Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 26 - Orange Island's 2

I have thought about what to do with Alola Region, and I have read all your reviews and Pm's, and have made a decision.

In the end, I have decided not to merge Orange Islands and Alola.

The main reason I wanted that in the first place is to shorten the amount of stuff I had to write, because if I merged them together, then I wouldn't have to write Orange Islands and then Alola later, but since I already had Orange Islands finished, I thought there is no point to merge it with Alola as it would not change much in the end.

Another reason is that both of those Regions don't have their tournaments and I thought it would be better to create one for both instead of Orange Islands staying with what they have now, but now it doesn't really matter anymore, since I decided to do Alola later.

I have decided to place Alola Region after Hoenn Region.

At first I had a problem with placing Alola before Hoenn and Sinnoh because I didn't want to increase the age difference between Ash, May and Dawn even more than it already will be, but then I remembered that I have decided a while ago that I will not write Kanto Battle Frontier, so that openness almost a year of free time, which I will use for Alola, and the age difference between Ash and May and Dawn will stay the same as it was supposed to be.

I know that a lot of you actually liked the idea of merging Orange Islands and Alola Region, and some of you wanted Alola after Johto or some other Region, or even to leave it after Kalos, but in the end I think I picked the best place for Alola Region, and I already have plans who will go there and who will go in another Region's.

Chapter 26

Ash and Misty caught a ferry a few hours after they left Professor Ivy's lab, and went toward the next island.

It took few hours of traveling, but they finally arrived on the Tangelo Island, which was considered the first Island in the Orange Archipelago that trainers from different Regions visit once they get on the Orange Islands.

Once they came down from the ferry, Ash and Misty decided to go to the Pokémon center to check in and go and look around the Island a little.

While on the beach they saw something that made Ash and Misty quite angry. A group of three guys were beating a defenseless baby Lapras that was just standing there and crying.

"Hey what are you doing," yelled Ash, after he run in front of them?

"Go away kid, what we do is none of your business," said one of the guys that was beating Lapras with a stick!

"It is my business," yelled Ash with an angry look on his face, and then he narrowed his eyes at them! "Now tell me why are you beating this Lapras?"

The look on Ash's face made the three guys a little unnerved, but quickly shock it off and one of them said. "We are planning to challenge the Orange Crew, so we are going to capture this Lapras."

Ash narrowed his eyes even more and said. "Not if I can help it." Ash then took out one of his Poke balls and let out his Larvesta.

"So you want to battle," said one of the guys, and took his Poke ball! "Well if that's what you want than let's see what you got."

The guy let his Spearow, while the other two released their Hitmonchan, and Beedrill.

"Go Spearow, Hitmonchan, Beedrill," yelled all three of the guys at the same time!

"Go Larvesta," said Ash!

But before any attacks are launched, someone calls out for them to stop.

They all looked at who told them to stop and saw a guy around 15 years old, wearing green shirt, red shorts a headband on his forehead and a large backpack on his back. He was doing some measuring and sketching of all Pokémon, which made everyone confused why is he doing that now when they were about to have a battle.

"This Spearow is vitamin-deficient, Beedrill's coloring is poor, and Hitmonchan is lacking exercise," the guy suddenly said while pointing on the three Pokémon, and then he turned toward Larvesta.

"But this Larvesta looks perfect, the color, the fur, everything about her is great, and I can tell that its very close to evolving," said the guy while taking some sketches of Larvesta!

"Hey we were in the middle of the battle," yelled one of the guys! "Now get away from there!"

"Hitmonchan go," ordered the guy, and the others did the same!

All three of their Pokémon run at Larvesta, and then Ash said. "Larvesta, Flamethrower!"

Larvesta straightened up and blew a big Flamethrower from her mouth. The attack flew at the three Pokémon and took them all down in the flash.

Once the three guys saw their Pokémon taken down just like that, they quickly returned them in their Poke balls and run away.

"Thanks Larvesta, that was great," said Ash while petting Larvesta, and then he returned her in the Poke ball.

He and Misty then looked for the guy that was sketching Pokémon, and saw him in front of Lapras.

"Hey, who are you," asked Misty once Ash and she came closer to him?

"It's not time for introductions, this Lapras needs Nurse Joy," he said and handed Ash a bottle with medicine.

"I'll go and get Nurse Joy, you give that medicine to Lapras," he said and ran away!

Ash looked at Misty, and then back at the medicine, before he came in front of the Lapras. "Hey Lapras, I'm going to give you this medicine so that you can be better, so try not to move," said Ash while holding the medicine in front of Lapras.

Lapras looked at him and the medicine before she knocked it away from her head, but before the bottle can fall down and break, Misty threw herself on the ground and caught it.

"Hey Lapras why did you do that, I only want to help you," asked Ash while looking at Lapras?

Lapras cried a little and turned around, not looking at Ash and Misty, but she had a few tears in her eyes.

"Hm, now that I think about it, why are you even here all by yourself," asked Misty, while looking at Lapras?

"Yea it is strange, this Lapras is quite young, it should be with its family," said Ash, and noticed that Lapras now started to cry!

"Tell me what happened Lapras, maybe I can help you," said Ash!

Lapras looked at Ash and Misty, while still having tears falling down her face and then said something that Ash understood perfectly well.

"I see," said Ash. "So you got separated from your family in the storm and got here."

Lapras nodded with her head, confirming what Ash said.

"What are we going to do now," asked Misty? "Can we help her find her family?"

"Listen Lapras, you are hurt and you need to take this medicine," said Ash and took the medicine from Misty and held it in front of Lapras, who looked at the bottle in front of her!

"I will help you find your family, but you must heal first because you can't travel while hurt," said Ash, after seeing that Lapras is not sure if she should accept the medicine!

Lapras let out a few cries, and basically asked Ash if he will truly help her, and Ash just needed his head.

"I just came to the Orange Islands and will be traveling from Island to island for a while, so I'm sure we will meet your family somewhere if they are still here on the Orange Archipelago," said Ash, and Lapras let out a happy cry and accepted Ash's help.

Ash then used the medicine and sprayed it on Lapras's injuries, and few minutes later Nurse Joy came with the guy that gave him the medicine, and they transported Lapras to the Pokémon center.

"How is Lapras, Nurse Joy," asked Misty after Nurse Joy came out of the operation room where she and Chansey were healing Lapras?

"Don't worry Misty, Lapras will be alright, but she is afraid of humans. Probably because of how those guys treated her," said Nurse Joy.

"Oh, well then we should let her rest for now," said Misty, and then she and Ash went to talk with the guy that came out of nowhere earlier.

"So are you going to tell us now who you are," asked Ash to the guy?

"Oh, I'm sorry about earlier. My name is Tracey Sketchit, and I'm a Pokémon watcher," said Tracey, and offered his hand for a hand shake!

Ash took his hand and introduced himself. "I'm Ash Ketchum, and this is Misty Williams, we are a traveling trainers."

"It's a pleasure meeting you," said Tracey!

"What's Pokémon watcher," asked Misty, since she has never heard about Pokémon watcher's before?

"Pokémon watcher is a person who studies Pokémon, observing them under the ownership of a Pokémon Trainer and in their natural habitat," explained Tracey to Misty, who nodded her head in understanding. She then looked at Ash who was silent.

"Did you know what Pokémon watchers are," asked Misty, and Ash just simply said yes?

"Let's go and have lunch before Lapras wakes up so that we can see her," said Ash. "You can join us if you want Tracey!"

The three of them then went in the Pokémon center cafeteria where they had lunch and talked with one another. Misty was quite curious about Pokémon watchers and Tracey was happy to explain her everything and even showed her some of the sketches he has drawn.

During conversation Ash mentioned that he is from the Pallet Town and that he knows Professor Oak, and when he did Tracey went into a fan boy mode and started talking how Professor Oak is the greatest Pokémon researcher in the world, and how he would like to meet him and show him his sketches, so Ash had no other choice then to call Professor Oak and introduce Tracey to him. The two spent the next two hour talking over video phone, while Ash and Misty just set in the Pokémon center hole and waited for Lapras to get better.

Once Lapras was cured and ready to leave Pokémon center, Ash, Misty and Tracey came to her. "So are you ready to start traveling with me and searching for your family," Ash asked, and surprised Tracey and Nurse Joy as they didn't know that Ash and Lapras have become friends?

Lapras nodded her head and gave a happy cry before she nuzzled her face with Ash's, which made him, and everyone else smile at the sight.

"Well then let's go," said Ash and he and Misty said good bye to Nurse Joy and left toward the port to catch a ferry to the next Island, where Ash's first gym battle in the Orange Island's will be.

"Hey Ash, can I come with the two of you and travel together," asked Tracey while following Ash and Misty?

"Why," asked Misty?

"Well you two seem like a nice people to be around and I'm sure I'll be able to see a lot of different Pokémon if I travel with you," replied Tracey. "Besides, If I come with you then I'll eventually reach Pallet Town were I'll be able to meet Professor Oak in person."

Misty groaned after she heard that and said. "I guess those two hours you two talked to each other on the phone were not enough."

As she said that, Tracey blushed a little and rubbed the back of his head. "Yea, sorry about that, I guess I got a little carried away," Tracey said.

"It's Ok, you can come it's no problem," said Ash, and Misty just shrugged.

After that the three of them continued toward the port.


It has been about half a day since Ash, Misty and Tracey have left Tangelo Island, and are now about to reach Mikan Island which is the site of the first gym on the Orange Island's.

"Hey Tracey, do you know something about this Orange crew as they call them here," asked Misty, as the three of them came down from the ferry and are now walking toward the gym?

"Well, the only thing I know is that there are four gyms you have to beat, and then you can challenge the leader of the Orange crew," said Tracey. "But that's about it."

"So it's not like the Indigo League in Kanto Region," commented Misty, but this time Ash replied.

"No Misty it's not like in Kanto. Here there is no actual tournament, all you have to do is defeat all five gym leaders and you will be the winner. Also the gym battles are not like in Kanto or in other Regions, so I'm expecting something very challenging since it has been some time since I've done something other than training and battling."

"Do you have any idea what those challenges will be," asked Misty?

"No. Every gym leader has something different so I wasn't able to find out what exactly I'm supposed to do," replied Ash!

As the three continued to walk toward the gym for another ten minutes, they came in front of the coconut, just about 50 meters from the gym.

Once Ash saw the coconut, he just stopped and looked at it.

"Hey Ash, what's the problem, why did you stop," asked Misty?

Ash then looked in the direction of the tree that was next to the road and said. "Do you think we are so stupid that we will fall for such a trap?"

Misty and Tracey looked at one another wandering, who was Ash talking to, when there was a kid about 7 years old jumping from behind the tree.

"Hey how did you know I was there and that this coconut was a trap," the kid asked, surprising both Misty and Tracey that he was there and that they could have fallen for a trap if Ash didn't stop walking?

"I'm psychic," Ash replied simply, causing the kid to fall down on his face, and Misty and Tracey to laugh at him.

"Don't mess with me or I'm going to kick your ass," screamed the kid! "Now tell me why you are here?

Ash just sighed at the kid and said. "I'm here to challenge the Mikan Gym."

"What. You can't challenge this gym. You are not good enough, now beat it," yelled the kid!

"And who are you to tell me that I can't challenge this gym," asked Ash while getting annoyed by this brat?

"I'm Senta and my sister is the gym leader here, so if I say you are not good enough then you are not," said Senta!

Ash was about to say something, but was interrupted by a girl coming from behind Senta and hit him a little over the head. "What do you think you are doing Senta," she asked?"

"Hey sis. This guy says he came to challenge the gym, but I told him he is not good enough and he needs to go away," Senta said to his sister.

Cissy then looked at Ash, and after a few seconds recognized him. "You are Ash Ketchum aren't you," she asked surprising everyone that she knew him?

"How do you know me," asked Ash? "I don't think we have meet before!"
Cissy smiled and said. "I recognized you from Indigo League tournament. Congratulations for wining."

"What, are you telling me that this guy won the Indigo League," yelled Senta, which earned him another hit on the head from his sister?

"Yes Senta, he did, now be quiet you are too loud," Cissy said!

"Well anyway, if you are here to challenge me then come, we don't have time to waste," Cissy said, and then turned around a started walking toward the gym, followed by her brother and the Ash, Misty and Tracey.

After they all entered the gym, Cissy said. "Here on the Orange Islands we do things a little different than in Kanto. What you need to do to earn the badge here is to defeat me in a competition."

"What kind of competition," asked Ash?

"Senta," said Cissy, and her brother took some kid of remote controller and pressed a button, which caused a wall big door on one side of the wall to open and show clear sky.

"The first challenge is a Water Gun match-up, where a Pokémon's accuracy is tested by shooting down as many cans as possible, as you can," Cissy explained, and Ash nodded, but then asked.

"Would you mind if I exchange some Pokémon before the match since I don't have any Water Pokémon with me?"

"I don't see the problem with that," Cissy said, and when she was about to tell Ash where the exchange machine is, she saw him take out his Pokedex and called Professor Oak and told him to send him one of his Water Pokémon.

A minute later a Poke ball appeared above Ash Pokedex which he then took and said. "I'm ready!" (Think of it like this. The Pokedex has a chip that allows a teleportation of Poke Balls from one place to the other)

Senta and Cissy looked at him for a minute and thought. "That is one good Pokedex!"

"Come on out Seadra," called Cissy and released her Pokémon!

"You are up Wartortle," said Ash, and Wartortle came from his Poke ball!

"Ok let's begin," said Cissy, and then Senta pushed some buttons and some disks flew from the machine strait in the air.

Cissy told Seadra what to do, and Seadra fired a Water Gun at the disk and destroyed it.

In the next turn Ash's Wartortle did the same. A few more rounds later, both Pokémon were going for the same target, and both hit it in the same time which ended the match in a draw.

"Ok then let's go outside for the second match," said Cissy, and then they all followed her outside and came on the beach!

"The second challenge is Wave Ride. You have to climb on your Pokémon and then ride it all the way to flagged buoy, and back. The one who comes first wins," Cissy explained, and Ash called his Lapras!

"Hey Lapras, will you help me win this race," asked Ash while patting Lapras on the head and she cried happily and nodded her head?

"Great, then I'm ready," said Ash!

"Blastoise, you are up," said Cissy and released her own Pokémon!

The two Pokémon stood on the edge of the sea, with ash and Cissy on their backs, and then Senta shouted.


"Let's go Lapras/Blastoise," yelled both Ash and Cissy, and the two Pokémon started swimming toward the flagged buoy.

At first the two were evenly matched, but then Cissy gained a little advantage and managed to turn around flagged buoy, a few seconds before Ash and Lapras.

"Come on Ash, you can do it," cheered Misty, while waving at Ash!

"Ash, Cissy look out," yelled Tracey when he saw a tidal wave coming from behind the two!

"Oh fuck," said Ash as he looked behind him.

Lapras then turned her head around and fired an Ice Beam which managed to freeze the wave that was coming at Ash.

"Wow, that was great Lapras, I didn't know you can use Ice Beam," said Ash with a smile, and Lapras just blushed a little.

"Come on Ash lets finish this race," said Cissy who was thrown from Blastoise after the wave hit her, but Blastoise managed to catch her and were tied with Ash!

"Yeah, let finish this," said Ash! "Lapras fire Ice Beam all the way to the shore and then jump on it!"

Lapras did what Ash said, and after a few moments she came to the shore less than a second before Blastoise.

"Well done Ash, that was great," said Misty as she came closer and kissed him on the cheek. She didn't want to kiss him on the mouth in front of the people they don't know!

"Thanks Misty," replied Ash!

"Congratulations Ash, you won fair and square," said Cissy and took a badge that looked like a shell, and gave it to Ash. "Here is the Coral-Eye Badge, and good luck on your next challenges."

"Thank you Cissy," said Ash and then he left along with Misty and Tracey.

Ash's Pokémon

On Hand:

Butterfree, Magenta (F), Larvesta (F), Ponyta, Tyrunt, Amaura, Lapras (F), Wartortle

Oak's Lab:

Mega Lucario, Alakazam, Pikachu, Mewtwo, Ivysaur, Crobat, Primeape, Electabuzz, Ra, Lugia, Kingdra, Amaterasu (F), Gengar, Eevee (X2 – 1F), Dragonair (F), Tauros, Leafeon (F), Sylveon (F), Kabutops, Giant Onix, Vaporeon (F), Glaceon, Muk, Flareon, Jolteon, Aerodactyl, Rhyperior, Dragonair, Mega Pidgeot (F);

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