Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 17

Guest: Yes, there will be more girls in the harem besides Leaf, Misty and Cynthia, but I still don't know how many, probably one or two from every region except Johto. I just can't think of any girl from Johto that can be a part of Ash's harem.

Chapter 17

"I challenge you both to the battle," yelled Ash, while looking at Aerodactyl and Kabutops!

They both looked at Ash and Lucario, and then smirked. "Let's see what you got puny thing," said Aerodactyl, but only Ash and his Pokémon understood him. (Aerodactyl and Kabutops don't know about humans, because when they lived before, humans didn't exist. That is the reason why he called Ash puny thing and not human)

"Oh, you'll see what we can do," said Ash to Aerodactyl.

"Lucario, Extreme Speed at Kabutops, and then use Thunder Punch," called Ash his first move.

Lucario then surrounded himself with energy and practically flew at Kabutops because of how fast he was.

In less than a second Lucario was in front of Kabutops, and punched him with his fist that was now glowing yellow and sparkling with electricity.

Kabutops tried to stop the attack by crossing his hands, but was still sent flying back and started rolling on the ground, while electricity was coursing over his body which caused him pain.

"Lucario dodge," yelled Ash after seeing Aerodactyl flying toward Lucario with his wings glowing!

Lucario quickly jumped in the side and avoided Aerodactyl's Wing Attack.

"Great now use Flash Cannon at Aerodactyl," said Ash, and Lucario fired a black and white beam at Aerodactyl, who turned around and fired Hyper Beam.

Two powerful attacks collided with one another and caused an explosion that lifted the dust from the ground, but it was quickly pushed back because two attacks were pushing on one another trying to overpower the opponent.

While Lucario and Aerodactyl were firing their attacks, Kabutops got up and rushed toward Lucario with his sword hands glowing.

"Lucario Protect now," said Ash, after seeing Kabutops coming toward Lucario with Swords Dance, Lucario stopped Flash Cannon and immediately activated a barrier that was able to block Hyper Beam from Aerodactyl and Swords Dance from Kabutops.

The dust was lifted again because of a big explosion that happened, which covered both Lucario and Kabutops.

Once the dust settled down it showed Lucario and Kabutops staring at one another. Kabutops was breathing a little hard because of that Thunder Punch earlier and being hit by Aerodactyl's Hyper Beam but was mostly fine.

Lucario was also breathing hard, but that was because he pushed a lot of power in that barrier. He had to if he wanted to stop two very powerful attacks.

"Are you ok Lucario," asked Ash, and Lucario just nodded?

"God then let's continue this. You know I believe in you and your power, and because of that we won't lose," said Ash and Lucario just smiled and straightened up.

Aerodactyl who was still in the air used Rock Slide and created multiple stone orbs around himself and then sent them all at Lucario, while Kabutops who saw this used Rock Throw and slashed at the ground with his swords, which caused even more rocks to fly at Lucario.

"Lucario Double Team to dodge that and then use Ice Punch at Kabutops," said Ash, and then there were several Lucario's running around and dodging all the stones that were falling on them. Several were hit by some rocks, but they all turned out to be just an illusion that Lucario was creating with his speed.

Lucario then came in front of Kabutops, and used Ice Punch that sent Kabutops flying back again. "Great Lucario now finish him with Flash Cannon," said Ash, and Lucario quickly took deep breath, while still dodging Aerodactyl's Rock Slide, and fired it at Kabutops, who was able to get up.

Kabutops than surrounded himself in water and shot straight at Flash Cannon.

When the two attacks collided, they started pushing at each other just like before. Lucario was blowing a black and white beam from his mouth and Kabutops was holding it at bay with Aqua Jet.

Seeing this stalemate Aerodactyl smirked and flew at Lucario quicker than he and Ash could react, and hitted him with Steel Wings, which made Lucario lose his focus on Flash Cannon, which Kabutops was now able to push back, and hit Lucario straight at his chest.

Lucario was then thrown back because of two attacks hitting him in almost the same time, and was now lying on the ground with multiple wound and blood all over his body from Aerodactyl's Steel Wing.

"Lucario can you stand up," asked Ash, getting worried for Lucario?

"This is bad, those two are very powerful, and their team work is very good," said Brock, while standing on the side with Misty, Leaf and Urahara.

"What will Ash do now," asked Leaf?

"He can still use Pikachu and Alakazam, they are as powerful as Lucario, so he still has chance to win," replied Misty.

"I hope he can win, because those two look really dangerous," said Leaf.

Lucario was somehow able to stand up, but is very injured, and he won't be able to last much longer.

"Come on Lucario, remember I believe in you and I know you can do this," shouted Ash.

Lucario casted a glance at Ash and saw a look of worry in his eyes, worry for him. While Lucario knew that Ash cares for him a lot, just like for all of his Pokémon, this is actually the first time he has showed that he cares so much in all of the years he has known him.

Years ago, Lucario, Alakazam and Pikachu have made a vow that they will all train as hard as they can, so when the time comes for Ash's journey to start, all of them will be so strong that they will never lose a battle.

And Lucario will not be the one who will break that vow. "I will win this battle if it the last thing I ever do," Lucario yelled out loud, and then all of a sudden, he was surrounded by a white light, which grew more and more powerful each second.

Ash, as well as all of his friends, Aerodactyl and Kabutops, and all of the people who came here after they saw multiple explosions came from this place, and were now hiding behind the hill and looking this battle, all of them had their eyes wide open and were all thinking one thing.

'What the hell is going on?'

As the light grew more powerful, Misty who was looking at this with Leaf, Brock and Urahara, asked. "What is happening with Lucario, why is he glowing like he's evolving, I thought that he's already fully evolved Pokémon?"

"I cannot believe what is happening," said Urahara, while Lucario was still glowing!

"What is it, what is going on," asked Misty again?

"Lucario is Mega Evolving," replied Urahara after a few seconds of silence.

"Mega Evolution, what is that," asked Leaf, surprised that there was another evolution out there and she has never even heard about it before?

"I'll explain later, let's just see what will happen next," replied Urahara. The light appears to be getting smaller.

A few seconds later and the light completely disappeared and showed Lucario, who was now looking much different than before.

"Wow, he looks amazing," said Leaf and Misty at the same time, while they eyes were sparkling.

"Lucario you Mega Evolved, but how," asked Ash, as he was as surprised as everyone else. Especially because he knew that Pokémon that can Mega Evolve can only do that if they have Mega Stone and Key Stone.

Lucario looked at himself, and then he turned back and looked at Ash.

"I-I don't know," Lucario said, but this time he was actually speaking human language and he wasn't using Telepathy.

Once everyone heard him talking human language, almost every human that was there dropped their jaws, and some of them almost had a heart attack.

"You know what, well figure this out later, let's just finish this battle," said Ash, and Lucario just nodded and looked at Aerodactyl and Kabutops, who were glaring at him, not really knowing what is going on.

"Lucario, Thunder Punch on Kabutops and then Flash Cannon on Aerodactyl," yelled Ash, and Lucario instantly appeared in front of Kabutops and punched him with a Thunder Punch that was so powerful that sent Kabutops flying back and break through the wall of stone that was behind him and landed in another and got buried under a ruble.

He then jumped high in the sky and in front of a wide eyed Aerodactyl, and after taking a deep breath he fired Flash Cannon straight at Aerodactyl, who couldn't react in time and got blown away and landed on the same ruble under which was Kabuto and caused a large explosion.

Lucario than landed in front if Ash who congratulated him for a job well done, and they both gave each other high five.

All those who were watching this battle were still wide eyed because of how Lucario practically wiped the floor with Aerodactyl and Kabutops after he Mega Evolved.

But that is when they all heard a ruble, under which were Aerodactyl and Kabutops, is moving, and after a few seconds both of them got from under the ruble. Aerodactyl flew in the sky, and Kabutops was standing on the ground, both of them were panting really hard and were in serious pain because of all the injuries they have received. But they won't go down that easily.

"Lucario finish this off with Ultra Flash Cannon," said Ash, and Lucario surrounded himself in Aura and then jumped at Aerodactyl and punched him in the face, which sent him on the ground right next to Kabutops, who was now trying to help him up.

The Lucario took another deep breath while he was still in the air, and fired Ultra Flash Cannon, that struck straight at Aerodactyl and Kabutops who didn't even have time to blink.

Once the beam hit the two of them and then the ground, it caused an explosion so massive that the entire Grampa Canyon started to shake and break apart.

People started to fall on the ground and scream because they thought they will all die when Canyon started falling apart, and when they saw a giant black and white beam shot in the sky, and then started to spread around.

After a few seconds of spreading in every direction, the beam stopped and started to shrink down. It took one full minute for the beam to completely disappear and to reveal what happened to the Canyon.

When the dust finally settled down and all people there could see clearly, they couldn't believe what they saw.

Everyone could see a crater that goes all the way down and opens a hole above the cave. The ground around the crater is completely destroyed and there were deep ravines all over the Grampa Canyon because of the explosion and the earthquake.

"That was great Lucario, you have really become strong, didn't you," Ash praised Lucario, who was now on his knees and panting hard because of all the power he put in that Ultra Flash Cannon.

"Thank you, father, I tried my best to defeat those two, and it was a success," thanked Lucario.

"Now that you mention them, we have to go down there a capture them inside the Poke Ball's, I can't risk leaving them free," said Ash, and then he and Lucario went in the crater and, with the help from Alakazam who came to them, went down in the cave where Aerodactyl's and Kabutops body fell when they were hit by Ultra Flash Cannon.

While Ash and Lucario were inside of the cave, everyone who was outside and saw what happened started to speak amongst themselves.

"What the hell was that," someone yelled?

"What happened?"

"How is this possible?"

"How can a Pokémon be that powerful?"

Those were just some of the questions that were going around, but no one seems to have an answer on them.

"I cannot believe what happened," said Misty, watching wide eyed. "This is insanity!"

"Let's go and meet with Ash after he comes out from the cave. We have a lot to talk about, and I have the feeling that he will have to answer a lot of questions from all the people that saw this," said Urahara, once he realized that there were people there who saw all that happened.

"I agree with Dr. Urahara, we need to speak with Ash and Lucario and find out how did Lucario evolved again when he was already fully evolved Pokémon," said Brock, and then they all went next to the crater and waited for Ash and Lucario to come out.


Few minutes later, Alakazam pulled Ash and Lucario out of the underground cave. Then they all went to have a talk about what happened today.

For the rest of the day Ash was explaining to everyone about his powers and his Pokémon's powers and, where did those Aerodactyl and Kabutops came from. Even Officer Jenny who was there wanted to know about what happened.

The only thing he didn't explain was about Lucario's Mega Evolution, and that is because even he didn't know how it happened, and why he is still in that new form.

At the end of the day, when people were satisfied with Ash's answers, they all cleaned up, while Ash and his friend's, along with Urahara went inside of the small house in which Urahara was staying, and had a talk of their own.

"Well now that we are alone will you explain to us what is Mega Evolution, and how did Lucario evolve again," asked Misty, while she, Brock and Leaf were sitting on one bad, and Ash and Urahara were across from them on chairs. Lucario, Alakazam and Pikachu were there as well, and even Mewtwo was there because he was quite interested in this new evolution that Lucario went through.

"Lucario has become very powerful, he's actually surpassed me in terms of power," thought Mewtwo.

"Mega Evolution is a special evolution that some Pokémon can go through. To be able to Mega Evolve, a Pokémon and trainer must have very special bond between them, but even then, they will also need two stones. One is called Mega stone which must be carried by the Pokémon, and the other is Key stone, which trainer holds with himself," explained Ash, and then Urahara added.

"Also, there are multiple Mega Stones, one for each Pokémon that can Mega Evolve, and the trainer only needs one Key stone."

"Then how was Lucario able to evolve, when he doesn't have Mega Stone and Ash doesn't have Key Stone," asked Leaf?

"That… We do not know," relied Urahara, and Ash just sighed.

"The Mega Evolution is not something that is known around the world because it was discovered not that long ago in Kalos Region. And the only Pokémon that did Mega Evolve, were able to do it because they had Mega Stones, while trainers had Key Stones, well there was one more, but he was special case. Also, Mega Evolution is not permanent evolution, it can only last for a short time, depending on the strength of Pokémon. If you fight someone with Mega Evolved Pokémon, it will revert back if it's defeated or if the battle ends," explained Ash again.

They all then looked at Lucario who was still in his Mega form, and then Brock asked. "Do you know what happened, and the reason for your evolution?"

"I don't know," replied Lucario, much to everyone's disappointment, but then continued.

"During the battle I was losing against those two and that is not something I'm used to. I haven't lost a fight against anyone unless its Ash, Pikachu and Alakazam, and that was only in our training. When Aerodactyl and Kabutops landed those two hits on me and practically defeated me, I looked at Ash and saw in his eyes that he was worried about me. I knew that he cares a lot about all of his Pokémon as his own family, but that was actually the first time in my life that you can see that he was worried, and then I remembered something," explained Lucario, and got curious looks from everyone there.

"What did you remember," asked Ash, from next to Lucario? He was really surprised by what Lucario said about him never shoving that he was worried about his Pokémon, and he wondered why. Is it because they were always winning so easily, or is it something else?

"I remembered that day four years ago when the two of us, Pikachu and Alakazam made a vow that we will train as hard as we can, so when we start our journey, we will not lose to anyone," replied Lucario, getting a wide-eyed look from Ash and everyone else.

"Then I yelled in my head that I will win this battle even if it's the last thing I ever do, and then I started glowing," Lucario said.

"I see. So that's what happened," commented Urahara, and everyone than looked at him. "I think I have a theory of why did Lucario Mega Evolved."

"Well then tell us your theory," said Ash.

"I think that Lucario's desire to win the battle, and not disappoint you is what played major role in this," started Urahara.

"He was powerful, he is one of the Pokémon that can Mega Evolve with the Stones, but the most important thing is that he and you have a great bond, and you care for him a lot, which he confirmed when he looked at you. So, if you combine all that, with the fact that he's desire to win was so great, you get a Pokémon that can Mega Evolve without the stones," Urahara finished his theory.

"So that is your theory," commented Brock. "I must say it does sound believable."

"Yeah it does," said Misty.

"But you said that Mega Evolution is not permanent, so why is Lucario still in his Mega form after almost half a day since he evolved," asked Leaf, and got everyone's attention turned at Urahara again?

"I said that Pokémon who Mega evolve with stones are reverting back in their previous form, I didn't say anything about Pokémon who Mega evolve without the stones," said Urahara, and everyone got wide eyed.

"Does that mean that Lucario will now always be in this form," asked Misty?

"Most likely," replied Urahara. "This is only the second time that Pokémon Mega Evolved without the stones, so I'm not really sure."

"When did this happened before, and which Pokémon did Mega Evolve," asked Leaf?

"The only other Pokémon that was able to Mega Evolve by himself, and without the stones and trainer, was the Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza," replied Urahara, and his reply got everyone wide eyed again, even Mewtwo who was quiet this whole time.

"I have never even heard of that Pokémon," said Leaf!

"It's the Legendary Pokémon from the Hoenn Region," replied Ash. "In its normal form he was on the same level as Ho-Oh and Lugia, but once he Mega evolved, he became the most powerful Pokémon in the world, and only Arceus and maybe few others can fight him on even ground or hope to defeat."

After he said that, there was silence for a few minutes, before Misty broke it. "So, what are you going to do now," she asked?

"Nothing," was Ash short reply.

"What do you mean nothing," asked Brock?

"I will simply continue my journey, and think of this as just another evolution of my Pokémon," replied Ash. "Which in truth, it is."

"Won't Lucario draw to much attention now," asked Leaf? "I mean no one has ever seen a Lucario looking like this. And I don't even want to mention that he can actually speak human language now."

"So, what if he does," Ash just shrugged his shoulders. "It can only help if there are people who are interested in fighting him. That will make him stronger. And while it is weird that he can speak human language, it is not something new, as that Meowth from Team Rocket was able to speak human language as well."

"That reminds me. How can you talk like normal human, is it because of your Mega Evolution," asked Brock? "That Meowth was not a mega evolved Pokemon, and he could speak like human, but we never did find out how he can speak like that."

"It might be because of that, or it can be as simple as me being able to speak human language because my intelligence rose along with my power," said Lucario.

"He's right, there are some indications that suggest that Slowking can learn how to talk human language when they became smart enough," said Urahara.

"Ok, I think that's enough explanations for one day," said Ash and stood up from the chair. "Let's just get some sleep, it has been a long day."

The others agreed to this, and they all went to sleep in different parts of the small house.


The next morning when everyone woke up and gathered together to have breakfast, they noticed that Ash, Urahara, Lucario and Pikachu are not there.

"Where do you think Ash and the others went," asked Misty, while looking at Brock?

"I don't know, maybe they went to check how the digging for fossils is going," replied Brock.

"Well then let's have some breakfast, and then we'll go to look for them," suggested Leaf, and Brock and Misty agreed, and then started making breakfast.

Half an hour later while the three of them were having breakfast, the front door opened and in came Ash with his Pokémon, and Urahara, carrying some bags.

"Oh, you are awake I see," said Ash and walked closer to Misty, Leaf and Brock. "I have something for you three."

"What is it, and where were you," asked Misty?

"We went to dig some fossils that I was able to sense yesterday," Ash replied. "And what I want to give you, is this, he said and pulled out several Poke Ball's."

"What are these," asked Brock, while looking at the Poke Ball's?

"When I broke into that cave yesterday, I fought and capture three Omastar and three Kabuto as well as one Kabutops, and I'm giving them to you," said Ash. "Well, actually Kabutops is going with Kisuke, since I don't need it, and all three of you are getting the same Pokemon so you are equal."

"But why are you giving them to us," asked Misty?

"I don't really need them as I already have that Aerodactyl and Kabutops that Lucario fought, so you can have them," replied Ash. "I was actually planning for you to have them since I first felt them."

"Well if you are really giving them to us, then we should accept," said Brock, and took two Poke Ball's since there were six of them that means two for each. Then after him Misty and Leaf took the other four.

"You can also have this," said Ash and gave each of them one bag.

Misty, Leaf and Brock took the three bags and opened them, to see what is inside of them. And once they saw, they got wide eyed.

"Are these what I think they are," asked Brock?

"Yes, they are the fossils of the Pokémon that I found yesterday," replied Ash.

"But you already gave us alive Pokémon, why are you giving us fossils now," asked Leaf?

"What I gave you before were, Omastar and Kabuto, which are the prehistoric Pokémon that were only found in Kanto Region. But those three are the Pokémon that were originally thought to have only leaved in Hoenn and Unova Regions," replied Ash.

"Wow, but if that is true, then how were you able to find them here," asked Misty?

"They were here because millions of years ago all the regions were joined together and were a part of a Super Continent. These fossils lived back then, and once they died, they stayed here," said Ash.

"That is another thing I didn't know about," said Leaf, and Misty and Brock just nodded that they also didn't know that.

"So, what are they, and how we will be able to revive them," asked Brock?

"The one that Leaf has is Root Fossil, which can be revived in Lileep, who is a duel-type Rock/Grass. Brock has Claw Fossil, which is Anorith, a Rock/Bug duel-type, and Misty has Cover Fossil Tirtouga, who is Water/Rock duel-type. I'll show you later what the Pokedex has on them," said Ash.

"Wow, this is great. Thanks a lot Ash," Leaf said and then went and hugged Ash, which caused Misty to narrow her eyes at Leaf and Ash.

"You are welcome Leaf," replied Ash. "And you can revive them in Pokémon Lab at Cinnabar Island, which is where we are going next."

"Did you also find some fossils for yourself," asked Brock? "It wouldn't be right if you give us fossils and you don't take any, since you did find them after all."

"Don't worry about that," said Urahara. "I already gave Ash two fossils that I found here few days ago."

"Oh, and which ones did you get," asked Misty?

"I got, Jaw fossil which is Tyrunt, a duel-type Rock/Dragon, and Sail fossil which is Amaura also duel-type Rock/Ice," replied Ash. "I also found one more Helix and Dome fossil that I'm going to have revived and then give them to Amber, and another Pokémon that I found, that will be perfect for her."

"Oh, that is so sweet of you. Taking care of your little sister," teased Leaf, but Ash didn't say anything.

After that they all decided to pack their stuff and continue their journey, toward Cinnabar Island.

Ultra-Flash Cannon is just like normal Flash Cannon but much more powerful since Lucario uses his Aura to empower it more than its normal.

Ash's Pokémon

On Hand:

Mega Lucario, Alakazam, Pikachu, Larvesta (F), Mewtwo, Dratini, Electabuzz, Rhydon, Seadra, Tauros, Ponyta, Aerodactyl, Kabutops, Jaw fossil, Sail fossil;

Oak's Lab:

Pidgeotto (F), Butterfree, Pink Butterfree (F) Magenta, Crobat, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmeleon (F) Amaterasu, Charmeleon Ra, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon (F), Haunter, Muk, Primeape, Eevee (X5), Dragonair (F);

Misty's Pokémon

On Hand:

Feebas (F), Eevee, Oddish, Omastar, Kabuto, Cover Fossil;

Cerulean Gym:

Goldeen (F), Staryu, Cloyster, Starmie, Blastoise, Krabby, Horsea (F), Seel, Slowpoke, Magicarp;

Brock's Pokémon

On Hand:

Vulpix (F), Nidoran, Nidoran (F), Omastar, Kabuto, Claw Fossil;

Pewter Gym:

Steelix, Graveler, Golbat, Sandslash, Rhydon, Psyduck, Magby, Growlithe, Tauros;

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