Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 35 - Johto Region 1

Chapter 35

The group of four have left Pallet Town sometime in the mid-morning, and have been traveling for most of the day toward Viridian City to meet with Serena who is supposed to arrive from Kalos Region around 16:00 in the afternoon.

Right now, it's about 16:10 o'clock, and the group is few minutes from Viridian City airport where they will meet Serena, who is already waiting for them.

"Hey, Ash, remind me who this girl we are meeting is." Misty was suddenly heard as they were approaching the airport. Brock and Amber just looked at Ash, interested in his answer as well.

"Her name is Serena," Ash started. "I met her about a year before I started my journey at the summer camp that Professor Oak. I was there with Gary and Leaf at the time, and met her in the forest where she accidently got herself lost and hurt, so I helped her. Later we both found out that her mother is an old friend of my father, that he met in Kalos Region where she used to be a Rhyhorn racer.

"After that we became friends, until she went back in Kalos." Ash finished his explanation.

"Ok." Misty said.

"Why did you ask again," Ash asked her? "I thought I already told all of you after Serena called me."

"You did." Misty said. "You didn't mention anything about her mother though. And I was just curious why would she call you out of the blue, and ask to travel with you."

"Well, she is a new trainer, and she used to be very timid, and quiet, so I assume she doesn't want to travel alone," Ash shrugged, but then he asked. "You wouldn't happen to be jealous of her, would you?"

Misty's face turned scarlet in embarrassment, and stuttered. "N-no I'm n-not jealous."

But of course, Ash, Brock and Amber knew better and could tell she is jealous.

"Wow, you actually are jealous," Ash teased her. "I wasn't expecting that, considering that you have no problem with Cynthia, Leaf and Diantha."

Misty gave him a mean look with narrowed eyes, and said. "Just because I have no problem with those three, doesn't mean I'm ok if you go after every girl we meet on the journey."

"I never went after every girl we met," Ash said with a little fake hurt in his voice, but then he grinned. "We have Brock to do it for me."

This made Amber and Misty laugh, while Brock looked like he wanted to bury himself in concrete.

But then Ash decided to tease Misty a little more, and said. "Then again, now that he is going to stop flirting with all those girls we meet, I might have to do it."

This made Misty stop laughing, and looked at him like she will murder him.

"If you do that, I'll skin you alive," Misty threatened, and Brock and Amber almost believed her because of her straight face, though Ash only smiled.

"I don't think you can do that," Ash said, and Misty glared at him harder. "Besides, in a few years when we start doing THAT, and you find out how good it's going to feel to make out with other girls, you will probably ask me to bring new girls in bed with us once in a while.

As soon as he said that, Brock and Amber choked on their spit, and blushed deep red, while Misty's whole body burned red with steam coming from her ears, in embarrassment and from the pictures that suddenly came to her head, then she passed out right in the middle of the airport they just walked in a minute earlier, and in front of the eyes of many people who were walking around it.

"OH, crap!" Ash said after Misty passed out and after people started looking at them and some even came to ask what happened.

"Is she alright, what happened to her?" Asked one of the people who approached to see what happened.

"And why is her face all red and blood coming from her nose," asked another. "Is she sick or something?"

"Don't worry, she is fine," replied Ash, and everyone just looked at him. "I might have overdone it with teasing her a little."

"You mean to tell me she passed out in the middle of the airport because you teased her!" One of the people said in disbelief.

"Aaaah… yeah," Ash confirmed.

"What did you tell her?" Asked the same man.

"You don't want to know," Ash replied while shaking his head, and the guy decided to let it go.

It was just as the crowd started to walk away, that Ash, Brock and Amber heard another voice calling Ash.

"Hey Ash, is that you," asked a girl around 10 years old with long brown hair, big blue eyes, black shirt, red short skirt, long black stockings and pink hat? "What happened, who is that girl?"

Ash, who was holding Misty and was trying to wake her up, Brock and Amber looked at the girl, and Ash recognized her immediately.

"Serena, it's good to see you again," Ash said with a charming smile that made Serena blush as soon as she was it, and Brock and Amber groaned. "How have you been?"

"I-I've b-been fine A-Ash," Serena stuttered, but gathered herself quickly. "But what happened here?"

"Oh, it's nothing, don't worry about it," Ash replied, and then, seeing as Misty doesn't seem like is going to wake up any time soon, picked her up bridal style, and continued.

"Anyway, Serena, let me introduce you to my sister, Amber, and my friend Brock," Ash introduced Brock and Amber to Serena and vice versa.

"It's nice to meet you, Serena," both Brock and Amber said to her, as they were shaking hands.

"Nice to meet you as well," Serena replied, but then looked at Amber strangely.

"I didn't know you had a sister, Ash," Serena said. "How come I didn't meet her before?"

"Oh, Amber is not my blood sister, but she might as well be as I consider her as one," Ash said, and Amber blushed cutely, while Brock and Serena smiled.

"Also, this girl in my arms is Misty, and she is my girlfriend," as soon as Ash said that, he, Brock and Amber all saw Serena's smile almost vanish from her face for a second, but she forced it back.

"Oh, ok, but what happened to her?" Serena asked slowly in small voice, but there was curiosity in it.

"She passed out because I overdone it with teasing her," Ash replied with a smile, and Serena looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"What were you teasing her about?" Serena asked.

"I think I'll wait a while before I tell you that," Ash said and Serena looked at him curiously. "I let it slip in front of Amber, I won't make the same mistake in front of you. You are still a little young to know what I told Misty."

Now Serena might be only 10 years old, and she might not know about a lot of stuff, but her mother didn't let her on the trip before giving her the talk, and because of that, she had an idea of what Ash might have said to Misty, and it made her blush as well.

"Ash, you and Misty are also young for that kind of stuff," Brock was suddenly heard, and it broke Serena out of her blush.

"I think we are old enough to talk about it," replied Ash. "And I did tell her it might happen in a couple of years, not now."

"Riiiight, in a couple of years," Brock said it more to himself than anyone else, but they all did hear him, but said nothing.

"Anyway, let's go in a Pokemon Center to let Misty sleep, and we can all spend the night there and continue in the morning," Ash suggested, and all three agreed, after which they walked out of the airport, with Ash carrying Misty, and the other followed after him.

"So, how was your trip, Serena," Ash asked as they were walking?

"It was nice," Serena replied. "I'm a little tired, but I'll rest in the Pokemon Center tonight."

"Great," Ash said with a smile and Serena blushed again, which made Brock and Amber groan and shake their heads. Again!

"I can believe he can make girls blush just by looking or smiling at them, and I couldn't do anything even with all my flirting," Brock thought in his head.

"Misty really is going to skin Ash alive if he continues to do this sort of things to every girl he meets," Amber thought.

They arrived in the Pokemon Center 15 min. later, where they got two rooms, to leave their things inside, and after Misty woke up and almost skinned Ash alive because of what he did to her, they all went to have a little walk around Viridian City, so that Amber, Brock and Misty can get to know Serena, and so she can get to know them.

The walk around Viridian City lasted for a few hours until dinner time, and even though Serena was little tired from her trip from Kalos, she didn't say anything, and enjoyed walking around and talking with the others.

Of course, they all, well minus Ash who already knew her, enjoyed talking to her, as she turned out to be interesting girl, and was quite nice.

They also met Serena's starter Pokemon, Fennekin, and Misty and Amber almost immediately fell in love with her cuteness. It seemed that even though Misty is Water Pokemon fan, she couldn't pass over Fennekin's cuteness, and gushed all over it for a while along with Amber, who didn't have any type preferences just like Ash.

After dinner, they all went in two rooms they got in Pokemon Center, and decided to go early to sleep so they can be all rested in the morning before they start their journey toward Johto Region and toward new adventures.


It took the five of them two days to get from Viridian City to Tohjo Falls, which is a sort of a Landmark that separated Kanto and Johto Regions.

Right now, the group of five are inside the Tohjo Falls, where they decided to make a small stop in their journey to have launch before they continue toward New Bark Town, which is the first place in Johto Region they will make a stop at.

"Hey Ash, can we have a spar battle between you and me?" Serena suddenly asked after they finished, they launch and were about to continue.

Ash looked at Serena a little surprised by her request, just like the others as well, but then said.

"I don't mind, but why now?" Ash asked.

"Well, I didn't have any battle since I started my journey, and I want to train my Fennekin so she will be ready for gym battles," Serena explained her reason for wanting to battle against Ash.

"Ok, if you want a spar so you can train your Pokemon, then I have no problem with that," Ash said, and then he called his female Eevee, which was out of her Poke Ball along with all the other Pokemon the group had as they also ate their launch, and went with Serena and her Fennekin in the middle of the clearing that was few meters from where they all had launch, and stood across from each other, Eevee and Fennekin in front of their trainer's.

Brock decided to be judge, and stood on the side.

"Are you ready, Serena?" Ash asked.

"I'm ready, Ash!" Serena replied.

"OK then, you can have a first attack." Ash said, and Brock started the sparing battle.


"All right, Fennekin, start this with Ember!" Serena said her first move.

Fennekin then blew a blanket of small orange sparks from her mouth that then went at Eevee, who stood there until Ash was heard. "Eevee, dodge!"

Eevee jumped up, and away from Fennekin's attack, just before it was about to hit her.

"Now use Tackle!" Ash said.

Eevee landed on the ground, then run at Fennekin and tackled her before Serena and Fennekin could even react.

Fennekin rolled backwards a few meters from Eevee's Tackle, and then stopped.

"Fennekin, are you all right," Serena asked worried about her Pokemon? "Can you stand up?"

Fennekin stood up, though barely, and went back to stand in front of Serena, and across Eevee, ready to continue.

"Great, now use Ember again, and then follow it with Tackle," Serena gave her next set of attacks!

Fennekin again fired Ember at Eevee, who again dodged it, but then Fennekin ran at Eevee and was about to Tackle her, but Eevee did a front roll up in the air, and dodged above Fennekin, who after she missed, landed back on the ground, but this time on Ash's side.

"Eevee, use Shadow Ball!" Ash said.

Eevee with great speed opened her mouth, and created a black and purple ball and then fired it at Fennekin just as she was turning around.

"Fennekin, dodge," yelled Serena, but it was already too late, because Shadow Ball hit Fennekin before she could even react, and sent her backwards while being pushed by the Shadow Ball, and pushed her until Fennekin hit the cave wall, which caused an explosion, that destroyed a good portion of the wall, and ended up burying Fennekin under the rubble of strange glowing shards, a bunch of rocks, as well as some other stuff, that made everyone curious as they didn't know what they are, but curiosity quickly vanished from their minds because of Serena's yell.

"Fennekin, noo," Serena yelled and run to dig Fennekin from under all that rubble. The others quickly ran after her to help her up in digging, and after about a minute, they were able to dig out Fennekin, who was passed out, while covered in small cuts, which were mostly from the rubble, but overall, she was mostly fine.

At least that's what Brock said.

"Don't worry, Serena, Fennekin is going to be fine," Brock said, while spraying some medicine all over Fennekin's cuts and bruises. "All she needs is some light treatment, and rest and she'll be as good as new."

"Are you sure, Brock," Serena asked, worry evident in her voice? "Don't we need Nurse Joy to heal Fennekin?"

"Don't worry, I'm Pokemon Breeder and I can deal with injuries like this," Brock reassured Serena, and she breaded a sigh of relief.

"Thank you, Brock," Serena thanked him, and Brock smiled.

"Don't worry about it," Brock replied. "It's kind of my job, since I started traveling with Ash, because his Pokemon get injured a lot during training."

This brought Serena' attention back at Ash, who looked ashamed because of what he did. "Sorry about that, Serena," Ash apologized. "I guess I lost it there as I'm not used to battling starter trainers and starter Pokemon."

Serena looked at him for a few seconds, and then sighed. "It's Ok, Ash," she said, while picking up Fennekin who was now all healed up by Brock, and was now just sleeping. "You didn't do it on purpose, and that's what's important."

"Yeah, but still, I should have been more careful," Ash said.

"I'm sure you will next time," Serena said, and Ash nodded.

"Hey Ash, what is this stuff," Amber asked, after she and Misty looked at all the different colored shards, as well as some strange star shaped rocks, and heart shaped scales?

Ash, Brock and Serena looked at Amber and Misty and saw what they were looking at, and then Ash said. "It's just some colored shards, Heart Scale's and Star Piece's."

"What are they?" Asked Misty.

"Actually, I don't know," Ash replied, and they all looked at him strangely, which made him uncomfortable a little. "What?"

"Did you seriously just said that there is something you don't know?" Misty asked.

"I'm not omniscient, Misty," Ash replied. "There are a lot of stuff I don't know."

"I have to be with Misty on this, Ash," Brock said, and Ash just looked at him. "I mean you did seem to know almost everything ever since we started our journey."

"I studied, Ok!" Ash said a little annoyed. "Now can we get back to these rocks?"

"Ok Ash," there is no need to get angry at us," Misty said, and looked back at the rocks, while Ash just sighed and said.

"Anyway, I don't know what they are exactly, all I know is that they are some special rock that some people buy, and I don't even know what they use them for. I only know that there is a lot of them all over the world and they are not very valuable. At least shards and scales are not very valuable, those Star Pieces are very valuable," Ash explained what he knows and what he doesn't know about all those rocks.

"And exactly how valuable?" Brock asked.

"Well, colored shards and heart scales go for about 100 Poke Dollars, while Star Pieces can get you 5000 Poke Dollars apiece," Ash said, and the jaws of Brock, Misty, Amber and Serena dropped on the ground in disbelief.

"Are you serious," asked Misty? "5000 Poke Dollars!"

"I'm serious," Ash said. "There is much less of these Star Pieces then shards and scales, so it is natural that they are more valuable."

"Wow," said Misty. "So, if we pick all this shards, scales and star pieces, and sell them, we'll probably have enough money to go all over Johto Region without any problem."

"Yeah, I guess we could make a lot of money from all of this, especially since there are a lot of Star Pieces, which by the way confuses me a little," Ash said.

"What is it that confuses you," Serena asked?

"They were supposed to be rare, right," it was Brock who said, as he seems to have figured it out. "Then how come there is so many here in one place?"

"That's the right question," said Ash. "And also, what are the chances for the attack I said to Eevee to use, would hit in the spot were all those rocks were? I would have to have been extremely lucky for something like this to happen."

"Then what are you thinking," asked Amber? "What do you think, why is there so many of them here?"

"I don't know why there are so many here, but there is something I want to check," Ash said, and much to everyone's confusion, pulled out his Pokedex, and started calling someone.

They all looked at each other, but then shrugged and waited to hear who Ash is calling, instead of just asking him.

After few seconds, Professor Oak's voice was heard through Ash's Pokedex. "Hey Ash, what's going on? I wasn't expecting you to call me this early after you left," Professor Oak asked.

"We run into something interesting in Tohjo Falls, and I need you to send me my Crobat, if it's not a problem," Ash explained, and Professor Oak was curious.

"It's no trouble at all, Ash," he said, and went to pick up Ash's Crobat, and after few minutes he came back with the Poke Ball in his hands. "But can you at least tell me what is it you found? I don't want to think it's something dangerous."

"It's nothing like that Professor Oak, so don't worry," Ash said. "It's just that we found some colored shards, heart scales and Star Pieces when Eevee's Shadow Ball land on the cave wall, and broke it."

"They are not very valuable Ash, you now that," Professor Oak said with a raised eyebrow.

"I know, but there is a lot of them, and the chances of Eevee's attack to land on the exact place were the rocks and pieces are is very law considering how big the Tohjo Falls are, and now I'm curious if there is more," Ash said, and Professor Oak nodded in understanding.

Professor Oak then sent Crobat's Poke Ball to Ash, who received it through Teleportation runes installed in his Pokedex.

"Thanks' Professor Oak, I'll call you later to return Crobat," said Ash.

"Its fine Ash, just tell me later what you found, Ok." Professor Oak said, and Ash agreed. After that, Ash hanged up the Pokedex, and placed it back in his pocket.

He then called out Crobat. "Come on out, Crobat!"

Crobat came out of his Poke Ball, and looked at Ash curiously and waiting to see why Ash transferred him when he said he won't be using his older Pokemon a lot in his new journey.

"Hey Crobat, I know you are curious about the reason I called you here, but I need you to use Supersonic on the entire Tohjo Falls and tell me what you sense," Ash explained, and Crobat nodded.

"I can do that," Crobat screeched, but Ash understood him, and smiled at him.

"Thanks', Crobat," Ash said.

Crobat then flew higher in the air, and started releasing his Supersonic all over the Tohjo Falls, to see what is in them.

"Hey Ash, what is it doing," asked Serena curiously as she has never seen Crobat before, and didn't know what it can do.

"Crobat is using Supersonic to let it flow and bounce from all over Tohjo Falls," Ash replied, but Serena is still not getting it. "This way he can see what's behind all the walls."

"Oh, I see," Serena said. "So basically, you are trying to see if there is more of those chards and pieces in the cave walls."

"Yeah, that's pretty much it," Ash confirmed, and then they all waited for few more minutes until Crobat finished scanning the entire Tohjo Falls.

After few minutes of searching, Crobat finished, and came back in front of Ash, where he was floating in the air, and started explaining what he found.

"It seems that 80% of this entire cave, or whatever it is, is made out of the same rocks like the ones over there," Crobat said, and turned his head toward the rubble that Eevee made earlier.

"You mean the colored ones," Ash wanted to confirm, though he was stunned that the entire Tohjo Falls is basically a mountain of gold, because even though shards are not very valuable, if this entire Falls are made out of them, that would mean there is potentially billions of Poke Dollars' worth of colored shards.

"The colored ones, but also those heart shaped ones as well as those star-like rocks," Crobat said. "It looks like only the outside layer of this place is made out of dirt and rock, as well as the inner walls, but everything else is made out of those shards, scales, star rocks, but also a bunch of other stuff I'm not sure what they are since there is none of them on that pile. Though I'm pretty sure that some of them are Moon Stones like the one that Clefairy guarded at my old home, Mt. Moon."

"Unbelievable," said Ash, and it made the others curios to what did Crobat found that made Ash act like this, as they have never seen him in disbelief.

"What is it, Ash," Misty asked? "What did Crobat found?"

Ash looked at them all, and said. "80% of Tohjo Falls is made out of Colored Shards, Heart Scales, Star Pieces, Mon Stones, and some other stuff that Crobat couldn't identify," Ash said, and their jaws dropped.

"Wow, are you sure," asked Brock, who was first to get his jaw back in its place?

"Yeah, I'm sure," confirmed Ash.

"So, what now," asked Misty after everyone was quiet for few minutes?

"I don't know," replied Ash. "It would be good if we can mine it though."

"Mine it!" Brock said in disbelief. "Ash, Tohjo Falls are under the protection of Kanto and Johto Regions, as well as Pokemon League, there is no way they would let you or anyone else mine for rocks here, no matter what they are and how valuable they are."

"Actually, they might let my family do it," said Ash with a smirk.

"And why would they do that," asked Misty? "Even though your family is royalty, I doubt they are almighty."

"You are right, they are not almighty," Ash said. "But the problem with Tohjo Falls is that the only reason it is under the protection of Kanto and Johto Region as well as Pokemon League, is because it is the only way to go between Kanto and Johto Region's on foot.

"Because of that, they had to place it under their protection as it was used as a place for criminals from all over the world to escape and hide, and since people are always passing through here when they are going from Kanto to Johto and vice versa, those criminals would sometime attack them."

"Ok! But what does that have to do with them giving your family he right to mine this place?" Misty asked.

"I'm sure Pokemon League, as well as Kanto and Johto Regions would be more than happy to give Tohjo Falls to Ketchum Family if my Family signs a contract that promises that we would build a new, safer route in between two Regions," Ash said, and after some thinking, they all had to agree that he is right.

If Tohjo Falls is a torn in the side of two Regions, as well as Pokemon League, then they should have no problem to have someone get rid of it, and also build a new route, as it wouldn't cost them anything, and would even save them money that costs to protect this place.

"Ok. I guess you are right," said Brock.

"So how are you going to ask them?" Asked Misty.

"I'll call my dad, and explain him what we found, and then he can decide what to do," said Ash. "Though I'm sure he wouldn't want to let this slip, as there is billions of Poke Dollars basically buried behind the walls of Tohjo Falls."

Ash then returned Crobat back in his Poke Ball, and placed it with the others, and then called his father and explained him where he is and what he and the others discovered, and what he would like him to do.

Red was also in disbelief because of what Ash told him, and told him that he would come with Riley and Urahara to check it out again, and then they will decide on what to do after that.

Ash nodded in understanding, and after they hanged up the line from both sides, he said.

"OK, I guess we are finished her, so we can continue if you want."

"Its fine with me," Misty said, and then others agreed, so after Ash called Professor Oak once more to return Crobat, and to explain him what he found, they all left Tohjo Falls, and continued toward New Bark Town, which would be their first stop in Johto Region.


Finally I have decided to start uploading Johto Region.

I have actually finished almost everything in this Region a while ago, and the only thing left is about half of the final chapter, but I just can't seem to finish it, but don't worry, by the time I have to upload that chapter it will be finished.

Anyway, up until the final chapter of Orange Islands, I was uploading chapters every 10 day, but now I will be uploading 2 chapters a month, as I want to spread this out a little bit and not upload it too fast.

Another thing is, as I have promised a while ago that I will put complete list of all the girls to be in Ash's harem at the start of Johto Region, well here it is.

Harem: Misty, Cynthia, Leaf, Diantha, Whitney, Serena, May, Zinnia, Lana, Lillie, Mallow, Dawn, Amber, Anabel, Elesa, Iris, Korina;

Also there will be some girls (woman) who will have some sort of relationship with Ash, but they won't be his girlfriends or future wives, only occasional sex partners.

Occasional Sex Partners: Lusamine, Johanna, Professor Juniper, Fennel, Alexa, Viola, Grace;

These two lists are maybe 90% complete. MAYBE, I'll add few more on both list, but that just big maybe. The girls that I might add in the future will be. Bianca (from Unova), Hilda and Rosa-Twins, Aria;

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