Shattered World @mystic75
Chapter 19

Author's Note: This chapter is about twice as long as all the others. That's only because there's a lot going on.

After the third day, Dean had taken to sleeping in the bed next to {Y/N} at night. He never did anything with her tho. Night time was for sleeping, not for fucking. But, he loved morning sex. She still fought most of the time and when she didn't, he would beat her until she did. He knew that when she finally broke and he couldn't get her to fight back anymore, he would end her. For some reason he couldn't get it up when she stopped fighting. He had started to need the struggle to get off. Dean's depravity was growing.

When Dean came back with lunch, {Y/N} was asleep, lying on her stomach. The most recent bruises around her eyes were a deep purple. She had an older one on her jaw that was starting to turn a sickly yellow. She had bruises littering her whole body. Mainly her breasts, ass, and thighs. He always healed her more serious injuries after he fucked her, but he loved to look at the bruises that covered her body. His marks of ownership. He always took the blanket away in the morning so he had an unhindered view.

"HEY! WAKE UP {Y/N/N}!", Dean shouted, kicking the foot board. {Y/N} woke with a start and slithered to the other side of the bed, as far away from Dean as possible. "Time to eat Sweetheart". She sat up, pressing her back against the headboard. He handed her a burger and a bottle of water. They both ate in silence. {Y/N} ate with her head down, not really looking at anything in particular. Dean, however, stared at her from across the room as he ate. He never got tired of looking at her body covered in his marks. After she finished, Dean collected the empty wrapper and bottle.

"I have to use the bathroom and I need a shower", {Y/N} whimpered. Dean huffed in irritation, but unlocked the chain from off the headboard and pulled her up off the bed by it. She stumbled into him and he caught her by the arm and dragged her to the bathroom. Like the numerous other times he did this, he wrapped the chain around the towel rack and locked the padlock back in place. She was close enough to use the toilet and shower, but far enough away from the sink that she couldn't break the mirror and try to hurt herself with it. Dean threw a towel at her and closed the door.

20 minutes later, Dean heard a soft wrapping at the bathroom door, her signal that she was done. Dean opened the door and saw her wrapped in a towel, looking down at her feet. He undid the chain again, leading her back to the bed by it as if she were a dog. As she was about to get on the bed, Dean grabbed the towel that she held tightly around herself and yanked it off, throwing it on the floor.

"Lay down on your back, {Y/N/N}", Dean purred at her. She hugged herself tightly and started to shake, but stood frozen in her spot. "Did you hear what I said, Bitch?", Dean growled. "I said GET. ON. THE. BED!" Dean's growl turned into a scream as he punctuated each word. {Y/N} flinched and started to crawl onto the bed agonizingly slow. "Get a move on!", Dean spat at her, slapping her ass. She jumped and scurried onto the bed, laying down on her back when she reached the middle. "That's a good girl, {Y/N/N}", Dean cooed. He still had the chain wrapped around his hand. He let it fall to the bed.

"Please Dean! NO!, {Y/N} sobbed into her hands as she used them to cover her face. She could hear his clothes rustling and then she heard him undo his belt and she panicked. She flew up against the headboard with her fists held out in front of her. She knew this was all the resistance she had left. She also knew that all her resistance was pointless. But she wouldn't give in, knowing she still had the strength to fight back. Only when there was nothing left, would she finally break.

"YES!", Dean cheered. "I want your worst. All of you!" Dean crawled onto the bed like a lion stalking it's prey. He moved towards her slowly, never taking his eyes off of her. He stopped just out of her reach, and just watched her, waiting for her to let her guard down. He could take her right now, but he didn't really want to feel her right hook again. To be completely honest, it hurt almost as much as Bobby's. So Dean would bide his time. He was in no hurry.

"STAY BACK! PLEASE!", {Y/N} screamed at him. "I just wanna go home!" She swung, but he was too far away. Her fists struck only air. Dean tilted his head and studied her like she was a painting in an art gallery. Her whole body was shaking like a coiled spring that was wound too tight and ready to let loose. He moved a fraction of an inch closer and she swung at him again. He had to admit, {Y/N} was sharp. She didn't miss a thing. He smiled at her and winked. She flinched and swung out again growling as she lashed out at him. He smirked at her and tilted his head again.

"So strong...", Dean mused to himself, still staring at her. {Y/N} stared back at him in confusion. She couldn't figure out what he was doing. Dean made a quick movement to her right which caused {Y/N} to swing out with a left hook, but at the last second, Dean changed direction and lunged to her left, avoiding her fist and colliding with her shoulder. She was shoved hard against the headboard, bashing her head against the metal railing. Her head was spinning and she nearly passed out. Dean quickly jumped off the bed and grabbed something out of his pants pocket. It was the handcuffs again.

"But strong can't beat a good fake out", Dean chuckled. "Sorry Princess". Dean grabbed her arms and pulled her up into a sitting position against the headboard. He cuffed both her wrists to the the top rail, forcing her to stay in that position. Her head hung and blood ran down the side of her face from the gash on the back of her head. He grabbed her by the hair and brought her face up to meet his. He expected to see her nearly unconscious, but what he saw instead was a face full of rage. She snarled and lunged at him with her teeth, trying to bite his face. Dean nearly had his nose bitten off.

"I HATE YOU! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!", {Y/N} screamed at him. She struggled with everything she had left. This would be the last time she would fight him. She wouldn't have anything left. She kicked her legs out and caught him square in the chest. Dean had had enough and punch her in the eye. Her head whipped to the side and she groaned. Her head hung low and then it slowly swiveled toward him. Her face still downcast, her eyes fell on him through the hair that hung down from the top of her head. He had never seen that look before. At least not on a human. It was a look that said 'I WILL RIP YOUR HEART OUT!'. If he were not a demon, it would have frightened him.

"Still some fire in you yet, hey {Y/N/N}?", Dean smirked at her again. He sat up on his knees and grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs wide. He moved up close so that her thighs were resting on top of his. He grabbed her by the throat and just held her there so she wouldn't try to bite him again. He slid his hand around her lower back and pulled her hips toward his. His hard-on poking at her entrance. He used the hand that was around her neck to push her head up so he could see her face. That murderous expression was still there, burning into him. He pressed his hand into the side of her face so that it was turned away. He attack the soft flesh of her neck. biting and sucking harshly. He could hear deep growls and snarls coming from her throat like she was a trapped animal. The noises she made turned him on and he was loosing any control he had.

Back at the bunker, Sam paced frantically around the library, driving everybody crazy. The other 3 sat at the big table just waiting. Then Crowley looked up from the spot on the table he had been staring at and heaved a heavy sigh before speaking.

"It's almost time". 3 pairs of eyes turned on him at once. "But not yet. The little tiger is fighting him". Sam smirked with pride. Crowley's face told him that that wasn't a good thing. "It's not going well for her, Sam". Sam's smirk melted into despair.

Dean snapped his hips forward and was in her to the hilt in one quick thrust. She screamed in pain because her body was so tensed up. To Dean it was almost as if she was a virgin again, she was so tight. He groaned as she squeezed the life out of his cock. Dean grabbed her throat again while he grabbed the top rail of the headboard with his other hand. She tried to throw her body sideways, hoping to dislodge him, but he had her squashed between himself and the headboard. She couldn't move. He pulled his hips back while holding her tight against the metal rails with his upper body. He slammed his hips back into her as hard as he could. {Y/N} screamed again and thrashed as best she could. He wanted to cause her pain. He got off on it. The more she screamed, the harder he jack-hammered into her. The headboard swung back and forth with such force, the metal started to groan in protest.

"IT'S TIME!", Crowley growled, jumping to his feet. Everyone grabbed duffel bags filled with thing they would need. They stood in a tight circle and in unison, they grabbed Crowley's outstretched arm. In a flash, they disappeared.

"OH, YEAH! GIVE IT TO ME BABY!", Dean growled. He fucked her mercilessly, grunting loudly with every thrust. {Y/N} was still fighting, although very weakly. Soon she wouldn't have the strength left to fight. No matter how hard she tried to stop it, she could feel her will to keep fighting slip away. Dean was far beyond the ability to perceive any danger that might be coming and that was ultimately his downfall. He never saw it coming.

Two strong arms grabbed Dean around his upper arms and jerked him off the bed. Another pair of arms were busy wrapping heavy chains around him, pinning his arms to his body and securing them with a heavy padlock. Dean screamed in rage at being interrupted again. He writhed under the strong magic of the sigils inscribed on the chains and lock. Sam took a blanket out of one of the duffels and approached the bed slowly. {Y/N} was curled into a ball with her hands cuffed above her head, whimpering.

"Shhhh... {Y/N/N}", Sam whispered. "It's OK. It's Sam". She was panting hard, with her knees up to her chest, her head hanging between her raised arms. "{Y/N}? Look at me Sweetie". She was shaking violently. "{Y/N}", Sam whispered so softly, he wasn't sure she had heard him. But slowly she raised her head and looked at him. The look in her eyes was that of a girl so close to insanity, one little nudge would push her over the edge.

"Sam?", {Y/N} whispered hoarsely. Her eyes seem to gleam with recognition. Sam laid the blanket gently over her chest. He reached into his pocket and came back out with a cuff key and unlocked her wrists. She grabbed the blanket and clutched it tightly as she continued to stare at Sam, trying to decide if he was really real. Was she safe at last? She couldn't believe it. Sam sat down on the bed, being sure not to get too close and frighten her. "Sam?", {Y/N} croaked again. "Is that really you?". She scooted closer to him and touched his cheek. He smiled warmly at her.

"Yes, {Y/N/N}, it me", Sam whispered. "You OK, kiddo?" {Y/N}'s mouth pressed into a straight line and she looked away. Sam tried to place a comforting hand on her shoulder, but {Y/N} flinched under his touch and he quickly pulled his hand away. He cringed when he saw all of the bruises. She had been through Hell. Sam Closed his eyes in sorrow for her. "Cas, Bobby, get Dean back to the bunker and lock him down. Crowley and I will get {Y/N} out of here. We just need a little time".

"You got it, Sam!", Bobby shouted over Dean's incessant screaming. A moment later the three disappeared. Sam sighed and turned back to the young girl, rocking back and forth on the bed, and staring off into space. Sam got up off the bed and knelt down in front of her, so he could be at eye level with her. She eventually focused on his eyes and tears began to fall slowly down her cheeks. Sam's soft eyes were so calming that she had the urge to put her head down on his shoulder. She was so tired.

"{Y/N/N}, We're gonna get you out of here, OK?", Sam said soothingly. His eyes pleaded with hers and she nodded slowly. "Can you stand?" Sam held out his good hand to her and she place her shaking hand in his. She slowly stood up and Sam led her a foot or so away from the bed. "Is it OK if Crowley comes over here? He can take us right to your room and you can lay down in your own bed". {Y/N} nodded again and Crowley approached her slowly.

"Don't worry, Love", Crowley said in his usual gruff voice. "You'll be snug in your bed quick as a flash". He shot her a playful, yet non-threatening smile. She reached out with her free hand and grabbed Crowley's tightly. She was still clutching Sam's with the other. She squeezed her eyes shut and took a deep breath. They were standing in her bedroom before she could even let it out.

She grabbed Sam and sobbed into his chest. He just stood there with his good hand cradling the back of her head and let her come apart.

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