Shattered World @mystic75
Chapter 22

Sam woke to screaming he knew came from the demon that was once his older brother. Even through the heavy iron door, his agonizing shrieks could still be heard. Sam pushed himself up of the bed and rubbed his face, trying to wipe away the sleep. He looked at his watch and was shocked. He had slept for nearly 5 hours! He thought for sure that someone would wake him to help give Dean his injections. Dean was due for the 7th injection soon so Sam made his way to the iron room. The room was finally quiet. It seemed that with each injection the pain lasted longer. This next one would have Dean screaming in agony for the full hour.

When Sam opened the door he saw Cas and Bobby standing near the table. Cas stood there expressionless with his arms at his side, almost as if he were a statue. Bobby was holding the edge of the table, bent over with his head down. He looked far older than his true age. Sam heard heavy panting from the other side of the room. He looked over and saw Dean slumped down in his chair with his head falling over the back. His mouth was wide open trying to take deep breaths. His entire body was listening with sweat.

"I'm going to kill you Sammy", Dean whispered without looking up. His eyes were closed as his face pointed toward the ceiling. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU ALL!" Dean screeched as he finally pulled his head up to look at his brother. His human eyes were so bloodshot that they didn't look human anymore. His veins were so dark, that they were visible all over his body. His face scrunched in pain and rage. "Well, everyone except that sweet little CUNT sleeping down the hall. I will break her THEN I will kill her". Dean smirked wickedly and winked at Sam.

"YOU WON'T TOUCH HER!", Sam growled angrily. "Hasn't she been through enough Dean?", Sam whispered as he looked at the floor. He was trying to control his breathing and his temper. Just then the egg timer rang, making everyone jump. Sam walked over to the table and grabbed the edge of the table and leaned over it, just as Bobby had. He stayed still for a moment silently praying that this would be over soon. He stood up and reached into the cooler and grabbed the 7th syringe. He stood there staring at it when his hand started to tremble. He didn't know if he could do this. Dean looked like he was dying. Would he be able to forgive himself if Dean died? He didn't think so. Sam had done this to his brother and he would have to live with the consequences if this plan failed.

"Give me the syringe Sam", a quiet voice said. Sam looked to his right and saw Bobby staring at him with pleading eyes. He looked down at the syringe his face contorted with misery. "Please son", Bobby whispered. Sam closed his eyes and hung his head, holding out the syringe without looking up. Bobby took the syringe and walked over to the oldest Winchester and slammed to needle into his neck. As Bobby turned to walk back to the table, Dean lept from the jar and grabbed Bobby's ankles, slamming his face into the concrete floor. He flipped Bobby over on his back and wrapped his hands around Bobby's throat and began to squeeze. Dean gritted through the pain, every muscle in his body twitching.

"Where's the key to the padlock, Bobby?" Dean screeched at him through clenched teeth. Blinking through the pain. Bobby just shook his head as he wheezed. "KEYS NOW!" Sam heard the commotion and turned to see Dean straddling Bobby with his hands around the old man's throat. Sam made to run into the circle before Dean's words made him stop short. "Come any closer, Sammy, and I will snap his fuckin' neck", Dean growled, never taking his eyes off of Bobby. Dean pulled Bobby's head up off the floor by the neck and growled in his face. "GIVE. ME. THE. KEY!"

"Just do it Bobby", Sam seethed. "Give him the key". Bobby rummaged around in his pocket and came out with the key, holding it out to Dean.

"You unlock it, Bobby. My hands are kinda full right now", Dean chuckled. Bobby frantically tried to shove the key into the padlock, missing several times. "Hurry up now, I haven't got all day!", Dean muttered impatiently, rolling his eyes. Finally, the key slid home and Bobby turned it, popping the lock open. Dean took a shuddering breath as the chains fell away. The pain was still raging through him but he could feel the Adrenalin easing some of the sharpness. He yanked Bobby to his feet and turned him around so that he was facing Sam. He jerked the old man back against his chest and pinched his windpipe with 2 fingers.

"How'd you slip the ropes?" Bobby wheezed. Dean snickered, patting Bobby on the shoulder with his other hand.

"While you were ignoring me, writhing in pain and screaming, I was pulling the ropes, stretching them ever so slowly". Dean looked up at Sam and then looked down at the circle he was standing in. "You know what to do Sammy", Dean said with a wicked smile.

"NO, DEAN, PLEASE!, Sam begged. "DON'T DO THIS! Dean squeezed. Bobby gurgled and wheezed under Dean's fingers. "OK!...ok. I'll do it! Just stop hurting him", Sam whispered in defeat. He knelt down on the floor in front of the circle, took out his pocket knife and scraped away a small section of the circle. "There, now let Bobby go, Dean!", Sam spat as he stood back up. Dean chuckled, flung Bobby out of the circle at Sam, and disappeared. "Are you OK, Bobby?", Sam held him until he got his feet under him and could stand on his own. Bobby just nodded. Sam ran back over to the table and grabbed the last syringe out of the cooler and shoved it in his back pocket, just as a terrified scream echoed down the hall.

Dean wasn't leaving without his prize. He reappeared in {Y/N}'s room, at the foot of her bed. "{Y/N/N}", Dean said in a sing-song voice. He hadn't spoken loudly but that voice was like a kick to her head. She sat bolt upright and screamed. When Sam reached {Y/N}'s bedroom, the door was locked. He kicked it open and ran inside. What he saw froze him in place. Dean was holding her with her back against his chest and a knife to her throat. He was sucking and biting {Y/N}'s neck as she writhed against him, whimpering and crying. Dean was fondling her breast with his other hand. When he finally looked up at Sam, Dean smirked as he continued to bite at her neck. His hand snaked down her chest, over his stomach, and down between her legs.

"MMMMMM...", Dean moaned. "So warm". He suddenly yanked up her night shirt and {Y/N} gasped. He looked down at the innocent looking white cotton panties she was wearing and licked his lips obscenely. "Have you ever seen anything so delicious in your life, Sammy?" He ran his hands over the fabric and {Y/N} jerked away from his hand. "Uh..uh..uh, Sweetheart", Dean cooed pressing the knife tighter against her neck. "Wouldn't wanna cut ya, now would we?" She sobbed, gripping the arm holding the knife with both hands.

DEAN! PLEASE LET HER GO!, Sam begged. He held his hands out, palms up to show he had no weapons. He took a few small steps forward and Dean growled and pressed the knife hard against {Y/N}'s neck, just under her ear. Hard enough to draw blood. {Y/N} flinched against Dean's chest and let out another gasp. Blood ran down her neck and into the collar of her night shirt. "OK! STOP!", Sam yelled, backing up. Dean leaned down and licked up the blood and shuddered violently.

His other hand wormed it's way inside her panties and cupped her mound. {Y/N}'s face scrunched up and she squirmed trying to squeeze her thighs together. Even with all her struggling, Dean's middle finger managed to work it's way through her folds and into her core. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" {Y/N} wailed in a panic. Dean smiled against the side of her neck, his mouth smeared with her blood. He shoved his finger in as far as it would go and groaned in pleasure.

"She's wet for us Sammy!", Dean goaded. "She wants it BAD!" He took a step towards Sam while he fingered her. "We could have a sex sandwich! Whattya say, eh Sammy?" Sam backed away a few steps, his face scrunched up in disgust. Dean laughed hysterically and licked {Y/N}'s neck again. He pulled his hand out of her and looked at her glistening essence on his fingers. He shoved his hand in her face. "Open your mouth {Y/N/N}", he purred. She turned her face away and pressed her lips together. "OPEN YOUR MOUTH, BITCH, BEFORE I SLIT YOU FUCKIN' THROAT!", Dean screamed, pressing his fingers against her lips. She slowly opened her mouth a fraction of an inch before Dean forcefully shoved his fingers down her throat, making her gag.

"DEAN! PLEASE STOP!", tears ran down Sam's face as he screamed. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" Dean snickered, walking closer but staying out of Sam's reach. He went back to fondling {Y/N}'s breast again as he ground his erection into her ass. "Dean moaned as he looked back over at his brother.

"I want you on your knees Sam", Dean purred at him seductively. Sam shot him a confused look. "I SAID ON YOUR KNEES! NOW!" Dean's eyes turned inky black as he roared. Sam sunk to his knees before Dean and hung his head. Dean pushed {Y/N} in front of Sam's face. "Good boy, Sammy! Now, pull {Y/N}'s panties down". Sam's head shot up and his eyes were filled with shock.

"N-NO! I C-CAN'T!", Sam stammered. "DEAN PLEASE! DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS!" Dean looked down at Sam from over {Y/N}'s shoulder and shook his head sadly. "Please", Sam whimpered breathlessly. Dean sighed and lowered the knife to her stomach.

"Would you like to see what this beautiful little cunt looks like on the inside, Sammy?", Dean growled. Sam went completely pale and flinched at the mental image of Dean spilling {Y/N}'s guts all over him. Trembling, Sam slowly reached up with his one good hand and grabbed the waistband of her underwear. He looked back up at Dean and begged him with his eyes to not make him do it. But Dean just smiled. "Go on Sammy. It's not like you haven't done this before".

Looking down at the floor, Sam pulled them down until they pooled at her feet. Tears were flowing down his face and it took everything he had not to break down and sob. He refused to look up and make her humiliation worse. "Touch her Sammy", Dean cooed. Sam opened his mouth to protest, but a strangled wail came out instead. When he hesitated to long, Dean growled and {Y/N} whimpered. Sam's head flew up and his face contorted with emotion. Dean had carved a shallow groove, like a smile, just under her belly button. Blood started to run down into the curls covering her sex. "Do I need to continue Sam?"

Sam could contain his emotions no longer and he sobbed into his hand. He shook his head and raised his hand and touched her stomach with trembling fingers. {Y/N} flinched at the touch and Sam yanked his hand away as if he'd been burned. "Come on Sammy! You can do better than that!" Dean was getting irritated with his brother.

"Touch her cunt before I carve this Bitch up like a Thanksgiving turkey!"

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