it all," Ash said after few moments of silence.

"Did you understand what he said," Liza asked, because of what Ash commented?

"Yeah, as an Aura Guardian, I can understand Pokemon," Ash replied, and Clair and Liza were surprised as they didn't know this, and Bagon's eyes were shining even more.

"So, will you fight me," Bagon asked again? "Come on, I want to fight you! I can tell you are strong. Much stronger than anyone I have met before."

Ash's eyebrows rose a little, and he asked. "You can tell. How?"

"I can sense how powerful humans are, even sense their potential, and you are stronger and have higher potential than anyone I've ever seen," Bagon explained.

"That's weird, I have never seen a Pokemon that can do that, unless it is Psychic Pokemon, or Pokemon with great ability to manipulate Aura," Ash said.

"What has he said," Clair asked, hoping that Ash can finally figure out what is wrong with Bagon?

"His saying how he can apparently sense how powerful a human is, and because of that he wishes to fight against all those he deems strong," Ash said. "He actually wants to battle against ME, and not my Pokemon."

"How can he sense anything, Pokemon aren't supposed to be able to do that," Clair asked. "At least I have never seen or heard about a Pokemon who can do that, and I have seen a lot."

"I don't know," Ash said. "And neither does Bagon. It's apparently what he was able to do since he hatched."

They were all quiet for a few moments after that, and Ash was thinking what to do, while Bagon was still shaking his arms, dying to battle against him.

"Bagon, I came here to have a gym battle, and I can't battle you right now," Ash said, and Bagon narrowed his eyes, and stopped shaking his arms.

"No, you have to fight against me, I won't let you go until you fight me," Bagon yelled and Ash smirked!

"Is that so," Ash said, with a glint in his eyes that scared Bagon a little, though he will never admit it. "You are forgetting that I'm the one who is holding you, and not the other way around. So, you can't stop me even if you want to."

Ash's teasing made Bagon even angrier, and he started shaking his arms again, and threating Ash to beat him up, much to Ash's amusement, judging by the smirk on his face.

"Tell you what," Ash said, and Bagon stopped yelling to hear what Ash will say. "After I finish my battle against Clair, I will battle you. But if I win, I want you to stop attacking everyone who come here. Is that understood?"

To make it even more threatening, Ash's eyes glowed while he was saying that.

Bagon shuddered a little in fear, but pulled himself together and smiled. "You've got a deal." He said, and put his hand forward for what Ash guessed is handshake.

Ash let him down on the ground, and took the offered hand and shacked it. "And I better not hear that you continued attacking trainers, because I will call from time to time to check on you."

"If you win, I attack no one anymore," Bagon said.

Ash then stood up, and looked at the others who all had shocked looks on their faces. He only rolled his eyes at them, and said. "Let's go have this battle, I have a Pokemon who is waiting for another one."

Clair then said ok, and led them all inside the gym. Bagon was following after them to watch the battle.


After the group followed Clair and Liza, and entered inside of the Gym, they all looked around, and saw that it is relatively simple Gym compared to some they have already seen.

The inside of the Gym was pretty spacious, with many pillars surrounding the field. The floor of the gym was tiled, though the field was in fact a mixture of a pool, surround by yellow tiles, while the rest were blue tiles.

There were no bleachers around the field, but on one side of the field, there was a podium that, they guessed was for the referee.

"Welcome to the Blackthorn Gym everyone," Clair sad while walking to the other side of the gym, followed by Liza, while the others were standing on the inside near the entrance.

"Nice place," commented Brock. "I like it."

"Yeah, I'm not one for a lot of good-looking stuff on the eye, and am more practical." said Clair. "In my opinion, this is exactly how a Dragon Type Gym should look like, without anything that's not necessary."

"I agree," said Brock.

Just then some old man came out from one of the entrances that were behind the podium, and walked toward the podium.

"Ah, there you are, Kaburagi," Clair said after she saw the old man. "Everyone, this is Kaburagi, he is helping me with some stuff here, and is also the referee for the matches."

"Nice to meet you kids," Kaburagi said, from the podium. "I hope I will see a nice match. There were not a lot of them lately."

"It's a pleasure to meet you to mister Kaburagi," said Ash. "My name is Ash, and this are Serena, Brock and Misty. Serena and I are here to challenge the gym, and I'm sure you will be able to witness a good match or two."

"I hope so," Kaburagi said with a smile.

"Well, now that that's out of the way, let's start the match's," Clair said. "So, who will go first?"

"I will," Ash said, and walked on one side of the field, while the others moved on the side across from Kaburagi, where Liza was also standing.

Bagon on the other hand chose to stay behind Ash. Probably to watch him closely so he won't run away from the battle he has promised.

Clair only sighed at this, but let it go, and smirked a little.

"What's up with ladies first," Clair teased Ash a little?

"This will be Serena's first gym battle, and I want her to see one before she has her own," Ash explained, and Clair nodded in satisfaction to the answer.

"This is the official Gym battle between the challenger Ash, and the Blackthorn City Gym leader, Clair," Kaburagi announced. "The first trainer to lose all of their Pokemon loses the match. The gym leader will choose her Pokémon first."

"Let's do this," Clair said, and took one of her Poke Ball's, and threw it in the air, and from the ball, came Kingdra, that floated in the pool part of the field. "Are you ready, Kingdra?"

Kingdra nodded, and they looked at Ash to choose his first Pokémon.

Ash took one of his own Poke Ball's, and also threw it in the air. "Come on out, Lapras!"

Lapras came out if her Poke Ball, and stood on the water, right in front of Kingdra.

"Are you both ready," Kaburagi asked, and after they both nodded, he started the match? "BEGIN!"

"Kingdra, start this off with Swift," Clair ordered her first attack, and Kingdra quickly reacted, and started firing yellow stars at its mouth at Lapras.

"Counter it with Water Gun," said Ash!

Lapras released a spiral of water from her mouth, directly at the star shaped attacks, which deflected them to the side or easily destroyed them in a burst of light, and then Water Gun collided with Kingdra's head, and pushed it back a little bit, though it didn't do much damage.

"Stay strong Kingdra, and use Hyper Beam," Clair said.

"Use Hydro Pump, Lapras," said Ash.

Both Pokemon fired their attacks at the same time at each other. Kingdra's Hyper Beam, and Lapras's Hydro Pump collided at the middle of the pool of water, and caused small tremor, after which they pushed at one another for a few moments, until Kingdra's Hyper Beam overpowered Lapras's Hydro Pump, and hit her straight on, which then blew her backwards, and of the pool of water.

"Great job, Kingdra," Clair said to her Pokemon, while it was standing in the pool right in front of her, and watching Lapras trying to get up.

"Can you get up, Lapras?" Ash asked his Pokemon, slightly concerned for her.

Lapras managed to get up, and glided across the tiles, before she came to the pool, but before she can enter, Ash said. "Ice Beam on the pool!"

Clair's eyes widened at this, and before she could give command to Kingdra, Lapras formed a light blue ball of cold water, and several beams shot from the ball all over the pool, instantly freezing it, along with a big portion of Kingdra, who's head and upper body started swaying from the super effective attack.

"Oh no, Kingdra, are you all right," Clair was the one who was more than a little concerned for her Pokemon, now.

"Finish it off with another Ice Beam," said Ash, and Lapras quickly fired another Ice Beam, which completely froze Kingdra, who was now no longer able to move, and was most likely unconscious under the Ice.

The referee realized it was over, and called it. "Kingdra is unable to battle, the winner is Lapras, and the first round goes to the challenger, Ash!"

"Well done, Ash," Serena cheered, while Misty, Brock and Liza clapped her hands and also congratulated Ash on the first-round win.

Bagon was also supper excited, because Ash won, because it just proves that he is good, and will be a great future trainer for him. Of course, that is if he accepts to take him in, and Clair lets him go. But he will make sure to convince them.

"You did a good job Kingdra, so take a nice rest," Clair said to her Pokemon after she returned it to its Poke Ball.

She then took another Poke Ball, and looked at Ash. "That was a nice win, Ash. But's see what you do with my next Pokemon. Come on out, Gyarados!"

Gyarados came out, and as soon as he landed on the frozen pool, all the ice broke in smaller parts that were now floating around.

Lapras was still standing on the edge of the pool, and was looking at Gyarados, slightly intimidated by it.

"Can you still go, Lapras?" Ash asked, and Lapras nodded, though both of them knew that she won't win this round.

"The second round between Gyarados and Lapras, BEGINS!" The referee said, and like before, Clair went first.

"Gyarados, use Hydro Pump!"

"Lapras, counter it with Ice Beam," said Ash.

Again, both Pokemon fired at the same time, and both of the attacks collided.

But Gyarados's Hydro Pump was just too powerful for Lapras, and her Ice Beam couldn't freeze it all, and as soon as Hydro Pump broke through the Ice Beam, it hit Lapras, and sent her flying back all the way to the outside wall, where she collided with the wall, and passed out.

"Lapras is unable to battle," the referee said. "The second round goes to Clair and her Gyarados."

Ash sighed, and returned his Lapras. "It ok, Lapras, you did your best, we just have to up your training."

He then pulled another Poke Ball, and called his second Pokemon. "Tyrunt, you are up!"

When Clair and Kaburagi saw Tyrunt, they were surprised because you don't see often Pokemon from far away regions, and here is one of them right in front of them. And it's also a Dragon Type.

"Where did you catch Tyrunt," Clair asked?"

"Oh, a friend of mine found a Jaw Fossil in Grampa Canyon, and gave it to me, after which I had it revived in the Lab on Cinnabar Island." Ash explained.

"Wow, you were lucky," Clair said. "This is a Pokemon only found in Kalos. The chances to find a Jaw Fossil in Kanto, are extremely low."

"You are right, I was lucky," Ash said with a smile, and then Kaburagi started round three.


"Tyrunt, use Dragon Breath," Ash called his first move in this round.

"Gyarados, use Hyper Beam," said Clair.

Tyrunt fired a green beam at Gyarados, who countered it with yellow beam.

Like always in this situations, two attacks collided, and pushed at one another for a while, with none of the two Pokemon slowing down for a few moments.

This lasted for a few moments, until, much to the surprised of everyone in the gym except Ash, Misty and Brock, Tyrunt's attack pushed back Gyarados's Hyper Beam, and Dragon Breath collided with Gyarados, pushing him back, and paralyzing him.

"What the f…" Clair started to say, but caught herself up, before she started swearing in front of the kids, but her eyes were still bulging out in surprise, just like with most people in the gym, including one Pokemon, Bagon.

"Great job, Tyrunt, now use Ice Fang," Ash said, not even paying attention to the wide-eyed Clair, or anyone else in the gym.

Tyrunt's fangs glowed light blue and he released two light blue beams of energy from his fangs at Gyarados, who was paralyzed from Dragon Breath.

The attack collided with Gyarados, and instantly froze him on several body parts, though he was not completely frozen.

"No, Gyarados," Clair yelled, but there was not much she could do! "Come on, try to get up!"

Gyarados, gave it his all to stand up, and surprisingly was able to, even though he was paralyzed, and frozen in several places.

"Try Dragon Breath," Clair said!

Gyarados released the same thick, green beam the Tyrunt released earlier, back at him, but Ash was fast.

"Protect!" It was all Ash said, and a light green barrier formed in front of Tyrunt, which managed to stop Gyarados's attack without much damage.

The attack soon ended as Gyarados run out of power, and was barely holding up, while on the other side, Tyrunt didn't even have a scratch on him.

"Finish this with Hyper Beam," Ash said his called his last move for the round.

Tyrunt was about to use his attack, but suddenly he roared to the sky, and glowed with silverfish Aura, which then started expending as Tyrunt was growing bigger and bigger, until few seconds later, Tyrunt was no more, and in his place stood a very powerful and menacing looking Tyrantrum.

"Wow, Tyrunt evolved," Serena said with stars in her eyes because she just was another evolution, which was only her second, after Phanpy evolved into Donphan.

"It was about time," Misty said." That Tyrunt was with Ash for over a year, and had a lot of training, so I'm really surprised he didn't evolve earlier."

"Congratulations Ash," Clair said after she got over her surprised, and realization that she was finished. "You to Tyrantrum. You look great."

"Thanks' Clair, but it's time to finish this round," Ash said. "Do it Tyrantrum. Hyper Beam!"

Tyrantrum quickly fired an immensely powerful Hyper Beam, which completely blew Gyarados backwards from the pool, and to the wall, just like Gyarados did to Lapras earlier.

"Gyarados is unable to battle, the winner is Tyrantrum," the referee said!

"Gyarados, return," Clair sighed, and returned her Pokemon. "How is it that Tyrunt was so powerful even before he evolved?"

"He's been with me for a long time, and he had a lot of training," Ash replied. "He could have evolved a while ago, but for some reason didn't. I guess he wanted to wait, like some of my other Pokemon did, and he felt now was the time."

"Well, I got to say, you did a great job on training him," Clair said. "I really wasn't expecting him to be so powerful."

Ash just shrugged, and Clair took her final Poke Ball.

"Come on out, Druddigon," Clair released her final Pokemon, and it was Druddigon, which was a Pokemon, Ash's friends have never seen or heard for before.

"And you were surprised by my Tyrunt," Ash said, after he saw the Dragon Type Pokemon from Unova Region. "Where did you get it?"

"On Decolore Islands years ago while I was traveling around," Clair said. "It is currently my strongest Pokemon, so if he can't win this battle, none of my other can."

"Well, let's see what he can do!" Ash said, and the match started.


"Druddigon, start this off with Flamethrower, and then follow it up with Slash," said Clair at the start of round four of her battle against Ash.

"Tyrantrum, counter it with Hyper Beam!" Ash said.

As soon as Druddigon blew a relatively big and powerful looking Flamethrower at Tyrantrum, Tyrantrum quickly followed Ash's orders, and countered it with another overpowered Hyper Beam, that broke through Flamethrower like hot knife through butter.

"DODGE!" Yelled Clair as soon as she saw Hyper Beam coming at Druddigon, and it quickly flew in the air, and above Hyper Beam that went through where Druddigon was previously, and collided with the gym wall, destroying it a little in the process.

"Now use Iron Tail," said Ash.

"Use Iron Tail as well, Druddigon," said Clair!

Both Pokémon's tail glowed silverfish, and Tyrantrum jumped in the air at Druddigon, while Druddigon was flying at Tyrantrum.

Their tail's collided moments later, which cause a shockwave to go through the gym and made everyone almost fall on their asses.

The shockwave and the clash of tails, also pushed both Pokemon backwards, and they landed with in front of their trainers.

"Slash," Clair said, and Druddigon flew fast at Tyrantrum, with its claws glowing white, and slashed at Tyrantrum.

"Protect," Ash countered, and the green barrier created by Tyrantrum stopped Druddigon's Slash, before it could cause him damage.

"Use Dragon Pulse, Tyrantrum," Ash said, and Tyrantrum fired a multicolored dragon-shaped beam of energy from his mouth at Druddigon, who was flowing in the air.

"Dodge and use Dragon Rage," shouted Clair!

As Druddigon was in the air, it wasn't hard for him to just fly away, and dodge Tyrantrum's attack, and then fire powerful blast of blue and black energy that shaped itself to look like a blue and black dragon.

This time, Tyrantrum didn't dodge, and Dragon Rage collided with him straight on, which caused a big explosion the covered the gym in dust and covered everyone's sight.

"Damn, that was one powerful attack," commented Brock.

"I hope Tyrantrum is ok, and is not hurt," Serena said, while slightly coughing from the dust that was all over the gym,

"Don't worry, Serena, Ash's Pokemon are trained very hard, and they won't be injured so easily," said Misty, and Serena nodded, though she was still worried.

"Draco Meteor," everyone heard Ash's voice from inside of the dust cloud that was all over the gym and didn't seem to want to disappear.

"W-What," Clair stutter? "He is still able to continue."

Tyrantrum formed a sphere of bright orange energy inside of his mouth, and then fired it at the sky, where it exploded and released several spheres of energy that rained down on Druddigon, and the whole field, which cause a lot of destruction, and cause several more shockwaves, that this time, made everyone but Ash fall on their asses.

It took several minutes for all the dust to clear up, and that was only because Kaburagi opened the roof of the gym, and the fresh air entered, but it also allowed the dust to go out.

After the visibility was back a full, everyone looked at what was going on, and was Tyrantrum standing in front of Ash, with several bruises from Druddigon's attack, but mostly fine, while Druddigon was standing on front of Clair, though barely, and looked like that Draco Meteor had done a lot of damage.

"Are you ok, Druddigon," Clair asked? "Can you continue?"

Druddigon nodded only slightly, but it looked like he could barely stand, and was only acting tough, and Ash saw this.

"Tyrantrum, finish it off with Hyper Beam." Ash said.

It was all Tyrantrum needed to hear, because as soon as Ash said it, Tyrantrum fired his attack, that Druddigon was unable to dodge even though Clair told him to, and even though it did try to.

"Druddigon is unable to battle. The winner is Tyrantrum, and the winner of the match is the challenger Ash!" The referee announced, and Ash's friends cheered for him.

"Well done Ash, great job," said Brock, while clapping along with the others.

"Yeah, it was a nice match," added Misty.

"Thanks, guys," Ash said, and then returned his Tyrantrum after he also thanked him for a great battle.

Clair also returned her Pokemon, and approached Ash along with Liza and Kaburagi by her side.

"Congratulations Ash, that was a great battle, and I thank you for that," said Clair.

"Yeah, it was a nice battle," said Ash. "You are tougher than I thought."

"I guess I'll take that as a compliment," Clair said with a smirk, and then took a black badge that was shaped like a Dragon's head, from Kaburagi, and presented it to Ash. "Here you go Ash, the Rising Badge, and the proof that you have won your battle here in Blackthorn Gym."

"Thanks a lot, Clair," Ash said, and took is first Johto Badge from her, and showed it to his friends who all looked at it.

"Serena," Clair called Serena, who looked at her. "Can we postpone our match for tomorrow? I'm exhausted from the battle with Ash, and I want to take my Pokémon to Pokémon Center to have then checked out."

"Sure Clair, it's no problem." Replied Serena, and Clair nodded.

After that, they all went out of the Gym, except Kaburagi, and they all went together to Pokémon Center, so Ash and Clair can check their Pokémon, and to have some rest until tomorrow when Serena's match is going to be.

"Hey, what about out battle?" Bagon was suddenly heard, as they were walking through the gate, and Ash sighed.


Ash tried to convince Bagon that he won't trick him, and that they will have battle later, but Bagon insisted they have it right now, and in the end, Ash sighed and accepted to fight him.

"Ok, if you want to battle right now, fine, let's do it," Ash said and walked toward the clearing that was several meters away from the gym, but still on the gym ground.

Bagon stood about dozen meters across from Ash, and looked like he can barely control himself in excitement.

"Are you sure about this, Ash?" Brock, who was standing a little away from the battle fields along with all the others, asked.

"Don't worry, I won't get hurt," Ash said.

"I'm not worried about you," Brock said. "It's Bagon I'm worried about. I've seen your spars with Lucario and Primeape, and I see no way for Bagon to win, so why are you doing this?"

"Hey, don't underestimate me, I will defeat him," Bagon yelled after he heard what Brock said!

"Hahaha," Ash laughed, and Bagon got tick marks on his head, thinking that Ash is laughing at him, and mocking him, so he went to attack.

"I'll show you," Bagon yelled as he was running at Ash to Headbutt him!

"Let's see what you've got," Ash said as Bagon was running at him.

A moment later, and Bagon slammed with his head at Ash, who stopped him mid-air with only one hand, and held him there just like before.

"You are going to have to do a lot better than that if you want to defeat me," Ash said, and let Bagon drop on the ground.

Bagon got up, and then immediately one of Bagon's hands become surrounded in a light green, claw-shaped energy, and with it, he then started attacking Ash, swiping at him to cut him down and win, but Ash just moved left and right and avoided all of Bagon's attempts to claw him.

"Yahhhhaa," Bagon screamed in frustration as he was unable to land even one hit on Ash, who was getting annoyed because of Bagon's insistent attacking that are not doing anything, and are only making Bagon angrier as he is missing.

That's when Bagon entered into Rage, and was surrounded by green aura, and his eyes were also glowing green.

"Oh fu…" Clair said. "Bagon is using Rage."

"Don't worry, Ash will calm him down," Misty said without any care at all that Ash might get hurt, which surprised Serena, Clair and Liza.

"Why are you sure Ash will win," Clair asked? "He is Aura Guardian, but that doesn't mean he can overpower a Pokemon even if it's just a first level Pokemon."

"I've traveled with Ash since the start of his journey, I have seen what he is capable of, and trust me, he can take care of himself."

Clair only looked at Misty, then shrugged it off, and looked at the battle, to see Bagon again charging at Ash with Dragon Claw, but activated at both of his hands.

Ash simply stood there waiting, and when Bagon was close, Ash created Aura Sphere in his right palm, and crushed it against Dragon Claw, while with is left hand he caught Bagon by his head, and then crushed him into the ground, which raised some dirt and dust.

"Sorry Bagon," Ash said while pinning Bagon's head in the dirt." But you are not there yet."

And then he picked him up with the same hand, and threw him into the distance where Bagon crushed against Gym wall, which caused wall to collapse on Bagon.

"See, I told you." Misty said to slack jawed Clair, Liza and Serena.

"Wasn't that a bit too much though, Ash?" Brock asked.

"No!" Ash replied. "He needed this so he will learn that he must not charge into the battle unprepared and not knowing opponent. Besides, if I went easy on him, then he would have continued to push himself and would end up being hurt more than he is now. This way, he is passed out, and can't continue."

"If you say so," Brock said, while Ash went to pick up Bagon.

"Let's go to the Pokemon Center," Ash said. "Nurse Joy can take care of any injury Bagon has."

The other all agreed, and went to the Pokemon Center, which was their destination to begin with, before Bagon interrupted them.


At the Pokemon Center, Ash and Clair gave Nurse Joy and Chansey all the Pokemon they used in their battle, as well as Bagon, so Nurse Joy can heal them.

After that, Clair and Liza went back to the gym, but Clair told Serena to come tomorrow around noon for their battle, and Serena agreed.

Ash decided that since they have the rest of the day off, and Serena's battle is almost 24 hours from then, they should have last training session before he gym battle.

Serena decided to use Donphan, Dratini, and Piloswine for her first gym match, so she only used them in spars against Ash's Pokemon.

The training lasted until dinner time, and after they left Pokemon to rest with Nurse Joy, and they all had nice dinner, the group left to sleep for the night.


In the morning, the group awoke around 10, since they were not in a rush, and there was enough time until 12 when Serena's match was supposed to be, so they decided to sleep a little longer.

Clair came with Liza earlier in the morning to pick her Pokemon to prepare them for the match, so they will be ready, but Bagon stayed for the rest of the day to make sure he had a nice rest because he was quite banged up by what Ash did to him. He will be released tomorrow.

After Ash and the others finished breakfast, they all went to the Blackthorn Gym so Serena can finally have her first official match as a Pokemon Trainer.

"Welcome everyone," Clair said after they all entered into the gym. She was already standing at her position on the field, and is waiting for Serena to take hers so the match can start. "I hope you are ready, Serena, because I won't go easy on you."

Serena walked on her position, and stood there, while Ash and the others walked over to Liza who was in the same place as yesterday. The referee of course, is already at his podium.

"I'm ready," Serena said. "So, let's do this!"

"This is the official three-on-three gym battle between the Gym leader Clair, and the challenger Serena," the referee said. "As always, the gym leader will choose her Pokemon first, followed by the challenger."

"Let's go, Kingdra," Clair called her first Pokemon, which is the same as in her battle against Ash yesterday!

"Piloswine, you are up first," Serena called her Ice Type Pokemon, who came out of his Poke Ball, all pumped up for battle.

"The gym leader chooses Kingdra, while the challenger chooses Piloswine," the referee said. "Let the first round, BEGIN!"

"Kingdra, Swift," Clair started the battle with her first move.

"Piloswine, Ice Beam," Serena countered with her first move.

Kingdra fired yellow star shaped attacks at Piloswine, who formed a light blue ball of energy in between his tusks, and then multiple beams shot from the ball, and took down a bunch of stars, while some went directly at Kingdra.

"Kingdra, dodge it and then use Agility," Clair said.

Kingdra followed Clair's order, and quickly started disappearing and appearing all over the pool while at the same time dodging the Ice Beam from Piloswine, who after few moments seized his attack.

"Now, Hyper Beam," Clair said, and as soon as she said it, Kingdra appeared close in front of Piloswine, blew its attack at the him, in point blank range, and the attack threw him all the way backwards, and almost through the gym wall.

"Oh no, Piloswine, are you ok," Serena yelled in horror, scared that her Pokemon was hurt by that attack?

Piloswine started moving from where he collided with the wall, and slowly got up, but was obviously dazed, and it was a surprise he even stood up after close hit by Hyper Beam.

He slowly walked back in front of Serena, and stood ready to continue. "Well done Piloswine, now let's show them what we can really do! Use Blizzard, and freeze the whole place!"

Piloswine released a powerful blizzard from his mouth at the pool and Kingdra trying to freeze everything, and at least cut Kingdra's movement if not defeat it.

"Kingdra, use Agility again to move around so you won't get frozen," Clair said, a little concerned, as Kingdra won't be able to take a lot of Ice Type attacks.

Piloswine's Blizzard was damn powerful, as he was able to freeze the pool quickly and even created the Blizzard in the entire Gym, but Kingdra's Agility was also impressive, so it was able to move around quickly enough to at least negate it's weakness to some extent, and not get frozen in a block of Ice.

"Great, now use Twister," Clair said, and Kingdra started spinning around in circle, and created a giant Twister around itself, that then started heading toward Piloswine to try and caught him in the eye of the Twister, and spin him around.

"Piloswine, Ancient Power right in the Twister's eye," Serena quickly said.

"What?" Clair yelled surprised by Serena's move.

Piloswine's body glowed white and he created a silver energy ball in front of his nose, which he then threw right in the top opening of Kingdra's Twister, with Kingdra in the middle of it.

The ball collided with the Twister, and after few moments of pushing each other, the two attacks exploded, and Kingdra, who was in the middle of Twister, was thrown backwards behind Clair.

"Great job Piloswine, now finish it off with Ice Beam," Serena said, and Piloswine fired his attack at the corner where Kingdra was trying to get up after the collision with Ancient Power, but it was unsuccessful, and Ice Beam hit it and froze it solid, after which the battle was over.

"Kingdra is unable to battle, the winner is Piloswine," the referee announced, and everyone cheered at Serena's first win.

"Way to go Serena, that was great," Misty yelled, while clapping her hands along with Ash, Brock and Liza.

"Yes, that was great for the first battle," Ash said, and Serena blushed at all the praising.

"Thanks' guys," Serena said. "And thank you Piloswine, you were great. But can you go on?"

Piloswine looked at Serena, and nodded, but it was visible he was tired, and won't be able to go for much longer.

"Kingdra, return," Clair said, and returned her defeated Pokemon, and then took another Poke Ball. "Let's go, Lapras!"

Clair's second Pokemon for the day came out, and it was Lapras, who stood on the frozen pool, and was ready for the battle.

"So, Clair also has Lapras," Ash commented.

"Yeah," Liza replied. "This is Dragon Type gym, but she has some Pokemon that are not Dragon Type, and uses them in battle from time-to-time, like she did with Gyarados yesterday."

"The second round between Clair and Serena can now begin!" The referee said, and Clair went on first.

"Lapras, use Dragon Breath," Clair said!

Lapras quickly fired a ball of blue-green energy at Piloswine, and Serena had to react even quicker to save her Pokemon.

"Protect, quickly," Serena yelled as soon as she saw the attack coming at Piloswine.

Piloswine created a barrier in front of himself just in time for the Dragon Breath to hit it, and it was good that he did, because that was the only thing that saved him from the certain defeat, as Lapras's attack was pretty powerful, so even the barrier was barely able to hold it and there were many cracks on it.

"Damn, that was close," commented Misty from her standing place with the others.

"It sure was," said Liza. "If that hit landed, Piloswine would have been done for."

"Nice reaction Serena," Clair said. "But where did you learn that move?"

"Ash taught it to Piloswine," Serena replied. "I think all of his Pokemon know that move."

"Is that true," Liza asked Ash?

"Yeah," As said. "It's one of the best Pokemon moves ever invented, and I like to use it. A lot."

"Well you did good to avoid my Pokémon's attack once, but your Piloswine is near the end, and he won't be lasting for more than one more move," Clair said, and as if to prove them she is right, she ordered the next move. "Lapras, use Psychic!"

Lapras's eyes glowed blue in color, and Piloswine was also surrounded by the same blue energy and then he was lifted off the ground, and even though he tried, he couldn't move on his own.

"Oh no, Piloswine," Serena yelled!

"Finish him off by throwing him around," Clair said, and Lapras lifted Piloswine all the way to the ceiling, and let him drop on the ice covered ground, after which, Lapras lifted him few more times, and after the final toss, Piloswine was no longer struggling, as he was unconscious.

"Piloswine is unable to battle, the round goes to Lapras," the referee said, and Serena sighed and returned her Pokemon.

"Thanks' Piloswine, you were great." Serena said.

"Wow, that was brutal," commented Brock.

"Well, since they are both Ice Type Pokemon, and water type attacks won't do much damage to Piloswine if he can freeze them, this and Dragon Breath were the only options Clair had," Ash said.

"I have to agree with Ash on that one," Liza said, and they continued to watch the battle, and to see what Pokemon will Serena chose next.

"Donphan, you are up," Serena called her next Pokemon, which turned out to be Donphan!

"Why did you choose Donphan, its weak against both Water and Ice Type attacks?' Clair asked.

"I'm sure Donphan can win this even though he is at disadvantage," Serena said with a smile. "Won't you, Donphan?"

Donphan nodded, and was pumped up for battle.

"Let's see what you've got," Clair said, and started the round after the referee allowed it.

"Lapras use Hydro Pump," Clair said.

"Donphan, Rollout," Serena said.

Lapras then fired its attack at Donphan, who curled into a ball and rolls with incredible speed, dodging Lapras's attack, and then went on the offence, and hit Lapras with immense force, sending it rolling and bouncing of the ice all over the gym and went behind Clair, who was stunned by the power behind the attack.

"Way the go, Donphan," Serena said after Donphan stopped rolling and stood in front of her.

"Are you ok, Lapras?" Clair asked to her Pokemon, who was able to stand up, and slide back in front of her, but it did have some bruises.

Lapras only nodded, and looked at Donphan, ready to continue.

"Great, now use Rain Dance," Clair said.

Lapras then started glowing with blue aura, and yelled to the sky, which then summoned the rain clouds right under the ceiling of the gym, and then rain started falling.

Serena looked at Clair and Lapras confused because she didn't seem to know about the power up Rain Dance gives to Water Type attacks.

"Donphan, use Rollout again," Serena said after few moments of thinking about the rain, but decided to just go on offensive.

"Hydro Pump, and then follow it up with Ice Beam," Clair said!

As soon as Donphan started rolling again, and went after Lapras, Lapras fired another Hydro Pump, but this time it was much stronger than before because of the effect of Rain Dance.

Hydro Pump collided with Donphan using Rollout, and they pushed at each other each trying to overpower the other, but without much success, until few moments later when Hydro Pump stopped, but Donphan was also stopped as he didn't continue the Rollout.

"Ice Beam!" Clair said again.

"Dodge, and then Take Down," Serena said.

Lapras created a ball of energy in front of its mouth, and then fired several beams from it at Donphan, who started running around the field, and dodging the beams.

When he saw that Lapras's attack is close to finishing, Donphan went on the offensive, charged at Lapras and tackled it with full force, which threw Lapras back another few meters.

"Come on Lapras, get up, and use Dragon Breath," Clair said, and hoped this will finish Donphan, as Lapras is close to its limit.

Lapras straightened up, and fired a ball of blue-green energy at Donphan.

"Donphan, counter it with Hyper Beam," Serena said.

Donphan listened, and fired an orange-yellow energy beam that met Dragon Breath in the middle of the field, right where the pool is, that was now frozen because of the previous battles.

Both Pokemon used their last ounce of power in their attacks, and in the end, both attacks caused an explosion that destroyed the ice, and melted the part of the pool, but also sent both Pokemon flying backwards because of the shockwave, and they collided with the wall on opposite ends of the gym, after which they passed out.

"Both Lapras and Donphan are unable to continue, there is no winner in this round, and that leaves both trainers with their last Pokemon," the referee announced, and both Clair and Serena sighed and returned their Pokemon back.

"Well, that was interesting battle," Misty commented. "I wonder which Pokemon Clair will use next. I knew about Serena's choice, but I don't know if he can win if Clair choses that Druddigon from yesterday."

"Of, don't worry, Clair won't use Druddigon in this battle," Liza said, and Ash, Brock and Misty looked at her.

"Why not," asked Ash?

"Because she never uses it in gym battles," Liza said. "She only used it against you because she realized you are better than trainer's that come here every time."

"Is that right," Ash questioned. "Well, I guess I should be flattered by her opinion of me."

"Dratini/Dratini, I chose you!" Both Serena and Clair said at the same time, and called their last Pokemon, which turned out to be the same Pokémon's, that were now swimming in the ice-cold water of the pool and were sizing each other up.

"So, you also have Dratini," Clair said, who was surprised that a trainer that started her journey just few weeks ago already has managed to capture Pokemon like Dratini. And this one is relatively older than hers is, which should make it even harder to catch.

"Yeah, I caught it almost two weeks ago, and have been training him really hard for this battle," Serena replied.

"Well, good for you," Clair said. "Now let's see how good he can battle."

"BEGIN!" The referee said, and so the final round if the battle began.

"Dratini, use Hyper Beam," said Clair as her first move in the final round.

"Counter it with Ice Beam, Dratini," Serena said.

Both Pokemon quickly fired their respective attacks and they collided with one another, creating wave in the pool, and splashing it outside the poll and on the innocent bystanders who were only there to watch the battle.

"Fuck, this is cold," Misty yelled as she started shaking slightly because of the cold water.

"You are right," said Liza, who was also splashed. "Let's go change. I don't want to catch a cold in this place." The two of them then walked out of the gym, and left Ash and Brock to look at one another.

"Girls!" Brock said with a sigh and head shake, and Ash joined him by shaking his own head.

"Dratini, Thunder Wave," said Clair!

"Dratini, you use Dragon Rage," Serena said!

Clair's Dratini released a blue stream of electricity from its body that went after Serena's Dratini, who opened his mouth and fired a red-orange fireball at Clair's Dratini.

Both attacks managed to hit their target, and while Clair's Dratini was hit by Dragon Rage, and sent back to the wall flying, Serena's Dratini was paralyzed from Thunder Wave, and had a hard time moving.

"Can you stand up, Dratini," Clair asked?

"What about you, Dratini," Serena also asked her Pokemon who tried to move, but paralysis was stopping him, though he was less injured then Clair's Dratini?

"Come on Dratini, you can do it," Ash decided to show his support to Serena and Dratini so they can win their battle! Brock also cheered for the two, and Serena smiled at her friends who were supporting her.

Dratini saw the support that Ash and Brock were giving him and his trainer, and with all his might pushed up, and broke through the paralysis, though he was twitching a little.

"Great job Dratini," Serena, Ash and Brock said, and Dratini smiled, and stood ready to continue to battle.

"What about you Dratini," Clair asked, a little harshly trying to make her Pokemon stand up, but with a way of persuasion, then Serena and her friends are giving her Dratini? "Will you continue, or will you give up?"

Dratini saw the look in Clair's eyes that said she wanted to battle and not lose, but also concern for its wellbeing, so it pushed itself up just like the other Dratini and stood in front of Clair, also ready to battle.

"Great, that's the way Dratini," Clair said. "Now let's show them how we battle."

"Let's do it Dratini," Serena also boosted her Pokémon's confidence.

Just as the referee restarted the match, both Dratini started glowing with white light, and the light started expanding, and glow got brighter.

"Are they both evolving at the same time," Brock asked surprised by this development?

"Yeah, I guess so," Ash said, while watching both Pokemon evolve, but then smirked. "Misty is going to flip once she hears that she missed this."

"I pray I'm not there when she finds out," Brock groaned. "Sorry to say this Ash, but she really has a nasty temper."

"It's just the way she is," Ash said. "I'm sure she will change once she is older."

The glowing stopped and instead of two Dratini, there were two majestic Dragonair's floating in mid-air, across from each other.

"Wow, Dragonair, you evolved," Serena said flabbergasted by Dratini evolving.

Dragonair looked at Serena, and gave her slight nod, and she smiled at him. "Then let's win this! Use Hyper Beam, and then Twister!"

"Show them which Dragonair is better, and use Dragon Breath," Clair said.

Again, both Pokemon fired their attacks which cause another explosion that created steam from the heated up ice and water, and lowered the visibility.

"Twister," Serena said, and the orbs on Dragonair's tail glow. Then he waved his tail and created a tornado from it, sending it at Clair's Dragonair, who was caught in the middle of the attacks, and was spinning in circles and tossed around.

"Dragonair, try to use Safeguard," Clair said.

While it was spinning in circles inside of the Twister, Dragonair's body glowed blue-green and it somewhat protected it from the Twister, though he was still spinning, but less.

"Now get out of there and use Dragon Rage," Clair said, and with some difficulty, but not much, her Dragonair flew out through the top of the Twister, and its neck glowed and it sent a swirling cyclone towards Serena's Dragonair.

"Dodge and use Thunder," Serena said.

Dragonair flew above the other Dragonair's attack, and called upon storm clouds and a blue lightning bolt went straight at Clair's Dragonair, who was hit head on, and screamed in pain from the electricity coursing through its body.

"Fight it Dragonair, don't give up," Clair said to her Pokemon, who was covered in burn marks, and breathing hard from the exhaustion and pain.

"Dragonair, finish it with Ice Beam," Serena said, and Clair's Dragonair lifted his head and with determination in his eyes, got ready for one final attack, and Clair knew this, so she said.

"Hyper Beam, full power!"

Both Pokemon, with last of their strength used their last attacks at full power, and one fired several beams of ice from his mouth, while the other fired orange beam from its horn.

The two attacks went at one another, and somehow ended up directly hitting their target, instead of colliding like this would usually happens in this situation.

Clair's Dragonair was frozen solid in a block of ice, and fell in the pool, while Serena's Dragonair was sent flying through the gym wall and all the way outside in the yard.

The referee looked at Clair's frozen Pokemon, and then came down from his podium, and went to the opening in the wall to see Serena's Pokemon that was outside, and saw him lying on the ground unconscious, so he made a decision.

"Both Dragonair's are unable to battle, this match ends in a tie," the referee announced after he came back to his podium, and both Serena and Clair sighed at the result of the match.

"Dragonair, return," Serena said from the opening in the wall where she went to recall her Pokemon. "You did great, Dragonair, I'm proud of you."

Misty and Liza then came rushing through the door to see what happened and saw that the battle was over, and Clair was just recalling her Dragonair.

"What happened?" Liza asked.

"Both Dratini evolved, and in the end took out each other," Ash replied and looked at Misty to see her reaction, and was not disappointed when he was her barely restraining herself from screaming to the heavens for not being there to see the evolution.

"Hey Serena," Ash said a moment later, as he and the others approached her, while Liza and Kaburagi approached to Clair. "How are you feeling about the result?"

"I don't know," Serena replied. "I mean, I'm happy that Dratini evolved, and that I didn't lose, but I'm also sad that I didn't win. I was so close, Ash."

Ash hugged Serena to calm her down a little, while she let few tears slide down her cheeks.

"There is no need to cry, Serena," Ash said, while now Clair, Liza and Kaburagi have approached all of them and were all next to each other. "This was your first gym battle ever, and you pulled out a tie against the strongest gym leader in Johto Region. You should be proud of yourself because of that."

"Ash is right, Serena," Clair said. "You were great."

Serena and Ash then let go of each other, and Serena wiped her tears away.

"Thanks', Clair," Serena said. "And thank you for the great battle, but next time, I will win, and get my badge."

"Well, if you want to battle again, I'm available any time, but it won't be for the badge, because," Clair said, and took the Rising Badge from Kaburagi, and presented it to the confused Serena. "I'm giving you the badge now.

Congratulations, Serena, you have won your first Johto Gym badge!"

"W-What?" Serena was confused. "But I didn't win. It was a tie."

"Yes, it was a tie," Clair replied. "But in those cases, when the gym match ends in a tie, it is up to the gym leader to decide if the challenger has to come back, or to give him/her the badge anyway, and I have decided to give you the badge right now because I think you have deserved it."

Serena stood there completely stunned by Clair's words, and didn't say anything for a full minute, while the others were looking at her with smiles on their faces, and were waiting for her to take the badge, which she finally after more than a minute, did.

Serena moved her right hand forward, and took the Rising Badge from Clair's hand, and then looked at it.

"I did it, I have won my first ever gym badge," she said out loud, though it was more to herself then to anyone else.

"Well done Serena, I knew you can do it," Brock said, and the others also congratulated her as well.

"Thanks guys, your words mean a lot to me," Serena said.

"Well, now that that's over, let's go to the Pokemon Center, and have out Pokemon healed from the hard battles," Clair said, and the entire group left again. Kaburagi again stayed back since there was no need for him to go.


In the Pokemon Center, Serena and Clair left the Pokemon that battled to be healed, while they all went to check on Bagon, who was resting in the separate room, but as soon as he saw them, he jumped from his bed, and was near the glass window looking at Ash.

"Hey, are you going to take me with you?" Bagon yelled at Ash through the window.

"Why would I do that?" Ash asked with serious expression, but on the inside, he was smirking at Bagon's tenacity. Even after the beat down Bagon got, he is still interested in coming with Ash.

"I want to come with you," Bagon replied. "I want to train with you and become stronger so I can evolve and fly."

"Aaaah, so that's what you want," Ash said with slight smirk, while the others looked at him expecting him to tell them what Bagon is saying. "But I guess I'm not that surprised, I mean that's what pretty much every Bagon in the world wants."

"What's he saying?" Clair asked.

"He wants to come with me so I can train him and make him strong enough to evolve so he can fly," Ash replied.

"So Bagon can fly when they evolve," Misty questioned, as she didn't know that.

"Yeah, Bagon's final form is called Salamence, and it can fly," Ash replied. "It is a dream of almost every Bagon in the world from what I've heard, and Bagon's tend to go overboard in their training to reach that dream."

"I never heard that some Pokemon collectively have the same dream," Brock commented.

"Well, there are many different Pokemon, and their minds are not the same," Ash said. "So just because you didn't see or heard about something, doesn't mean it is not right or that it doesn't exist."

"I guess, I still have a lot to learn," Brock said.

"So, will you take me with you," Bagon asked again?

"Even if I want to, which I will admit I do, it is still not up to me, as you are not just some wild Pokemon I can catch and take with me," Ash explained "You have a trainer, so it's up to her to decide."

Bagon and everyone else then turned to look at Clair, who blushed at the attention that was on her, and after a few moments she sighed, her blush disappeared, and she said. "You can take him with you if you want to, Ash. I have tried everything to train him, and I have failed, but you seem to be able to control him, so I'm sure he would be better off to go with you then to stay with me at Blackthorn Gym."

Bagon was so happy that he could come with Ash, that he literally started jumping up and down in the room he was in, which concerned some because of his heath, while also amused others.

"Ok, Bagon, you can come with me, but you still have to stay in there and rest until tomorrow, so you better get back to bed, if you don't want Nurse Joy to prolong your holiday here in the Pokemon Center," Ash said, and Bagon was immediately in his bed and out like a light.

"That was fast," Liza said.

"I was right, you really are the best to train Bagon," Clair said. "Take good care of him, Ash."

"Don't worry, Clair," Ash said. "I will."

After that, they walked out of the hallway were the patient's rooms were, and back in the Pokémon Center lobby, where Clair and Liza said goodbye to the group, and went back to the gym, while the others stayed in Pokémon Center until tomorrow morning.


The next morning after breakfast, Serena picked up her three Pokémon that were healed by Nurse Joy, and Ash picked up Bagon, and caught him in a Poke Ball, so after they said good bye to Nurse Joy, they continued their journey.

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