Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 28 - Orange Island's 4

Chapter 28

After Ash got his second badge in the Orange Island League on Navel Island, he, Misty and Tracey left the Island while riding on Lapras and continued their journey toward the next Gym.

Few days after leaving Navel Island, the group finds themselves on one of the Islands that according to map is one of the seven Islands called Seven Grapefruit Islands.

"Wow look at all this Grapefruit's," said Misty in awe! "I wonder if we can take some, or do they belong to someone, and we have to ask."

"I don't know, I guess we can look around first and see," said Ash!

"Ok, then let's go," said Misty!

As they were walking around the Island, the three came in front of a green haired girl.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here," asked the girl?

"I'm Ash, and this are my friends Misty and Tracey. We just came here and were looking for someone to see if this Grapefruit's belong to someone or not. We would like to try some," explained Ash!

"Oh, well my name is Ruby, and I'm one off the people who work on this Islands and spend a lot of time tending to this Grapefruits, so I guess you can say they do belong to someone, and I'm happy you didn't just decide to take some and came to look for someone to ask," the girl, now named Ruby introduced herself and explained about Grapefruits with the smile on the end.

"Well it would be strange if all this Grapefruit's don't already belong to someone, so I'm not surprised," said Tracey, and Misty and Ash nodded!

"Yea they belong to someone, but it seems that there are people who don't understand that and are coming here to steal," said Ruby with anger in her voice!

"What do you mean," asked Ash? "Who is coming to steal this Grapefruits?

"Recently we had a problem with thieves making off with the grapefruits, and I just can't seem to catch them, they always run away," explained Ruby!

"I see," sad Ash! "Well I guess we can help you capture these thieves, but do you know when will they come again," asked Ash?

"I don't know," said Ruby! "It can be today, tonight or in a few days, but they will come I'm sure of it!"

"OK then we will stay a few days and help," said Ash, and Misty and Tracey agreed! Ruby thanked them and then all four of them started walking toward the small house that was on the Island.

They stayed there for the night since it was already late, but all of them kept guard if some thieves show up.

That night nothing happened, so in the morning Ash, Misty and Tracey went on the beach to catch some sun and take a break from traveling. They all released their Pokémon and let them have some fun.

Few hours later, when it has already passed midday, Ruby came on the beach running and said that someone is stealing Grapefruits.

"Ok let's go and see who it is," said Ash, and then he returned all of his Pokémon in the Poke balls and along with misty, Tracey and Ruby went to catch those thieves!

When they got to where they heard that the thieves are, everyone saw a Snorlax eating all of the Grapefruits from the trees along with the small branches.

"Oh no, it's Snorlax," screamed Ruby!

"How did this Snorlax come here," asked Tracey? "He couldn't have been swimming, here could he?"

"I don't know, but we better stop him before he eats more of Grapefruit's," said Ash, and took out one of his Poke balls!

"Larvesta come on out," said Ash, and his Larvesta came out and stood behind Snorlax, who didn't really pay her any attention, which made Larvesta little angry!

"Larvesta, Flamethrower," said Ash!

Larvesta then shot a Flamethrower at Snorlax which hit him strait on and caused him to catch fire as well as burned down the tree with Grapefruit's.

"Be careful Ash, we don't want you to burn down all Grapefruit, we want to save it," said Misty while smirking at Ash, who groveled a little at Misty's teasing!

"Take it down a little Larvesta," said Ash!

When the fire cleared, it showed Snorlax standing there burned a little but not much. "This is one tough Snorlax, but we are tougher," said Ash! "Use Flame Wheel!"

Larvesta surrounded herself in flame and then flew at Snorlax while spinning, and surrounded in flames.

Snorlax opened his mouth and shot a Hyper Beam.

Larvesta and Hyper Beam collided and started pushing at one another for a few seconds, before Larvesta broke through Hyper Beam and collided with Snorlax, which sent Snorlax fly back and got burned.

"Ok Larvesta finish him off with another Flamethrower," said Ash!

Larvesta shot another Flamethrower at Snorlax who was on the ground and caused an explosion.

When fire and smoke cleared Snorlax was shown on the ground unconscious.

Ash then took one of his empty Poke balls and threw it at Snorlax. Few moments later Snorlax was caught.

"Great job Larvesta," said Ash after he approached Larvesta and patted her on the head!

Larvesta let Ash pat her, and then she started to glow and started getting bigger and changing shape.

Once the glow stopped it showed that Larvesta has evolved into Volcarona.

"Wow, Larvesta evolved," said Misty and approached to Volcarona and started to pat her just like Ash earlier!

"I'm glad for you Volcarona," said Ash, while Tracey was taking sketches of newly evolved Volcarona!

Ash then took the Poke ball that had Snorlax in it and placed it with his other balls. Ruby thanked Ash for his help, and they all decided to stay at Ruby's shack for the night, and leave in the morning.

The next morning Ash and the others said good bye to Ruby, and then went toward the next Island while riding on Lapras's back.


"Well here we are," said Tracey, after he, Ash and Misty landed on a new Island after a few days of traveling and passing few small Islands in between Seven Grapefruit Islands and this new Island!

"You seem very excited about something, Tracey," commented Misty! "So, what is it?"

"You are right Misty, I'm excited because this Island is famous for housing plenty of Bug-type Pokémon, and I want to see as many as possible and observe them," said Tracey, and saw that Misty has stated to sweat a lot as soon as he said Bug-types!

"Are you OK Misty," asked Tracey?

"I-I'm fi-fine," mumbled Misty, and Ash then smirked!

"You see Tracey, Misty here is afraid of Bug-Type Pokémon and she won't go anywhere near them," Ash said to Tracey, while smirking at Misty's red face! "Actually, my two Butterfree's and Volcarona might be the only Bug-Type Pokémon she can tolerate."

"What, but why," asked Tracey? "Bug-types are not dangerous!

"Ah, just leave me alone, I'll just stay on the beach and wait for you two to return," said Misty and started walking back toward the beach, but Ash stopped her!

"Oh, come on Misty, you know I will protect you if something happens," said Ash right in Misty's ear after he approached her from behind and hugged her. He then kissed her on the back of her neck, and Misty practically melted but didn't say anything.

"So, are you coming or do I have to do something else to make you come," asked Ash directly in Misty's ear, which made her shudder and made her whole body go as red as strawberry.

Tracey was just standing in the back and watched what Ash did to Misty, while developing a small blush on his cheeks. "Ash really knows how to make Misty do what he wants," thought Tracey in his head!

"A-Ash p-please stop, we are in public," muttered Misty!

"We can always go somewhere and be alone," teased Ash, and Misty got a little trickle of blood flowing down her nose as she realized what Ash was insinuating!

"Ash please," said Misty!

"Ok, fine," said Ash and let go of Misty, who breathed a sigh of relief as she didn't know how long she could keep herself on her feet anymore!

"But you are coming with us, right," stated Ash!

"Yes, I'll come with you," said Misty, and then the two of them and Tracey went to look around!

As the three were walking around Murcott Island, they saw a lot of Bug-type Pokémon.

Tracey was basically all over the place looking at different Bug-types and sketching them, Ash was just walking along with him, while smirking at Misty who was walking with him while holding his arm as close to her and looking around nervously.

After few hours of walking, the three came in front of a badly injured Scyther, who was barley staying on his legs.

"Oh no that Scyther is badly hurt, I need to help him," said Tracey and took some potion from his backpack and went close to Scyther to heal him!

As soon as he approached to Scyther and tried to use potion, Scyther jumped backwards and stood prepared for battle, though everyone could tell he was barely holding up.

"I just want to help you Scyther, you don't have to worry," said Tracey!

"I don't need your help, so leave me alone," was what Scyther said, but only Ash understood him!

"You do need help Scyther as you can barely stand on your legs," said Ash, and got raised eyebrows from Scyther who wasn't expecting Ash to understand what he said!

"I said leave me alone, and don't come back," said Scyther, and made Ash groan.

Ash then pulled out one of his Poke balls, which surprised Misty and Tracey as they didn't expect Ash to try and capture Scyther while being hurt this much, and then released his Pokémon.

"Come on out Magenta," said Ash, and his Pink Butterfree came out!

"Use Sleep Powder on that Scyther, Magenta," said Ash, and Magenta flew above Scyther who was in battle stance, and released some powder on him. Scyther was out like a light!

"Good job Magenta," said Ash and patted Magenta, before he returned her to her Poke ball, and then walked over to Scyther and took him in his arms. He then started walking away.

"Why did you do that Ash," asked Tracey? "And where are you taking Scyther?"

"I put him to sleep as it was the easiest way to take him to Pokémon Center without capturing him," said Ash, to Tracey.

"But why didn't you try to capture him," asked Tracey, as they walked toward Pokémon Center?

"This Scyther is very old, and he doesn't look like he looks humans very much, which means he was either abandoned by his trainer, or he never had one which is more likely, and Scyther this old that never had trainer probably wouldn't want one now," explained Ash, just as they walked inside Pokémon Center.

"Excuse me Nurse Joy, but could you help this Scyther," asked Ash as he walked in front of Nurse Joy's reception desk?

"Of course, young man, but what happened to it," Nurse Joy asked, as she and her assistant Chancy pushed a stretcher for Ash to place Scyther on?

"We found him hurt while walking around so Tracey tried to help but Scyther refused our help, so I put him to sleep," explained Ash.

"That's good thing you did young man, much better than trying to capture it," said Nurse Joy! "Now you should wait while I go with Chancy and heal Scyther.

"OK Nurse Joy," said all three of them at the same time.

"I'll go out and train my Pokémon a little," said Ash! "Are you coming or are you going to stay here and wait for Scyther to be healed," he asked?

"I'll stay here and wait," said Tracey!

"I'll stay as well and rest a little," said Misty!

"Ok then, I'll be somewhere outside if you need me for something," said Ash, and walked out of the Pokémon Center!

Ash went outside a little away from Pokémon Center and released all of the Pokémon he had with him. Butterfree, Pink Butterfree, Volcarona, Ponyta, Tyrunt, Amaura, Lapras and Wartortle came cut and stood or floated in front of Ash.

"OK guys and girls, we are going to have a little spar for today, since I don't want you to get rusty inside of your balls," said Ash, and his Pokémon nodded in agreement!

"Butterfree and Volcarona are one pair, Magenta and Ponyta are second pair, Tyrunt and Wartortle are third pair and Lapras vs Amaura will be the final pair! The winners will battle in semifinal and then last match is final," explained Ash, and all his Pokémon nodded and stood in front of their opponents!

Half an hour later all battles are finished and Wartortle is the winner. He defeated Volcarona in the final match, and he celebrated while jumping around and with his sun glasses on his head.

"Ok that's enough for the sparing for today, now I just want you to run or fly around a little to stretch yourselves and that will be it for today," said Ash and his Pokémon ran, or flew away to release some tension from battles!

Ash then went back in Pokémon Center and waited with Misty and Tracey to hear about Scyther.

Few minutes later Nurse Joy and Chancy came out of the operation room with Scyther on the stretcher now wide awake. Tracey run to see how Scyther is, while Ash and Misty walked after him.

"How is he Nurse Joy," asked Tracey?

"It will be fine," replied Nurse Joy, and Tracey released a relieved sigh. "It will just take some time for his self-esteem to be restored!

"Why, what happened," asked Tracey, and Scyther lowered his head back on the stretcher and got an angry look on his face. Though if one was to look closer, he would notice sadness in his eyes? "It can't be because Ash put him to sleep so he can carry him to here!"

"No, it's not because of that, it's because this Scyther lost his swarm leadership position from battling a younger Scyther that challenged him, so now he must live in exile," explained Nurse Joy!

"Oh, I see," said Tracey!

"Well you can help him if you want," said Ash, and everyone looked at him confused!

"What I mean is that if this Scyther challenges the younger Scyther to a battle again and wins he will regain his leadership over a swarm," explained Ash! "And since you have taken a liking to him you can help him train and prepare for a rematch!"

"That's actually a good idea," said Tracey, and then looked at Scyther who was looking back at him. "What do you say Scyther, do you want me to help you train?"

Scyther kept quiet for a while, and then nodded his head though it seemed that he didn't particularly like his decision.

"Great, then we just have to wait for you to heal, and then we can start training," said Tracey with a smile on his face!

Ash, Misty and Tracey spent the rest of the day doing nothing, before they went to sleep after dinner.

Tomorrow morning Tracey got up first and went to Nurse Joy to see if Scyther is recovered so they can start his training. When Nurse Joy said he is fully recovered, Tracey and Scyther went to start training.

Few hours later Misty and Ash got up and after they had some breakfast, they also went to train their Pokémon.

Ash and Misty spent next few days training their Pokémon on Murcott Island, while Tracey trained with Scyther for Scyther's rematch against younger Scyther that defeated him before.

After 5 days of training, Scyther thought it is enough and decided to go and challenge his opponent.

Ash, Misty and Tracey then followed Scyther inside of the forest to a place where a swarm of Scyther's lived. Once they got there, they saw a whole bunch of Scyther's resting by a pond.

The elder Scyther then went ahead and challenged younger Scythe to a rematch, while Ash and Misty stayed behind. Tracey was closer to Scyther as he acted as his support.

Young Scyther smirked at the elder and teased him how he found trainer in his old days. Elder Scyther narrowed his eyes at him, but didn't fall for an obvious try of the younger Scyther to make him angry and then use his mistakes to defeat him.

In the end young Scyther accepted a challenge and the two stood across each other, and stared down at the other.

Few seconds later both Scyther's flew at each other and started swinging their scythes at one another. They were practically mimicking one another.

Elder Scyther used Sword Dance, young Scyther uses Sword Dance. Young uses Double Team, elder uses Double Team.

But no matter what attack two Scyther's use, young one seems to have a slight advantage and the advantage comes from being younger and because of that he has more stamina.

About five minutes later, elder Scyther started to slow down as he was getting tired. His training with Tracey helped him get stronger but he is still much older than the other Scyther and can't fight for long.

On the other side young Scyther doesn't seem as tired as elder, but he has few more scratches then the elder Scyther.

"Come on Scyther don't give up now, just few more attacks and you will win," cheered Tracey!

Scyther then got up from his knees, and flew straight at younger Scyther with a speed he didn't show until now.

Elder then started using a fury of attacks on young Scyther, switching between Sword Dance, Slash and Double Team.

Young Scyther tried to fight back and used every attack he knew, but he just couldn't keep up with a sudden increase in speed of the elder Scyther, and after few more slashes, young one fell on the ground defeated.

"All right," yelled Tracey and ran at Scyther and give him a hug, which Scyther returned!

He was happy that he had won a battle and regained his leadership over his swarm. But now that he is the leader again, he started thinking if that is what he really want's now. If he was asked few days ago, he would say that that is what he wants, but now after training with Tracy and spending so much time with him, he was having second thoughts.

"Congratulation's Scyther, that was a good battle," said Ash, as he and Misty joined him and Tracey!

"Thanks," said Scyther!

"Well there you have your swarm back Scyther, I hope you enjoy your role as their leader again," said Tracey to Scyther, who looked at Tracey while thinking what to do.

Scyther then looked at his swarm and the younger Scyther that have originally defeated him, and after a few moments of thinking, he decided what to do. Scyther walked over to his swarm and told them something. What he said wasn't heard by Ash and the others but by the surprised looks on Scyther swarm's faces it must be something important.

The swarm looked at one another for a few times, and then they looked at elder Scyther and nodded their heads, which is what he was waiting as, as soon as they did that he nodded back, said something and then turned around and flew back to Tracey, who was surprised.

"What's up Scyther," asked Tracey?

"I have decided to come with you on your journey, as I think that the swarm is in good hands with the young one, and I want to see some new things in my old days," said Scyther, and Ash translated what he said to Tracey, who was surprised, but also happy!

"Are you sure Scyther," asked Tracey? "I don't know when we will come back here again and you might never see your swarm again!"

Scyther looked at his swarm again, and after a few more moments he turned back and looked at Tracey before he said. "I'm sure!"

"Well ok if you are sure then welcome to the team," said Tracey with a smile on his face, before he pulled an empty Poke ball and touched Scyther with it, which caused him to be sucked inside.

Tracey, Ash and Misty then waived to the Scyther swarm and walked back to the Pokémon Center where they spent the night, before they went on to the next Island in the morning.

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