Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It is now the next morning, and Ash is all set and ready to finally start his journey to become Pokémon Master and fulfill his promise to Mew. We now see Ash walking down the stairs in his house with his Lucario, Alakazam and Pikachu by his side, and is heading towards kitchen were his mother is waiting for him.

"Hey mom I'm ready to go," Ash said to his mom after he entered in the kitchen.

"Oh honey you are already ready, I'm going to miss you so much," Delia cried and hugged her son with all her strength.

"Don't worry mom, it's not like I'm going to be gone forever, I will call you from time to time and you can also call me if you want. And before you even notice it I'll be back," Ash said to his mom so that she can stop crying.

"Ok honey, you are right, it's just that you have never been apart from me for so long and I'm going to miss you,' Delia said after she let go of Ash.

"Don't worry mom like I said I'll be back before you even notice," Ash reassured Delia.

"Now I have to go, I want to visit Professor Oak and see Gary and Leaf before we begin our journey. I'm interested in which starter Pokémon they will choose," Ash said to his mom while walking towards to front door.

"Ok Ash, but don't forget to call me, and also don't forget to change your 'you know what' every day, and please be safe, I don't want anything to happen to you," said Delia.

"I will mom. Now guys say your good buys we are leaving," Ash addressed to his Pokémon and after they all said their good bye to Delia, Ash recalled his Alakazam inside his poke ball while Lucario and Pikachu walked by his side on their way towards Professor Oak's lab.


It took Ash and his Pokémon fifteen minutes to get from his house to Professor Oaks lab. Just as he was about to ring the door bell, he heard someone calling him. "Hey Ash."

Hearing that Ash turned around to see who it is and saw it's his friend Leaf. "Hey Leaf, what's up, are you ready to choose your first Pokémon and start your journey?" Asked Ash after Leaf got close to him.

"Yea I'm ready, and I already decided which Pokémon I want to be my starter," replied Leaf before she asked. "But what are you doing here, I thought you are not choosing your starter because you have Lucario, Alakazam and Pikachu?"

"Oh, well I came to say good bye to Professor Oak and to see which Pokémon you and Gary are going to choose. I guess I was curious," replied Ash.

"Well then let's go and ring the door bell, Professor Oak and Gary are probably waiting for me," said Leaf before she pushed the bell.

Half a minute later door opened up and they could see Professor Oak standing there. "Oh Leaf you are finally here, and you to Ash, I wasn't expecting you, but come on in," said Professor Oak and let them enter.

"I came to say good bye and see which starters are Leaf and Gary going to choose," said Ash after walking in Oak's lab.

"Ok then, let's go, Gary is already waiting," Oak said after hearing Ash's replay.

After walking for a few minutes they all got to a room in which Professor Oak is keeping his starter Pokémon, and just like Oak said Gary was there waiting. When Gary saw Leaf and Ash he gave them a cocky smile and said.

"Well if it isn't Ash and Leaf, you are just on time to see me choosing my first Pokémon that will help me become Pokémon master."

"You have a long way to go before you are even close to becoming Pokémon master, Gary," replied Ash.

"Ok kids stop your bickering and come here to choose your starter Pokémon," said Professor Oak from across a room.

Hearing Professor's call, Gary and Leaf went closer to him while Ash stayed a little behind. Seeing them in front of him Professor Oak took three poke balls and said.

"Here are three starters Pokémon from which you can chose one," said Professor before he released three Pokémon from their poke balls.

"You have Charmander which is a fire type," said Professor, after which Charmander gave a happy cry and waved at Leaf and Gary.

"Then you have Bulbasaur a grass starter," continued Oak, and pointed at the shy looking Bulbasaur.

"And Squirtle, the water starter," finished Oak, and then Squirtle gave cocky grin similar to Gary's and waved at them.

"So, who will chose first," asked Professor Oak and looked at Gary and Leaf.

"I think I'll go first," said Gary and came closer to the three Pokémon and after a few seconds of looking at them he picked up Squirtle.

"I chose Squirtle, I like the look of confidence on his face," said Gary and gave another cocky smile.

"More like a look of cockiness if you ask me," mumbled Ash quietly, but everyone heard him, after which Leaf gave a small giggle and Gary and his Squirtle got a scowl on their faces.

"Anyway, Leaf you are next," said Professor Oak trying to defuse a situation a little.

Leaf went in front of Charmander and Bulbasaur, and took Bulbasaur in her arms. "I think I'll take Bulbasaur, I already decided to choose it before I even came here," smiled Leaf at small Pokémon who smiled back at her.

Seeing that she was the only one not chosen by a trainer, Charmander slumped down a little and let a few tears fall down her face. She thought that no one wanted her because they think she's weak and that made her sad.

Seeing the expression on her face and realizing that Charmander is the only one left and that there are no other starter trainers who can take her, at least not before she becomes too big to be considered a starter Pokémon, Professor Oak decided to ask Ash.

"Hey Ash, would you like to take this Charmander with you?" asked Professor Oak.

Hearing this, Ash got confused expression on his face, and asked. "Why, aren't there any other trainers who are starting their journey right now?"

"Well, actually there isn't. You three are the only starters for the next three months, and by then Charmander will become too big and powerful to be starter Pokémon. New trainers might not be able to control her," replied Oak.

"Well if that's the case then I accept to take her in my team," said Ash. "Welcome to the team Charmander."

After he heard that someone wants' her on their team, and that she will have a trainer, Charmander wiped his tears and jumped to Ash to give him a hug. "Char Charmander (Thank you for taking me with you,)" said Charmander but it was only Ash who understood what she said.

"You don't have to thank me Charmander, I couldn't just leave you like that," said Ash to a surprised Charmander who wasn't expecting this human to understand what she said.

"Let me introduce you to Lucario and Pikachu here, they are two of the three Pokemon I have, and they have been my partners since several years ago." Said Ash to Charmander, and showed toward Lucario and Pikachu who were standing behind him by the entrance door, with Pikachu standing on Lucario's shoulder, while Lucario was just standing there with his arms crossed.

Charmander went in front of Lucario and Pikachu. "Hello, it's nice to meet you, I'm Charmander," she said a little shyly.

"Hello little one, nice to meet you to, and welcome to the team," said Lucario, and he and Pikachu then started having some small talk with Charmander in order to help her with her shyness, while Ash and the others were talking with Professor Oak.

"Ok, now that you have chosen your starter Pokémon I have something else for you, said Oak before he went to his desk and pulled out some empty poke balls and two Pokedex'es. He then went back to them and said.

"Leaf, Gary here are your Poke balls and your Pokedex'es. You can carry with you up to six Pokémon at the time, so you will have to exchange them from time to time. Also this Pokedex'es contain everything about you, and can give you information on every Kanto native Pokémon that you may encounter."

"Thanks Grandpa/Professor Oak," thanked both Gary and Leaf at the same time.

"And for you Ash here is Charmander's poke ball," Oak said, and gave Ash his Charmander's Poke ball, after which Ash recalled her in her Poke ball.

"Well that's all I have for you. I wish you all good luck on your journey and my you become the best you can," said Professor Oak.

After that Ash, Leaf and Gary went out of Professor Oak's lab, and when they got in front of his lab they saw a convertible full of cheerleaders singing and waving at Gary, which surprised Ash and Leaf because they didn't expect this.

Seeing his cheerleading squad waiting for him, Gary smirked and said. "Well see you later guys, I have to go." And then he hoped inside of convertible and one of the cheerleaders drove them away.

"He sure thinks highly of himself doesn't he?" Asked Leaf after what she saw.

"He sure does," replied Ash.

"I'll be going then. Are you coming with me, or are you going to travel alone? Ash asked.

After thinking for a few moments Leaf said. "I think I will travel alone. I don't plan to challenge gyms so I'll take it slowly. I also promised my mom I'll came back home to show her Pokémon I chose and to say good bye."

"If that's how you want to do then good bye and good luck on your journey. I hope we will run into each other during our travels," said Ash before he turned around and started walking away.

"Yeah, good luck to you with your gym battles," shouted Leaf, and then she went back home to say good bye to her mom.


In Pallet Town there is a river that starts somewhere in North Kanto and goes through the town and to the south of Pallet Town. That river also passes through the forest to the north of Pallet, the same forest in which Ash was attacked by Spearow's five years ago and then saved by Mew.

Right now next to that river there is a girl, about eleven years old with short orange hair tied in a tail on one side, she wears a blue shorts and a yellow tank top. She is sitting next to the river eating some rice balls while in front of her there is a fishing rod, it looks like she's trying to catch some water Pokémon.

"Man, I've been sitting here for hours trying to catch some water Pokémon and still nothing, and I'm even using my special Misty lure," frowned said girl a little tired from all this waiting.

While she was seating she suddenly felt someone right behind her, and when she turned around she saw several Spearow's looking at her, or better said at her rice balls, with hungry eyes.

Seeing all those Spearow's looking at her and her rice balls like that she got a little nervous and asked. "Hey Spearow's, what's up do you want some of my rice balls?"

Hearing what the girl said Spearow's quickly flow right at her and started eating all of her rice balls and some of them even started going through her stuff.

After she saw this young girl tried to chase them away, but she did was to get them to turn their attention on her, and then they all started attacking her. She tried to defend herself but couldn't do anything against all those Spearow's, she couldn't even reach for her poke balls so she could call some of her Pokémon to help her. Seeing that there is nothing she can do she went to her bike and tried to drive herself away, but the Spearow's continued to chase after her and attacked her so she did the only thing she could and screamed for help, but she knew there is little chance that someone will hear her.

Unknown to her, someone did hear her screaming.


It has been about an hour since Ash has left Pallet Town and started his journey. Right now he is in the forest just outside of Pallet. He is not going particularly fast, since there isn't any need for that.

Right when he was about to exit the forest he heard someone screaming. Ash and his Lucario who was walking next to him stopped and started to listen to see if they will hear it again. And just when they stopped the two of them and Pikachu, who was on Ash shoulder, heard another scream coming from somewhere close to the river. Knowing that there must be some girl who is in danger, judging by the sound of the scream they quickly run to see what's happening.

After about half a minute of running the three of them saw a girl driving a bike and trying to escape from a bunch off Spearow's, but from the intensity of the attack she couldn't keep her head looking straight and she fell from her bike and rolled few meters from it. Realizing that there is nothing else she can do, the girl rolled herself in to a ball and covered her face with her arms thinking that Spearow's will eventually lave her after a few minutes. But then she suddenly heard.

"Pikachu use Thunderbolt on those Spearow's."

Right after she heard that the girl lifted her head a little and opened one of her eyes and saw a Pikachu jumping from the shoulder of a boy around her age and shut a massive Thunderbolt at the Spearow's, who didn't even have time to react before they were all struck by very powerful electric attack and they all quickly fell down unconscious. Unfortunately, Pikachu's Thunderbolt also hit the girl's bike, and completely burned it.

Seeing that the danger is gone, the girl stood up and looked at herself to check if there are any injuries, but after seeing that she only has a few scratches, she dusted a little of dirt she had on her and looked at the boy that saved her, but after seeing him she gained a little pink color on her cheeks.

There in front of her stood a boy around ten years old with spiky black hair (like Sir Aaron, only there is no hat), silver eyes and wearing black pants, black muscle shirt and a sleeveless dark blue hoodie.

She stared at Ash until he came in front of her and asked. "Hey, are you okay, those Spearow's didn't hurt you too bad did they?"

When she heard his question she quickly pulled herself together and responded. "Yeah I'm fine. Thank you for saving me, I didn't know what to do when they came after me. I'm Misty by the way, Misty Williams."

"Oh, I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, and you don't have to thank me I couldn't just leave you like that. But, I guess you can call us even if you want," said Ash, and after seeing Misty's confused expression when he said they are even he pointed his finger to the right.

When Misty saw Ash pointing his finger to the right she looked at where he was pointing and saw what he meant. Her bicycle was burned to the crisp.

"No, my bicycle, how did this happened, how am I going to travel around without my bike?" Misty yelled and run to her bike to check it.

"Yeah... I'm sorry about that. Pikachu's Thunderbolt hit your bike when he attacked those Spearow's," apologized Ash while rubbing the back of his head.

"Why me, what did I do to deserve this?" Cried Misty while looking at her bike.

"Hey Misty, I think we should get out of here, this place is not very safe," said Ash after looking around for several minutes.

Misty, who was crying for her bike looked at him after he said that and asked. "What do you mean it's not safe, you took care of those Spearow's didn't' you?"

Right after she said that one of the Spearow's that were unconscious woke up and started to yell in its language.

Nothing happened for a few moments when suddenly out of the forest came a whole flock of Spearow's and they were led by a very angry Fearow. Seeing this, Misty was about to start running away, but before she could Ash stopped her.

"Don't run that will only make them go after you, stay there and do nothing," said Ash.

Misty was about to protest but when she saw Ash's expression she obeyed him and stood there.

When Fearow finally came close enough he saw Ash and suddenly huge grin (if it's even possible), came to his face. "You... it's good to see you again now we can finish what me and my brethren started all those years ago, and this time Mew won't be here to save you," yelled Fearow in Pokémon language, of course not really expecting this human to understand what he said.

Fearow turned back to tell Spearow's to attack, but was surprised by what Ash said. "I see, so you are that Spearow who attacked me five years ago. I see you evolved, but don't think that you can kill me because of that, or that I will need Mew to save me again. So I will only say this once. Leave, and take those Spearow's with you, because if you don't, you will regret the day you were born."

When he heard that, Fearow became even more enraged, he didn't even notice that this human understood what he said. How dare that insect threaten me? I'm a mighty Fearow who has the backing of a whole flock of Spearow.

"How dare you threaten me? I will rip you to shreds. SPEAROWS ATTACK!" Yelled Fearow, and the whole flock came after Ash who just stood there with his head down, doing nothing.

While all this was happening, Misty stood in the back and watched. She was surprised by what Ash said and that apparently they knew each other. But that surprise vanished and a look of horror came on her face when she saw Fearow and Spearow's came after Ash, who just stood there and didn't move a muscle. She wanted to yell at him and tell him to run away but fear of what would happen to her if she did kept him in place and with her mouth shut.

When she thought that they were going to kill him and there is nothing she can do something happened.

Ash, who hasn't moved a muscle got surrounded by blue Aura, and his eyes glowed yellow, but he wasn't the only one because just like Ash, Pikachu started glowing as well.

Ash and Pikachu stood there, with Pikachu back on Ash's shoulder again, and let their Aura grow more and more powerful, and after a few more moments of their Aura growing in power Ash said.

"Pikachu, Thunderbolt!"When he said that, Pikachu jumped high in to the sky from Ash's shoulder, and above Fearow and Spearow's and shouted.


And then, a massive blue Thunderbolt came from Pikachu and struck down right on wide eyed Fearow and the whole flock of Spearow's and then continued down and hit the ground causing a large explosion that rocked the ground and lifted dust all across the field.

It took several minutes for all the dust and debris to settle down and for Misty to see what happened, and when she saw she couldn't believe that something like this is possible.

Where there was one an empty field covered by grass, now was just a crater, probably five meters deep and ten meters wide. And inside of the crater there was Fearow and the whole flock of Spearow's unconscious and looking like they just came out of hell, with burn marks covering their bodies and feathers all around the crater and some outside of it.

When Misty looked towards Ash, she saw him coming closer to her and asked her if she was Ok.

Misty stood there for a few minutes just staring at Ash before she said. "Yes, I'm fine. But can you tell me what that was? I never saw anything like that."

"It's a really long story and I don't feel like talking about it right now," replied Ash before he turned around and started to walk away with his Lucario walking next to him and Pikachu on his shoulder.

Seeing him walk away like that, Misty got off the ground and yelled. "Wait, where are you going?"

"I'm going to Viridian City," replied Ash in a low tone.

"Can I come with you?" Asked Misty after she heard where he was going.

When he heard her question Ash stopped and turned around. "Why? Spearow's won't attack you anymore, you can go by yourself now," asked Ash.

"Well..." Misty started before she looked down and blushed a little. "Now that my bike is destroyed I don't want to go alone so I was wondering if I can travel with you." Asked Misty so quietly that Ash and his Pokémon were barely able to hear her.

Ash and his Pokémon stood there for a few minutes none of them saying anything, before Ash said. "If you really want to come, then come on pick your stuff and let's go, I want to be in Viridian City before night comes."

When Misty heard Ash response she quickly went back near the river and picked her fishing rod and other stuff and started walking towards Viridian City along with Ash.

"So, now that we are going to be traveling together we need to know something about each other. You can start by telling me something about yourself and what was that over there?" said Misty.

"I think I might have made a mistake when I let her came with me," Ash sighed and mumbled, while Lucario and Pikachu smirked at him.

Just as they started walking towards Viridian City, both Ash and Misty caught a sight of something flying in the sky.

It was a Pokémon resembling a phoenix and a peacock. Its feathers are mostly gold and red, with yellow tail-feathers, a white underside, and green feathers at the tip of its wings. It has a green stripe on its neck, a yellow beak, black rings around its red eyes, and a feathered, yellow crest on its head. Its wings are prismatic, causing it to trail a rainbow behind it. It has darkly colored feet and legs with four toes and long talons.

"What is that?" asked Misty. "I've never seen a Pokémon like that one."

"I'm not surprised by that, no one has seen this Pokémon in hundreds of years," said Ash smiling slightly.

Seeing Misty's confused expression Ash said. "That is Ho-Oh a Legendary Pokémon that disappeared several hundred years ago. No one knows where it's been since no one has seen it since. I guess it finally decided to show itself to someone, and that someone is us."

Ash and Misty kept watching for a few more minutes until Ash said.

"Come on let's go."


It has been a few hours since Ash and Misty started their journey together. During that time Ash told Misty why that Fearow attacked him like that and everything about his Aura and Psychic powers, his training and everything that happened since he awoke his powers and about him being Aura Guardian.

Misty couldn't believe everything that Ash told her. She has heard about Aura Guardians but never actually meat one so she was curious. She also told him about herself. How she is the youngest of the four sisters, and how she left her home to go on journey to become the best water Pokémon trainer.

After few hours of walking and telling their life stories they finally made it to the Pokémon Center in the Viridian City, about two hours before nightfall. When they entered Pokémon Center Ash and Misty went to the front desk and were greeted by Nurse Joy who was standing behind front desk with her helper Chansey. "Hello kids. How may I help you?"

Ash stepped out and said. "Hello Nurse Joy. We will need two rooms for the night."

"Of course, it's no problem," said Nurse Joy and gave them their keys.

"Thanks a lot Nurse Joy," thanked Ash before he asked another question. "Also I want to sign up for the Pokémon league, can I do it here?"

"Yes you can, all I need is your Pokedex and it will be done I few seconds," replied Nurse Joy.

Well here you go then, said Ash and handed her his Pokedex.

Nurse Joy took Ash Pokedex and looked at it for a few moments before she said. "This is very unusual Pokedex, I've never seen one like this."

"Oh, well, that one is a little bit special. It was specifically created for me by the head of the research division of the Rota Kingdom, Professor Urahara. It has all information's on me, it can also be used as a navigator as it has a map of all regions downloaded in it. It also has information's on all known Pokémon from all regions, and also can be used as a phone than can be used anywhere in the world as it can catch signal from just about anywhere, and a few other stuff that are not worth mentioning," explained Ash.

Nurse Joy and Misty are left speechless after hearing all this. They have never seen a Pokedex this well-equipped.

Nurse Joy then went to her computer and put Ash's Pokedex in it and after a few minutes of typing she had all information's she needed for his registration.

"Here you go Ash it's all done, you are now registered for the league and can start challenging gyms whenever you want," said Nurse Joy and handed the Pokedex back to Ash.

"Thanks a lot Nurse Joy," thanked Ash and took his Pokedex back, before he asked another question. "Is the Viridian gym leader here in Viridian City now? I heard he is very busy with some other stuff so he doesn't have many challenges."

"Yes, he is here now and will be here for a few days, but are you sure you want to challenge him for your first badge? I mean he is considered to be the strongest gym leader and trainers usually challenge him for their last badge, some even skip his gym," wondered Nurse Joy.

"I like to think I'm a little better than most starter trainers since I had a lot of training as Aura Guardian. And even if I lose it's not a problem, I could use the experience for my next battles, but if I win I get my first badge only a day after I started my journey," said Ash.

"Well it's your decision," replied Nurse Joy.

Right after Nurse Joy said that, Ash and Misty turned around to go to their rooms when there was a big explosion coming from the door of the Pokémon center. Once the dust cleared, Ash, Misty and Nurse Joy saw a man a woman and a Meowth sanding there.

Nurse Joy quickly run in front of them and asked who are they and what they want.

"Well, they want to know who we are. Why don't we show her Jessie," said a man of the two.

"You are right James let's show them," said a women now known as Jessie.

"Prepare for trouble!" started Jessie

"And make it double!" continued James

"To protect the world from devastation!" said Jessie

"To unite all peoples within our nation!" said James

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!" said Jessie

"To extend our reach to the stars above!" said James



"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!" finished Jessie

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!" finished James


"That's right!" said Meowth

When they finished, Jessie, James and Meowth saw confused expressions on the faces of Misty and Nurse Joy, and slightly angry expression on Ash's face. It was then that Ash asked with anger in his voice.

"I'll ask again. Who the fuck are you, and what are you doing here?"

Everyone at the Pokémon center were surprised when they heard a ten year old kid speak like that, but they got over it and then Jessie said. "Hey kid are you deaf or something? We said we are a members of Team Rocket, an organization whose goal is to take over the world."

"Which is why we are here, we came to steal all the Pokémon in this Pokémon center. They will work for us and help us with our goal," continued James were Jessie left.

"That's right. And you all ae in our way so we have to get rid of you," finished Meowth.

"No you can't do that. All the Pokémon in this Pokémon center are very sick or injured, you can't take them," cried Nurse Joy hoping that they will just leave without taking the Pokémon.

"Don't worry Nurse Joy, they won't be taking anything out of this center. I'll make sure of that," said Ash now very angry as you can see Aura leaking out of his body.

"Hehe, you think you can stop us kid. Well let's see you try. Ekans come out," yelled Jessie and summoned her Pokémon.

"You to Koffing come out and help us beat this kid," James also called his Pokémon.

"Ekans use Acid on that twerp," said Jessie. "Koffing you use Sludge attack," called James.

Seeing two attacks coming on Ash, Misty and Nurse Joy screamed and covered their mouths thinking they will seriously hurt him.

Ash on the other hand just stood there and when he was close to being hit by those attacks he raised his right hand and created come sort of barrier around himself that stopped Acid and Sludge attack.

When the attacks were stopped like they were nothing, much to the surprise of everyone there, Ash said. "Lucario use Bone Rush!"

Right after Ash said that his Lucario joined his hands together, before he spread them apart and created a long rod shaped like a bone, out of his Aura. And before anyone could even blink, Lucario was already in front of Ekans and Koffing and hit them both with his attack, which made them fly and collided with Jessie, James and Meowth. And now that they are all on the pile, Lucario rushed and started to beat the crap out of every member of Team Rocket and their Pokémon.

After few minutes of this, Ash finally decided it's enough, so he said to Lucario to stop.

"Nurse Joy would you be kind enough to call Officer Jenny and tell her to came here to pick them up and take them to jail," said Ash after he turned around and looked at Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy looked at Ash for a second and then replied. "Of course I'll be right back."

Officer Jenny came about five minutes later, and saw Team Rocket on a pile, with Ash's Lucario keeping guard just in case that they try something. Not that they can with how badly beat up they are.

Officer Jenny looked at Nurse Joy and asked. "What happened here, who did this to them?"

Just before Nurse Joy was to say, Ash interrupted her and replied to Jenny's question. "I was the one who did that to them. Or better said I told my Lucario to beat them up."

"And who exactly are you?" Jenny asked with her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Those three are criminals, they are members of Team Rocket, and I'm surprised that a kid like you has a Pokémon that can do this to them," Jenny finished.

"My name is Ash Ketchum, I'm a starting trainer from Pallet Town. Me and that girl over there came here about half an hour ago and were about to go to our room's when those three broke here and said that they plan to steal all Pokémon from this center, so I had my Lucario stop them," Ash explained to Jenny what happened.

When Jenny heard this she was surprised, so she turned her head towards Nurse Joy and Misty, who both nodded their heads and confirmed that what Ash said was true.

"I guess I should thank you for capturing this criminals, but you didn't tell me how a new trainer's Pokémon can do this to two experienced trainers and their Pokémon?" asked Officer Jenny.

"Oh, well that's because I'm Aura Guardian, in fact I'm a Grand Master of the Aura Guardians, so even if I just started my journey, I've had a lot of training, and my Pokémon as well,"

Said Ash.

"Ah, so the Aura Guardians are coming back. There hasn't been that many of them around for the last few centuries," said Jenny. "But anyways, thank you for capturing them and for saving all the Pokémon in this center," Jenny thanked him, and then went to take Jessie, James and Meowth to the police station, thus letting Lucario go back to Ash, who congratulated him for a job well done.

"Well, now that they are gone I'll go to my room, I could use some rest for my gym battle tomorrow," said Ash and went to his room.

Seeing that there is nothing else she can do, Misty also went to her own room, while Nurse Joy went to do her own things.


It is now the next morning and we see Ash, along with his Lucario and Pikachu in the middle of an empty field in one of the parks in Viridian City. After a good night sleep he woke up early and went to do a little training with his new Charmander, and for her to get to know him and his other Pokemon better.

"Ok everyone come on out," Ash called and released Alakazam and Charmander who were inside of their poke balls, while Lucario and Pikachu were already out. Seeing that all of his Pokémon are out Ash said.

"Now that you are all out we are going to do some training before my gym battle today. Charmander since you two are new to this team you won't be battling today, you are only going to train for now, so you can start getting used to our training regimen" Ash said to his new Pokémon who nodded in agreement.

"Ok then, Lucario, you take Charmander and have her start some physical exercises so she can build her strength and stamina, Pikachu and Alakazam, you two can spar a little as a warm up for the gym battle," said Ash.

"Don't worry father I will have this young Charmander in top shape in no time," Lucario said and took Charmander a little away from the others to start her physical training, while Alakazam and Pikachu just nodded their heads in agreement, and started their sparing match.


While Ash and his older Pokémon were training his new ones, Misty was sitting on the side watching them all. She decided to go with Ash and see what kind of training Ash and his Pokémon are doing, and was surprised by what she saw.

Not only that Lucario, Alakazam and Pikachu are incredible strong, they also now Telepathy so they can talk with other people and not just Ash. Misty also realized that Ash and his Pokémon must be slave drivers judging by how Lucario was training poor Charmander.

Lucario only focused on improving Charmander's stamina and strength, but that was enough for the young Pokémon to drop from exhaustion after only half an hour of training, and that made him push her even more. Lucario did promise Ash that Charmander will become powerful very soon, and he don't won't to disappoint him.

After about four hours of training, Ash finally decided to end it so he can go and have his first gym battle. By this point Charmander was passed out on the ground without being able to move a muscle, Lucario was just smirking, and appeared to be happy with how training went, and Pikachu and Alakazam looked a little sweaty, but they didn't waste too much power and are ready for the gym battle.

"I'll go to the Pokémon center to leave Charmander to get healed by Nurse Joy and have some rest, while I have my gym battle. Are you coming with me or are you staying?" Ash asked.

"Oh, I'll go with you, there is nothing else I can do," replied Misty.

After that they dropped Charmander to the Pokémon center and then went to the gym.


It took Ash and Misty about 15 minutes to get from the Pokémon center to the gym and when they got there Ash went in front of two guards standing there, and said. "I'm Ash Ketchum and I challenge Viridian Gym for the Earth badge."

"You may enter," said one of the guard's and then they both moved to the side and let Ash and Misty in.

When Ash with his Lucario and Pikachu by his side along with Misty entered, they saw a normal looking room, nothing really special about It. Ash went forward and then he heard a voice.

"Ah, so I have a new challenger don't I," come a voice from the balcony located above Gym leader's side of the field. Ash looked up and saw a man dressed in an orange suit sitting in his chair with a smirk on his face, and a Persian next to him.

"Yes, I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town and I challenge you to a battle," said Ash.

"I accept. I just hope you are better than the last few challengers I had, they were pathetic," said gym leader and his smirk grow even more.

Ash frowned when he heard gym leader call challengers pathetic but didn't show any other reaction beyond that.

"What are the rules," asked Ash. And right after he said that a judge came out of the other room and stood next to the field.

"How about we have three on three Pokémon battle, when one loses all of his Pokémon it's the end," said gym leader.

"That's fine with me," agreed Ash and stood on his side of the field, while Misty went to the side to watch.

"This is a gym match between the gym leader Giovanni, and a challenger Ash Ketchum. This will be a three on three battle with no time limit. Only the challenger can switch his Pokémon at any time, while the gym leader can't. The match starts now."

"Ok, I'll chose the Pokémon first," said Giovanni and called out his Machamp.

"Hmm, so it's Machamp. Ok then, Lucario you are first," said Ash after a few seconds of thinking.

As Ash said that, his Lucario entered the field and stood across from Machamp, the two staring at each other.

"That's very interesting Pokémon you got there. Well then I guess I'll start."

"Machamp use Karate Chop," said Giovanni and then his Machamp jumped forward his hands glowing and ready to deliver repeated chops at his opponent who just stood there without moving.

"Lucario dodge that with Quick Attack and then use Aura Sphere," ordered Ash and right after he said that Lucario despaired from everyone's view and appeared right behind Machamp with an Aura Sphere in his hand ready to shove it in Machamp's back.

Seeing such speed Giovanni was about to say to his Machamp to dodge, but it was too late, Lucario already hit Machamp with an Aura Sphere right in his back and sent him flying on the other side of the field.

"Get up Machamp and use Brick Break,"yelled Giovanni a little angry that this kids Lucario got behind his Machamp like that.

Machamp managed to get up and went for Lucario, but before he could do anything Ash said. "Lucario finish this off with Bone Rush."

Lucario created a long bone out of his Aura and quickly got in front of Machamp and hit him several times all over his body.

Machamp couldn't take it anymore and fell down unconscious.

"Machamp is unable to battle the fight goes to Lucario. Gym leader chose your next Pokémon," said the judge of the match.

"That is one powerful Lucario you got there kid. You sure took me by surprise, but let's see how you do against my next Pokémon. Golem come out," called Giovanni his Golem.

I'll stay with Lucario," said Ash.

"Golem, Earthquake,"said Giovanni to his Pokémon.

Golem jumped into the air, and when it hit the ground, it created an earthquake that started to shake whole gym and everyone in it.

Seeing that Lucario is having problems staying steal from Earthquake, Giovanni quickly called his next move. "Now follow it up with Rollout!"

Golem pulled itself into a ball and rolled toward Lucario with incredible speed and power.

"Lucario, jump into the air and use Flash Cannon,"yelled Ash to Lucario who quickly jumped high up and then opened his mouth and created a ball of silver energy in front of it, and then fired it strait at Golem who has just stopped Rolling.

The silver beam of energy hit Golem who couldn't do anything else, and got thrown backwards and hit the wall creating a cloud of dust around him.

When the dust finally settled down everyone saw Golem lying on the ground completely knocked out.

"Golem is unable to battle the victory goes to Lucario, now gym leader only has one Pokémon while the challenger has three," called judge and told Giovanni to pick his final Pokémon.

"What was that move, I've never seen anything like that," asked Giovanni, now more than a little mad that two of his Pokémon were defeated very easy.

"Oh, that's Flash Cannon, a Steel type move. Lucario here is Fighting/Steel type Pokémon so it was not a problem for him to learn," Ash answered on Giovanni's question, and with a smirk on his face.

"Ok, you've taken out two of my Pokémon with only one of yours, but the next one is my strongest," said Giovanni after he returned his Golem.

"Persian it's your turn," and right as Giovanni said that, his Persian jumped from next to him on to the field, and stood in front of Lucario.

"Hmm, a Persian," thought Ash.

"Why don't you let Pikachu have this one Lucario," said Ash.

"Ok father," replied Lucario telepathically but only so that Ash and Pikachu could hear him, he didn't want anyone else to now about his ability.

"Pikachu it's your turn, show that Persian who's stronger," said Ash, and his Pikachu jumped on the field from Ash shoulder.

"The battle between Persian and Pikachu can now begin," called the judge.

"Persian start this off with Shadow Claw," ordered Giovanni.

"Counter it with Iron Tail," Pikachu, said Ash.

One of Persian's paws become surrounded by a black aura with a purple outline, that Aura then tacked the form of a claw and Persian slashed at Pikachu with it, but Pikachu reacted quickly and used Iron Tail to counter it.

When the two attacks hit each other, there was a small explosion that sent both Pokémon back on their side of the field.

"Good job Pikachu, now use Thunderbolt," Ash called his next attack.

"You use Thunderbolt as well Persian," called Giovanni.

Both Pokémon jumped and fired Thunderbolt at each other. Two attacks hit one another in the middle and battled to overpower each other.

After a few seconds of trying to overpower one another, Pikachu's Thunderbolt managed to break through Persians and hit him.

After being hit by Thunderbolt Persian flew backwards and hit the wall that's on Giovanni's side of the field.

"Nice Pikachu, we have this one in the bag," said Ash with a smirk on his face, and Pikachu gave one in return.

"This battle is not over yet. Persian get up and use Power Gem," yelled Giovanni.

"Pikachu dodge that and then finish this with Volt Tackle," Ash calmly said.

Persian somehow managed to get up and then the jewel on his forehead glowed red and he fired a pale pink beam of energy with a bright white energy around it at Pikachu, Pikachu quickly dodged Persian's attack by jumping to the right. Then Pikachu's body become surrounded by golden electricity. Pikachu than run at his opponent and it tackled him while covered in that electricity.

Once Pikachu tackled him, Persian again flew backwards, and again hit strait in the wall, but this time didn't get up.

"Persian is unable to battle the battle goes to Pikachu, and since gym leader no longer has any Pokémon the match goes to the challenger Ash Ketchum."

"All right, great job Pikachu," cheered Ash happy that he has earned his first badge.

Pikachu came back to his trainer and Lucario and then Misty came next to him and they all gave each other high five.

"That was an amazing battle Ash, congratulations on getting your first badge," said Misty.

Giovanni stood from his chair and went to the edge of the balcony that he was on. "Congratulations on wining this match Ash Ketchum, here is your badge," said Giovanni and threw Earth badge to Ash who caught it and then looked at it.

"You are very good trainer Ash, and you have some very strong Pokémon, I hope we will have another battle again someday," said Giovanni who then returned his Persian in its poke ball and left from the room.

While Giovanni was leaving, Ash stood and looked at him with narrowed eyes. Seeing his expression Lucario decided to ask.

"What's wrong father, is there a problem with that gym leader?"

After Lucario asked that, Misty and Pikachu looked at Ash expecting an answer. Ash on the other hand still kept looking at Giovanni, but after few more seconds he turned his head and looked at everyone and replied.

"There is something wrong about that guy. I can fell a great darkness in his heart, and something tells me he is not a very nice person. In fact I actually think he's evil."

Lucario, Pikachu and Misty all looked at each other and then at were Giovanni used to stand. After a few seconds Ash decided to drop it and looked at everyone.

"Let's go back to the Pokémon center to see how Charmander is doing, and to check you two and Alakazam," Ash said and the turned around to leave followed by Misty and his Lucario, while Pikachu vas on his right shoulder.

When Ash and the other left the gym, Giovanni came on to the field and thought; "That Lucario and that Pikachu were much more powerful than its normal, and that kid is very good trainer. I'll have to send some of Team Rocket members to keep an eye on them and if they can, capture those Pokémon."
His thoughts were interrupted when someone came from behind him. "Is there something wrong sir," asked one of the Team Rocket grunts who just happened to be the judge from the match.
"Get me Jessie, James and Meowth, I have a job for them," ordered Giovanni, and the grunt quickly went to do what he was told.


Fifteen minutes later and Ash and Misty were back at the Pokémon center.

"Hey Nurse Joy, how is Charmander," Ash asked after he went in front of the front desk.

"Oh, she is fine, she just needs some rest and then will be back at full health," replied Nurse Joy.

"That's great. Can you also check Lucario, Pikachu and Alakazam, there isn't another Pokémon center before Pewter City so I want to make sure they are ok," asked Ash.

"It's no problem Ash, I'll have them checked out in no time," responded Nurse Joy with a smile, and took Alakazam's poke ball while Lucario and Pikachu followed after her.

"So, when are we going to Pewter City," Misty asked to Ash after Nurse Joy left to check his Pokémon?

"We will head out tomorrow morning, that way we can rest today and my Pokémon can have a little break from today's training and gym battle," said Ash.

"Ok then I'll go back to my room. See you later," Misty said and then left.

About half an hour later Nurse Joy came back with all of Ash's Pokémon and they all went back to his room to have a little rest before they head to Pewter City tomorrow morning.

Ash's Pokémon

Lucario, Alakazam, Pikachu, Charmander;

Misty's Pokémon

Staryu, Starmie, Goldeen;

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