Shattered World @mystic75
Chapter 7

Bobby leaned heavily on the door outside the room where the monster that was Dean Winchester sat tied to a chair inside a devil's trap. He had rushed to the bunker after a frantic phone call from Sam to find him almost beaten to death, {Y/N} brutally raped, and Dean a fuckin' demon! Bobby ran his palm down his face and let go a shaky sigh before pushing away from the door. Looking up, he saw Sam standing at the end of the long hallway.

"Is he secure Bobby?" Sam asked as he slumped against the wall. Bobby rushed to his side and grabbed Sam's good arm and threw it over his shoulder. His badly mangled right arm hung lifelessly against is hip. "I don't feel so good". Sam mumbled. "I think I should go to bed". He sagged heavily against Bobby.

"Fuck bed Sam", Bobby growled. "You need a hospital!" Bobby dragged Sam down the hall and toward the front door. Half way through the main entrance way to the bunker, Sam became a dead weight. Bobby struggled to keep Sam on his feet, the kid was so heavy. "Ya gotta help me out here Sam!", Bobby grunted. Sam came to and wobbled back upright. It took another 10 full minutes to get Sam out to the van because Sam kept losing consciousness. Bobby laid Sam in the back of the van as gently as he could. Sam groaned in pain and passed out.

Dean sat in the center of the painted circle that he and Sam had used countless times to hold demons, tied to a metal chair. He had so enjoyed this game with Sam and Bobby, but he was slightly miffed that Sammy had interrupted his play time with {Y/N}. It was time to get this show on the road and he knew he didn't have much time before Bobby came back in to collect her. He could have just broken the ropes easily, but he really hated this fuckin' chair. He grabbed the arm rests that his wrists were tied to and gave a quick jerk, yanking the metal chair apart. He stood up, shaking the pieces of chair and rope from his arms and stretched languidly.

"Mmmm...", Dean purred. "That's much better". He walked out of the circle like it wasn't even there. When he reached the heavy metal door, he smirked devilishly. Dean grabbed the rusty handle and yanked the door off it's hinges. He flung the heavy door across the room like it was an empty beer can. He whistled as he strolled down the hall with his hands clasped behind his back. Dean's nostrils flared when he caught the sent of {Y/N}'s fear. He closed his eyes and breathed it deep into his lungs before letting it out with a shuddering sigh as he paused outside his bedroom door.

{Y/N} was floating, lost in a sea of her own despair. She knew Dean was locked up tight but she swore she heard that terrible whistling floating down the hall and she flew into a panic, throwing herself into the corner by the nightstand. She tried to get a hold of herself, clapping her hands over her ears and chanting, "It's not real. It's not real", over and over again to herself. She was shaking violently and rocking back and forth. "Please GOD, it's not real!", she sobbed. The bedroom door creaked open excruciatingly slow.

"I thought I already told you, Sweetness", a sing-songy voice called from out in the hall. "GOD can't hear you!" A creepy giggle seemed to hang like a poison gas in the air above her as she crouched on the floor. {Y/N} trembled as she saw a bare foot come into view at the bottom of the door. When the rest of her tormentor entered she screamed. His bottomless black eyes met hers and she broke utterly. Dean's bare chest heaved like he had just run a marathon. He rubbed his belly like he hadn't eaten for a while and was famished.

"NO, NO, NO! YOU'RE NOT REAL!", {Y/N} screeched. She scrambled trying to shove herself under the bed. She only made it up to her waist when 2 strong hands grabbed her by the ankles and wrenched her back out. She clawed at the carpet trying to keep herself from sliding backwards, but he was just to strong. Dean was on top of her straddling her hips when she heard the front door slam loudly. She new it was Bobby coming for her. Dean hauled her up, turning them both towards the door. He held her close, her back against his chest, and grabbed her by the throat. {Y/N} clutched the sheet tightly around herself with one hand and gripped Dean's muscular arm with the other.

"{Y/N/N}!, Bobby bellowed from down the hall. "It's time to go, Swee..." As he ran through the bedroom door, he came to a screeching halt, the last word frozen on his lips. "What the holy hell?", Bobby huffed. Dean squeezed {Y/N}'s throat just a little tighter, making her whimper. Bobby held his hands up placatingly. "Dean, don't hurt her, please!", he begged.

Dean lowered his head into {Y/N}'s hair and inhaled deeply. "She smells so good Bobby", Dean purred. "You sure you don't want a taste?" His free hand snaked down her bare shoulder and grabbed the sheet, ripping it violently from her body in one quick jerk. {Y/N} gasped as the cold air hit her exposed flesh. Her humiliation at being completely naked in front of Bobby had her sobbing again.

"DEAN! STOP!", Bobby begged. "PLEASE STOP!" Dean ignored his pleas, only grinning sadistically at him. He cupped {Y/N}'s breast and squeezed mercilessly. She groaned in pain, struggling to break free. Dean slid his hand over her ribs, coming to rest on her belly just bellow her navel. He rubbed gentle circles on her tender flesh and Bobby looked away. The old hunter was shaking so bad that he thought he might fly apart at the seems.

"Oh, come on Bobby-boy", Dean cooed. "You know you want her. She's so ripe". His hand slide down into the dark curls at the apex of her thighs to cup her sex. {Y/N} gasped and struggled hysterically. "She's soooo HOT for it, Bobby". Dean's fingers dipped into her folds and she cringed. "She's so wet, Bobby." He moved closer to Bobby, pulling his fingers from her core to sniff them deeply. "You wanna smell her, Bobby?" He held his slick fingers out to Bobby while he snickered. Bobby shot Dean a disgusted look and growled at him. "Suit yourself." Dean pulled his fingers back and stuffed them in his mouth, sucking and licking them lasciviously. Bobby wretched into his hand as fat tears ran down his haggard face.

"Mmmmm...", Dean moaned, grinding his hips against {Y/N}'s bare backside. His hard-on was becoming almost painful, being restrained in his ever tightening jean. "You just don't know what your missing here old timer". He hugged her close, propping his head on {Y/N}'s shoulder to sneer at Bobby. "I've tasted the goods, Bobby. So trust me when I say, her nectar is OH. SO. SWEET!" He humped against her ass hard as he spit out those 3 words.

"Son of a Bitch!" Bobby screamed.

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