Shattered World @mystic75
Chapter 3

Dean held {Y/N}'s wrists so tightly that she cringed and had to bite her tongue to keep from crying out. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction of hearing her scream. He pulled her closer until their noses nearly touched. Dean inhaled deeply through his nose like a bloodhound picking up a scent trail. He moaned with delight as if he had just tasted the most delicious dessert.

"I can smell your fear, Princess", Dean muttered breathlessly, closing his eyes. He let go of one of {Y/N} wrists only to grab the back of her head and bury his face in her hair. He couldn't get enough of that sweet smell of terror. She squirmed and tried to back away from him only to have him grab a fistful of her hair and yank her flush with his body. {Y/N} groaned from the tight grip he had on her hair. She could feel some strands pull free from her scalp. Dean ground his hips into her. His obvious erection rubbing her stomach made bile rise into her throat.

"Dean! Please let me go! You're hurting me!", {Y/N} wailed. Dean ignored her and turned her head to the side and started kissing and nibbling the skin just below her ear. She whimpered at the feeling. It didn't feel good, it just made her feel dirty and used. She shoved against him with her free hand but he never budged an inch. He was too strong. She panicked when he tried to pull the collar of her tee-shirt down. Her leg shot up and her knee connected with his groin. All the air rushed out of Dean as he grunted and fell over backwards, losing his grip on her hair. {Y/N} wasted no time fleeing the room and taking off down the hall back towards the exit.

"Son of a Bitch!", Dean snarled, cupping his balls with both hands. "Come back here you little cunt!", he screamed, holding onto the wall to help him get back on his feet. Drawing his knife, he staggered to the door. "I wanna see what your insides look like, you Bitch!", his voice continued to rise in pitch until it cracked under the stress. "FUCK!", he screeched as another wave of pain hit his balls, doubling him over. {Y/N} flew down the corridor and nearly tripped over Sam lying half propped up on the wall. There was a large blood splatter on the wall above his head that ran down to the floor. Sam's head was just a mass of blood soaked hair. His head hung limply forward with his chin resting on his chest. It appeared that Dean had bashed Sam's head against the wall repeatedly.

"Sam?", {Y/N} whispered. "Sam! Please wake up!" His chest rose and fell, so she knew he was alive. She shook his shoulders more harshly that she intended to causing his head to lull to the side. Sam groaned and his head rolled backwards to rest on the wall. His eyes fluttered open and then rolled around trying to focus on {Y/N}'s face. "Sam, you have to get up! He's coming!", {Y/N} hissed at him, trying to pull him up.

"{Y/N/N}, you have to get out of here before he finds you", Sam croaked. His throat was raspy & sore and searing pain was shooting through the back of his head. One of his eyes was swollen almost completely shut and his right arm hung at a weird angle. "I can't protect you. You have to go! NOW!" Sam had spent the last of his energy screaming the warning in her face, making her flinch. "Sam...", {Y/N} began to protest. "Please", he whispered weakly. Just as she rose to her feet, Dean's booming howl of rage echoed down the hall. Sam and{Y/N} both looked up at the same time and they both had the same look of terror on their faces.

"You're fuckin' mine now, Bitch", Dean growled as he slowly stalked toward where {Y/N} was frozen in fear. Dean was only a few feet away when {Y/N}'s legs finally responded to the signals coming from her brain and she turned to run. But, unfortunately, her legs got those messages too late. Dean grabbed her by the hair, yanking her to the ground so forcefully that all the air was knocked from her lungs. She was dragged backwards by her hair as she desperately tried to draw shallow breaths. She wheezed and coughed while trying to pry Dean's hands from her hair.

"Dean! Please don't hurt her! She's your best friend!", Sam begged. He tried to stand up, only to fail miserably, landing hard on his backside. Sam dragged himself forward a few feet before falling back against the wall, too week to move anymore. Sam's head was swimming and he felt as if he might vomit. Dean paused, turning to look back at Sam, when he burst into hysterical laughter.

"You think this little piece of scum is my friend?", Dean said, wiping the tears of laughter from his eyes. "I never wanted a friend! I wanted what's between her legs, Sammy". Sam cringed and looked away. "And now I can take what I want", Dean smirked and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at his younger brother. Dean continued to drag {Y/N}, kicking and screaming, by the hair down the hall back toward his bedroom. "Since you liked my bed so much, Baby, you can help me break it in", Dean sneered down at her.

"DEAN! NO! THIS IS NOT YOU!", Sam tried to get through to his older brother as he dragged himself forward on his good arm. He only made it about 10 feet before his arm gave out and he crumpled to the floor on his face, sobbing. Sam could do nothing as {Y/N}'s hysterical screams tore him apart.

"OH, IT'S ALL ME, SAMMY-BOY! IT'S ALL ME!", Dean called back over his shoulder as he hauled off his prize. With {Y/N}'s hair in one hand and his trusty blade in the other, he started to whistle a happy tune that only he knew. Her screams could still be heard echoing through the bunker even as Dean dragged her into his room, slammed the door behind him, & locked it.

Sam laid there on the cold floor and listened to {Y/N}'s world shatter, powerless to stop it.

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