Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 27 - Orange Island's 3

Chapter 27

When Ash, Misty and Tracey left Mikan Gym, they went toward the port to catch the ferry toward the next island, but then something came to Ash's mind.

"Come on out Lapras," Ash suddenly said, and surprised Misty and Tracey!

Lapras came out of her Poke ball and cried happily, while Ash rubbed her head.

"How are you feeling Lapras," Ash asked? "I'm feeling OK Ash," Lapras responded, but only Ash understood her!

"That's great," Ash said! "Do you want to do some swimming from Island to Island, while carrying the three of us on your back," asked Ash.

"I would love that," Lapras replied happily. "It is much better then inside of Poke ball."

"Ok then let's go," Ash said, and climbed on Lapras's back, with Misty and Tracey behind him!

"Hey Ash, why do you want to travel like this instead of with ferry like until now," asked Misty after she climbed on Lapras's back, and Lapras started swimming?

"I thought it would be a good exercise for Lapras to swim a little from one island to another, and we don't have to waste money when it's not needed," Ash said.

"OK," said Misty and then relaxed on Lapras's back, and waited to get to another island.

Few hours after leaving Mikan Island, Ash, Misty and Tracey are still traveling toward the next island on Lapras's back.

That's when they saw something floating in the sea not far from them.

"Hey Lapras could you get that for me," asked Ash and pointed to what appeared to be a bottle.

Lapras took the bottle in her mouth and handed it to Ash, who saw that there was some letter inside.

"Who would have sent a letter in the bottle," wondered Misty?

"I don't know," said Tracey! "Let see."

Ash opened the bottle and puled the letter out and unrolled it.

"The letter is written by some girl called Marissa. She is from Sunburst Island and is looking for someone who knows something about Crystal Onix," said Ash after he read the letter!

"Crystal Onix. I have never heard of it," said Misty.

"I think I have heard something about it," commented Tracey, while thinking about what he knows. "There is some legend about an Onix that's made entirely out of crystal and not rock like normal Onix."

"Wow, an Onix made out of crystal," said Misty in ave "I would love to see it!"

"Do you know something, Ash," asked Tracey? Ash has told him that he is an Aura guardian, so maybe he knows something.

Ash looked at Misty and Tracey and said. "I do."

"You do. How? What do you know," asked Misty?

"My dad told me," replied Ash, and then he told Lapras to go to the island that they can see in the horizon, before he explained.

"Few years ago dad told me some of his stories from when he was traveling. He mentioned that he saw an Onix made out of crystal living in the cave on an Island in the Orange Archipelago," explained Ash!

"So you think this is the Island," stated Tracey!

"Well he didn't exactly tell me which Island it is, just that it is in the cave somewhere outside of the small town that was on the Island," said Ash!

"I guess we can go and see if we can find it, and maybe help this girl Marissa," said Misty. She was quite excited about seeing this Onix.

"We will reach the island in a few minutes, then we can look for Marissa," said Ash!

Once the three came on the Sunburst Island, Ash thanked Lapras for the ride and returned her to the Poke ball to get some well-deserved rest. Then the group went to the town to search for Melissa and see why she is so interested in Crystal Onix.

After a while they came in front of a shop where they saw a girl, no older than 8 years having an argument with an older looking guy.

"Your brother should just give up and find something else to do, he is not good at making glass figures and he should just give up," yelled the man! "He is ruining my business because his store is right next to mine!"

"You are wrong, my brother is good he just doesn't have an inspiration," the girl yelled back!
The guy snorted and turned around to walk away, but before he did he said. "Well if he doesn't have an inspiration he should not be doing this job in the first place, because his lack of inspiration is ruining the glass business on the entire island."

Once the guy left, Ash, Misty and Tracey came in front of the girl.

"Excuse me, but what was that," asked Misty, after she kneeled in front of the girl?

The girl looked at Misty and then at Ash and Tracey and asked them who they are.

"Oh, I'm sorry for not introducing ourselves," said Misty. "My name is Misty, and this are Ash and Tracey, we came here looking for a girl called Melissa. You wouldn't happen to now her now would you?

"I'm Melissa," the girl said timidly, because she didn't know these people and they are looking for her for some reason! "Why are you looking for me?"

"Ah, so you are Melissa," said Misty, and then took the bottle they found from Ash. "We found this while traveling across the sea. Are you the one who sent this?

Once Melissa saw the bottle and letter she sent on the sea in Misty's hand, her face lit up like a Christmas tree, and said. "You found my letter. You must tell me if you know were Crystal Onix is!"

When Melissa asked for them to tell her about Crystal Onix, Ash came in front of her and asked. "Why are you so interested in Crystal Onix?"

Melissa looked at him and said. "Come on in my house and I'll show you!"

Once they all entered the house, they saw that the front of the house is a shop, while in the back is a work place where they saw a guy making some stuff from glass with the help of his Charmeleon.

"Hey big brother," said Marissa as she run toward him! "I want you to meet some people that I just met!"

The guy looked at her and then at Ash, Misty and Tracey and said. "Marissa, I told you not to hang around with people you don't know!"

"But big brother they know something about Crystal Onix," said Marissa, and that made her brother narrow his eyes while looking at them!

"Who are you three, and what exactly do you know about Crystal Onix," he asked?

Ash walked forward and introduced himself. "My name is Ash, and these are my friends Misty and Tracey. And before I tell you about Crystal Onix, will you tell me why are you so interested in it?"

Marissa's brother looked at Ash for a few moments, and then he sighed before he explained. "My name is Mateo, it nice to meet you. I inherited this shop from my grandfather after he died. He was the best glass sculpture around, but I'm not like him, I just can't make sculptures like his were."

"They look fine to me," said Misty, as she looked at all kind of different Pokémon sculptures made out of glass!

"They are worthless," yelled Mateo and smashed one of the statues! "The ones my grandpa made were much better, you would think they were practically alive if you look at them. Compared to that mine are lifeless!"

"I see," muttered Misty.

"What does this have to do with Crystal Onix," asked Ash?

"When my grandpa was young like me now, he had a problem with inspiration like I have now. But that all changed when he saw Crystal Onix. He described it as something magnificent, and just seeing him was enough to inspire him for the rest of his life. That's why I want to find Crystal Onix. I want to see if I can get inspiration from it like my grandpa did," Mateo explained!

After Mateo finished explaining, Ash decided to help him, so he asked. "How many caves there are on this island?"

Ash's question surprised Marissa and Mateo, but Mateo responded. "There are few of them. But why are you asking?"

Ash then explained him what his father told him, and once he finished Mateo and Marissa were ready to jump out of their skin because of how excited they were. This is the chance they have waited for a long time to come and will not miss it.

"Ok, then how do we find the cave then," asked Mateo? "Are we going to search them all, or do you have some other way?"

Ash thought for a second, and then it came to him.

"Hey Tracey you have Marill right," asked Ash?

"Yes I do," replied Tracey confused by Ash question!

"Marill has big ears and very good hearing, it might be able to help us find Crystal Onix," Ash explained!

"Ok," said Tracey, and called out his Marill!

"Ok Marill I want you to listen to this and then try to find something that sounds the same," said Ash, while holding his Pokedex, and then he played the sound that sounded just like Onix's!

Marill listened for a minute, while twitching her ears a little, and then with a small cry she walked in front of them all, while the group walked behind Marill.

About fifteen minutes later, the group came on the shore, from where they could see another Island in the distance.

"So, it must be there," commented Marissa, and the others agreed!

"How do we get there though," asked Mateo?

As he said that, the water in front of the group started to part, and revealed a land-bridge that goes all the way to the other Island.

"I guess the path to Island is revealed only in a law tide," commented Tracey!

"Well then let's go," said Ash, and then all of them walked across the land-bridge until they came on the Island and then they entered the cave, in which they saw a lake in the middle of it.

"Hey Marill where is Onix," asked Tracey, and then Marill jumped in the lake? Nothing happened for a few seconds, until Marill jumped out of the lake, and right after her a normal sized Onix, but made out of Crystal came out of the water and roared at the group.

"Wow, it's real," exclaimed Misty and Marissa in ave, while Tracey and Mateo were also surprised, though not as much as Misty and Marissa. Ash was just looking at it normally. He has seen a lot of stuff in his short life, so he is not that surprised.

"I need to capture it," said Mateo after he back to reality and took out his Poke ball, but then suddenly, Ash stopped his hand from throwing his Poke ball!

"Why are you stopping me Ash, I need to catch it," yelled Mateo a little angry at Ash for stopping him from catching Crystal Onix!

"This Onix is unique like no other. It's probably the only one like this in the whole world, and that makes him a world treasure, which puts it under the protection of Pokémon Rangers and Aura Guardians. It would be a crime to capture it. It is not something you or anyone else should capture, seeing it, should give you inspiration you were looking for," Ash explained his reasons for stopping him, and everyone had to agree that he is right, so with a heavy sigh, Mateo returned his Poke ball back, and smiled.

He then looked at Onix, who was looking back at him. Just then Mateo sees duplicates of himself in Onix's glass facets.

"You are right Ash, just seeing him gave me all inspiration I needed," Mateo said, and then Onix flipped around and went back underwater!

"Come on then, let's go back," said Ash, and everyone went back to Mateo's shop!

Once they came back to the shop, Mateo made glass figure of Marill and gave it to Tracey. Everyone could see the difference between Marill's figure and the one that Mateo broke before. Marill actually looks like she is alive, and Misty, Tracey and Ash finally saw what Mateo meant when he said that figures can look like they have a soul.

After the three said their good buys to Mateo and Marissa, they went back to the shore where Ash called Lapras again and then went to the next island.


After passing through several other islands, Ash and his friends are about to land on Naval Island were Ash's second gym challenge, in the Orange Island's is.

"I wonder what will be your challenge on this island, Ash," asked Misty?

"I don't know, but judging by the way this Island looks, I'd say it will be something like climbing that mountain," said Ash.

"Well, we are about to get there so we will see," said Tracey, and about 5 minutes later they landed on the Island, but all they saw was a small village without any people.

"Where is everyone," wondered Misty?

"I don't know," replied Ash! "And I don't see the gym anywhere!"

"Hey look, there is someone coming here," suddenly said Tracey, and Ash and Misty turned around and saw a man approaching on a sailboat!

Once he landed he came toward the group and said. "Hey guy, I'm assuming you are here for the gym battle!"

"Yes we are. I'm Misty, and these two are Ash and Tracey," responded Misty, before she asked. "But who are you?

"Oh, my name is Danny," replied Danny, and then he approached Misty and offered his hand while saying!

"You know little miss, I have seen a lot of beautiful things on this Island's but you are the most beautiful of them all!"

Misty was looking at him for a few seconds, with a blush on her face, before she too his hand for a handshake.

"Thank you for that," Misty said while smiling!

But then she looked at Ash, and saw that he had his eyes narrowed at Danny and was releasing a little of his Aura.

"Calm down Ash, I'm sure he didn't mean anything improper," Misty said to Ash, trying to calm him down so he wouldn't attack Danny!

Danny looked at Ash and realized what's going on, and then started laughing, which made everyone look at him. After he calmed down he said. "I guess you two are a boyfriend and girlfriend."

Misty blushed at that and looked away.

"But don't worry, I wasn't flirting with Misty. It's just that she reminds me of my little sister and I like to tease her like this," said Danny while laughing and rubbing the back of his head!

This made Ash stop looking at him like he's going to murder him, and stopped releasing his Aura.

"So where is the gym," asked Ash?

"The gym is on top of the mountain," replied Danny! "Come on I'll take you there!"

"So Danny do you leave here, or are you just working here, or what," asked Tracey, while they were walking toward the bottom of the mountain?

"I both live and work here," replied Danny?

"And what exactly are you doing," asked Misty?

"Well, I..." Danny started to say, but Ash interrupted him!

"You are a gym leader here aren't you," Ash asked?

Misty and Tracey looked at Danny surprised, and Danny just laughed and said. "You are right Ash, I am the gym leader on this Island. But how did you know?"

"I don't know. A hunch," said Ash while shrugging his shoulders, which made Danny laugh again!

"That's a good hunch you got there, Ash," said Danny!

After a few more minutes of walking, the group came in front of the large gate that said Navel Gym. Danny went ahead and opened the gate, and the group saw a cable car that goes to the top of the mountain. Ash then looked around and saw a sing.

"All challengers must climb on top of the mountain without the help of their Pokémon or they risk disqualification," Ash read out loud!

"I guess this is the challenge in this gym," Ash more stated then asked, but Danny confirmed!

"A part of the challenge, you will have to climb on top to see the rest," said Danny with a smile!

"Misty and Tracey you two can take the cable car and go on top, while Ash and I will climb the mountain," Danny said, and then Misty and Tracey whished Ash good luck and then entered the cable car that went on top of the mountain!

"Are you ready Ash," asked Danny as he and Ash stood at the bottom of the mountain?

"I'm ready," said Ash, and then the two of them started climbing!

While Ash and Danny were climbing the mountain, Misty and Tracey already got on top and saw that it's freezing there. "God damn its cold," said Misty while shaking!

"There is a small house over there, let's go and warm up," said Tracey and the two went inside to wait for Ash and Danny!

It took Ash and Danny about an hour and a half to climb the mountain, and when they got there they saw Misty and Tracey wrapped in a blankets.

"Congratulations Ash. I got to say I'm surprised by how easily you climbed the mountain," said Danny!

"I already climbed several mountains before during my training, so this wasn't anything I didn't do before," replied Ash!

"Ok, now that you have passed the challenge it's time for the real test to begin," said Danny, and Misty asked!

"Wasn't this the test?"

"No, climbing the mountain was just to see if Ash is worthy taking the real challenge," said Danny! "This way I can see if challenger is a wimp, or is he/she worthy!"

"I see," said Misty!

"So what is the real challenge," asked Ash?

"The match has three rounds, and the first to get two wins, is the winner," explained Danny, and Ash just nodded in understanding!

"Ok then let's begin," said Ash!

Five minutes later Ash and Danny were standing in front of two hot water geysers.

"The first challenge is to see who can freeze the geyser first," said Danny, and then he called out his Nidoqueen.

"Ok come out Lapras," Ash called his new Pokémon!

"Are you ready for this Lapras," asked Ash, and Lapras nodded.

"Ok, we start on three," said Danny and started counting! "One... Two... Three," as he said three, both Nidoqueen and Lapras fired an Ice Beam and started to freeze geysers!

At first the two Pokémon were tied, but as they were nearing the middle of the geyser Lapras started to tire and Nidoqueen gained slight advantage.

"Come on Lapras, I know you can do it," Ash cheered, and Lapras added more power in her Ice Beam!

Few seconds later both geysers were completely frozen, but Lapras was able to win by less than a second advantage.

"Way the go Lapras, that was great," said Ash while patting Lapras who was very tired, but also happy with her win. She smiled at Ash, who then returned her in her Poke ball.

"Take a good rest Lapras," said Ash to Lapras who was now inside Poke ball!

"Well, it looks like you win the first round Ash, congratulation," said Danny, to Ash who just nodded!

"Now, for the next round you have to pick three of yours Pokémon and carve this ice into a sled," explained Danny! "The first one to do it is the winner!"

"OK," said Ash and pulled three Poke balls! "I chose Ponyta, Tyrunt and Wartortle!

The three Pokémon came out of their Poke ball's and stood ready for the challenge.

"I chose Machoke, Scyther, and Nidoqueen," said Danny and released his three Pokémon who were just as ready as Ash's Pokémon!

"Three...Two...One...GO," said Danny and all Pokémon started carving ice into a sled.

Danny's Pokémon were using brute force to make progress, and were doing Ok. Ash's Pokémon on the other hand were doing it a little differently. Since they are not as strong as Danny's Pokémon, at least physically, they used Ponyta's flames to melt the ice a little and then carve one part, and then they moved to the other part.

In less than five minutes Ash's team was able to carve perfect sled and puled another win over Danny and his team, who was close to finish.

"All right Ash, way to go," cheered Misty, after she saw Ash Pokémon finish making sled and wining the match!

"Yes Ash, that was a great plan to use fire type to melt the ice a little, and have other two Pokémon shape it the way you want. All that is left is to give you this Sea Ruby Badge, that proves that you have won the challenge here on Naval Island, and congratulate you," said Danny and handed Ash a Sea Ruby Badge!

"Thanks' Danny, this was interesting challenge," said Ash, as he took the badge!

"So, were are we going next," asked Tracey?

"The next gym is on Trovita Island, so I guess you can visit some of the Island in between here and there," said Danny, and the group thanked him and then they all went into the cable car and down the mountain.

After they came on the beach, Ash, Misty and Tracey said good bye to Danny and left with Lapras.

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