Shattered World @mystic75
Chapter 15

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I went back and edited this chapter to fill in some plot holes that a friend pointed out. I also gave Dean some power that he didn't have in the show, so please keep that in mind when you read this.

Dean came strolling through the door with both arms loaded down with bags and kicked the door closed behind him. He had a wide smile on his face like he was coming home to his loving wife. {Y/N} was still laying on her side facing away. He plopped the bags down on the table. Looking over at the bed, his smile morphed into a scowl. 'How dare she turn her back to me?', Dean thought to himself, as he stalked over to the bed. He grabbed her arm and rolled her onto her back harshly. She had her face buried in her arm facing away from him.

"YOU WILL NOT TURN AWAY FROM ME!", Dean screamed in her face. He grabbed her chin, squeezing it hard. {Y/N} cringed from his painful grasp. "YOU WILL FACE ME AT ALL TIMES! YOU GOT THAT, YOU CUNT?!" She nodded silently. Her eyes were swollen and red from all the crying. Dean's face suddenly changed from a scowl of menace into a grin of mischief. His eyes melted into those endless black pools as he began to speak. "Unless, of course, I want you on your stomach under me".

"NO!", {Y/N} panted with wide eyes. Dean grabbed her hips and flipped her over onto her belly and shoved a pillow under her hips, just as he did in the bunker. Except this time he didn't undo the cuffs and they twisted and dug into her wrists painfully. "PLEASE, DEAN! DON'T!", {Y/N} begged pitifully. Dean squeezed her ass harshly and then rubbed it gently with both hands. She sobbed quietly into the mattress. Dean laid over her shaking body and traced a finger around the anti-demon possession tattoo on her right shoulder blade. He licked it lasciviously and {Y/N} cringed in disgust.

"There's nobody here to save you this time, {Y/N/N}", Dean whispered. "You belong to me now". He buried his face in the back of her neck, nibbling and sucking on the tender flesh of her nape. Eventually he sat back up, straddling her thighs. "I promised I would be gentle and I always keep my promises", Dean chuckled. She could hear him fumbling with his belt and jeans and she squeezed her eyes shut. Holding her legs together with his knees, Dean spread her cheeks apart with his thumbs. He moaned at the sight of her tiny, pink, puckered hole. He wet his index finger and rubbed gentle circles around her rear entrance. She let out a strangled grunt when he pushed his finger inside passed the tight ring of muscle. She squirmed, trying to get it out. "BE STILL!", Dean growled, slapping her ass and making her yelp.

"PLEASE TAKE IT OUT!" {Y/N} shrieked. "IT HURTS!" Dean slowly pushed forward to his 2nd knuckle. She knew she should relax her muscles, but she just couldn't make herself do it. It hurt so much and that was just his finger. If she couldn't relax her body soon, she'd be in a world of hurt. She suddenly felt more pressure as another finger slid in next to the first. She gritted her teeth as sweat broke out on her face. "Please stop", {Y/N} whimpered. He started to withdraw slowly. In her exhausted state of mind she thought he was going to stop, but he just pushed back in just as slowly.

"Relax, Sweetheart. I'm trying to stretch you out a bit", Dean explained. He opened his fingers wide and she gasped. He kept them like that for a moment before relaxing his fingers and she released the breath in a huff. After a few gentle thrusts he removed his fingers. {Y/N} panted heavily, her whole body glistening with sweat. She whimpered again when she felt him scoot forward and something larger press against her opening. "Shhh...Baby Girl", Dean cooed. "Everything's alright". He slowly began to push forward and pain shot up her spine from her backside. She screeched as the pain became more intense. When the head of Dean's cock broke through that ring of tight muscle, {Y/N} wheezed and panted in pain.

He stilled with just the head inside of her to give her time to adjust to his girth. She sobbed with her face buried in the sheet. When he felt her starting to relax a bit he eased forward agonizingly slow. She was shaking so badly that for a moment he thought she was having a seizure. She was so tight that it felt like his dick was being strangled. The pain was exquisite. He clenched his teeth as he pushed on. By the time he got half way in, {Y/N} had begun to scream in earnest. The handcuffs were so twisted and tight and she was pulling so hard, that her wrists began to bleed. But Dean was beyond caring at this point.

By the time Dean was fully sheathed inside her ass, he was panting hard and covered in sweat. "OH FUCK! YOUR TIGHT!", he grunted. {Y/N} just laid there and wailed. He stilled again, but for just a moment, before pulling out quickly and slamming back in to the hilt just as fast. Dean wrapped his arms around her so he could fondle her breasts. Dean's lust pushed him beyond the ability to think rationally. His promise to be gentle evaporated as he rutted on top of her. His hips slamming against hers was almost as painful as his cock buried deep inside her. She felt something tearing inside her, but Dean either didn't notice or didn't care.

"DEAN! PLEASE! YOUR TEARING ME OPEN!", {Y/N} wailed. Dean's moans and grunts became louder as he got closer to his release. His fingers dug into her breasts, leaving nail marks in her skin. "OH GOD! PLEASE!" She screamed in such pain that the sound pushed Dean over the edge and he came violently. He slumped over her, breathing hard. {Y/N} laid under him unable to make a sound. All she could do was wheeze and pant.

"Oh Sweet Cheeks", Dean groaned in her ear. "That was the best fuck I've ever had. And I've been around!" He laid there on top of her, squeezing and rubbing her nipples for a moment before climbing off the bed. He flipped her back over on her back and undid the cuffs. {Y/N} rolled unto her side, curling up into a ball, making sure to stay facing him. But she still would not look at him. Dean walked over to the table and rummaged through the bags. He pulled out a bottle of water and brought it back over to her.

"Here. You must be thirsty", Dean muttered. She tried to sit up against the headboard but the pain wouldn't let her. She could only lean with her head on the headboard, sitting on her hip. She took the bottle with shaking hands. They were shaking so badly, that she was having trouble unscrewing the cap. Dean rolled his eyes and grabbed the bottle from her, uncapped it, and held the bottle up to her mouth so she wouldn't spill it everywhere. She sucked the water down frantically. "WOAH! Slow down there, Girlie!", Dean chuckled. He pulled the bottle away before she could drink too much and make herself sick. She gasped when she looked down at herself and her thighs were covered with blood. She started to panic and hyperventilate. Dean groaned, placing the palm of his hand on her stomach. And eerie glow emanated from his hand and her skin. Dean smirked, raising his hand. "There. All better", Dean cooed like he was talking to a 3 year old with a boo-boo. {Y/N} looked at him puzzled. Even the blood had disappeared. "I like kinky sex, but I'm not into blood play".

"Thank you", {Y/N} whispered softly. She continued to stare at the floor, not meeting his gaze. Dean pushed her chin up to look at him. His eyes were soft and a playful smile played around the corners of his lips. "You're welcome", Dean whispered back. He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. It wasn't forceful or desperate. He pulled back and just gazed at her with those forest green eyes. This Dean scared her almost as much as the violent Dean. She knew what he was doing. He was trying to get into her head. She looked away from those piercing eyes and shuddered.

"STOP IT DEAN!", {Y/N} growled through clenched teeth. "I'm not falling for you tricks". Dean giggled at her and stood up, walking back over to the table. He started searching through the bags again. He pulled out several fast food burgers, holding one out to her. "I'm not hungry", {Y/N} mumbled, backing away from him. Dean grabbed the chain connected to her collar and jerked so hard that she nearly flew head first off the bed.

"EAT! NOW!", Dean screamed in her face. He held out the burger again and this time she took it. {Y/N} opened the wrapping, sniffed it, and crammed it into her mouth before she could stop herself. Her stomach had been screaming at her for food and she couldn't ignored it anymore. Dean smirked at her. He walked back to the table, sat down and started eating. As hungry as {Y/N} was, It didn't take long for her to finish. She sat watching him out of the corner of her eye. The curiosity was eating away at her. She simply had to know.

"Can I ask you a question?", {Y/N} asked cautiously. Her eyes darted to his face and away again, like she was afraid he'd burn out her retina's with just a glance. Dean just grunted around a mouthful of bacon cheeseburger. She took it as a yes. "How did you get on the bed with all these demon proofing sigils carved on it?" Dean looked at her and swallowed. He smiled so wide, she thought the top of his head might fall off. Dean stood up and walked over to the bed. {Y/N} instantly regretted asking.

"I am pretty special if I do say so myself", Dean boasted, that huge smile never leaving his face. "I'm a demon, not possessed by one. As far as I know, there has never been another like me. Or it could be this", Dean said. He took off his leather jacket and rolled up his sleeve to reveal a strange mark on the inside of his right arm just below the crook of his elbow. It resembled a burn scar in the shape of a backward 'F'. {Y/N} raised her eyes from Dean's arm to his face. "I know. I'm just gifted I suppose", Dean lifted his chin in the air and flipped up the collar of his plaid shirt. The next moment Dean was looking down at her as his expression changed into a sneer. "You got any other questions you wanna ask?", Dean Growled.

"No", {Y/N} whimpered, looking away. She didn't want to see those inky black eyes anymore. She backed up against the headboard, curling into a tight ball. She wrapped her arms around her knees and hid her face in her lap. Dean went back to finish his meal.

Nobody spoke for a long time.

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