Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 29 - Orange Island's 5

Chapter 29

"Butterfree use Sleep Powder," said a trainer that was standing on the beach and was currently in a Pokemon battle with Ash!

"Magenta, use Whirlwind," said Ash!

Butterfree flew toward Magenta and spread a dust all over her and around her, but Magenta flapped her wings fast and a big gust of wind was created from her wings that blew away Sleep Powder and pushed Butterfree back.

"Good now finish this battle with Tackle," said Ash, and Magenta flew at Butterfree and hit him right in the middle which sent him flying backwards and on the sand. He was unconscious the moment he hit the sand.

"Oh no, Butterfree," whined the trainer Ash was battling against, and went to check his Butterfree!

"Good job Magenta," said Ash to his Pokémon, and then he returned her to her Poke ball! He then walked toward his opponent and said. "Don't worry your Butterfree will be fine!"

"Yea, you are right," said the trainer after he looked at Ash, and then he returned his Butterfree as well. "Anyway, that was a great battle, I hope to battle against you again someday after I become better!"

"I'm sure we will meet again, and you better be better then," said Ash, and then he and the trainer had a handshake, before both turned and walked away.

"Remind me, when was the last time you lost a battle, Ash?" asked Misty after Ash came to her and Tracey who were watching the battle from little away.

"That would be my battle against Blue," said Ash, and got a raised eyebrow from Tracey! "In fact, I think that was the only battle I lost since I started my Pokémon journey over a year ago!"

"You mean to tell me you only lost a single battle in over a year, and that was against the Kanto Champion," said Tracey!

"Yea, but I thought I already told you that," replied Ash!

"You did tell me you lost against Blue, but you didn't mention that was the only battle you ever lost," said Tracey!

"So, what about it," asked Ash?

"Why are you even trying to compete here in Orange Islands if you are that good," asked Tracey? "You could just go and battle in some bigger Leagues."

"Well I had to come here because of the GS Ball, and since I already came, I thought I can try this different way of battles that exist in Orange Island's," said Ash!

"Oh, I see," said Tracey! "Well from what I've seen there is hardly anyone who can challenge you, so you will win this easily!

"We will see, you never know what might happen," said Ash, and then the three of them went to a cafe shop to take a little break!

As the three were sitting in the coffee shop, someone came behind them. "Well this is a surprise, I wasn't expecting to see you here, Ash," said the voice, and when the three turned around they saw Lorelei!

"What a pleasant surprise. What are you doing here Lorelei," asked Ash, after he saw who it is?

"I have a house on this Island, and I like to spend some time here," replied Lorelei after she took a seat on an empty chair next to Ash after he offered it to her! "But what are you doing here?"

"I went to Valencia Island to do something for Professor Oak, and then decided to try in the Orange League," replied Ash!

"Is that so," said Lorelei! "Well I don't think you will have too much trouble, as you are better than the trainers that run gym's here!

"If you say so," Ash simply said, and then looked at Tracey who was staring at Lorelei!

"You know Tracey, it's not nice to stare at people like that," said Ash, and got Tracey to wake up from his daydream, and blush deep red!

"Sorry about that," said Tracey while staring at the ground, and not daring to look Lorelei in the face!

"Who is your friend, Ash," asked Lorelei?

"Oh, right, you never meet him, well this is Tracey, we meet him on Tangelo Island, and he's been traveling with me and Misty since then," said Ash to Lorelei!

"Well it's nice to meet you Tracey," said Lorelei!

"Likewise," replied Tracey still not lifting his head from embarrassment, which caused Lorelei, Ash and Misty to laugh at him!

"You know Ash, I have a small demonstration of battle's later, I would like it if you come and participate as one of my opponents," said Lorelei!

"Why," asked Ash!

"Well, you are someone who almost became a Kanto Region champion, and you were only 11 years old. If you participate, we can show to people how real battles are battled," replied Lorelei!

"Ok then, I guess I'll participate," said Ash!

"Great," said Lorelei and stood from her chair! "Demonstration starts in an hour on the stadium not far from here, so better not be late," she said again and walked away!

"Wow, I cannot believe how close you are with one of Kanto Elite Four," suddenly said Tracey, which surprised Ash and Misty as they thought he was still embarrassed from being caught staring at Lorelei!

"I wouldn't go that far and say we are close, but we do know each other pretty well as we had a battle after I won Indigo League Tournament," replied Ash!

"Well than let's go to the stadium, we don't want to be late," said Tracey excitingly, and started walking toward the stadium leaving Ash and Misty behind!

"You think he heard when Lorelei said that the demonstration doesn't start until an hour from now," asked Misty?

"I think he heard, but it must have slipped his mind because of excitement," replied Ash!

"Let's go to the Pokémon Center and get us rooms for tonight," said Misty, and then the two walked to the Pokémon Center, after Ash paid for the drink the three had!

What they didn't notice is the guy that was seating behind Ash and Misty and was listening the conversation between Ash and Lorelei. Not on purpose of course, but they weren't exactly secretive and quiet so he overheard them.

The guy was wearing an all-black body tight blouse with the west over it, short black pants that go to below his knees, and red sneakers. He also had a weird shaped blonde hair that covered his right eye.

"Hm, so that guy almost became a Kanto Champion and he is the same age as me," he thought in his head. "And he is now competing in the Orange League, so it would seem that we will cross paths again around the time I reach the final gym. Maybe I should challenge him to a battle and see if he is really as good as Lorelei says he is."

He continued to think about Ash, and how he could be so good if he is the same age as him, and then a thought came to his mind. "I wonder how the final challenge would go if we both reach the final gym at the same time. Would we both be able to challenge the Leader one at the time, or would we have to battle against each other, and only the winner gets to battle the gym leader."

After a few seconds of thinking, he let it go and though. "Oh well, I guess only time will tell. Though it would be nice to battle against him, and even if I lose, I could definitely learn something from someone like him."

He then stood up from his chair, paid for the drink he had and left. He decided to watch the demonstration match between Ash and Lorelei, and then go to the next gym on Trovita Island.

Two hours later Ash and Lorelei stood on the field across each other, and in front of the large crowd that was waiting for the match to begin.

Lorelei has already defeated all of the challengers in her demonstration and Ash was the only one left.

"And here is the last match for today. This time the challenger is someone who some of you might already know as he has won the Indigo League just a few month ago," said the announcer, and the crowd started to cheer very loudly for both Ash and Lorelei's they knew that this match is going to be much better than the ones before, and the young trainers in the crowd might even learn something from Ash, as they couldn't learn shit from those other trainers.

The guy from earlier is among the crowd, and can't wait to see this battle. Misty and Tracey are also among the crowd, and are cheering for Ash.

"And he even defeated all four of Kanto Elite Four including Miss. Lorelei here, and only lost to Kanto Champion, Blue Oak, so this demonstration is going to be epic," added the announcer!

The crowd cheered even louder than before after the announcer's words.

"This will be a one-on-one battle just like the ones before, so let's see which Pokémon will our trainers send out to battle," said the announcer, and everyone then quieted down a little and set their eyes directly on Ash and Lorelei!

"Cloyster you are up," said Lorelei and sent her Pokémon out!

"Amaura, come on out," Ash called his Amaura!

"Lorelei choses her Cloyster and Ash choses Amaura, now let's see how this match turns out as this two Pokémon didn't battle against each other in the first battle Ash had against Lorelei," said the announcer!

"Are you both ready," asked the referee?

Ash and Lorelei just simply nodded and the referee started the match.


"Cloyster use Spike Cannon," said Lorelei!

"Amaura use Protect, and then use Stone Edge," said Ash!

Cloyster closed its shell, and then started to glow white, and then fired multiple white spikes from the shell that went at Amaura, who simply formed a barrier in front of himself and blocked the spike's, though there were a few cracks here and there on the barrier which proves that Cloyster's attack was very powerful.

After he blocked Cloyster's attack, Amaura glowed white and then raised his font legs up in the air, and then brought them back down on the ground which caused multiple jagged light blue stones to come out of the ground moving toward the Cloyster.

"Cloyster Withdraw," said Lorelei!

Cloyster quickly closed its shell, which protected it from the stones that shot from the ground and hit it on the body, though it did send it up in the air because of the force that the stones had when they shot from the ground.

"Use Aurora Beam," said Ash, and Amaura fired a multicolored beam from his month, which then hit straight at Cloyster while he was still in the air, and sent him backwards and out of the field, and only stopped after he clashed with the arena wall!

"Are you OK Cloyster," asked Lorelei, a few moments after Closter collided with the wall?

Cloyster opened its shell and showed that he was mostly fine and was only breathing hard. Closter then moved forward and entered on the field.

"Good, now use Blizzard, and then follow it up with Tackle," said Lorelei!

Closter then fired a Blizzard from its face at Amaura, who didn't really seem bothered that much, but it still slowed him down a little and that was enough for him to get tackled by Cloyster who came after him right after it fired Blizzard.

Amaura was sent flying back and hit the wall just like Cloyster earlier, but he received more damage than Cloyster as he didn't have a tough shell to protect him.

"Can you get up Amaura," asked Ash, as he looked at the rubble that was created from Amaura hitting the wall, and partly collapsing it?

A few moments later, Amaura got up from below the rubble, and came back to the field, though he had a few scratches on his body and was breathing hard.

"Use Ice Beam," said Ash!

"Counter it with Aurora Beam," said Lorelei!

Light blue lines of energy appear in front of Amaura's mouth and then a light blue ball of energy forms in front of his mouth, and then he fired it at Cloyster in a form of a Beam.

At the same time, Cloyster released a multicolored beam from the horn on its head at the Amaura.

Two attack's collided in the middle of the field and started pushing at one another. They kept pushing for an almost half a minute, before the two attacks caused an explosion that lifted a lot of dust in the air and blocked the view of the field.

"Rock Throw," Ash's voice was heard from inside of the dust cloud, and confused everyone who didn't know him, and they wondered why he was attacking if he can't see anything!

Crystal's on the side of Amaura's body started glowing white and then several forms appeared from the crystal's and changed into rocks, which were then sent at Cloyster who didn't see them coming and was hit right in the face by several rocks, and a few of them hit him on the shell, which caused it to crack a little.

Cloyster was sent flying back, again, and stayed there for a few moments until the dust cloud cleared and showed him barely staying straight, covered in dust and with multiple cracks on its shell.

On the other side, Amaura was also panting, as even though he didn't receive that much damage, he was starting to get tired, and won't be lasting much longer.

"Can you keep battling Cloyster," asked Lorelei, and Cloyster just nodded, but everyone could tell he was barley standing, and that he can only do one more attack?

"What about you Amaura," asked Ash, and Amaura said he is fine?

"Cloyster use Aurora Beam, full power," said Lorelei!

"Amaura, use Aurora Beam as well," said Ash!

Both Pokémon fired their attacks at the same time, and just like earlier the attacks collided and pushed at one another.

"Come on Amaura, keep it up, more power," said Ash, and Amaura pushed more power in his attack, which then started to push back Cloyster's attack.

"Push it back Cloyster," said Lorelei, and Cloyster added all the power it had left and evened it out with Amaura!

The two attacks pushed at one another for a few more moments and then it exploded and again. Two Pokémon were thrown back from the force of the explosion and collided with the wall, which broke and buried the both.

"Well that was a great battle, but it seems that it is now over, all that is left is to see which Pokémon will get up first, or if the battle will be a draw," commented the announcer, and the crowd cheered!

After few minutes of nothing but the crowd cheering, and none of the two Pokémon moving, there was a slight movement from the pile of rubble were Ash's Amaura was buried.

"Come on Amaura, you can do it," said Ash, and after a few more moments Amaura got up and out of the rubble, while Cloyster didn't move at all.

"The winner of the match is Ash and his Amaura," said the referee!

"There you have it people, the battle goes to Ash, again," said the announcer! "Ash has once again proved that he is one of the best trainers in the world by defeating one of the strongest Pokémon of one of the Elite Four, and he's not even 12 years old!"

Just then there was a white glow that enveloped Amaura, and he started to change right before the eyes of the crowd. Amaura got bigger and bigger, and few moments later, the glowing stopped and instead of little Amaura, there was a very big Aurorus.

"Would you look at that people, Ash's Amaura has just evolved into Aurorus right after a very tough battle," said the announcer in a very high voice! "It looks like this tough battle was all it was needed for Amaura to evolve. I guess Ash made the right choice in choosing his Pokémon for today's battle!

"Congratulations Aurorus," said Ash after he approached to his newly evolved Aurorus and patted him on the head!

Aurorus thanked him, after which Ash returned him in his Poke ball to get some rest after a hard battle.

"Congratulations to you to Ash, you defeated me again and got a new Pokémon," said Lorelei! "This must be your lucky day!"

"Thanks Lorelei, and you might be right, this must be my lucky day," replied Ash!

"And that is all for this demonstration, people, I hope you have enjoyed todays battle's, and I hope that those young trainers among you have learned something today that will help them in the future," said the announcer, and the crowd started to go their own ways, while Ash also left to the Pokémon Center with Misty and Tracey.

"He really is good," thought the guy from before after he just witnessed Ash's Amaura defeat Lorelei's Cloyster and then evolving into Aurorus. "I can't wait for the time we will battle."

He then walked away to his next gym challenge on Trovita Island.

After they returned to the Pokémon Center, Ash, Misty and Tracey decided to have a little rest before they go and have dinner tonight. Ash and Tracey went to one room, while Misty went to the other, they agreed to meet in the Pokémon Center cafeteria at 8 o'clock.

At 8 o'clock the three of them meet in cafeteria and had dinner after which they all went back to bad to have a nice sleep before continuing the journey tomorrow.

In the morning, Ash and Tracey woke up and went down in cafeteria for breakfast, but after 15 minutes of waiting for Misty, Ash decided to go and see why she wasn't up yet.

"I'll go and wake her up, do you want to come, or will you wait here," asked Ash?

"I'll wait here since there is no need for both of us to go," replied Tracey!

"Ok," said Ash, and went to Misty's room to wake her up!

Once he got in front of Misty's room, Ash decided to screw around a little with her, so he slowly entered in Misty's room without knocking on the door.

He got inside the room and slowly walked toward Misty's bed and saw her lying on her stomach and with her face turned toward the wall.

Ash suddenly got an evil smile on her face and slowly moved the blanket with which Misty was covered, and saw her in the pajamas that were hugging her body very tightly and showed her little ass, which looked a bit bigger than it is because of her pajamas.

Ash really had to hold himself back from jumping on Misty and making her his, but in the end realized that she is too young, and he won't push her to do something she wouldn't want to.

He then called her to wake up. "Hey, Misty, come on, it's time to wake up." Ash said, while slowly pushing her shoulder.

"Just let me sleep a little longer!" Said Misty after she opened her eyes slightly and saw Ash.

"Come on Misty, you are already late," said Ash. "Tracey and I have been waiting for you in the cafeteria for over 15min."

"Ahh, OK, I'll get up," whined Misty, and then she stood up while rubbing her eyes! "Go downstairs and wait for me, I'll be ready in 10min.

"Ok, if you say so!" Said Ash, and stood up from Misty's bad and started walking toward the door.

"But don't make me come back again." He added just before he was about to walk out of the door, and gave Misty the look, which she returned, and he just laughed and got out, leaving her to get ready.

Ash walked in Pokémon Center cafeteria and walked toward the desk were Tracey was seating.

"Hey Ash what's going on, why did it take you so long to wake her up," asked Tracey after Ash came on their table and set down?

"Misty's didn't want to wake up," was Ash's reply!

"What's wrong with her, she didn't have a problem waking up until now, do we need to call a doctor to look her up," asked Tracey?

"No there is no need, apparently she's just tired and wanted to sleep." Said Ash, and Tracey shrugged his shoulders and started to eat.

About 15min. later, Misty walked in cafeteria, and set down on the chair.

"Have you finally decided to get out of that bed?" Asked Ash, and gave her a smirk.

Misty looked at him with narrowed eyes, and huffed a little. "Don't push it Ash, you might be strong but I can still kick your ass!"

Ash and Tracey just laughed at Misty's words and her expression, and she pouted at them, and then started to eat her breakfast.

"So, are we continuing the journey today, or will we wait until you get some more of your beauty sleep?" Asked Tracey, with a smirk.

"What is this, 'Misty teasing day' or something," Misty asked slightly annoyed at the teasing from Ash and Tracey, and the two just smiled a little at her? "We can continue right after breakfast if you want, I'm all ready now," replied Misty, and Tracey just nodded in acceptance!

"Ok then, let's finish this quickly and move out so we can reach next Town before the day ends," said Tracey!

"We are going on Trovita Island right, and that is on the other side of this Island," said Ash!

"Yes, we have to go on the other side of this Island, and then we can just go with Lapras on Trovita Island," replied Tracey! "It's actually not that far away from this Island, maybe a few miles!

"That's great, sooner we get there, sooner I'll finish this journey and go back home to take the GS ball to Professor Oak," said Ash!

After the three finished their breakfast, they checked out of Pokémon Center and started their way toward the other side of Mandarin Island South.

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