Journey To Be The Best Pokemon Master - Rewrite @badboy1992
Chapter 16


1: In this story I want Telepathy to be more like a move, then ability. So, it is possible for everyone who knows how to use Aura of Psychic powers to learn it and not like in the games where it is ability that anticipates an attack and allows you to dodge it. All it does here is that allows people and Pokémon to talk to each other.

2: I don't think I understood what you meant in that other question, something about move tutors.


What I meant when I said I went a little overboard with Ash's powers is that I gave him some powers that made no sense at all. Like his Aura changing to black and white, and then silver, all the destruction that happens when Ash gets angry, his Aura affecting nature, those are the powers he should have when he reaches Legendary Grand Master Level, and at the start of his journey Ash is just Grand Master. That is what I wanted to change, I wasn't planning to make him weaker overall, and I don't think It is impossible for him to be at Grand Master level in both Aura and Psychic powers considering that when Mew awakened Ash's powers, she awoke them at the Advanced level, and then he trained for 5 years with his father, uncle, and his Pokémon, so I think it is believable.

Chapter 16

It has been a few days since Safari Zone, and Ash, Brock, Misty and Leaf were going toward a place called Grampa Canyon.

When they were in Pokémon center near Safari Zone, Nurse Joy told them that they can go there and if they are lucky maybe find a fossil of a prehistoric Pokémon, that they can then revive in a Pokémon Lab, on Cinnabar Island.

While they were going there, the group met a few new people, and managed to catch some new Pokémon.

Soon after leaving Safari Zone, the group got in the Stone Town at the base of the Evolution Mountain. On their way to town, they saw an Eevee tied to a tree, with a bowl of some food and water left for her. On the Eevee they saw a collar and the address, so they decided to go there and see why was Eevee tied up on a tree in the woods.

When they got to the address, they saw a big house, and what appears to be a party on the front yard. When they entered inside, Ash and the others meet the three brothers who recognized Eevee and told them that it belongs to their younger brother.

Ash explained to the three of them that he and his friend's found Eevee tied to a tree in the forest, and wanted to know why that was.

The brothers then called their younger brother, and asked him why did he leave Eevee in the forest, and he explained that it was because the three of them were pressuring him to evolve Eevee, and he doesn't want to do that just yet.

In the end they all agreed that they should just leave Mikey to evolve his Eevee whenever he wants, and in whatever evolution form he chooses, his brothers won't force him to do it anymore if he doesn't want to.

The group spent the rest of the day on the party, and Brock, Misty and Leaf even got some evolution stones and items, because they were very cheap and they might need them in the future.

After they left Stone Town, the group continued toward Grampa Canyon, and on the way they came into

Mossgreen Village, where they met a girl named Cassandra, who lives with her grandmother, and are running medicine shop.

Apparently she has a Paras that is a bit of a coward, and she needs him to learn how to fight so he can evolve, so that she can use Parasect's mushroom to help develop a miracle Pokémon medicine.

Leaf then decided to help her with her Parasect, and they had a few battles in which Leaf's Pokémon had to hold back a lot because Paras would drop unconscious from a simple breeze that goes in his direction.

It took a whole day, and a few lost matches on purpose by Leaf, for Paras to evolve in Parasect.

After it was over, and Casandra thanked Leaf for her help, Ash and the others went back on their way toward Grampa Canyon.

The next day, they all run into a Jigglypuff, who had a problem with her singing, so Leaf caught her and decided to help her learn how to sing.


After one more day the group has finally arrived in Grampa Canyon, and saw a lot of people going in and out of the place, while carrying shovels.

"Wow, you would think that there is gold here and because of that all this people are here," commented Misty.

"Well, ever since the word was spread that there are Pokémon fossils here that can be revived in Pokémon Lab on Cinnabar Island, everyone thought that they can get a strong prehistoric Pokémon to train," said Ash.

"Let's go and see if we need to sign up or something," said Brock.

Just as they were to go, someone called from behind them. "I had a feeling that you will be as well."

Ash and the others turned around, and saw Gary standing there with a smirk on his face, and dressed like an Indiana Jones, hat and everything.

"Hi Gary," said Leaf.

"I see you are here as well," said Ash.

"Of course I am, this is a great opportunity to learn something about prehistoric Pokémon, and to find some fossils to revive," replied Gary. "So I couldn't miss this opportunity."

"Well then good luck with your search," said Ash.

"Thanks' Ash, but I don't need luck because I know I'll find something today," replied Gary with his usual smirk on his face. "Well see ya later," and he walked away.

"I swear he's becoming more and more annoying every day," sighed Ash, and the others agreed with him, and then they went sigh up if they have to, and if not, they can start digging.

About 10 minutes later Ash and the others found a group of older people standing near one of the small houses build for this situation, and upon looking closer, he recognized one of them.

"Well, well, if it isn't famous Dr. Urahara," said Ash after getting closer to the people, who turned around and looked at who said that.

"Well, Well, if it isn't even more famous, Grand Master Ash Ketchum," said Urahara with a smirk on his face, after seeing who was the one who called him. "How have you been?"

"I'm doing fine," replied Ash. "But what are you doing here?"

"Oh I came here to check this place, it's always interesting to find something new to keep me occupied," replied Urahara, while cooling himself with his fan.

Ash then looked at his friends, and motioned them to come closer, which they did.

"This is Dr. Urahara, he is a best scientist in the world, and is one of the Aura Guardians, he's also the one who made my Pokedex," said Ash to his friends, and then he looked at Urahara. "And this are my friend that I'm traveling with."

"It's always pleasure to meat such young and aspiring kids," said Urahara after he said hallo to them. "I hope your goals in life are fulfilled, no matter what they are."

"Thank you Dr. Urahara," they all said as one!

"Oh please just call me Kisuke," said Urahara with a smile, and the others just nodded.

After that Kisuke introduced Ash and the others to the people who he was talking to. They were all researchers from all over the world who came here to see if there really are some fossils here.

When they ended the conversation, Brock, Misty and Leaf went to start searching the place for any fossils, while Ash was still talking with Urahara.

"So how are things back in Rota," asked Ash, while walking around with Urahara?

"Oh, everything is normal, nothing really happens in there so there are little changes," replied Urahara. "We do have some new recruits who have the potential to become Aura Guardian's."

"Oh, and how are they doing," asked Ash interested in this?

"They are doing fine. Sir Aaron's Lucario is the one who trains them most of the time, while Red and Riley are searching the world for some new recruits and are helping people in need," replied Urahara. "Your dream of reviving Aura Guardians, and bringing them to their former glory is closer and closer to fulfilling every day."

This brought a large smile on Ash's face. "Well that is defiantly good news," Ash said.

"But what happened with Gringey City? Did you and the others come up with some solution for the problem there?" Asked Ash.

"Yeah, about that," started Urahara his explanation on what is going to happen with Gringey City. "After you called, I got in touch with Red, Riley and the Pokemon League, who then got in touch with Elite Four and Blue. There was a meeting held between all of us and it was decided to collect a large amount of money from many rich people who would be willing to help in cleaning the Gringey City. After it was all collected, then the teams would be created that will start the destruction, and relocation of many factories and power plants to other places all over the Kanto Region. Several team were already sent to catch all the Pokemon currently that live there, and move them to some other places, so they can be safe, while some people have already moved from there and the only ones left are those who must be there to work and keep the place running, but there have been security measures taken to ensure their safety and their health. It would take a while, but the destruction and relocation of all those factories and power plants would eventually stop polluting the air, and after few years it would be habitable again. That was the best we can do at this point, since the amount of pollution in there is unbelievable."

"I see," said Ash. "Well I wasn't expecting anything to happen overnight, but I guess it would take more time than I thought to clean that City. I just can't understand how it was allowed for that City to become so polluted in the first place."

"Well, apparently there were some people in the government that thought it would be better to sacrifice one place and build everything that would pollute the air there, then to spread it all over the Region, and pollute many places. Though, they never thought that the amount of pollution would reach the level it did and make the place practically uninhabitable," said Urahara.

"Morons," said Ash with some anger in his voice. "They have ruined the health of many people and Pokemon with their stupidity. They should be sent in jail for that."

"Yeah, I agree with you, but I doubt it would happen in the end since what they did was technically not a crime, so they can't be sent to prison," explained Urahara, and Ash just scoffed at that. "But they did lose their jobs, since they proved they are not worthy of their positions, and their decisions have caused more harm than good."

This brought a small smile on Ash's face. "That's good. At least something was done, and wasn't just thrown under the rug."

"But anyway," said Ash, after they finished talking about Gringey City. "Have you found anything here since you came?"

"Yes, I did find something, but it is not what I was expecting," replied Urahara, and confused Ash by saying that.

"What did you find, and what were you expecting to find," asked Ash?

"Well I was expecting to find some Helix fossil, Dome fossil or Old fossil, which used to be Omanyte, Kabuto and Aerodactyl, since they were a Pokémon that were considered to be a part of Kanto Region," Urahara started to explain, before he continued.

"But instead we found Jaw fossil and Sail fossil, which used to be Tyrunt and Amaura, and they were supposed to be a part of Kalos region," finished Urahara.

"That is interesting," said Ash. "But what does that mean?"

"Well, it means that every region used to be a one single land millions of years ago, before it separated in multiple different region's that we know today," replied Urahara.

"I see, so that is why you were able to find fossils that would normally be in Kalos, here in Kanto," said Ash.

"Yes," Urahara shortly confirmed!

"But why were you unable to find some of the fossils that were a part of Kanto," asked Ash?

"I really don't know, there were indications that there will be some fossils here, but until now no one has found anything," said Urahara.

"That is strange," said Ash, and started thinking why there is no fossils in the place where there should be a bunch of them,

"Actually, I might have an idea how to find out if there is some fossils here," said Urahara, and looked at Ash with a smirk.

"And what idea is that, and why do I get the feeling that it involves me," asked Ash with narrowed eyes?

"It's simple really, all you have to do is use your Aura and search this place," replied Urahara smiling at Ash.

"Why don't you do it," asked Ash? "You can use Aura as well."

"Yes, I can, but my Aura is not nearly as powerful as yours, so it would take me forever to search this whole place, while you can do it in one go," Urahara explained his reason for wanting Ash to do this.

Ash just sighed, and nodded his head. "Ok I'll do it."

"Great," said Urahara. "Let's go and find the middle of this Canyon so you could do it easier."

About 15 minutes later Ash and Urahara were in the middle of Grampa Canyon, and then Ash started concentrating his Aura, and tried to spread his Aura across the entire Canyon, and feel if there are any fossils here. Normally, a person can't use their Aura to locate an inanimate object, since one can only sense a soul, or a source of powers, but since fossils were not a normal inanimate objects, and were once a living Pokemon, they still have some residual aura around them even after millions of years since their death.

While he was doing this, Urahara was standing on the side along with Lucario and Pikachu, and the three of them were watching him.

Then Ash released a burst of his Aura, that was powerful enough to spread across the entire Canyon and even underneath it, but not powerful enough so that it can be sensed by the people who were in the Canyon now.

After a few minutes of sensing around and trying to find anything, Ash's eyes shot wide open, and he then looked at Urahara.

"So, what did you find," asked Urahara, while looking at Ash with narrowed eyes? Whatever did Ash find surprised him a lot.

"This is definitely not what I was expecting to find," Ash said.

"What is it," asked Urahara, now really curious?

Ash looked away from Urahara and sighed. "There really are Helix, Dome and Old Fossils here, it's just that they are a few meters below surface, and people here don't appear to be digging that deep," said Ash.

"I see, so that is why no one has found any fossil all this time, they are too deep," said Urahara.

"Yes, but that is not all. There are several other fossils that should be in another regions," said Ash.

"Oh, that is a surprise. I thought that there were only two that I found before, but you say there are more," said Urahara, quite surprised by this.

"There is one Root Fossil, one Cover Fossil, and one Claw Fossil," said Ash.

"So, it's two from Hoenn Region and one from Unova Region, on top of the two that I found that were from Kalos Region," said Urahara, with a smile. "This really is our lucky day, one doesn't find those fossils just like that."

"Yes, it was a surprise that they are here, but that isn't the most surprising thing I found," said Ash, now standing next to Urahara and Lucario and with Pikachu back on his shoulder.

"What did you find," asked Urahara again?

"There is a cave that stretches below this whole Canyon. And in the cave there are several prehistoric Pokémon. They appear to be asleep, or should I better say they are asleep for millions of years now," said Ash, and Urahara's eyes almost popped out from their eye sockets because of how surprised he was.

"Are you sure about this," asked Urahara after a minute of staring at Ash?

"Yes, I'm sure," replied Ash.

"So what should we do about this," asked Urahara?

"Let's go and get two shovels, and then we will go and dig out those three Fossils that I told you earlier, I think I have someone who would want them," said Ash, and surprised Urahara again.

"Then after we dig them out, we'll go and open the hole in the ground so we can get down there. If we can catch those Pokémon it will be great because I can fell that two of them are insanely powerful," said Ash.

"How powerful," asked Urahara?

"They are on the same level as the Regional Champion Pokémon's," replied Ash, and Urahara's eyes widened again, but this time Lucario's and Pikachu's widened as well.

"How is that possible, there were no trainers back then so they shouldn't be able to reach that level on their own," yelled Urahara, getting a little unnerved by this?

"I don't know how they became so powerful, but we must catch them. We can't risk leaving them down there because they may awaken one day and break out from there. And if that happens who knows what they might do. The world is much different now than it was millions of years ago," explained Ash.

"Ok then let's hurry and dig those three fossils and then go and capture them," said Urahara and then all of them went to find shovels.


After Ash and Urahara found shovels, they went and dug three fossils that Ash was able to locate. After that they put them in the bag that Urahara was carrying, and then went a few miles from everyone else because they didn't want other people to know about this.

While they were going toward the location where Ash decided to make a hole in the ground, they ran into Brock, Misty and Leaf, and after Ash explained what is going on, they joined them and then went to do the job.

"Ok, we are here," said Ash after they went a few miles from any human. "This should be far enough so that the others won't notice anything."

"So, how are you going to make a hole so we can go down there," asked Leaf?

"We are going to dig a hole, about two meters deep, and then put some bombs in it and then in the cover it up and only leaving the fuse outside. That should be deep enough to not Couse too much surface destruction and also since we are few miles away from anyone else, the explosion should be heard." Explained Ash, and the others agreed since it sounds like a solid plan.

"How far below us is the cave?" Asked Misty.

"The roof of the cave is about 10 meters below us, and after we dig out two meters that should leave 8 meters to be blown by the bombs." Said Ash, and Misty nodded in understanding.

It took all of them over half an hour to dig the hole two meters deep, place the bombs and seal it back up with the dirt they dug out. There was only a small hole left through which the fuse went, so once it's lighted, it can go through the ground.

"Ok, it's all set, now move back, I don't want to risk anything," said Ash, while holding a lighter that Urahara gave him. He was ready to light the fuse, and see if this would work.

Everyone then moved behind him, and after he lighted the lighter and then the fuse, he waited while looking as the fuse was slowly burning towards the hole, and then went under the small hole in the ground while still burning. A few seconds later, there was a big boom that was herd, and the ground started to shake because of the explosion.

The explosion lifted the dust from the ground that started spreading all around the place of explosion and toward Ash and the others who were several dozen meters from the explosion.

It took several minutes for the dust to settle down so that the group can see what is going on, and if the hole is big enough for them to go down through it.

"Let's go and see if the plan worked." Said Ash, and started heading toward the hole, while the others were following behind him.

Once he reached the hole, he looked down, and saw that the explosion was a success and that the hole has reached all the way down, and opened the entrance to the cave.

"Would you look at that? It did work," commented Urahara, while looking at the hole.

"Yeah, it did," Ash said simply. "Now, I want you all to stay up here while I go down there and see those Pokemon, and capture them it I can."

"Are you sure you want to do this alone," asked Urahara after few moments of yelling that Misty and Leaf did because they thought that Ash is stupid if he thinks they will let him go in there by himself?

"Yes, I'm sure," said Ash, and before Misty and Leaf can start yelling at him again, he continued. "I can take care of myself, and I'll also have my Pokemon with me, so there is no need for the two of you to worry."

In the end, Misty and Leaf let him go, and he pulled out his Alakazam's Poke ball and let him out. "Alakazam, use your Powers to lift me, Lucario and Pikachu and lower us down this hole until we reach the bottom, then stay here and keep watch, I'm not sure what might come out from down there."

"Yes father." Said Alakazam, and then used Confusion to lift Ash and his two Pokemon and started slowly lowering them down the hole.

After few more seconds, Alakazam stopped using his powers, indicating that they are all down on the ground.

"Well, now we can only wait and see if Ash will succeed or if something will come from the cave." Said Urahara, and went to a nearby rock to sit down and wait. Brock followed his example and set on the other rock, but Misty and Leaf were too worried for Ash, and they decided to stay close to the hole along with Alakazam and wait for Ash to come out.

They all waited for about ten minutes, and there was still no signs of Ash coming out of the hole. They also couldn't hear a damn thing from down there, and they don't know if that is a good or bad thing.

After about five more minutes, they were all worried now, and Brock and Urahara stood from the rocks they were sitting on, and went next to the hole were Misty, Leaf and Alakazam were waiting.

"Hey Alakazam, can you sense Ash and the others. Are they OK?" Asked Brock.

"I can't sense them at all. They are probably too far in the cave, and my powers can reach that far for me to be able to sense them," replied Alakazam.

"Hey Ash are you alright," yelled Urahara in the hole, but didn't get any answer.

He then looked at the others, and they looked at him with a worried faces. "You don't think something happened to him, don't you," asked Misty?

"Hey Ash say something," this time it was Brock who yelled, but he also didn't get any reply.

As the time passed, all of them were getting more and more nervous, because they don't know what happened to Ash.

Just as Misty and Leaf were about to ask Alakazam to lower them all down so they can go and look for Ash, there was a very loud screech coming from below them, which made Urahara's eyes widened. "Everyone get away from the hole," he shouted and managed to push all of them on the ground away from hole, just before something flew passed them, straight from the hole and flew to the sky.

They then looked up and saw a bigger than normal Aerodactyl, fly in the sky and a Kabutops landing on the ground near the crater. It appears that Aerodactyl carried Kabutops to the surface.

Just then someone else flew from the hole and everyone saw Ash, Lucario, Pikachu and Mewtwo floating from inside the cave, and back on the surface. It looked like Mewtwo used his Psychic powers to carry them all out.

"Hey Ash are you Ok," everyone yelled when they saw him?

"Mewtwo, return," Ash said, and after Mewtwo returned in his Poke ball, he then looked at everyone. "Yes, I'm fine don't worry about me," he replied.

"Now I want you to stay back and don't interfere in this because those two are much more powerful than any of your Pokémon," Ash warned them and then called Lucario to come to battle, which he did.

"Let's do this Lucario," said Ash as he and Lucario were facing against Kabutops and Aerodactyl who were in front of them.

"I challenge you both to the battle," yelled Ash, while looking at Aerodactyl and Kabutops!

Ash's Pokémon

On Hand:

Lucario, Alakazam, Pikachu, Larvesta (F), Mewtwo, Dratini, Electabuzz, Rhydon, Seadra, Tauros, Ponyta;

Oak's Lab:

Pidgeotto (F), Butterfree, Pink Butterfree (F) Magenta, Crobat, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmeleon (F) Amaterasu, Charmeleon Ra, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon (F), Haunter, Muk, Primeape, Eevee (X5), Dragonair (F);

Misty's Pokémon

On Hand:

Feebas (F), Eevee, Seel, Slowpoke, Magicarp and Oddish.

Cerulean Gym:

Goldeen (F), Staryu, Cloyster, Starmie, Blastoise, Krabby, Horsea (F);

Brock's Pokémon

On Hand:

Magby, Vulpix (F), Nidoran, Nidoran (F), Growlithe, Tauros;

Pewter Gym:

Steelix, Graveler, Golbat, Sandslash, Rhydon, Psyduck;

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