Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 32 - Orange Island's 8

Chapter 32

Ash, Misty and Tracey spent the next three days on Kumquat Island in Luana's hotel free of charge.

They have used that time to rest and to check some other places on the Island that they thought they might be fun. And since they were resting, they decided to let their Pokémon rest as well, so Ash sent all of his, Misty's and Tracey's Pokémon back at Oak's Lab right after his gym battle against Luana, so they can rest until they decide to leave the Kumquat Island.

After three days of resting, the three have decided it is finally time to head toward the next Island were Ash will have his final battle on the Orange Archipelago against the Orange Crew leader, Drake.

Ash recalled twelve of his Pokémon, one for each type so he can be ready for anything that Drake might throw at him, as well as Misty's and Tracey's, and after saying good bye to Luana and the people in her hotel, they took off with Lapras towards their next destination.

Their next stop was almost a day later when they reached a deserted Island called Rind Island. There they met a Pokémon Watcher Quincy T. Quackenpoker, who came there to watch the Evolution of Magicarp into Gyarados, who come here from many different places just to evolve.

Misty let her Magicarp swim around with other Magikarp's that showed up, and in the end, he ended up evolving into Gyarados just as the day was ending.

At first Misty was slightly afraid of Gyarados because they are known to be dangerous, but it turned out he is a big softie, so he and Misty got along very well.

After they spent that day there, and after they all learned something new, and Misty's Magicarp evolved, the group of three went on the next Island, were again Misty was lucky and ended up catching a Poliwag.

All in all, the journey between Kumquat Island and Pummelo Island lasted for a few days, and right now Ash, Misty and Tracey are nearing the Pummelo Island, were Ash will be battling Drake for the Orange League Trophy.


After winning fourth Orange Island badge few days ago, Ash is finally arriving close to the Pummelo Island were the final battle in Orange League awaits him.

Misty and Tracey are with him like before, and they are riding on Lapras, like before.

"Well Ash, here we are," commented Misty, after she saw the Pummelo Island in the distance while seating on Lapras's back. "We've finally reached Pummelo Island."

"Yeah, and I'm finally going to have my final fight in the Orange League." Said Ash while standing on Lapras's back.

"So, which Pokémon are you going to use for this battle?" Asked Tracey.

"I brought twelve Pokémon with me, one for every type, so when Drake choses his Pokémon, I'll be able to counter it," responded Ash.

"That's actually a good idea," commented Misty. "This way you won't be caught off guard if Drake choses a Pokémon and you don't have something to counter it."

"That was the idea," said Ash.

The three continued on for a few more minutes, and then Tracey saw something flying in the air, and asked. "Hey, what is that?"

Ash and Misty looked at where Tracey was looking, and saw something flying toward the Island. It looked like some Pokémon, but it was hard to guess which since it was quite far away.

"Hey Tracey, don't you have a binocular," asked Ash, and Tracey confirmed he has one. "So why don't you look through it?"

Tracey blushed because he didn't think of that, and then took his binoculars and looked through them. He saw a Pokémon flying just a little above the sea, and rising waves behind himself because of the speed. It suddenly flew up high in the sky and went farther away from them.

"It's Dragonite!" Said Tracey, after he realized which Pokémon it is.

"A Dragonite," said Misty surprised! "I wonder what it's doing here. Does it belong to someone who is on the Island, or its wild Pokémon?"

"Dragonite's are not exactly a common Pokémon and the chance of seeing one in the wild is very low, so I'd say this one belongs to someone on the Island," said Ash, and Misty and Tracey had to agree with his logic, since in all of their travels they have never seen a Dragonite beside the one that Ash has. "Though I will admit that I would like if it belongs to Drake."

"Why?" Asked Misty after she and Tracey looked at Ash with confused looks.

"Well, Dragonite's are very powerful Pokémon, and they wouldn't won't to be trained by just about anyone. So, if it belongs to Drake, that would mean he is very good trainer," explained Ash his reason for whishing this Dragonite belongs to Drake.

"I actually have to agree with that," said Tracey, and Misty looked at him. "Just look at Ash. He has a Dragonite, and he is the best trainer I have ever seen."

"You are right, and if I remember correctly, Lance has a Dragonite and he used it in a battle against you," said Misty.

"Yeah, Lance does have a Dragonite, and that one was strong as all hell," confirmed Ash.

"But if this Dragonite belongs to Drake, and he really is that good a trainer, wouldn't that decrease your chances of winning the Orange League," Tracey asked Ash?

"Drake is supposed to be the best trainer in the Orange Archipelago, so I want to have a good battle against him, and not wipe the floor with him like I did with most of the trainers I had battles with," said Ash! "Winning easily actually gets boring after some time and takes away the desire for battles. So, you see Tracey, I would rather have a good battle and loose, then have a bad battle and easy win."

Tracey accepted Ash's response, and then the three continued to ride on Lapras for a few more minutes until they reached the shore of Pummelo Island.

After they got off of Lapras, Ash returned her in her Poke ball and they went to the registration building so he can register for the battle.

"Hello, I came to register for the battle against Drake," said Ash, after he, Misty and Tracey entered into a building, and approached the desk with a man standing behind it, and the blonde guy around Ash's age standing in front of the desk talking to the men.

"So, we have another challenger. We don't get many challengers at all, but now we get two in the same day," commented the men, and Ash, Misty and Tracey looked at one another, and then they looked at the blonde guy standing next to them, and assumed he was the other challenger. "I wonder if this means Drake would start having more challengers from now on."

"So, are you the other challenger," asked Ash to the other guy?

"Yes, I just arrived here few minutes ago," responded the guy to Ash's question, and then offered a hand for a handshake. "I'm Gladion by the way."

"Ash Ketchum. Nice to meet you," said Ash, and took Gladion's hand for a handshake.

"Ok Gladion, your battle will be tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock at Pummelo Stadium," said the man behind the desk.

"Thank you," said Gladion, and turned around to leave, but said. "I'll see you around."

"Yeah, good bye," said Ash after he heard Gladion.

"Ok, first I need to verify your badges, and then we will proceed from there," said the men and after Ash showed him his badge's he scanned them, then started typing few things on a computer, and after few seconds said.

"Your winner's trophy match will be the day after tomorrow, also at 10 o'clock in the morning," said the men after he finished his typing on a computer, and saw Ash's profile.

"Thank you for the help," said Ash.

"Do you need help with finding the stadium," asked the men, after Ash, Misty and Tracey turned around to leave? "Gladion already said he knows the direction, so I didn't ask him, but do you know as well?"

"I don't know, but I have two days to find it, and we plan to look around the town a little so it shouldn't be a problem to find it," replied Ash.

"Ok, then see you," said the man, and the three left the building and went to look for a Pokémon Center so they can get rooms.

They arrived in the Pokémon Center few minutes later, and after Nurse Joy gave them the keys to the room they will sleep in, Ash and the others went outside to look around town a little, and find the Trophy Hall they heard about, and the stadium on which Ash will have his battle on.

It took about 15 minutes, but they found the way to the hall and the stadium, and went inside the hall.

There they saw many statues of Dragonite, and also many pictures of different trainers along with their Pokémon, as well as plates with paw and foot prints on them. They later found out that those pictures are pictures of trainers who have won the Orange League in the past along with their Pokémon and their paw or foot prints. This way they are kept as a reminder to everyone who see the pictures of a trainers who were good enough to win the Orange Trophy.

The three spent the rest of the day looking around the town, and visiting some nice famous places that the town has. Once it was close to the night, Misty and Tracey went back to the Pokémon Center, while Ash wanted to go and have a little spar between his Pokémon so they can be kept in shape for the battle that will happen in two days.

He went in the forest a few minutes out of town, but not that far, as there was no need, and just as he was about to call his Pokémon to come out, Ash heard a scream coming from a little away from him and deeper in the forest.

He quickly went to check what the scream was and if there is someone who needs help, and after a minute of running, he came across a little blond-haired girl who looked around seven or eight years old. She was seating on the forest ground under the tree while crying, and in front of her is a small Pidgey who is looking at her with a confused and hurt expression because she wasn't expecting someone to scream after they see her.

"Hey, are you OK," asked Ash after he approached the girl? "You are not hurt, are you?"

The girl looked at Ash, who was now in front of her, and then went closer to him and hugged him, and started crying in his chest.

"I-I was so scared," she cried in Ash's chest!

"It's Ok, there is no need to cry, but can you tell me why you are afraid," asked Ash? "It can't be because of this Pidgey, can it? I mean it probably only wanted to play with you."

Ash looked at Pidgey after he said this, and Pidgey nodded her head in confirmation, still a little down because of how this little girl is afraid of her.

"I-I'm a-afraid of Pokémon," stuttered the little girl, after she lifted her head a little and looked at Ash.

As she said that, Ash only looked at her with an amazed expression, but didn't say anything. He actually didn't know what to say as this was the first time someone told him that he or she are afraid of Pokémon.

After a whole minute of silence, in which one could only hear a noise of crickets, he asked.

"But why? I mean, I have never heard about someone afraid of Pokémon. The closest someone comes is my girlfriend Misty, and she is only afraid of Bug-Type Pokémon," asked Ash, still a little confused because he didn't know why this girl was afraid of Pokémon.

The little girl who was still looking at him, said after she heard his question. "I was attacked by a Pokémon some time ago, and it tried to suck me in and completely covered my body. I couldn't do anything to escape."

After she explained her reason for being afraid of Pokémon, Ash, and even Pidgey who was listening got a confused looks on their faces, as they have never heard about a Pokémon who can suck an entire human, and not let them go. Ash couldn't think of any Pokémon that can do the, and even if he could, that still doesn't explain the reason why this Pokémon attacked a little girl.

"Can you tell me your name, where you are from and why are you here by yourself, so I can help you find your family," asked Ash, after thinking for a few minutes?

"My name is Lillie, I'm from Hau'oli City, and I came here with my mother and Professor Kukui so we can watch my brother's match that he has tomorrow. And I'm here alone because I came out of hotel to play a little before the end of the day, but I got lost here in the forest." Now named Lillie answered, and Ash finally realized that she must be Gladion's sister, since Gladion and he are the only people who are supposed to fight anyone on the island in the next two days. But she also looks somewhat familiar, but he didn't know why, because he is quite sure he never met her or Gladion before today.

On the other hand, he did know Hau'oli City and Professor Kukui since he has been in Alola Region several years ago with Professor Oak, Blue Oak, and his own father, Red. There they met Professor Kukui, Professor Oak's brother, Samson Oak, and a woman called Lusamine, who is the leader of Aether Foundation, a company of sort whose goal is to cure hurt or sick Pokémon.

"Your brother's name is Gladion, right? And your mother's name wouldn't happen to be Lusamine?" Ash asked, and Lillie perked up a little after she heard Ash saying her brothers and mothers' names, which means he knows them and can take her to them.

"You know my brother and mother," Lillie said.

"Well... It's more like I only know your brother's name and how he looks, but I really only saw him once, and that was today when I came to register for the battle I'm supposed to have," Ash said he did know Gladion, at least a little, and that was enough for Lillie. "As for your mother, I met her several years ago along with Professor Kukui when I was in Alola Region."

"Can you take me to them?" She asked him with a puppy dog eye look, and Ash just couldn't say no to that. Not that he would say no anyway.

"Sure, but do you remember the hotel you were in before you came out?" Ash asked her because if she at least remembers the name of the hotel or how it looks, then he can take her directly there. If she doesn't then they would have to go to the place where he met Gladion today and ask the men that works there if he maybe has some information on where Gladion might be.

"I can get back to the hotel from the town, but I can't get out of this forest," said Lillie, and Ash nodded. "It's actually close to the entrance to the forest so if you know how to get out of here, then I can show you to my hotel."

"Great," said Ash, and then helped her get up from the ground. He also took the Pidgey with him. Sometime during the conversation, Pidgey went closer to Ash, and he practically unconsciously picked her up, and started patting her.

"Now, while we are walking toward your hotel, can you tell me a little about the Pokémon that attacked you? Maybe how it looks or even a name if you know by any chance," asked Ash to Lille, after the two of them started walking toward the hotel where Lillie stays with her mother and brother.

Lillie lowered her look toward the ground and kept quiet for a minute, and just as Ash started thinking she doesn't want to talk about it, she said.

"I don't know its name, nor I have ever seen or heard about that Pokémon before, and I have seen quite a few of them since I spend a lot of time in my mother's foundation, and have seen a lot of hurt Pokémon, but I do remember how it looks."

She then stopped talking for a little bit, but after she saw Ash, and even Pidgey from Ash's hands, look at her, she decided to continue.

"It was some strange Pokémon. It was completely white, and had tentacle like hands and legs and kind of looked like jellyfish." Lillie explained how the Pokémon looks, and Ash realized that that might be one of the Ultra Beasts that Lusamine's husband Mohn realized exist in a different dimension, but are showing up in Alola through Ultra Wormholes.

If it was almost any other Pokémon, normal, Legendary or Mythical, then he would be able to show the picture of it to Lillie on his Pokedex, since he has the information on all of the Pokémon from all Regions, except Ultra Beast's, and because of that he can't be sure, but he will ask Lusamine, since she must know which Pokémon was that attacked her daughter.

"You know Lillie, Pokémon don't really attack humans, or any other Pokémon if there is no reason," Ash started to say what he has. "Now, I'm not saying that you did something that provoked that Pokémon from attacking you, but you must now that things like that don't usually happen, and just because one Pokémon attacked you for whatever reason, doesn't mean that any other will." Ash finished what he had to say, and Lillie looked at him, and then at the ground again.

"I know that, but I just can't help it, and every time I'm around some Pokémon I freak out and want to cry," Lillie said, while still looking at the ground, though she didn't lose her step and was following Ash toward the exit of the forest.

"Let me tell you a story," Ash started saying, and when he saw he had Lillie's attention, he continued. "When I was five years old, I went in the forest outside of my home town, and ended up lost just like you were earlier. So, I got a little angry because I couldn't find my way home, and I took a rock I found on the ground and throw it not really looking where it went. But I quickly realized what I did when I saw a very angry Spearow glaring at me with a bump on his head," Ash stopped when he heard Lillie laughing at him, and even Pidgey had what looked like a smirk on her face.

After a few more moments, Lillie stopped laughing at him, and he continued. "That Spearow then started screeching and called the rest of the Spearow flock that was living in the forest. Before I knew it, I was running away through the forest, with a whole flock of angry Spearow's after me," Ash heard Lillie gasp at that, but continued anyway.

"I continued to run as fast as I could, but very soon I tripped on the forest ground and fell down. The Spearow's were on me the very next moment, and they started to attack me. They ripped my cloths and even started ripping my skin on some places. I couldn't really do anything but lye on the ground and cover my head and hope that they will stop soon."

"After the whole minute of relentless attacking, I finally though it was the end as they didn't seem to plan to stop anytime soon, but then suddenly another Pokémon showed up and saved me. She managed to chase away all of them right after she appeared." Ash was telling his story, and Lillie at one point got tears in her eyes because of the misfortune Ash had. She asked herself how can Pokémon be so cruel and do something like that. It was even worse than what happened to her few months ago. But after she heard that he was saved by some other Pokémon she was now looking much better.

"The Pokémon that saved me is a Mythical Pokémon, Mew," Ash continued and Lillie gasped again. Even Pidgey was surprised that Ash met Mew, and by the look in his eyes, she knew he wasn't lying.

"Mew told me that she was just passing by and saw me being attacked and decided to intervene. She also told me that I'm apparently someone special because I can use both Aura and Psychic powers," Ash was saying, but Lillie interrupted him.

"Wait, how could you understand what Mew was saying," Lillie asked?

"Mew is one of the Pokémon who knows Telepathy. It is a move that allows someone to speak directly in your head, and you can understand them everything." Ash said and Lillie nodded in understanding. "Also, being able to use an aura at my level, I can understand every Pokémon what they are saying. I can even understand this Pidgey what she is saying."

"You can!" Pidgey chirped, and to Lillie sounded like it always sounds. But Ash understood her.

"Yes, I can." Said Ash, and Pidgey's eyes widened comically.

"Anyway, in the end Mew gave me two Pokémon eggs to take care of. She said they can help me with my powers and I can help them as well, and she was right. After they hatched, we started training, and all three of us became much more powerful because of that training. In fact, I doubt that I would become as powerful as I am if I didn't have those two at my side. Ash finished his story, and Lillie thought about what he told her.

She was trying to understand the reason as to why he even told her that. It too her several minutes, but she finally realized why he told her this.

"You told me this because you thought that it might help me with my fear of Pokémon, didn't you," Lillie said?

"Yes! I wanted you to understand that even though I was attacked just like you, I didn't allow myself to become afraid of every Pokémon just because of what one Pokémon did. Spearow are very hotheaded Pokémon and can hold a grudge, but that doesn't mean the others are like that. No Pokémon will ever attack anyone without a reason, and if they do it is mostly to defend themselves, or their family."

"I don't know the real reason behind the attack on you because there is very little known about Ultra Beasts, as I'm assuming that the Pokémon that attacked you is one of them, but you need to forget what happened and move forward, or you will spend the rest of your life in fear of Pokémon, and since they are a big part of our world, you will have a problem where ever you go."

After Ash finished, he saw Lillie deep in thought. He looked around and saw that they are out of the forest and that there are people walking around the town. Ash new that he has to ask Lillie for the directions now, but let her settle her thoughts and then see what she will say.

He then stopped his walk, and even Lillie who was deep in thought stopped, probably unconsciously.

They were standing there for a few minutes, with Ash looking at the settling sun on the horizon while also patting Pidgey in his hands, while Lillie was thinking.

Finally, she got out of her thoughts and looked at Ash, but this time her look was different. It was a look of someone with more confidence, and not someone who is afraid of something.

"You are right Ash," she started to say! "I can't spend the rest of my life being afraid of Pokémon. If you who were almost killed by Pokémon are not afraid of them, then I will not be afraid as well!"

"That's great Lillie" Ash said with a smile on his face, and then held Pidgey in front of Lillie. "Now prove it by holding this Pidgey!"

When she heard that, Lillie flinched, and started having second thoughts, but when she saw the look on Ash's face that was encouraging, and when she also saw how cute Pidgey looked while looking at her from inside Ash's hands, her face gained a more determined look.

She lifted her hands up, and went toward Pidgey. After a second, she held her in her arms, while petting her on the head.

Pidgey was very content with this, and had a smile on her face, while her head was lying on Lillie's chest.

"See, there was no need to be afraid of Pokémon, Lillie," said Ash, and Lillie only nodded.

Ash let Lillie play with Pidgey for a few more minutes, but when he saw that the sun has already passed the horizon, he said. "Ok, we are back in town. Now can you tell me how to get to your hotel?"

Lillie looked around at where they are, and after a few moments of thinking, she showed him where to go, and they went toward the hotel. A minute later she showed him to a tall building in the distance and said that was the hotel she is staying at, so they went there.

They arrived five minutes later, and right after they entered in a hall of the hotel, Lillie was grabbed and pulled into a hug by a tall woman with a long blonde hair that covered her right eye, and kind of looked like she was wearing a cape on her head. Next to her was Gladion, who, even though didn't hug Lillie, was worried for her and Ash could see that on his face.

"Lillie, where have you been?" Yelled Lusamine, after she let go of Lillie and looked her straight in the face. But just as she was about to continue with her question's she saw that Lillie was holding Pidgey in her hands, and then she saw a boy that looked familiar for some reason standing behind Lillie.

"Lillie, what is going on? How are you holding a Pokémon, I thought you are afraid of them?" Lusamine asked.

"I got over my fear of Pokémon, mom," Lillie said, and Lusamine and Gladion gasped as they didn't expect that.

"B-but how?" This time it was Gladion who asked. "We tried everything, and you were still afraid of them."

"Ash helped me realize that my fear of every Pokémon was stupid. Just because one attacked me for whatever reason, doesn't mean that the others will," Lillie replied.

Gladion and Lusamine then looked at Ash who was still standing behind, and listening. Gladion recognized him right away, since it wasn't that long since they met, but Lusamine still couldn't remember him, even though he looked so familiar.

"How did you and my sister end up together," asked Gladion?

"I was going to the forest to have my Pokémon spar a little when I heard someone yell, so I went to see what is going on and saw Lillie there on the ground," Ash started to say, and then explained to Gladion and Lusamine what happened and how he helped Lillie get over her fear of Pokémon.

During his explanation, Lusamine finally remembered who he is, so after he finished, she asked. "You are that boy that came to Aether Foundation with Professor Oak, his son Blue and Red Ketchum several years ago, aren't you?"

"Yes, that was me," Ash confirmed.

"I didn't know you two knew each other already," said Gladion.

"Yeah, we met when I went in Alola Region several years ago," said Ash. "I believe that was not long after Mohn disappeared."

After Ash said this, Gladion, Lille and Lusamine got said looks on their faces because of the disappearance of their father, and husband. Ash saw this, and apologized.

"Sorry I brought this up. It wasn't my intention to bring back bad memories," Ash said.

"It's Ok, Ash, you didn't mean any harm," said Lusamine. "It's just that we still can't get over it that he disappeared just like that."

"I'm sure he will come back some day," said Ash, and Lusamine and Lillie smiled at his encouragement, while Gladion was quiet.

"Yes, you are right Ash, I'm sure he will be back from wherever he went," said Lusamine.

They then continued to talk a little more. Ash talked about his journey, his win in the Indigo League and his planes for the future, Lusamine talked about Aether Foundation and her planes for the future of the foundation, and even Gladion decided to talk after he kept quiet for a while. He talked about his journey, and how he started with Alola and then came on Orange Islands. From here he will proceed to Kanto, and then everywhere else.

They talked for few hours, and then Ash finally though it was enough, and decided to head back in the Pokémon center and see Misty and Tracey, who are probably worried about him because he stayed out much longer than usual.

"I'll see you guy's tomorrow," said Ash after he stood up from the chair he was sitting on. "I'll be on the stadium in the morning to watch your battle, Gladion. I hope you prove you are good trainer and win."

"Oh, I'll win, better be sure of that," said Gladion with conviction. "I watched your battle against Lorelei on Mandarin Island South, and I saw what you are capable of, so if I lose against this Drake that would mean I'm much farther away from you then I thought."

"It won't be easy Gladion," said Ash. "Drake has Dragonite, so if you hope to win you will need a Pokémon with at least equal power to him."

"I have my ace as well, Ash." Said Gladion with a smirk.

"If you say so," said Ash, and then looked at Lillie who was still holding Pidgey in her hands.

"Hey Pidgey, do you want to stay with Lillie, and become her first Pokémon," asked Ash, and surprised Lillie, and her mother and brother?

"Yes, I do want to stay with her," Pidgey chirped. "I like her, and I think she will be a nice trainer in the future."

"Ok then," said Ash, and then told Lillie. "Pidgey thinks that you will be a good trainer in the future, and has decided to stay with you, so you better prove that she was right."

"I will take good care of her Ash, that's a promise," said Lillie, and Ash only smiled at her, and after saying good bye to Lusamine, Gladion and her, he left the hotel, and went back to the Pokémon Center, where Misty and Tracey were waiting to interrogate him on why was he so late.

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