Shattered World @mystic75
Chapter 8

Bobby lost control and lunged at Dean without thinking. Dean jerked {Y/N} backwards against his chest and twisted her neck just a little. "Back the fuck off, Bobby. Unless you want me to snap this little slut's neck", Dean growled. "You know I can do it Bobby!" Dean stroked the side of her neck with his thumb. He didn't need to make threats to get away, but he was enjoying this so much and it was just too hard to resist pushing the old man's buttons. Bobby was breathing hard, trying to restrain himself.

"Just let the kid go, Dean", Bobby whispered in defeat. "Let her go and you can leave. We won't chase you". Bobby pleaded with his eyes. "The Dean I knew wouldn't do this." Dean frowned, looking away. There was a moment of eerie silence when Bobby thought he might be getting through to him. The silence was broken when Dean barked with laughter, nearly losing his grip on {Y/N}'s throat.

"Wouldn't, Bobby?", Dean asked. "More like couldn't". That Dean was too much of a pussy to give into his animal urges. Thankfully, that Dean is dead". He caressed {Y/N}'s breast softly as he spoke. "I'm the new and improved Dean Winchester. No morals. No conscience. No guilt to get in the way." Dean licked the shell of her ear and sighed heavily. "I was on my way to a decent ass fuck when Sam came barging in and cock blocked me. So, we're gonna have to take this party elsewhere. Say goodbye to Bobby, Sweetness. It's time to go."

"NO! PLEASE! I DON'T WANNA GO! BOBBY! HELP ME!", {Y/N} screamed and flailed her arms wildly. Dean winked at Bobby and disappeared, taking the shrieking girl with him. Bobby tryed to grab her, but it was too late. He fell forward onto his hands and knees, screaming obsenities at the floor. He knelt there for a long moment praying that Sam was still unconscious in the back of the van. He didn't know if he had the courage to tell Sam that {Y/N} was gone and Dean had her. His guilt was causing a lump to lodge in his throat and he swallowed several times, trying to push it back down. He blinked back his tears and stood up on shaky legs.

Sliding into the front seat of the van, Bobby couldn't hold it in anymore. He wept bitter tears all over the steeing wheel. Bobby wasn't a crier. He just wasn't. Sam needed him now more than ever. He had to be strong for both of them. He wiped his eyes and nose on his sleeve and turned the key. The roar of the engine brought Sam around a little and he mumbled incoherently. "Shhh, Sam. It's ok. Gonna get ya some help".

"{Y/N}. Mmmmmmmmm...", Sam croak. Then he suddenly screamed out in terror, "DEAN! LET HER GO! BOBBY!" He suddenly fell silent and Bobby pressed the gas pedal to the floor. He wasn't going to lose both his boys. Not today. He flew into the Hospital's main entrance, came to a screeching halt in front of the double doors, and ran inside. He grabbed a wheelchair from the lobby and hurried back out to the van. He threw the back doors open and pulled Sam out and placed him in the wheelchair as gently as he could.

"I NEED SOME HELP HERE!, Bobby screamed. A nurse took one look at Sam and called in assistance on her intercom. She ran over to Sam and wheeled him into the ER, Bobby following close behind. The ER doctor came running down the hall flanked by 2 nurses. They ran into one of the exam rooms and the nurse pushing Sam followed. They all worked in unison to get Sam out of the chair and onto the bed. The doctor hurried up to Sam's head and held a light in Sam's eyes. "Pupils responsive. Possible left orbital fracture", the doctor called out. He looked over at Bobby and asked, "What's his name?"

"SAM!", Bobby shouted over the noise in the room. His eyes were huge with fear. He stood on his tip toes trying to see over their heads, but there was too much movement to see more than fleeting glances of Sam.

"Sam?", the doctor called out in Sam's face. "Sam! Can you hear me?" Sam mumbled, but it was unintelligible gibberish. He palpated the back of Sam's head with nimble fingers. "There's blood coming from his left ear and a 3 cm. deviation of the left Occipital". He continued to move down Sam's body looking for injuries. "He's got a compound fracture of the right humerus."

"What the hell does that mean?" Bobby bellowed, trying to push passed the mass of bodies crowded around Sam's bed. One of the nurses ushered Bobby quickly out of the room. Bobby was frantically trying to get back in. "Somebody tell me what the hell is going on with my boy!" The nurse placed her hands on both of his shoulders trying to calm him. She looked into his eyes with a firm expression, but not an unkind one.

"sir, please calm down and I will tell you what's happening". Bobby calmed down, leaning back on the wall in the hallway. "Is he your son?", the nurse asked. He wasn't, but it was easier just to let them think he was. Bobby just nodded his head. "Well, your son has a head fracture on the back of his skull, a possible fractured eye socket and a severely broken arm. We need to get X-rays and a CT scan before we can say how severe his injuries are. Please have a seat and the doctor will come and speak to you when we know more, OK?" Bobby nodded again without looking up. The nurse placed her hand on his shoulder again and Bobby finally looked up at her. "We're doing everything we can. Sam's in good hands. Don't worry". She smiled at him and left him standing there when she walked back into the room.

"Sam...I'm sorry. I lost her", Bobby muttered under his breath. "So sorry". He removed his cap and ran his hand down his sweaty face. He never was a praying man. It seemed that GOD and Bobby had always managed to piss each other off for some reason or another. But today he didn't care. He looked up and whispered, "Please GOD, I need help".

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