Shattered World @mystic75
Chapter 6

When Bobby got to the bunker the door was locked and nobody answered the door when he knocked. Grumbling expletives under his breath, he rummaged around in his pocket for the extra key. When he finally got the door open, the place was dark and eerily quiet. Bobby frowned. This was not a good sign. why would all the lights be off in the middle of the day?

"SAM? DEAN? {Y/N}?", Bobby hollered. "WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYBODY?!" Suddenly, he heard unintelligible growling and snarling, that sounded like an angry Pit Bull, echo down the hall from the bedroom area. Bobby pulled his gun from the back of his pants as he crept down the hallway toward that terrible sound. As he neared {Y/N}'s bedroom, Bobby noticed that her door was open and it had fist sized indentations in it. The wall across from her door was covered in blood that had run down to puddle on the floor. "Sam?", Bobby yell whispered. As he neared Dean's bedroom, the sound was deafening. Bobby reached for the doorknob with a shaking hand.

The sight that lay before him froze Bobby's blood. Dean was writhing on the floor on his stomach, a sheet over his lower half. Sam was sitting on Dean's backside with the Demon killing knife in his hand. Sam was a mess. His hair was matted with dry blood and his eye was swollen and bruised. Sam's right arm hung limply at a sickening angle. What startled Bobby the most was Dean's eyes were black as tar. Dean was making those inhuman noises that Bobby had heard. "What...what the hell, Sam?", Bobby stuttered.

"Ya gotta help me, Bobby!" Sam struggled to keep Dean still. Bobby rushed to Sam's side and held Dean down by the shoulders. He had completely forgotten about {Y/N} until he noticed her sitting on the edge of Dean's bed, staring at the wall, while clutching at the sheet that was wrapped around her obviously naked body. She was sobbing and rocking back and forth. Her hair was a tangled bird's nest and she had dried blood under her nose. Bobby's eyes grew wide and then he looked down at Dean struggling and snarling under him. When he looked over at Sam with a shocked expression on his face Sam cringed. And Bobby knew without having to ask what happened.

"BALLS!", Bobby growled through clenched teeth. Bobby hung his head and sighed, removed his cap and wiped his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand. "Well, let's get him secured and than get you guys to a hospital". Sam rolled off of Dean and staggered to his feet. Bobby hauled Dean up off the floor. "Hand me his pants, will ya Sam?" Bobby backed Dean up into a corner of the room. He glared at Dean with pain written all over his face. Dean just smirk at the older man mischievously. "What the hell have you done boy?", Bobby nearly whined at him, his voice cracking at the end.

"Well, hey Bobby!", Dean said cheerfully. "Long time, no see! Come to join the party?" Dean gestured over towards {Y/N} with a nod of his head. "You wanna have a go? She's used, but I bet that sweet hole is still mighty tight", Dean barked in Bobby's face loud enough for {Y/N} to hear him and she flinched. Bobby reared back and punched Dean in the jaw before he could stop himself. Dean was thrown to the side against the wall. He blinked and rolled his lower jaw, wincing at the pain. "WOW! Nice right hook old man!", Dean said surprised.

"Shut up, Dean, before I break your jaw", Bobby growled at him. Dean shrugged but stayed silent for the moment. Sam handed the jeans over and Bobby helped Dean to step into them. Bobby slammed Dean into the wall just hard enough to get his attention. Bobby held Dean, while holding his open hand out over his shoulder. Sam slapped the handle of the demon blade into his hand. "If you give me any trouble, Winchester, this knife will find a new home in you gut! Understand?", Bobby snarled in Dean's face, holding the blade against his throat. Dean's inky black orbs shifted back to his human green eyes.

"Wouldn't think of it, Bobby", Dean purred.

Bobby yanked Dean forward and moved behind him to grab his cuffed wrist. Shoving Dean out the door, Bobby pushed Dean down the hall and toward the room where Sam & Dean had taken countless demons and other monsters for interrogations. The room was bare, save for a table against the far wall, the large devil's trap painted on the floor, and a single metal chair in the center. "Sit your ass in the chair!", Bobby demanded.

"OK! Ya don't gotta get all huffy, Bobby", Dean chuckled. Dean sauntered backwards over to the chair and slowly sat down, never taking his eyes off Bobby. The way Dean was able to do this without ever looking at the chair made Bobby shudder almost imperceptibly. But Dean noticed it and his smirk widened into a Cheshire Cat grin.

"What are you smiling at Winchester?", Bobby asked as he unlocked the cuff and tied Dean to the chair.

"Oh, I don't know. Why? Do I make you nervous Bobby?", Dean winked. Bobby just snorted. Dean pulled at the bindings with a grunt. "Good knots there, Bobby. Ever think about joining the Navy?"

"Na, I can't stand those bell bottom uniforms", Bobby grumbled. Dean couldn't help but chuckle at the man he used to think of as a father figure. Bobby paced back & forth in front of Dean. Dean followed him with his eyes, smirking at Bobby's distress. Bobby finally stopped in front of Dean and bent over to look Dean in the eye. "Why {Y/N}? She's just a kid, Dean?" Bobby searched Dean's eyes for any signs that the old Dean was in there somewhere.

"Why {Y/N}?", Dean repeated sarcastically. "Why not Bobby? She's got a hole, I got something to stick in it. Match made in Heaven!", Dean snickered at that last line. Bobby grabbed Dean by the throat and roared his despair in Dean's face. "SHE LOVED YOU, BOY, LIKE A BROTHER!" Bobby's hands shook Dean trying to get through to him.

"You know what I loved, Bobby, hmm"? Dean leaned in close to whisper in Bobby's ear. "I really loved emptying my balls into her tight little snatch". Dean shot Bobby a wicked grin and winked. Bobby could barely contain his rage, squeezing Dean's throat tighter for a long moment before dropping his hand and standing up to leave. Just before Bobby crossed the threshold of the door, Dean called out to him. Bobby stopped, but didn't turn around. "Now I know why Sam is such a pussy...", Dean said, smirking at the back of the older hunter's head. "He gets it from you".

Bobby left the room, slamming the door, without looking back.

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