Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"So, this is Cerulean City," said Ash as he stood on a hill overlooking the City bellow. Next to him stood Brock, Misty and Lucario also looking the City, while Pikachu was on his shoulder like usual.

"Yeah, I guess we finally made it," said Brock. "You sure don't look like you are in a hurry with all the training you are putting your Pokemon through. I mean, it took us five days to get here and normally it would take only three."

"Well the Indigo League tournament doesn't start for another eleven months, so I don't have to hurry and could spend more time training my Pokémon," replied Ash.

While Ash and Brock were talking, Misty only stood there silently, which her companions noticed.

"Hey Misty, what's going on, you've been very quiet since yesterday?" Asked Brock.

Hearing Brocks question Misty looked at him ad said. "Oh, it's nothing don't worry about it."

"I need to go somewhere. I'll see you later in a Pokémon center," said Misty again after few seconds of silence.

When she left, Ash and Brock looked at one another before Brock asked. "What do you think is bothering her, she's acting strange since yesterday?"

"I don't know, we will have to wait for later to find out," responded Ash.

"Let's go, I need to check my Pokemon at the Pokemon center before the battle," said Ash, but stopped when he heard Brock say.

"Actually, why don't you go to the center to check your Pokémon's and get us rooms, while I go to pick some things that we will need before we continue towards next City."

"Ok. But if I'm not at the center when you get there, I'll be at the gym. You can look for me there, or you can do something else," said Ash, and then left with Lucario.

"Ok, I'll see you later then," shouted Brock after Ash left.


After the group split, Ash went to the Pokemon center to get room for Brock, Misty and himself, and to have all of his Pokemon examined by Nurse Joy. They were not hurt, but all of them had a lot of training for the last five days since they left Pewter City, and some of them are very exhausted.

When he got the rooms, and Nurse Joy examined his Pokemon he decided to go to the gym by himself since Brock and Misty are not back yet.

Ash got to the gym fifteen minutes later he saw a large crowd in front of it. "Are all this people here for the gym battle," he asked to no one in particular?

Seeing that there is nothing else he can do, Ash decided to stay in the line and wait. While he was staying he noticed that the line is moving much faster than it was supposed to which was good in his opinion, the less he has to wait the better.

Ten minutes later it was finally his turn.

"Good day sir," greeted the guy that was standing in front of a gym. "How many tickets do you want?"

"What do you mean by tickets, isn't this a gym?" Asked Ash confused.

"Ohh, you must be here for the gym battle," stated the guy. "You are right, this is a gym, but it is also a place where three sensational sisters are performing a synchronized swimming show for the crowd. They are also gym leaders, so you will have to wait for the show to end."

"I see. Well then give me two tickets one for me one for my Lucario. I might as well watch this show while waiting," said Ash.

"Here you go sir, enjoy the show," the guy gave Ash two tickets, and Ash gave him money for them. "And good luck in your battle later," he added after Ash left.

When the show ended an hour and a half later, Ash went behind the stage to see the gym leaders and to ask for a battle.

"Hello there, are you the gym leaders," asked Ash as he approached the three sisters.

"Yes that's us, but who are you," asked the one with blonde hair whose name is Daisy.

"My name is Ash Ketchum and I'm here to challenge you to a gym battle," said Ash.

"Oh, so you are here for the gym battle," said Violet.

"I'm really sorry, but we can't accept your challenge right now," said Daisy.

"Yeah, like, we just lost three several battles in a row and all of our Pokémon's are exhausted, the only one we have left is this Goldeen," said the last of the sisters, Lily, and showed her Goldeen.

"Is that so," sighed Ash. "I guess I'll have to come later."

"Wait, if you really want our badge that much then here you can take it," said Daisy and clapped her hands, and a Seel with the badge in its mouth appeared giving it to Ash.

"You are just giving your badge like that, without battle or anything," said Ash.

"Well, you look like you are a good trainer, and if you are to use that Pikachu we would lose badly so there is no need to battle," replied Daisy.

"Hold it right there," someone yelled from behind Ash, and when he turned around he saw Misty standing there.

"What are you doing here Misty, I thought you said you are not coming back until you become the world's best water Pokémon trainer?" Asked Lily after she saw Misty.

"Do you know this girls Misty?" Asked Ash.

"Yes Ash I know them, they are my older sisters," replied Misty to Ash.

"And I didn't want to come here but he had to battle against you so I came with him," she said to her sisters.

"So that's why you were acting strange since yesterday. You didn't want to come here because you had a fight with your sisters," stated Ash.

"That's not important right now Ash. Now tell me why are you just giving away badges like that?" Misty yelled at her sisters.

"All of our Pokemon are incapable of battling right now, so we are giving him badge so that he doesn't have to wait for them to heal, he would probably beat us anyway," said Daisy.

"Well if you are not going to battle him, then I will," said Misty.

"Come on Ash the pool is over here," said Misty before she took Ash's hand and dragged him away.


"This will be a two on two gym battle between Ash Ketchum and one of Cerulean City gym leader's Misty. Only the challenger can make substitutions while gym leader can't," announced Daisy who accepted to be the judge of this match.

"Butterfree it's time for battle," said Ash and released his Butterfree who floated above the pool.

"Staryu come on out," shouted Misty and her Staryu appeared in the pool.

"Let the match begin!" Daisy said.

"Butterfree use Tackle on Staryu," said Ash.

Butterfree quickly used his enhanced speed that he gained from his training with Pidgeotto and flew strait at Staryu and hit it in the middle and sent it sliding across the pool.

"Staryu get ahold of yourself and use Water Gun," shouted Misty!

"Butterfree dodge it," said Ash.

Staryu managed to stand up and fired a Water Gun which Butterfree evaded, but Staryu continued to fire several other Water Gun's and one of them managed to hit Butterfree who give a small cry and flew back toward the ground.

"Great job Staryu," cheered Misty.

"Butterfree get up and use Stun Spore," said Ash.

Butterfree flew back above the pool and Staryu and sprayed it with Stun Spore after which Staryu got paralyzed.

"Staryu dive in the pool and wash away that Stun Spore," said Misty.

"Butterfree quickly use Whirlwind," Ash yelled.

Just as Staryu got out of the pool after washing away Stun Spore, it was hit by Butterfree's Whirlwind, which sent it flying around in a massive gust.

"Now Butterfree finish it off with Tackle," just as Ash said that Butterfree flew at Staryu an hit it with all its strength which sent it flying out of the pool and caused it to land on the floor passed out.

"Nooo, Staryu," screamed Misty.

"Staryu is unable to battle. The winner is Butterfree," announced Daisy.

"Ahh, Misty lost her first Pokémon," whined Lily.

"Yes, but she was not bad. I don't think we could do better," said Violet, before she turned around after she caught sight of someone entering the gym.

"Hey, who are you, and what are you doing here," asked Violet.

"Oh hey Brock, I see you came," said Ash after he noticed Brock entering the gym.

"Yes I did came, but can you tell me why are you and Misty battling?" Brock asked a little confused by what he was seeing. "I thought you came here for a gym battle."

"Well I did, but it turns out that Misty is one of the gym leaders here and she wanted to battle against me," replied Ash with a little smirk on his face.

"Are we going to continue this battle, or are we going to spend here all day?" Yelled Misty frustrated from losing her first Pokemon.

"Sure, let's continue," replied Ash.

"Starmie I chose you," Misty called her second Pokemon.

Ash looked at Butterfree and saw that he was still good to go, but decided to use another Pokemon instead. "Butterfree return, Pidgeotto to the battlefield," said Ash.

Pidgeotto came out of her poke ball and looked at Starmie.

"Starmie use Tackle," said Misty.

"Pidgeotto dodge and use Whirlwind," countered Ash.

Starmie started spinning and flew at Pidgeotto, but Pidgeotto was fast and managed to evade Starmie's attack and then started flapping her wings and used Whirlwind which sent Starmie crashing in the wall.

"Noo, Starmie, quickly get up and use Hydro Pump," yelled Misty.

"Pidgeotto dodge and use Wing Attack," countered Ash.

Starmie got up and fired a powerful Hydro Pump at Pidgeotto, but unfortunately for it and Misty, Pidgeotto was fast enough to dodge and then managed to hit Starmie with one of her wings, which sent Starmie strait in the pool.

"Starmie noo," yelled Misty!

After a few seconds Starmie got to the surface of the pool, but it was already unconscious.

"Starmie is unable to battle, the winner is Pidgeotto, which means the match goes to the challenger Ash Ketchum," announced Daisy.

"Return Starmie," said Misty and fell to her knees. She lost terribly, Ash was practically toying with her.

"Return Pidgeotto, you did a good job," Ash praised his Pidgeotto who gave a happy cry and returned.

"Nice job Ash, congratulations," said Brock after he approached to Ash.

"He's right father that was a good battle," this time it was Lucario who congratulated him, followed by Pikachu. They both used Telepathy so everyone was able to hear them.

"Thanks' guys," thanked Ash while rubbing the back of his head a little embarrassed from all this praising.

"Well Ash congratulations, here is the Cascade Badge, you have earned it," said Misty and handed Ash her Cascade Badge.

"Thank you Misty," replied Ash and took the badge.

After that Ash, Brock, Misty and her sisters went to get a few drinks and talk a little. Misty told her sisters how she met Ash, and everything that happened after. She also said that she plans to continue to travel with him and Brock so that she can accomplish her dream to become water Pokemon master.

Several hours later the group said good bye to Misty's sisters and went back to the Pokemon center where they will spend the night and then get back on the road in the morning.

Ash's Pokémon

Lucario, Alakazam, Pikachu, Charmander (F), Butterfree, Pidgeotto (F), Golbat;

Misty's Pokémon

Staryu, Starmie, Goldeen (F);

Brock's Pokémon

Onix, Geodude, Zubat;

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