Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 30 - Orange Island's 6

Chapter 30

It's been ten days since Ash had exhibition battle against Lorelei, and nine days since Ash, Misty and Tracey left that Town, and started going across Mandarin Island South toward its western side were they were supposed to catch a ferry and go to a small Island called Trovita, were Ash's third Gym battle in Orange Island's is supposed to be.

During those ten days, Ash and friends have gone through few Town's and stops, which made their journey more fun. They have also done some training, mostly Misty and her Pokemon, but Ash did some training with his Pokemon.

Misty's Krabby has evolved into Kingler during training three days ago, while Ash's Ponyta evolved into Rapidash a week ago. Both of them have exchanged some Pokemon so that the ones that are on Oak's Ranch and in Cerulean Gym can get some training and not slack of.

Several other of Misty's Pokemon have evolved since the last time Ash saw them before he went to Mt. Silver for his and his Pokémon's training, so when he saw some of them, he was surprised, because he didn't saw them before as Misty kept most of her evolved Pokemon in Cerulean Gym, and only brought unevolved with her so she can train them.

Her Goldeen, Horsea and Oddish have evolved into Seaking, Seadra and Gloom during her travels with Leaf and Brock. Slowpoke also evolved into Slowking with the help of King's Rock that Misty bought in Stone Town.

The other Pokemon she has have been advancing nicely, and can already evolve as well. Misty already came to an agreement with Eevee to use one of the Water Stone's she bought in Stone Town so that Eevee can evolve into Vaporeon. The others can just evolve on their own when they feel they are ready.

But apparently some of Misty's Pokemon saw how Ash's Pokemon don't evolve unless they feel they can't advance more without evolving, so they started to refuse to evolve as well. And, like any other good trainer who wants what's best for their Pokemon, Misty doesn't have a problem with that and is helping them become as powerful as possible before they evolve.

The three are currently on a deck of a ferry which left from Trovitopolis few hours ago and is about to dock on Trovita Island's port.

"So, this is Trovita Island," commented Ash, as they were coming closer to the Island and were able to see it perfectly!

"Yeah, it sure is," said Tracey! "And it's one of better protected Islands in Orange Archipelago, because of all those whirlpools that are around it!"

"I see," said Ash, but then he and the others heard screaming coming from the sea!

Ash and the others looked ahead and saw a little girl and Seel caught in a strong current and look like they are about to sink.

"Lapras/Staryu come on out," called Ash and Misty and released their Pokemon, who then went after the little girl and her Pokemon to help them!

Misty jumped in the sea and started to swim toward the girl as well so she can help her.

Lapras, Staryu and Misty all got to close to the girl and her Pokemon, and started to help them.

"Don't worry, we are here to help you," said Misty after she caught the little girl, and placed her on top of Lapras, who then started swimming toward the shore, while Staryu helped Seel and pulled it towards the shore as well, with Misty helping it!

After Misty, Lapras and Staryu brought Seel and the little girl on the shore, they were approached by a young man who came towards them running as fast as he could.

"Mahri are you Ok, what were you doing in there," he asked the girl now known as Mahri?

"Don't worry big brother, I'm fine, thanks to this Miss. here and her Pokemon who helped me," Mahri said!

"I can't thank you enough for saving my little sister from the ocean," said the guy, while offering a bouquet of flowers to Misty! "My name is Rudy, by the way, and what is yours Miss..."

Misty blushed a little because of the attention and flowers this guy was giving her, and after few seconds she said.

"There is no need to thank me, and my name is Misty," said Misty, and offered her hand for a handshake, but didn't take the flowers which confused Rudy a little! "It's nice to meet you!"

"It's nice to meet you to Misty," said Rudy, and just then Ash and Tracey came next to Misty!

"Hey Misty, are you OK, is everything fine," asked Tracey after he approached her?

"Everything is fine Tracey, don't worry," said Misty!

"Are this your friend's, Misty," asked Rudy, as he looked at the guy next to Misty, and the other guy who just returned Lapras in its Poke ball after he thanked her for a job well done, he also looked familiar for some reason, but Rudy didn't know from where?

"Yes they are," said Misty! "Let me introduce you!"

"This is Tracey! He's a Pokemon watcher I met after I came on Orange Archipelago, and this is Ash, he is my boyfriend. We've been traveling together since the start of our journey," Misty introduced Ash and Tracey to Rudy and Mahri! "Ash, Tracey, this are Rudy and his sister Mahri!"

"Nice to meet you," said Ash and Tracey, and they shake hands with Rudi!

"Nice to meet you to," said Rudy! "Well, then since you have boyfriend I guess this flowers are useless!"

"Yeah, sorry, but I'm already taken," said Misty, and gave a little look to Ash, who was glaring at Rudy with what she started to call 'evil eye'!

"Hey, don't worry man, I'm not trying to steal your girlfriend," said Rudy to Ash after he saw the look Ash was giving him!

"Anyway, how can I help you," asked Rudy? "You must have a reason to be here!"

"I'm here to challenge the Trovita Gym," said Ash!

"Oh, well then let's go to my Gym," said Rudy, and then started walking toward the gym!

"You are the gym leader of Trovita Gym," commented Misty!

"I sure am," replied Rudy with a smile! "Now, Misty said your name is Ash, right!"

"Yeah," said Ash!

"That's Ash Ketchum, right," asked Rudy?

"Yes," replied Ash, again! "But how do you know? I don't think we have met before!"

"I have heard about you from the Indigo League Tournament, few months ago," said Rudy! "I must admit, I was quite surprised when I heard that eleven, year old kid won Indigo League on his first try, but when I heard that you also defeated the Kanto Elite Four, and almost defeated the Kanto Champion, I was shocked beyond belief!"

"Well, I trained my Pokemon very hard, so it's not that surprising that I won," said Ash!

"I see," said Rudy! "But are you really the Grand Master of the Aura Guardians?"

"Yes, yes I am," replied Ash simply!

"Ok," said Rudy, and few minutes later they all got in front of Trovita Gym!

"We are here," said Rudy, and walked inside of the building! "Come on in, and I'll explain to you how this will work!"

The group of three followed Rudy and his sister inside of the building and once inside they saw a large group of Pokemon, who were dancing or doing some exercise.

"That's an interesting collection you have there, Rudy," commented Tracey, and then pulled out his sketch book and started drawing Rudy's Pokemon! "They all look great, they look healthy, and strong, which is a perfect combination!"

"Well, I try to do my best in razing my Pokemon," said Rudy, and then looked at Ash!

"Now, you see, normally a challenger has to pass a test before they can challenge me to a battle, but considering who you are, and what you are capable of, we are just going to skip the test and move right to the battle," said Rudy to Ash, who just accepted Rudy's suggestion. There is no reason to prolong this anyway, so he will not complain!

"The way I do battle's here is that I allow the challenger to choose which Pokemon Type he/she will use in battle, and I use the same type," explained Rudy, and Ash raised his eyebrow in little surprise since this is the first time he saw some trainer do his battle like this, and that was how he likes to do battle's sometimes!

"Ok then, I'll use Water Type, Fire Type and Bug Type," said Ash, and Rudy nodded!

"Well then let's go to the field and start the battle," said Rudy, and then he took Ash and the others on top of one of the Spikes that surround the Island, and Ash and the other saw a Battle field on it!

"This is an interesting place for a battle field," said Ash, after they got on the field!

"Yes, I thought this might look better than just building a field inside of some arena or something," said Rudy! "This way you actually have to be much more careful while battling because if your Pokemon falls out of the spike then it would be in big trouble! AND, it looks cool!"

"It sure does," agreed Ash, and then went on one side of the field, while Rudy went on the other! Misty, Tracey and Mahri, watched from a hot-air balloon, while one of Rudy's friends provides commentary while riding a Pidgeot.

"Are you ready Ash," asked Rudy?

"I'm ready," Ash nodded, and then the referee said!

"This will be a three on three elimination match between the Trovita Gym leader, Rudy, and the challenger Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. The first trainer to get two wins is the winner," announced the referee! "Trainers chose your Pokemon!"

"Ok, I'll go first," said Ash, and pulled out his first Poke ball! "Come out, Rapidash!"

Ash's newly evolved Rapidash came out of his Poke ball, and stood ready for battle. He looked all pumped up, and ready to show that his evolution have made him much more powerful than he was before.

"That Rapidash looks very powerful, but I have someone ready to fight him," said Rudy, and called his first Pokemon! "It's time for battle, Ninetails!"

Rudy's Ninetails came out and stood across Rapidash ready for battle.

"Are you both ready," asked the referee, and Ash and Rudy nodded their heads, so he started the match? "BEGIN!"

"You can start, Ash," said Rudy!

"OK, if you insist," said Ash! "Rapidash, use Fire Blast!"

Rapidash rose to his hind legs and took a deep breath. When he dropped his front legs on the ground he opened his mouth and fired a 大, shaped attack that looked big and powerful enough to melt down the mountain.

The power of Rapidash's attack surprised both Rudy and his Ninetails, who widened their eyes comically, and Rudy suddenly yelled. "DODGE!"

Ninetails quickly jumped up in the air to dodge Rapidash's Fire Blast, but even though Ninetails was few meters above the Fire Blast, it could still feel the heat from the attack.

When the attack passed below the Ninetails and it went out of the ring and quite far in the distance where eventually exploded, and caused a big boom to be heard around Trovita Island.

Rudy, the referee, Tracey and Mahri were just standing there with their jaws dropped all the way to the floor, because of the surprise by the power behind Rapidash's Fire Blast, which could be comparable to the power of a Legendary Pokemon.

Misty was just smirking, since she wasn't surprised as she has seen Ash and his Pokemon do some crazy stuff.

"Ahm, Rapidash, maybe you should tone it down a little bit," said Ash, and Rapidash looked at him with what looked like a smirk on his face! "We don't want to hurt someone!"

Rapidash just nodded and looked at Ninetails who came back down on the field.

"That was one hell of an attack," commented Rudy! "I'm glad Ninetails was able to dodge it, because if that hit it, that would've been the end!"

Ash and Rapidash smirked at Rudy's comment, and then they decided to continue the battle.

"Let's continue this," said Ash, and Rudy agreed!

"Ninetails, use Quick Attack, and then follow it up with Hyper Beam," said Rudy!

Ninetails started to run at Rapidash, disappearing and reappearing as it runs. When Ninetails was about to hit Rapidash who couldn't see it because of the speed, Ash said. "Protect!"

A greenish aura appeared around Rapidash, and when Ninetails collided with him, it got blown backwards fast, and started bouncing on the ground.

"That's not going to work Rudy," said Ash!

"Ninetails stop and use Hyper Beam," said Rudy, and after Ninetails somehow stopped bouncing by digging its claw's and tails in the ground, it took a breath and fired a powerful Hyper Beam!

"Counter it with Overheat," said Ash!

Rapidash quickly opened his mouth and fired a yellow and red beam that went straight and collided with Ninetails Hyper Beam, but the two attacks didn't stop one another and then start to push and try to overpower the other like it normally happens in this kind of situations, instead Rapidash's Overheat broke through Ninetails Hyper Beam the moment the attacks collided, and continued toward Ninetails, who stood there and couldn't dodge in time.

When the Overheat collided with Ninetails, there was a big explosion from which Ninetails flew out of and went all the way back and almost fell from the rock on which the gym was, but Ash used his Psychic powers to stop Ninetails from falling down in the ocean, and placed it on the field in front of Rudy, who just looked at Ash in surprise.

"Ninetails is unable to battle, the first match goes to the challenger Ash Ketchum," announced the referee, and Rudy sighed and returned Ninetails in its Poke ball!

"That was good battle Ninetails, but our opponent was just too powerful," said Rudy, and then looked at Ash! "Thanks for saving Ninetails, Ash, it would be in a big trouble if it fell down in the ocean!"

"Don't worry about it, Rudy, it was nothing," said Ash, and then he returned his Rapidash in his Poke ball!

"I got to admit though, I wasn't expecting you to be Psychic," said Rudy! "I mean, I knew you were Aura user since you are Aura Guardian, but not Psychic user as well!"

"Yeah, well, I guess I was lucky I was born with both," said Ash, and then the referee was heard!

"Trainers, chose your next Pokemon," said the referee!

"Starmie, I chose you," said Rudy, and released his second Pokemon!

"Wartortle you are up," said Ash, and his Wartortle came out of his Poke ball, with his sun glasses on and did a few dance moves, which made everyone laugh at his enthusiasm!

"Are you ready for this, Wartortle," asked Ash, and Wartortle just shacked his head up and down say yes?

"BEGIN," yelled the referee, and Ash and Rudy called their first attacks!

"Starmie/Wartortle, use Water Gun," both Ash and Rudy said at the same time!

Starmie released a spiral of water from the tip of its uppermost limb at Wartortle, while Wartortle jumped high in the air, and after he took a deep breath, he released the same spiral of water from his mouth.

The two attacks hit at one another, and pushed each other for a few seconds, before Wartortle's Water Gun overpowered Starmie's and pushed it back at it.

"Starmie dodge and use Thunderbolt," yelled Rudy after he saw a big Water Gun coming at Starmie!

Starmie jumped high in the air, and started spinning like a saw blade at an incredible speed, which caused it to start producing electricity around its body, that quickly turned into a big Thunderbolt, which then went at Wartortle!

"Dodge, and then use Skull Bash," said Ash!

Wartortle dodged Thunderbolt by running straight at Starmie, and once he was close enough he got surrounded in silver aura, and jumped with its head down and strikes Starmie who didn't dodge in time.

Starmie got thrown backwards from the strike, and rolled on the ground until it stopped in front of Rudy. "Starmie, are you OK," asked Rudy with concern in his voice?

Starmie started to get up, but it was still shaky because of the Skull Bash it got from Wartortle.

"Finish this off with Hydro Pump," said Ash, and Wartortle retreated into its shell and started to rapidly spin while he fires powerful jets of water from its mouth through all the shell's openings. He then flied like a Frisbee towards Starmie, hitting it with water after he got close, and Starmie was unable to dodge in time even though Rudy told it to dodge!

Starmie was blown back by Hydro Pump, and flew all the way to the edge of the rock on which the field was on, but didn't fall down in the sea.

When the referee looked at Starmie, he saw that it was passed out, so he announced the end of battle. "Starmie is unable to battle, the winner of the battle is Wartortle, and the match goes to the challenger Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!"

"All right, Ash, great job," Misty and Tracey cheered for Ash from inside of the hot air balloon, while Mahri was sad her brother lost!

"Return Starmie/Wartortle," said both Rudy and Ash after they thanked their Pokemon for a good battle, and their Pokemon returned in their Poke balls for some rest!

"Congratulations for the win, Ash, that was a great battle," said Rudy after he approached to Ash!

"Thank you Rudy," Ash simply said!

"Well, all that is left is to give you this," said Rudy, and pulled a Spike Shell Badge, from his pocket and offered it to Ash, who took it from Rudy!

"That's great Ash, now you only need one more badge, and you will be able to challenge the Orange crew Champion," said Misty after she, Tracey and Mahri came down from Hot air Balloon!

"You are right Misty," agreed Ash! "I guess our traveling through the Orange Islands is coming to a close!"

"Well then let's go," said Tracey in a hurry, which confused everyone there!

"Why are you in such a hurry," asked Misty?

"The sooner we finish the last two gyms. The sooner I'll get to go in Pallet Town and meet Professor Oak," said Tracey, and Misty and Ash sighed at Tracey's behavior and fan boy personality, while Rudy and Mahri laughed at him!

"Ok, then let's go," said Ash, and after they said their good bye to Rudy and Mahri, all three of them went to the shore and Ash called his Lapras from her Poke ball to take them to the next Island!

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