Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 23

Chapter 23

After Ash's battle with Ritchie, he and his family and friends went to have a lunch, and then went back to watch Cynthia's match that she head against an unknown trainer. The battle wasn't very long since Cynthia wiped the floor with him as easily as she did her previous opponents.

After her match, Red, Delia, Amber and Professor Oak went to have a little walk, while Ash, Misty, Leaf, Cynthia and Brock stayed to watch Cynthia's next opponent and after that Diantha's match.

And while Melissa had some problems with her opponent, she was able to win, and will have a battle with Cynthia in the next round. As for Diantha she had another easy win.

After all the battles of the day were over, and all the winners have been decided, it was obvious to everyone who will win in the next round because none of the four trainers that will battle against Ash, Cynthia, Tobias and Diantha, have any chances to win against them.

"So Ash what do you know about your next opponent," asked Misty, as she, Ash, Brock, Leaf and Cynthia were having dinner in the Pokémon center? Red, Delia and Amber are still out and Professor Oak is in his room sleeping.

"Not much," replied Ash. "She has some descent Pokémon, but little besides that."

"Maybe we should have stayed and watched her battle, that way you could have known how good she is," said Brock!

"No, I like to be a little surprised by my opponent's skills," replied Ash. "It's not fun if you know everything about them."

"Ok, if you say so," said Brock. "But you know what they say, knowledge is power!"

"From what I know about her and her Pokémon she is around the same level as Ritchie," said Ash, and Brock and the others nodded.

"So are you going to sleep early tonight or are we all going to have a walk around the Pokémon Village," asked Misty?

"We can go if you want," replied Ash. "My match begins around 12 tomorrow, so I have time to wake up a little late."

"Ok then let's go and have some fun after dinner," said Leaf and the others agreed.


It's been two days since Ash's battle since Richie. The day after that battle Ash had a quarterfinal match with a girl called Assunta, and had defeated her in a full six-on-six battle. He will battle today in the first semifinal match against Tobias.

Cynthia has also defeated Melissa in the quarterfinals, and will be battling against Diantha in the second match today.

Right now Ash and Tobias are entering the field, both serious and ready for their toughest battle in the tournament. Both of them have defeated all of their opponents without losing even one of their Pokémon, with Tobias actually using only one Pokémon all the time, and Ash has switched them for every new Pokémon his Pokémon's were facing.

In the stands are all of Ash family and friends watching the battle that is about to start, and they are cheering for Ash. They also knew that this will be Ash's strongest opponent he has faced since the start of his journey, but they believe in him and know that he can win this battle.

"Welcome everyone to the first semifinal match today between Ash Ketchum and Tobias," said the announcer, and the crowd cheered even more!

"These two trainers have won all their previous battles easily and have earned their right to be in the semifinals, in fact many believe that the winner of this match will be the winner of this tournament because they have shown to be better than Cynthia and Diantha who will be battling in the second semifinal match," said the announcer!

"Another thing is that this match and the second semifinal match along with the final match, will be shown all over the world in all the different regions, and this is something that hasn't been done until now. Until this year's tournament, Indigo League tournament wasn't shown on TV in another regions, but the last three matches of this tournament will because these four trainers are considered to be the best trainers to compete in the Indigo League in the last 20 years, ever since the tournament in which the current Kanto champion Blue Oak has battled for the first time, and his legendary battle against Red Ketchum," the announcer continued to talk, and the crowd got surprised when he mentioned Red Ketchum because he has the same last name as Ash, and they all thought that the two might be related!

While the announcer was talking, in the VIP room Blue Oak, and the four Kanto Elite Four, were seating in their chairs and waiting the match to start. The Pokémon League President was with them as well.

"So, what do you all think about this match," asked Mr. Goodshow?

"This will be the best match in the tournament so far, and probably even better than the final match," replied the Ghost type trainer Agatha.

"I agree with Agatha," said Bruno.

"You might be right, but don't forget that Cynthia and Diantha have also got to this point in the tournament just as easily as Ash and Tobias, and they are not to be underestimated," said Lorelei.

"Lorelei is right," agreed Blue. "Just because those two down there have shown the most so far, doesn't mean much, and they can be surprised by those girls."

"We will just have to wait the end of the tournament and then we can see who was right, and what battle, and which trainer was the best," said Lance.

"You know, I actually don't think that Tobias is very powerful trainer," said Bruno, and the others looked at him.

"What do you mean," asked Lorelei?

"He has only used Darkrai in all of his gym battles and in all his battles in this tournament, so who knows what kind of other Pokémon he has, for all we know they could be weaklings and that is way he's only using Darkrai," replied Bruno.

"That could be true, but it could also be the other way," said Lance. "What if his other Pokémon are as powerful as Darkrai or even more powerful?"

"Oh come on Lance, how many trainers have you ever seen that have a Legendary Pokémon, to have more than one," asked Bruno? "Or how many teenagers like Tobias have Pokémon that can battle a Legendary Pokémon and win?"

Blue listened what they were saying and got tired of their arguing and sighed. "Look, I will have to agree with what Lance said because I know that, that guy Tobias has another Legendary Pokémon," Blue said and surprised the others.

"How is that possible," asked Lorelei?

"What is his other Legendary Pokémon," asked Agatha? "And how do you know that and we don't?"

Blue looked at them and replied. "I know because Red told me few days ago."

"I see," said Lorelei. "And how did he find out?"

"He got interested in Tobias when he saw him use Darkrai and did some research on him, but the only thing he found is that he is from Jubilife City in Sinnoh Region, and that he has Darkrai and Latios, but other than that nothing," replied Blue and everybody widened their eyes when they heard that Tobias has a Latios.

"This is defiantly going to be an amazing battle," said Lance and looked back toward the field where the battle was about to start, and the others did the same, after they agree with what he said!

Back on the field it's just been decided that Tobias will chose his first Pokémon.

"Darkrai I chose you," said Tobias, and his Darkrai appeared but no one was surprised by this!

"Aerodactyl, come to battle," said Ash and released his first Pokémon in today's battle!

"Tobias has chosen his Darkrai like always, but Ash has chosen his Aerodactyl which we haven't seen so far in the tournament, let's hope this will be a great battle," said the announcer!

"Are you both ready," asked the referee, and Ash and Tobias nodded?


"Darkrai use Ice Beam," said Tobias!

Darkrai put his hands together and formed a light blue ball of energy in between them. He then puts his hands in front of him and the ball grow slightly larger. When the ball was ready he fired light blue beams from the ball at Aerodactyl.

"Aerodactyl dodge and use Wing Attack," said Ash!

Aerodactyl's wings glowed white and then he flew at Darkrai while dodging Ice Beam. He flew straight at Darkrai with surprising speed and managed to land a hit on Darkrai with one of his wings. The hit managed to spin Darkrai around a little, but he quickly stopped himself and looked at Aerodactyl, who was in the air smirking at him.

"Darkrai use Dark Pulse and then follow it up with Dark Void," said Tobias!

"Aerodactyl counter him with Hyper Beam," said Ash!

Darkrai crouched together and he then extended his arms quickly, making a wave of purple circles come out of his body and went at Aerodactyl, who took a breath and fired a powerful Hyper Beam.

The two attacks collided and battled for dominance, but a few seconds later Hyper Beam broke through Dark Pulse and went at Darkrai, but he was able to dodge it in the last second, and prepared another attack.

Darkrai put his hands together and formed a purple and black ball in his hands. He then fired it at Aerodactyl, who was surprised by the attack and didn't dodge it. When Aerodactyl was hit, a crimson bubble appears around his body that soon disappears and make Aerodactyl fall on the ground asleep.

"Darkrai finish him up with Dream Eater," said Tobias, and Darkrai prepared to finish this battle, but it won't be as easy as he thinks!

Darkrai's eyes flashed red and he created a shadow-like version of himself. The shadow then tried to go through Aerodactyl and suck up his energy, but what happened surprised Darkrai, Tobias and everyone on the stands who were watching this battle.

"Aerodactyl use Hyper Beam," said Ash, and Aerodactyl stood up and fired a Hyper Beam that went straight at surprised Darkrai and hit him head on, which made him flying backwards a few meters and roll on the ground.

"Great job Aerodactyl, now finish him off with Dragon Pulse," said Ash!

Aerodactyl opened his mouth and a turquoise energy ball appears in front of him. Aerodactyl then fired the ball at Darkrai who was trying to stand up, but was too slow and was hit by the ball which caused an explosion.

"Darkrai, noooooo," yelled Tobias, not believing that his Darkrai was defeated.

Once the dust and smoke from the explosion cleared it showed Darkrai on the ground unconscious.

"Darkrai is unable to battle, the winner is Aerodactyl," said the referee, and then the chaos started on the stadium!

"I cannot believe this, but Darkrai has been defeated for the first time in this tournament, this is unbelievable," yelled the announcer and the crowd was cheering as loud as they could.

"This was the best battle in the tournament so far, this is what we all wanted all this time, and we finally got it," the announcer continued to yell.

"Darkrai return," said Tobias after a few seconds of just staring in space.

"You really are a great trainer Ash, to think I'm going to use my second Pokémon," said Tobias. "But can you tell me how did your Aerodactyl woke up, because he should have been asleep after being hit by Dark Void?"

Ash just smirked and replied. "I have Psychic powers that allowed me to wake him up with Telepathy."

Tobias and everyone else in the stadium became quiet after they heard that.

"Are you serious," asked Tobias? "Is that even allowed in the Pokémon league?"

"Well I didn't hear about any rule that forbids me or anyone else with this kind of powers from using them in the tournament," replied Ash and Tobias and the crowd looked at referee expecting him to say something.

The referee just coughed in his hand and said. "Ash Ketchum is right. There is no rule that forbids trainers from using any special powers they might have."

The crowd then started cheering again because they knew that this battle will now become even more interesting than before.

"Ok then here is my next Pokémon," said Tobias and through his Poke Ball in the air, which then opened and another Legendary Pokémon came out!

"Latios it's your time to battle," said Tobias, and Latios gave a happy cry because he will finally have a battle!

"Unbelievable, another Legendary Pokémon on Tobias's side," shouted the announcer and the crowd was once again surprised.

"How many Legendary Pokémon this guy has," they all wondered?

Up in the stands Ash family and friends are watching the battle and most of them have smiles on their faces because Ash defeated Darkrai, but some of them are still worried a little because now he has to battle against Latios and he might be even more powerful than Darkrai.

"Hey dad, will big brother defeat this Pokémon," asked Amber? "He looks strong and I'm worried."

"Don't worry Amber, I'm sure Ash will win this," replied Red, and the others agreed. Amber smiled at his reply and turned to watch the battle and continued to cheer for Ash.

"Aerodactyl return," said Ash, and then he looked at Pikachu. "Are you up for this?"

Pikachu smirked and replied. "Like you even have to ask. I haven't had a real battle in a while, this will be interesting."

"Great to hear that," said Ash, and his Pikachu jumped on the field.

"Ash's second Pokémon is Pikachu," commented the announcer surprised because Ash sent Pikachu to battle against a Legendary Pokémon like Latios!

"Well, let's see what Pikachu can do since this is his first battle in the tournament," said the announcer!

"Are you ready," asked the referee, and Ash and Tobias nodded?


"Pikachu use Thunderbolt," said Ash!

"Latios use Light Screen and then follow it up with Luster Purge," said Tobias!

Pikachu jumped in the air and fired a very big Thunderbolt at Latios, who was surprised by Pikachu's power but quickly his body becomes covered in gold, which then cut the power of Thunderbolt in half, but even then he let a little scream because Thunderbolt was still very powerful even at half of its power.

"This is crazy, Pikachu's Thunderbolt have done some damage to Latios even though its power was caught in half because of the Light Screen," said the announcer, and Tobias was actually starting to sweat because of this.

Latios pulled himself together and then he opens his mouth and white sparkles form and gather in front of it, forming together into a pink ball of energy. He then fired a massive pink beam from the ball and Luster Purge went at Pikachu.

"Pikachu use Volt Tackle," said Ash!

Pikachu's body got surrounded in electricity and he then ran at Latios while dodging Luster Purge that went behind Pikachu and hit the ground.

Pikachu then ran straight at Latios and hit him in his body with his own body and caused Latios to cry in pain because of electricity and because of Pikachu hitting him so hard, and then he fell back on the ground and started twitching for a few seconds.

"Latios get up and use Giga Impact," said Tobias now a little angry because Pikachu seems to be toying with Latios!

Latios's stood up and then his body become surrounded by an orange sphere of energy. Then, the orange color faded and turned purple, with orange streaks of energy that spiral around the orb. Latios then flew at Pikachu and managed to hit him which caused Pikachu to fly backwards and crash in the bottom of the stands, and got covered in dust and debris.

"Looks like this is it for Pikachu, as Latios has delivered a very powerful Giga Impact," said the announcer, as crowd cheered for Tobias, so that the match will keep going!

The referee was about to declare Latios the winner, when there was a movement in the ruble where Pikachu got sent flying. A few seconds later Pikachu got out, but he was breathing a little hard and had several scars and bruises on his body.

"Would you look at this, Pikachu is still up and is not defeated," yelled the announcer, while most of the crowd as well as Tobias and his Latios had their eyes widened. "How is he still up after being hit by that powerful Giga Impact," questioned the announcer, but no one seemed to have an answer?

"Did you use your powers again to heal him or something," asked Tobias?

"Nope, this time I didn't do anything," replied Ash. "It was all Pikachu."

"I'm getting tired of this, Latios use Luster Purge and if he dodges it use Giga Impact," said Tobias!

"Pikachu dodge it, and then use Red Thunderbolt," said Ash!

Latios opened his mouth and fired another Luster Purge at Pikachu, who simple dodged it by jumping high in the air.

Latios then flew at Pikachu to take him out with Giga Impact, and Pikachu surrounded himself with Aura just like Lucario did in his battle against Aerodactyl and Kabutops, and then shot a very powerful Red Thunderbolt at Latios.

When Latios who was using Giga Impact and Red Thunderbolt collided, it pushed at one another for a full two seconds, before Red Thunderbolt pushed Latios behind and sent him on the ground which then caused an explosion that shacked the ground, and then rose in the sky in the form of a red beam of energy.

Once the beam receded and the field could be seen, almost everyone's eyes fell out of their heads because there was a crater in the middle of the field, with Latios lying in it passed out.

There was a complete silence for almost a minute, before Amber shouted and brought everyone back to reality. "That's my brother, way to go Ash you are the best," Amber yelled and Ash family and friend smiled at her. Ash smirked as well, when he heard Amber.

"Wow, what was that people, I have never seen an attack like that," yelled the announcer after he awoke from practically falling in coma when he saw Pikachu's attack?

"Latios is unable to battle, the winner is Pikachu," said the referee!

"That was great Pikachu, you can take a rest now," said Ash and Pikachu went on his shoulder and set down on it, finally able to take some rest. This battle proved to be tougher then he thought.

"Latios return," said Tobias after a few more seconds!

"What was that attack, Ash," asked Tobias? "I have never seen Red Thunderbolt!"

"You haven't seen it before because my Pikachu is the one who have created it," replied Ash! "He was able to change to color and power of his Thunderbolt by infusing a lot of Aura in his normal Thunderbolt, that way normal Thunderbolt became five times more powerful at its full power. What you saw now was about three times the normal power."

"I congratulate you Ash, in all my time as a trainer I have never seen anyone else like you or your Pokémon," said Tobias, and then he took another Poke Ball!

"Thank you," replied Ash!

"Come on out Heatran," yelled Tobias and released his third Pokémon, which turned out to be another Legendary Pokémon!

"This is crazy everyone, Tobias has just called his third Legendary Pokémon," yelled the announcer! "How many does he have, could it be that his entire team is made of Legendary Pokémon?"

"So he did have another one," commented Red, as he was sitting on the stands with Ash's friends and Delia and Amber!

"How can one trainer capture so many Legendary Pokémon," asked Professor Oak, who was with them?

"I don't know but I'm starting to think that what the announcer said can be truth and that his whole team are Legendary Pokémon," said Red, and the others got worried, because Ash only have three or four Pokémon that can battle against a Legendary Pokémon and win. And two have already battled and taken some damage.

"Don't worry everyone, I know big brother can win this," said Amber and everyone smiled a little!

"So you have one more, or do you have more of them," commented Ash and then he narrowed his eyes while looking at Tobias and then Ash's eyes glowed slightly and confused Tobias and everyone who saw that!

"What are you doing," asked Tobias?

Ash didn't reply, but just kept looking at Tobias for a few more seconds and then he stopped and his eyes stopped glowing as well. "I see," he finally said. "So you actually have five Legendary and one Pseudo Legendary Pokémon with you."

Tobias, along with everyone in the stadium widened their eyes once they heard that. Tobias because Ash was right and he didn't know how he figured that out, and the crowd because Tobias has five Legendary Pokémon.

"How do you know that," asked Tobias?

Ash sighed and replied. "It doesn't matter, let's just continue this battle, it got dragged a lot longer than I want it to drag!"

"Rhyperior come on out," said Ash and called his third Pokémon, which is his newly evolved Rhyperior!

"And Ash's third Pokémon is Rhyperior," commented the announcer! "Could this be Rhydon that Ash used early in the tournament, because if it is then that means he has evolved and this will be a great match?"

"When did Ash evolve his Rhydon," asked Misty?

"Yesterday," replied Red, and the others looked at him.

"He was planning to use him in today's battle so he asked Rhydon if he is ready to evolve and when Rhydon agreed Ash gave him Protector, and he evolved," said Red!

"Well, this will defiantly be an interesting battle because Rhyperior has some advantage over Heatran, and even though Heatran is a Legendary I'd say they are even," said Professor Oak.

"I agree," said Red, and then they all continued to watch the match.

"Are you both ready," asked the referee?

"Yes," replied Ash and Tobias!


"Heatran use Metal Sound," said Tobias!

Heatran's body glows light blue and he started to emit silver colored sound waves that spread out towards Rhyperior, forcing him to hold his ears because of the pain.

"Now use Iron Head," said Tobias!

Heatran's body become surrounded by a white aura, and he then run at Rhyperior so he can slam his own body into his.

"Rhyperior, Protect," said Ash, and then there was a barrier in front of Rhyperior which stopped Heatran's attack. A few seconds later Rhyperior shock his head a little because of previous attack and then took a battle stance.

"Now use Bulldoze," said Ash!

Rhyperior jumped a little and then he stomped down on the ground which created a shock wave that spread across the ground and crashed in Heatran, which reduced his speed a little.

"Now use Earthquake and then follow it up with Hammer Arm," said Ash!

Rhyperior jumped in the air again and when he hit the ground, it creates an earthquake that shock the entire field and made Heatran shake along with the field. Rhyperior then ran close to Heatran, who was still shaking from the Earthquake, and whose speed was reduced because of the Bulldoze, so he couldn't dodge Rhyperior's Hammer Arm, which slammed in Heatran's head and showed him down in the ground and created a crater from the force of the slam.

"That was a great executed plan from Ash which caused a lot of damage to Heatran, who's head received a lot of damage from Ground and fighting type attacks," commented the announcer.

"Though I must say if Ash's Pokémon continue to destroy the field any more, there won't be anything left once this battle is done," said the announcer, and the crowd laughed at that!

"Heatran stand up and fight," yelled Tobias very angry, because he was losing terribly from the very start of this battle!

Heatran stood up and came out of the crater, but he had some wounds on his body from Hammer Arm.

"Now use Flash Cannon," said Tobias!

"Rhyperior counter with Flash Cannon," said Ash!

Both Heatran and Rhyperior opened their mouths and fired a silver beam of energy at one another. Two attacks pushed at one another for a little while, until they both exploded and sent both Pokémon backwards toward their trainers.

"Rhyperior use Rock Wrecker," said Ash!

"Heatran use Fire Spin," said Tobias!

Rhyperior puts his hands together and small chunks of gray stones come out of the holes on Rhyperior's hands and form together into a large gray rock that is outlined in red. The red outline then fades and Rhyperior throw the rock at Heatran, who opened his mouth and released a spiraling red-orange fire that went at the rock that Rhyperior sent and when the two attacks collided there was another explosion that shock the ground and sent multiple small chunks of rock flying all over the field.

Once the dust settled and the rocks stopped falling, everyone could see Rhyperior breading hard because of that last attack, and Heatran who was a little better, but he was also breathing hard.

"Now this is the battle that we all wanted, this is how it should have been from the start," yelled the announcer and the crowd seemed to agree with him because they cheered even louder!

"Heatran use Magma Storm," said Tobias!

"Rhyperior, Protect," said Ash!

Heatran opened his mouth and released a powerful spiraling red-orange fire that went at Rhyperior, who managed to put up a barrier to save himself even though he was very tired from battling.

When Heatran's attack hit the barrier, it caused a huge explosion and then a beam of fire surrounded Rhyperior and shot toward the sky.

About a minute later, the beam came down and disappeared, and it showed Rhyperior behind a barrier that had a lot of cracks on it. Protect quickly broke, and the Rhyperior fell on his knees because he had to put a lot of power in that barrier so that it could stay and not break under the pressure of Magma Storm.

But just as Rhyperior fell on his knees, Heatran also fell down and had trouble trying to stand back up. He was just as tired as Rhyperior.

"Can you stand up Rhyperior," asked Ash, and Rhyperior grunted, but managed to stand back on his feet. "Great job, now finish him off with Drill Run!"

"Heatran get up and use Flash Cannon," said Tobias!

Rhyperior started to rotates his body quickly, with white lines swirling around his body, and charges at Heatran while floating in the air, while Heatran opened his mouths and fired a silver beam of energy.

Flash Cannon collided with Rhyperior who was using Drill Run, but couldn't hold him back and after a few seconds Rhyperior broke through Flash Cannon and collided with Heatran, which sent him skidding backwards and fall on the ground passed out.

Rhyperior stopped spinning, but after a few more seconds he couldn't stay up any more and fell down on the ground passed out.

"Both Pokémon are unable to battle, this match ends in a tie," said the referee?

"And finally we have seen one of Ash's Pokémon not win a battle, and it only took three battles in the semifinal of the tournament for one of them to fall," said the announcer! "But Rhyperior did take down Heatran before he fell unconscious so we cannot say that he lost!"

"Rhyperior return," said Ash!

"Heatran return," said Tobias!


In the VIP room of the stadium the members of the Kanto Elite Four had their mouths on the floor.

"What the hell is up with this kid, he just took out three Legendary Pokémon and only lost one of his Pokémon's," asked Lance?

"I knew Ash is a strong trainer but I wasn't expecting this," commented Bruno!

"I agree," said Agatha.

"He is an incredible trainer if he can do this, and we don't stand a chance against him," said Lorelei, and the others agreed with that.

"This is not over yet. Do you remember what Ash said that Tobias has five Legendary Pokémon," asked Blue, and the others nodded.

"Those two that are left could be even more powerful than the ones we saw," said Blue. "And it is also strange that Tobias didn't use the Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon he has, and that might mean that it is more powerful than the Legendries he used.

"After everything I have seen so far, I wouldn't be surprised if you are right, and that can also explain how Tobias could capture five Legendary Pokémon," said Lance.

"Yes it is most likely that his Pseudo Legendary is stronger than his Legendary and that is why he is keeping him until later," agreed Lorelei.

"Let's see what happens next," said Blue and they watched the start of the fourth battle between Ash and Tobias.


"Volcanion come on out," said Tobias and released his fourth Pokémon, the Legendary Pokémon Volcanion!

"Dragonair you are up," said Ash!

"Tobias choses another Legendary Pokémon, while Ash choses Dragonair, let's see is Ash and his Pokémon can defeat another Legendary or is this as far as they will come," commented the announcer!


"Volcanion use Sunny Day," said Tobias! Volcanion then glowed with red Aura and then his aura shot toward the sky which made sun shine even more than before.

"Now use Overheat," said Tobias.

"Counter it with Twister," said Ash!

Heatran opened his mouth and released a large stream of swirling fire that went at Dragonair, while the orbs on Dragonair's tail started to glow, and then he waves his tail and creates a tornado from it, sending it at Overheat.

Once the Overheat and Twister clashed, Overheat got caught inside of Twister which made a fiery storm that started to melt the field because of how hot it was, but instead of going toward Dragonair, it shot toward the sky and after a few seconds both attacks disappeared.

"Wow, that was intense, I thought that the stadium was going to melt because of the hotness of that fire storm," commented the announcer, while the crowd was whipping the sweat from their faces!

"I'm surprised your Dragonair was able to stop Overheat but let's see what he will do now," said Tobias! "Volcanion use Steam Eruption!"

Volcanion's eyes and body glowed light blue, an orb of water then formed in between the two cannons on his back and explodes, which created a massive blast around Volcanion, and went all over the field and toward Dragonair, who yelled in pain because the steam was burning him and causing him a lot of damage.

"Dragonair, get out of there and use Dragon Dance, and then follow it up with Dragon Rage," shouted Ash!

Dragonair looked up and his body become surrounded in a red and pink misty aura, and then he flayed around in the air, and went above the steam and above Volcanion. Then the orb on Dragonair's neck glowed and he send a swirling cyclone towards Volcanion who was right below him and couldn't escape.

Once the attack hit Volcanion, it caused a massive explosion that enveloped him and sent him flying and skidding around the field, until he finally stopped when he collided with the wall of the stands.

Dragonair then came back in front of Ash, and glowed a little before his burns were completely healed.

"What was that, how did Dragonair heal so fast," asked the announcer?

"It's Dragonair's ability Shed Skin, which allowed him to heal some damage and regain some of its lost power," said Ash to Tobias who was looking confused!

After the dust cleared and Volcanion could be seen again, everyone saw him standing up, but he head some wounds on his body.

"Volcanion use Blizzard," said Tobias!

Volcanion opened his mouth and released a powerful blizzard at Dragonair, who was caught in it a let a small cry, but was able to hold it together and not fall down.

After a few more seconds the Blizzard stopped and it showed Dragonair still in the air with some frost bites on his body, and breathing hard, but still in fighting condition, which confused everyone because he should have been defeated as ice is Dragon's biggest weakness.

"Dragonair Hyper Beam," said Ash.

Dragonair releases an orange beam of energy from its horn, and the beam then went at Volcanion and hit him right in the head, which again sent him backwards and crash in the wall.

"And again we see a big comeback from Dragonair after Volcanion's powerful attack that should have defeated Dragonair," said the announcer, while he and everyone wondered how is Dragonair not defeated after being hit by that Blizzard!

"Volcanion get up now, and use Flamethrower," yelled Tobias, and Ash narrowed his eyes at him!

"Are you sure he can get up," asked Ash, while looking at Tobias with narrowed eyes, and Tobias looked back at him?

"Stay out of this, if I tell him to stand up and use an attack he will stand up and do it," yelled Tobias at Ash, and made everyone widen their eyes because that sounded like he doesn't even care about his Pokémon!

That's when Volcanion stood up and went in front of Tobias while limping a little because of the wounds he has received.

Volcanion then opened his mouth and fired a very powerful Flamethrower at Dragonair.

"Dragonair, Flamethrower," said Ash, and Dragonair countered Volcanion's Flamethrower with his own.

The two attacks pushed at one another for a while, which caused both Pokémon to start losing their breath, and in the end both attacks exploded and sent Volcanion and Dragonair siding on the ground until they stopped in front of their trainers.

"Are you alright Dragonair," asked Ash worried for his Pokémon? Dragonair raised his head and nodded. Then he stood up and flew in the air, but he had a lot of burns and wounds all over his body and was breathing hard.

"Volcanion, get up and go there and defeat that Pokémon, or are you going to let yourself be defeated like some looser," yelled Tobias, and caused gasps from most of the people on the stadium, and narrowed eyes from Ash, Red and those in VIP room.

Volcanion stood up and lowered his head because he was injured and couldn't take much more of this, and on top of that Tobias is insulting him.

"Use Flare Blitz," said Tobias!

"Dragonair use Dragon Rush," said Ash!

A red and orange fire started to circle around Volcanion until completely covering his body like a fiery aura. Volcanion then run at Dragonair and tried to slam in him.

Dragonair's body become surrounded in a light blue orb with white streaks and then went at Volcanion and they slammed into one another with full force.

They pushed at one another for few more seconds, until the explosion occurred and sent them back, again.

The explosion and their crash lifted dust around the field which blocked everyone's vision, and it took few moments for it to clear. Once it did clear, Dragonair and Volcanion were both on the ground and both of them were unconscious.

"Both Pokémon are unable to battle, this match is a draw," said the announcer!

"Dragonair return," said Ash! "You did great buddy, I'm proud of you. Now take a nice long rest."

Tobias growled and returned his Volcanion. "Return!"

"You know Tobias, it's not ok to treat your Pokémon like that, because if you do you will never be able to help them reach their full power, and I don't even have to tell you that you are abusing them, not so much physically as more like verbally," said Ash with what appeared to be a calm voice, but those who knew him, knew that he was reaching breaking point, since Ash is knows as someone who doesn't do well with seeing someone torturing Pokémon in any way.

"I told you already don't put your nose were it's not supposed to be, these are my Pokémon and I can train them and treat them how ever I want," yelled Tobias, and the crowed started to boo at him and to yell how he is not supposed to be a trainer if he has that kind of attitude!

"It is my business Tobias, because I'm the Grand Master of the Aura Guardians and as such it is my job to protect Pokémon form people who only see them as tools that will lead them too success, and the people who don't care for Pokémon and are abusing them," Ash said, and Tobias's eyes widened.

"You are an Aura Guardian," Tobias said surprised by that fact. "Why are you even allowed in this tournament then? With you here no one would have been able to defeat you, and it's not fair for the rest of us!"

"Are you seriously asking me that," Ash asked? "You came here with a five Legendary Pokémon and one Pseudo-Legendary that can Mega Evolve and you are complaining how it's not fair that I'm competing!"

"The Pokémon League has allowed the use of the Legendary Pokémon, so I'm not doing anything that's forbidden," said Tobias!

"No you are not, but just because you were allowed to use Legendary Pokémon, doesn't mean that you should have used them, and you didn't only use one but full team of Legendary Pokémon," replied Ash, and the crowd actually agreed on what he said, judging by the way their heads were moving up and down, after everything Ash said.

"I used only one Pokémon during this whole tournament, you are the first to make me use more of them, and even if I wanted to use any normal Pokémon I wouldn't be able to because I only have Legendary Pokémon and one Pseudo-Legendary," said Tobias and everyone stared at him because of what he said!

"You only use Legendary Pokémon because you think that with them you can win every battle, and don't want to bother with training your Pokémon, don't you," asked Ash?

"Is that wrong," asked Tobias back? "I battled against every Legendary Pokémon that I caught and I didn't force them to come with me. They came after they lost to me in a battle!"

"Legendary Pokémon are not much different than normal Pokémon. If they battle and lose against someone they can decide to come with that person because they think that someone who was good enough to defeat them is also good enough to help them become stronger as well. And since you say that they all came with you on their own than that was probably because they thought you are capable of making them stronger, but I guess they were wrong," said Ash.

"I don't agree with you on that," said Tobias! "The Legendary Pokémon are called Legendary because of their power, they don't need to train to grow more powerful because they already are, and they shouldn't lose to some normal Pokémon who have to train for years to be able to come close to a level of Legendary!"

"If you are right, then why are you losing to me," asked Ash? "I haven't used even one Legendary Pokémon and yet I have managed to beat four of your Legendary Pokémon."

"You are using your powers to help your Pokémon win, if you didn't use them you would be losing right now," said Tobias!

"I'm winning because I have spent long time training my Pokémon to reach this level, and you didn't do shit to help your Pokémon grow stronger, you only relied on their natural power and thought that is enough," yelled Ash at Tobias, while leaking some of his Aura because he was starting to get mad at him!

"And now that you are losing you started to show that you are a bad trainer with strong Pokémon, and because of that, and because I, as well as everyone else here saw how you treat your Pokémon, I have the right to take them from you and take your trainers license if I wanted to," said Ash!

"You can't do that, I won't let you take my Pokémon and my trainers license," yelled Tobias!

"I will give you one chance Tobias. I won't you to prove me wrong, prove that you are a good trainer and that you and your Pokémon can work together and defeat me, and if you fail and I win, then I will take all of your Pokémon and release them, and then I will take your license, and no one will be able to stop me," Ash threatened while looking at Tobias straight in the eyes, which made Tobias flinch because he could actually see a demon standing above Ash, and stare directly at him.

"You already have a big advantage with four Pokémon left while I only have two and you can use your Aura to help you, how do you exactly expect me to win," asked Tobias?

"I don't expect you to win," replied Ash, and Tobias's eyes widened along with almost everyone in the stadium. "I know you can't win and no matter what you do now, you will lose because you are a failure as a trainer and not even that last Pokémon you have will help you."

"Besides, you can't back out because that would mean you are forfeiting the match and I win, which means you lose everything," said Ash with a deep voice and an evil smile that scared everyone, even his friends and family.

"You, you are a monster," said Tobias while looking at Ash, who just smirked!

"Hey referee start the next battle, please," said Ash to the referee, who was just standing there and said nothing while Ash and Tobias were arguing. When he heard what Ash said, he coughed in his hand and said.

"This match will now continue, trainers chose you next Pokémon!"

"Pidgeot come out," Ash called his Pidgeot, and she came out with a cry and waved her wings around proudly displaying herself to everyone.

The crowd looked at Pidgeot and could fell her power that's all around her body that was shining in the sun and makes her look like some bird from heaven.

Tobias pulled himself together and called his next Pokémon, and this time he will win because this Pokémon is his first Pokémon, and has never failed him before. It's with him that he was able to catch all those Legendary Pokémon.

"Garchomp come out," said Tobias, and his fifth Pokémon came from his Poke Ball. Once he did, Garchomp gave a big yell toward the sky and then looked at Ash and Pidgeot and growled!

"Ash and Tobias are finally resuming their battle, but this time it looks like Tobias's fate lies on this match, what will he do now and will he be able to beat Ash," said the announcer and the crowd booed Tobias and cheered for Ash. They didn't like how Tobias threats his Pokémon, and want him to lose!


"Garchomp lets finish this quickly," said Tobias and Garchomp nodded!

"Now Garchomp Mega Evolve," said Tobias, and touched the Key Stone he had on his right hand, while Mega Stone that was on Garchomp's neck started to glow! Garchomp then started to glow as well and then changed his look, much to the crowd's confusion, as they have never seen Mega Evolution before.

"Now I'll show you what real power is Ash, and you will see that I'm a great trainer," said Tobias!

"Garchomp use Hyper Beam," yelled Tobias!

"Pidgeot use Steel Wing," said Ash!

Mega Garchomp fired a yellow beam from his mouth that went at Pidgeot, but Pidgeot's wings glowed silver and she flew at Mega Garchomp while dodging Hyper Beam, and then hit him right in the head which made Mega Garchomp cry in pain and was sent flying back on the ground.

"Now use Hurricane," said Ash!

Pidgeot's wings glowed light blue and she started to flap them which releasing a powerful gust of wind that went at Mega Garchomp who was still on the ground. Mega Garchomp got caught inside of the Hurricane that was throwing him all over the field and air.

"Garchomp use Sandstorm," yelled Tobias!

Mega Garchomp looked up while being thrown around and called out which made a giant sand twister appear and surround the whole ring, while blowing away the Hurricane in the process.

"Now use Dragon Rage," said Tobias!

Mega Garchomp opened his mouth and fired a powerful blast of blue energy at Pidgeot, who had trouble staying in the air because of a Sandstorm. Dragon Rage made contact with Pidgeot and sent her crashing in the stadium wall.

"Hahaha, what do you say about that Ash, isn't my Mega Garchomp great, your Pidgeot doesn't stand a chance," yelled Tobias, with a little crazy look on his face. It looks like Ash's threat was getting to him!

"Pidgeot can you stand up," asked Ash, and Pidgeot stood up, but was covered in bruises?

"Great now use Hyper Beam, and then follow it up with Brave Bird," said Ash!

Pidgeot fired Hyper Beam at Garchomp, but he just dodged it with ease, then Pidgeot body become surrounded in a dark blue aura, and then she flied straight at the Garchomp and tried to slam into him with her full force.

"Dodge," yelled Tobias, and his Garchomp dodged again, but Pidgeot turned around in the air, and went back at Garchomp still cowered in dark blue aura.

"Dodge it again and use Dual Chop," said Tobias!

Unfortunately for Pidgeot, Garchomp dodged it again, and then his claws glowed green and he simultaneously hit her with them, which sent Pidgeot fly on the ground again.

"It's useless Ash, my Mega Garchomp has Sand Veil and Sand Force ability's and you will never defeat him in this Sandstorm," yelled Tobias, while smiling because he was wining and Ash can't do anything to him as long as Garchomp is in the field!

Ash sighed and looked at Pidgeot who was on the ground trying to stand up. "Come on Pidgeot don't give up now, let's show him what real strength is," said Ash, and Pidgeot tried even harder to stand up, because she didn't want to lose this match and wanted to prove to herself and to her trainer that she is as good as his other Pokémon who have defeated their opponents.

"Garchomp use Dragon Rush and finish this!"

"Giga Impact," said Ash at Pidgeot who was able to stand up.

Mega Garchomp flied into the air and the appendages on its head glowed blue. He then releases a blue, dragon-shaped energy that covers his body and went at Pidgeot.

Pidgeot flew into the sky and her body becomes surrounded by orange streaks. A purple energy then appears in front of her beak, and she flew at Garchomp who was coming at her as well.

The two Pokémon collided and there was an explosion that sent them both back and crash in the ground.

"Pidgeot use Razor Wind," said Ash, to Pidgeot who stood right after she crashed on the ground, while Garchomp took some damage from Pidgeot's Giga Impact.

Pidgeot's wings glow bright light blue and she started repeatedly waving them, causing light blue crescent-shaped energy waves to be fired at Garchomp.

Once the attack hit Garchomp he yelled in pain as several marks appeared on his skin which started to bleed.

"Now blow this Sandstorm away with Hurricane, and then use Hyper Beam," said Ash!

"Garchomp use Draco Meteor," yelled Tobias!

Pidgeot's wings glowed light blue and she released a very powerful gust of wind that blew away the Sandstorm that Mega Garchomp created earlier, and took away his increased evasion ability.

Mega Garchomp's body become surrounded in an orange aura and then he tilted his head towards the sky and fired a white ball of aura, which is surrounded in a light-orange glow and then the ball exploded in the sky and send multiple orange rocks with a light-orange glow in the center and a white and light-orange aura surrounding the rocks and the rocks started to all towards the ground and Pidgeot, who was dodging them.

While she was dodging the falling rocks, Pidgeot fired a Hyper Beam at Garchomp, who was surprised and didn't dodge it, which then sent him on the ground and caused an explosion that lifted the dust all around him.

Pidgeot then came back on the ground and breathed hard because she was exhausted and had some injuries from all the attacks she received.

"That was great Pidgeot, I'm proud of you," said Ash with a smile, which made Pidgeot smile back because she was happy that she did good enough that Ash praised her.

"Garchomp get up and defeat that Pidgeot," yelled Tobias, now completely losing himself in anger!

Mega Garchomp got up, but he was also breathing hard and was almost as hurt as Pidgeot.

"Use Dragon Breath," said Tobias!

"Protect," said Ash!

Mega Garchomp shoot a stream of black fire from his mouth at Pidgeot, who put up a barrier that was then hit by Garchomp's attack.

"Give it more power and bring that barrier down," yelled Tobias!

Mega Garchomp put even more power in his attack and then Pidgeot's Protect started to crack, which made Pidgeot put even more power in it to prevent it from cracking.

"This is bad, at this rate I'll lose all my power and the barrier will fall, and that will be the end for me in this match," thought Pidgeot in her head, but Ash was able to hear her thoughts.

"Its OK Pidgeot you don't have to push yourself more than this," said Ash Telepathically in Pidgeot's head which surprised her, and made her turn her head back at him.

"It's Ok, I don't want you to keep pushing yourself and be hurt even more. I'm not like Tobias, winning doesn't mean much to me if my Pokémon get injured because of that," said Ash.

"No, I will not give up," yelled Pidgeot! "I will win this battle, I don't want to be the only one who failed to win, and I didn't even fight a Legendary Pokémon like the others. I will win this battle for you, for me and for all our friends who believe in me."

Ash smirked at Pidgeot and said. "That's what I wanted to hear, now take him down!"

As Ash said that Pidgeot smiled and then turned back to look at Mega Garchomp, who was still firing Dragon Breath at the barrier around her and was slowly breaking it. "I will win this Ash, I promise," she said in her head, and then suddenly Pidgeot was enveloped in a white light, that kept growing bigger and bigger.

"What is going on with Pidgeot, why is she glowing," yelled the announcer, but no one head the answer, to that question? Except Misty, Brock and Ash who have seen this before and were now smiling.

"What is going on now," yelled Tobias as he as well was surprised because he didn't see this before?

"Great, Pidgeot, I'm proud of you, now take him down," yelled Ash, and then the light around Pidgeot disappeared and it showed new and improved version of her.

She was much bigger than before and had some other changes as well, but the biggest surprise was that some of the most serious wounds are gone and Mega Pidgeot looks healthier.

"What the hell, how did Pidgeot Mega Evolved without the stones that are needed for the evolution," yelled the announcer, but again no one had the answer, and those that did were quiet.

"Pidgeot use Aerial Ace," said Ash.

Pidgeot flew from behind the barrier and into the air, and then at Garchomp who was panting on the ground from using so much of his power in his previous attack, while her body become surrounded by white streaks. She then slams into Garchomp who couldn't do anything to avoid it and was sent crashing in the wall of the stands and got covered in the ruble from the collapsing wall.

"Now that was one powerful Aerial Ace, will Garchomp stand up or is this it for him," commented the announcer, while the crowd was cheering for Ash!

"Garchomp stand up and use Dragon Rush," yelled Tobias!

Garchomp somehow managed to stand up, but he looked like he came out from hell because of all the injuries he head.

"She can't evade your attack because of her ability No Guard, so finish this up," said Tobias!

Mega Garchomp flied into the air and then releases a blue, dragon-shaped energy that covered his body and went at Pidgeot.

"Protect," Ash said with a smirk, and Pidgeot smirked as well and put up a barrier in front of herself which made Garchomp hit at it and fall on the ground in pain because of the sudden hit in the barrier which felt like he hit in the mountain.

"How, she shouldn't be able to escape that because of her ability No Guard," screamed Tobias?

"You are right, she can't evade anything because of No Guard, but here she didn't evade your attack she blocked it. And Protect can work even with a Pokémon that has No Guard as the ability," said Ash.

"AAAAAAAA," scrimped Tobias while pulling on his hair. It looks like he's having a mental break down.

"Pidgeot, another Aerial Ace and then finish him with Hyper Beam," said Ash!

"Garchomp get up," yelled Tobias, but Garchomp was almost out of all of his strength and was barely keeping himself on his legs!

Pidgeot flew at Garchomp and hit him with Aerial Ace, which sent him skidding across the field, and then she fired a huge Hyper Beam which struck Garchomp and made an explosion that covered Garchomp in dust.

Once the dust cleared it showed Garchomp lying on the ground, and back in his normal state, unconscious.

"Garchomp is unable to battle, the winner is Pidgeot," said the referee!

"That's it people, Pidgeot has defeated Garchomp after an amazing battle and now Tobias only has one Pokémon left, while Ash still has four of them," yelled the announcer, and crowd was cheering for Ash!

"Great job Ash," yelled Misty, Leaf and Cynthia, who were cheering for Ash along with his family.

"That was great big brother, you are the best," yelled Amber!

"I cannot believe that we just witnessed the Mega Evolution without the stones," commented Professor Oak!

"Well this is how Lucario Mega Evolved, so I'm not that surprised as I have seen it before, but I wasn't expecting another of Ash Pokémon to Mega Evolve like that," said Brock.

"I'm surprised as well as this is something you don't see every day," commented Red and the others agreed.

"You were great Pidgeot. Congratulation on the big win and for Mega Evolving," said Ash as he patted Pidgeot, who gave him a smile and leaned in his hand.

"Thank you Ash," she said in human language and that caused several people to faint or have their mouth fall on the ground.

"So you can talk human language as well," commented Lucario who was next to Ash!

"I guess so," replied Pidgeot. "This is great."

"Ok then Pidgeot return and have a long rest," said Ash and returned his Pokémon.

"Garchomp return," said Tobias, and then he looked at Ash with murderous eyes!

"You have defeated me for the last time Ketchum," yelled Tobias! "But this time you won't be able to defeat me and my final Pokémon."

"Come out Lugia," said Tobias, and Lugia showed up, much to the surprise and shock of everyone on the stadium and even those around the world who were watching the battle on TV!

"What the hell is this? How does Tobias have Lugia," yelled the announcer more in rage then curiosity. No one should have a Pokémon like Lugia in their possession!

"I'm quite interested how were you able to catch Lugia and just walk away," said Ash. "So will you tell me?"

"I caught her a year ago. It wasn't that hard, it only took Mega Garchomp to do it," replied Tobias with a smirk.

"And how did you just walk away," asked Ash? "Because this Lugia is still very young and a year ago she wouldn't be too far from her mother. And I seriously doubt you defeated a full grown Lugia!"

"She was alone," replied Tobias with a shrug. "Even if she does have mother she wasn't there at the time."

As Lugia was hearing this, she looked at the ground and let a small cry with few tears leaking from her eyes.

Ash looked at Lugia and asked. "What happened to your mother Lugia? She wouldn't just abandon you."

Lugia let a few small cries. It looked like she was saying something to Ash as he was listening and when she finished, Ash sighed and said.

"I see, so someone has captured your mother before Tobias captured you."

As he said that there were gasps all over the stands from surprised people who were all wandering, who could have captured a Lugia and why.

"And you know nothing about that, do you," said Ash looking at Tobias?

"Of course I don't," replied Tobias.

"Ok, then let's do this," said Ash, and looked at Lucario! "Lucario you are up!"

Lucario went in front of Ash and looked at Lugia who was looking at him, with her eyes still a little misty from crying.

"Unless of course you want to give up," said Ash. "Lugia doesn't really look like she wants to battle."

Tobias narrowed his eyes at Ash and said. "Of course I'll battle, I don't care if she wants to battle or not, I'm her trainer and she will listen to me."

The crowd and all those watching this were disgusted with Tobias and wanted to just disqualify him and be done with him, but they couldn't do it.

"You can't win Tobias. This Lugia is still young and inexperienced, and you probably didn't train her at all, and only relied on her born powers," said Ash.

"Don't think so highly of yourself and your Pokémon, because she is much more powerful than the other Legendary Pokémon I have, and she won't lose to Lucario or any of your Pokémon," said Tobias.

"Let me show you how powerful Lucario is, and then you will realize how wrong you are," said Ash, and looked at Lucario.

"Ok father," replied Lucario!

Lucario surrounded himself in Aura, that then started growing bigger and bigger. As Lucario Aura increased the ground started to shake.

Those who were in the stadium and around it started panicking because of the earthquake and they thought that everyone will die. No one even cared that a Pokémon has done this and were running around like a headless chickens.

It all lasted for a few minutes until Lucario stopped releasing his Aura, and the earthquake stopped.

Once the earthquake stopped, everyone stopped running around and took a deep breath in relief before those who were in the stadium looked at Ash and Lucario. Then they finally realized what happened and some of them passed out while foaming on the mouth and the others head their eyes wide open and jaws on the floor.

"Wh-Wha-What was Th-that," stuttered the announcer?

"You see Tobias even the fully grown Lugia would have a problem to defeat my Lucario, a young one doesn't stand a chance," said Ash to Tobias who was on the ground shaking in fear!

"So do you give up or are you going to battle with Lugia at risk of her being hurt," asked Ash? "And know that if you plan to continue I will personally beat you up so badly that you will spend the rest of your life in the bed without being able to move anything besides your eyes!"

Ash released some of his Aura and his eyes glowed yellow to show that he was not joking and was serious.

Tobias couldn't take it anymore and then passed out from the fear and even pissed his pants. Even some of the people in the crowd almost pissed their pants because of fear of Ash and how dark he sounded.

"I don't think he can continue this battle, so what now," asked Ash to the referee, now back to his cheerful self? Looking on his face one would think that he was the nicest person on the world, but after seeing what he just did, everyone knew better, and knew not to mess around with him.

The referee coughed in his hand and said. "Tobias is unable to continue. The winner of the first semifinal match is Ash Ketchum."

There was a silence in the stadium after the referee said that. No one knew what to do because they wanted Ash to win but now they were afraid of him after they saw what he can do.

The silence lasted a few more seconds and then Amber shouted. "Yeah, way to go big brother, I knew you will kick his ass! You are the best!"

After that Ash family and friends stood up from their seats and started clapping their hands and cheering for him. All of that made some other people to start cheering as well and a few moments later the whole stadium was yelling and cheering for Ash.

"And that was it for the first semifinal match. Ash Ketchum has practically wiped the floor with Tobias and is going in the finals where he will be facing the winner of the second semifinal match between Cynthia and Diantha," said the announcer!

"Lucario go and pick up Tobias and lets go and have a talk with Mr. Goodshow about Tobias's license and his Pokémon," said Ash and the Lucario went and picked Tobias by the collar of his shirt and dragged him toward Ash, who went in front of Lugia.

"We need to talk about what happened to your mother. You need to tell me everything you know so I can find her and reunite you with her," said Ash to Lugia, who smiled at him and nuzzled his face with her head, which made Ash smile and patted her on the head.

The crowd who was still on the stadium and was watching this, as well as all those who could see this on TV, were wondering how someone can be this nice one second and then completely dark the next second!

After that Ash took Lugia's Poke Ball from Tobias and called her back, and then left the stadium and went to have a talk with Goodshow, Blue and everyone else that is needed. He wanted to revoke Tobias's trainer's license and free his Pokémon, and he will do it one way or another.

Ash's Pokémon

On Hand:

Mega Lucario, Alakazam, Pikachu, Mewtwo, Aerodactyl, Rhyperior, Dragonair, Mega Pidgeot (F);

Oak's Lab:

Crobat, Wartortle, Kingdra, Pink Butterfree (F) Magenta, Charizard (F) Amaterasu, Charizard Ra, Gengar, Primeape, Eevee (X2 – 1F), Dragonair (F), Tauros, Tyrunt, Leafeon (F), Sylveon (F), Kabutops, Giant Onix, Vaporeon (F), Glaceon, Larvesta (F), Amaura, Electabuzz, Ivysaur, Ponyta, Muk, Butterfree, Flareon, Jolteon;

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