Shattered World @mystic75
Chapter 27

At 11:27 the next morning {Y/N}'s eyes opened and she looked around the dim room. Bobby was asleep, snoring loudly, in a chair leaning up against the wall and his feet were propped up on the edge of the bed. She pushed herself up on her elbows and looked around. When she turned her head, she felt a strange tugging of the skin below her ear. She reached up and felt a cut there that was scabbed over. Her head throbbed dully and her body felt sore all over.

"Bobby?", {Y/N} called. Bobby nearly fell backwards in the chair when he jerked awake. She snorted quietly and sat all the way up. "What are you doing here? What happened?" Bobby walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. He cleared his throat and ran his palm down his scraggly face.

"It's a long story Kiddo", Bobby grumbled. "Dean has been sick for about a week, running a high fever. You and Sam went to town to get medicine and you two were hit by a car". {Y/N}'s eyes bulged out of her head. She tried to get up and Bobby pushed her back down by her shoulders. "WHOA! EASY GIRL!", Bobby growled. "You've got a pretty serious concussion and you've got cuts and bruises all over you. You need to rest. Sam and Dean are alright. Sam's got a broken arm and Dean's fever broke last night". {Y/N} slumped back down on the pillow with a sigh.

Just then Sam stuck his head in the door and smiled when he saw {Y/N} was awake. "Hey, Sweetie!", Sam said. Glad to see you awake! How're you feeling?" She smiled so widely that it looked like the top of her head might fall off. Her beaming smile warmed his heart. Sam walked into the room and sat down on the other side of her bed. She looked away from his face and stared at his arm in concern. "I'm fine {Y/N/N}. Don't worry about me. Are YOU alright?"

"Yeah, just a bit of a headache", {Y/N} grumbled. "And my body hurts all over. "I guess now I can truly say that I feel like I got hit by a car!" She chuckled at her own joke. "How's Dean?"

"He's fine", Sam replied. "He's asking the same thing about you". Sam smiled at their concern for each other. "You wanna see him?" {Y/N} nodded frantically, hugging Sam, careful to avoid his broken arm. Sam hugged her back gently.

Dean laid in his bed, staring at the ceiling, about to go stir crazy laying in this bed. But, Sam was adamant that he rest. Just as he thought that he couldn't take this anymore, the door swung open slowly. A worried pair of eyes peered at him from around the door and Dean smiled at her.

"Hey Sweet Cheeks!", Dean called out. "Get your little behind over here and give me a hug!" {Y/N} ran through the door and threw herself onto the bed and into his arms. All Dean could do was laugh while she squeezed him around the middle. He pushed her away so he could look at her face. She had bruises all around her eyes and a large one on her jaw. He could see bruises all over her and a cut on her neck under her ear. Dean cringed and hugged her tightly. "No more fights with moving vehicles, OK?

"OK", {Y/N} said, covering her mouth as she giggled. Dean kissed the top of her head gently and she looked up at him with doe eyes. "I'm so glad you're better Dean!" He smiled down at her and she buried her face in his chest again. Dean smiled and just hugged her as long as she wanted.

"I'm glad you're OK too, Kiddo!, Dean said. I feel terrible that you and Sam got hurt because of me". {Y/N} looked up at Dean and frowned. {Y/N} slugged Dean in the arm and Dean yelped and chuckled at the same time. He rubbed his arm in mock pain.

"It's not your fault Dean", she grumbled. "Besides, you'd have done the same for any one of us". Dean just nodded and heaved a sigh of contentment. They sat on Dean's bed for over an hour just chatting. Dean told her about their last hunt chasing that werewolf all over creation. He was a slippery one. She giggled when Dean said that he was almost taken out by a white picket fence that jumped right out in front of him. {Y/N} always had the same story when they got back from a hunt. She just told him how bored she was while they were gone.

Sam stood just outside the door and listened to their conversation. Making sure that neither of them said anything that would make him think that the erasure didn't work. From what he heard, he was confident that Cas had done his job. He turned and walked in knocking on the open door. Dean and {Y/N} both looked up and smiled at Sam. Sam smiled back and stepped closer.

"Come here Moose!", {Y/N} said, holding one arm out while the other was still wrapped around Dean's middle. He rolled his eyes at her use of Crowley's nickname for him. He knew what she wanted. Sam sat down on the bed next to her and Dean and the brothers let her hug them tight. Sam was going to enjoy this for however long it lasted. For an hour or a lifetime, it didn't matter.

They were family and you don't give up on family.


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